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Big Brother 16 Tuesday Feed Updates


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Why am I putting Nicole as the cover image?  No real reason, actually. I’m just tired of posting the same people every day, so here is Nicole’s turn. She hasn’t really done much of anything in the house so far, which could be a bad thing for her. So far they have been targeting weak players, so Nicole fans may want to worry about her next week.  That said, she has also been flying so far under the radar, Nicole may be able to squeeze by a few more weeks until she’s noticed.

Yesterday was kind of a slow day on the feeds. Joey is starting to realize it very well could be her walking out the door this Thursday, so she has kicked up her campaigning to the annoying level where people want to vote her out just so she stops.  She approached Caleb as he was undoubtedly picking out names for his kids with Amber, and tried to campaign a bit to him.  When asked if they could talk alone (Hayden was on the couch), he basically ignored it and made her do the plea right there in the living room.  Her argument going forward is going to be “I’m a strong competitor, so let me stay”, and she has been saying that to anyone who will listen. Is that the smartest move?  Probably not when you’re saying it to the guy who put you on the block.  I’m sure all he heard was “I’m a strong competitor, so if I stay in the house, watch your back”.  Start packing your bags, Joey.

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Here are the updates for today:

  • 6:28am – Cody and Britt are outside talking about Zach and Frankie. Apparently during the photo shoot, Zach approached Cody and said that he wanted to have sex with Frankie. In addition, he said one time they were together and he thought for sure they were going to make out. He isn’t sure if Zach is straight, gay, bi?
  • 8:00am – House still sleeping. Probably won’t receive a wakeup call for another 60-90 minutes
  • 9:45am – Wakeup call!  House is stirring.  Frankie is out back telling Christine that Caleb wants to shrink the alliance a little bit.  He wants to get rid of Devin and Amber (gee, I wonder why Amber?).  The two continue their long talk out back, and it’s scary how much power Frankie has in the house. Here are some highlights from that conversion:
    – Christine laughing about her multiple alliances with some of the guys in the house. Frankie gets a kick out of it.
    – Frankie re-tells Devin to Caleb “Hey man, even though we’re brothers, Amber thinks I’m much hotter than you. But she’s not a white girl, I’m probably not going to date her”.  Frankie feels she (Amber) is in for a whole lot of pain and can’t protect her.
    – Brittany showed all her cards last night. She had all the boys wrapped around her finger last night. However, she’s still on the Devin rampage and Caleb joined as well as the rest of the house.
    – Caleb’s new potential alliance is him, Frankie, Christine, Hayden and Derrick.  (they laugh about the randomness of adding Hayden)
    – Frankie is waiting for America’s power. He thinks it may be MVP again, but he’s right about America having a power. Too bad they’re voting 1/3 of it out the door.
    frankie-christine– Frankie and Christine talking about how they were bullied growing up and sometimes feel threatened by Devin. He is a scary guy and makes them feel very uncomfortable.
    The conversation breaks up with Christine blowing her nose.  I could have done without that.  Good bits of information, however.
  • 11:45am – Very slow morning in the house. Nothing at all going on. Many went back to sleep because they were up until 6am
  • 12:14pm – Whatever houseguests are awake are either in the kitchen making lunch or in the bathroom getting ready to spend the day outside (I’m jealous)
  • 12:30pm – Donny and Nicole sitting outside chatting about various things.  She was happy he won the PoV, he said it was tougher than it looked, and he thinks Nicole will be America’s sweetheart.
  • 1:00pm – Britt and Nicole laying out by the pool, others still shuffling around kitchen.  Most others sleeping still
  • 1:10pm – Frankie and Caleb have emerged from slumber.  Devin enters the room and talks a little bit about their situation. Caleb tells him he is done with Amber, while Devin is telling him to keep a smile on for the sake of the alliance.  Yes, Devin, the guy who walks around looking angry at the world.

Took a break for dinner and stuff, in the meantime I made this photoshop image of our buddy Caleb…


Ok, back to live blogging for the evening….

  • 5:40pm – Victoria and Derrick are laying on the hammock talking about how crazy Devin is.
  • 6:10pm – I really need some drama… asap!  People are sitting around talking about stupid stuff. I need excitement or I’m going to start watching Game of Thrones.

Check back for updates throughout the day!


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  1. Comments (843)

    Watching BBAD. What is Nicole upset about?

  2. Comments (682)

    I didn’t see it but earlier Frankie said something about Joey (He supposedly said Joey is recovering from alcohol withdrawals, again I didn’t see it so he may have said it jokingly). Nicole was talking to Hayden (around 8:30 ish) and repeated Frankie’s comment. Hayden gestured to the camera and told her to say “just kidding”. She has been worried about how she sounded to America given how bad last seasons HGs were. She said she is a worry wart and she is analyzing every thing she says in the house to the point where she has been afraid to speak.

    • Comments (1)

      I saw that too, Rita. I think that exchange led to Nicole’s crying spell. Clearly Nichole was embarrassed that Hayden had to gently “chastise” her for passing along Frankie’s alcohol comment when he told her to say, “Just kidding.” I really like Hayden for his restraint during that conversation, and can’t wait to see his reaction when someday he learns that Joey confiding her “America’s Player” status to him was not a lie. Too good! As for Nichole, I don’t think she has the tough skin to go far.

  3. Comments (682)

    1:05 am Caleb and Devin talking about Amber. Surprise! This guy is getting near stalker levels. And Devin talks too much.

  4. Comments (138)

    I don’t have flashback on my live feed. Can someone tell me what, if anything, Devin has done that makes Frankie and Nicole feel uncomfortable around him?

    • Comments (682)

      I haven’t seen or heard anything. Maybe it’s just his size or that they aren’t falling his lies that he was/is so proud of telling.

      Are you going to Do you see a little calendar like folder that says Archives when you put the mouse over it?

      • Comments (138)

        No, I pirate the live feeds. I’ll join when things get more interesting.

      • Comments (682)

        I’m a little behind on the feeds and Stevebeans already mentioned it but between 3-4 am the boys were talking while playing pool and said a lot of the HGs said they felt he was bullying them. An example I saw where I shook my head was when he was talking to PowPow. He already knows they are voting out Joey but tried to do the “Godfather” move and tell Powpow he’ll get the votes for her but then “some day we are going to ask you for a favor, I can’t tell you now what that favor is but you have to agree to grant it” crap.

        This season is weird so far. The people I thought I would like I don’t (Devin and Zach, to name a couple) and the ones I thought I would dislike, I like. (Frankie – I was sooo wrong about him. I really enjoy watching him play. Cody – So far, so good. Jocasta – I like her but I still don’t think she will win. Plus she needs to learn how to whisper)

        Maybe it’s shell shock from last years cast of fools but this year seems very tame. At this point I can see this cast being labeled as the most boring cast ever (as far as drama between the HGs) but who can blame the CBS casting crew after last year?

  5. Comments (843)

    Want excitement? Make Devin be a Have Not for a couple of weeks!

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