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Tuesday Night Feeds; BBOTT



Good evening everyone!   First, I am super sorry I didn’t get a morning blog up today. We were literally out of the house about 3 hours before I even typically wake up, and I just got home. Friends visiting from Australia is a once in a lifetime thing almost, so we’re trying to keep them busy and show them a good time. Luckily, I get to skip out on tomorrow’s stuff, so I will be around posting updates throughout the day .

Let’s talk about the last few days.  So, it sounds like Shane won PoV, obviously removed himself, and Alex put Kryssie on the block after allegedly saying she wouldn’t?  Caryn is catching me up a bit, but missing two days of feeds may as well be a lifetime in this house.

On the other front, nobody has sent me a message about the feeds.  I take it those who have a high comment count and are still reading are watching the feeds already?  This means I’m going to open it up to the general public as soon as I can find a good sweepstakes software.  I think I know of one, but need a little time to test it.


Before I begin, I want to do a BBJ poll….

Ok, I got back just in time for DR updates:

  • 7:30pm – Alex goes first….
    • She begs everyone to vote for Kryssie or Danielle
    • She tells everyone that the house is split down the wire and we’re the deciding vote.  If Danielle doesn’t go home and Monte does, she is screwed
    • She is happy about her Shane/Danielle thing and happy she didn’t back down
    • Monte may not be liked very well, but she really needs us to keep him this week
    • Alex mentions how dumb people have been acting, like non-havennots eating havenot food when that’s all they have
  • Danielle…..
    • She mentions the water hazard penalty she received which explains her crazy hair
    • danielle-dr
    • Danielle is happy Shane won the veto because it still has a chance to save them both
    • She is upset she picked the water hazard challenge. She thought it would be fun, but it’s miserable
  • Justin…..
    • Ya dig?
    • justin-mustache
    • He thinks it was pretty bad strategy to  go after the showmance (says the guy who never watch BB before)
    • He just basically rambled on about Justin type of stuff
  • Shane…
    • Jumps right in
    • Strategy hasn’t changed.  He’s still “bros” with Monte, but he wants him out
    • He is with the Jamboree
    • shane
    • Shane says Alex’s strategy was dumb because she put him up in a veto challenge that was golf when he plays golf.   (Hey, Shane. She didn’t know the PoV competition)
  • Scott
    • Boring DR so far
    • scott-dr
    • Scott goes off on Danielle for her low blows this week, and he’s absolutely right.
    • He says that while it’s understandable to try to play the game hard, Danielle is trying to ruin Monte’s personal life by labeling him a racist and bigot
  • Neeley had a pretty lowkey DR session where she was of course well spoken, said she regrets getting fired up, and is happy it appears America is on their side
  • Whitney…
    • whitney2
    • Whitney rambles on and on about keeping Monte blah blah
    • She says she has no regrets this week
  • Shelby DR. These are the ones I wait for
    • shelbydr
    • Oh god, she starts with a rap that includes mentioning Harry Potter.   Lame
    • More begging to keep Monte
    • Shelby was pretty boring surprisingly. Blah
  • Kryssie….
    • She is happy about the way things are going and happy Monte was put up
  • 9:15pm – Short updates tonight.  Long day, very tired. I should be around tomorrow, so more posting then




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  1. Helen

    Krispie truely is delusional…..she really thinks we love her!! Burp

  2. BBBonbon62

    Steve hope you are having a great time with your friends from down under. You are right that missing just a day of feeds with this group is like a lifetime. So glad we have everyone here keeping us up to date. Damn work gets in my way of binge watching the feeds.

  3. Avatar

    I can’t believe how disgusting Danielle and Kryssie are. I’ve been a staunch Monte hater and they turned that around big time. Kryssie got such a big head about getting the care package that she has become even more annoying. Didn’t ever want a showmance but Danielle makes it even worse. Danielle is so superficial and catty that watching her is becoming unbearable. Her race baiting is awful, we see everything that goes on and Monte is a lot of things but I do not find him to be racist. I’m just glad I have already voted Danielle out to help Alex’s game anyway, because her dr session was hard to stomach!

    • Helen

      Indeed it was!! She’s got to go….ya dig? Burp

    • Avatar

      You took all the words out of my mouth, Raider! Totally agree! Hopefully Danielle goes tomorrow, I’d LOVE to see their shocked faces! Maybe , just maybe that would knock them all down a couple notches!

    • Avatar

      i can’t wait to see their face when Danielle is voted out i will jump up and down with JOY Kryssie and jason think that they run that house did you hear him talking how he let shelby have it and how quiet she is now they are the nastiest group i have ever seen on big brother i can see why they voted him out on his season he needs to go very very rude that whole group needs to go or get a reality check i hope scott or whitney or shelby or morgan get HOH THAT WOULD BE AWESOME ……

  4. Avatar

    Team Justin ! He’s the only real person in there. Like him of not he is who he is and is not changing for anyone. A lot like Paul in that way. FRIENDSHIP

  5. Avatar

    Hopefully people will help out Alex and vote Danielle out and then give her the care package of the Veto options. Gotta knock Shane down off is high horse and get Danielle out then really go after him.

  6. Mell

    I hated most of the DR’s tonight. Since everyone planned them out today, it felt almost like the tv show. Monte was ridiculous with his coaching and making sure his “team” ran a good smear campaign. Danielle wasn’t any better. When they were planning out the DR manipulation to America, do you you think they forgot we saw the planning as well as the DR’s? I liked Neeley’s. She seems sincere with her conversation in the DR. With indecent exposure, sexism, racism, etc. happening this week, Whitney seems to think Danielle sticking out her tongue at Monte was the worst behavior of the week. (Whitney isn’t that sweet or that dumb) I don’t even know what U want to happen tomorrow. Here’s the options guys:
    Door #1-
    Danielle leaves and we have more of Monte talking about how great he is, that America loves him, he continues looking down on everyone while being the morality police, (while he talks about everyone like crap) Monte, Whitney or Scott wins hoh, the plastics gloat over how they run the house and they evict Justin.
    Door #2-
    Monte leaves and the shomance is still in the house, Danielle thinks we love the shomance, Shane probably gets laid, Jason or Neeley wins hoh and Shelby gets evicted.
    Door #3-
    Krissi leaves and we are stuck with Monte and a shomance. Please not door #3.

    Obviously, there are more scenarios but either way it’s win and lose for us because only one person can leave this week.

  7. caRyn

    Live DR Sessions – No one took responsibility for anything they said or did but pointed their finger at other hg. Kryssie and Danielle could have said they set up Scott but it was for their game. Are they in denial or think we are?

  8. caRyn

    Morgan saying Bro and Homeboy in her DR. Huh?

  9. Helen

    Did I miss something? Did Whitney tell Justin she was voting out Monte? He told the whole LNC she was???

  10. Mell

    Monte is glad he got to go last. He said “they” must like him. He also said he always judges a book by its cover. I’m going to hope he doesn’t really understand the meaning of that saying but I fear that’s exactly the way he thinks. I almost wish there was a jury house and Monte and Danielle had to spend a week in it together. HG’s call it budget BB so a 1 bedroom apartment for the jury house would be even better!

  11. caRyn

    7 pm – Weekly Full Episode
    8 pm – Live Eviction Episode
    9 pm – HoH Competition

  12. Avatar

    Danielle is annoying but I rather see monte go first.

  13. caRyn

    7:30 pm (PT) Shelby has a pillow butt and dances in the bathroom. Funny.

    • Helen

      Most of the time I find Shelby very funny….I like that she does not put up with people making rude comments to her…she makes them right back.
      I am a nurse and I get her sense of humor…very dry and sarcastic. A lot of people take that type of humor seriously….

      • Avatar

        I have the same sense of humor so I feel bad for her. They don’t get her and think she is an awful person.

      • caRyn

        I like Shelby’s sense of humor too. I also like that she stands her ground. She doesn’t get loud or aggressive. Danielle does. Danielle doesn’t pause when she is saying something – ever. When someone wants to interject she railroads right over them and keeps talking. It doesn’t matter who she is talking with/to.

  14. Avatar

    I had a lot of thoughts watching the live DR last night. I’m going to kind of summarize my thoughts. Y’all can agree or not, this is just what I got from it last night.

    Alex- I like her. She’s trying to make this game fun and exciting for everyone. I so hope she can get a fighting chance. As much as I want Monte gone, if he goes, she’s screwed.

    Scott-I like him, he’s really funny. He’s made a lot of mistakes and idk what he’s thinking. I hope he stays for a little while longer.

    Neeley- I think she’s playing a great game. She’s really smart and knows more than any of them think. I like her because she’s not just going with her group and letting herself go to their level. She being as mature as she can and not saying uncalled for things about other people. I think she’s gonna go far.

    Krissie- Could her head seriously get any bigger? She thinks she is Americas most loved house guest! I can’t wait for reality to hit her! She burped in her DR. I think she is gross and fake. I think she is just putting on a show.

    Jason- I loved him in his last season and was excited to have him back. He is acting like a 5 year old in this season.

    Justin- I love this guy to pieces but does he even know where he is or what he’s supposed to be doing?!? He’s so funny, very likable, and very genuine but he literally takes off running when people talk game! I wish he would be a tad more open minded! If he doesn’t start thinking about all his options, I’m afraid he will be gone sooner than later.

    Whitney- I can’t help but love her! I think she is sweet and also very real and genuine.

    Danielle- She’s acting like the kids she teaches everyday. I wish she would grow up and come down off her high horse. I wish they would let them know the percentage of votes just so she would know how close it is!

    Shane- I just don’t like him. He is more worried about his new woman than his game. Hope he goes soon.

    Shelby- Love her! I think she is hilarious! She has me literally laughing out loud all the time! I hope she learns a little more about the game and stays a while longer!

    Monte- I can’t stand to listen to him and I want him gone. If he goes, that screws Alex tho. We can get him out anytime, I think we should help Alex right now!

    Morgan- I think I like her. I don’t have a lot to say about her right now.

    These are just my thoughts on them all! I hope we can shake the house up and give them all a shock tonight! I hope Alex does ok this week! Help me help her y’all!

    • Renee

      Amber, I agree with almost every opinion you have stated on this list. Alex and Justin are my favorite players but for totally opposite reasons. I love that Alex is actually strategizing and playing Big Brother. I love that Justin is a What You See is What You Get type of person. In real life, that is the kind of friends I have. You either love them or you don’t and they could care less either way.

      Scott is an interesting person, socially awkward, wants to fit in but it hurts to see him get hurt. When he was named as a have not by America and started crying to himself in the bedroom, I felt so bad for him. I feel that he was more than likely bullied as a young man in high school and carries scars from it.

      Shane – ew, like you, I just don’t like him. I don’t find him attractive and I want him and his gf gone.

      My own personal jury is still out on Morgan, Whitney and Neeley. I don’t believe we have seen who they really are yet.

      Krissie IMO is trying to convince us she is the heavy rocker chick that doesn’t care about what people think of her. I’m tired of the burping too. We get it, your a girl and you burped out loud. Enough already. No shock factor left.

      Jason – I loved him in his first season and still love him. He also tries for the shock factor to say things out loud just to get a reaction. I have no doubt he is egged on by production but he is putty in their hands. I don’t expect him to last though.

      Shelby – I like her and I get her sense of humor. I think she is odd man out with this group.

    • caRyn

      Nelley isn’t saying the negative comments that other hg are saying, but she is agreeing with them. Basically she lets the other hg say what she is thinking. That way no one in the BB house can put words in her mouth.
      I think Justin removing himself from game talk – like he did with Alex in the HOH room – is his strategy. He wasn’t a witness and he didn’t say anything. He spies on the other side and tells his overnight hg what he hears.
      Neeley and Justin have hg on their side doing ALL the talking (Kryssie & Jason) so they (Neeley & Justin) don’t have to.

    • Avatar

      I am with you Amber. Jason is a dang 5 yr old. He was the better of the two choices, could you imagine having Jozea and Monte in the house at the same time? There wouldn’t be enough room for the other house guests cause of their big egos.

      Shelby cracks me up she is like me sarcastic and misunderstood.

      Krispie needs some manners and class.

      Justin is growing on me. He can be annoying because of his over-avoidance of game talk and strategy but he has put out some zingers. If yall didn’t catch the game of “would you rather” with him and the Alex gang on Monday evening you should go watch. I was laughing so hard I woke my kid up. But he is believing the first thing he is told….especially coming from the couch gang.

      Morgan is riding on her sisters coat tails in my opinion.

      Whitney and her voice is getting annoying.

      Danielle needs to go her voice makes me violently ill.

      Shane is a dumb A$$. Thought he had the looks at first but he has no brain except whats between his legs.

      Neely I am on the fence on. Something tells me she is stirring the pot behind the scenes.

      Scott as awkward as he is I almost think he has aspergers traits with the quirky things he does. He really started out just trying to make everyone like him and trust him and the mean girl spirit in the house wont let that happen.

      Monte….smh poor sheltered steroid case. He doesn’t know what sexism is but keeps throwing it around. Then everything is racist. While I don’t think he meant some of his comments to sound like they came off if he would just say I screwed up bad on me and move on it would redeem him.

      I really wish they kept Cornbread. I know America voted him out because he was different from the rest of the house but he was a breath of fresh air from last season and what this one is turning into.

      I hope Danielle goes home tonight and that Alex gets the care package to help her get farther.

      • Avatar

        I wish they would have kept Cornbread too. I don’t think they really thought that decision out. I can’t say anything bad about Whitney. Her hometown is only a couple towns over from me so if y’all heard me talk, you would probably think I sound just like her lol. I think she is a sweetheart and she hasn’t done anything to embarrass us so I hope she keeps it up. She’s also rocking her Ky gear so I have to pull for her!

  15. Renee

    I am really hoping Danielle goes. Although Monte gets on my nerves, I hate a showmance, not just theirs, I hate any showmance. Every season most of us say how we don’t understand why no one breaks up the showmance. We actually get a chance to help make it happen and I don’t want to ruin that chance. I want to hear the houseguests talking strategy, not watching them in bed together. I realize watching this show makes us all voyeurs, but that takes it to a creepy level, lol. I also wish the diary rooms would be more honest and taking credit for manipulating like back in the days when Dr. Will and Boogie, Janelle, Dan or Evil Dick would openly say they did something and laugh about it. Strive to be more like them than Jeff and Jordan PLEASE.

    • Avatar

      Yes, yes, yes! Everything you said! When Danielle was doing her DR, she said something all giggly like she got A LOT closer with Shane this week and she hopes we like watching them get close. Idk what she means, but yeah, I seen them moving around under the covers and “gettin close”, why would you want the entire nation to watch you do that!?! They were also in the kitchen and she smiled at Shane and said something about she can’t wait to go to bed tonight. They are moving FAST. Pretty soon they aren’t gonna care about cameras or covers. I would hate for my kids to see me act like that. Yuck. Ok anyway… I too want them to take credit for the not-so-nice things they do! Its BB, not little house on the prairie! Take credit for those moves, I promise, we will like you a lot better! They need to realize we are watching! They can’t do something and then come talk to us and say they didn’t! Take credit when you should! Idk what Scott has done to make people not like him. He got his week on slop, now I hope everyone leaves him alone. I’m sure he’s had hard times, I love watching him get to live his dream! Hopefully he will get a care package at some point.

      • caRyn

        Yesterday Jason made a comment to Danielle to not do the deed in the BB house because she is a parent. Danielle said she wouldn’t. She got to third base (with other hg in the same room) – or so it seems. I didn’t watch it all so I don’t know if it went farther than that.

  16. Shivani33

    Kryssie, the frightful goddess of schlump, gave forth her criteria for judging whether someone is a “fake person.” Now, here’s her list, because she is self-anointed as America’s favorite and just wants to protect us all from the worst of the worst. A fake person: 1) exercises to keep in shape. 2) has earned a college degree. 3) Most importantly, a fake person is good-looking.

    Thank goodness that Kryssie is kind enough to educate us from her platform in the backyard, dispensing truth and superior values. It’s already too late for some of us to practice such wisdom. If only someone had spoken out sooner! How much more golden life would’ve been, if only we all knew how to burp and fart our way to success and belovedness.

  17. Avatar

    Didn’t Alex make a deal with Krispie & tell her she wasn’t going to put her up if she (Krispie) used the care package on Jason? Krispie should feeling real stupid right now. I thought she knew it all, didn’t she know that you can’t trust anybody on BB? Maybe she knows that America loves her so much & we won’t let herbe voted off. DONT THINK SO KRISPIE!!!

  18. BBBonbon62

    It’s the Monte and Scott show again this morning and my ears are bleeding. Let’s see how long it takes for Monte to use the “R” word, realize we are listening and try to back peddle like he did yesterday morning. Once you use that word you are dead to me. Justin did it one of the first nights in the house and he is dead to me. Justin is just an idiot and did not even realize it. Monte was more calculating and is a piece of poop. Ba, bye Monte.

    • Helen

      The one word that makes me PISSED!! Don’t get me started…..I went on a rant the other day about it when Justin used it for the bazillionth time!!!

      • BBBonbon62

        Helen thanks for letting me in on Justin. I only heard it once but I only watch feeds on my days off so I miss a lot. I know most people feel Justin is funny but I haven’t liked him from day 1. Not about the shower thing, that was laughable, but something to me is just off. If he leaves not a tear will be shed here.

  19. caRyn

    8:42 am (PT) Monte told Scott that Danielle is going to go ape crazy on the Internet if they get her out of here (BB house).
    Monte just has a poor choice of words.

  20. BBBonbon62

    So Monte’s on the Justin is a sexist pig crap. “I have a mom, sisters and it offends me.” In the next breath he says he’d be cool to hang out with, go fishing with he’s just morally void. Are u serious Monte? You are such a huge horses ass.

    • Helen

      The only thing saving him from my votes this week is Alex! So although,like you,he makes my ears bleed,he will be the huge target next week….not Alex!!!

      • BBBonbon62

        I like Alex but I’m still a big Jason fan. Although he irritates me a bit this season I just can’t really wrap my arms around anyone else. Not sure why??? I just can’t listen to Monte anymore. Scott is just as irritating. Lol

      • Helen

        I really like Alex but Shelby is probably my favorite…..maybe because her sense of humor is a lot like mine….for some reason I have found a lot of people in both the medical and legal profession have kind of a weird sense of humor. Maybe because we see humans at their worst….medical is physical worst and legal behavioral… IDK
        I am sure I’m probably going to have a lot of explaining to do to the big guy upstairs for some of it!! When my husband and I first met his mother and sister were visiting and as we were walking to the car he adjusted his Levi’s….I,with a straight and serious face,announced that I was going to have to get the flashlight out that night because that’s always a sign of pinworms…they all thought I was serious!!!!

  21. caRyn

    9:28 pm (PT) Last night Whitney and Justin talking in the kitchen about game and voting. Justin went outside and told the overnight hg Whitney is voting out Monte. The celebration praise dance broke out.

  22. Avatar

    All you all do is overreact lol its comical really. No one on this season is that bad and or that good. I don’t understand why because some chick with glasses says she’s a superfan and gamer she gets love even though her gameplay has shown she makes bad decisions and is reliant on the men in her alliance to tell her what to do. Jason and Justin are the best personalities by far, hope one of them win. As for Danielle for all her annoying bitching at least she has proven to be a BETTER strategist then Alex. Maybe there is a little more hidden racism amongst the viewers and fans of this site if they think she is any worse than the 4 fake white girls who cattily talk shit in the storage room. I’m enjoying this season very much but I will say I’ve never disagreed more with what I see on BBjunkies. Guess Ill just stick to Mortys & Jokers.

    • Avatar

      Jokers has 11,00 votes currently and Monte has 56% of the vote compared to Danielles 39% & Krissys 6%.

    • Mell

      I don’t think Alex has been told what to do. Monte begged for the noms not be be Danielle and Shane. I do think Alex has made some mistakes. She chose to be in a group with Monte, made too many promises this week and stuck to one side of the house too much. Danielle is playing hard in spite of hooking up with Shane. For me, if Danielle leaves, it will be because a shomance and playing hard became too big of a target. (As it should) She has become very cocky and rubbing people the wrong way but I agree she isn’t doing anything the other side isn’t doing. They all get arrogant when things are going their way. I’m enjoying this season alot also!

    • caRyn

      Who is overreacting? I don’t know if you are talking about a hg or someone here commenting.

    • Avatar

      My thoughts exactly! Danielle can be annoying but the plastics talk as much crap!! Why are they the better players? Anyway, I just hope Monte goes home.

  23. Mell

    This votes gonna be close! Loved everyone’s take on the HG’s so far. Some of mine have changed since the start, some haven’t and some probably will again.

    Shelby- I don’t know where her games heading but I’m along for the ride. She speaks her mind but she starts alot of it too. She’s hilarious!

    Justin-Similar to my view of Shelby except I want a 1st class seat on his BB ride! I can’t tell if he’s clueless or a genius.

    Jason He makes me laugh, there’s bigger targets than him finally and I want him to be buddies with Shelby again. (for purely selfish reasons) I don’t mind him coming back and I won’t be too upset when he goes.

    Scott-He messed up but I kind of like him. He’s more social than I expected and his twerking was amazing! I hope he regains Alex and Shelbys trust because I really think that’s who he’s loyal to.

    Morgan-Hitched her horse to the wrong wagon and she’s catty but by using a calm and mature voice with her insults, I feel like some arn’t seeing it.

    Neeley-I really like her. She’s talked a little crap to vent but is playing a good game. She know who to do it around and when to lay low. I’m still waiting for those wigs to come out! She promised!

    Whitney-She’s on her way to being in a better spot than I thought she would, has a better sense of humor than I guessed but I’m still not liking her that much. I want to see how it goes once her new friends know she lied to them about her vote. She may have taken an unnecessary risk this week.

    Shane-Verdict is out. He genuinely doesn’t get that the shomance is bad for his game. It isn’t being cocky. He said in his interview that he thought it would help his game. I wouldn’t mind seeing his game w/o Danielle.

    Krissi-She and Monte are very different yet similar. She gets in her own way as he does. She seems like she’s a genuine person with a very big mouth. For someone who doesn’t want people stereotyped, she does it herself. She decides people don’t like her before it’s happened and then looks to prove she was right.

    Danielle-Annoying as hell. Can’t stand her. I disagree when she’s compared to Nicole tho. She’s playing hard and nothing she and Shane are doing is stopping that. (she’s playing stupid but hard) She plans and plots more than anyone in her group. I won’t take that away from her just because I don’t like her. I will still be glad to see her go. As a fan, she should know viewers have no tolerance for romance anymore. She should also know they arn’t even the 1st “Shane and Danielle” on BB. Been there, seen that, bye!

    Monte-Has he ever asked any of his HG’s a question about their lives? He decided in his interview he would be alpha male and he’s gonna do it if it sends him out the door. No game at all! No self awareness and no desire to obtain any. Can’t wait till he’s gone and I feel certain he will have a reason that isn’t his fault!

    Alex- I’m really liking her and her game. She has made some blunders tho and one of them was telling too many people they would be safe this week. She chose to go with Monte when there was still time to go another direction. She made those choices and if Monte leaves, America can’t be blamed for her game. She knew this was coming with him (she talked about it) and rolled the dice anyway. She’s too much of a fan to try to lie to us in the dr too. We all know she’s hates our involvement (don’t blame her) and trying to bs us last night about how fun and great it is was beneath her as a player. I hope she can mend Krissi and Neeley fences but she shouldn’t have told them what she told them. (Her side gets cocky too) I hope she can build on her small friendship with Justin too.

    I don’t have a top pick for the win yet. It may become Neeley depending on how she continues to play. I wouldn’t mind seeing Justin figure this out and turn into a real player. I would also love for Alex to prove that a fan of the show who isn’t in a shomance can get it done. If she won it while working with a group of women not turning on each other, it would be even more impressive.

  24. BBBonbon62

    Alex and Morgan sitting next to each other right now no makeup, glasses, sleepy face and they could be twins…how does no one take notice.

  25. Mell

    We may have a Caleb/Amber stalking situation in the house:
    Monte is gonna be like “peas and carrots” with Shane no matter what everyone is telling him. If Monte stays, I may have to start calling them Forrest and Jenny. I’m envisioning a scenario where Forrest Gump meets Fatal attraction.
    Monte is really glad Shane won POV so if he stays and Danielle leaves, Monte is planning to sweet talk Shane. Apparently, he’s going to be in a guys alliance and have a bromance whether Shane likes it or not! I’ll give Monte one thing, he’s determined.

  26. Helen

    Lol. Now they all think they know where the tallest building west of the Mississippi is….they are all wrong. It’s actually in Los Angeles. The Wiltshire building

  27. Avatar

    I think Justin is weird but entertaining to watch. If he can get more in tune with the game, I’d love to see him for far and possibly win. I can totally see him being a fan fav.

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