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Top 20 Big Brother Tweets of the Week

Another week has come and gone in the Big Brother house, bringing with it another edition of “BB Tweets of the Week!” This week, fans took to social media to share their opinions and reactions to the bros hitting the block, Kaitlyn’s every-growing insanity, and Rockstar’s last straw. Let’s see what they thought in 140 characters or less down below:


20. Everything is not going according to plan

19. Furniture can’t talk


18. Now this is a REAL season of Big Brother

17. No midnight snacks for Kaitlyn!

16. Rockstar should have won that wall comp

15. Tyler is multiplying!

14. I’m starting to see a trend here…

13. That’s so Kaitlyn!

12. Rockstar COMING for Brett’s ass!

11. This girl needs to shop somewhere else


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  1. Shivani33

    Hahaha! There used to be a couple of nice SUVs parked in the BB lot to drive evictees away, smiling and waving. But this year, there’s only one rusty SUV. The other vehicle parked out back for evictees is a Medevac van with restraint gurneys.

  2. Mel

    Good ones! I saw one that cracked me up but can’t remember who it was from.
    They said the final comp would be endurance…whoever could stand in their truth the longest, wins.

  3. danmtruth

    can they use the Full House theam once in a while Some very talented and creative people out their

  4. AIO_7

    During Chakra’s pity party yesterday she was rationalizing to the others as to why she was on the block and probably going home. Her reasoning was that someone out there in the world needed her and her psychic ability; which was more important that her staying in the house.

  5. HappyHippo

    The full house one cracked me up! The only one without their “real” name was BSC Kait and it was kook…died

  6. Sam didn’t flip to vote out Winston, did she? She’s been voting with that side of the house the whole time.

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