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Tuesday Feed Updates – Big Brother 19 Spoilers


Good afternoon, everyone! I am home! Internet!  Finally!  Ahhhhh.

Enough about me.  With the house fairly dull after the very early morning blow-up between Paul and Dom on Saturday, I thought I may have been in the clear for at least a few days. I was kind of right because things appeared to be relatively calm on Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday afternoon tempers flared once again.  Fortunately, it was during a period where I was stuck in the hotel room due to rain and was able to capture a bit of it. Quick summary; Somewhere deep inside Mark’s brain told him that throwing a glass full of pickle juice and hot sauce on someone he was not really close with (Josh) would lead to a fun food fight that everyone ended up laughing and singing around the pool holding hands.

However, when the glass full of stingy juices hit Josh, they splashed into his eye and he freaked out.  He got some ranch dressing and hot sauce (note – ranch dressing is awesome and I can take a bath in the stuff) and gave Mark a little taste of his own sauce (hmmm).  Seeing as things were all going to plan for Mark and his potential food fight, he was all happy and ready to hold hands but Josh was having none of that shit. This unleashed a tirade of anger that he (Josh) has been holding in for a solid few days now and started ranting about being disrespected, never talking to Mark again, and how Mark betrayed Paul in week 1.  Really.  Out of all of this craziness, one of the bigger things to come out of it was Josh’s grudge against Mark for siding with Cody in week 1.  When they say this house makes people crazy, this is prime example #1.


Throughout the ranting, Josh proclaimed how loyal he is to people and how he could never do anything like what Mark did. Elena asked why he told both Jillian and Christmas they had his vote and Josh rambled on about how Christmas was nice to him from day 2!  Never really addressed the hypocrisy of that, but instead decided to rail against Jess because she jumped in to say something. It was a mess. Later on, Dom went back into a private area where she got on the phone with God to make sure she still had the votes this Thursday.  God replied “look, Dom, can you please stop calling me?  If I tell you yes, will you leave me alone?  I’m kind of busy here”.  Dom was happy with the response.

Now that I caught everyone up, time to do some live updates!

  • 12:25 pm – Jason, Alex, and Paul are in the HoH room
    • Jason mentions how he’s not sure about Christmas moving forward. He’s kind of annoyed that she keeps making him feel guilty about her foot. He’s right. If she did that to me, she’d be gone. Neither were at fault because it was an accident, but she’s trying to play the sympathy card from him to advance her game. Sorry, Christmas. Time to go.
    • He is concerned that he’d be known as the guy who broke her foot and kicked her out of the house, but he’s threatened by her right now
    • Alex tells him not to worry because everyone knows that she was the hinky vote the other night
    • Meanwhile, Jason seems to think he can do things like get the snapchat glasses or blog because he won PoV.  Alex tells him it’s the HoH
    • Jason tells Alex that he doesn’t think that Kevin would vote against them, and Alex agrees but thinks he’s up to something shady.
  • 1:25 pm – Kevin goes into this long story about beaches in New England… and he’s 100% accurate
    • Serious, flashback to this time and listen to Kevin’s stories. Hilarious!
  • 3:55 pm – Man, vacation wore me out. Took my second nap since being home.  Guess I’m old.
    • Speaking of old, is it sad I would strive to have Kevin’s body?  Dude is pretty ripped for his age.
    • Anwyay, here is Raven washing dishes because that’s about as exciting as the house is right now
  • 5:00 pm – Kevin, Paul, and Jason are talking about the craziness of Josh early on in the season
    • This is because Dom came out randomly and asked Kevin if they’re going to do the show, and Kevin brushed her off
    • They were trying to figure out who told Dom that Kevin wasn’t doing the show, and assumed it was Josh
    • Paul thinks he was heavily inspired by Paul’s fight with Dom
    • Meanwhile, Jess is trying to keep her head low
  • 6:15 pm – Alex is working out in the backyard and Paul is cooking.
  • 6:40 pm – Before I take a break to finally catch up on Game of Thrones, here is Alex having a pillow fight with Jason

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    As everything started to go crazy in the backyard in the 4pm hour yesterday someone said into their mic “need those snap chat glasses!” but it was unclear who said it. Must have been Jason!

  2. Seattle Kari

    Oh my gosh I’m still cracking up after your “God speech”. LMAO, thank you I needed that today!

  3. Avatar

    So…..I was looking at calendar this morning and counting this Thursday there are 9 Thursdays before finale…..currently there are 13 housepets…if someone accepts the temptation that will leave only 8 evictions before finale because the halting hex will stop one eviction……..
    When either Jessica or Dom are evicted that will bring housepets to 12 with 8 eviction nights remaining…..
    Now I start getting lost in the math……if the temptation is taken vs not taken vs a player potentially returning

    • NKogNeeTow

      Helen, I think it was Kevin maybe, that mentioned last week that this will be a longer season because of an extra week. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Also, what about the double eviction? Aren’t they going to have 1 or 2 of those?

      • Mel

        Pail said something about it being a little bit shorter season but I don’t know anything for sure. They can fix whatever they need to with adding a double eviction or taking one out so I don’t even bother trying to do the weekly count thing. I’ve never been able to predict that.

      • Colby

        I wonder if maybe they will do an immediate fast forward HOH, Veto, and eviction (like they do double evictions) once the battle back winner is determined. They are usually able to compete for the HOH. Maybe that is how they could prevent them from coming back, if they didn’t get HOH and voted them right back out.
        Who knows! I’ll be glad when it is done so my brain stops speculating about it.

    • danmtruth

      @helen Why oh why do you do this to yourself and us !! You forget they can have A double eviction night Or as Canada did a TRIPLE eviction night Hhmmmoo ( scary movie noise ) or just figure another house guest will injure themselves or self evict FBI comes to arrest Raven on scam charges Jason has a chlamydia outbreak (he admitted to having 3 confirmed cases Tested 7 times Umm he said this on the feeds ,,, forget they record in HOH room )needing medical attention in other words this group is prime for some people to drop

    • Avatar

      There has to be a double eviction somewhere.

      • Avatar

        Oops ! Sorry Dan, had a bottle of wine with dinner ( sreak on the bbq with mashies & salad) & just noticed your post now.

        Oh well, great minds think alike !

  4. Avatar

    IThe #BBLF will be down for longer than usual later this week, but it will be worth it! Tune in Friday at 8/7c for a special #BattleBack ep.

  5. Avatar

    Is it me or has Jason gotten to be more aggressive this week with his game plan than previously?

  6. NKogNeeTow

    Welcome back Steve! We missed you 🙂

  7. LindsayB

    We’ve had some speculation about the upcoming temptation and the timing of it. I wrote this on the last thread not realizing there was a new one.
    Regarding the timing of the temptations: I remember that Paul knew before his nominations that xmas had gotten it, therefore knowing the details of it. That helped him make his nominations because he didn’t have to worry if Cody got picked for veto. The tv episode didn’t show anything about it on the nomination episode. It was on the next episode that they showed it. They made it seem like the trips to the den were after noms when they weren’t.
    This observation definitely doesn’t make this any clearer. In fact, I may have just made it more confusing.
    Does this shed any light to anyone’s theories?

  8. danmtruth

    @lindsayb if you remember they also knew of Ramses needing to put him self up As usual Paul did not understand how it truly worked Told people something wrong No one question the ALL KNOWING VET He must have gotten clarification in the DR Next thing we know he knows all

  9. Apopkedave

    What if Jessica gets voted out and has to compete against Cody to get back in? Still one in and one out.

  10. danmtruth

    @lindsayb I totally agree with you But they also say in the den for both It is up to the person if they want to tell anyone You are 100% correct Xmas told Paul Ramses told Elena who told Paul In fact Paul has been the only one not to tell before I think And we all know how THAT changed things

    • Avatar

      Ramses also told Paul…..and Jillian….

      • Avatar

        And Jillian told Alex because after Jillian told her Alex talked to both Kevin and Cowboy about it……I will say that Paul is the only one that told the group he was going to go to DR and ask them to clarify

  11. Shivani33

    Christmas assured Jason that she isn’t using any blame games and told him to please not feel guilty about what happened. She said it was an accident, it was horseplay. To me, Jason nevertheless feels badly about it, as is natural. Seeing Christmas is aggravating his remorse. At the same time, he’s been consistent about wanting her out of the game, way before she got hurt. It could be that he thinks that she’s a smooth operator and one who psyches him out too much. She scares him.

    Yesterday a cameraman had some fun and cracked me up. The camera was focused on a close shot of the exercise dumbbells in the BY. Immediately the camera switched to Jason and Kevin yapping together. I loved the silent understatement.

    • ElaineB

      They were both horsing around (literally) and it was an accident. I still don’t know why Christmas was able to come back, but it is certainly fair for the HGs to vote her out if that is what they choose….it is still a game. I know, I know get her to jury. Such a tiring refrain.

      • Mel

        She probably came back because they had already lost one combined with Xmas being an early ratings favorite. Besides, Raven’s on death’s door and they let her in there. Lol

  12. Avatar

    If anyone missed the Kevin /cowboy conversation in the backyard this morning about sharks and apes it’s definitely a must see….it was the best comedy I’ve seen in a long time

  13. Avatar

    Paul’s in for a rude awakening when he leaves the BB house. His proposal to mock Dom made it on many social media outlets including E news! He deserves all the backlash that will come his way. Dom may be leaving but at least she didn’t have to resort to his antics to stay in the house. As for that Christmas, I read online someone stating,”Dom will go back to her nuclear engineering job and Christmas will have Arthritis”. Loving every bit of it! That’s what they get for doing her this way. It’s one thing to say she isn’t fighting for her position to stay but Paul has it where no one is literally talking to her and ridicule her just for breathing. It’s beyond petty and past a game level.

    • ElaineB

      Paul being petty may be a way for him to ensure that Dom goes rather than Jessica, who has had her own negative history with HGs in the house. Looks like it is working.

    • Avatar

      I’m not surprised this post received the most dislikes. It easy for people to say, things were taken out of context or what he planned was misinterpreted. However in this country where racism is very much prominent, “perception” is everything and like everyone has stated, these are the risks when everything you do is publicized. As a POC I took offense and I liked Paul but just imagine how others may have perceived what he was proposing to do against the only woc in the house. So yes, it is unfortunate it has gone to this extreme and it may tarnish his character but hey, it’s BB, right?!

  14. Avatar

    Someone must be unhappy with all these dislikes

  15. Shivani33

    Christmas got a much more optimistic prognosis today along with her new cast. She said that the doctor told her that she is healing fast and well and told her that because of that, it’s more likely that the after-effects will be less severe. I hope that this means no arthritis and a very good return of her mobility. Yay!!!

  16. AIO_7

    Who do you think is going out this week? I’m still hoping Jess will.

    • Avatar

      Jess appears to be back on everyone’s good side. I don’t think so. I have a feeling, Cody and her will be reunited soon.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Now the house is saying that Dom doesn’t want to be there because she doesn’t associate with anyone. They forget that this time last week, Jessica was doing the same thing. She isolated herself with Cody.

    • ElaineB

      Dom had an opportunity to try to turn the tide, especially being on the block next to Jessica. With all her speaking skills, Dom couldn’t have come up with a story or two regarding the ‘toxic two’. Not looking forward to Cody being the one to return. With the way Dom handled this, definitely don’t want it to be her. Ick to the ‘battle back’.

      • Avatar

        What can she possible say? From the moment she was put on the block, Paul had her entire alliance on lock. The last few days, they’ve been nit picking everything she does, literally. Josh was in a heated discussion with Mark, Dom was just noding in agreement and Paul attacked with his sidekick Christmas. So she never had a chance to defend herself. Everyone claiming they don’t feel comfortable to talk with her alone!! It’s total BS.

      • Avatar

        Can’t isolate someone that they’re all refusing to even personally engage with. It’s petty and now personal. Bunch of weak minded people that can’t play or think for themselves. They’re all cancelled in my books!

  17. Avatar

    Quite interesting to see those who don’t know God make fun of a woman who does have a personal relationship. Even more so, why I’m a Dom fan.

    • NKogNeeTow

      You have to remember Cyn, not everyone believes in God. It doesn’t make them wrong, just means they don’t believe.

      • LindsayB

        Thank you for saying that NK. I had written about that multiple times yesterday but deleted it because I didn’t want to have it turn into a debate that’s not meant to be here. You said it perfectly. Somebody’s religion or lack thereof doesn’t make them superior to the person next to them. Believing one way or another doesn’t make one person smarter than the other. It doesn’t make one person morally better than another. Again, please don’t let this turn into what’s right or wrong with religion. Let’s just remember that we need to all be respectful of each other’s beliefs.

    • Ann

      Cyn, sometimes people just try to shove it down your throat. I mean there’s nothing wrong with loving the Lord, I love the lord but I’m not running around trying to get someone to be like me, believe like me or to think that my way is the right way.
      I have twin brothers who are both preachers & they both try to shove their beliefs of loving the Lord & their interpretation of the Holy Bible on any & everybody they come in contact with no matter what the subject of the conversation is. Talk about your big toe & I guarantee you they will make it about the Lord. Now some people don’t mind that but if your out at a club getting your twerk on with a glass of gin in your hand you are not going to feel right talking about the Lord & the Holy Bible. Point being, there’s a time for everything, you just have to pick & choose that right time.
      Now Dom talking about going into trances & saying the Lord told her she was going to be in the BB house because her & Mark are going to be together is just a bit much. She’s making people not want to be around her. I in no way shape or form condone bullying or mistreating anyone & I’m very disappointed in these people who are supposed to be adults conducting themselves in this manner on national tv. They will have to deal with the consequences when their out of the BB House & back out into the real world. What Paul did was so not cool. Why on earth would someone wait until they are on national tv to show their true colors?

  18. danmtruth

    Paul is now playing it’s just a game about Dom to try and make her look even worse Yes it was a smart move for Paul to get her out Before she was able to turn things on Paul He understands when their is no big divide in the house People like to grab to Well the house wants this i dont want to be next Group think is a big thing
    So after trashing Dominique he is trying to be her “friend” What a joke Now because she is not playing nice he is saying what a sore loser she is

    • Avatar

      I was total Paul fan but the way he’s playing against Dom. Why didn’t go these lengths with Cody. He’s a cornball and will never get my vote. I hope he makes it to final 2 and lose to a female like the previous season.

    • ElaineB

      I think Paul got nervous at that last ‘interview’ segment that Dom did and realized he couldn’t control her. There were things said that got him nervous and that is all the reason he needed.

  19. Avatar

    I think Josh was spot on last night in his assessment of Matt and Raven…..they are two dangerous players…..notice how you will most always see one or both in the kitchen….easier for them to keep track of where people are and who is going where…
    it won’t be long to they start winning some comps……they are going to take them all by surprise……no one really sees them as a big threat…except Josh

    • ElaineB

      I still get amazed season after season how the duos/gross-mance couples who get together early on and in the light of day can fly under the radar, sometimes deep into the season. And it also amazes me that folks come in and say they want to tear them apart right out of the gate. I think some convince themselves that in the beginning it is numbers, so that is a good two votes per couple. That thinking can also come back to bite ya later in the season, as well. I am ready for Raven to go anytime.

  20. Alda

    I wish the best for Christmas,but how is she healing so fast?Wasn’t her surgery last week?She had 10 broken bones.She even had to get a donor bone implanted.Her prognosis was bad.Now,in one week she’s SO MUCH better!I know when I broke my tibial plateau almost 5 years ago it took a long time to heal and be able to get out of a wheelchair.She must be a very strong girl!

    • Mel

      I think they were just saying that she’s recovering nicely, you know, that generic terminology they use. She’s also more mobile that alot of people might be this soon so if she feels up to that, it’s a good sign that she may heal faster. She could have also been lying because she’s worried about everyone wanting to kick her out for holding the team down. I do think she’s one tough chick tho.

    • ElaineB

      Folks that are in good-to-great shape often do better whether they are facing surgery, have an accident, etc. Christmas is in very good physical condition and other muscles/body parts are much more capable to help pick up the slack. She is a trooper, and I think that is a big part of who she is anyway.

    • Colby

      Dr.’s often give best and worst case scenarios. She probably only shared the worst to get sympathy.

  21. Mel

    Sorry guys, a long one.
    Paul had been jerk. He behaves miserably and justifies it by saying that it isn’t real life. It is real life. In their REAL lives they have chosen to be on a 24/7 filmed tv show. I also don’t like the comments he makes about trying to make good tv. (He isn’t the 1st to do this) This is either another excuse to be an asshole or he doesn’t get what we want for entertainment. I’ll go watch a movie if I want people dressing up and acting out make believe scenes. The entertainment factor of BB is being a vouyer and watching how people interact, plot and scheme when they are trapped together in a house being themselves and seeing who can compete well under pressure a couple times a week. We like discussing who we like and don’t, who we’re rooting for and not based on their personalities, comp skills, game play, etc. We all have different criteria for what makes a good player. I’ve never known anyone who would put thespian skills on the list. I don’t mind acting when it’s to fool EACH OTHER. I think its great but that doesn’t mean I want Paul in a dress putting on a fake show for me. Paul is falling under the curse many returnees have happen. They are loved the 1st time but once the new wears off and they come the 2nd time….not so much. That’s not a comment about his game play. (It’s been good so far) I’m talking about his personality. Paul is making news everywhere this week and it’s being put out without all the facts. That isn’t fair to him either. I watched the comments about the dress and make up 5 times. He was CLEARLY referring to a snake and not a person. He was CLEARLY trying to look like a snake and not a person. He was CLEARLY being a jerk, beating a dead horse, being disrespectful and being mean spirited. What he wasn’t ….was being anything remotely racist but once something takes off on the Internet, it’s like a raging brush fire and is hard to control. I hope Paul takes a little heat for being a d*ck when he gets out of the house. His ego is huge and he could benefit from being knocked down a peg but I hope he gets hammered for what he did and not what he didn’t do. Paul’s doing exactly what he did last year down to the minor details. Last year, he would make a cutting comment about something or someone and get a laugh. That was his cue to do it 500 more times. He would run it into the ground. I think it’s his personality. Paul is the guy at a party ‘in real life’ who will tell a joke and if he gets a laugh, he’ll repeat it all night every time someone new joins in the conversation. It was annoying last year but easy to overlook because he was the underdog. This year, the same pattern makes Paul seem overbearing and mean. I do acknowledge that he’s doing it this time to keep focus away from the fact that Dom is telling the truth but it’s still painful to watch.
    However, Dom is making it so easy for him to accomplish it because her best and most convincing conversations since being nominated is alone and with the camera. It seems most of the hg’s go to what they know when stressed or in danger in the game. (A small few haven’t and that’s why their considered great players) Since Dom spends a great deal of her time outside BB doing you tube videos, I think that’s her comfort zone and that’s what she’s reverted back to. I think she needs to hear herself explaining what she observes and it both calms her and justifies to her why she’s in the spot she’s in. Dom speaks alot but rarely says anything when talking to someone else. She’s more clear when she’s talking at the camera. (comfort zone) She should be using these few days to tell people why Jessica should go. Even when she has had convos (which is few) she talks in riddles. She uses a ton of words but doesn’t really exchange with anyone or say anything. Things like “you’re all gonna eventually see” and “God will show the way ” arn’t going to cut it as an arguement to stay in the house. It’s fine if your a therapist and you want your patient to start connecting dots into their own psyche so they can figure ot out on their own but not in this game. I also get annoyed when people say they won’t lie, do things out of their character, etc. for this game. It’s annoying when they say their beliefs prevents them from being dishonest, scheming and disloyal. I respect Dom’s beliefs but what I don’t understand is why anyone (not just her) would come on a show that embodies and embraces every one of those things. If thats really how some people feel, this show obviously isn’t for them. My Grandmother was very much a ‘church lady’ so therefore, she didn’t spend her summers hanging out in a whorehouse. (Not exactly the same but you get the point) Paul may have shoved Dom into the street with a bus coming but make no mistake, she was already standing too close to the curb.

    • LindsayB

      Well said. I’m a Paul fan. He annoys the hell out of me but I understand why he does the things he does. When everyone was giving cody and Jessica the cold shoulder last week nobody cared. Now that Dom is getting it this week all of a sudden the isolation technique is wrong. Next week somebody else will be on a power trip and someone else will be shunned. It’s part of the game. With Dom, she’s onto some things. It’s smart to keep her from talking to everybody. Is it nice? No. Why should they play nice? Nice doesn’t win the game. Ever. Some people fake being nice while being shady behind the scenes but it still doesn’t make them nice. Every single conversation and move in the BB house could the one that either costs you the win or earns you the win. You have to put your emotions in check. Dom can’t do that. The second things got hard she shriveled. She showed weakness. If she’s not willing to stand up and make herself heard then she should be the one walking out the door.

      • Mel

        The thing is Lindsay, I think she could have talked to people if she wanted to and wasn’t being stubborn. If she would have came at Mark Elena, Raven, Matt and maybe even Xmas in a sad and heartbroken kind of way, Paul may not have succeeded. When she’s going off on everyone and basically saying that ‘God’s been warning me and I should have listened about you,’ it’s very easy for Paul to tell them not to talk to her and them take his advice. It’s because at that point, they’re looking for an excuse to avoid her. What would Paul have said if Dom told Elena, in front of Paul that she would like to have a talk with her and have help figuring out what happened instead of accusing Elena. Paul would have looked like such an ass telling people not to talk to her if she was coming at them in a really sweet way. Yes, she would be lowering her pride, keeping her personal thoughts to herself and faking it…Well, isn’t that BB? Not to mention, every person who initially try to talk to Dom will shut down with the resentment and attitude. She did make a comment after the veto ceremony about everyone knowing where she’s at if they wanted to come see her. Dom needed to realize that they didn’t need to come to her. It’s not their job to save her game, it’s hers. Xmas did try to talk to her but Dom didn’t say anything but riddles and scripture. Dom is obviously very intelligent and also bonded with people so I was disappointed to see it happen like this. Dom decided weeks ago that there was going to be a problem with Elena so other than knowing Paul was involved, she wasn’t going to see anything other than what she had predicted would happen.

      • Ann

        @Mell, Miss Cleo’s problem with Elena is that Elena has Mark & she dont. Lol

    • Avatar

      I agree and disagree mell, like I’ve stated, I’m a huge Dom fan, but there’s only so much she can do. When she did try and talk to people, Paul was almost always there to almost intervene if she asked something “against him”. She did “interrogate” everyone, which wasn’t the best move, I can admit that, but otherwise she’s mostly cut off. Like during the josh blow up, she was nodding her head, and then Paul yelled at her for nodding her head…like what people do…like what I do when someone’s talking for a while…there was also the Christmas argument when she was in the kitchen, and Christmas later retold about how she was “attacked” by her when she talked, and SHE mostly yelled at her. I did hear that she is trying to do her show again, and even asked Kevin to host, so I hope that can help. And I do agree that social media took it a bit far for the snake thing, but I think its the fact black face or black mask is offensive, and that nobody noticed or said anything about how it could be deemed offensive, which is more aggravating with people’s ignorance of such racial issues, but it shouldn’t be taken as far. And I can say that Paul being an ass (personally) is aways going to bite him in his ass. Whether in or out of the house, it’s pissing/pissed people off, not to mention it probably had a large influence on why he didn’t win last year, and why he could lose again this year

      • Avatar

        but I do agree that her “youtube self” has an influence into the way she thinks things through, which itnt he best, or the worst for gameplay. I just think that this is her ay of coping and dealing with some of the hate in the house, and we can all thank god that its better than Frankie’s youtube personality from bb16

      • Avatar

        Ageed. Dom could have defended herself or presented info to her alliance that would have secured her position. But like you mentioned, Paul was in every group decussion, intervening as much as possible with his lies and now personally making it as if she’s this person that can be alone with anyone. How can you fight against that?? He was not this aggressive with Cody/Jessica last week. But he wants to refer to Dom as a b1tch and mock her. I’m sorry that is not gaming, that is a form of bullying and anyone who can agree with his behavior is equally ignorant. My opinion!!

      • Avatar

        *can’t be alone with anyone

      • Mel

        Way better than Frankie! I guess that was part of my point with what you were talking about. Paul was keeping his nose in the middle of everything but because she was coming at people and being accusatory, it made it easier for him to get away with it. I think if she had been having a very nice one on one conversation with someone and Paul got in the middle of it, she could have nicely asked Paul to give her some privacy. He would have looked so much worse if he didn’t back off. She should never have shut herself off from people. She did that first and it made it so easy for them to ignore her from there. As past hgs have said, when your OTB, the worst thing you can do is to let the house see and feel what it’s like to not have you there. We’ve seen people get out of worse situations than this who have had way better adversaries than Paul. That’s the reason I was hoping she would take a couple of deep breaths and get back in it. Honestly, even though Cody entertained me during his exit interview, I would love it if Dom could manage to win the battle back. I only wanted Cody to come back if Jessica was already gone. We have one couple broken up and I don’t want to backtrack.

      • Avatar

        exactly mell! but yeah, it makes me want to vomit at the thought of Cody and Jessica back at it again in the HOH or the havenot room or some other room lol. but yeah I agree, I feel as if she could have made some better choices game wise (hindsights 20/20), but some of it wasn’t

      • Avatar

        Being nice with them?? I don’t think her tone was extreme or rude the least bit. She was asking direct questions because had just been blindsided by her group. They alrdy collectively knew she was going otb and the target before she did. And they were going to report back to the commander regardless of the exchange she had with each person she trusted. I’m sorry, I don’t get it. First, ya say she didn’t defend her position but now she was too abrasive in her exchanges. Which is it?!! This is hilarious!

      • LindsayB

        Paul is outplaying her by being there when she tries to talk to people. It’s a game. He’s playing it. She’s not. He can’t be in all places at all times. The right timing and the right approach is all it takes. She’s not willing to do that.

      • Mel

        Cyn, I get that. I just think if she had faked it, she could have gotten around Paul hovering or at least he would have to look extremely controlling if he didn’t. I think this was the time for her to have open, to the point and blunt convos with people while playing the victim. I’m not making fun of her faith when I say this but sometimes to get what you want, you have to talk to people on their level. I think Dom’s biggest problem is she wants to converse with people only on her level. For example, she isn’t going to get anywhere with a vote from Matt by discussing how God showed her Visions about snakes and her repeatedly hearing someone’s name. Her faith helps her but Matt probably isn’t going to relate to that she needed to talk to Matt and explain to him how she could benefit his game and how Paul could be a danger to him. Better yet, she should have never mentioned Paul and faked that too. She could have blamed it all on Alex and the outsiders and talk about how Jessica is a number for the other side now and if there’s a battle back, Cody would probably win. Many players just can’t fake it and hold it in when their otb. I’m not judging her for it. It has happened to many players. Some people just arn’t able to fake nice to someone. It isn’t a bad quality in life by any means.

      • Avatar

        Just because she doesn’t move in the manner as Paul, is not a lack of her game playing. These people have been obsessed with Paul from the moment he walked in. They collectively blindsided her, she did the mature thing by talk directly with each of her aligned members and they all reported back to Paul. They were alrdy laughing at her attempts to defend herself by that point. I stayed up all night watch the feeds that Friday night going into Saturday morning. She didn’t have a chance.

      • Mel

        Cyn, I’m saying that when she was first nominated she became very accusatory immediately towards Paul and Elena. Yes, she was asking questions but she was doing it sarcastically as if she already had the answers. After that, she shut down and didn’t talk to anyone unless they came to her. During those convos, she talked somewhat in riddles instead of trying to sway them. We don’t know what was said at the veto ceremony because we haven’t seen it yet. I agree with you that I don’t know if there’s one damn thing she could have done because Paul had a grip on it before she was even otb. I would have liked to see her continue to try. That’s all I’m saying.

      • Mel

        You know what, I don’t even mind the thumbs down people. Hey, it’s there for a reason. I don’t like it when I’m the one who’s discussing something with someone (Cyn) and I look up and there’s 1 thumbs down. It makes it looks like it’s me damnit! It’s not! Lol

      • Avatar

        @ Mell I know it’s not you. There’s obvious trolls on the board that lurk and dislike only. I respect all you on here even we all don’t agree 🙂

    • kneeless

      Spot on mell. When someone is a fan favorite, this time it’s Paul, & is brought back for another season he assumes since he was a favorite before he will be a favorite again. We saw it last season with James. And since he was a favorite before that seems to make him an expert & therefore he can say & do what he wants.

      If Cody hadn’t been so aggressive & come out so hard & fast against Paul he probably would have done better.

      Moving on to Christmas & her foot. When she was holding court & debriefing all the hg’s on her foot she said it would take a yr to heal, arthritis would set in, she’d have to have her foot fused, which would result in less movement (can’t remember what term she used) of her foot… We’ll all of that is true but. It is pretty standard for anything major with feet for the Dr to say it will take a year. Yes, she probably will have arthritis & need a fusion. I speak from experience, I have arthritis & have had both my feet fused. It didn’t & isn’t taking a full year for me to heal & I’m old & fat, both! BTW, I have GI problems too, so move over Raven!!

  22. LindsayB

    Nobody is saying she’ll be doing cartwheels tomorrow. Everybody heals differently. A person’s overall health can greatly affect how quickly they recover. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on whether or not she should be there, she suffered an injury that is potentially devastating to her livelihood. Today’s news doesn’t change her injury.. They are only saying that her body is healing well. I hope we can all just be happy for her.

    • LindsayB

      This was supposed to be a reply to the Christmas conversation above.

    • Mel

      I thought she was tough from the beginning but I’ve been extremely impressed. Don’t get me wrong,she’s really bossy and pretty annoying but I’m still impressed. Anyone who’s had surgery knows how sore and uncomfortable you are not to mention the effects the pain medication has on you. I can’t imagine going through the initial days after a surgery in a house full of people. She’s not moped or complained and is still behaving like the upbeat person she was when she first entered the game.

      • LindsayB

        Agree. The way she talks is getting on my nerves but I really admire her in how she’s handling this. Instead of focusing on whether or not she should’ve been allowed back in the house, let’s focus on the fact that she’s going thru some serious pain and emotional turmoil and instead of going home to heal with her family and friends she’s choosing to stay and fight. When I got spayed last year I had days where I couldn’t get out of bed. She’s getting out and staying active in the game. I don’t think I could’ve done that.

      • Mel

        I don’t either. No way. I’d want my own bed and surroundings.

      • Jenny

        spayed LOL you crack me up!

      • LindsayB

        Hahaha. Jenny, yeah…. spayed. It became easier to say it that way. It helps to avoid heavy conversation about it.

  23. g8trgirl

    Spayed. Lindsay, you’re on a roll tonight!

    • LindsayB

      The other word is long and easy to misspell. Poor feltso would have to come out of retirement to correct me. Lol

    • Avatar

      thank you all for keeping me updated on all this, unfortunately i must really suck at technology, because i cannot figure out the flashback mode for the live feeds so i miss most the moments that result in the hot topics, i catch up as much as i can and i so appreciate all of your input and opinions and also keeping it “nice” here, thank you!!! i agree with many of you…i was rooting for paul the underdog last seson, but his hamming it up for the camera and him to be so full of himself, and majrity of hg are sipping the cool aid which doesnt help, its un fortunate because i want to appreciate his gameplay but i can only take him in small doses, he’s a bit much. dom made mistakes in her gameplay, but i agree what can she do? she is truly alone in the house, at least cody had jess…and dom as far as i have seen and am reading from your posts is holding true to her charactor and i admire her strength, that is truly a strong woman! i would have cut pauls beard off while he slept by now… or SOMETHING stupid and vengefull..idk…and i agree with getting cody back if only to piss paul off and be a good competetor….but NOT with jess in the house, im over the couples….what i have seen of elena is just gross, last nght when i turned on the feeds she was doing something where she looked like she was idontevenwattosay…something disgusting under a blanket and i was like wtf is wrong with her? it just amazes me..they know ppl are watching rght?
      right????? smh idk…smh…anyways, sorry for typos, i cant see on this small screen and super tired…again i so appreciate this site and all your insight and banter to keep me updated!!! thank you!!!!!

      • Mel

        Monkicorn, I have trouble with the feeds sometimes too. You can’t do it at all from a phone and I use my ohone alot. Im not at a computer during the day.If there’s something you really want to see, scroll thru some BB Twitter and youtube accts and you can usually catch clips, especially of the things people are laughing or bitching about the most. Sometimes it good when you want to just see the action since the clips are short.

      • Avatar

        thank you mell! now i dnt feel so guilty to just want to fast forward to the train wreckey stuff….;p i tried googling how to’s last night and just wasnt into it, i will try you tube, thank you!!!

  24. danmtruth

    Came late to the convo first interesting to read all sides Mell you were spot on as usual I feel bad for Dom She is a very smart women One thing I took offence too was the idea she never spoke ill of people Than explain what she did to Elena in her talk with Alex ? I hate the “I anit say i’m just saying ” Elena’s name never cross her lips But boy did she get close to that edge Just that mean girl look how nice i am while she undermines you

    • Mel

      That’s probably the worst part of it. Elena didn’t want Dom otb and told Alex. Dom was having a ballet with Elena in her own mind. It may not have mattered because Paul would have probably convinced Elena anyway because she’s definitely in his BB harem. They need to stop now. She’s obviously beat in the game and has either given up or thinks her show tomorrow will change things. It’s so it’s overkill at this point. All the snide comments are sooooo petty. Dom is more into her ‘show’ because she does better with a platform than a conversation. The problem with that plan is people will feel preached to eather than swayed. This isnt one of her inspirational video moments. I dont think she knows her audience because it shouldnt be us. She said to the camera this evening that she shuts down under stress and also said that she doesn’t so well sucking up to people. I hadn’t heard her say that before and it actually explained a lot for me. Unfortunately, sucking up and smiling a fake smile while stressed are 2 huge things you need in this game. If that’s not her and she can’t fake that, then she cant. People can’t do what they feel they can’t do.

      • Avatar

        agreed, and i so wish it were different because i am still rooting for dom, but i just dnt think this is the game for her….she is holding it together well though!

  25. Avatar

    Jessica and elana are right back together again…..just wait till Cody comes back into the house!!

  26. ElaineB

    If Dom is not handling the game well now, having her walk out the door and walk right back in wouldn’t change the situation for her. If she wins HOH….she could make some BIG moves. Since folks here talk a lot about the ‘rigging’ of Production, my guess would be that the battle back would favor Cody to come back in, because of the potential drama or Cameron, because he would be an relatively new, unknown hamster in the BB hamster cage.

    • Mel

      The battle back comps have to already be designed and lined up way in advance. Since the 4th competitor isn’t out of the house, I don’t think people can do the conspiracy theories with this one. Lol
      If Cody wins, it will be because they got a very good competitor out of the house early. I am curious to see how Cameron will do. Isn’t he the one who said he’s nerdy looking but he’s actually very athletic? He also wanted a competition instead of a vote when he was on the block or something about a comp. I can’t even remember a few weeks back. Geez!

  27. Avatar

    I wonder if CBS made. Christmas sign a release of liability as a condition of allowing her to continue to play?
    Her crutch slipped on the kitchen floor and she fell…..

  28. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Raven’s ability to work her terminal illnesses into any conversation is really quite impressive. She was just talking game with Alex and told her “All I have in my life is my word. I could die next year, I struggle everyday, so literally the only thing I have in my entire life is my word…”.

    A minute later Elena comes outside and says how she always (out of habit) reaches for her phone in the house, forgetting that she doesn’t have it. Raven replies, “yeah I know what you mean! When I cut my foot open, the medic pulled out an iPhone…”

    • Mel

      Haha. Now that Xmas fell in the kitchen…look out.. Raven will want to top it so she’ll probably go sliding halfway thru the room and end up crashing into the stove or head dent the frig door.

    • Avatar

      I’m sure they’re all struggling with Raven’s constant need for attention as well. It’s going to suck for the person who send her home, maybe not. lol

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        It’s interesting that Raven keeps joking with Paul that she has a “fake disease”. I’m sure Raven really does have a chronic illness, but her joke is a bit ironic given the recent allegations that have surfaced online about her and her family. If only she knew…

      • Avatar

        Oh you’re kidding right?? I hope she’s not using a debilitating illness as a means for safety. The lengths some people will go for money. You’re night owl like me. Lol I’m ready for the eviction to be over with. Who do you think will win the battle back?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I’m only a night owl during BB season, lol. And even then, I often take a nap in the evening so I can stay up for the “after dark” hours.

        My gut says Cody will win the battle back, but I’m definitely not looking forward to seeing Grossica reunited (although it would certainly be an interesting plot twist for the game). On the other hand, if the battle back is a mental comp, Dom or Cameron could very well take it. But from what I recall, last year’s battle back comps were pretty physical so my money is on Cody.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Of all the damn plane that fly over the house waving banners, why doesn’t someone fly one giving DMW’s GoFundMe account info. I really want them to find out about the fraud she is. *rolling eyes*

      • Shivani33

        So far, Paul is the sole player who has shown any skepticism about Raven, at least from what I’ve seen. He questioned her about her “second” disease, the one she calls the Raven diease. He let it go but wasn’t satisfied by her vague and diversionary explanation. He’s observant about her makeup choices, her high level of rough horseplay with Matt and her on-and-off limp from her ouchy. He has laid out a few broad hints. Probably it doesn’t matter very much to Paul, as long as she does what he wants whenever she votes. But he has his insights stashed in his back pocket just in case she becomes an adversary.

      • Avatar

        Yes @nkogneetow about Raven.
        I just read a piece a little while ago where Raven actually says and I quote:

        “all I have is my word. I could die next year. Like literally, I struggle every day. All I have is my word.”


      • Ann

        @Shan64, does that idiot not know that any of us could die next year, next month, next week or tomorrow. Time ain’t forever….

      • Avatar

        Exactly @ann1!!
        Ever since I read that article about how long she has been telling people she has a year left (since 2009) and all the scams for money etc., it just boggles my mind.
        To be fair though, I never liked her from the beginning.

      • Ann

        @Shan64, I’ve said the same thing, that little girl is just too silly & her laugh always sounds so fake it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. As handsome as Mark is that says a lot about him being attracted to that type of girl. I can’t even say woman because she in no way acts like a grown woman.

  29. Tiare

    Mark just said that Black girls like big white boys and th Black boys like slim thick white girls. Then Elena says like me. Black boys love me.

    Ummm. Mark, i don’t like big white boys, and Elena they just want to screw you. You still don’t have a man..i thought Black boys love you.

    This just pissed me off!

    • Avatar

      For a Christian, Elaina has a lot of “easy girl” tendencies. She swear everyone wants her. I mean she’s pretty but overly obsessed with her boobs. I’m over big boobs but that appears to be the trend now. lol Mark is attractive but not my type and I don’t discriminate because love has no color but I don’t understand where they come up with this stuff? lmao Those two (Elaina and Mark) are odd together.

      • Jenny

        Mark isn’t my type at all but I can see where girls would think he is cute if they are into giant muscles. (hearing Janet from Rocky Horror – I don’t like men with so many muscles!)
        I think Elena got those boobs early and has had the wrong kind of attention ever since, so she thinks everyone is interested in them.

    • Avatar

      Idk…Do ya think Elena is making these references due to the fact that there was “some” sort of close Friendship between Domi, & MarK??? And She is trying to make Mark Jealous?

      And Mark’s reference of Black Girls liking Big White Boys, is due to Domi’s attraction to him???

      • Avatar

        I think Mark is attractive to Dom intelligence and Elaina’s provocativeness. However, I’m not sure either are going to consider him outside the house. I think will feel hurt because he abandon her in a way and we all know Elaina is just using him.

      • Avatar

        I don’t understand how Mark can barely speak a word to Dom when she’s been nothing but genuinely nice to him. Have you noticed Elaina flirting with Paul too?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Either earlier tonight or last night Mark was alone playing pool and Dom peeked her head out and asked if he was ok. She then told him that she didn’t want to “get him in trouble” but if he wanted to talk, she’s always available. He then sort of hesitated and nervously asked if she wanted to come out there to talk or if she wanted him to come inside, to which she replied “it’s up to you”. Mark again hesitated and said “I’ll come inside in a little bit”. It was clear that Mark wanted to talk to her but was afraid to do so because Paul has instructed everyone to stay away from her.

      • Mel

        The sad thing is that I don’t think Elena will have anything to do with Mark later but if he ever wanted help or emotional support after the show, I think Dom would be there for him, even after this.

      • Ann

        @Mell, you’re damn right she would & she would be trying to make him her man at the same time. Lol

    • Ann

      I told ya’ll she looks & acts like a porn star & she’s not that pretty especially when she puts on 10lbs of blush looking like she got punched in her cheeks.

  30. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul, Christmas, and Elena are coaching Josh on how to pronounce the word “asked” correctly (he generally pronounces it “axed”). This whole scene really cracked me up for some reason. It basically goes like this:

    Josh: Axed
    Group: NO!
    Josh: Axed
    Group: NO!
    Josh: Asked
    Group: YESSSSSSS!!!

  31. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Alex and Jason discussing who they want targeted if he wins HOH. Jason really wants Christmas out because he feels guilty watching her hop around the house. Alex wants Jessica out, and Jason says that Kevin is begging him to get rid of Josh if he wins (Alex and Jason both say hell no to getting rid of Josh right now because they know he’s loyal to them). Jason and Alex agree not to discuss with anyone else (including Kevin) who they’re thinking of targeting (namely Paul, Matt, and Raven who have apparently been asking lots of questions).

  32. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Josh and Mark are hashing out their differences (at Paul’s behest). Mark once again apologizes for throwing the drink in Josh’s face, and Josh tells him he accepts his apology and believes he is sincere. Josh explains that he “blacked out” because he felt disrespected and apologizes for bringing Mark’s game into the argument. They both laugh at how silly it is that the argument started over a stupid pool game and bet. Josh tells Mark that he won’t nominate him if he wins HOH, and Mark thanks him for that (note: Mark doesn’t, however, say that he wouldn’t nominate Josh if he wins).

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was a little ticked at Paul. When he told Mark to go in and talk to Josh, he told him to carry a glass with him and throw it at Josh as a joke. Luckily the people in the bathroom told Mark not to do it and told Paul to stop. Paul thought it was really funny, but I noticed he backed down. I believe he was serious but when he saw the majority was against it, the thought twice about it. He knows that if he pushes things to far and sees resistance, he’d better back down or lose support.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s a great observation NK, and I do think that’s what a big part of what makes (and keeps) Paul a very influential player in the game. Just like during his HOH reign when he got some forceful pushback regarding his decision to nominate Matt and Elena (in order to backdoor Cody), he decided it wasn’t worth it to push the issue and he backed down. He knows from experience that if he pulled a “Paulie” (who never backed down and always forcibly pushed his own agenda last year), eventually his subordinates will grow weary and revolt. He’s doing a good job of keeping his followers satisfied with his leadership.

  33. Avatar

    Well good night to all my fellow BB addicts 🙂

  34. Shivani33

    Elena tried to hang her boobs on Paul tonight when they were alone for a couple of minutes. He told her “stop.” And added that he felt uncomfortable. Later on, Josh mentioned Elena is a beast, meaning she’s strong. Josh said to Alex and Jason that if he gets HoH he’d nominate her. His other pick is Matt, because Matt never talks to him. The only problem with people saying that they’d like to throw the next HoH to Josh is whether he’d be able to catch it.

  35. Shivani33

    Raven has her daggers out and aimed at Jessica. She was grousing against Jessica to Matt and that’s comical, since Matt is attracted to Jessica and tried to humor Raven and to turn their Jessica talk into a lighthearted farce. Raven forgot her helpless death door act for a few minutes and spewed tough, macho talk about her decision that Jessica is her #1 target and how she’ll win HoH to get it done. Has Raven even noticed that it’s Matt who keeps trying to spend time with Jessica, and it isn’t Jessica making any moves towards Matt?

    • Ann

      Raven is too weak & sick to see that…

      • LindsayB

        Soooo here’s a thought regarding Raven…. in her defense unfortunately. Assuming the info about her family being disease scammers is partially or completely correct, she grew up this way. Her mother supposedly has this disease too. They supposedly went to multiple doctors before finding one that would label it terminal. She’s probably been brought up being told she was terminal by her mother. This doesn’t mean that she’s not an active scanner I’m just saying that she doesn’t know any different. Maybe once she’s out of the house and sees how much light has been shed on the situation she’ll have a wake up call. Or she’ll be too busy counting all the money in her go fund me account and taking her scheming family on a vacation.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s a good point Lindsay. It sort of reminds me of that documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest” except Raven does have an illness (and she doesn’t murder her mother). The mother in that documentary has Munchausen syndrome by proxy and is a con artist, and she even had the daughter convinced that she couldn’t (or shouldn’t) walk, even though the daughter’s legs were perfectly fine. Yes, the daughter was an active participant in the mother’s scams, but after years of brainwashing the lines between reality and fantasy became very blurred for the girl. Very fascinating (and disturbing) story.

  36. Shivani33

    To everyone who was in the backyard, and right in front of Raven, Paul said something about her”fake disease.” The context of his remark was within a series of joking remarks about this Season’s cast. Nevertheless, it was a direct hit over the rattletrap bridge upon which Raven stands (and hobbles.) It brought her to a momentary standstill. Even through her white mime-face makeup, she blanched.

  37. danmtruth

    Perhaps Deaths Door Ravens reason for targeting IS that she sees Jes making moves on her man And he is flirting right back It was fine when Cody was their She knew Matt could not and would not challenge him
    ## Paul is on to DD Raven as one scam artiest knows another
    ### Could one of the reasons Dominique is not fighting so hard is to keep her image clean for her youtube inspirational show Soon to be coming to a Holiday inn express near you
    #### Alex and Cowpoke were talking about throwing a HOH to Josh The only problem was they both said He never last long enough

  38. Lynn

    Off topic random memory AND not to beat a dead snake to death, but I just remembered it was Paul who first referenced himself as a snake. He came in the BB house and said “who bit the apple and got the snake?” Again, sorry for the random thought

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