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Here We Go Again – Time To Replay The Week


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The week that never was is finally over, and we get to watch that week play out again, likely as it did the previous week.  Confused?  Don’t be.  It’s just another in a long line of Big Brother twists that had good intentions but was executed very poorly.

Last Thursday night, Julie introduced the golden button in the havenot room, and if pressed, the house would have play the week over.  By play the week over, that’s exactly what they mean from Cody being forced to wear the dinosaur outfit to competing in the same exact challenges as the prior week.  Allowing the same people to play in the same competitions in back to back weeks is pretty unheard of, and considering both competitions are far more skill/intelligence based than typical Big Brother competitions, the fairness level is in question.

The Head of Household competition was exactly the same as last week where players had to cross a beam and make sure their balls didn’t fall out of the shovel. This is the kind of competition that requires dexterity and skill. Allowing the house to essentially ‘warm up’ last week made the competition that much easier as they knew the ins and outs of the shovel. How to stack, how fast to go, etc.  Even the houseguests later remarked that it sounded like Julie wasn’t quite expecting them to move as quick as they did, as near the end of the episode, every houseguest already had about half of their shovels full.

Frankie won last Wednesday, but that was due to a last second error by Caleb. Until that point, they were fairly close in the competition and it could have gone either way.  The feeds returned and (spoilers alert) Caleb won the HoH this week.  The only surprising part is Cody appeared to be Caleb’s biggest competition this time around, but it sounds like that wasn’t even really that close after Cody dropped his balls.

Needless to say, this has been a disaster week for Frankie.  He won two competitions and nearly secured himself a spot in the final 4 all while exposing what a big threat he is by winning those two. Now, his two nominees are still in the house, he no longer has power and could possibly go to jury at the next eviction.  I don’t think he will, but it could happen. Stranger things have happened in Big Brother – just not this season.

This will be my final recap for OK! Magazine until after my honeymoon, but keep checking back on the site for spoiler updates on what happens.   For more of my episode recaps, check out OK! Magazine here

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  1. Comments (77)

    I almost want to root for Frankie, the way these dudes are ganging up on him (do no not insert gay gang bang jokes). But they’ve been at the pack mentality all season, so …. he and Victoria will just be victims of the herd.

  2. Comments (79)

    You seem disappointed with the rewind but I think any twist that could potentially get Frankie evicted is a good twist. I`d be fine with any of the other house guests winning it besides Frankie (maybe Caleb too. I can`t stand that guy).

    • Comments (412)

      If they don’t get rid of Frankie this week, he’ll be able to compete for HOH next week, and he’ll probably win. I was happy about him not being able to compete next week, but the button twist ruined that. Caleb won’t get rid of Frankie.

    • Comments (137)

      This is Caleb’s change to make yet another big move and get a huge target out of the house. I want to get excited about this, but I know it will just be a big disappointment and Frankie will not go home. Just another mark on the wall of boredom.

    • Comments (1443)

      I think he will but will change mind many times between now and moms. Pov very big this week. If Frankie does not go up if he does not win pov he’s gone. Unless Caleb wins it and decides not to use it. I kind of think Derrick has best chance at pov but you have to put Frankie’s chances right up there with derricks. Think production will have a lot to do with Caleb’s choices –hate that!!!

  3. Comments (383)

    If I hadn’t seen the way Caleb acted with Amber I would really like him right now. He’s pretty entertaining and charming. I hope what we saw was just immaturity, perhaps the first time he’s ever been turned down? Stalker Caleb really scared me. Caleb when he’s not obsessing over a woman is fun to watch. Pretty, kind of dumb, who cares.
    Cody seems like a generic pretty boy, probably used to being liked by everybody. Nothing remarkable about him but he seems nice enough. I don’t think either of them deserves the win but I don’t care if one of them gets it.
    If somehow Victoria ended up winning that would just be hilarious. She’s gonna need that money for therapy. Good kid, too innocent for this crowd.
    Derrick deserves to win.
    Frankie… well, he HAS kicked some major butt on the competitions. And his social game WAS great at first. Now he makes my skin crawl and I just want him to get voted out so I can see the look on his face when the audience boos him.
    And after this show is over I will not care what any of these people do.

    • Comments (682)

      Perfect! I could not agree more. Everything you say is spot on to me.

    • Comments (343)

      Caleb being a stalker is stupid. He loves every pretty girl’s pic that the HOH gets in his room (Nicole’s friend, Ariana Grande, etc). He loves skirts…big deal. Stalker?! People need their heads examined. I’m pro-Caleb now as he is the most entertaining in the house. Simple-minded, yes, but very funny.

      • Comments (1446)

        I loved the way poor, naive Caleb thought that maybe a bunch of celebrities were going to come pouring into the house because of the button.

        He wants to marry Milan Kunis in the house…ummm..does he realize she is 9 months pregnant and engaged to Aston Kutcher ??

      • Comments (1446)

        Sorry, Mila Kunis.

        And Jenny is right. None of us will care about any of them a week after the finale.

      • Comments (20)

        A week? The next day. 🙂

      • Comments (151)

        Why cant you stand caleb? He is dumb, but at least he is true to himself. And stalker? Come on. He is a sexy young guy who likes the ladies! Amber is a strong beautiful woman who doesnt need a guy to know herself. Most women caleb has dealt or been with probably werent like that. I dunno. I felt it was heavily edited

      • Comments (59)

        He was definitely obsessive early on with her. His actions did worry a lot of people (feedsters on the outside). Stalker is more of a nickname than a label I think.

      • Comments (426)

        Caleb just said he still want to go on a cruise with Amber. He is also fantasizing he is a country singer. The boy is delusional and definitely has the potential to be a stalker. I have said all along that Amber needs to get a restraining order. Is he so delusional that it has become funny? Yes! It cracks me up how dumb he is. But the boy needs help!

      • Comments (4)

        I guess Ariana Grande and Nicole’s best friends also need restraining orders. It really is amazing how people like to throw around vile proclamations of someone’s character because he is on a TV show! Yeah, that’s real life (sarcasm)!

      • Comments (1446)

        Where did I say that I can’t stand Caleb or think he’s a stalker?

      • Comments (843)

        If you watched the feeds or BBAD, you would see it wasn’t edited.

      • Comments (211)

        Maybe “stalker” wasn’t quite the right word, but he definitely is/was obsessed with the girl (Amber.) There was a pic from the live feed last week of him making a bouquet of flowers (artificial) to give to Amber the final night of BB.

        The boy’s got blinders on when it comes to Amber.

      • Comments (1443)

        I don’t ever think he would be a real stalker. He’s not unstable. He was locked up in house and fell for Amber immediately and did everything he could to get her to like him. He was always very sweet and a gentleman with her. He was a little dilusional about her but thought if he kept trying she might fall for him. One problem was that bomb squad helped mess anything that might have happened up. And they lied to Caleb about what she had said about him. All she ever said was that she didn’t feel that way about Caleb. He kept tring- what’s wrong with that? Cody really liked Amber also and she thought of him only as good friend and Cody wanted Caleb out so he would have Amber alone. I think Caleb has had problems with his relationships in past. I think he would be a little too protective and has kind of male chauvinist ideas on how a woman shoul behave and act. Really don’t think he has that much experience

    • Comments (1443)

      Think you pretty much summed it up right I don’t like Derrick but he’s played gest game but that’s not saying much no big moves yet. Boring boring.

      • Comments (1446)

        A big move would be to put Derrick and Mango up.
        But we know that’s not going to happen.
        The jury all knows that they are controlling the house.
        If Caleb could get one of them out, he would win the money.

      • Comments (137)

        Jannie, I think you are right. Caleb needs to put up Frankie and Derrick. He will have a better chance at winning the money this way. I know Derrick has said he has thrown the comps, but I do not think a lot of that is true. I do not think he is strong in comps and when it comes down to it, like it has the past couple of them, he has lost. Caleb does need to put his big boy pants on, grow a pair and make a big move. PLEASE PLEASE WILL SOMEONE MAKE A BIG MOVE THIS WEEK.

      • Comments (1443)

        Derrick for sure threw the blow up comp. I think he threw some of bob when it didn’t matter but not sure. Don’t think he planned to win the one about Donny and the kisses but he didn’t expect everyone to get first one wrong but him. I don’t care for Derrick but if he goes to final two he will win with unanimous vote no matter who he is against. If Caleb in jury Frankie if up might get single vote from him. But Derrick has controlled them all season and played best game. Jury even said that last night. Now take Derrick out of equation and don’t know who would win except Cody would not. Nobody has made any big moves entire game but if Caleb puts up Frankie that would be first big move but engineered by Derrick. Derrick failed twice to get Frankie out when it was a sure thing and I hold that against him as he could have gotten him out but was afraid he would hurt his game good players have to take chances otherwise to me they are not good players.

    • Comments (17)

      I would not mind seeing more of Frankie or Caleb, especially Caleb on a dating show.

  4. Comments (27)

    SO glad Skankie Frankie didn’t win again, if he won the same comp again, i’d be exploding right now.
    Weak mode cowboy won and he is on Skankies side, hopefully, he won’t repeat the nominees from Frankies reign. Send him home, you have your chance, don’t BLOW it. That is the whole point of this rewind ya fruit loop dingus.

  5. Comments (343)

    Everyone is afraid to put Frankie up because he might win POV. Big deal…put him up anyway. If he wins, he pulls himself off. So what? If he loses, send him to jury. I mean, they put up Cody and Victoria…why can’t it be Frankie and Victoria? Just BS Frankie — until veto time — that he is just replacing Cody, because Frankie has never been put up yet, and that Victoria is the target. People make this too hard.

    • Comments (120)

      Derrick is the one who has never been nominated. Frankie has been nominated once.

    • Comments (137)

      Caleb is so afraid if he does anything to Frankie that he is going to ruin his chances at becoming a country singer. Like Frankie’s sister is going to help him because he didnt put her brother on the block. What does this house do to peoples thinking capabilities.

      • Comments (4)

        Look, Caleb is a simple-minded guy, and very immature. He wants to believe Frankie could hook him up, and I do agree that I’d be surprised, because of that, that he would put up Frankie. The rest of the house is as boring as watching water boil, and I like his loyalty, so I’m hoping he pulls it out. I like Derrick’s game, but I think the huge alliance and the double HOH twist made it easier on him. The double HOH twist, I think, made the game boring this season, strategy-wise.

  6. Comments (16)

    I guess I’m a hater but, Christine’s entry into the house was the sweetest thing all season. Funny but they all figured out why she was booed maybe she’ll get it. Best all season

  7. Comments (4)

    If Caleb doesnt use this opportunity to make a big move, he deserves to loose. How can they all not see Derricks reign over the house and the fact that Frankie, as irritating as he can be, can make it to the end at this rate. Derrick has played one helluva game. Donnie figured it out just a little to late.

    • Comments (1443)

      Donny knew it for a long time but could do nothing about it because of alliance. And he won pov but not hoh. That’s why Derrick went after him because he knew Donny knew he was running things.

  8. Comments (16)

    If Derek wins he may become all time best in my books. (Dr. Will forgive me). Anyone who can convince a person on the block (Victoria) to start campaigning for you is unbelievable. Golden moment. At least now the show is interesting

    • Comments (4)

      again i agree! Derrick has played this game from day one 24/7!

    • Comments (151)

      He did it cuz he knew she was going home. He is thinking jury votes….I was his number 1 fan until a few weeks ago. He is boring. But wait, he is playing for the money, so he may be boring, but…

      • Comments (1443)

        He is best in this game but look at his alliance. Not the smartest ppl!!not even average. He got rid of everyone who was smart enough to figure him out and everyone in jury knew about him before they left but maybe zach. Put Derrick in another season and I don’t think he goes far. Think about it-there has not been one big move this season. And when big move could be made twice getting Frankie Derrick chickened out and did not get it done. Biggest move in game was Nichole putting up Frankie and Caleb messing that up because he wanted to show off on TV. That’s why Nichole was kicked out- because she put up Frankie. So Derrick is by far best player this season but look at the sheep he has controlled.

  9. Comments (4)

    Would anyone like to see a season of BB with 40+ for a change?? i know i would!

  10. Comments (151)

    Derek wins veto, takes off vic or cody, frankie goes up and goes home….same as last week. Wont happen. I love bb. But this season is as bad as s10. Borrrring. I will still watch and be obsessessed though haha. Christine in jury house was great, arryn is better than christine in my books. Everyone says derek is great, but he is boring and is a huge vagina.

  11. Comments (174)

    I would like to see Derek on the block just to see how he would handle it.

  12. Comments (32)

    Even though I haven’t posted that often, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on here. Hopefully, whoever is in charge of BB is also reading these comments along with any other posts about this season and make a huge move of their own and get rid of anyone who is responsible for choosing the people to put into the house (because their choices were terrible this year) and to get rid of anyone who has been involved with the decisions of which comps the hg’s play. The comps seem to be leaning to the same thing – standing in a booth type thing and answering questions with true or false. Boooorrrrrriiiinnnnngggg!!!!

  13. Comments (1446)

    Loved seeing Donny pounding a brewski with Hayden in the Jury house.

    I bet they are having a lot of fun.

    And Zach getting the pink hat for his birthday was AWESOME!!

    Hope Vic is next to jury so Zach can give her $hit- she’s been too damn pampered all season.

  14. Comments (1446)

    On BBAD Victoria is pestering Caleb to say that he loves her. He says, “I don’t love you but I do like you”. She won’t leave it alone and continually whines…”Caaaaaaleeeb, I know you love me,”

    Jeez, doesn’t she realize he is the new HOH? Why is she trying to piss him off? You can tell he is getting irritated with her.

    She said she was going to bed hours ago after discussing her period with the whole house. And yet she is still up and seems fine. Wtf?

    • Comments (492)

      She is so weird
      And going crazy with no females to talk to in the house.

      • Comments (1446)

        But it seemeed she didn’t ever like the ones that were in there. She was pretty snarky to all of them in the DR.
        In the end she befriended Nicole, and then after she left called her “the biggest liar in the house.”

      • Comments (137)

        Vic seems to do a lot of name calling. Little does she know she will go down as one of the worst players in BB history

      • Comments (1443)

        It is really going to hurt her badly when she leaves house and sees how she was thought of. And I bet her parents are cringing. And I think she gave little tmi about her period last night. Why not just say she had bad cramps. She had already said in past she had not had period in 3 months.

      • Comments (137)

        guess that is the pleasure of having on line feeds or watching BBAD. Get to hear all about that stuff. I stopped watching BBAD 2 years ago, it was getting too boring.

  15. Comments (492)

    Ok ….off topic

    We only have a few weeks left together…..
    Are you home?
    I will be thinking of you?
    Take care,

  16. Comments (492)

    Enjoy your honeymoon and new marriage
    Good thoughts for your parents .
    And prayers for all.


  17. Comments (1137)

    Okay I’m so confused. So Sunday on BB they will finish HOH comp and probably have the jurors visit the house right SteveBeans? Then Tuesday will be an eviction ( but not live show since Julie didn’t say so ) right? Have I got it so far? Then this where I get confused because there is supposed to be another live eviction but when is the F4 HOH played if there’s another eviction? When is that POV to occur? Then after that eviction it will be F3 with the final HOH comp part1 starting and then waiting for whoever wins that doesn’t have to play in part 2. It will be played by the losers of part of part 1 right? Then whoever wins that plays part 1 winner for who gets to decide who’ll they’ll take to F2 right which wouldn’t be announced by said winner until the next Wednesday right Steve? I think I just confused myself all over again. Please explain?

    • Comments (1443)

      That sounds right. Eviction ties and we’d. No idea when pov will be in those two evictions. I would say in same show so could not be live?? Some kind of special show Friday. Which may not have anything to do with HG? Concert by Ariana??? So by wed night we will have 3 left. And that leaves full week before eviction. Seems like awful long time for only three in house. You are right about how final three comps go but did they do those all in one episode or did they split those up?? That’s part I don’t remember but did not think final 3 were together whole week. Remember how boring it was last year on bbad with only Andy spencer and Gina Marie spewing their hate. Didn’t think it was entire week. I can’t even remember comps. Was one skating one or was that later. Can’t even remember who won between spencer and Gina marie

    • Comments (1443)

      Eviction on ties and wed as I said below. Just saw transcript of last nights show. That means a lot will happen on Tuesday and wed getting everything in!!

  18. Comments (1137)

    Help SteveBeans. I think I just hurt my brain on that?

  19. Comments (843)

    Derrick thinks Frankie threw the HOH comp so he can play next week. They’re on the losing end thinking they can get him out. Future BB players take note: whenever you get a chance to get a major player out, take it. Don’t get the ‘we can get them out later’ mentality!

    • Comments (1799)

      I have been preaching that for a few weeks With everyone playing in the POV why keep trying to Backdoor? Do they think Frankie won’t play as hard if he is not on the block? Frankie knows he must win to stay in. He knows no matter what people say he is a target. So just put him up and get on with it.
      I wonder what twist they will give the POV. I’m sure they won’t have the same photos . Perhaps change one person in each photo?

      • Comments (328)

        I hope there will be subtle differences in the Freak Show Morphs POV. I noticed last night there was conversations back and forth about the pictures being the same and being different, so I really hope they continue to study the facial features and not focus on what they originally saw from the first comp. It all comes down to the fastest time. Someone mentioned Frankie guessed at most of his pics and still managed to win… let’s hope it isn’t a repeat.

      • Comments (1443)

        They r expecting different pictures or same pictures with different features this time they are not expecting same pictures. Derrick studying very seriously the wall comparing the similarities in some of features and finding the little difference to tell them apart. Frankie did guess on few he didn’t get right first time just kept pushing different buttons til he got it right. Don’t know how many he did with that cause they didn’t show entirety of comps

    • Comments (1443)

      You are so right. I have been saying that for few weeks. No big moves in this game except Nichole putting Frankie up

  20. Comments (75)


    Congrats on your wedding and have fun on your honeymoon!!

  21. Comments (328)

    Good morning Stevebeans and BB Family!!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    Never Forget and God Bless.

  22. Comments (1276)

    Completely off topic…
    Franko, I’m thinking about you, and hoping that you got a great nights rest and are already starting to feel better. Message when you can. xoxo

    Willie… hope all is well with you and your just busy. ttys

    • Comments (722)

      Hey Christine. . Just checking in. Busy few days. Will post later..

      Thanks for thinking of me! !

      Hope things are going well…

    • Comments (692)

      Hey Christina,
      I did not sleep much last night once I got in my room at the hospital but I did rest and relax. Its just every time I dozed off I would wake up until about 6am and then I finally fell asleep for a couple hours and I’ve been awake all day. Hoping to rest tonight. I have posted a comment on the most recent blog.

      thank you for thinking of me, I really do appreciate it!

  23. Comments (152)

    Good morning all! Hope y’all enjoyed last nights show! I sure did! Love the reaction on Cody’s face when they announced the twist. He was dumbfounded. Felt sorry for Derrick though….not being able to compete!
    So so glad Caleb won! Let’s hope they put on some big boy panties and get Frankie out. This will be their last chance. Take Vic to final 4!
    Love seeing the jury! Loved seeing Dan! Great BB night!
    Have a great day all!

  24. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    I’m sorry but the look on christine’s face when Donny asked her if she had an attorney? PRICELESS!

    • Comments (1446)

      “At the end of the day” it would be Caleb’s downfall to get Mango out of the house.
      Derrick is using Caleb – he does not want to sit next to him(Caleb) in the finals. He want to take Victoria or Cody to the end.
      Overall, I think Mango is more loyal to Caleb than Derrick is – I hope Caleb will see that.

      I know most here want Mango out, but it will be the downfall of Caleb.
      If Mango leaves, Caleb will be the next target.

      • super duper bb fan
        Comments (34)

        I like Caleb, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Mango in the finale. He doesn’t have the finesse needed to beat the “king of the gift of gab”.

      • Comments (1446)

        Maybe, but at least Caleb would make it to the end. If he gets rid of Mango, he becomes the target.

    • Comments (152)

      Agreed! Hilarious! Loved it!

    • Comments (137)

      I had to rewind that because I thought that was what he said. So shocked for Donny to say something like that. But still thought it was awesome. She will not even have a clue what that means. She totally thinks her behavior in the house was appropriate. Boy she has a rude awakening coming.

    • Comments (1443)

      The look on her face the entire time. They didn’t get off couch to greet her. They laughed when she came in cause they had just been talking about wanting her to be the one. Donny had just imitated her laugh when she came in and they didn’t even turn aroun on couch to look at her or greet her. It was so awkward and she picked up on every bit of it. Had to hurt her feeling big time then she said she got booed. When they showed clip of her eviction with her not saying anything or hugging anyone they were kind of speechless. But these are nice ppl in the house and I’m sure it will get better for her but they will all tell her what problem they had with her plus she should find out Nichole never did anything to her. She’s in house with everyone she said she hated at one time or another

  25. Comments (8)

    I like Derrick but… The way everyone is following his plan all the way to the end is soooo annoying and boring!! Put Derrick up and let him play for his life. & I don’t care for Frankie much but I do secretly hope that he wins veto, because at least he has his own mind, & also I just want to see which one of Derricks puppets he will decide to let go of first on The Derrick Show.

  26. Comments (412)

    This is going to be a hard couple of weeks for me. I promised my husband I would stay off of this website so the rest of the game will be a surprise. Damn me and my big mouth for agreeing. Goodbye my BBJ friends.

    • Comments (328)

      Hehehehe! You are adorable Fruit Loop! Thanks for the smile!

    • Comments (843)

      Go to jokers, morty’s, bigbigbrother, big brother 16 blog! LOTS of ways around that! he,he

    • Comments (152)

      Oh Fruit Loop, I say the same thing to my husband. But I am a Big Brother Junkie…Junkie! I read this page like 10 times a day to catch up on the comments. At first, my husband wanted no part of the spoilers, but I convinced him it was ok…lol. Now, he ask me everyday what is going on on BBJ! I love this site! SteveBeans….you just rock at this and we all wish you and your beloved a happy life!

  27. I Tawt I Taw A Mango!
    Comments (3)

    Fruit Loop Dingus…I swore the same thing to my hubby, too, right before BB started. And wouldn’t you know, a few minutes after it ended, I was back on BBJ to find out who won HOH. I’m so weak!!

  28. Comments (2)

    Ok, just because writing it down makes it ever so much better for me…lets review Christines entrance to the jury house….

    She comes waddling in thru the kitchen to hear what she can only assume is a bad turkey impression from Donny (oh the joy of her belatedly realizing that it was an impression of her hideous cackling “giggle”)

    “How can I make a memorable entrance?” she thinks. “Oh, I know!…Jazz hands and a jump!!!”

    TA DAAAA….aaaaah…(confusing and increasingly awkward silence smacks her between the eyes and cracks her sad attempt at hipster eye wear)


    “Uh, well…Lets go watch the CD they forced me to bring, cuz I cant recall a single thing that happened”

    The laughter pointed directly at her continues as there is a severe edit to the living area couches.

    I can only hope and pray that she waited in there a good long while before anyone agreed to follow her.

    Some lame comment about the dino suit….and THEN…..*le sigh* my hero speaks….

    Ya getta lawyer???…..


    ahBuh-byeeeeee, Christine.

    • Comments (152)


      And oh her face….Priceless! Who knew Donny could be so Snarky! I just love that such a great man can have such a great sense of humor. I would love to run across ol’ Donny one day and just have some sweat tea and a good convo with him!

  29. Comments (137)

    went over to ok magazine to get my updates and it says they are taking a hiatus from recaps until the finale. Here is what was posted:

    And PS: We’ll be taking a little hiatus from Big Brother recaps but will be back in time for the finale, so stay tuned!

    so if anybody out there gets the live feeds and wants to update us as to who Caleb has put up, please do so. Thanks in advance.

    • Comments (1443)

      Go to jokers. They have play by play on live feeds

      • Comments (137)

        Trudy-I cant it is blocked at work. I am waiting one day this one will be blocked and I will be sooooooo sad 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

        I did go to bigbrothernetwork and nothing is there. They said they are not even sure the noms will be today or not. Normally they are on Sunday, but since everything has moved for football, that site was hoping they would be today.

      • Comments (1443)

        Luxury comp today and jury came in house with HG locked upstairs in hoh room watching on TV. Jury kind of danced around and threw some clothes around and messed stuff up a little. I don’t get feeds but read on jokers. Don’t know if noms will be today

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