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Vanessa Is Ready To Make A Big Move – By Making The Obvious Move



First, let me say there will be no live updates today or tomorrow. Feeds are down today (starting at 12pm est) and won’t resume until 12am est tomorrow night (after the west coasters get their show). This is a yearly event and it is because the eviction is actually happening today, but it won’t air until tomorrow. In order to maintain ratings, they can’t let out the spoilers of the episode.  Now, why don’t they just do a live eviction on Tuesday? Well, a few reasons.  First is production time and costs. By doing it Monday, this gives them plenty of time to break down and build a new HoH set for Wednesday night. Second is the cost of running a live episode versus a taped one. While I am no expert in TV production, I can assume it does cost a lot more to air a live television show because it’s a ton more work.

Anyway, back to the game. Last night, Vanessa called John up to the HoH room and declared they needed to make a big move. Something that is game changing and will have people talking. That move is to do the move everyone and their mother is expecting, which is to split up the showmance.

Seriously, that premise could not be any more Vanessa if it threw on a beanie, some sunglasses and sat there with a straight face spacing out.


I don’t mean to bust on Vanessa here, but getting rid of Austin is really one of the few good moves she could make this week.  Only Vanessa can take such an obvious move and hype it up into something so grandiose. Her other options are Liz (weaker of the showmance couple) or Steve (the guy who isn’t swapping spit with anyone else in the house). So, well done Vanessa. Pat yourself on the back for making such a ‘big move’.

Does this guarantee that Austin is going home?  No, but it’s very likely.  Vanessa has been bouncing around the idea of sending each person home (as the only person she’s powerless to save is Steve IF John votes with Liz). For awhile, Steve thought he was screwed, especially when John would not give him a straight answer on votes.  In fact, when Steve asked John straight up if he had his vote, he said to ask Vanessa because John is really trying to shake the ‘bromance’ thing he has going with Steve.

I will put up a power ranking later on, but I think you already know who will be at the top. The biggest decision I’ll have to make is who to put second… John or Steve.


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    JMac votes for Steve, Liz votes for Austin and Van gets to make her big move and vote out Austin!

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      I just hope JMac doesn’t deprive her of the chance to make the big move. Whoever casts the vote to evict Austin will have at least two automatic votes against them, possibly three if Liz goes.

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      How’s that going to work? Steve already put Austin and Liz up, and had Julia as the renom. If Austin leaves, it’s because both JMac and Vanessa voted him out. So the Austwins revenge vote cancels itself out. If Liz and Austin don’t make it to the end, they will have to vote for someone who helped evict them. Which is why Van is dumb for even worrying about ticking them off at this point. Everyone left has blood on their hands.

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      Titanium-Steve and Austin are on the block at the moment. So the votes would go like this: JMac will vote for Austin to go, Liz will vote for Steve. Vanessa is the tie breaker if she truly wants to make a big move she’ll evict Austin if she’s dumb and wants to waste the ground work Steve did last HoH she’ll evict Steve and better say good-bye to winning because Austin will take Liz over her and JMac’s goose is cooked if he doesn’t win next HOH if Austin is still in the house.

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      JMac has it difficult either way, but why should he get blood on his hands for someone else’s game. Let the poker player make her own “big move”.

      If she votes out Steve she and Austin remains stupid, they can work to take out JMac. Steve might be a vote against her for that but probably not; he’s not too bright.

      If she votes out Austin to improve her chances against the couple, she can then hope to work with Steve and get out JMac over Liz. Then she has two, perhaps three votes against her; they’re not too bright either but they are vengeful.

      Whether Austin will go after Vanessa of JMac next, particularly this late in the game, remains to be seen.

      Either way, JMac doesn’t have any votes against him, Vanessa gets to make her own big play for once, and it JMac moves on so be it. He should play HIS own game, not HER game for her.

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      This looks like Vanessa is STILL getting someone else to do her dirty work while she looks like honest Abe!! By splitting the vote, Austin won’t realize that LIZ voted against him and Steve thinks Johnny Mac saved HIM! Johnny Mac is foolish for trusting Vanessa. How gullible can you be??? Vanessa is still controlling who goes home!!! She’s one of three people who have played the game while all the others have chosen to build her wealth!!! She has definitely played the smartest game but I would love to see the game played without lying, cheating and hurting others along the way. This has been a “cake walk” for Vanessa, because only two other already evicted houseguests (Becky and James) tried to play their OWN game.

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      Not the real DONALD TRUMP

      You are all ugly and stupid. I am #1 in the polls and you will all vote for me. Big brother is now a stupid show with stupid contestants. When I am President, I will make deals to get the best contestants the world has ever seen. And make Big Brother great agian you idiots.

  2. Elaine

    I have been unclear why Vanessa thinks it is in her best interest to keep Austin over Steve. I realize that one of Austin’s mottos throughout has been “Tell me what I can do for you.” Having said that, he is likely not to follow through now that he is at the end. Steve has been under Vanessa’s control for a while. Though, he can make a grand statement of independence and break away, for Vanessa he still seems like the one to keep around that will help her the most moving forward.

    • AIO_7

      I think this is Vanessa’s motivation to keep Liztin: She thinks that if she is sitting next to either of them in F2 she thinks she can win; and maybe she thinks Liztin will keep their promise to let her (Van) win the first round of the final 3. Plus, I think she knows she probably won’t win sitting next to John or Steve in F2.

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    Dear 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus, please let Vanessa get blood on her hands and toss out ol’ Stinkpot and his pony tail beard. That is all.

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    It has to be Austin. She has a better chance if she keeps Steve.

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      no kidding. JMac’s game is cooked if Steve goes and Austin or even Liz gets next HoH. Plus Vanessa can say goodbye to the money because Austin cannot win if he brings Vanessa to the finals she has won more competitions than he has so taking Liz is a better option for Austin. JMac is likely next to go unless he wins next HoH because if Steve goes and he doesn’t win next HoH he’s gone because Vanessa can’t play next HoH so it will be Austin(if not evicted), Liz, and John playing next HoH. Which means if Austin or Liz win HoH Vanessa and John are on the block automatically. Liz will influence Austin to get rid of John and then goodbye John. Austin wins part 1 of final HOH(always a physical endurance comp) to advance to part 3 of final HoH comp. Depending on what part 2 of the final HoH is it’s either mental or a timed or a hybrid it could go to either Liz or Vanessa then the part 2 winner will face Austin in part 3 which is a memory one. If Austin wins guaranteed Liz in final 2. If Vanessa wins kind of a tossup really whoever is left is not a guarantee she’ll win except maybe Austin but it’s not a lock for her. The only person she can be guaranteed to win with is John.

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      I think Liz could beat Austin in endurance. He hasn’t done well in any of them so far.

    • AIO_7

      “The only person she can be guaranteed to win with is John.”
      Comment by Kristine

      I disagree, I think John could beat her in F2.

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    Goodbye the King of BS (and BO). The party’s over. Liz will cry for hours. She’ll look like a deer in headlights, with her smelly boyfriend gone. Time to grow up. The game’s almost over. And Liz, you’ll be history soon. Credit to Johnny Mac for playing a great game. Vanessa could win the whole thing. But she’s playing a good hand!

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      it all depends on the next HoH if Liz wins she’ll put up Vanessa and John or John and Steve. John definitely needs to step up and not throw competitions because his goose is cooked if he doesn’t win next HoH or Steve doesn’t win either. If anything the only person who can safely throw it and it all depends on timing of the give up is Steve. If Steve throws it and lets John have the win then he’s safe and then John needs to reassure Vanessa that she’s not his target but he didn’t want to put up Steve next to Liz. or the other strategy is backdoor Liz by putting up 2 pawns both Vanessa and Steve fight for veto pull themselves off replace with Liz and then evict her so her sister can’t vote for her to win in the end.

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      Doesn’t matter who wins the next HOH. It’s who wins the POV that holds the power to evict. If Vanessa took out Steve now I’m sure it would cost her jury votes. Taking out Austin won’t. In the back of her mind she must realize that both Steve and Johnny Mack are gunning for her. If she’s still here after Wednesday, I’ll be surprised. I see Liz, Johnny Mack and Steve in the final three and Johnny Mack and Steve in the final two. I’d be happy with that. Whoever is the one who nails Vanessa will probably win the vote of the majority of the jurors.

    • Colby

      Kristine, I think she will go after Steve because he evicted Julia.

  6. Jannie

    Vanessa may think it’s best to keep Steve, but last night Steve had a long conversation(by himself of course) to the live feeds.
    He has confessed that he is planning on getting rid of Vanessa ASAP.
    He wants to take Johnny Mac to the end because he thinks he can beat him. He says that the two of them(rockstars) have had a final two since the beginning of the game. He plans to honor that. Says Johnny Mac is the only one in the house he had ever planned to stay loyal to…
    He also said that he has been lying and manipulating A LOT in the game and that his Mom understands that he may have to swear on her to get the job done – they discussed it before he left.
    If that plan doesn’t work, he also believes he can beat Liz.

    He knows that Vanessa had initial plans to get rid of him – he is going to go full on for the next HOH or POV and get rid of her.

    I hope Steve’s plan works – for all of the interrogations she has put him through, it would be sweet, sweet justice to have him boot her out the door.

    And for being the one to get rid of her, I think he could win the game.

    I would be so happy to see Steve and Johnny Mac in the F2.

    • Elaine

      I agree with you Jannie. Of the ones that are left I will watch the finale if it is Steve and John. I am
      D-O-N-E if Liz or Austin gets to the end. As for Vanessa, I think I will pass out from her specifics and percentage-filled answers to the jury questions. They will need to remind her to be brief.

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      I really hope you’re right. Steve has played a better game than JMac. From the beginning of the game, JMac threw competitions left and right!!

    • Jannie

      If Johnny Mac votes with Liz and keeps Austin, I think his chances of winning America’s player will plummet.

  7. Mimi Ryan

    Ugh. I am wondering if JMac would just do what is best for his game, and vote whom ever he needs to? That said Van can just deal with the consequences. Liz will probably vote for Steve to go. Personally, I want Austwit to go. But Van has repeatedly said, “MY GAME.” What’s best for her game, not anyone else’s. I’m to the point I really don’t care for Van and her game play, she’s a bully and plays people too well. The HG’s that are getting played, well, they deserve it then. I would love to see JMac & Steve go F3. I’d love it if Van only too 2nd place only because she’s really bullied people.

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      it’s going to depend on who Jmac votes out if he votes Austin Liz will vote Steve and it will be a tie Vanessa is the tie breaker however if Jmac votes Steve out(dumb move personally because he has sealed his coffin)

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      Enough with the so called, Vanessa is a bully comments. After reading these posts for 12 weeks I must chime in here. These people are all adults. James himself was quaking in his shoes when Van questioned him. Ask James if he felt bullied. Hahaha. I dont see an ex milltary man saying he was bullied by a 130 lb woman. She is mentally stronger than anyone else. All the house guests admit that she is smart. Even the one’s that were evectided by her directly or indirectly say this. She is rightfully gaining respect on the jury house now. After the emontional calm down of being crushed. They are seeing this for what it is. Shelli said so herself 3 weeks ago. Even Becky said it a month ago. She wins way more comps than anyone. She is actually playing with a strategy. All elements needed to win. Thats all it is. It’s called playing the game. Has anyone been physically threatened? No. And is there any 100 percent guarantee that Van makes final 2? No. My favorite is when people call her the poker player. Not her name. Ok. So we have the dentist, the student, the out of work wrestler and the spoiled 20 something. That’s what we will say. No actual names. Then we have the people here insulting her looks. Calling Van bug eyes. Or picking on Steve’s nerdeyness. I’d like to see what most of you look like. I could pick you apart 45 ways. It’s not hard at all. These are 3th grade insults. Now on to Van is finally making a big move…..”the only move.” Said sarcastically. She has had her hand in just about every evection. We all know this. The jury knows this.That isint easy friends.The big moves have happened all season. But for some reason it’s happening rite in front of your faces and you don’t even see it. Or is it just denial because you want a Jason type to win. Opps… ya, he was evectided early. That didn’t work out. How could it. His strategy was make fake friends and smoke in the backyard. What Van is doing and has done all summer is called positioning yourself in the best possible place. In chess you don’t go for the queen 1st to win the game. Or do you¿You stratigize your way to get the King in ck mate and win the game. Get the queen when it’s best if needed. As for who she can beat in final 2. It’s anyone. Noone has played this game even close to as good. Nor has anyone done anything amazing. Only 1 person should win. And it should be a 9-0 vote. As for the, she has money part. Ok? So! So basically your saying noone shouldn’t be able to play if you have money in the bank. That’s rediclous. And Pathetic.

    • Jannie

      Thanks for the lecture. I read your post a couple of times and it seems you are judging us almost as harshly as you are accusing us of treating Vanessa. Just my opinion, which I am pretty sure we are all free to express here.
      I usually don’t like personal attacks either, Try to stay away from them for the most part. But…these people did put themselves on TV, should we all sing Kumbaya now and hand Vanessa the check? I have been a fan of Vanessa’s in the poker world. I am watching the World Series of poker right now. Just don’t happen to like the way she plays Big Brother.
      I tend to think that Vanessa’s game may seem to be the best because she is so aggressive, but I tend to think that Steve’s game is subtle, but just as good.
      Read your post again. Statements like” I could pick you apart 45 ways” are pretty harsh. Not unlike what you are complaint about posters here doing.
      Just saying…

    • Avatar

      Jannie. My statement about I could pick you apart 45 way is clear to say. People here call Van a bully yet bully themselves. Regarding attacks on people’s looks. I did say it’s 3rd grade tatics. So anyone could just say racoon eyes. So the 45 ways to pick anyone apart is saying we all have faults and a 3rd grader can find 45 ways to call names on appearance. Even if your gorgeous. Just sayin… Your welcome for the lecture also. Lots here needed it.

    • Avatar

      I’ve seen statements like fug ugly bitch. Evil for lying. And many many more unnessary comments.While they all do lie.Steve just said lastnight. He is a liar cheater and will do anything for the 500k. Thats the game. And thats ok. That is what BB is and has always been about. Ya they put themselves on t.v. so they are open to criticize. Opinions and criticism are different than what’s been going on on almost every site. People take it too far and are literally hyprocritical. The BB game isint about morals. Even though they all claim it. Yes Van too. As an audience, we are not in the game. And is so sadly ok to see those kind of coments. Morality out the window. I guess it’s anything goes now adays. Probably why Donald Trump is doing so well. We as humans have gone numb to just about anything.
      I’ll just continue to watch the show and read the posts as a fan. Most of the posts are interesting as game theory. It seems though that its getting more brutal each day in the commet section.Commenting is pointless. If someone isint with the group. It’s all out agression. God forbid people have different takes. If we all agreed. Then why debate the show.

    • Jannie

      “if someone isn’t with the group it’s all out aggression.”
      Kelly, I am being totally sincere when I say that I just don’t see that at all here.
      I am a fan of Steve and not so much Johnny Mac.
      Lots of Johnny Mac fans here, but they have never been aggressive when I have called him out for throwing comps and floating. When someone says something negative about Steve, I don’t jump all over them. I think the debate here is incredibly civilized.
      Would enjoy having your opinion on game play…you just have to ignore it when people get personal about the players. Again, like you said, they are adults who have chosen to be on reality TV. Would you rather we praise them all and gush over their looks and lovely personalities? I don’t think that’s being realistic.
      If the game is all about throwing morals out the window and lying, as you say, then how can you not expect the fans of the show to react concerning individual’s game strategy? Some is more aggressive than others. It’s why we watch.
      I have been commenting here for 3 years and I have never seen all of this “brutality” of which you speak…
      If I didn’t know better, I think you know Vanessa. You seem to be particularly sensitive to comments about her, but then say that Jason made ‘fake’ friends and smoked in the backyard. How do you know his friends were fake?
      Not a big fan of Jason either, but that’s not nice.
      And yes, “God forbid people have different takes.”
      Your words, good ones, so let’s just let everyone have their opinion without scolding them for having a differing opinion.

  8. Mimi Ryan

    At this point in the game, can’t the current HOH (Van) Play in the Next HOH?

  9. danmtruth

    Hate to throw a wet towel on things. Not saying I hope or think this might happen. But it should be said. With Vanessa skittles M&M diarammas it is still a chance she is playing Johny Mack . Get him to vote Austin she votes Steve out tells Austin he owes her his life. Stranger moves have been bade by her
    Let’s just hope all stays the same . Austin does his bombastic speech thinking he is safe. Than watch the look on his face when Vanessa votes him out That will make up for most of this season Ann I hope your still watching to see this

    • Jannie

      No wet towels!!! 🙂

      If Vanessa pulls that move, she may as well stand on the finale stage and let production pour buckets of blood on her “Carrie” style.

      I am almost just as nervous that Johnny Mac will pull the fool’s move and vote with Liz to send Steve out. Steve has said to the live feeds that he wants Johnny Mac in the F2.

      With the feeds down who knows what Vanessa is thinking right now.
      Steve sure seemed pretty sure he was staying.

      If Austin goes it will be the best eviction of the season – and the only one we won’t get to see live.

  10. Avatar

    Vanessa would be a fool to vote out Austin over Steve. She only needs to realize two things:

    1) All she needs to do is make it to the final two and she is golden. The jury is going to have respect for her extremely well played game.

    2) None of the other four house guests would pick her for the final two.

    In that case, over which pair does she have the better odds of winning the final HoH? J-Mac/Steve or Liz/Austin? IMO, J-Mac/Steve will be far more difficult to beat.

    • Avatar

      She can’t play in the next HOH. Steve and JMac both think she’ll bring them to the F2, so they will bring her to the F3. And one of them might bring her to the F2. Austin and Liz are playing for each other. Vanessa is not going to get between the couple. You can’t take a couple to the F4, when they make 2/3 of the HOH competitors and 50% of the POV competitors. They also know she’s the biggest threat left in the house. She has to eliminate them.

      JMac and Steve have to go after whichever Austliz is left and then each other because they both think Vanessa will take them to the F2.

    • AIO_7

      Brett: I down voted you not because I necessarily disagree with your conclusion, but because I hate the thought of a Liztin remaining in the house.

  11. Avatar

    I copied and pasted this from Jokers. It was the conversation Steve had with himself last night in the back yard.

    12:43 AM Earlier Steve backyard by himself -Lbc Less…
    Literally every juror except for Meg was hoh at some point. I know he has more comp wins but he doesn’t have big moves. John doesn’t have any big strategic moves….two things that sold me on taking John he didn’t have any big moves and he was never hoh ever…..I did cover my bases have as many layers around me as possible. Get as many people to trust me as possible. I didn’t have any intention of being hoh unless I really needed it…..I did with final six …..I’m so thrilled to win those three comps. Wow, I’m talking to myself really elaborately. Then win.win hoh…I have only had two hohs. Liz will be so pissed! (He is laughing) Liz will be so pisssed. They thought they had me they were going to get me out this week. They made this deal with John to get me out this week. I am in such a good spot.

    And out Austin goes they tried to make this ……conflicting deals….two deals no problem…if that is what I have to do I’ll do it. I came here to win. Plain Nd simple and I said I would do whatever I had to do to win this game. Want me to swear in my mom. I’ll do it. I will do whatever it takes. I want to bring this 500k home to my family, I want to make my moms life better. And lying in her name fortunately has no effect on her she won’t be harmed or hurt or in any way. No negative effect. So, yeah

    ….a lying player I had no intention of being honest with anyone. Honesty and integrity morality are not a part of my game at all. I never intended them to be….I don’t live life like that I would never ….but in this game whatever I have to do to win. And if the world doesn’t like that I’m sorry. I want to win. Sorry. Whatever I have to do. Vanessa I’m sorry but breaking that promise is a necessary step…..I’m a scientist there is my mom …..and when you deal in science me swearing in my mom is negative effect to her. I’m sorr I did if swearing in her name is the price I pay to bring her home a 500k check. I was willing to do that.

    Steve the player and Steve the human could not be more opposite. He is a liar, manipulator, and back stabber the player. It’s upsetting because Vanessa would have deserved to win a lot more than I do. I don’t like this part I have no choice but I don’t like it.

    And Johnny he voted to keep me he stayed loyal to me. I broke up the twins . I made two huge moves breaking up twins and the biggest effect person who had the most is Vanessa. She is a very good strategist and manipulator. But I am the one. During beckys hoh …but Vanessa flipped the vote back in her favor. I was the one who finally got rid of the biggest player in this game. (Vanessa)

    I had a final two with her and I gave her a taste of her own medicine. I can beat Liz. ….would you be willing to throw round two to me so you can beat her in that second round.

    • Jannie

      Gotta love Steve!

      He is just as big a thinker and manipulator in the game as Vanessa…but he didn’t have to do any bullying or police style interrogations to get to this point in the game.

    • Avatar

      I thought of them as Gestapo style interrogations…..

    • Avatar

      Too bad Steve won’t be prepared DE is Wednesday. He is up thinking about only Van when he has to think of alternate soutions. He won’t be prepared for anything else. Liz or Jonny or( possibly) Austin.If it is Austin then the Steve thing is done already. Although Steve is most likely to stay. Math and competition say Steves odds are a meak 33 percent to win HOH. And its really not 33 percent. Liz and Jonny are better at just about everything.(Memory comps in this situation this deap in final 4 happen in the all important POV. Not HoH.Look it up. Almost always) Its possible yet unlikely. And Van will win POV. Which is most important in this spot. We all agree on that thay POV is most important here.Anyway Van may not even have to win POV. Depends on who is left. So why will she win POV you may ask. Because she always comes thru when needed. Out of 4 players , her chances are better than good. She is a competitor. And will give it 100 percent. You can’t say the rest will give it their all. It’s also most likely to be a memory type game for POV. Advantage Van. Almost always at this late point in the season memory comps happen at this spot. Yep. Said it twice. Who has won the most comps by far? Van by 3 I believe.
      And too bad for Steve he will be going to Jury in 4th place. I like him. He’s a good kid. A tad late to think he will win it all. Good game getting this far. But he needs too much to happen to make it past final 4.Espically the final 2.Even if Steve makes it to final 2 in some miraclous way. He has the weakest case to win it all of the remaning players. Just a few reasons why. There are so many not enough space to write them all down. One week of good game doesnt win in votes. Jonny would beat Steve. On saving himself(Jonny )back to the wall time after time after time. And actually coming back after being evected. Austin has been a better player. Like it or not. Same with Liz. And if Steve is up against Vanessa. Well, why even make statement there. It speaks for itself. Most likely final 3 are Jonny Liz and Van.

    • Avatar

      So your comparing Vanessa in a BB game to Nazi’s!!! You must not know history. That is a sickinining statement.

    • Avatar

      I wouldn’t underestimate Steve, Kelly.

      If he wins the veto Wednesday night, Vanessa is his target. He knows him and John work together and beat Liz for the final comp.

  12. Avatar

    Yes Rob. I was talking to you. That is a disgusting statement. About how you thought of them as a Nazi interigation. Watch a Nazi interigation video. You can find them. After you throw up from seing what a Nazi interigation is. Then come back and apologize. It’s not even a funny joke.

  13. Avatar

    And Jannie. You too. Smiley face? Really. To a Nazi type style interigation’s.You go watch a Nazi (Gestapo)interigation. And after you throw up yourself. Let’s see if you still put a smiley face there. I have read your comments alote before. And you have your opinions. Thats ok. Thats what this commet section is about. But that just crossed the line. WAY over the line. It’s not even a funny joke. Things like this is why I had to post my first comments today. Gross

    • Avatar

      You seem to have a lot to say about everything. If you don’t like people’s opinions, then don’t come here. And learn how to spell interrogation will ya.

      Vanessa interrogates people to find any little reason to put them up for nomination as a punishment. You call that good game play? I don’t.

    • Avatar

      Jannie I think we just got scolded! Do you feel bad? Neither do I! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Rob your a sick fucker. Not suprising you think Nazis are are so are funny. That’s great you don’t feel bad. You think IsIs is funny too. You sick fuck. Gross

    • Jannie

      I think Kelly knows Vanessa personally.
      Seems she is offended by anything negative said about her, yet has no problem going after Steve, Jason or people posting to this blog.
      It’s the only explanation I can think of…
      If I had a relative or friend on reality tv, I would just stay off of the boards.

      And to be really honest here…
      We may have made an off color joke about Vanessa’s aggressive personality, but we are not quoting the Bible like she does to win money. That’s really sick. It was Steve’s Bible she was “using” to look like a good church girl…all about the morality of Vanessa. But anyone who knows anything about the Bible could tell she had no idea what she was talking about.
      I wouldn’t use the Bible to win $500K.
      Lie? Sure.
      Blaspheme? No way.
      Someone needs to get off of their high horse.

    • Colby

      LOL. Jannie and Rob, While I so agree with you, I got accused of being a troll for voicing that opinion earlier this season.

  14. danmtruth

    Ok lets ratchet it back a bit . Vanessa does have a very aggressive questioning / interrogation tactics . I compared her to Torquamata The grand inquisitor of the Spanish inquisition. Minus the flogging, limb stretching and burning I just felt she put a lot of pressure on the people as she was questioning them Always hammering about how she knows if they are lying and there will be consequences . That aggression and intimidation is what I’m talking about In the end it’s just a game
    Just like last year we will be denied what might be the best night for most BB fans. Austin’s live eviction. Just like last year when production was able to stack the audience when Frankie was evicted . So he was not meant with the boos and jerrs most fans felt. They loaded the audience with CBS employees who were told not to boo. This was done because production claimed because they had to tape mid afternoon they need to fill in Now with Austin being ready to be Backdoor . We will be denied seeing the raw reaction . Austin will give his big bombastic speech only to be cut off at the knees by Vanessa . Instead we will get an edited version Oh well in the end he still will be gone

    • Avatar

      Kind of ironic isn’t it Dan, that the guy who thought he could use the show to advance his career in wrestling and sought all kinds of attention, ends up leaving the house on the only eviction when there is no audience.

    • Avatar

      Ok Rob now a decent opinion by you about game play. That is an opinion.Ya I call it great game play. That how 7 people have been evicted. Directly by her. And she has done it as being the main target most of the season. And will probably win the game. The hardest part is final 2. If she makes it that far. Noone will beat her in votes. Her game is too constant. Even Becky said as much.” Van is really good.” And we all know Becky went for it. She had three chanes at Van and lost all three. IMO Becky is the 2nd best player. Becky will vote for Van if Van is final 2. She will vote on merrits.

    • Jannie

      Could be am Ian Terry/Dan Gheesling situation
      Just too much “blood on the hands” and too much plotting.
      Most of the jury was exhausted dealing with Vanessa’s tirades and paranoia(they said it, I didn’t make it up).
      Ian won 8-1

    • Avatar

      Jannie I stuck up for Steve in my 1st post about people making fun of him because his nerdeyness. You missed that? You said you read it 3 times. And I was comparing Steve saying he will lie cheat and whaver it takes to win. And thats ok. Also said he’s a nice kid. So how is that attacking him? And there ya go. Thank you
      If someone has another opinion against the group its attack mode. I must know Van personally? Hahahaha Lol. Thank you. You just made my point for me.

  15. Jannie

    You called Steve a cheater.
    When did he cheat??

    • Avatar

      I didn’t call Steve a cheater. Steve said lastnight, That “I will lie cheat do whatever it takes. To win the 500k. Morally I’m not the same person in here as I am in real life.” That’s what Steve said lastnight on the live feeds. And THATS OK Jannie. It’ BB. This is a game. Steve is a good kid. And as for myself attacking Jason personally. I didn’t attack him. I said. His plan was to make fake friends and smoke in the backyard. That is called a viewers opinion. It’s not attacking him personally. I also gave credit to Becky for being the second best player. Who took three shots at Van and lost all three times. Becky said herself. Van is really good. And if she makes final 2 she deserves it. That’said Beckys words.So I’m just giving opinions here. And talking game. I’m not sticking up for Van only. I have made comments on Steve, James, Becky, Jay mac, Austin and Liz. On this page. It not being on a so called high horse. It’s being civilized with a different opinion. Never attacking people personally. How can we? We don’the know them in real life. Steve said it best lastnight. This is a game. And this is not who I am in real life. Seems you choose what to read Jannie. Conveniently skip over the rest. And go with that. Oh wait. Thats rite. I’m know Van in real life. Because I have positive opinions about her game.Hahahhaha. You actually said that. And thank you agian for making my point for me about if someone goes against the popular concencess here. One must be attacked in some fashion. Rather then debate it. Different opinions shold make it fun. Or should we all agree and be robots?

    • Colby

      Jannie, let it go. Kelly is obviously high, drunk, or something, and just wants to fight. He/she probably used to be Mikey, Racecar, or her other supporters that think they aren’t being obvious by changing their names.

    • Avatar

      To be clear. The fake friends commet about Jason was what Jason said himself. Not exact words but something like this. It was so so long ago how can I remember exact quotes……….. I’m going to make lots of friends here chill out and stab them in the back when giving a chance. I’m here to win the 500k ohhh ya.
      So Jannie.That’s not a personal attack. That was Jason’s strategy.
      It didn’t work out. He never intended to have real friends in the house. He said so himself. Thus fake friends. Agian, that’s ok. It’s BB. It’s a game. That was his strategy. And apparently it was a bad one. He was gone quick.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Kelly do you even read what you write? You keep talking about opinions, yet the only one you seem to recognize is yours.

      “I’m just giving opinions here….I’m civilized…..I don’t attack people personally….you choose what to read and skip over the rest…..you’re making my point for me…….yada, yada, yada…..”. Your sphincter must wish it was anywhere but where it is right now….Sheesh!

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Jeeze Kelly, what IS your problem. I’ve been reading the comments and trying to stay out of it, but you’re taking this board and the game WAY to seriously. I don’t know whether you know Vanessa personally or not, and don’t care. You could be her #1 fan, and that’s okay too. But the way you get all worked up over what other people say sounds like an aneurysm waiting to happen. Since you seem to take offense at what some are saying here, let me just throw in my 2 cents. And if you want to come after me, it’s been a slow night on BBAD, I’ve got time.

    1. If you troll every board ripping apart people who say things about Vanessa, then buckle up Bucko, cause it’s going to be a looong night.

    2. No one called Vanessa “Bug Eyes”. It was Crazy Eyes…and Austin was Asstin; the twins were Tweedle Dum and Dee; Steve was Rainman. And I take FULL responsibility for each and every one of those names…and make NO apologies for any of them. Also, I’ve been commenting on this board all season, and nowhere have I seen anyone call her a “fug ugly bitch”…at least not that I recall. You said you “wonder what some of you look like”. Well I look just like my picture. EXACTLY…LOL.

    3. I by no means looked at your post as a lecture. It was condescending, considering you did the very same thing you accused others of (I believe you called Rob a “sick f*cker). You also told Jannie: “Your welcome for the lecture also. Lots here needed it.” By the way,were those opinions or a criticisms? …Physician heal thyself.

    4. You said: “Opinions and criticisms are different than whats been going on on every site. People take it too far and are literally hypocritical.” …Like you’re being here? Then maybe you should stay off those sites. I feel bad for you if you go back and read some of my post. Your head might explode.

    5. You said: “commenting is pointless”. Yet you started with a negative comment to the posters and have continued to make them, so….was that a moot point?

    6. You also stated to Jannie: “I have read your comments a lot before. and you have your opinions. Thats ok. Thats what this commet section is about. But that just crossed the line. WAY over the line”….Who are YOU to decide what is or is not over the line? Who appointed YOU as OUR conscience? Who handed YOU the gavel? Who died and made YOU king/queen?

    Get down off that cross Kelly. Some one needs the wood.

    Okay, the shooting gallery is now open. Fire away 🙂

    • Avatar

      Over the line is giving a happy face to saying Nazi’s are funny. Or do you agree that Nazi interigation is funny? (Spell check for you rob)Did you miss that part NKog?
      Darn rite I’ll stand up for myself. I must be drunk or high or racecar or Vans friend?If I don’t agree with everyone. Come on now
      Atack Atack Atack. That’s how you know that your rite. When the comeback is an insult. Not a debate.

    • Avatar

      You haven’t seen fugly bitch said here huh. Ok. Tap Vans pic and look at the commet section. What does it say? Read it back word for word. The commet is from someone called army boy posted a month ago. And there has been much worse. Sad sad people.
      What happens if Van wins the game? Will everyone say it was the worst ever. Hehe

    • Avatar

      Yes I did call Rob a sick Fucker. For thinking Nazi jokes are funny. My grandfather was killed by the Nazi’s in a gas chamber after starving him for 8 weeks. (Not looking for symphtony.That’s just what happened)(spell check agian rob) Wasn’t doing the same thing as rob was. Not even close. He is joking about something that changed the world forever. It would be like saying IsIs is funny. That’s not a figure of speach. It’s fucking disgusting.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Stand up for yourself? Against WHAT?…or WHO? You were the one making accusations. People were just defending themselves against the things you said. I don’t know if you’re drunk, high, Racecar or Van’s friend…don’t even care. And you don’t have to agree with ANYONE. The only one on the attack is YOU.

      If you know “your rite” when the comeback is an insult, I guess that makes us all “rite”.

      Oh, and I also said: “nowhere have I seen anyone call her a “fug ugly bitch”…at least not that I recall”. The operative phrase here is “at least not that I recall”….and I don’t. But if you say it’s there, I’m can’t dispute you on it because I don’t remember seeing it. I don’t even know who Army Boy is, but I don’t think he’s a reg on this board. Most likely a random poster. And if he’s the one that said it, then yes, that IS wrong. I might make up silly nicknames for people, but I don’t like to call people names such as that. So on that, I stand corrected.

      And if she wins, yes, most of us will probably say “its was the worst ever”….just being honest…Hehehe

    • Avatar

      DON’T feed the trolls! They are instigating arguments just to continue posting and get attention. Scroll on past the name and don’t respond.

    • Avatar

      NkogNeeTow, “You go girl.” If Kelly don’t like what we post on this site then Kelly needs to scroll on down the line because nobody is holding a gun to nobody’s head making them stop on this site & read our comments.
      Kelly, if you stay here with us I guarantee you there’s going to be a lot more that you see that you don’t like. We joke around a lot but we also give our opinions & have no problem speaking our minds. Nobody is purposely trying to offend anyone, a lot of us including me don’t like Vanessa & that’s just the way it is.

  17. Avatar

    Colby. I’m obviously high or drunk or racecar?
    I’m standing up for myself. And making valid game points. Don’t be a free thinker or you will be punished. Is that it?

    Let’s all think the same thing. Let’s be robots. And yes its about time someone posted on here with a different opinion. And didn’t take any crap for doing so. What are the chances that everyone agrees on everything? Like 0 percent. No wonder Van supporters in the game don’t post here
    Too much trouble. Meanwhile it looks like I’m correct. Look who will be ranked #1 in power rankings yet agian. On every site. VAN.

    • Colby

      I actually agree that Vanessa has played the best game at this point. But it doesn’t make her a good person with integrity or any of the other BS she claims to have. I would rather see her win than any of the Austwits. But I hope JMac and Steve take her out, and JMac wins. JMac is a really nice guy, he has won comps when he really needed to, and thrown them for her and others in jury. His social game needs to be taken into account.
      Yes, he is a dentist, a young one with many school loans to pay off. He is not making the bucks at this point.
      Vanessa doesn’t need the money, and I would hope that she would stand up and announce that she is donating it to some charity if she wins. But doubt that will happen.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Kelly you keep trying to make points while missing the biggest one. No one is against you because you’re a Van supporter. Heck, you can support anyone you like. The majority of people don’t like her. And they have as much right to do so as you do. The issue everyone has with you, was that with your very first post, you started attacking people on the board because of things they said about her. Yet you claimed to only want to talk about game play.

      If game play is what you want to discuss, they by all means, have at it. Just because we might not agree with you, doesn’t mean we think you’re a bad person. But you went on the attack and defense before you even mentioned game play. And contrary to what you might think, there are a few here that support Van. I think her fans think everyone hate them because they like her, so they become super defensive. I assure you that is not the case. And Van supporters do post here by the way, there just isn’t that many of them on this site. But they have never been asked or told not to post.

      I personally might not agree with your opinion, but you have every right to it. But you’ve got to give other people that same consideration. Just because you like her, stop looking at it as a personal attack when others don’t. If she’s your favorite, then praise Jesus and Hallelujah! A lot of us just don’t like her because of the way she played. And that’s okay too. If you like her, you don’t need to explain your reason…and we don’t really need to explain ours 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Colby, I don’t think that JM should win just because he’s not making big bucks and has loans to pay off. And I don’t think Crazy Eyes (that one was for Kelly…teeheehee) should have to donate the money to charity just because she has money. This game isn’t based on need. If it was, a millionaire wouldn’t be allowed to play. A lot of people are mad because she came into the game with millions, drives a Lamborghini and lives in a mansion. On that, I think they are unfair. Her money is just that, her money, and she shouldn’t be penalized for it. As much as I’d like to see JM or Steve win, at this point, I don’t care who gets it 🙂

    • Colby

      NKog, I don’t think she should be penalized for it either. I just think it would be a great thing to do if she is as good of a person as she claims she is. I think we all know differently. And my point about JMac is that he is not being given enough credit for the social game he as played, throwing comps for others, etc……………..

  18. Avatar

    That’s great. NKog. What you missed was that every time someone posts support for Van it always gets personal attacks.It happens every time you can not deny it. You said it your self…….
    You call her crazy eyes. And are proud of it. As I said already any 3Rd grader can call names. It makes your arguments weak. When calling Van bully. Then saying crazy eyes. Kinda hyprocritical. Huh? Meanwhile you won’t show your own face. Opps. You said that is yours. That’s what you said. Lol. And then the personal attacks on myself. Get off the cross? Who made you King or Queen? What did I say about you personally? I did go after rob for thinking Nazi jokes are funny. And that is not just a figure of speach. Real people suffered and real families live with that even today. So basically I crushed it tonight. Stuck up for myself. Rebutted all arguments. And as usual Van will be ranked #1 in power rankings tomorrow. Now off to bed. Aloha from Kauai.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yes Kelly. You are a legend in your own mind. Sleep well 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh, and that IS my real picture. It’s called a selfie….lol

    • Avatar

      I don’t like the way Vanessa plays the game, but yet I have complimented her game play many, many times and have never been personally attacked.

    • Avatar


      I have posted several times that I believed Vanessa was the best player, and deserves to win. Nobody body slammed me to the mat for it.

      Her gameplay has been the best. Not doubt about it. Is she everyone’s favorite player ? Apparently not. Who cares ? It’s just a game show.

      There are so many other things important to worry about. These little things cannot get the better of us.

      On a side note, and I am not trying to ramp up a new tirade or rant on anyone’s part, but to compare anything to Nazi tactics is ridiculous for the lack of a better word. I am genuinely sorry to hear about your grandfather. Living the better part of my life in Montreal, where many survivors became landed immigrants, I can understand how you feel as much as that is possible without directly having a family member who went through the same as yours.

      Peace be with you.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    And now my work is done. Goodnight my BB Beauties (that includes you too Kelly) 🙂

  20. Jannie

    Oh Lordy, I see this went into the wee hours…

    Kelly, if we seem like some sort of rogue gang out to assassinate Vanessa’s character and promote the virtues of Adolf Hitler, then that’s fine – believe what you want to believe, it’s a free country. As you have stated…we all get an opinion. A lot of us here have different opinions, and a lot of us have been here all expressing them on this site for years. For the most part we all get along.

    And you know what?? If you have been reading this site all along, you would know that I have two kids with Autism. I believe Steve falls somewhere on that spectrum. Apparently he has never been officially diagnosed, which is not surprising at all – 1 in 3 people who are high functioning are not. I was scolded for these statements and told to quit calling him “handicapped.” Think that pissed me off?? You bet, Autism is not a “handicap” unless adults in society put that label on it. I never once went after anyone here whose called Steve a weirdo, freak or whatever, just tried to educate them without the condescending lecture.
    You catch more flies with honey, right??
    Or you just ignore a comment and move on.

    It’s sad that you feel like the victim here when you clearly are not…your first post here was meant to basically call us all assholes.
    And if you want to go after anyone who ever made a joke about Nazis, the list would be pretty long. Better get writing to Hollywood…I get reruns of Hogan’s Heroes here…should I call up my local station a rip them a new one??

    Would love to have your opinions here, it’s getting down to the wire and the game is finally getting good.
    NKogNeeTow, Colby, Rob, and all of the other regular’s here and I may not always agree on player’s and/or strategies, but we have never gone after each other on a personal level and never would. I think we are all more mature than that. We entertain each other, and it’s fun if you let it be…

    Can’t wait for tonight to see who got sent to jury – you think Steve, but I am sure hoping it’s Austin.

    Happy Rosh Hashanah

    Which reminds me…As a Christian, should I be offended with the whole “get off the Cross comment?”
    Absolutely not, just as lovers of horses should not come after me for calling a horse “high.” I am sure some horses may inbibe from time to time, but it is certainly not a widespread problem in the equine world.
    😉 (winking smiley face, not a mocking one).

    Now let’s lighten up, get along, and move along.

  21. Avatar

    What the? I turned off my computer for the night and missed all this? Darn!

    It seems every year around this time the trolls appear. When they can’t stir up trouble they make personal attacks on the other posters. There’s no sense in trying to talk sense to someone who isn’t sensible.

    For the record Kelly I’ll have you know that I consider myself to be an expert on interrogations. Growing up I witnessed Colonel Klink interrogate Colonel Hogan on many occasions, but to no avail. Colonel Hogan always gave him the slip and usually slipped out of the camp to blow up a munitions dump. And of course Sargent Shultz was of no use because he knew nothing.

    As for me being a sick fvck….. have we met??? 🙂 <- smiley face for you since you like them so much 😉

  22. Avatar

    Kelley, the way I look at this show and how folks talk about the individuals is this way. They applied to the show and were picked to be on it, except Clay which I think he was approached. Anyway they all knew they would be watched 24/7 every word, every action, every move. So they put themselves in this bubble to be judged by the public. Whether bad or good its just part of the viewers experience watching the game and when the house guests leave it may be how they are viewed. Some get boohed some cheered others Mehhhh, its the game.

  23. Renee

    Rob, I thought the same thing, WTH? I didn’t watch BBAD figuring it was pointless and didn’t get on here at all figuring I would just look in the morning. When I arrived at worked and logged into this site and saw over 80 comments I figured I really missed out on something big. The one good thing about the bickering, we’ve almost made this comment section to 100 responses, lol. Someone pointed out yesterday about how few comments have been left this year compared to last year. I guess when the show gets to the boring stage someone has to create drama.

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