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Tuesday, August 2nd – Big Brother 24 Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


And we have it – Our first showmance of 2022. Kyle and Alyssa finally kissed last night and for those of you who aren’t into showmances – sorry. It was bound to happen.

I’m one of the people who really have little interest either way so I won’t spend much time talking about it. I like talking about strategy and strategically this will make it harder on Kyle which is too bad because he was in fairly good shape. Showmances are like broken legs. They make you weak at first, but the bone is supposed to actually heal stronger (myth?) and it becomes a benefit at the end.

What this means is, Kyle just placed a massive target on his back, but if he ends up surviving the next few evictions with Alyssa, the showmance turns from a weakness to a strength because he then has a guaranteed ride or die which is crucial for the late game when you can’t trust anyone.

You’ll notice the final 4 almost always has a strong duo. Jackson and Holly, Tyler and Angela, Nicole and Corey, or Derrick and Cody, Will and Boogie, Dick and Danielle if you don’t go by showmances alone. Basically, if you want to win the game, you almost need a partner who you 100% absolutely trust. But, getting to that point is the challenge and we’ll see if they can handle it.

In other news, Daniel is having one hell of a game so far. He had a pointless HoH and then fought to use a veto that will likely end up sending his best friend in the game home. He had a girl try to make out with him (Taylor) only to deny her and ended up crushing on both Alyssa (not interested) and Ameerah (not really interested and also gone). Ouch.

Anyway, backyard is still open which is surprising because they’ve been closing it fairly early in the week every week this season. They’ll almost certainly lose the yard at some point today, but it’s nice they can get some air while they can.


Alright, time for some updates

Live Feed Updates for August 2, 2022

Nicole tells Britt she (N) doesn’t talk shit. After talking shit about her all day lol

6 days ago

Meanwhile, outside Nicole is working Brittany but Michael is sticking close by

6 days ago

Alyssa is working Kyle again. Bad bad

6 days ago

Jasmine has been told to stop milking her injury by production

6 days ago

They took away her scooter forced her to wear the boot and now she’s acting like she has one leg walking down the stairs

Michael and Kyle meet up to talk and Kyle says he really doesn’t talk game with many people

6 days ago


Daniel and Nicole are in the corner of outside venting about the house

6 days ago

Saying it’s hilarious how Monte hasn’t tried to speak to them


Indy to Nicole- they are trying to flip me.

6 days ago

To vote out Nicole. Nicole also tells Terrance

Daniel to Nicole- Im a great actor.

6 days ago

The best lol

Nicole says she is calling them the “sorry 6”

6 days ago

She said she’d target Brittany then Monte lol
She can’t even target the right people

Daniel says Michael is the other Brittany

6 days ago

Nicole and Daniel definitely getting the vibe they could be in trouble.

6 days ago

Nicole: “Let’s say they are all working together” and claps for them

6 days ago

Daniel: if you do go home- I am completely alone.
Daniel says he had a dream about a cookout 2.0 (because they kept Terrance)

Daniel and Nicole talk about how no one will give them a straight answer when asked about saving Nicole

6 days ago

Daniel says Michael wouldn’t commit to saying he was keeping Nicole but offered to move forward with Daniel.
Nicole complains about having to play along with Monte

Kyle talking about how horny he is and gushing over Alyssa to the camera

6 days ago

Monte eventually enters and they talk about social media. Monte asks him if he does Twitch and Kyle says no. He says ‘oh I thought you had something that started with T’ and Kyle couldn’t think of it. Bro. Dude is so horny he forgot the name of Tiktok? I know he’s not hiding his Tiktok status so he literally forgot when Monte asked him lol. But he did eventually mentioned TT. Was just funny to see him not mention it. Carry on

Kyle, Turner, Michael, Brittany is the final four Kyle hopes for

6 days ago


Current Status

BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Kyle Capener

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