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Veto Ceremony Day – BBOTT

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Good afternoon, everyone. It’s November! November… wow. I’ve blogged in November before, but it was obviously never as grueling of a schedule as BB.  Sorry, just needed to pat myself on the back. I haven’t even begged for donations this season!

I’m off to a late start, and it’s PoV time.  Whitney has been secretly flipping to the LNJ, and I’ll try to discuss that soon..


  • 1:00pm – Veto meeting…
    • Shelby says she would love for Dani to use the veto, but she’s the one who put her on the block, so she’s not expecting it
    • Whitney says she would be appreciated, but she should do whatever’s best for her game
    • Scott says he would owe her a life debt (is he a wookie?)
    • Danielle decides to use the veto on Whitney
    • Morgan is on the block
    • Scott will most likely be going home

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America’s Vote is OPEN

  • 1:05pm – Immediately after the meeting, Whitney decides to share a story with the house about how she heard a 10 second long fart last night from Justin
    • Needless to say, Morgan looks pretty upset and it’s probably worse that Whitney decided to tell her long and boring story
    • ontheblock
    • Yes Whitney, I was just put on the block and quite possibly could be backdoored, please tell me a story about farts – Morgan’s inner thought
    • Even though Morgan is likely safe and Scott is gone, still awkward to hear this fart story
  • 1:12pm – The dumb fart conversation ends and Shelby/Alex slip away to the bedroom
    • Shelby says “well, bye Scott”
    • Morgan heads to the bathroom and begins crying. Alex joins and tells her she is fine. She does realize that Whitney flipped on them, but Dani pulled her off the block for an extra vote against Scott
    • morgan-cry
    • Alex realized Whitney was way too upset and tense, so they lost trust in her.  They think she promised the care package
  • 1:16pm – Shelby joins and they realize they only have each other this week. It went from 5-3 to 3-5 just like that.
    • They know Whitney will vote out Scott
    • Whitney comes in the bathroom and they ask if she’s surprised. She says ‘yea, she doesn’t know what to think’
    • Whitney points out how Dani said she was bringing down America’s Nom regardless, but didn’t.  I don’t think she is realizing that she’s basically admitting to having a side alliance with the LNJ
  • 1:20pm – Whitney heads outside with her new alliance
    • justin-whit
    • Justin asks if the girls have treated her like an outcast. Whitney says ‘yea, they’re super freaked out now’. Justin replies with ‘it is what it is, you have loyal people now’
    • Whitney says the reason she’s up there is because of Alex, so she doesn’t care
    • Meanwhile, the remaining smashers are in the yoga room talking about what to do. Scott is accepting that he is going home.
  • 1:25pm – Scott thinks that they are looking to get rid of Morgan’s potential upcoming care package
  • 1:30pm – Alex slips.
    • Whitney asks if Morgan is ok, and they tell her she’s crying. Alex says she’s only seen her cry a few times. Wonder if anyone caught it.
  • 1:43pm – The remaining 3 smashers meet in the bedroom.  Morgan is pissed
    • morgan-pissed
    • Alex is talking about how Whitney was blatantly lying in the bathroom. Morgan knew she was lying and that’s why she had to leave the room
    • She also points out how Scott is running around making it seem like he has a final 2 with Scott, so now it’s going to look like she’s breaking another alliance
  • 1:51pm – Whitney enters the room and they talk about how Scott is going to campaign.
  • 2:00pm – Morgan is talking to Dani
    • Danielle is explaining that America handed Scott on a silver platter, and wanted him out. So, she didn’t want to risk Alex voting out Whitney over Scott
  • 2:10pm – The conversation ends and Morgan goes to re-tell the conversation to her girls
    • The girls all realize that Whitney flipped and that they’re basically screwed
    • Alex understands that was the best move for Whitney, so she’s not bitter
  • 3:30pm – Morgan and Whitney are still talking and Morgan has calmed down a bit. I don’t think she’ll be able to trust her, but they definitely need to keep working on Whitney because the smashers basically lost 2 people this week
  • 6:30pm – Just had some dinner. Back, and the house is getting ready for the live DR beg sessions. Seriously, the entire time is spend by people begging us to vote their way
    • shelby-morgan2
  • 7:15pm – Midway party going on. The HNs get to eat again for the second night in a row.
    • midwayparty
    • I can’t believe we’re only midway through the season. Maybe it’s the back to back seasons, but feels like it’s been going on forever


Check back for updates



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BB24 Michael Bruner
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