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Veto Ceremony and Afternoon Updates

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Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 4.10.11 PM

Looks like Victor gets the last laugh

Good afternoon! I got back from the doctor, and took a nap for a couple of hours, so now I’m ready to keep you updated on the house. Unfortunately, not very much happens during the day anymore. They wait and have game conversations and what not after I go to bed and am done for the night. This morning, Victor did not use the POV. (Did anyone really expect him to use it?) So it looks like Paulie is heading out the door this week. There’s still a few days until Thursday, but I don’t look for Corey to become the target at all. I gotta say, I’m impressed with Victor’s game. He was backdoored, fought to get back in the house, and not only wasn’t he evicted immediately, but he continues to beast through competitions. Not to mention, the person who sent him out (Paulie) is leaving on Thursday, at V’s hand.


Update time:

  • 1:12pm – Corey and Paulie are picking on Nicole for her Michigan accent (I’m from Michigan too.. Do we really have accents?) James and Paul are sleeping on the other cam
    • Talk has shifted to casual game talk.
    • Paulie- “I did what I did to try and get us down and it didn’t work.”
    • And just like that, talk stopped.
    • Nicole is playing with box and string from her care package saying how happy she was when she got it. At least she won’t complain now
    • Victor is cooking in the kitchen
    • Corey has joined Victor cooking.
    • Victor – “I don’t put deodorant on unless I’m doing something.” Ew
  • 1:42pm – Nicole, Corey, and Victor are talking about what positions in the game put the most blood on someone’s hands. They determine HOH
    • Who’s Mariah? They said her name and we got fish
    • This house is so boring.. Everyone else needs to wake up
  • 2:13pm – Random talk continues in the kitchen. They keep talking about how they got casted so we keep getting fish
    • Victor went upstairs and now Corey and Nicole are chatting in the kitchen.
    • They’re talking about how Paul and Victor can say they’re going after girls and how they (N/C) need to pull either Nat or Michelle over to their side.
    • But then Nicole turns around and says that she can’t stand Michelle and that if she wins a care package, it’ll make her sick.
    • She then continues by saying that she hates Michelle’s smirk and that it reminds her of Christine.
    • Nicole, didn’t you say you never talk bad about people??
    • Victor comes back downstairs, so conversation stops
  • 2:46pm – Now they’re talking about trips that they win on the show. Apparently, a lot of people just cash them out, which I guess I didn’t realize
    • Natalie and Paul are up finally
    • Looks like everyone is up now except for Paulie. Still just casual talk going on
    • James is talking to Natalie about next week. He says if he wins HOH he’s putting Nicole and Corey up and that he’s going to tell Nicole that he refuses to believe that she’s never heard his name brought up
    • Natalie is complaining about Nicole and Corey. She’s saying that Nicole knows more than she likes people to know about the game and that her and Corey purposely throw comps all the time.
    • Paulie wanders in to talk to Natalie and James. They start talking about Paulie’s sick relative and Nat says she’s truly sorry about it
  • 3:16pm – Paulie is lightly campaigning to Nat and James
    • He’s talking about how he won’t have a purpose in the jury house
    • He says if he stays, he’ll protect Victor and do whatever the house wants.. he’s getting really desperate
    • Paul and Michelle are taking naps, Victor is complaining that it’s been too long since he’s kissed someone
  • 4:02pm – Looks like Paulie just got done talking to Paul, Nat, and James
    • There’s talk about an endurance comp (water wall thing) for the next HOH
    • Paul says he’d just drop and give it to James
    • Victor came out of the DR and said there’s a message from Big Brother, so feeds cut and we have Jeff loops.
    • Feeds back.. Let me figure out what’s going on. Everyone seems excited
    • They’re talking about Bob Marley’s son (Ziggy).. I wonder if he’s performing for them or something
    • Sounds like it’s a final 8 party with food and carnival games
    • Everyone’s getting ready for this party now. Do you think this is what the special Friday episode is for? Sounds like a waste of an episode to me if it is
    • Paulie is complaining about this party because he doesn’t want it to be too loud. Apparently, he always wears ear plugs at concerts. Good grief, are you really complaining???
    • Natalie pulled her neck in the shower (yes, the shower) and is in a lot of pain. James keeps asking if he can get her anything. What a good guy
    • Nicole- “I was afraid this was going to be a jury buyback.”
  • 5:00pm – Feeds down. If they come back, it’ll probably just be more getting ready. I’m gonna take a break while the house enjoys their party!
  • 7:00pm – Feeds still down.
  • 8:00pm – Feeds back
    • Nicole is wondering how many corndogs she could’ve fit in her stomach
    • Michelle and her fake hair

      Michelle and her fake hair

    • Corey is showering, and Michelle was just laying there with his eagle
    • We have fish again
    • Back.. James made a comment to Corey about something and it’s bothering him.. Anyone catch what it was?
    • Feeds are being really weird right now. We keep getting fish and when it comes back, we get a little snippet of the conversations going on
    • James and Paul were talking about the RT tickets and then it cut to fish again
  • 8:32pm – Oh look.. Paulie’s campaigning to James.. What happened to not going against Corey? lol
    • James is saying how no one hates each other when they get out of the house and that once you get evicted and talk to Julie, it’s like a thousand pounds have been lifted off your shoulders
    • Paulie says that if James and Nat save him, he’ll never screw them over. sure you won’t
    • James is making Natalie stay in bed and he said he’ll bring her anything she needs
    • Michelle and Paul are in the bathroom trashing Paulie
    • Apparently Paulie was complaining about the prizes he got during the party
    • Paul says to James and Natalie that Paulie is having a pity party and that he’s played every person in the house
    • Looks like Paulie is about to make his rounds with Michelle in the bathroom
  • 9:00pm –  Alright, I’ve about had it with the constant fish. Stay tuned for the overnight recap in the morning!

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BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
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