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Take A Tour Through The Big Brother 13 House

So I wake up this morning, load my computer and sit there for about 20 minutes as Windows installed something that I have been procrastinating about for weeks, and then I realize…. shit!  Big Brother released the photos of the house today!

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As I finally get access to my computer, I see that every Big Brother fan site in the World has already posted these photos, but hey I’m going to do it anyway because my readers are loyal to this site and haven’t seen the updates yet…. right?   …..   Bueller?

Anyway, here are some interesting photos from the house:

Entering the Big Brother house, you will see some nice fake grass, some bikes if you want to ride around in circles in the back yard, and in the back there are surf boards coming out of the wall for some reason.
Big Brother 13 Entry Way

Next up, we have the large table that seats 14, as well as the memory wall which will likely be the focus of some challenge later in the season (houseguests take note!)
Big Brother 13 houseguest table

Only two bedrooms were allowed to be photographed, which makes me wonder what’s in store for the 3rd.    My guess is it’s going to be a vampire theme inspired by True Blood / Twilight and it will be painted black with coffins as beds.  Where did I get that idea?  No clue, just roll with it.    Anyway, the other two bedrooms are wild, first you have the futuristic massage parlor themed room:
Big Brother 13 futuristic bedroom

Then  you have the room that was clearly designed by an 8 year old girl:
Candy Themed Bedroom

The rest of the house seems pretty standard, but you can view them all in the gallery below.

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