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Tuesday Feed Updates; Veto Day and More



Now that the fun morning is over with, we have a game to resume, and it’s veto day in the Big Brother house.

Jason will take himself off, and King Monte will be in charge of who is going on the block. Early signs are that it will be Kryssie, but nothing is set in stone until it happens.

Not a whole lot to talk about until then, so let’s jump into the feeds



  • 12:30pm – Everyone is hanging outside, which probably means an outdoor lockdown.  I skipped an hour or two of the feeds, so I could be wrong, but they are likely locked out to prepare for veto
  • 12:50pm – Jason called to DR. He says “Oh no, are we doing veto ceremony now?”  Yup
  • 1:00pm – Veto meeting time!
    • Cornbread gives a speech about being a well rounded player (yea, we know). He’s just here to make it fun
    • cornbread-speech
    • Danielle says she knows he won’t use it on her, but if he does, she’ll be grateful
    • danielle-veto
    • Jason uses it on himself
    • Monte gives his speech zzzzz
    • monte-deciding
    • Jason congrats, you beat the system… ??
    • He nominates Kryssie. Even though they’re both musicians and lifters.
    • Final nominees of the week
    • nominees


  • 1:10pm – Veto meeting done!
  • 1:30pm – Monte is already predicting he’ll be on the block next week, if not by votes than America
    • Monte heads up into the HoH room with Morgan
    • He says “That was me being loyal to you”.. she looks confused
    • Monte thinks Shane is doing some double cross stuff, and Morgan confirms that Shane was outside talking to Justin
    • morgan2
    • Monte tells her that Shane was pushing for Kryssie all week, but suddenly changed and wanted Shelby to go up.  He said the reason Shane gave him was because of the rest of the Plastics
    • (wow, tables have turned. It just takes sisters to get a fairly strong girl alliance and a weak guys alliance – Liz/Julia, and now Alex/Morgan)
    • Monte spills how worried Shane is. Monte laughs and says they don’t understand the kind of bond he has with the Plastics (note – they don’t call themselves the plastics , yet)
    • It’s funny because Monte doesn’t know the bond Morgan has with Alex
    • Shane enters and says “Next week, Shelby”.. Monte humors him
    • shane-hohroom
    • They talk a bit, Shane leaves and Monte says he doesn’t know if what Shane was saying was BS or not.  This is great
  • 1:45pm – Alex comes in and Monte starts telling her how he doesn’t trust Shane
    • alex-morgan5
  • 2:00pm – Shelby has joined the group
  • 2:15pm – Shelby is talking about Kryssie.  I guess Kryssie complained that BB forced her to make her profiles private because she’s basically just there to promote her band
    • They leave and go downstairs to listen to a message from Julie.  She lets the house know about America’s eviction vote
  • 3:30pm – Neeley is talking to Alex and Shelby. She says that she prefers Kryssie to stay, but isn’t going to campaign for someone else. They need to earn it by campainging for themselves
    • So, needless to say, there is no way Neeley would have kept Michelle or Natalie when they had James do their dirty work for them
    • Shelby says she is voting out Kryssie regardless because she knows Kryssie will come after her if she stays
    • Neeley leaves and Alex whispers to Shelby that Cornbread is in trouble
  • 3:40pm – Alex says that the plastics can flip and just vote out Danielle this week because Shane is a threat with her
    • Shelby says she wants Kryssie out just so she doesn’t have to hear her damn mouth any more.
    • Then she thinks because of that, she (Shelby) is going to get nominated by America guaranteed.  Nah. People seem to like the bitch side of her. I don’t mind it
    • shelby-faace
    • Alex says she needs Scott on their side, but doesn’t think he is
    • Alex is getting paranoid about Monte and says that because he keeps saying Jason is guaranteed to put him up. Alex thinks Monte and Jason may have a side thing going and he keeps saying that to throw people off
    • Shelby hopes that America doesn’t think of them like the plastics (from Mean Girls).  While I call them the plastics, they’re not really mean. The girls on BB18 were far worse, but then again it’s still early
  • Note – Here is the link for America’s Vote
    • Indoor lockdown. They’re speculating it will be a lockdown until the HoH competition tomorrow
  • 4:00pm – Shelby asks Scott who he’s voting for, he says Kryssie

Din din time for me.  When I come back, I’ll start a new thread


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  1. caRyn

    Last night Monte says Jason winning HOH and putting Cornbread and Whitney on the block with him as Americas vote is worst case scenario.

  2. caRyn

    Shane said to Danielle last night that maybe they should vote Cornbread out since he is trying to become Monte’s #2. They decided to wait to the last minute to say anything to other hg. Danielle mentions working with Jason. Shane said Monte doesn’t listen.

  3. caRyn

    In the middle of the night Justin said to Scott: I’ma tell you right now, if I become HOH, ya dig, I’m putting up Monte and Shelby. I want to see what he’s about. My strategy is to get Monte out ASAP, then Shelby, then I’m coming for the rest of the Plastics.

  4. caRyn

    Cornbread says Shelby shouldn’t make the ghetto come out of him. He says she’s lacking some kind of medication. I shouldn’t laugh, but that is funny.

  5. Avatar

    I absolutely CAN NOT listen to Montes mouth. He thinks he has the whole season figured out and he just knows it all. Can someone please get him out fast! I can’t listen to him thru this whole season! Are we agreeing that he is our vote next week? Please! I just can’t with him.

  6. caRyn

    Julie just announced to the hg that America has an eviction vote.

  7. Mell

    If we can’t get out Monte next week, I say we try for Morgan.

  8. caRyn

    Danielle says she tells Jason everything she hears. Jason said he knows everything he says to Shelby goes to other hg.

    • Mell

      It’s true as bad as I hate it. This season is giving me a headache but almost in a good way. I really like players on both sides of the house so what the heck do you root for?

      • caRyn

        I do like hg on both sides also. This week I am voting out Cornbread because I like Danielle and Kryssie better. I am not going to vote with the house. I am going to play my own game. He he he. I am invested in the OTT – Big time!

      • Mell

        You go Caryn!

  9. Mell

    If cornbread doesn’t get evicted, I want Krissi to leave. Danielle has been changing my opinion of her. Krissi isn’t doing anything but complaining and Danielle’s actually playing. She has openly supported her position with Jason. She stood up to Monte. ( as much as she could being otb) Either Danielle is wearing the pants in the shomance or Shane has more layers than I originally thought. She has really been sticking to her guns and being able to separate hanging out with Shane from her game. I get that they’re against Shelby who I like, but let’s face it, the whole house is. Monte and the Plastics know that Shane, Danielle and CB want Shelby gone and she has asked them to take care of it this week but they won’t. (That should be telling Shelby something)
    Shane is bonding with Justin and even Jason and apparently he doesn’t care for CB. I think he was telling the truth last night when he privately told Danielle he would target the Plastics. I think his bonding with Monte was more out of convenience and it’s not going to last.
    Monta has already begun throwing Shane utb with the Plastics. Alex has already argued with Morgan about not believing Monte but she still is. They may not be cuddling yet but this is the couple I’m worried about.
    *I love Shelby and Justin but honestly I don’t know if they’re going to be able to help themselves even with us helping.
    * I Wish Justin would stop telling Scott everything!

    • caRyn

      What does this mean:
      Monte and the Plastics know that Shane, Danielle and CB want Shelby gone and she has asked them to take care of it this week but they won’t. (That should be telling Shelby something)

      • Mell

        Shelby knows that Shane and Danielle were trying to have her put up instead of Krissi. If Monte and the other girls really had Shelbys back, they would vote out Danielle since she’s otb already. They also know CB was trying really hard to get Shelby to go up. He wants her out also.

        I wrote that b4 I heard Shelby say that even tho CB hates her, she still wants to vote out Krissi. I guess if she doesn’t mind then neither should I. Lol

      • caRyn

        Shelby has all kinds of hg gunning for to get her out. Kryssie and Shelby do not like one another and they are both throwing each other UTB. They were OTT Jamboree. That went south. Kryssie spoke to Shelby a few minutes ago but I haven’t heard what was said yet. Now Shelby and Alex are talking.

  10. Mell

    Did anyone hear Monte tell Morgan that Danielle was being a typical bi**h? I read it on twitter but didn’t hear it. He supposedly said it because Morgan said that Danielle is influencing Shane.
    He got his undies in a knot because Jason doesn’t care for Whitney tho?

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