Good evening everyone!   First, I am super sorry I didn’t get a morning blog up today. We were literally out of the house about 3 hours before I even typically wake up, and I just got home. Friends visiting from Australia is a once in a lifetime thing almost, so we’re trying to keep them busy and show them a good time. Luckily, I get to skip out on tomorrow’s stuff, so I will be around posting updates throughout the day .

Let’s talk about the last few days.  So, it sounds like Shane won PoV, obviously removed himself, and Alex put Kryssie on the block after allegedly saying she wouldn’t?  Caryn is catching me up a bit, but missing two days of feeds may as well be a lifetime in this house.


On the other front, nobody has sent me a message about the feeds.  I take it those who have a high comment count and are still reading are watching the feeds already?  This means I’m going to open it up to the general public as soon as I can find a good sweepstakes software.  I think I know of one, but need a little time to test it.

Before I begin, I want to do a BBJ poll….

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Ok, I got back just in time for DR updates:

  • 7:30pm – Alex goes first….
    • She begs everyone to vote for Kryssie or Danielle
    • She tells everyone that the house is split down the wire and we’re the deciding vote.  If Danielle doesn’t go home and Monte does, she is screwed
    • She is happy about her Shane/Danielle thing and happy she didn’t back down
    • Monte may not be liked very well, but she really needs us to keep him this week
    • Alex mentions how dumb people have been acting, like non-havennots eating havenot food when that’s all they have
  • Danielle…..
    • She mentions the water hazard penalty she received which explains her crazy hair
    • danielle-dr
    • Danielle is happy Shane won the veto because it still has a chance to save them both
    • She is upset she picked the water hazard challenge. She thought it would be fun, but it’s miserable
  • Justin…..
    • Ya dig?
    • justin-mustache
    • He thinks it was pretty bad strategy to  go after the showmance (says the guy who never watch BB before)
    • He just basically rambled on about Justin type of stuff
  • Shane…
    • Jumps right in
    • Strategy hasn’t changed.  He’s still “bros” with Monte, but he wants him out
    • He is with the Jamboree
    • shane
    • Shane says Alex’s strategy was dumb because she put him up in a veto challenge that was golf when he plays golf.   (Hey, Shane. She didn’t know the PoV competition)
  • Scott
    • Boring DR so far
    • scott-dr
    • Scott goes off on Danielle for her low blows this week, and he’s absolutely right.
    • He says that while it’s understandable to try to play the game hard, Danielle is trying to ruin Monte’s personal life by labeling him a racist and bigot
  • Neeley had a pretty lowkey DR session where she was of course well spoken, said she regrets getting fired up, and is happy it appears America is on their side
  • Whitney…
    • whitney2
    • Whitney rambles on and on about keeping Monte blah blah
    • She says she has no regrets this week
  • Shelby DR. These are the ones I wait for
    • shelbydr
    • Oh god, she starts with a rap that includes mentioning Harry Potter.   Lame
    • More begging to keep Monte
    • Shelby was pretty boring surprisingly. Blah
  • Kryssie….
    • She is happy about the way things are going and happy Monte was put up
  • 9:15pm – Short updates tonight.  Long day, very tired. I should be around tomorrow, so more posting then