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Tuesday Feed Updates – The Denial Is Strong In The Hive

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s another day in the Big Brother house and it’s hard to say what today will bring. I’m guessing a whole lot of Rockstar and Haleigh sitting alone complaining how unfair the world is, but I could be wrong! Stranger things have happened, right?

I can’t quite put a finger on Rockstar right now. It’s very clear that she’s angry about being on the block and worried about going home, but at the same time, she is talking like she’s staying. I think I may be confusing confidence with wishful thinking because her actions speak much louder than her words. She’s been following around Sam like a puppy and continues to pull people aside to have one-on-ones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing her for that. It’s great that she’s playing and it’s another refreshing week of people fighting to stay in the house rather than roll over and die like previous seasons. I just think her fake confidence is going to be the downfall of her season because whenever she does campaign, she has a terrible approach.

Using the ability to know what we know regarding alliances and where people stand, it would be nearly impossible to break the level 6 alliance. They are strong and loyal and the only thing that will kill that will be when they need to start eating themselves. What Rock really has to focus on are the two swing votes of JC and Sam and stop being so overconfident that they’re in the bag. She needs to give them reasons to want level 6 broken up and not reasons why they should worry about whether or not her bills at home get paid. This isn’t a charity. It’s never been a charity. While everyone is empathetic to any financial struggles Rock may have, that’s not a reason to keep her.


Rock really needs to focus her attack on the future of the season for JC and Sam. Rock, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Fessy couldn’t break them, so JC and Sam are certainly not going to on their own. Rock’s side of the house is much easier to attack in the future and a much more realistic side of making it to the finals if you’re a swing vote. Tyler is insanely hard to beat in competitions (especially PoV style) and as the house gets smaller, chances of him playing every week increase. He’s obviously safe this week, but evicting Rockstar is a key number to lose with only 9 people remaining in the house as of Thursday. All l6 has to do is win HoH and they are guaranteed numbers in their favor every week from here on out.

This is a crucial point in the season but whining about being a mom or having bills to pay is not going to keep you in the house.

Before I forget, the sisters from BBOTT (Alex and Morgan) started a blog if you want to check it out. They recently went to a live taping of the show and it’s a good read.


Updates –

  • 11:00 am – RS finishes up a brief conversation with Tyler then heads upstairs to re-tell it to Haleigh as well as a few other conversations she had
    • Scottie was ‘really excited’ about their six-person alliance lol
    • RS’s conversation was more for her than him because she can’t walk around angry
    • RS says that it’s not cool that he took a personal shot at her. Tyler said it wasn’t personal but RS said it was (
      • It wasn’t. I don’t think RS understands what personal shot is. He was a veto win away from going home because of her alliance member. That’s the price you pay for having open alliances
    • Rock keeps saying how it is a personal attack – IT’S NOT!
  • 11:35 am – Rock pulls Brett into the storage room
    • They are talking about actually having a secret two person alliance that is so crazy that it just may work (Brett is humoring her)
    • Rock jokes about how that alliance would hide in plain sight which is her favorite way.  She should appreciate level 6 then
  • 11:50 am – Scottie is up in the HoH room but I’m not a fan of listening him talk to Haleigh
    • He’s just too creepy lately. His crush on Haleigh is becoming more and more obvious and it’s painful to watch
    • Haleigh wanted to slow clap during Tyler’s veto speech
  • 12:20 pm – Brett comes up and joins RS and Haleigh in the HoH room
    • RS asks for help from him for her eviction speech. He says sure and he’s encouraging her lol
    • Brett tells her to begin at the veto comp where Angela promised safety to Tyler lol.. Brett is good. It couldn’t hurt him for Haleigh to keep attacking Tyler so he doesn’t have to
    • Haleigh says Tyler needs someone to tell him what to do
  • Brett leaves
    • Haleigh says “what if Kaycee won hacker, picked Tyler to play and saved herself because she didn’t think she’d go back up” and they call it dumb lol
  • 1:00 pm – Talk has slowed as people are outside tanning
  • 3:40 pm – Very quiet afternoon
    • There was an indoor lockdown briefly but probably only because they saw something outside or had to fix something
    • Here is Brett with Sam. Something you don’t see often
    • Sam walks away. Tyler and Ang eventually join
    • Tyler re-tells his story with RS this morning
    • Brett tells the group that he was helping RS with her speech.  Angela and Tyler want to brainstorm to see what else they can add to it lol
    • The talk breaks up
  • 5:00 pm = JC and Fessy working out. Angela and KC talking in the kitchen.  Not much going on. Stepping away for a little to eat
  • 6:30 pm – Brett is hanging around with Haleigh while Angela/Kc are chillin on the hammock
    • Outside – Rockstar is with Sam of course
  • 8:00 pm – Haleigh talking to Scottie of course and Angela, KC, and Tyler together of course. Please change things up!
    • Scottie is telling Haleigh things about her from like day 1. Dude’s creep level is nearing max tonight
  • 8:30 pm – JC is lecturing Sam about keeping her vote private
    • I’m trying to understand where JC is leaning. It kind of sounds like he may want to keep RS but I need to re-listen to it

Really dead night tonight. Angela told a super long story about how she got into pole vaulting and that was about it. Recap in the morning if Mel can find anything to write about!


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  1. Avatar

    I think Crazy Art will get evicted

  2. HappyHippo

    RS pitching her speech to Brett right now is hilarious. They could not be anymore delusional lol
    The amount of “everyone is working alone” cracks me up

  3. HappyHippo

    Exactly Steve, RS needs to go to Sam and jc with the “you are on the bottom of the totem pole” approach but that would take a brain and less confidence that she already had their votes

  4. Avatar

    RS will go, JC doesn’t like her, he wont risk it this week, cause he knows that Kaycee will keep him safe, whereas Crazy Art will not, he also has been wanting her out for weeks now

  5. danmtruth

    BlockStar is talking like Angela is on the block Bret will go right to TY and company to tell them what BlockStar speech will be Not sure how good of a public speaker KC is She will need to be able to stand up to RS BS Knowing what she will say will help her Not sure if going first or second would be better If first she can defuse all that RS is ready to say Or second she can bring up Hay and RS along with Fess No matter I believe KC has the votes – Jc, TY, Angela and SAM

    • HappyHippo

      That’s why Thursday will be so damn awesome… their cockiness!

    • Helen

      Sam just had a conversation with KayCee…contrary to what she told Tyler about telling KayCee she didn’t…
      Don’t count on Sam…and I certainly wouldn’t count on JC. He flips votes to blame others and usually tells people he is voting for one and does the exact opposite

      • mm22

        Well I was counting on jc voting out
        Rock -Sam I was worried about but you’re
        right those 2 could dissappoint !

      • Helen

        Found it ColbyF!! Finally couldn’t stand it and went out to desktop to flashback
        Pretty sure it was just general chitchat
        After being outside Sam went in to make her bed…of course RS immediately follows and hobbles back that way….
        RS went into PR and was mumbling something. Couldn’t catch what all she was saying But Sam said Yeah,well don’t talk about it and kind of haha…RS walks out and says. Yeah don’t talk about it,be about it..
        A little relief for me…it had me freaked out!!

      • Avatar

        I am like you Helen, I cant think straight with all this clouding my mind, also I realized JC wont flip, it doesn’t make sense for HIS game
        1. it damages Haleigh’s side( he doesn’t like either Ha-Ho or the Crayola)
        2. L4 will know that JC voted out KC, but if he votes out RS unless it is unanimous, he can blame this on Scottie

    • Sassy

      I’d love for KC to go first and use RS’s speech as her own… RHS wouldn’t know what to do!

  6. HappyHippo

    Side note had anyone noticed the nasty concoction of food Scottie makes? It’s canned chicken, shredded cheese, and a shit ton of mayo and he washes it down with chocolate milk. It was so much mayo the camera man zoomed in on it lol

  7. AIO_7

    “Before I forget, the sisters from BBOTT (Alex and Morgan) started a blog if you want to check it out.”

    I’ll definitely check that out.

  8. hogwild

    Rockstar goes Thursday after that target will be Hay, Scottie, Fess, Brett, JC, and Sam depending on HOH of course.

  9. danmtruth

    So will Bret tell KC or TY what RS speech will be about?

  10. Alda

    This is such a looong week.

  11. Jay H

    It could be a few things with RS
    One, she’s been on the block so many times, she just automatically thinks she won’t get voted out
    Two, she lives in her own reality with Haleigh and they think they have the game md players pegged
    Three, maybe she’s somewhat content if she was leaving. She made it to jury and she’ll be with Balieigh
    Four, she’s completely and utterly moronic.
    Could be one or more of the above.

  12. GL

    Just watching a little bit of the live feeds. So RS and Hay have been bashing on Angela about spoiled white girl. Who does RS and Hay think they are. RS and Hay are talking about thair families having time shares on the beach n Vegas. Not sure but that sounds like a little wealth habits to me lol. Just saying

  13. Jay H

    That’s crazy that Scottie is as old as he is and has never gotten any stank on his hang-low.

  14. Tinkerbell

    Ohhh Swaggy Swaggass, You’re so pitifully delusional.


  15. mm22

    Everyone has their favorites I know but
    to hear how popular the hive is really shocks
    me. Everyone I know is L6 fans – Tyler being
    the fav. Hummmm …who do they all like n why?
    just curious

    • Helen

      Bayleigh..Hayleigh and RS….don’t ask me why…lol. It’s twitterverse? A lot of them look at L6/5/4 as the rich,privileged good looking people taking advantage of the poor humble regular folks…delusional and wrong? Yes,but like I said yesterday,consider the source

      • Tinkerbell

        Fans seem to conveniently forget that Bay and Hay easily fall into the rich category. Not sure yet about Fessy, he might as well. Rockstar had/has choices in her life, we all do. She didn’t have to be a stripper, doesn’t have to dress like she’s from Mars, doesn’t have to have the mouth of a drunken idiot, doesn’t have to adjust her vocabulary and accent to match the person she is with, doesn’t have to have faggy purple hair….the list is endless. I don’t care what we have, or don’t have – we all have the ability to do with our lives as we choose. It doesn’t take a person with an IQ of 699 to know right from wrong, and to practice common sense. She makes my blood boil.

      • Jenny

        She was a stripper? I missed that. Gotta object to the word you used to describe her hair… but I’m straight so I don’t know how offensive it may or may not be. Some of my gay friends would laugh it off, but… I think JC said that was offensive.
        Moving on… that hair color is not flattering. And she’s not a teenager. Someone posted her website and it shows pictures of her w/natural hair color and she looks great. That color is just harsh. And yeah if she can’t afford to have all those kids maybe she should have thought about it, although on her site she says she had an IUD and still ended up pregnant twice.

    • Avatar

      Brett is now my favorite, followed by Tyler, KC, Angela and not sure about JC. If JC votes out KC then JC will be on my shitlist

  16. Helen

    I must agree with Stevebeans about Scottie with Hayleigh…it was kinda cute at first but it has become creepy…
    And the way she encourages it just makes me sick…I can’t stand people that do that crap to others…whether it’s a girl doing it to a guy or a guy doing it to a girl…makes no difference..

    • Tinkerbell

      She’s Miss Prick Teaser USA. Unfortunately for Scotti, he’s the naive dude who falls for it. Haleigh, you’re a 21 year old bitch, with no conscience whatsoever. I have hated her from day 1.

      • Avatar

        I wanted to like her as she hailed(no pun intended) from Texas where I am from, but she disappoints, at least I have Kaycee who is also an Arizona resident

      • Helen

        Me too…but she has doubled down on her prick teasing…keep sending out those signals girl..one day your gonna find a man that picks up on it and then wants to call foul when he does

      • danmtruth

        Hay is the kind of girl that is more worried about what her girl friends will think She is into Fess because her girlfriends will think he is hot She has found herself liking Scottie as the season has gone on The problem is she cannot see herself introducing him to her girl friends

      • WhereisPablo

        Amen Tink! I can’t stand her and couldn’t from the beginning either.

      • Snarky Jenn

        Now forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but isn’t Hay doing EXACTLY what Sam accused her of, when Sam nominated her? What happened to the, “my family is watching” crap?? Hmm….true colors for the win!!!

      • Ann

        One day she’s going to pull that shit on the wrong man & find herself backed in a corner that she can’t get out of. That teasing & flirting to get what she wants is not cool. That’s not safe or smart.

    • ElaineB

      Is Hay ‘wooing’ Scottie to keep him on side, in case he wins HOH?

  17. Helen

    Scottie….can’t wait till he has to choose what field he’s going to play on….

  18. mm22

    I think Scottie is all team HIVE

  19. mm22

    Yes thanks tink for saying what
    I’ve been thinking

  20. Avatar

    apparently Scottie told Tyler he is voting out RS

  21. Snarky Jenn

    I wonder if Scottie will vote RS out for more creepy time with Hay and then try to blame JC or Brett??

  22. mm22

    Just watched Sunday show
    Hai ho/finger nibbler had a
    ton of airtime ick ick! JC was so funny-
    but still on the fence about him!
    Brett was comical! Really good

  23. Avatar

    Just a few more days until we hear these glorious words.

    By a vote of six to zero…
    You are evicted from the Big Brother house!

  24. Ritchie

    Ill take a little hive ‘cluelessness’ along with some of their ‘absolutely horrific game play’, but what I won’t take is of all people, Fessi still hanging around with weeks to come because Haleigh and Scottie are actually bigger threats (to l6) than him.

    Man, this guy just brings zero, and I do mean a big fat -0- to the table. His stalkish, over bearing big kid emotional b.s. is so played out and so old. I get that Haleigh flirts and teases when she see’s fit, but damn bro, how about just normal guy code signals that should clearly alert you to the reality of things.

    – Hugs always initiated by you, in which you pick her up and at times lay her down, and she not once puts her arms around you, or even wraps her legs around you.
    – Flirting with other guys is one thing, but to blatantly do it right in front of you as plain as day, and for you to sit there and take it is beyond belief.
    – Professing your ever dying love to her, and she immediately says “but you don’t know me, you know nothing about me.”

    The list could go on and on…
    Bro, rise up and smell the Folgers in your cup! There is nothing there bruh, leave it be. Play the game, get involved in strategy, work the other side of the house, in fact just work out and enjoy that!

  25. Carl

    On Joker: Brett told Angela & Tyler about Rocks speech. He asked if there was anything they wanted to add.

    • Tinkerbell

      RS Instagram has been taken down. Clap clap clap clap

    • Ann

      That is too damn funny. I would fall out & die if they put a speech together for Brett to tell her & on eviction night they get up & recite her speech with her word for word. Can you see the funky look she would have on her face?. I love Brett more & more & I think it’s for the hilarious, funny & crazy things that he says & does. He’s playing a good game now. Ty is still & will always be my #1 but Brett is climbing the charts.

  26. Mr. Beardo

    A couple of highlights from this boring Tuesday: Brett said he’s pretty sure Steve is a cop. Brett/Fess vs Scottie/Tyler in an epic 2 on 2 cornhole game. Ty and JC got into a hilarious toothpaste/shaving cream fight in the BA, Ty yelled not the hair man! The boys minus JC we’re having a football convo in the smokers pit and Scottie and Tyler seemed to know more on the topic than Fessy and Brett.

    • Mr. Beardo

      The more I see of Scottie the more I think he’s a weasel in personality not just looks. The virgin stuff is definitely a lie and a disarming tactic.

      • danmtruth

        Dustin Henderso has a better confidence than Scottie

      • Mr. Beardo

        Dustin has charisma to spare! I just don’t know about Scottie… you’d think a 26 yr old “never been kissed” wouldn’t have the stones to get into a cuddle puddle with an obviously beautiful, if emotionally and intellectually vapid, 21 yr old aspiring ig model. Let alone to do it in front of her tall dark and handsome punching bag.

      • Tinkerbell

        Everything about this weirdo is downright flippin’ strange.

      • Sassy

        I believe he’s never been kissed. He’s awkward and it would take a special girl to do it.

      • Mr. Beardo

        I really don’t know but my gut says that’s bs. He’s pretty socially adept and not awful looking.

      • Jenny

        Well… sometimes people get so worked up over the “never” part that it becomes a bigger deal than it should be. I think he’s cute but maybe in his younger days girls didn’t pay any attention to him. I remember talking to a guy at my 30 yr HS reunion who said it was nice to see me again, and I was like I have no clue who you are, but he was super cute. Looked him up in the yearbook and back then, he did NOT look like he does now. Too bad he was married! One of my best girlfriends was mousy and awkward in high school but in her mid 20’s she suddenly turned into a heartbreaker.

      • Mr. Beardo

        Agreed Jen. I don’t think Scottie is going to his 30 yr high school reunion when he gets out though.

      • Mr. Beardo

        Some folks are late bloomers I just don’t think he’s one of them. I’m pretty sure if he wants a date he won’t have to look too hard after the show..

  27. Avatar

    What I find absolutely delicious is that Sam tried to get everyone to give up the whole Hacker part of this season so it wouldn’t create chaos and damage the game they were all playing. Haleigh, Bayleigh, RS, etc.— said ooooh no we’re not doing that (mostly because they thought they could use it as a weapon to get back in the game). However, it is the Hacker that should now be the reason behind 2 of their players leaving the house in back-to-back weeks. I love it! And I am sure Sam is smiling a little every time one of them complains how the Hacker competition has screwed up their games!!!

  28. Helen

    JC back to his old tricks talking game with Faysal

  29. Shivani33

    Brett was doing his social engineering as he told Tyler and Angela about how he fixed Blockstar’s eviction speech. After his recounting, Brett asked if there were anything either would like him to add to RS’s speech. Much laughter coming from them all. This is classic.

  30. danmtruth

    My short term memory is falling me Not sure if it was Steve or Mel that said L6 can wear team uniforms The HIVE still wont get that they are working together It is so true

  31. Helen

    Hayleigh during her house meeting called out everyone for treating Bayleigh like shit when she wasn’t OTB….how many times since Monday has she or anyone for her group,other than RS after the meeting telling KayCee sorry she was going home,have anyof them bothered to give KayCee the time of day?

  32. Avatar

    Kaycee is staying, also RS needs to leave Sam alone, you say “Tyler follows Angela like a puppy” THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH SAM, THE SAME EXACT SHIT

  33. LynnD

    Did Sam seriously just say that she has a brother who is buried with her dogs at “Camp? Like this is normal for people to just go to “camp” and bury their deceased children with dogs please tell me I’m hearing this wrong?

  34. Jay H

    You can knock Balieigh all you want, I didn’t like her either, but last week might have been the last somewhat entertaining week of feeds. These feeds are boring as all get out lately.
    That’s the problem with the feeds. They’re so much better earlier in the game. We’re getting to the point where people are dwindling, so many times before you can hear the same conversations, same strategy talk, that it’s a chore to pay attention to them.
    Luckily, there’s this site to keep banter…..

  35. Tinkerbell

    Sam grates on my nerves, but I hope she is able to get the help she seriously needs on the outside. Along with her highest of highs, and lowest of lows within a split second, she could possibly have some type of personality disorder. The things she says and does, and the extreme swings, are pretty frightening…..and sad. Her Mom has her work cut out. She was already helping her before the show. I do hope they have good health insurance thwt allows for mental health care as well. I don’t think it was a good idea to cast Sam. I think she is even more damaged now.

    • Jay H

      Sam is kind of preachy, but I believe her to be a very genuine, caring person. She’s still young, too. Sometimes you grow out of that know it all phase.

      You’re right though. I was watching her in the kitchen talking to JC and you could tell she just wasn’t there. That she was ready to burst into tears any second.

    • Tinkerbell

      Production should have let her leave the first time she begged. She has never belongrd there. She was already too damaged coming in.

  36. Avatar

    Level 6 is in a different league. I love how they have played the game by being a harshly honest with whom to eliminate (Winston and Rachel) which has made the four left absolutely a joy to watch play the game. They are emotionless, cerebral, and know how to work people over.

    With that being said what happens when they have to vote out each other? This is where I think Brett has an edge. He has been able to work both sides and seems to have some relationships developing on the other side. I’m curious to see how he handles this week when the vote is so overwhelming that it sort of outs the alliance.

    The way I saw Tyler work over Haleigh this week was a fleecing, WOW! How he managed to convince the girl who put him up as the hacker to not put him up initially was genius. I don’t know how Haleigh did not question that conversation more.

    I have completely cooled on Sam. From what I have seen from Level 6 she is nothing more than a sheep among a group of wolves and will be picked off in the coming weeks unless she wins something.

    • GL

      Hay will have a melt down this week if RS is voted out and Fessy will look like the deer right before it’s hit on the highway. It will be interesting to see how far Hay sinks after her HOH is over. Especially since she stated RS was not going to leave on her watch

    • Sassy

      Hay just thought Ty was really that dumb to ask that. She doesn’t even consider that he has the app, even though he brings it up to her ALL the time!

  37. Helen

    Sam is speaking softly and sadly to Rockstar in BY about not wanting to be alone and wanting to have a partner in life. She is on the verge of tears

    Oh boy!! Here we go again….,

  38. Helen

    Sam is laying face down in the blanket in BY while Rockstar runs her hand and Faysal rubs her back

    There goes Sams vote….hope your time in the kitchen for the 4th or 5th time today was worth your trip to jury KayCee

  39. Avatar

    JC dislikes RS, so I think he will vote her out

  40. Avatar

    Kaycee joins Tyler/Angela by hammock. Kaycee says she feels good about the vote as Sam has told her she is voting to evict Rockstar but isn’t telling the house. Angela is surprised Sam will VTE Rockstar -TaterTot08

  41. Sassy

    I’m tired of the cameras being on the same things! 2 cameras on Scottie and Hay and 2 on Angela and KC. Ugh! I’ve heard both these conversations already.

  42. Helen

    Scottie tells Haleigh he has always liked her. She said she liked him too from the beginning and he is surprised

    And the “fake” virgin moves in for vixen who thinks she is making a conquest by being his first!!! Lmao

  43. Helen

    Oh love it Stevebeans….Scottie’s creep level creeping to max level tonight……lol…..what was that movie? Fatal Attraction?

  44. Avatar

    JC and Sam in HN and JC thinks he will get backsplash from gay community for evicting Kaycee. JC says last wk what she did was very dangerous. He says she needs to not claim her vote after. They both say they want to evict Rockstar but aren’t telling others -TaterTot08


  45. Seattle Kari

    Offf the main topic of big brother, but I’m curious if there’s been any talk about smoke in the area from the fires affecting the Big Brother house? Their time outside?

    here in Seattle we seem to be getting it from all sides. I’m just glad I don’t have lung problems if. Just driving a few blocks to our local restaurant when the sun was coming down was very difficult… Yuck! seems really weird to be begging for rain here in Seattle but we need our air cleaned out!

  46. danmtruth

    Not sure what to believe any more Sam and Jc vote are a mystery now sorry to. hear Lets see what happens next As usual it will come down to Thursday those two hours before the show that we wont see Lets see what happens Wed to get the HG all worked up

  47. Helen

    Talk about stalking behavior!! Sam in bathroom plucking eyebrows and RS walks over and just gets right up on her while she’s standing there…then kind of walks away,then comes back and stands next to her at the mirror…looks like Sams getting ready to shower so RS sits herself down for the wait….
    God she is creepy af….

    • Colby

      Yes. MF came in there too, with food. Why do these people eat in the bathroom?
      Anyway, Sam actually asked them to leave so she could shower by herself. LOL!

      • Helen

        Finally!! I’m so glad she finally spoke up!! RS has given her even 5 minutes today…she started on her before she had her morning coffee and smoke for heavens sake!!

    • Avatar

      Do we have any sense yet how Sam plans to vote… is she sticking with her new best buddy RS or with her pinky promise to KC?

      • mm22

        Now is the time for L6/5/4 to have one of them
        buddy up with sam- let’s see -who does sam like
        n RS hate maybe Angela? Maybe Brett?
        Would be so funny to see one from each side
        following sam around like a puppy dog! RS
        would be so pissed

  48. Avatar

    JC on BBAD giving a how-to tutorial on how to use a condom using a cucumber.

  49. Avatar

    And RS is in another room talking about muppets

  50. Mr. Beardo

    Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them and they all smell…

  51. Helen

    And…there are back at it again for about the 10th time today…Angela,KayCee and Tyler raiding the fridge eating everything in sight!! Gosh,do they never get full? It’s not like they are that active!,,h

  52. Mr. Beardo

    Omg what I would give to have my 25 yr old selfs metabolism

  53. Helen

    Hayleigh just told Faysal and Scottie that Brett told her he was voting out KayCee…said he felt she was a physical threat and has been throwing comps,something about being too close to Angela and Tyler and something else…can’t remember what it was….

  54. Snarky Jenn

    Did Scottie and Colorforms, (RS), go to the same stalker finishing school?? Scottie just gives me the creeps and damn Colorforms cannot let Sam breathe on her own!!

  55. Helen

    Faysal sitting on sink in HOH bath and breaks it..It fell off the wall completely

    What an idiot

  56. dfdsgs

    Damn, I don’t know how they can stand Haleigh. She is sitting on the hammock with Scottie, Fessy, and Rockstar arrayed around her in a half circle and lecturing them like a mother would a five-year-old. She then has Fessy up in the room and tells him to invite Brett to the hot tube but don’t not ask everyone else if they are around.

    I try not to judge people when they have cameras on them 24/7 for ever little thing, but this is outrageous. If she spoke to me this way, she wouldn’t have a friend moving forward, and I would be telling her to go f*** herself.

  57. Mr. Beardo

    Fessy was talking to Hay in the HoH bathroom and he sat on the sink and ripped it off the wall!!

  58. NKogNeeTow

    I might be late for the party but did Tyler just solve the mystery of the shirts in the washer for us? He and KC were playing pool with JC watching. JC was called to the SR. As he was running off, KC told him to say hi to Charley for her. Tyler asked her who was Charley? She said that he was the guy assigned to JC and JC named him Charley. She said she named the guy that follows her, Sebastian. Tyler said something about the shirts with their names on them (the ones in the washer the other night). She said yes and that once the show was over and she gets to actually meet him she was going to ask him to tell her something about herself that she doesn’t know. Tyler says “Cool, I think I’ll name my guy Fernando”. Apparently, each handler wears the name of the HG on their shirts. Am I late and the last one to know this? If so, apologies. 🙂

  59. Ann

    Who is it that Hay was telling Fessy she was never going to talk to again for the rest of the game?

  60. Helen

    Can’t believe it’s almost midnight and yard is still open.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Brett and Angela are talking about when Blocky is evicted. They are talking about hiding a pot and spoon by the door and him beating it as she walks out the door. If he does, I’m dead.

  62. Avatar

    IF RS is voted out on Thursday, I have a feeling we’re going to see our first real meltdown as soon as she’s told that she’s leaving… she really thinks she’s staying so it will sting even more and she will know then that her dream of sugar daddy BB paying her bills is over. I expect some screaming and crying all the way to the door.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    I’m a little worried about Sam’s vote, but if she did vote Blocky to stay, I wouldn’t be surprised. Now with JC it’s a different story. If that little yardstick votes KC out I might catch a plane to Cali and stomp a mudhole in him myself. I love that little butt nugget so he’d better not mess this up with that hinky stuff.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think either will sway. Sam is not promising RHS, and she is pushing way to hard to get that promise. Sam has had to spend 2 weeks with RHS, because she likes to try to make the evicted guest feel special before they leave. It’s been overwhelming and she NEEDS her to leave.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    What is wrong with MF’s left shoulder? Has anyone ever noticed that bone or lump or whatever it is?

  65. mm22

    from jokers :Faysal says Haleigh is not a good hugger. Scottie agrees -silverspoons
    Hahaha how can u be a bad hugger??????

  66. Avatar

    Vote predictions…

    Best Case Scenerio

    Angela – Rockstar
    Tyler –

  67. Sassy

    IF by chance it’s a tie vote, which I don’t think it will be, L6/5/4 would KNOW Sam and JC flipped. The other side can be fooled but they can’t. In that case, I would root for Brett, Ty, and Angela to get HoH and put Sam and JC OTB! Control the game and wipe them all out!!

  68. Avatar

    Hello, I read on Twitter yesterday afternoon that Angela said that Sam’s muffin top was disgusting. I was listening to live feed when read that. Did anyone else hear Angela say that because I didn’t. Hopefully someone was just trying to start crap.

  69. Avatar

    Vote Predictions..

    Best Case Scenario

    Angela Rockstar
    Tyler Rockstar
    Brett Rockstar
    Faysal No-Vote
    JC Rockstar
    Sam Rockstar
    Scottie Rockstar

    Rockstar goes home 6-0

    Worse Case

    Angela Rockstar
    Brett Rockstar
    Tyler Rockstar
    Faysal No-Vote
    JC KC
    Sam KC
    Scottie KC

    Tie Haliegh votes out KC

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