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Tuesday Fan Updates!



Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house, and you know what that means?  Well, from my end, not a whole lot because I won’t be around.

I will be out for the majority of the afternoon, so once again, I am leaving it in the hands of the people who comment here to keep people updated.  I am starting this thread so you can have a Tuesday discussion going on because the others seem to be getting a ton of comments (thank you guys, btw).

As far as the contest, I haven’t been able to check my email, but I will try tonight. I heard people mention some of the really chatty people, and definitely if you can get in touch with them, do it!


Alright, I won’t take up too much space rambling here.  Again, thank you guys for posting the updates in the comment section. This is the best workaround for now until I can figure out a way to have people add regular updates.


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  1. Avatar

    I thought it was Monday! LOL

  2. Helen

    Darn it!! I sooo wanted to see that blond know it all on the block today!! Just to make her speechless for a minute. But it ain’t gonna happen :). Was close though!!! Too bad she won’t know

    • Avatar

      If Kryssie isn’t going OTB then who is going to be, Monte?

      • Helen

        Yeah. I think so. Last poll was Monte 37.89% and kryssey was 36.9%. Less than a 1% difference!! But that’s all it takes unfortunately

    • caRyn

      10-9-16 @ 9:50 pm (PT) Majority of hg are outside on couch. Danielle is talking about Japanese restaurants and their terms for their cooking, etc. She called out to the camera and said ask James if he knows. Jason asked her who is James. She said James from last season BB. Jason said how would he know he is from Texas.

      • caRyn

        10:31 pm (PT) Shelby said to Morgan and Monte – Now the race card doesn’t matter.

      • caRyn

        If Danielle truly thought the comment about Justin stealing clothes was racist why didn’t she say something to Monte right then and there about it. She was there when Monte said it, Justine wasn’t. The comment implied Justine is a thief, not a racist.

      • Avatar

        Not mention James is Korean, not Japanese.

      • caRyn

        Right?! My mouth dropped when Danielle inserted her foot in her mouth. She doesn’t even know what she has said. No one has called her out.

      • Avatar

        She had the nerve to tell Justin to be careful about what he says the other day when it sounded like he said Jew but he was saying Jo. I told you guys that wide mouth winch was hateful. I can’t stand her ass.

      • caRyn

        I don’t mind hg talking trash at all. What I do mind is when they purposely instigate/manipulate REAL issue that can cause these hg problems outside the house.

      • caRyn

        Last night Neeley said to Kryssie and Justin that Shane doesn’t know Danielle would throw him UTB if it comes down to it.

  3. Avatar

    Monte in the spandex and they told him he’s starting his twering at 10:00. I’m glad Monte is not welching on his bet!

  4. Shivani33

    Since Steve decided it’s Tuesday, I’ve decided it’s still Sunday. That way I can skip the day of Monte twerking in spandex.

  5. Avatar

    Do y’all know when they are gonna announce Americas nom?

  6. caRyn

    Monte OTB – Shelby and Scott play in Veto.

  7. Helen

    Think I’m just going to stick with the blog and jokers for awhile….watching the feeds lately really upsets me and stresses me out!! The personal attacks are just vicious. Jason is one of the worst!! I can’t wait till they send his nasty mean mouth out the door!! Fan favorite? Lord help us all

    • AIO_7

      Keep in mind, Helen, that there are people out there that will actually vote for Trump too.

    • Avatar

      If Jozea had came back in the house I know I would be pulling my hair out right about now. Better Jason than Jozea. Just wait til those cigs run out, Jason’s head is going to spin like the exorcist.
      So far Alex is still my choice to win.
      I’ll bet Kryssie’s head is really big now that she didn’t get put up by America. She’s really thinking we love her now. NOT!!!

      • Rita

        Too bad we can’t send him some smokes in a care package. He did say he was going to quit when he ran out so maybe some nicotine patches.

        It is kind of annoying when she exaggerates how much America likes Kryssie. She has calmed down a bit though.

    • Avatar


  8. caRyn

    Last night Neeley told Danielle in the kitchen she doesn’t like how Whitney is acting about Danielle being OTB. Nelly said Whitney could come up and be nice.

  9. Avatar

    Why does Whitney need to be nice because Danielle sure as hell ain’t nice.

  10. caRyn

    Last night Scott told Alex and Shelby that if he wins HoH he won’t necessarily put up Kryssie. He said he will put up whoever they want.

  11. caRyn

    Last night Shane told Kryssie that Monte didn’t like her. This is news to Kryssie. Later Kryssie said to Neeley and Justin that she hasn’t done anything to Monte and he is making it personal. She said Monte was only nice to her because she got the Care Package.

    • caRyn

      Finding out that Monte did not like Kryssie upset Kryssie so bad that she went to the DR to blow off steam.

    • Avatar

      She should also be asking herself why is Shane just now coming to her with this information although it may be true. How convenient was that? Would Shane have told her this if he & Danielle weren’t on the block? Is he telling her now so that she votes to evict Monte? Lets see if Shane goes to anyone else with some type of info about Monte to put the target on him.

  12. BBBonbon62

    Is Monte seriously talking about the big egos in the house because with the size of his ego there’s no more room in the house for any other egos.

    Shelby is delusional. Jason may have been out of line when he went after her after the Americas nom ceremony but for her to think everyone likes her…not very bright. She is not the nicest person and sometimes seems confused like she unaware of what planet she is on.

    This is season is going to get very heated and I think we are going to see some very ugly people emerge.

    • Helen

      They have already emerged……

    • caRyn

      Shelby is passive aggressive. Both side of the house have noticed.

      • caRyn

        Nelley may pop off at Shelby. Nelley has pent up anger regarding Shelby.

      • Helen

        Neely has hated Shelby since day 1. Just because. Now she has everyone on the hate train (Shelby don’t help with her dry sarcastic humor) and now Neely is working on trying to turn shelbys alliance against her……hope Shelby wins HOH Wednesday so I can watch Neely squirm!!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      That’s why I’ve been hesitant to get behind any of these HGs as my “favorite”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this season so far, and there are several HGs that I don’t care for at this point (i.e. Monte, Kryssie), but there’s nobody that I’m really ready to root for just yet. I also have a feeling that things are about to get really nasty in this house and people are going to start showing their true colors soon. Should be interesting to watch and will probably help me figure out whose side I’m on.

      • Mell

        Me too Gerardo. I definitely have a couple whose game I’m liking so far (Alex, Neeley) and a few who make me laugh (Shelby, Justin, sometimes Jason) but I’m not invested yet. I feel pretty strongly about not liking Monte but that’s about it. Danielle and Krissi irritate me. I like people so far on both sides. That makes it impossible to root for 1 side or the other for me.

      • BBBonbon62

        I was thinking the same this morning. I was so excited for Jason to return but the whole couch and smoking thing bores me. It’s like he’s in a showman email with the couch or his cigs.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        Im not buyin that Monte being a good ol’ country boy. I don’t like him & when he leaves the house wheather it be tomorrow or next week, there will be no love loss there.

      • caRyn

        Glenda, Monte and Danielle are equal in my eyes. I want Monte out this week and Danielle out next week. I don’t have a side. The BB house does. I just have hg that are on the bottom and Monte is at the bottom with Danielle. My hope is if Monte leaves The Plastics will realign themselves with the other side of the house.

  13. caRyn

    Nelley wants Jason, Justin and Kryssie as F4.

  14. caRyn

    10:59 am (PT) Monte is in the HOH room telling Scott, Alex and Shelby that he (Monte) is not the homophobe and clearly Justin is.

    • Avatar

      Monte needs to get his ass somewhere, sit down & shut the hell up. Does he not realize his ass is OTB & he needs to be campaigning to keep his butt in the house instead of trying to drag somebody down. Leave that mess alone, move around & play the damn game already. Im so sick of the racist, sexist, homophobe bull. I don’t give a fat rats ass what someone’s sexual preference is, the color of their skin, ethnicity or where they’re from, I will be friends with anyone. The only thing that counts is who you are on the inside. If you’re a good person & you’re not doing anything to hurt me or mine, hey, I got you boo, I got you. I love you for who you are not what you are.

      • Mell

        I’ve been bidding a job all day. Is Monte still going today with that mess? I caught a little bit before and after ceremony but that’s it.

    • Avatar

      If Monte hates Justin so much he needs to remove himself from the situation because I don’t think BB is holding a gun to his head making him stay there or stay in Justin’s presence. Leave the room, go outside, go to the have not room, move your ass around dude.

    • Mell

      I laughed this morning when he told Alex that the other side hate Southerners. We’ll be watching the Blue and the Grey before it’s over. At least hearing “them damn yankees” won’t be as harmful as the stuff both sides have been saying.

  15. Avatar

    Hate to tell ya it’s Monday. I’m watching these fools in the bathroom they think they’re going to be legendary. Jason and Justins famous quotes get out of here you big headed bastards. I’m sorry but that Christy you’re a loser yes I spelled with the C. You guys will not be famous for anything. Letting my subscription run out and I’m over this 2 low budget other reality series

  16. caRyn

    Jeff in the BB house. This could be a long comp.

    • caRyn

      Jeff asked Shelby what is with her. Jeff asks why she’s making that face. Jason says that’s just her face. Shelby replies her game face. Jason says it is her face. Jeff looks shocked while looking at Shelby and is laughing.

  17. Avatar

    Shane won veto. Bye Monte

  18. Shivani33

    One thing that I see, as a BB watcher since the show first began and there were chickens in the yard, is that having no break between BB18 and OTT has had an effect. While I like the new experiments with the format, I have less mental or emotional room for the houseguests when they get into personal vendettas/negativity. I find myself thinking, “who ARE these people, and why do I give a horse’s patootie?” A lot of just feels too repetitive without a good long break to process one Season and let a lot of it go. I don’t mean this as a complaint at all. It’s an observation. It’s like having eaten a long dinner with lots of courses, and then the waiters wheel out a whole new seven-course meal before you’ve even put down your dessert spoon.

    As @Helen commented above about not wanting to be stressed or upset from viewing the personal attacks, maybe some of us are too full from BB18 to have much room left for the rinse-and-repeat of the players’ ups and downs. The long break between Seasons of BB is restorative. Still love the game and enjoy seeing what’s happening, but even my dream lover looks dreamier when we haven’t seen each other for awhile. Lol!

    • Mell

      You said it perfectly. There isn’t anything happening that doesn’t always happen but I seem to have less patience for it. I also agree that it isn’t this seasons fault at all. I’ve been stuck in high gear. I’ve been watching clips of the feeds on those days and reading updates sometimes. I’m more detached…maybe.

      • Helen

        I don’t remember ever seeing this degree of vicious hateful stuff…the comment Jason made about shelbys mother this morning is the straw that broke me….what does that have to do with anything?? Jason,Danielle and krissey all three need to learn human compassion and humility…..Neely encourages it…justin is the only one that I haven’t heard lower himself to their level.

      • Mell

        Helen, did you watch Janelles first season? Evil Dick was way worse than Jason. I promise, it’s been this bad before. I think Shivani33 is right, we came into this one on edge still. You’re right, except when Justin got mad in the yard, he doesn’t really go there. He didn’t too much even then. I think he got some weed in the house somehow.

      • Helen

        No Mell I never watched janelle and evil dick. How can a human being be worse than Jason? BTW tell me the season so I can make a point to NOT watch it. Lol

      • caRyn

        Coming from BB18 when I thought production had a hand in what was going on with the hg and editing what we were able to see to this OTT is 180.

      • Mell

        Helen, Dick was 8 and Janelle was 6, 7 and 14.
        6 is the one I was referring to tho. She did get americas favorite player tho. Well, and of coarse, Dick won in 8. Lol

      • Mell

        Ryn, I’m with ya. I could barely watch regular season episodes anyway. Sometimes, I would skip them and just watch on eviction night when it was live. After this, I may never be able to watch the actual tv show again. Lol

      • Mell

        Helen, you can watch all the seasons with your access. If you do, you will either have nightmares or you may be on here commenting next week about what wimps and cry babies these players are. I’ll flip out if your on here complaining that they need to start playing a little dirty!

    • Avatar

      Janelles first season, season 6, was a VERY intense season! The house was divided the entire time. Janelle won an HoH and went over to the outgoing HOH who was Jennifer, and said “gimme my key, Bitch!” It was great lol! Jason referenced that comment the other night. He said something like, “when I win, janelles gimme my key bitch won’t be nothin”!

  19. BBBonbon62

    I believe Shane won the VETO. I was taking a virtual training at work so my attention was divided. Lol

  20. Avatar

    So if Shane won the VETO, who is Alex going to put up in his place?

  21. Mell

    She said earlier today she would like to put up Krissi or Neeley as a pawn but she’s afraid they will be upset with her. Last night she mentioned that it would be great if she could get Whitney to be a pawn but she didn’t think so. She’s also mentioned putting Scott up but that was early in the day yesterday. I have no idea as of right now.

  22. Avatar

    All the plastics are being super caddy right now, we know who america’s noms are from here on out

  23. Avatar

    Does Danielle expect Shane to use the VETO on her & he stay on the block?

    • Helen

      Yes….if that happens Alex needs to put up Whitney. She does not have to go thru all the deals. Alex does not know Neely has F4 with krissy Justin Jason so she is going to make 5 enemies!! Put up Whitney and zip it and Neely and Justin will vote out Shane I think

      • Mell

        I think they might do that too

      • Helen

        To me it is Alex’s smartest move. She already has two that are gonna be after her. No one will vote Whitney. She can just not say anything and let it go….all this is IF Shane uses veto on Danielle. she does not need to make two more enemies!! Put up Whitney and let us decide which one to go. Pick your battles Alex.

  24. Avatar

    I don’t know what the hell I did wrong but I guess I clicked on something & messed around & lost the feeds. I keep getting BB 18 & a lot of other new cbs shows but not BBOTT. I am royally pissed. I usually click on the cbs icon & BBOTT comes on. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. HELP!!!

  25. Avatar

    I know I’ve been preaching about getting Monte out all week, but I think I’m about to jump on the get Danielle out train. She is being very immature and has started a lot of drama. Not to mention how entitled she acts. Her real personality is that she is just a straight B.

  26. Mell

    Funny and /or annoying comments around the time of the veto comp today:

    There’s lots of talk from Monte and company about how he’s not a racist but a saint instead. I’m not going over it because frankly he and those women are a broken record. I just can’t!

    Justin-where do they find these people
    Jason-they found Shelby in the 9th ring of hell

    Jason-Shelby is trash. She is dumpster juice.

    Whitney- Danielle’s planning on moving to North Carolina
    Shelby-Morgan-if I was Shane, I’d think I have a stage 5 clinger on my hands
    Shelby-that’s alot of responsibility she’s bringing to him. He’s like, I didn’t come on here to be a stepfather
    Whitney-Shane called her Diane the first week
    Morgan-that’s why he started calling her princess. He couldn’t remember her name

    Danielle to Shane-don’t think America wants us to go anywhere
    Kriasi-you have the advantage of a shomance

    Shane-what if Alex took you (Dani) off the block?
    Neeley-Alex is gonna leave it as it is

    Alex-does this mean you and Jason arn’t dating anymore?
    Shelby- guess we broke up. Honeymoon is over

    Danielle – He’s like (Monte) “I’m not otb because I’m an evil person.
    Danielle- no, you’re up there because you’re a piece of shit

    Shelby-Our shomance is over
    Jason-we never had one
    Shelby-it was a one sided shomance
    Jason-yeah, I guess

    Talks with Jeff:

    Jeff- (to Shelby) What’s with you?
    Jason-that’s just her face
    Shelby- My game face
    Jason- It’s just her face

    Scott- have you had your baby yet?
    Jeff-not yet
    Scott-do you have a name yet?
    Jeff-not yet
    Scott- Scott?

    Danielle-(to Jeff) They’re trying to split up the only shomance in the house. Sad right?

    Jason tells Shelby to roll the ball like she rolls her eyes.

    After the comp, someone comments to Monte how he didn’t score any. He says no but he could have.

  27. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Alex, Scott, and Monte were talking in the HOH room. Sounds like Kryssie is going to be the replacement nominee, and their plan is to try to convince Shane to vote out Kryssie instead of Monte by telling him that there are currently 4 votes to evict Monte and 4 votes to evict Kryssie, and Shane will be the deciding vote. However, their plan is actually to blindside Shane by voting out Danielle instead of Kryssie.

    • caRyn

      Thanks. I haven’t been on the feeds in a bit.

      • Helen

        Not me…I think that is a mistake that happens a lot…she needs to just do it and hope we help her!! The vote to put up kryssey or Monte was so freaking close!! If Monte would shut his ever rambling mouth America could very well vote with them and get her out. Nobody likes her…..Alex was brave enough to stick with her noms. Either blindside kryssey or put up Whitney and let Monte go!!! There’s always next week ……

    • Mell

      That’s not bad if they can pull it off. Shane is friends with Krissi and doesn’t like Monte anymore but it could work. So they arnt trying to tell Shane they are voting for Krissi? They are trying to make him not gamble with our vote in a tie? Is that it?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Exactly Mell, I think they’re assuming that Monte will likely get America’s vote. If I’m counting the votes correctly, right now they have 4 votes to keep Monte (Morgan, Scott, Shelby, and Whitney), but they are concerned that if the other 4 HGs all vote against Monte, it’s likely that Monte will also get America’s vote and go out. If they can secure Shane’s vote, they will ensure Monte’s safety and they can get Danielle out instead. However, they can’t tell Shane that Danielle is their target because then he wouldn’t agree to go along with the plan. So they’re going to try to make Shane think that their target is Kryssie, and his vote can ensure that Kryssie’s the one to go home no matter what America decides.

      • caRyn

        Neeley will not vote Kryssie or Danielle out. Alex has been talking with her group and she has mentioned talking to Neeley and then with Justin and basically giving them ultimatums to vote the way she wants them to. I would not approach them with ultimatums. She will need to go another route with them.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh yeah, Neeley was the other person they were discussing earlier as potentially flipping and saving Monte, but they figured she was a long shot. I think they’re really banking on being able to trick Shane into helping them get Danielle out. And I agree, Alex is in no position to be giving ultimatums right now. She needs to persuade them using another tactic.

      • caRyn

        The overnight hg will have real talk once the other side of the house goes to bed. That is when we will know what the skinny is.

  28. Mell

    These people fight more than once a day!
    Whitney told Danielle she thought it was disrespectful that she stuck her tongue out at Monte during the comp. Danielle defended by saying he talks about her behind her back. (True but don’t they all?)
    There was some back and forth when Monte chimed in to tell her she was being pegged for being something shes not. (Wow he can’t let this go) They talk about what America likes and sees. Danielle saying thats why hes otb and a hn. Monte says that may be true. He tells her that he was only giving her props. (When he talked about her?) Danielle was yelling. Monte wasn’t. She ends up asking him to leave the room. He does. Whitney says something about how she didn’t know something before. (I think about comments Monte has made)

    Monte is now with his peeps and is saying that Danielle is “very racist.” They are actually agreeing with him. Scott even says “Yes.” Says she doesn’t like him because he’s white. Monte tells them to “attack” Danielle in their DR’s. Shelby says shes been trying to. Monte’s says he will tell Shane if he doesn’t vote out Krissi that he will tell Danielle that he told him to put her otb. Shelby tells him to ease up on the threats. (Whitney is not there to see her white knight so this- no racial pun intended there)

    I have to add that Danielle is an a**hole for sure but Monte and his girls have slaughtered Justin’s reputation on the feeds. I can’t see any hint of them seeing how it is similar to what Monte thinks happened to him. Monte has defended to the point that it’s too much. He spent an entire day saying he went to bed early and that was the problem. Yesterday was because he has an accent. This morning was because he’s southern. This afternoon it’s because Danielle is a racist. He ssid that nobody could find snything wrong with him so they madw this up. To my knowledge, the house isn’t fighting and having racial discussions once Neeley got them to sit down and settle it. Yes, there are insults being hurled behind each others backs but nothing is going on to keep this going. Monte is the one who is keeping it going. He did the same thing when he was after Justin. He beats it to death. I’ll also point out that Monte says horrible things about people. Maybe that’s why he’s obsessing over this. It may be the one and only thing he’s innocent of.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Danielle is “very racist”? Isn’t Danielle is bi-racial? I could’ve sworn I heard her talk about relatives who are white with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s also in a showmance with a white man right now. You could say a lot of things about Danielle, but Monte is really grasping at straws with that one.

      • Avatar

        I just wish they would stop the race crap, I hate it. I am a black woman & 2 of my grandchildren are half mexican, 1 is half white & 1 is half indian. My daughters-in-law are all different races & I could care less if they were green with purple poka dots, I love them all & my grandchildren are my heart. I don’t see color & my children weren’t raised to see color. Just love each other. True with our different cultures we weren’t all raised the same but we learn about each other & grow to love one another. Before we go off judging each other, we need to first learn about each other. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you have to open it & see whats on the inside. My best friend is white & if you ask her who I am, she will tell you I am her sister. Learn about people before we decide to hate because of their race.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Preach Ann, preach!!! It’s such a shame how quickly racism and sexism began to rear their ugly heads in the BB house this season. Hopefully they can move past this crap and just focus on the game.

      • caRyn

        Love is love, Baby. Ya dig?

      • Mell

        Tell it Ann! It’s even worse I think with this set up because they are trying to make each other look bad to us or desperate to prove to us that such things are a lie. Just play the damn game!

      • caRyn

        America is not the hg parents. Quit squealing to us hg.

      • Avatar

        Yes, I heard Danielle say she was half white and half black.

  29. kneeless

    I am having a harder time transitioning from BB18 to OTT. I like what I’very seen, game-wise. I have a few HGs I like, some I don’t like & some I am not sure about! Haven’t been able to watch a lot of feeds but heard Dani argue incessantly about hibachi vs tepinyaki the other night. If that is a glimpse of what she’said like…run Shane, Run! Justin, like Paul, is growing on me. Paul must have tempered me to the foul language!!

    Is it pretty certain the Alex is going to replace Shane with Krispie?

  30. caRyn

    America’s Care Package:
    Week 2: Pick-a-Veto
    The winner will get to choose which type of Power of Veto the HGs will play for. There are three options: Diamond Power of Veto where the holder picks the replacement nominee; Double Veto, where the competition will award two PoVs; and Boomerang Veto, where the holder can use the PoV twice.

  31. Helen

    Just curious. If Alex replaced Shane on the block with Whitney who would everyone vote for? Danielle or Monte
    Let’s make it harder. Replace with krissey. Krissey Danielle or Monte?

    • Avatar

      @Helen, it’s Krispie. Lol

      • Helen

        I can think of a few other words haha but that will do. Lol
        Still upset about the vote this morning but oh well
        If I were a player I would refuse to come on a show where the audience had this much of an ability to influence my game. But I guess really Scott can actually truely be blamed for something. If he hadn’t flipped on Monte in the beginning they wouldn’t be in this position. I personally would try to vote whichever way Alex wants to go….will try to deal with either Monte or Morgan next week. Lol

    • Helen

      I think either way Alex is going to lose Monte but is he really a loss? Ummm nooooooo. Why make more enemies. Put up whitney

  32. Mell

    I hope my biggest fear with this season isn’t coming true. It’s so good and I don’t want it tainted. We’ve never had this much involvement so I overlook it when the HG’s play to us, ask us for help and please be on their side. It’s new to them too so I let it slide. I don’t want this to turn into “America won’t like that” and “America’s watching” and it’s already happening. I don’t care when people talk behind each others backs and sometimes are mean. It’s a tense environment and not built to bring out the best in people. They think they can use it for ammunition with us and not just against each other. That’s the part I don’t like.

    When Whitney got onto Danielle about sticking out her tongue and said it was disrespectful, I felt like I had became the 3rd grade teacher and they’re wanting to be teachers pet. (not picking on Whitney, only 1 example) I didn’t sign up for that. I don’t want them running to the camera tattling and saying “see I’m the good kid.” I just want to be entertained. Monte doesn’t have to prove to me he isn’t racist or that Justin is sexist. I don’t need Danielle and Krissi telling me what I like and don’t like. I’m not a dumbass so I’ll decide those things for myself, thank you very much.

    It isnt their fault. They don’t know whether to ignore us and maybe we’ll respect it or cater to us to maybe we’ll lIke that. I don’t know if it’s possible to do but I’m going to try and tune out the begging, name calling and tattling. I’m hoping to sort of filter that stuff out. My biggest complaints with Kass/Grosner/CBS in recent years has been the cast, how over edited it is and playing favorites. I love this cast, good and bad. It’s very raw and there is no edit. I’ll be damned if I’m going to get stuck in the trap that CBS is in and worry about who seems the most liked to America. I’m not going to help prove that I was wrong and they’ve been right.

    If I worry about which one of them enjoys bj’s while riding backwards on a donkey stoned and calling somebody a bitch then I’m going to prove that the winner has to be a certain type for Big Brother to be good. I don’t need them to do innocent pranks like James, seem to be the girl next door like Nicole or have played before. Maybe who I root for is like that but many not. I may root for the good guy or it may be the biggest asshole in that house but I’m not going to base it on who crossed a line they shouldn’t have or if they are really sweet as long as they are playing a good game. I’m not falling for that.

    • Mell

      I’m not correcting my typo’s in this comment. There’s just too many!

    • Mell

      Alex doesn’t like Shane and said he’s selfish. She said he took a cookie without asking and she’s irritated over it!
      Hahaha haha. These people are losing it and we haven’t had the 2nd eviction yet. I really do like this group of nut jobs!

    • Bastosko

      That is why I was saying they should never have told them that America was involved except for the care packages since they saw that just weeks earlier on BB18. Sure, eventually they will figure out who the “other” mystery vote is, but since they can’t put the sisters together, would take awhile for the bulb to come on. Let them think there is an “America’s Player/HH” or a production plant, drop hints to that effect, let more paranoia get going as to who am I really telling things to or making deals with.

      And my vote goes for Monte. Speaking as someone who knows exactly where he lives (OBTW it is a rich suburb of Memphis, not a small hick town, Morgan Freeman lives there) and his redneck type of rich spoiled brat is one reason I left Memphis many many moons ago to get away from that mentality.

  33. caRyn

    4:14 pm (PT) Morgan’s pep talk with Monte was funny.

  34. Mell

    Morgan telling the group that Monte is down there almost accepting defeat. Morgan says she told him not to be a pu**y.
    Ales goes to Monte and says “I have a plan.”
    Monte says “please don’t call me a “pu**y.”
    She let’s him know thats not what she came for.

  35. caRyn

    My hope is that Danielle and Monte get voted out ASAP. One behind the other. I don’t care who the HOH is next as long as we can get these two out and the hg we do like are able to stay in the game.

    • Mell

      I really don’t mind Monte leaving. It would be funny if Danielle left since shes so sure we’re on her side. The downside will be that Monte will spend the week saying how we only put him otb because we can tell he’s tough and could handle it or something like that.

  36. Mell

    Alex plan- This is the latest. She want to see if Whitney can work on Justin since he likes her. She wants to get Justin to vite out Danielle but that Justin can blame his vote on America. Morgan added that Whitney should say to Justin how Danielle attacked her in the kitchen when Danielle and Monte were arguing. She needs to play on his emotions. (Danielle didn’t for the record)
    It will be the first time Justin does something sneaky if he does it. Alex know Justin doesn’t like Shane and Danielle.

  37. caRyn

    Have you noticed that the HOH when making safety choices (noms) talk to themselves and let us in on their thoughts? Both Monte and Alex did it. They have one sided conversations and go into detail. I am interested to see if the next HOH does it.

  38. Helen

    I just read on jokers that Alex talked about putting krispie up and asked everyone not to say anything yet ……big mouth Monte told Shane who has now gone and ratted out to Neely and krispie……
    What a tool!!!

  39. Yael Sara

    Feel very alone – haha Think I am running solo on my thoughts

    Would love to see first out (12th, 11th & 10th Place) Shelby, Jason, Scott
    Then (9th, 8th & 7th) Shane, Danielle and Monte
    Floating around I guess (6th, 5th & 4th) Kryssie, Whitney & Neeley
    Final 3: Alex, Morgan & Justin

  40. Mell

    I know it may not be a popular opinion on here regarding all the smack talking but they are killing me! They may stir stuff up and talk about each other but after the summer of “I didn’t do anything,” I like how they just put it out there.

    Krissi told Monte that America sees how he’s tried to avoid the people that he doesn’t understand. She may have given him the most insightful observation that anyone has had so far.

    On a lighter note – Shelby asked Jason if he had scoliosis and then told him he always looks like he needs to poop. I personally think that describes Shelby’s expression most of the time but it may work for Jason too.

  41. Helen

    Hope Alex sticks with her plan. She’s in this far. May as well go for it…put up krispie. Who cares which one goes…..4 votes Danielle. 4 votes Monte. We get to break the tie!! Seems fair cause all 3 of them GOT to go!!!
    Maybe we will be able to help Alex this next week with POV care package….

    • Mell

      Not a bad point. I don’t dislike Krissi. She just irritates me but any of the 3 leaving isn’t the end of the world to me. I really have wanted Monte out and I don’t see myself liking him but if he stays, wouldn’t it be nice if he could let loose and actually have a little fun getting to know everyone better. If he would let his freak flag fly just a little bit, he could have some fun and maybe even get people to see another side to him. It’s obvious he wants to be liked. I probably won’t but it could be good for him.

      • Helen

        I have tried really hard to like both Monte and krispie and I find both of them irritating. Neither one knows when to STFU and while one is stiff and boring the other knows EVERYTHING the viewers are thinking or even may be thinking of thinking.
        Danielle I just plain don’t like! They talk about the plastics being plastic but she has more plastic going on than a credit card. Plus her sense of entitlement and self righteousness just is eeewwww! Ya dig?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Today in the kitchen Monte and Krispie had what I call a “know-it-all showdown” about weightlifting and nutrition. It was slightly amusing and highly obnoxious at the same time. I was sort of hoping they would destroy each other in the midst of this epic clash of the titans of annoyance.

    • Avatar

      That’s what I was thinking, give Alex the veto care package next week.

  42. Helen

    Alex needs to go with her gut and not worry about montes game and worry about her own!! Will not hurt my feelings to see him go….like I said. Either one. Danielle or Monte It’s a win win for Alex

  43. kneeless

    I swear whenever I watch the feeds I hear either Krispie or Monotony. The game go on & on & on just to hear themselves talk. At least Justin is entertaining. I am liking Alex & her game play. You can tell she’said a gamer & strategist, can’t necessarily sag ghd same about her sister. Teye weren’t lying when they said they’re nothing alike.

  44. Avatar

    Personally I dont like Morgan and Monte, love Alex though. Monte is what you call and ignorant hypocrite that thinks he’s a saint.

  45. Avatar

    Ps. Monte said the other side of the house should go home for trying to play Alex after he just lied to Nelly’s face. Hypocrite!!!

    • Avatar

      They were all talking about their plan to get Shane to vote for Crissy. Monte saying he could talk Shane into It. Morgan pipes up saying something like- If Shane says he will do It and then stabs you in the Monte I will be so mad!- Ummm, Guys, your plan is to literally lie to Shane and stab him in the back by voting out Danielle! That’s what gets me about this bunch. They are so self righteous and never see their own faults. This is a game. You have to lie to make It to the end. At least be honest with yourself about what you’re doing!

  46. Avatar

    Does anyone have a time frame of when the Alex and Justin talk happened? Monte is playing a horrible game and he is driving me nuts with his bs but I become so nauseated listening to Danielle whine and bitch. And I really hate when all the camera’s are on the same thing except during comps. And can someone slap production when someone goes pee to turn off the mic!!!!

  47. CaRyn

    Monte just blows up their game. That side of the house needs to stop telling him their plans.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I liked Monte at first but now….just shut up and drink the kool-aid and go away. But I want Danielle to go home this week. And another thing Shelby made a really good point to Whitney that was shot down….What if Shane pulls a Clay and uses the Veto on Danielle. All this plotting and begging is for nothing. For some reason I have a huge gut feeling that’s what he is going to do. They need to plan for other contingencies.

      • Helen

        Might actually be the best case scenario. Neely might vote with them to get out Shane. She won’t vote out Danielle though

  48. Renee

    I think I am most disappointed with how immature Shelby is in her way of thinking. I expected more from her since she is an attorney. In one of her interviews she talked about spending the entire Summer in the library and was looking forward to getting out around people. She is an attractive girl but just seems socially immature.

    • Avatar

      I think more than Shelby are socially immature. The way Danielle acts, would you want her around your children? Her poor child seeing its ok to act like an fool when you don’t like some one. And people wonder why this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  49. Shivani33

    Monte is more or less a hopeless case. He keeps wrecking his own chances, and I’m thinking that his only way to be strategic would be to have a life coach accompany him 24/7 to teach him to stfu…since he’s such a star in his own mind. He’s like a big log blocking a dam. Or maybe he just has his head up his own ass. At any rate, it’s about time that he goes back home to the century where he lives.

    • Avatar

      Yeeees, Monte & Krispie think they know it all & he wants everybody to think he’s the best at everything even when it’s obvious that he is NOT. He does not like anybody that is as good at something as he is or has more knowledge than he does about ANY subject. Monte wants to be top dog.

  50. Avatar

    Last night Monte was just throwing out as many names as possible trying to survive and all that side of the house is practically begging on their knees for votes! He has no regard to anyone elses game and to top it all off when he gets evicted he is gonna rant outside the house how he got screwed over for the rest of his life!!! I can hear it already! When in all honesty he had a horrible social game.

    • Avatar

      Monte will say they got rid of him because he was such a strong player even though he let others win sometimes. Aaaaaaaahahahahaha, Monte you silly boy, your ass was evicted because you didn’t know when to STFU, you were annoying as hell, you played a shitty game & you are not all that you think you are.

  51. Renee

    Monte is insecure that is why he brags about being the best at everything. Everyone knows he isn’t the best but he tries to convince them by saying how wonderful he is at things. When I was a teenager, my mom always told me to watch out for people like that. If they are bragging about how good they are, they think they are impressing you. They have told the exaggerations so many times they are convinced they are true.

  52. Helen

    If I were Alex I would pull Neely aside and shoot straight with her….Neely does like Alex and appreciates that she is a strong women. Try to get her to have Shane use POV on Danielle and leave Shane up. Let her know kryssey is just a pawn. Neely could maybe be convinced to throw her vote at Shane because deep down she does like Monte. Yes krispie was told she was not Alex’s target but Neely also told Alex should would vote with them to evict Shane. Course what do I know? Lol

  53. Avatar

    I can’t decide on one certain person to root for or who exactly I want to go home. Monte is so full of himself. I wish the girls would realize they would be better off without him. On the other hand Danielle is also very full of herself and getting worse every second. She needs to be the center of attention. But If she stays I can see her and Shane having issues in the future, which would be very entertaining. I seen Shane look at her with a confused look on his face a few times lately and ask her why she said/done something the way she did. She’s also mentioned moving to where he lives and I never saw him respond. Crissy is a know-It-all also and seriously gets on my nerves. Look, I believe people can do whatever they want with their life as long as they aren’t hurting anyone but some things people do ARE funny. I don’t care that they do It but I still may laugh at them and people wearing diapers and pooping on themselves for the heck of It and having their partner clean them up. IS funny. Stop trying to make everything so PC. All I can figure is either she does it or she’s afraid of losing the votes of people in America that do…..I like Justin because he is himself. Ya dig, baby? Alex- I like her game play but she needs to stop worrying so much about making a big move and just do what’s best for her game. Shelby- I can’t figure that one out. Sometimes I think she wants to be seen as a cool hip person. Ya know the ones that hate everything and everyone. I believe she plays that character in real life too and I wonder what she would be like if she was just herself. Showed her true emotions and admitted life isn’t horrible and Its possible to like different people and things. Morgan- Seems like a nice girl. That’s all I can say because she’s really a sort of bland person. Whitney- Oh Girl. I don’t believe she’s as sweet and naive as she lets on. I feel like that’s how everyone pegged her because of her accent so that’s how she chose to play It. Where she’s from isn’t far from where I live. As a matter of fact I believe we share a few cousins, so I know she should know more than she lets on. I think we’ll see other sides to her come out. I can’t believe she made such a big deal out of someone sticking their tounge out at Monte. Get over yourself! Jason- I like Jason but he needs to forget about the last time he was in the house and stop bringing It up so much. It’s a whole new game. It’s almost like he’s afraid his old HG friends will get mad if he makes me HG friends.. Lol..He does say stuff that annoys me but everybody does. Neely- I like her game. She’s playing all of them. They think of her as the older/wiser one even though she’s not old. She plays the part well though. I just wish, purely for my entertainment, that she would open up and let loose more. Scott- Irritates me to no end. The way he talks. How full of himself he is. The way he puts a cigarette out! When Morgan asked to sleep in his bed with him, he made some remark to Monte about her having a boyfriend. Then said “Sorry, so and so” Like she was after him sexually when she just didn’t want to sleep on the floor! Shane- Don’t really know about Shane. He doesn’t really show any personality…. I’m liking this season better than the last few I’ve watched though. I think there’s going to be some big blow ups and back stabbing. That’s what I watch for. I hate when they all vote together and never play their own game. Oh, and If Danielle says her and Shane are the next Jeff and Jordan I’m gonna puke! I hate when they compare themselves to past HG’s. I didn’t watch 18 so I’m ready for this!

  54. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    This morning Monte and Scott are outside making a very transparent plea for America’s vote. They keep discussing how boring the game will be if Monte is voted out because the other side of the house will just dominate until the end, and if Danielle goes then at least it will be 50/50 and it will come down to comps. They’ve also spent a considerable amount of time doing damage control by extolling the virtues of Monte’s character, speaking about how much respect he has for women, how racist Danielle is and how she keeps trying to project that onto Monte, etc… All of this pandering to America for our vote is really getting exhausting.

    In other news, the chatters on the live feeds alerted me to the fact that apparently things got pretty hot and heavy under the covers between Danielle and Shane last night. I’m not going to go into details so as to avoid throwing up, but you can check it out for yourself (4:28AM) if you wish. You’ve been warned…

  55. Shivani33

    Right now OTT is looking like Jason’s little engine that will have the numbers to steamroll and dominate. Some of the people who want to “save Monte” are people who would like to see more of a really competitive game than just watching one side get decimated week-by-week. Even though lots of viewers would like to see Danielle or Kryssie evicted, these two are on the more favored side of the house. There doesn’t look to be a solution that’ll work for Alex and her HoH this time. Monte couldn’t keep quiet about the one plan that might have worked. He blew it. Neely isn’t going to save Monte by going against her own side. What to do? Shall we just sit back and watch Shane and Danielle having hanky-panky while Jason smokes and gets new zits, and Kryssie imposes her universal knowledge on the rest of the world?

    • Helen

      Sorry. Sounds really boring to me…….
      Production does not seem to be adverse to skewing players in certain directions during regular BB so if they don’t won’t a huge flop on their hands they might want to try navigating back on course.
      I want Monte gone but the alternative is even worse.

    • caRyn

      I hear ya. My thoughts are this…The only person I dislike on The Plastic side of the house is Monte. Scott is in the middle (floater/pawn) so I do not consider him on either side. With the overnight side Danielle needs to go for the sake of the entire house. If The Plastic side wakes up and see that they do not have the numbers and regroup with the other hg that would be fantastic. They have said we need to distance ourselves from Monte and Scott and use them as votes, but they haven’t made moves to realign. Morgan knows she is a Have-Not because of Monte. The Plastics know the hg do not like Monte and Shelby and sometimes Scott and they know America doesn’t care for them either and that is why that side of the house are Have-Nots. The Plastics do nothing but talk (with each other). That is on The Plastics if the do nothing because they know the deal from hg and America. I am not saying they should turn their backs on one another, but they should truly integrate for the sake of their game.

      • Helen

        Shelby is #6 on favorites. 1 below Neely. Morgan is below Shelby on favorites at least on jokers. Monte is fighting with cornbread for least favorite….today Alex is # 1

      • caRyn

        Shelby is #6 with America but in the hg don’t like her. Alex knows this because when Alex spoke with each overnight crew hg they all told Alex they do not like Shelby. Alex told Shelby this. Then, Alex picked Shelby to play in Veto. Alex needs to pull away from Shelby for the sake of her game. At least for now. I am not saying turn her back on Shelby, but distance herself. I think of Shelby as more of an overnight crew hg. She has that sense of humor/tact.

      • caRyn

        Correction – but the hg don’t like her.

      • Avatar

        YES!!! They still have a chance they just need to not fight to keep Monte! In all honestly I dont know how safe Shelby will be though. Danielle is on her way outjust not this week

  56. caRyn

    Monte will be voted out. For sure.

  57. Avatar

    Cant stand people who complain about Jason smoking, I hate this new generation. 30 years ago we would have all been out there and I for one cant stand you nerds. Jason Justin are cool, Danielle and Shane although I hate showmances I like how they plan and execute. Its a game and it should be played ruthlessly.

    • Shivani33

      Jason can smoke his ass off. Whatever about whatever. In my case this wasn’t intended as a “complaint” at all. It is what it is, and for all you know, I’ve been smoking my own ass off for 900 years. So that’s your interpretation. Dig it.

      Justin is a cool dude who moves and shakes in this world – has a restaurant, sculpts, writes, makes lots of love. He works it. Jason is more of a lovable talking head who says that he plays the game by his intution, and that’s all good. His intuition takes him back and forth from the outdoor couch to bed every day and night. He’s COOL like an accordion-grinder’s little old monkey brought back in for entertainment, and BB production is the accordion player. But where are any new tricks, beyond his minimal effort at functional dysfunctionality, wherein being on BB seems to be the highlight of his life so far? Hey, hey! Dude is out of his mother’s basement now and doesn’t have to bag groceries for at least ten weeks. Woot. Woot. 26 & fabulous.

      If this is the nouveau definition of cool, let’s all take three halle-fucking-lujahs and call each other in the morning.

    • Mell

      Now I know why I’ve missed you guys the last 24 hours!

    • caRyn

      VMSLAZ -Are you taking about Shelby complaining about Jason’s smoking? I am unclear. Are you talking about hg? That is the way I took your comment – that you were speaking about hg in the BB house.

  58. Helen

    Are Morgan and Alex purposely trying to look like each other today?

  59. caRyn

    Last night Morgan said if America was not involved with this, life would be a lot more comfortable. She should be careful. She knows the pull America has.

  60. caRyn

    Times are PT:

    1 pm – Veto ceremony
    2 pm – America votes to evict
    7 pm – Weekday Replay
    7:30pm – Live Diary Room Sessions

  61. kneeless

    On the feeds, this afternoon, the Plastics keep talking about the Justin-Monte shower episode. They were saying that would make the aired show & it’s too bad America won’t see it until Wednesday evening’s show. So, first, what happened at the shower? And secondly, don’t they realize the feeders see what’s going on prior to Wed Night? I am so tired of listening to King Monotony!

  62. Helen

    Jason is 100% saying America is their vote!! Guess what? Not mine!! Much as I don’t like Monte I dislike overconfidence and Danielle has my vote!!!!!

  63. Avatar

    Do y’all see how Jason’s group is so sure of themselves? Danielle is strutting around like she owns the place! I’m pulling for Alex. As much as I’ve wanted Monte out, I’d rather help Alex! Let’s either tie the votes or get Danielle out y’all! I’ll vote Krispie or Danielle, whatever the majority is voting, someone keep us updated on the polls! The late night people are acting ridiculous! Alex came to play and I don’t want to see her leave yet! Come on y’all!

    • Helen

      I’m voting Danielle for alex

      • Avatar

        From the polls I’ve looked at, that seems to be what more people are doing. I didn’t know which one people would vote for since Krispie and Monte were so close for the nom vote. Looks like I will be voting Danielle!

    • Avatar

      My vote is to help Alex. As much as I don’t like monte I like Alex more so I will put up with him for one more week. Also I hate how the other side seems to Assume that we like them and will always vote with them and just for that fact I want Danielle to be evicted by America so see what the other side has to say

  64. caRyn

    Last nightJustin was talking about Whitney and he said – Poor Whitney, but she is a mole. She is a lot more vocal with the other side. That made me laugh.

  65. kneeless

    I am OK with Dani or Monte going. I dislike them equally. I wonder if it might be easier to get rid of Daniel later. I have a feeling that it might be harder to evict Monte down the road. King Monotony & Dani are both so full of themselves.

    • Helen

      Monte does not do well in comps…..he is too full of himself!! Actually the longer Danielle hangs around the harder it will be to get rid of her….she’s like a barnacle…..gonna have to scrape her off

      • kneeless

        Thanks for clarifying that. I have watched enough to know I don’t care for either one but haven’t watched feeds enough to know their game play with one another. Fri I am having major foot surgery & will be in a cast & no weight-bearing for 3 months. I will have plenty of time to watch!

      • Helen

        Yeah. Neither one is a great choice…if they were a poker hand I’d fold!! But so far the only thing Monte has “won” was a watered down version of hot potatoe. No skill. He just is an egotistical tool. Danielle is gonna be the hardest to get out if left any longer. Hopefully after tomorrow we won’t have to watch her throw her little princess tantrums and mouthy Monte can follow her next week!!!!

  66. Avatar

    Next week the house will target monte for us not Alex if we vote out monte we make Alex the number one target so for that reason alone we should all vote out Danielle And let Alex play her game. We want to see a game not just one side steamroll the other side

  67. caRyn

    Monte is in the lead with votes and Danielle is just barely behind him. Kryssie is not in the running at all. Just last week feeders wanted Kryssie gone (I think because she blew up Scott).

  68. Avatar

    Danielle trying to sneak a nap and BB calls “four” over loudspeaker, which means she has to get in the pool to get a golf ball. It must be chilli out because people are wearing jackets. I bet the pool is freezing! I really shouldn’t enjoy watching that so much, she looks miserable. I can’t help it, it makes me smile!

  69. Avatar

    I really don’t like Danielle I think she is a mean girl and way to full of herself, I hope she goes this week!!!!

  70. Avatar

    So I am sure someone has covered it but I finally found the convo with Alex and Justin. The interesting thing that Jason said is evidently the camera operator was nodding the camera for him to go up and interrupt the conversation in the HoH room. So now tell me production isn’t trying to rig the show.

  71. Avatar

    What have I missed out on guys? I was at church, Tuesdays we give out food to the needy & I’m a volunteer. Anything good happen?

  72. Mell

    There will be 11 people in the house after this eviction. 6 on one side and 5 on the other. I’ve read comments about taking out Danielle or Krissi so that side can’t mow down the plastics. I don’t care how anybody votes but I also don’t see how 5/6 is running the season. We don’t know how the hoh will go or care packages. It’s an odd number so one side will have an additional person regardless. If we keep Monte, will the Plastics mow down the LNC? What’s the difference? It’s a one person advantage FOR NOW. Does anyone think these alliances are going to endure the rest of the game?

  73. Mell

    Does it really get that cold this time of year in CA at night? They gave them hand mitts during the hoh comp and blankets. They also talked about how Scott may freeze during his punishment. Isn’t it around 50-60 there at night?

    • caRyn

      I did live there but can’t remember how low the temp got. It does get cold. My place didn’t have ac and only heat. Didn’t need the ac.

    • Avatar

      Warm days and cold nights. Well depending on the area…
      we’re in the horrible time of year where you’re freezing waking up in the morning so you dress warm and by afternoon you’re having a heat stroke! Although I would think some of the house guest from colder areas would be used to a lot worse! Especially jason, I follow him on snapchat and he was usually working in the freezer at his store. I’m born and raised here so anything below 67 degrees and I feel like it’s snowing!

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