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Tuesday Night Eviction Thread – Final Four



Here we go. More hotel blogging, but neither of us (my wife – sounds weird – and I) can’t miss Frankie walking out the door.

Note – the header with the houseguests won’t be updated until Thursday evening
I’m sure that question will be asked, so hopefully you guys can clear it up when people ask why soandso isn’t listed as HoH.

It’s been a great vacation so far, and it’s been a great week for it. The feeds have been down since yesterday and won’t be back up until about midnight est (my guess).  That said, it was pretty clear who would be heading home tonight and I have a feeling Cat fans won’t be happy (Sam and Cat…. if you don’t have a kid. If you don’t know the character Ariana Grande plays, don’t seek it out. Trust me. It’s painful)


Note 2 – America’s Favorite is out. We need to get the BB community out in full force this season.  All it will take is one tweet from Ariana to give Frankie a ton of votes. Make sure you cast your vote – all 20.  Every vote countes

Click here to vote for America’s Favorite!


  • 5:00pm – And we’re off!
  • Highlights from the last episode
  • Julie revealing that Victoria is now the pawn, but the veto could change everything (it won’t)
  • Highlights of Caleb’s dumb conversation with Frankie basically revealing Frankie was screwed
  • Derrick and Cody are not too happy about Caleb’s big mouth (DR session)
  • Everyone was studying, then they cut to Victoria staring at the bread.
  • Frankie and Derrick get the final Team America card. If either of them win, they get an extra $50k
  • 5:12pm – Commercial
  • 5:15pm – Back
  • Julie Chen shows a ‘live’ view of the house with Frankie and Victoria sitting in the nomination chairs. Then she says the veto could change everything.
  • Veto highlight.  Cody isn’t very confident about his 2:21 time.  They stop the competition at 2:21:01, so we never get to see the official times.. but Derrick would have been a close second.
  • Veto meeting. Frankie asks to use the veto so Derrick can be on the block. He was pretty upset when not used.
  • Frankie to DR about the group – Are you going to choose greed or honor. Umm… greed.  They joined a game show for money.
  • 5:30pm – Commercial 
  • (showing casting commercial for BB17. yay!  Time to apply!)
  • 5:35pm – Votes
  • Cody – Frankie, Derrick – Frankie
  • Frankie is gone!
  • Before he left, Frankie told Cody ‘I’ve had better’. Told Derrick to keep the fish alive, and for Victoria to win something.
  • 5:45pm – Commercial
  • 5:50pm – HoH competition. 
  • HoH competition was a before/after competition. Derrick and Cody finished with a tie on the last question.  Tiebreaker: Derrick wins HoH – Bye bye Caleb
  • Friday’s episode is when the first part of the final competition.

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  1. Avatar

    the craziest thing would be if Victoria wins and she takes Cody to final two. Then she would truly deserve to win. But that will never happen 🙂

  2. Rita

    http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/favorite-houseguest-vote/ Don’t forget to post the voting link for AFP Stevebeans.

    I voted for Donny but I fear Zach and Donny may be splitting the vote which could cause Frankie to win. Hopefully Ariana’s fan won’t take the time to log in to CBS to vote. Most of them aren’t even old enough to vote anyway.

    And we already know Frankie is gone and Derrick won HOH.

  3. Avatar

    There was a leak! Frankie goes home and Derrick won HOH! So it looks like Caleb will be headed out right behind Frankie boy unless he wins the veto.

  4. Avatar

    So in the preview section of tonight’s show, for the first time all season (as far as I’m aware) the announcer refers to Frankie as “Ariana’s brother” instead of by his name. What’s up with that?? No special treatment here, huh, CBS/Big Brother?? Sheesh.

    • Avatar

      I noticed that too. another thing to make viewers doubt CBS’s ability to be unbiased.

    • Rita

      I’m beginning to think we don’t have much to worry about when it comes to Ariana after seeing this nydailynews.com

      “Pint-sized pop star Ariana Grande had a choice word for fans after a recent radio show visit: Die!

      [email protected] has learned that while visiting a Manhattan radio station this summer, the 21-year-old “Better Left Unsaid” singer should’ve left her thoughts unsaid.

      “She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator,” a stunned industry insider tells us. “And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f—king die.’ ”

      I feel better now and I don’t feel worried about the vote for AFP. I don’t know if the term “One hit wonder” fits here but I’m sure there is a term for the Grande future.

      • Avatar

        That sounds exactly like something Frankie would say… cut from the same cloth?!

      • Avatar

        That is sick. Sadly, though, even after hearing about this, her fans wont care. They’ll still worship her. Why can people not see through them like us??

      • Avatar

        In all fairness, this is a gossip blurb in the NY Daily News. The fact that it says Ariana visited a radio station THIS SUMMER and it is now being written about is very suspect. I think some gossip monger is jumping on the “Hate Frankie” bandwagon and is taking it out on his sister. The comment (if even said by Ariana) is completely out of context. For all we know, she could have been referring to the people at the radio station who interviewed her. Maybe it was a lousy interview and she was upset afterwards. Still, a strong comment to make about anyone if in fact she did make that comment. For the Frankie haters out there, they’ll want to believe this. I’m just saying that we should keep an open mind and not necessarily believe all the comments we’ll be hearing or blogs we’ll be reading in the near future.

  5. Avatar

    I thought we were voting for zack?…
    Donny’s already set with his new acting career.

  6. Avatar

    I have to admit I love seeing Frankie freak the bleep out!!

    • Rita

      I really think he was thinking Julie was going to say “Frankie, you are safe”. Bye Bye Frankie.

      I hated him squeezing in time talking over Julie. He’s 31 years old and should start acting like it.

      • Avatar

        He claims that he is 28 haha

      • Rita

        And he acts like he’s 14.

      • Avatar

        and looks like he’s 40

      • Avatar

        Ridden hard and put away wet. oops my bad

      • Avatar

        and our feelings for him are ageless.

      • Avatar

        WE all know Fakie is a liar

        … I do have to admit 30 was hard one me too …but I never lied …just bitched about being old .. turning 30 harder than 50

      • Avatar

        He is 31(almost 32) he needs to get over it. When I turn 30 it hit me like a lead balloon I got over it in a few days.

      • Avatar

        By the way 50 was a piece of cake

      • Avatar

        Yes 50 was easy …so much more wisdom than at 30
        ….I just said well I made it to 50 …
        I am still breathing in and out …YAY …I survived the kids teenage years … mission accomplished

      • Avatar

        I always looked much younger than my age, so 30 was more funny than anything. Lots of NO WAY!!! and demands to see my license. It was nice, but also sucked because I was always getting asked out by 22 year olds instead of guys my age. 40 wasn’t a big deal. I just turned 45 and that was kind of hard because I know I have pretty much lost the chance to have children. That sucks. I have never lied about my age and never will, because there’s no point. I’m 45 whether I look it or not.

      • Avatar

        Jenny, it’s great that you look younger than your age! I’m 47 and like you I also have no children and always say my actual age to whoever asks.

      • Avatar

        Thanks, Lilly. It wasn’t so great when I was 21 and people thought I was in high school. Or when I’d go out with a group and I’d be the only one carded. I actually got carded at a liquor store on my 33rd birthday, and the guy seriously thought I might not be old enough. The other cashier knew me and assured him that yes, my ID was legit. For those youngun’s out there, don’t smoke, and DO use sunscreen. I always had a baby face but smoking and tanning will age you in a hurry.

      • Avatar

        I remember the last time I got carded ….I said thank you ..and REALLY …made my day

  7. Avatar

    Julie tweeted a selfie with Frankie and deleted it

  8. Avatar

    Steve Beans, I’m not sure if you are aware but there was a leak on the live feeds being down earlier and it showed who got voted out and who if HOH Of final 4. Am I aloud to announce spoilers in this thread ?

  9. Avatar

    According to a couple of Frankie’s Facebook pages…..he’s an ‘actor/director’ now too….LOL I paid a visit to a couple of them last night to leave a few choice comments. Never heard of his sister before this season, but she has HIS face, so there;ll be NO Ariana Grande albums in MY collection. She strikes me as some sort of ‘troll’ as well. Last week I saw posts from her in the comment threads of a couple of serious news stories…..asking people to ‘like’ her Facebook page. These were stories on the ISIS beheadings & the Ebola virus. I guess the over-inflated ego runs in the family.

  10. Avatar

    As expected, because the eviction was not live and was probably full of CBS employees, Frankie didn’t even get one boo. I thought he deserved a few more than Christine. Both of them were the worse this season.

  11. Avatar

    Voted for Donny 20 times. Will again everyday also. Want him to know he is loved and had a lot of fans.

  12. Avatar

    I’m glad he didn’t get boo’ed. There’s far more than enough hate in the world.

  13. Avatar

    Caleb has to win the POV or he is going home.

  14. Avatar

    Okay, I love Zack, but Americas Favorite Player will be between Donny and Frankie, thanks Ariana, so let’s make sure Donny gets as many votes as possible. Donny might lose out because votes are split between him and other houseguests, leaving Frankie as the winner, and no one wants that. I have already used mine, my husbands and my daughters votes for Donny. I will be voting everyday, obviously I have no life.

  15. Avatar

    My Donny-voting-finger hurts.

  16. Avatar

    Donny will get my votes. Though I always cheer for the one I think was the most strategic and did whatever had to be done to win the game, I also always vote for the one I think was the most ethical and caring person, in their heart, for real. That was Donny this season, I think.

  17. danmtruth

    Just shows how the production do a hero cut. To make one house guest look good. As many people called it. The audience was filled with production staff who just sat there as window dressing. Imagine if Frankie came out with his glitter throwing to a room full of booing people. As it should had been . Julie gave a softball interview. Feeding into his ego. Talking about being himself and playing with integerty and honesty. What!?!!? Where does ridiculing people fall in there. What about calling for a women to be raped fit in with your integerty. The first night you brag about the main rule is to lie. Insted of saving Donny you decided to put on a show. That went over so well you lost 5K. You tried to Backdoor your alliance early . That’s why they never trusted you. What production could have done was tape the show all the way to the eviction . Put Frankie in a sequestered room for last night when this happend. Than bring you out live tonight to a live reaction. To hear true reaction to the eviction from real fans.

    Just got done with my 20 votes for Donny thanks

    • Rita

      I thought the episode was going to a lot different after hearing Frankie’s plea to Cody for the veto. According to the feeds his speech was a longer and more humorous. For a few minutes there I thought he was finally going to get the edit he deserved.

    • Avatar

      I agree danmtruth, and am still so mad about how blatant they were about the special treatment they gave Frankie. As producers of this show, it was not their place to single out a particular house guest to do something like this. As I said in my previous post, it was crystal clear that they had no intention, whatsoever, of allowing their golden boy to come out to boos.

      • Avatar

        Maybe Fakie had clauses or stipulations in his contract ..or are they all the same … betcha Fakie had some lawyers negotiating his contract.

      • Avatar

        I thought this taping was scheduled weeks ago. How is it special treatment. You dont know who was in the audience, do you? You saying ‘it is obvious it was cbs staff’ isnt proof to me. Show me evidence.

      • danmtruth

        They taped this a day ago. So they need an audience they could control and be sure no one tweeted what happend. That’s why I said it was staff people

      • Avatar

        Correct, to a point. They are not full time CBS staff. It was explained last year that they are “day players”, people used on various shows for crowds and background purposes. They agree to “no disclosure” about the show to ensure further opportunities for that irregular work. They agree to that on all shows where they work because CBS doesn’t want the next big plot twist in NCIS exposed just as much as they wanted to maintain the surprise outcome of this show.

        Last year’s audiences was told to cheer or boo as they saw fit, just allow for an orderly production. Admittedly their knowledge of what was going on in the game is probably minimal but this is done for production reasons, not to benefit any particular player. No matter who was evicted the audience would have been the same people.

      • Avatar

        Really, DanDaMan? Where is your proof about those audience statements?

      • Avatar

        Be careful, asking for evidence and expecting logical, rational thought is offensive to some here. How about the growing myth of “calling for a women to be raped”? How does joking about three people getting drunk together and having sex they will regret morph into calling for rape? The premise was absurd and that is why they all laughed. Haters just gotta hate.

      • Avatar

        Like I care if I offend people on this site or anywhere for that matter. That being said, im sorry if I offended you dan. I read your posts and agree with about 80% of what you say, you are my fav. Take care

      • Avatar

        Whoa Rachel, what we have here is a failure to communicate lol. I am a firm believer in supplying examples and evidence to support assertions as you asked for. I am, as I believe you are, mildly annoyed by people who make wild, emotional proclamations as truths when they are simply their personal emotionalized perception of reality. On other threads people asking for evidence have been accused of being “offensive” {B-rizzle in da house?} when they have been anything but. Thank you for your kind words and your posts are always a must read and think about for me.

      • Avatar

        Also, we all have said offensive things we regret in front of others. Unfortunately for frankie, he said it in front of millions. Besides his constant groping, the rape comment, and his narcissistic ugliness…. I prob wouldnt boo that kinda stuff. Arryn and christine deserved it, im torn i guess

      • Jannie

        It’s ok Rachel. Lots of Frankie haters here. All the guys laughed at his JOKE about Vic. Yes, even Derrick the cop. But be careful. Some of the regulars here don’t like it when we non regulars have a say.

      • Avatar

        Dan – you just won’t quit will you – your posting here under several different names giving oppossing views just to “stir the pot” is laughable – you have tried on numerous occassions to downplay the episode of 4 sober men and 1 sober woman discussing – laughing and presenting scenerios of “taking all of Victorias virginities” -(I will let everyone use their imaginations on what all her virginities represent)- you can talk for days and give all your lame “educated” bluster on why this was just a joke and meant nothing – respectable, decent people do not have the capacity nor inclination to even broach a subject such as this – nor to attempt to defend those that do – with your elitist attitude that you have consistantly displayed this entire season you have often (especially on this subject) exposed your desire to deliberately go against the grain in an effort to bolster your self concieved intelligence – when someone disagrees you quickly show your true colors and begin to berate, accuse and name call the poster ( I have personally been the rescipient of some of your diatrides) – Frankie spoke to Cody soon after this incident and lauded the rape scene in Showgirls as ridiculously true to life and that it was a “must see” – this is the man that a short time before was as you claim JOKING about taking ALL a professed vigin’s virginities – that shouldn’t make sense to even someone like yourself – it was absolutely disgusting – immoral and reprehensible – and to continue to attempt to defend and minimize this horrific display you certainly should be marked as one of them. I don’t believe we have heard the last of this since her family has entered the fray – it certainly would not be if Victoria was my daughter.

      • Avatar

        Paranoid much. I post here under one name, I explained why early on it varied in format but as I just stay logged in now, it is always the same. But in event it was only Dandaman versus DanDaMan. I post under no other logins here and if this is like other blog setups I have seen SB’s ISP records can verify that. Most servers log such traffic. I think if you reported me to him as such a malcontent disrupting the vibe around here he would investigate and be able to tell you that you are just afraid of the shadows. While not among the majority here there are others who disagree with your rabid hatred of Frankie.

        You can’t seem to accept people have opinions different from yours and are allowed to disagree with yours. I have in no way been elitist, I have replied to all. When anything is presented as opinion I read, think about it and move along, but when people start presenting their opinion as fact I do speak out for the benefit of other’s who might be mislead. Are you implying that logic and rational thought are somehow elitist?

        They second discussion you are so desperate to somehow relate to the first took place the following day, in a different setting and with a different group. There was no reference to the first conversation during the second conversation. They are two different situations linked only by your blatant bias against Frankie.

        None of the people laughing at that time were laughing about raping Victoria, they were laughing about a drunken Victoria having sex. Rape is not sex, it is violence. And I think this will amount to about the same as the rabid hysteria over Spencer’s attempt at humor last year – it will be forgotten 15 minutes after the finale.

      • Avatar

        John Ruth. Amen to everything you said!! I agree 100% with everything you said. Some ppl on here look for posts that they can try and insult and intimidate them about. That is just plain bullying which shows immensely insecure individual. Almost every posting on sites like this are opinions and almost everyone knows this. You don’t have to say every time that “in my opinion” because to a sane individual that is a known. People like to disagree and agree with postings and give their own opinion. Most here respect that and enjoy the interaction but you have the few(thank goodness) that come on here looking for a fight and go out of their way to intentially(in my opinion) in an intentially nasty way insult and berate other peoples opinions. These people do this because intimidating and insulting others feeds their egos. That is their purpose in posting comments trying to insult others. This type of person has no other satisfaction in life and could never do this to anyone face to face. This is cowardly. He calls people haters. The purpose of bb is everyone watching sees things differently. Everyone loves (likes)some of HG and hates (dislikes)others. If the viewers did not feel this way there would be no bb show, no live feeds and no blogs, forums or webpages about bb. I just feel sorry for the new person who comes to this site innocently posting their opinion and getting a nasty and insulting reply by dannotmuchofaman. I’m sure it shocks them so much they don’t come back. People come here for fun and see what others think about things and not to get nasty insulting sarcastic replies because he doesn’t like their opinion. There is absolutely no call for anyone to act this way to their fellow citizens. What a sad life he must have.

      • Avatar

        DanDaMan: Simply because someone’s expressed opinions on this site aren’t in agreement with your own, they shouldn’t be insulted for expressing them nor should their opinions be considered to be irrational or illogical. We both know to what I’m referring. We all view things from our own perspective. As long as the conversation remains civil, people should be allowed to express their opinions and not be attacked by the cyber bully(ies) on this site. I use logic in my comments; the fact that some cannot, or choose not, to see the logic in my comment(s) is of no real significance to me.

      • Avatar

        I agree. Everyone has an opinion on the whole Frankie thing. I for one was appalled by some of things that came out of his mouth. He said some horrible things about just about everyone in the house. At the same time I respect anyone’s rights to say what they want to say as long as they are not rude and crude with their comments. We don’t have to put each other down to voice our opinions. Just saying

      • Avatar

        They could not have anyone in audience but staff because of keeping evictin secret. One tweet or text or FB and it’s all over internet. This taping had high security because of that. None of us can show you evidence but it is self evident and common sense. Can’t afford for secret to get out with real audience.

  18. Avatar

    Thanks Steve for keeping us informed all summer! I really appreciate your time and effort!!

  19. Avatar

    HOH SHOULD BE A DO-OVER. Derrick heard the audience gasp with one of the questions and quickly changed his answer….Not cool or NOT FAIR!

  20. Avatar

    I hate to be “that guy”, but isn’t Wednesday a live eviction and Friday a “special” show…?

    • Avatar

      Yes. Friday’s ‘special’ show will be what would normally have happened on Sunday, since there is no Sunday show. The ‘special’ is only a special time/day.

      • Avatar

        No Friday will more than likely, will be when the house guests sit down to discuss the other players who are gone.

      • Avatar

        I think you’re right Sandra ftsm, and to me that could be eliminated. It’s generally boring. I’d much rather them show more of jury house instead.

      • Avatar

        I think it will definitely have that package where the jury sits around and talks about the contenders but that will not be the entirety of the show. Another might feature those evicted before jury reflecting on the season. We should also get to see Caleb’s arrival at jury and maybe Frankie’s if they don’t have time to get it ready for the Wednesday show. I believe last year they also covered the first of the three final competitions for HoH. I can’t remember if they held just the last comp for HoH and eviction for the finale or if they also covered the middle competition as well. In any event all of that will be divided up between Friday and the folloewing Wednesday shows.

      • Avatar

        That’s what I thought also. Kind of a recap of season

  21. Avatar

    Well Mango is out. He didn’t win $500,000.
    Let’s celebrate that guys.

  22. Avatar

    “Everyone was studying, then they cut to Victoria staring at the bread”
    OMG Stevebeans, that was SO FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh!!!

    Is it just me or was Frankie the whiniest HG EVER about being on the block?? I know Victoria thinks she’s a princess but Frankie is the biggest princess in the house. Or, he WAS. SO HAPPY he’s gone. I don’t ever want to see his nipples again. Or any of the rest of his creepy orange old man body.

  23. Avatar

    When will we find out who Derrick puts up on the block? I would assume it will be Caleb and Victoria…

  24. Avatar

    Last night’s BBAD… they were talking about Heidi Klum’s halloween party (Cody’s brother was there last year). Frankie throws out how a couple of his best friends went, and some of his other best friends worked there as dancers, so he almost went, but had his own party instead. Then said Heidi Klum’s party is the best… well, Heidi Klum’s and Frankie Grande’s parties, those are the best ones in New York.
    Frankie is definitely Frankie’s biggest fan.

  25. Avatar

    i voted 40 times for donny on 2 different accounts.. i usually dont post but boy am i glad frankie is gone.. my hubby has watched the whole season with me and i think he is happier then me lol.. i usually pick 2-4 ppl the very 1st episode who i like just from bio’s and normally at least 1 makes it to final 2.. well so far both guys i picked (from their bio’s) is in the final 4 .. derrick and caleb.. as much as i love caleb and he makes me laugh i am routing for derrick to take it all.. of course i would love to see them both sitting in final 2 but if that was to happen caleb may have a chance to beat derrick.. so dont want that to happen.. i see derrick and victoria sitting in final 2.. idk why but if they can get caleb out next and derrick can pull out the next hoh i can see him taking victoria to the final 2 cuz there would be a 5% chance cody may win over derrick (this could be his thinking if he makes the deccision to take v to the final 2) of course this is totally me guessing as to what could possibly be a senerio.. ok yall prolly want me to shut up now so i am lol

    • Rita

      It’s going to be a tough week (day) for Derrick. He should try to get Caleb out but how can he put Caleb on the block after Caleb kept him off this week?
      The best part of this season comes down to the last 2 weeks.

      Cody almost lost me when he threatened to put Caleb up and then didn’t but then completely lost me when he didn’t put up Frankie. Cody will be famous for what he DIDN’T do.

      • Avatar

        I want to see Caleb win pov and take self off and make a big move and vote out Cody. But if he did win he’d probably vote out Vic. Derrick and Cody will be talking to him about doing that if he gets pov. But I want some excitement although I think if Caleb happened to win the last pick he would take Derrick. Derrick wins by landslide no wonder who he is against

      • Avatar


        Derrick will get rid of Caleb ecause this is Big Brother. He is there to win.

        Derrick knows he has jury votes. Possibly losing Frankie and Caleb wont affect him much.

    • Avatar

      My dog and I are going to give Donny a bunch of votes. Heck, my cats might get themselves online to vote for him, too!

  26. Avatar

    Frankie will not win fan favorite and Victoria better not go to final two. I’m for Cody!

  27. Avatar

    No more Flaunting From Frankie the Fairy, Fabulous 🙂

  28. danmtruth

    So now Frankie can go to jury house and continue his honest game with integery So now Frankie and Donny can reprise team America in the jury house. I think not!
    Caleb must know he is not safe. Big decisions for Derrick His game hangs in the balance I like how the first thing out of Caleb is he knew the answers !

  29. Avatar

    Frankie got evicted, the reaction from the audience was not what I was expecting, everyone cheered, no boos. Derrick won HOH and ultimately will be nominating Victoria and Caleb.
    Victoria will probably be sent next, unless Caleb becomes the target and doesn’t win POV .
    Caleb threw the idea out there to nominate Derrick because he never been nominated and that didn’t sit well with Derrick.
    Guess it all depends on who is the bigger target and Caleb is a big one, he can’t keep his mouth shut and that will bite him in the butt soon .

    • Avatar

      Pretty sure the fact that Caleb can’t keep his mouth shut is already biting him in the butt. The plan is to target him. Derrick and Cody decided that when he ran his mouth to Frankie (again) this last week.

  30. Avatar

    I’m very excited Derek got the HOH, but this is a very tough spot…we all know that Derek will put up Caleb and Victoria-Caleb will win Power of Veto, no question so that pulls him off (I don’t think Caleb will be mad that Derek put him on the block; I think he understands right now it is the money they are playing for) that puts up Cody next to Vic…I’m not a fan of Caleb’s but other than the final 4 alliance with Frankie- he seems like a very loyal guy..in the Cody vs Vic Scenario I see Derick gunning for Cody to go-(Caleb and Cody are pretty close) word gets back to Cody, Caleb evicts Victoria and then Derrick becomes a target and Caleb and Cody go to F2? OMG not a fan of that scenario but the only thing I can think of that would get Derrick booted? In the other scenario-Caleb and VIC on block and Caleb doesn’t get Power of Veto and then Caleb goes? pretty good odds both Vic and Cody would take Derrick to F2?? oh and tonight’s episode cracked me up-when they all were voting Frankie out they were all trying to hide their excitement about it, I’m suprised that Frankie didn’t pick up on it and lol Team Derrick-wooohooooo almost there-wish the live feeds were back up-I don’t have access to them but would like to see clips of him and Cody strategizing on how to get Caleb out..

  31. Avatar

    I wonder if they will show us Frankie arriving to jury house?

    • Avatar

      They should have enough time to get it in the Wednesday show, he most likely arrived there Tuesday afternoon which gives them 24 hours to put together the edit. Donny had quite the burn for Christine with his attorney comment, maybe he will ask Frankie if Derrick ate all the apple pie?

  32. Avatar

    I doubt that it was done on purpose (probably more a relfex action,) but looks like Derrick won HoH by changing his last answer after hearing the audience reaction:


  33. Avatar

    Now that Frankie is going to the jury house BB needs to get Zach and Hayden male versions of the chastity belt, no cameras to show what he will be attempting to do to them. Donny would verbally put him in his sorry place so he is hopefully safe.

  34. Avatar

    caleb has to win pov or just give derrick the $. offcourse caleb is nieve and truley believes he is in with the final three deal. we know different. even though caleb is nieve, i like how he has opened up in the last month and been the only entertaining one left. nothing against derick. he has played the best game clearly of all of them. i’d like to see caleb in the final three to compete to be in the final two. and take cody. who he has a 50/50 chance to beat. if caleb does not win the pov it would be funny as hell to see victoria win the final hoh and ko cody to make it to the final two. if she wins the last hoh it is possibe she can actually win it all

  35. Avatar

    20 votes for zach. bless donny he will likely win. i just like zach better. rooting for caleb in an everything has to go rite for him to make it to final two. let alone win. this may sound mean but i’d love to see derrick go out third. his first time on the block. also caleb can win it all if he wins pov and hoh then take cody. jacasta,donny, hayden and nichole will all vote together. thats four of the five needed. caleb could just possibly win it all. he is cocky. yes. but ya gotta admit he is loyal. literally loyal to a fault. and has been the only fun one left in the game since zack left. cody on the other hand has basically been victoria.b. following derrick s coat tails the whole game.

  36. Rita

    DERRICK nominated CALEB & VICTORIA for eviction.

  37. Avatar

    Well watching BBAD on tv. So far so boring. Another night were they put me right to sleep.

  38. Avatar

    Tonight’s episode was so scripted and fake. Honestly, not sure how much more I can take that they allowed this ‘audience’ to clap when we all know real people would boo Frankie to his crying point. Does CBS think we are this ignorant? Didn’t they tape the exit on Monday? I am okay that he left the house, but CBS has really shown their hands on this one…the Grande gravy train I suppose.

  39. Avatar

    Yay, Skankie Frankie is out of the house!!!

  40. Avatar

    Omg. I am so glad that Frankie was evicted, but I think we were cheated out of the boo’s he would of received if it was a “true” audience. I hate to say it but I think the snotsucker is getting a cold. That means we get to listen to him do that disgusting suck and swallow even more. It just flips my stomach!!!! His family should of called him out on that a long time ago. Can’t believe a girl would kiss him. Probly why he does not have a girlfriend now. On o last note Caleb needs to quit picking his sores!!!! Those two are just disgusting. They probly dig in there but and smell their fingers.

  41. Avatar

    well now that we know how it going to end. one last thumbs up for booting mango

  42. Avatar

    It will be interesting to see how Frankie acts in the jury house as there’s few camera and there’s no game/money to win. Will Frankie continue to hug/grope the guys….doubt it.

  43. Avatar

    It’s funny how no one wanted to be evicted before Victoria and many of them have.

  44. Avatar

    Cody won veto???it is 99 percent solidified that Derek will win now-yayay team Derek, but would be nice to see Cody go against Derek and vote Vic out-all he has to say to stay in Derek’s good graces is just say she is a weak player and boom done-make side deal with Caleb and get Derek out and then it is Cody and Caleb in F2…how much is Cody going to be kicking himself when watches the season back and Derek wins Final 3 Hoh and his final decision takes Vic for the easy win…….I wonder if Cody will vote against Derek at that point, oh and by some chance Derek goes to jury who would he vote for between Cody, Caleb and Victoria

  45. danmtruth

    Combo of Caleb big mouth and the fact he can beat Cody or Derrick means he’s out How many people in the jury house thought that they had a F3 or F2 deal with Derrick ?

  46. Avatar

    So, when BB16 is over & done, what will these HGs do? Will Frankie get hosting jobs, acting jobs, etc? (maybe not as many as he thinks) Will Victoria continue her photog business? (probably) Will Zach get any job offers? (maybe, otherwise he just goes back home). Will Christine get any jobs? Obviously Derrick will get his job back (he took leave of absence). Anyone else?

    Hopefully Donny will get his job back!

    • danmtruth

      Yes Marie2 Frankie will build his you tube business . Personal appearances for many at different places. Keep building and keeping his name out in the public eye. Trying to be famous for being famous. Caleb I see being taken advantage of by low rent scummy talent agent. He will get involved in bad investments. Be paraded around by his agent getting nickels on the dollar for appearing at places . His agent will make more Spend money on studio time to record that CD that never gets released. Christine perhaps a season on Dr.Drew marriage rehab? Derrick leaves the police force and becomes a guest speaker Lecturing on undercover work and manipulating suspect Hayden Nicole date for a short time than Nicole goes back home Hayden comes for a few visits than it just fades away Nichole is nursing Victoria meet Derricks family is overwhelmed and runs back to her family Meets a nice older Jewish banker and shops Zach gets paid to hang out at frat party’s Shows up on MTV ever so often . Wakes up finds he is 37 and wonders where did his youth go. Cody goes thru a string of relationships many older women a few men sprinkled in a few young girls just can’t find the wright girl Donny goes home to his girlfriend and marries her slips back into the easy life has invested well watches what he spends on and enjoys his life

  47. Avatar

    I was again let down by the powers that be at CBS tonight. No hard hitting questions at all for Frankie? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised and really this is what I expected. But I’m actually just disappointed. I really hoped that after so many people have blogged or tweeted or whatever that they might at least ask one hard hitting question. Only thing I can figure is Julie wants to be a pop star and meet Justin Bieber too.

  48. Avatar

    I think Julie Chen should be fired!!! Last year when Aaron was evicted, she was questioned about comments said in the house. Why was Frankie not questioned? Why was there absolutely no mention or conversation about the hateful comments Frankir made and why did Julie Chen treat Frankie like a celebrity? Also, why did they allow booing for Christine, yet not Mango? Frankie said Jocasta should kill herself, made comments about Victoria being taped followed with lude gestures and claimed lesbians are lesbians because they choose to be and have bad relationship experiences. There was no mention of any of this. Is CBS afraid of little girls who follow a wannabe pop star who doesn’t even like or appreciate her own fans? The same diva who has gotten thrown off a set, mentioned her fans should die and comments about people following her in the comment section of an article about ISIS, an organization that allows 10 year olds to walk around with human heads on a stuck and posts videos where a fellow American had his head slowly and painfully sawed off? People think this is right or acceptable??This should have been addressed. It is very very clear and obvious that CBS is on Ariana Grande’s personal payroll. Maybe CBS should be investigated for corruption and accepting bribes. I’m honestly absolutely disgusted right now. Darn right Frankie deserved to walk out that door but I feel bad for Victoria’s parents. I’m sure they were looking for vindication from CBS for their error in judgement for allowing Frankie’s disgusting comments to make the cut on BBAD, of which, they got none. This proves that reality television isn’t so real. It’s staged, edited and clearly fixed. I’ve lost all respect for CBS. As far as the Grande siblings are concerned, Kharma is a real beotch and Ariana has her days as a pop star numbered. She’ll be another Justin bieber, petitions being circulated to President Obama and the Whitehouse, begging them to remove her from the Unitrd States. And for Frankie, I hope Victoria has brothers or cousins or someone who weighs more than the 120 pounds that little puke weighs because I’m sure if she does, they’ll be paying him a visit once the show is over. Goodbye Frankie. You will not be missed.

  49. Avatar

    bb 16 has literally been the most boring predidicable bb ever. only one player actually played. and we all know who that is. i feel like a fool for watching all summer knowing whats gonna happen. all votes every week exept for one has been unamious. btw. i said in the third week on tbis post that this game was going to be a cake walk for derrick. reasons i stated were. with his work when he was undercover his job was to fit in, gather intel, and get people to do things and have them think they thought of it. its simply not fair or on the level. i domt blame derrick for using his training to easily win this thing. ( didnt hurt at all to have a brain dull cast as well) i blame cbs for letting him play. he is using undercover tactics 101. thats excactly what i said he would do amd do it easily in week 3. i got a lot of thums down for stating the facts. i hope some of you remember that post. and here we are. derrick easily wins. good for him. i mean that. but had an un fa advantage. shame on cbs for casting him.it would be like having a hold your breath underwater contest with a navy seal. simp,y not fair. derrick predictable played all of them like a fiddle.first one in bb history to never be on the block never on the hot seat even once. lol. made for bad t.v.

  50. Avatar

    this years slogan to me was predict the predictable. certanly not expect the unexpected.

  51. Avatar

    we were CHEATD. That’s all I can say, and Frankie thinks we like him

  52. Avatar

    Ok im running this scenario in my head
    The best option for derrick
    Is time he makes a real move in this game
    Put up CODY…..
    Vuctoria is garantee to take him, and she is always the pawn

    Caleb is loyal and if derrick puts in cody that will lock in a “f2” caleb x derrick in calebs head…. and caleb will stick with it because he thinks he can beat derrick.

    Cody on the other hand is loyal but a bit smarter than caleb and soon will figure out he cant beat derrick in the f2, so there is a chance he could take victoria….

    So y take the risk derrick……

    • Avatar

      *Spoiler Alert*

      Caleb/Victoria nominated, Cody has won POV and is sounding like he will vote out Caleb. That could switch to Victoria but is unlikely. It looks like Derrick is sticking to the plan he outlined in his pre-show interview: form an early 2 man alliance, work with others as a secret twosome and try to take it to the end. Any play is a risk and I think Derrick is putting everything on being the final HoH and choosing who to sit next to in the finale. The interesting question for me is will he stick to that or dump Cody for Victoria? We know he doesn’t need to but does he?

      • Avatar

        Ohhh ok ok

        Didnt know the spoilers

        Well then
        I think cody will flip if he gets the chance
        Especially now that he has won a fww comps….

      • Avatar

        I have been more intrigued by Derrick’s game and you may be right about Cody. He has had flashes of good game play but he also has been as susceptible to Derrick’s manipulation as any of the others and moreso than quite a few. That would be a true test of Derrick’s game, can he convince Cody to take him to the F2 over Victoria? Given his track record Cody will think about doing it, it would be the right choice, but he will chicken out at the end and bend to Derrick’s will.

        Though with all our speculation, the perverse nature of the game will probably make it Victoria the one having to choose lol.

      • Avatar

        Cody looked pretty pissed last night that he didn’t win hoh.

        He was either worried that Derrick would put h up, or he was hoping to make a move.

      • Avatar

        He’ll be even more pissed once he finds out that Derrick won by cheating:


      • Avatar

        Well it was Julie who left the mike open while she was not speaking, it is that button in her hand, so she would have to be complicit in the cheating. Cody and Victoria heard the same gasp over the conflicting answers [I don’t think the audience knew who was right, they were just reacting to a mixed vote which would mean someone was wrong] and they had the same chance as Derrick to reconsider and alter their vote. It appears to me to just be a production error and does not really rise to the level of “cheating”. When a referee or umpire makes a mistake the team or person that is benefited is not considered to be cheating … unless of course you are rooting for the team/player on the short end of the stick.

      • Avatar

        That’s very astute. As much as I tend to think BB production has been assisting Derrick, there is a possibility that, because of his police training, Derrick knew enough to listen for any signals that would alert him during that competition. His coming within 40 when he guessed the amount at the end of that competition was also rather suspect, IMO, particularly since Cody’s guess was so far from the actual number. Also, I kept noticing that Derrick had his hand up to his face during this competition, or on the bridge of his nose. During most of the competition he was continually looking down. Curiouser and curiouser. In any event, my theories are my theories and if no one agrees with them, that’s perfectly fine as well. I think Cody suspects that Derrick will opt to take Victoria to the final 2 if he makes the last HOH and that’s why he’s getting nervous right about now. I still say I would love to see anybody other than Derrick in the final 2. There should be a “bubble” somewhere in this game for him. Otherwise he just coasted straight through to the $575,000.

      • Avatar

        I think if you look like you’ve coasted you’ve played really well.

      • Avatar

        I do think that Derrick heard the audience when they gasped (or whatever they did) and immediately moved to the correct answer, but I honestly think it was all done almost by reflex. Julie was telling him she needed an answer, he hears the audience reaction when he stepped on the wrong answer, and just instinctively moved to the other (correct) one.

      • Avatar

        Not cheating unless he arranged for someone to give him that cue. Likely just a mistake by Production letting him hear that sound from the audience.
        The right thing to do would have been to toss out that question completely, and move on to the next one, since there was apparently input from the audience when Derrick made his choice.

      • Avatar

        Donny warned Cody about Derrick’s game and now
        he is probably thinking about it a lot.

      • Avatar

        Once again, Donny told a HG who did not believe him until it was too late. Too bad for Cody, he had a couple of chances to make a move against Derrick but did not do it. In BB loyalty is a money killer.

      • Avatar

        Diane. Derrick said on jokers that he heard audience.

      • Avatar

        Thanks, Trudy. That’s what it looks like in the video clip. He doesn’t look up or anything to indicate he heard them, but you can see that as soon as he does (hear them,) he pauses and moves to the correct answer.

      • Rita

        I thought Derrick said he heard the gasps after he changed his answer.

  53. Avatar

    Ok im running this scenario in my head
    The best option for derrick
    Is time he makes a real move in this game
    Put up CODY…..
    Vuctoria is garantee to take him, and she is always the pawn

    Caleb is loyal and if derrick puts in cody that will lock in a “f2” caleb x derrick in calebs head…. and caleb will stick with it because he thinks he can beat derrick.

    Cody on the other hand is loyal but a bit smarter than caleb and soon will figure out he cant beat derrick in the f2, so there is a chance he could take victoria….

    So y take the risk??

    Without a doubt cody is stupid and brainless and all
    But he has show at times that he can reconize his OWN targets and make the decision on his own to get rid of that person and then he goes confirming with derrick

    • Avatar

      Moot point since Cody won POV

    • Avatar

      Derrick is WAY TOO smart for any of this. And yes it is a moot point since we know Cody has won POV. But, in any case, it DOES NOT matter who he put up. The Final Four is solely determined by the POV.

      To keep his ruse with Victoria, he needed tp put her up. He could have simply done the Skittles thing with the boys telling them that the veto decides things anyways. He only time he needs to show his hand is if he wins the veto.

      There only remain two questions for the show:

      1. If Derrick wins the final question showdown does he really take Cody over Victoria?
      2. More compelling….if Cody wins the final does he throw away $500,000 and take Derrick to the final vote over Victoria and regret it for a long, long time.

      Victoria will take Derrick if somehow she wins the final HOH.

      To me…great, great season….very good players going out at all times of the game.

      And, last night…my first real disappointment….the “private” CBS audience of staffers really did not send Frankie off with a realistic view of the percetion that is all over the internet. And also….it really didn’t give the houseguests inside the real view of the outside world.

      Imagine Derrick’s mind if Frankie would have been deservedly booed like Christine was. That was very disappointing on CBS part…..not sure if it completely framed that way or a coincidence of Frankie going out fifth and that was the schedule.

      Enjoy the rest of the season.

      • Avatar

        Frankie did receive special treatment from Julie, he had more interview time and the reference to his sister was an unfair boost to Frankie’s chance of winning A.F.P.

      • Avatar

        And let’s not forgot the announcer referring to him as “Ariana’s brother” in the beginnning of last night’s show, instead of by his name.

        His eviction was so scripted and the favoritism was so obvious, it wasn’t even funny. Frankie should have been allowed to have been exposed to what the audience (not the CBC crew) really thought of him, not the pixie dust crap we had to endure.

      • Avatar

        I hated that even the hg’s messages were sooooo edited – not ONE bad thing was said. Every other evicted hg got at least 1 scathing goodbye message, but this time it was all “I love you’s”. So edited, you could see all the cuts made to piece it together. And what was up with “Julie, hold my hand”? Really?????

      • Avatar

        yeah I think Victoria’s especially seemed spliced together as if they chose only the nice things. First time they have shown a message from Victoria that didn’t show some kind of negativity/gloating/snarkiness. Would love to see the REST of what she said.
        They literally cut a few words, spliced, a few more words, spliced, and so on… there were no complete thoughts in what was shown

      • leafhopper

        According to every poll I have seen, I really don’t think Frankie stands a chance to win AFP – no matter who his sister is. IF CBS doesn’t interfere.

      • Avatar

        The concern is that she has more than twice the followers than the show has viewers. So if she puts out the “call….”

      • Avatar

        Remember Frankie thought that TA had that play mission won and they lost. Twelve and fourteen year olds could care less about voting for Frankie. Ariana’s followers may vote but they will not vote like Donny and Zach fans. I have already recorded 40 votes for Donny since voting started and by the 22nd will have voted 100 more times. So don’t count Donny or Zach out of the money yet.

      • Avatar

        Based on everything I have seen on other sites, Facebook, etc. if Julie doesn’t say “with the most votes in Big Brother history” or “by the widest margin ever the winner is Donny” it will be received as a sham.

        Now…all the scripting aside….once they get out in the real world theybwill have access to everything we have plus friends and family will certainly tell them. On the other website that rates the houseguests, Donny has been rated #1 since about day 8 and Frankie has been rock bottom, along with Christine for weeks!

      • Avatar

        Supposedly Ariana has something like 6 mil. followers. If only 10% vote for only 1 day, that would equal to 12 million votes. Hard numbers to beat.

      • Avatar

        If they somehow do manage to pull off giving Frankie AFP, I hope the audience boo’s when it is announced.

      • Avatar

        I think Cody would take Derrick. If he believes the Victoria/Derrick fight, he knows he’s got at least 2 for sure votes from the jury by sending out Victoria (with Christine being the other). He probably thinks he’d also have Donny’s vote. Derrick already told all the guys that sitting next to Victoria in the final will look like a coward’s move and probably lose votes, and that’s exactly what Derrick would convince the rest of the jury if Cody voted him out.

      • Avatar

        Major disagreement here….there is NO WAY Christine will vote for Cody. She is 10,000% sure now that her boos were a result of her relationship with Cody and with Tim possibly being in the audience there is not a chance she votes for Cody….under any circumstance. Imagine Derrick beating Cody by an 8-1 votevwith the one vote coming from Christine. She already has a whole bunch of explaining to do.

        Perhaps one of the most crucifying comments of the entirecseason was when they showed the jury house and wevshowing Christine’s eviction series and Donny asked, “you got an attorney?” and they all laughed.

        She certainly knows the perception out there and isn’t going to damage it any deeper, if that is even possible.

      • Avatar

        I think Christine might be looking to spare herself from further persecution from public opinion. She might also be angry at Cody for not giving her a “heads up” about the upcoming eviction. But, Cody’s betrayal of her was no different from what she did to the other houseguests and she might consider that to be a superior game move on Cody’s part.

      • Avatar

        I’m not talking about who will actually vote for who. I’m saying I think Cody will be thinking he has those votes. Rather or not he gets them is another issue.

      • Avatar

        Derrick has said over and over his final two is with Cody but then I’m sure he’s sure he can beat Cody. Cody has been loyal also to Derrick who got him where he is. Does Cody think Derrick can beat him. If he does he is stupid. If he wins all comps and chooses I have no idea who he takes. I would guess Derrick cause of alliance but surely that would mean he thinks he can beat Derrick whereas he knows he can beat Vic.

  54. Avatar

    What if the first, endurance part of the HoH comp is something like the skating challenge of last year and it turns out Victoria, like Gina Marie, has a secret talent in whatever is needed? Derrick and Cody both expect her to lose that one, as well as the second part, so it is a Derrick/Cody face-off in the third part for the final HoH. That is what Spencer and Andy were expecting last year and instead they were both in the second part with GM awaiting her challenger for the third part.

    In any event I think Derrick has to be favored to win the final HoH. I also think he will take Cody and evict Victoria. He will butter her up with “the jury hates me, they like you, I have a family to think of” and send her out to join the jury … but with no time to confer with them and learn some truth. Don’t forget that will be happening during the live finale – out the door, talk to Julie then sit with the jury for Q&A of finalists, then the final speeches, let’s vote.

    I think Derrick wants a complete package. Took his first alliance to the end, never went on the block and beat a worthy player in the vote by an overwhelming majority. I wonder if he will be allowed to out Team America in his final speech? I hope he is, I am a firm supporter of the fully informed jury initiative. Which brings to mind another question.

    It seems Donny is keeping the TA secret in jury, will Frankie? Would he give up his TA winnings in hopes of turning the jury against Derrick [and Donny who has been holding out on them]? He might think letting them know Derrick is playing for $550K will tarnish Derrick as greedy and call into question Donny’s reasons for supporting Derrick [if he does]. I don’t think he will, it would mean giving up the chance to follow through on his promise to build schools.

    • Avatar

      Frankie can say that Derrick told him in his exit message that he opened Pandora’s box, and that he needs votes for the extra $50,000.

    • Avatar

      Vic did say her favorite thing she does back home is to rollerblade on the boardwalk. if it is skating comp…she could win it

      • Avatar

        Oh my gosh you are right, there was the whole story about suing over the crack that tripped her while rollerblading. Everyone is waiting for The Wall and watch BB give us the Disco Skate. Her winning the first round would be a pucker factor of 10 for Derrick and Cody.

      • Avatar

        Really? Did not know that but skating was not all they had to do in that challenge. I don’t see her moving fast for anything.

    • Avatar

      The mere fact that Victoria has been kept in that house this length of time should show even the most brainless juror that it was Derrick who was behind this. They were all evicted because Derrick wanted to stack the house with his supporters. Some of the jurors may find that type of gameplay admirable because he was able to pull it off right under their noses. And if they do, they’ll give him the big prize. Or, we can have a real twist to the end of this season and watch Derrick be booted before the final 2 or only come in second if the jurors have hard feelings against him.

    • Avatar

      Even tho Frankie said that they chose money over loyalty Frankie is the greediest of them all. He will not out TA as that would make him lose his TA money and won’t ever do that. I think that’s a moot point

      • Avatar

        They are allowed to tell other house guests about Team America and never said anything about not mentioning it in the jury house. They were given their choice on whether they wanted to hide it or tell people.

      • Avatar

        Spacegirl. When Joey got her card for TA it said you could elect to tell or not to tell others. So that’s what I thought until week or so before Donny went home I thought good move for him to stay was threatening to tell about TA to keep him as he had nothing to lose at that point. Or telling when giving speech on why to keep him. Would have messed up ppls game. But many on here said that if someone told without other TAs agreeing then they would lose money earned in missions. So after joey they must have changed rules on card and I just missed it. But that’s why TA was not revealed. at least that’s what others on site told me Donny did not reveal.

      • Avatar

        But once a Team America member was sent to the jury house, why wouldn’t they be allowed to divulge the part they played? I would love for Frankie and/or Donnie to fill the jurors in on how much Derrick stands to collect on finale night.

    • Avatar

      Derrick bringing up TA in his speech would only hurt him with the jury. Not help him. That wouldn’t be a wise move on his part.

  55. Avatar

    I was so happy to see that wacka doodle go. He was really getting on my nerves. I do have to say if I was his sister I would go into hiding for a long time until the embarasement goes away.

    • Avatar

      If I were her I would publicly denounce him. “As of now, I no longer claim Frankie as my brother.”
      Won’t happen. And if the tabloid rumors are true about her, she’s kind of a bee-atch too.

  56. Avatar

    cody won pov, clab and vic are up. cody has the only vote tonight

  57. Avatar

    I was a bit thrown off with BB offering a $50k mission to the possible winner, after both have racked up quite a bit over the summer.

    I would have preferred to see it given away during the wrecking of the house comp, where as each player is elinated, they pick a prize for them and tjeir hg equivalent.

    Also, noticed last night Derrick was wearing his team Donny shirt. I think that is his way of campagning for Donny as favorite player.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t get the last TA mission. Does Derrick have to do anything or he just gets another 50K on top if he wins BB? That just seems unnecessary. It didn’t seem to me that the show explained that very well last night or maybe I missed something.

      • Avatar

        The card Frankie and derrick read said “Team America is over and you are now playing for yourself and yourself alone. But as an individual you have one more chance to earn a prize. In honor of your service to Team America, win Big Brother and take home an extra $50,000.”

      • Avatar

        Oh, ok. I guess I missed that part. Thanks. I still think it’s overkill.

      • Avatar

        Derrick only has to win to get extra money. I still think BB threw this in to make Derrick think twice about who he would take to the finals.

    • Avatar

      It probably would have been considered unfair if they said all TA members would get $20k if any one of them won but I would have liked that better than what we have.

      • leafhopper

        In order for them to take home ANY of their winnings they still have to keep TA a secret until Julie reveals it, right? Or now that TA is over can they tell the other HG? IF Frankie decides to be a jerk and try to have the jury members NOT vote for Derrick or try and screw Derrick and Donnie (& himself, but he already has plenty of $$) out of their TA $$ by telling the other jury members about their missions, can he do that?

      • Avatar

        That is unknown to me. The need to keep the secret or lose your money has been pieced together from conversations between Frankie and Derrick when they were wondering if Donny would give up his TA winnings by telling the secret and trying to burn them. They came to the conclusion Donny would want the money more than being spiteful.

        CBS does not like to provide total clarity about a lot of game stuff, I think they want to generate more discussion about the show. Perhaps Derrick will mention it in one of his camera soliloquies. Last night he was talking to the feeds about how he was just trying to cover all of his bases.

      • Avatar

        He could but he would lose his money. Frankie would never do that. I think he appreciates Derricks game play also and will vote for him if he’s in F2.

    • Avatar

      It could be. But in all honesty Derrick expressed how much he liked Donnie in the game and wanted to stay loyal to him. Donnie made that impossible when he refused allegiance to Derrick. Derrick actually cried over this decision.

      • Avatar

        I really didn’t believe Derrick when he told Donny that and Donnie didn’t either. Also thought crying put on. He’s still said some not nice comments about Donnie in feeds while in DR talks nice about Donny. Think he’s just trying to get America on his side cause he has clue America loves Donny.

      • Avatar

        Trudy, I think Derrick said mostly nice things to all the evicted houseguests throughout the game. Just going for votes from the jury house….

      • Avatar

        Yes he did. I think he gets all or overwhelming amount or jury votes no matter who he goes up against. Have said that for weeks. He was best player. Frankie probably second I hate to say. But house guests don’t want last years dislike of HG on them that’s why I think Derrick pandered big time in DR. He said many things in there that were direct opposite of what he said on feeds and bbad. Sorry Sandra. It wasn’t about Americas vote it was trying to make sure America liked him in DR he said he going against Donny because he didn’t go with that TA mission (when Derrick also wasn’t going to do it) when in reality it was because Donny had figured him out and he didn’t want him there. Actually he might have said that when he cast his vote not sure when. But that was pandering to America (actually lying to America)

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Derrick panders to America for anything. They don’t get a vote. I think Derrick is one of the few who tell the truth about people in the DR.

      • Avatar

        That was a total sham on Derrick’s part. He wanted Donny out but he tried to make America think he was upset by it. He wasn’t. Donny said it would jeopardize their game but he would do it if the others wanted to. Frankie wouldn’t have been in any danger since he was HOH and didn’t have to vote. Derrick is the one who made the final decision for them not to do it then blamed it on Donny.

      • Avatar

        Yes. What I said. Derrick pandered to America big time

  58. Avatar

    I voted 20 times for Donny to win America’s favourite 🙂 (even though I’m Canadian haha – first time I’ve voted on BB)

  59. Avatar

    Well the hitmen have made it to final three as Derrick won HOH and Cody won POV. So who does Cody vote out? My money’s on Caleb. Final three comp starts tonight with endurance comp for sure. I don’t think it will be the wall but could be the swinging on the seats in the rain against the wall. Who knows? Would be nice if we had something different but BB is a product of nature so doubt it. If Derrick wins will he stay true to the hitmen? Or will he throw it to Cody so he can get Victoria out? I think Cody if he wins will take Derrick and stay true to the hitmen as he has hasn’t made a move all year without Derrick okaying it. Derrick if Cody wins the endurance and he wins the 2nd comp is alittle more difficult. Will he send Cody out and keep Victoria? Or does he take his hitman partner Cody? I honestly think he’ ll take Cody. I think he has some integrity here and will keep his word to Cody. This is what he has stated all year in his diary room sessions? What do y’all think?

    • Avatar

      At this point I don’t see Derrick throwing any comps but the rest of your reasoning is sound. I also think Derrick will take Cody over Victoria, he is a harder opponent to beat but it would fulfill the strategy Derrick laid out in his pre-show interview. And yes, Cody might be tempted but will fall to Derrick’s control and take him to the F2.

  60. Avatar

    Oh I didn’t mention Victoria in any of the scenarios because well I don’t think she’ll win anything. She could surprise us and win the second part of the final but doubt it. But even if she did Derrick is going to the F2. I think he’s going to have an explosive speech at the end and will beat who ever it is. I think Donnie, Victoria, Hayden, Christine and actually Frankie will vote for Derrick. Throw Victoria out there and she’ll definetly vote for Derrick. As I’ve said since Donnie went home Derrick has it sewn up. Donnie for AFP though. Getting my votes in. So should you whoever you vote for.

    • Avatar

      Sandra. What if Cody wins? Sure bet win if he takes Vic and even if he believes everything Derrick has told him about jury he can’t count that sure win. That’s a lot of money and Cody on a roll

      • Avatar

        I don’t Cody will go against the alliance between him and Derrick. I think he’s hitmen to the end. I just don’t see him doing it.

      • Avatar

        But if Derrick thought there was chance Cody could bear him he wouldn’t take him. This is about the money. Derrick knows he has jury votes to win even before he gives his speech. If the chance comes up that Cody chooses do you really think that he believes he can beat Derrick easily in jury votes? I don’t know what Cody thinks and he has been 100% loyal but at the very end does he think chances are better with Derrick or Vic? Even Cody has to realize he would easily beat Vic over Derrick. Why take a chance with 500,000 on the line -this is common sense. How can he take that chance?

      • Avatar

        I think if Derrick goes up against Cody, there is a strong chance of him losing. Sure, Derrick doesn’t have any “visible” blood on his hands and Cody does; but that could actually work in Cody’s favor. Cody HAS been on the eviction block several times. Cody HAS won several competitions. If Cody can present an articulate argument as to these facts, he might be able to sway the jury in his favor.

  61. Avatar

    Off to put my 20 votes down for Donnie. Vote everyone for whoever was your favorite. Although if I was asked it’s Donnie all the way.

  62. Avatar

    Oh one more thing. I do feel sorry for Caleb even tho I think he is a stage 5 stalker. But I think he will understand the loyalty part of Derrick and Cody if they put it the right way to him. I think he is feeling that he made a mistake getting Frankie out now because I think Frankie would’ve taken him to F3. But at the end of the day ( sorry everyone just had to ) he made his bed so you know the rest.

  63. Avatar

    Don’t forget to vote for America’s Favorite everyone. No matter who you choose (Donny) lets make sure the BB Fans get their favorite, and not a pop stars fans.

  64. Avatar

    So rude of me not to say Goodmorning to everyone. Steve will be glad to have you back. Franko I hope your doing well this morning, mom wish you would come back we miss you and all of the rest of the regulars Goodmorning to you too. Nice to see new ones posting although please watch the language. Now as I sit outside of my house in the forest I’ve noticed all the leaves are starting to fall which indicates another end to another BB season. I think maybe we should all put down what we would like to see next season on BB. So I’ll start. First off casting. BB no more pulling people off the streets please only super fans need apply. Change up at least one game this year. Too easy for HGs to know what’s coming. Change it up. Stay out of the game BB, you had your hands all in this season. Bring back old school of voting for the HOHs noms please and bring back the food comps. And last but not least never have a BOTB season again ever!!! What do y’all think?

  65. Avatar

    From Big Brother Spoilers (@BBSpoil) on Twitter from the last 10 hours:

    Cody & Derrick agreed a few days ago they had to take out Caleb this week. But Cody was hesitant because he would feel bad doing it.

    Cody won POV. He will be the sole vote in tomorrow’s eviction.

    Cody confirms that he’s evicting Caleb.

    Derrick- Victoria’s being immature. It’s like when you have a girlfriend & you kiss another girl and your girlfriend gets mad at you.

    Derrick said he didn’t even care that he won HOH, he was only listening to see if the audience cheered.

    Cody and Derrick are talking about how upset they will be if they are not liked. They think Christine’s reception was a one time thing.

    The POV promoted the new CBS show Stalker. And somehow Caleb didn’t win.

  66. Avatar

    Big Brother tidbit…Derrick is the first person in the history of Big Brother to go the whole season never nominated for eviction. Victoria has tied the record for most nominations in one season with 9 nominations. This was the longest season ever, with four nominees each week.

    • Avatar

      Diane, if it was me in the jury, I would give the $500,000 to Victoria…simply because she was used as a pawn so many times and put up for eviction (all that stress heaped on her). I think she should be rewarded for managing to evade being evicted after nine nominations, particularly if it is discovered that she was kept only as a pawn to Derrick. It might send a message to future Big Brother players that no one should ever feel entirely safe enough to cruise through the game simply because they’ve either bullied (Amanda) or manipulated their way to the end.

      • Avatar

        I truly hope that doesn’t happen, Anita. (Fortunately, I don’t think the jury would do something like that.) To reward someone who basically just floated through the entire game with $500,000 is all kinds of wrong and a slap in the face to the game of Big Brother.

      • Avatar

        Exactly. Slap BB in the face as they have slapped us in the face! They made us endure Frankie the whole season even after he went beyond the point of acceptable behavior by graphically and offensively joking about the rape of Victoria. Not only was he not removed, but BB covered Frankie’s tracks and edited him into simply a glittery flamboyant “showman.” The production’s favoring of Frankie has eschewed the gameplay. Moreover, the overall casting of the show was a failure; too many similar frat boys who clung to each other and made an uncomfortable house for women. With a heart for BB casting a more interesting, well rounded, smart cast (more Donnies please), I’d vote for Victoria with the purposeful intention of sending BB a message. Create a season that itself feels like a “floater”—no moves, boring, painfully expected—and the most deserving winner is the floater, Victoria.

      • Avatar

        I agree with all your points, JT – doubt that you’d find many here that wouldn’t – but there’s got to be other ways to express to CBS/Big Brother how terrible this season was (and why) than by contributing to the mess by rewarding someone like Victoria for doing nothing.

      • Avatar

        Or, just give the final prize to Ariana Grande. Make clear how stilted this whole season was. It wasn’t about Frankie, the whole time. Julie Chen didn’t even say his name; she said Ariana’s. Perhaps Ariana should win the 500K or perhaps she already has.

      • Avatar

        Victoria was carried by Derrick to the end. And Derrick babysat her the entire time as well. I see no reason she should get anything.

      • Avatar

        Voting for Victoria to win would just be the topping for a very bad season. That would make the jury look very bad. Hope they vote on who played best game. Derrick has won 4 HOHs played a. very social game and manipulated the house to vote his way. How can anyone say he has not played the game and played it well.

      • Avatar

        The jury IS very bad. The players were terrible. The jury should indeed look very bad. Ha!

      • Avatar

        Agree, agree, agree and have said I think she should win! Floating was her strategy and it has worked. Once again, it would show those boys!

    • Avatar

      In Big Brother 3, neither Jason nor Danielle were on the block until the final 3. Derrick could still be on the block in the final 3 as well if he doesn’t win the last HoH.

  67. Avatar

    Been reading everyone’s comments and had a thought about if Victoria was being truthful about being a good skater. Can’t remember the name of the comp. it is the one that Caleb won, filling the snowman’s head with liquid. If Victoria can really skate well, wouldn’t she have done better in that comp instead of falling so much? From growing up in snow and ice, sliding your feet gives you better balance, like skating, you don’t lift your feet so don’t have to adjust your balance as much. Just a thought.

    • Avatar

      Interesting comment, Peggy. Victoria wasn’t very coordinated during that “icey slush” skating competition. I thought perhaps that might be due to the fact she’s a Floridian and not used to walking under those conditions. I don’t know if she’s lived in South Florida her entire life; but she may not have been exposed to moving on icey slush. If it turns out to be the skating competition in the end (and it may not), she could very well win it. In my opinion, the skating competition seems to be geared for a shorter, lighter person, e.g., someone like Victoria. They can depend on the rope/wire that is holding them to support them as they “jump” over the obstacles. As we saw during that competition, the taller, heavier person was more inclined to stumble. That’s why Gina Marie did so well during that competition.

    • Avatar

      That comp was the luge.

  68. Avatar

    Going to put my 60 votes in for Donny!!

  69. Avatar

    Got my 40 votes for Donnie. Vote now if you haven’t already voted for your favorite houseguest.

  70. Avatar

    Worked last night so I just watched the episode online.Frankie is not my favorite player but I feel bad for him. He does overact and is annoying to watch, however, he was loyal to his alliance and Cody as proven in the previous week. In my perfect world, he would have gone right after Victoria, but the alliance would have been honored. Can’t have respect for people who lie to get money so I would never play. I will only watch and judge (lol).
    Thanks for all the updates and comments throughout the season. Like others, I have not commented, just been a creeper.

  71. Avatar

    I feel a little sorry for Victoria. She is so clueless about everything. Maybe she could win a comp in putting in hair extensions or applying makeup all day. She doesn’t appear to know even now that she’s in a competitive game.

  72. Avatar

    I am curious about Cody’s reply to Derrick, when Cody referred to Caleb’s gameplay and said, this isn’t a pissing game of a competition of egos, it’s a game of chess. I think this statement may could come back to bite Cody, especially saying this to Derrick. It could make Derrick think, so what is Cody’s next move, and whether or not Cody will be alliance til the end.

    • Avatar

      Yes, Emily, a comment like that from Cody might arouse Derrick’s suspicians that perhaps his puppet might intend to break his strings before the final 2. I doubt that Derrick has given Cody much credit for intelligence or an ability to strategize. To Derrick, Cody was just another useful tool to use to benefit HIS game. A lot of scenarios to consider. I tend to think, however, that Big Brother has made certain the big check has Derrick’s name on it.

      • Avatar

        Good points AnitaM. Derrick should change his mind and let Caleb stay and evict Vic. Vic and Caleb will be loyal to Derrick until the end, Cody is thinking big moves on big players now.

    • Avatar

      That would be great game.

      Going by his reaction to losing last night. I think you are right.

      If Cody wins next hoh, he should knock Derrick off, and be guaranteed first place.

  73. Avatar

    How many of you would agree that the following would be a stunning end to a very boring season: Cody wins the final HOH and cuts Derrick out. Now that would be considered a masterful Big Brother move. Cody has been Derrick’s obedient little puppy this entire season, willingly carrying out all his master’s tasks. It’s time for the puppy to prove himself the alpha dog. I can visualize Cody turning to Derrick and saying, “Man,you know I love ya like a brother; but I’m also here to play for the money.”

  74. Avatar

    What did Frankie mean when he told Cody “I’ve had better”?

  75. Avatar

    Derrick WINS game over! He is set up just about as perfect as anyone could ask for at this point, its his game to lose and he is NOT going to lose! Now he puts up Caleb and Victoria or Cody and Victoria in hopes that Caleb does not win POV. That way he can send Caleb home and when its down to the final 3 he will send Cody home and keep Victoria….Game OVER!!!!!!

  76. Avatar

    Caleb failed 3rd grade for a reason

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