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Tuesday Afternoon Feed Updates

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Hello everybody! I am blogging today so Steve can have a day off and I am prepping for his vacation. Who’s excited for Big Brother 19? Most of the house is sleeping at the moment. Stay tuned!

  • 11:00 AM- Corey, Nicole, and Paul are awake.
    • Corey and Nicole are cleaning the bathroom.
    • Natalie is awake.
    • Natalie is waxing her underarms.
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  • 12:15 PM- Production just told all houseguests to go to the HOH room.
    • Feeds cut after Paul asked for music.
  • 1:15 PM- Feeds are back!
    • Corey is sweeping. The rest of the house is taking pictures.
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.23.01 PM
    • Victor thinks this is his and Nicole’s relationship.
    • Day is in the living room reading the bible.
    • Paul and Nicole are in the safari room talking about what kind of people they’re attracted too.
    • Victor and Corey are competing to see who can make a better plane.
    • Day just asked live feeders to pray for her and she has a feeling she might go home. I’m starting to feel bad for her.
    • Corey joined Nicole and Paul.
  • 3:00 PM- James joined them in the safari room.
    • They’re still on board with getting Day out.
    • Nicole thinks they should keep it a secret. Day is not dumb she will find out.
    • Day joined them and Paul asked who they’re putting up in double eviction.
    • They think it’s this week since the backyard is already closed.
    • Paul is saying he won’t be able to play and he better not be a pawn.
    • Natalie and James are in the storage room talking about Day. Natalie wants to keep her but she knows Bridgette has her back. James told her to go talk to Paul. James knows Day is going to be the most mad at him when she gets evicted.
    • Everyone is in the kitchen cooking now.

I am ending this thread now. Steve is creating an evening thread so make sure to check that out!


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  1. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    Not happy about BB19 not being televised .I won’t watch be watching.

  2. Avatar
    JeNelle Dellinger (2 comments)

    Me either 🙁

  3. Avatar

    Day- stop reading your Bible- unless it’s for inspiration. I have no idea how you can save yourself, but will you at least try?
    Try exposing or even lying about how Paulie is planning to go after Nicole and Corey. Convince them Paulie is Brid’s new Frank.
    Just do something!!!

    • Avatar
      BETTY CARTY (1 comments)

      Da still thinks she is a pawn. She said all she has to do is lay low. If she only knew the real plan she would be blowing up some of their games. Which I would love to see!

    • Avatar
      itsnotpretty (43 comments)

      Do you think Day is reading the Bible for strategy? Like Dan did for Dan’s Funeral? That worked for him, so who knows she may have something up her sleeve!

      • Avatar

        Day is NOT smart enough to put a strategy together like Dan’s funeral. She talks a big talk however she isn’t a good game player or strategist. My group of Big Brother watchers all feel the way I do… Day is a joke as a player and a Veteran of the game. When things aren’t going her way, she turns to the bible. “1 Corinthians- Unfavorable news had come to Paul” “Bye Bye Da’Vonne”

      • Avatar

        Dawn I so agree with you. Days game strategy is to tell everyone she’s in an alliance with them to go all the way and tell them that certain ppl are out to get them and try and poison everyone against everyone else but her. Problem is that she has no loyalty to anyone so in the end she’s all alone when everyone catches up with her lies. Frank did a lot of the same but he did have some he was really loyal too plus he is a well liked player. Day cries she has no one but herself but it’s all her fault. She has thrown every person in the house under the bus. Because of that she has no allies to take up for her. Her big mouth will get her thrown out again!! Plus she acts so self righteous.

  4. Avatar
    Jefferson (1 comments)

    With this batch of HGs, does anyone else find themselves struggling to pick someone to cheer for? I have gone from dislike to like to dislike on at least 5 HGs, which seems crazy. Is there anybody really worth pulling for? As a guy, the boy HGs saying “FT” is disgusting, so I can’t cheer for any of them.

    P.S. Thanks Steve and others for all the updates. I have been checking this site for the last three years, but this is my first time commenting.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      At this point I don’t like any of them lol. Hope that changes. At this time, I can’t even bring myself to vote for care packages…sad!

    • Avatar
      KNAM (2 comments)

      I’m also having a hard time rooting for anyone. I really like Da’, but not that she’s probably going home, I have nobody to cheer for. James would be second, but he’s ruining his game by not trying to keep Da’. Nicole is sooooo annoying this season. Corey is an airhead. Paulie is way too cocky, it’s off putting. Z and Nat haven’t done anything useful or entertaining. Bridgette & Michelle …enough said. & that leaves Paul…yeah not my fav either, but his DR’s are sometimes entertaining.

      SN: this is also my first comment after reading for a few years 🙂

      • Mello_One

        @ KNAM
        U & I are on the same page! Its more like who to Cheer against for me, but I do like Day, & James. I don’t like the Dictators in the House. Or for that matter in any of the Seasons that have had a Dictator in the BB House, whether it be Male, or Female…And of course the Dictators always have their little Peons that do their dirty work!

        In my opinion the Most Classic Big Brothers Seasons were, Season 1 through 9. After those Seasons the Show has become Contrived, with Stereotypical House Guess in the House year in & year out.

      • Avatar
        Tina (5 comments)

        I agree they are falling for the showmances running the game. Victor, Paul and Da need to fight to get them out and use James to help. If Da goes I’m over watching the show.

    • Avatar

      Cheer for Paulie, he’s playing the best game. He’s strategist ways have his implementation for the formulation of game moves so much like some of the best Big Brother players ever. You can tell he was coached by one of the very best. Paulie has outwit, outsmarted the most effectively in the house. That which is the most excellent, outstanding, and desirable player to me. I know they’re some that will not agree with me, that’s what makes watching Big Brother so much fun.

      • Michele Ryan
        Michele Ryan (243 comments)

        I agree for the most part with what you’ve said Dawn. I would like to say the showmance with Z may not work well, if she goes all postal on him later in the game. Paulie is very intelligent, but arrogance isn’t a good thing.

      • Avatar

        He is playing best game now but it’s pretty easy to do when u have no opposition. He’s had good training and coaching. Kind of wonder if this might be codys reward for letting Derrick win because that’s what he did in the end Derrick was sure winner up against anyone but Cody could have dropped him and won the big money. So cbs payback now? As game goes on I think we might start seeing some opposition. Victor pretty smart and so is Nicole. Have not decided about Paul and Corey yet.

  5. AIO_7

    Thanks for the updates, Haley.

  6. Avatar

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