Good afternoon, everyone! I am home! Internet!  Finally!  Ahhhhh.

Enough about me.  With the house fairly dull after the very early morning blow-up between Paul and Dom on Saturday, I thought I may have been in the clear for at least a few days. I was kind of right because things appeared to be relatively calm on Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday afternoon tempers flared once again.  Fortunately, it was during a period where I was stuck in the hotel room due to rain and was able to capture a bit of it. Quick summary; Somewhere deep inside Mark’s brain told him that throwing a glass full of pickle juice and hot sauce on someone he was not really close with (Josh) would lead to a fun food fight that everyone ended up laughing and singing around the pool holding hands.


However, when the glass full of stingy juices hit Josh, they splashed into his eye and he freaked out.  He got some ranch dressing and hot sauce (note – ranch dressing is awesome and I can take a bath in the stuff) and gave Mark a little taste of his own sauce (hmmm).  Seeing as things were all going to plan for Mark and his potential food fight, he was all happy and ready to hold hands but Josh was having none of that shit. This unleashed a tirade of anger that he (Josh) has been holding in for a solid few days now and started ranting about being disrespected, never talking to Mark again, and how Mark betrayed Paul in week 1.  Really.  Out of all of this craziness, one of the bigger things to come out of it was Josh’s grudge against Mark for siding with Cody in week 1.  When they say this house makes people crazy, this is prime example #1.

Throughout the ranting, Josh proclaimed how loyal he is to people and how he could never do anything like what Mark did. Elena asked why he told both Jillian and Christmas they had his vote and Josh rambled on about how Christmas was nice to him from day 2!  Never really addressed the hypocrisy of that, but instead decided to rail against Jess because she jumped in to say something. It was a mess. Later on, Dom went back into a private area where she got on the phone with God to make sure she still had the votes this Thursday.  God replied “look, Dom, can you please stop calling me?  If I tell you yes, will you leave me alone?  I’m kind of busy here”.  Dom was happy with the response.

Now that I caught everyone up, time to do some live updates!

  • 12:25 pm – Jason, Alex, and Paul are in the HoH room
    • Jason mentions how he’s not sure about Christmas moving forward. He’s kind of annoyed that she keeps making him feel guilty about her foot. He’s right. If she did that to me, she’d be gone. Neither were at fault because it was an accident, but she’s trying to play the sympathy card from him to advance her game. Sorry, Christmas. Time to go.
    • He is concerned that he’d be known as the guy who broke her foot and kicked her out of the house, but he’s threatened by her right now
    • Alex tells him not to worry because everyone knows that she was the hinky vote the other night
    • Meanwhile, Jason seems to think he can do things like get the snapchat glasses or blog because he won PoV.  Alex tells him it’s the HoH
    • Jason tells Alex that he doesn’t think that Kevin would vote against them, and Alex agrees but thinks he’s up to something shady.
  • 1:25 pm – Kevin goes into this long story about beaches in New England… and he’s 100% accurate
    • Serious, flashback to this time and listen to Kevin’s stories. Hilarious!
  • 3:55 pm – Man, vacation wore me out. Took my second nap since being home.  Guess I’m old.
    • Speaking of old, is it sad I would strive to have Kevin’s body?  Dude is pretty ripped for his age.
    • Anwyay, here is Raven washing dishes because that’s about as exciting as the house is right now
  • 5:00 pm – Kevin, Paul, and Jason are talking about the craziness of Josh early on in the season
    • This is because Dom came out randomly and asked Kevin if they’re going to do the show, and Kevin brushed her off
    • They were trying to figure out who told Dom that Kevin wasn’t doing the show, and assumed it was Josh
    • Paul thinks he was heavily inspired by Paul’s fight with Dom
    • Meanwhile, Jess is trying to keep her head low
  • 6:15 pm – Alex is working out in the backyard and Paul is cooking.
  • 6:40 pm – Before I take a break to finally catch up on Game of Thrones, here is Alex having a pillow fight with Jason

Check back for updates