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Veto Ceremony Results; Live Blogging



Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you’re all having a good Monday. I know that’s hard to do, but at least your workday is almost over (unless you live on the west coast, then … sorry). It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, and we get to finally learn the big mystery of who will go on the block to replace Corey (*hint, it’s Da’Vonne). If you’re just checking in for the first time all weekend, and didn’t watch last night’s episode, here is your weekly briefcap…

  • Natalie and Tiffany were nominated. Tiffany is/was the target again because the house had instant regret for making an incredibly dumb decision last Thursday.
  • The regret happened when Tiffany started doing what people expected she would do – blow the lid off their game.
  • Frank also did what they expected he would do – realize he was being lied to, and no longer lay dormant assuming he is safe every week
    • (Needless to say, the house went according to their near ‘worst case scenario’, which was actually the ‘likely scenario’ to people with common sense)
  • Tiffany won roadkill and nominated Corey who then went and won veto.
  • Between nominations and veto, Frank and Tiffany did a good job exposing the lies Da’Vonne have been telling people
    • (again, something that wouldn’t have happened had –  ironically enough – Da’Vonne didn’t work to save Tiffany last week)
  • This caused a major rift between Tiffany and Da’vonne which leads us to today and the PoV ceremony
  • Here is a list of people who have grown annoying over the past week:
    • Paul – He pretty much repeats ‘friendship’ and ‘pissed’ while patting himself on the back for everything he does
    • Paulie – His ego is now larger than his biceps
    • Michelle – Her non-stop high school trash talk of people makes me want to punch myself
    • Nicole – Not so much annoying, but it is sad to see just how bad she is at lying, and Big Brother in general.  She is still nice, however. I know people will say “well, it’s good not to lie”. While true, it’s just that Nicole’s nice nature is what makes her so likable. Her playing the lying game is just a bad look.
  • Here are the people who became less annoying:
    • Tiffany – Kind of feel bad for her now.

Alright, here we go with the updates. Hopefully today is an exciting day…

  • 11:00am – Feeds went down for the veto ceremony. Shouldn’t be down long
  • 11:50pm – Feeds back, Day is nominated
    • During the meeting, Da’Vonne whipped her hair around and it hit Tiffany. Day was bragging about it after the feeds returned
    • Tiffany comes inside and talks lightly to Frank asking if she should report that because it did hurt and was aggressive.
    • He said not to tell people in the house, but it can’t hurt to tell the DR to see what they say
    • Tiff out, Da’Vonne called to the DR. Wonder what will happen
  • 12:30pm – Da’Vonne has been out of the DR, and hasn’t mentioned anything. If she got in trouble, it was probably just a warning or whatever.
    • It’s funny to see Day do that after last night she was crying because Frank was “playing dirty”, but now Day is using intimidation tactics
    • Meanwhile, Paul is talking to Nicole about how America may either love or hate his overusing the term ‘friendship’.
    • This dates back to his earlier conversation with James about America’s Favorite Player.  James told him he is probably in the running, so Paul is likely seeing dollar signs every time he says friendship. Sorry, but I don’t think there is a chance he comes close to that title. Not a bad guy, but he’s far more annoying than likable.
    • Speaking of Paul, here he is reporting back to Da’Vonne about the conversation he just had with Frank.
    • paul-day
    • I’m not sure I can handle Paul much more. Someone has to vote him out. If he’s dragged to the end, this may be a long season
  • 12:40pm – Switching to feeds of Frank, Tiff, and Bridgette so I don’t stab my ears listening to Paul talk
    • Frank is going to really work Corey this week.  It’s hard to say how the votes will look this week. The only sure things are Frank and Cabbage Patch for Tiff, and Paul for Da’Vonne.
    • Everyone else is leaning team Day, but I honestly feel this could swing in either direction before Thursday. This is no sure thing
  • 1:00pm – Frank is talking to Tiffany
    • He is saying how he admits he’s an asshole. He said he’s surprised because Tiffany is a lot nicer than he is.
    • That is one thing I do respect about Frank, for the most part he is honest, especially about how he is.
    • That said, seeing as he keeps talking about Da’Vonne/slut comment and denying it, I am curious whether or not he is lying, or he forgot because it was a joke.  I know this because there are often times I forget stuff I said if it was in a joking manner.  But, Frank also seems to remember quite a bit, like he’ll mention what room he was in when a conversation comes up “You told me this and that in the bathroom”. I do find it hard to believe he simply forgot about the slut comment… but maybe he did? I forgot he did
    • Now they’re talking about how Paul is a good kid, and always trying to entertain people, etc.  He’s going to have a laugh at how proud Paul is about being a double agent against him.
    • Frank thinks Paul may have his back (he doesn’t)
    • Tiffany says Da’Vonne is going to bash her on twitter. I guess Day bashed Vanessa quite a bit as well, calling her ‘looney toons’ and ‘junkie’ (not Big Brother Junkie). Frank said he doesn’t get involved in the social media scene
    • Frank points out how Big Brother really doesn’t like when people do that on social media. He said it makes the show look bad when people leave the house and make asses out of themselves. “This is CBS, not like MTV. Sorry MTV”
    • Frank mentions how CBS loves people like Jeff and Jordan.. ‘stand up people’. Tiffany asks if he heard about something. I am going to assume she was referring to how Jeff was ranting about gay people during his season. I remember he was saying how inappropriate it was that Dumbledore was around kids in Harry Potter. Basically saying CBS edits him to look good, but he’s kind of a jerk (Jeff)
    • Tiffany asks once again if he swears on anything that Day told him Tiff was going after him. He said yes. Tiff starts rambling about it, but Frank says “you gotta give her credit, that was a good move. Her big mistake was just not evicting you”.  Very true, Frank. Day was indeed playing pretty slick by pinning people against each other, until she decided to keep her dirty laundry in the house.
    • They talk about what her speech will be. Frank says she’ll mention Tiffany’s sister and that same old song and dance. He said he’s sick of hearing about Vanessa.
    • They finish up talking.  Now I’m stuck watching Frank alone in the kitchen or listen to Paul on the other feed.  I’ll stick with Frank
  • 2:00pm – Pretty funny moment where Paulie and James find themselves under the middle camera, and they feel like they’re put on the spot, so they make up a long conversation
    • paulie
    • side note – I added a favorite player poll.  Vote here
  • 4:20pm – Da’Vonne and Michelle are chatting in the bathroom
    • Michelle is gossiping about Bridgette. Just saying how she caught Bridgette in a lie
    • The talk moved to Tiffany of course (as I figured it would). They talk about how Vanessa I guess leaked the twist by tweeting something like 10-4-2 (10 new, 4 vets, 2 siblings)?  Anyone have any info of that tweet?
    • Day re-tells the hair whip story and Michelle claps. Ugh
    • Michelle asks if Day thinks people like Tiff. She said probably because of her sister, but if she was just a regular houseguest, they probably wouldn’t like her
    • She also said fans hate when players say they won’t do stuff because they’re scared America will hate them (this is kind of true. It is annoying to see people being fake in front of cameras)
    • Michelle asks what type of game Johnny Mack’s was. She said it was a ‘you can use me’ strategy, then whispers “Paul” (very true)
  • 4:30pm – Camera switches to Tiffany and Bridgette talking.
    • Tiffany is telling her about the alliances she’s learned
    • Bridgette tells Tiff how the house was making fun of her. Like about how Tiffany wears sunglasses all the time, etc
    • Tiffany asks ‘Even Michelle’? Bridgette says yes, pretty much everyone except her, Bronte, Natalie and James
    • Then Bridge tells Tiff about how they made fun of Tiff for wearing a bandana in the HoH room one time while trying to sleep (yes, I can see it. The house is like high school drama)
    • Bridgette is explaining her side of the story from the ‘lie’ Michelle caught her in. Something stupid about Jun and Michelle thinking Bridgette knew who she was and actually watched season 4.  Yes, within 10 minutes, Michelle was in one room in the house talking to Da’Vonne about Bridgette possibly lying about watching season 4, while Bridgette was telling Tiffany.
    • Season 4. Really. Bridgette may have lied about watching a season, and Michelle may have found her in a lie. Either way, it’s watching season 4. My mind is blown.
    • bridgette-tiff
    • Bridgette mentions overhearing Zaki and Day talking about someone needs God
    • Tiffany automatically assumes it was referring to her and joked she wants to draw horns on the bible
    • Tiff drops how they have all been in a room talking shit about Frank
  • 5:15pm – James and Natalie take over the HN room
    • They begin having an argument.  Oh boy
    • This is about James making a joking comment about cuddling with Nicole in the HN room.
    • Natalie to James – “You made me feel worthless”
    • james-suffers
      The face of an argument
    • James plays the “I don’t know how  you actually feel about me” card.  She tells him she’s always around him and always flirting, etc.
    • She says she doesn’t hang out with any other guys, so that should prove it. He points out how the only guys are Paulie and Corey (who are basically taken) and Frank and Paul
    • James says he knows they have a flirtmance going, but he wasn’t sure of it all.  This is because James saw Natalie rubbing Paulie’s leg
    • Wow this argument is sad
  • 5:45pm – I coudln’t take it. I skipped to current, and now Natalie and James are talking nice. Whatever. Paulie and Day on the other feed…
    • Paul was sitting with them but Day sent him off to distract everyone else.  He is such a pawn
    • Paulie is telling Da’Vonne about stuff he heard from Tiffany.
    • Paulie tells her about a time when Tiffany put a cup to the wall to listen in to the HN room.
    • He then keeps going on about how Vanessa pieced things together then came to someone as fact to test people. He is really sold that is what Tiffany is doing.
    • They have had a long talk mostly about what Frank has said to Paulie. Pretty much repeating stuff.

Ok, I am going to close this thread, it’s pretty long. I am taking a short break then probably start an evening thread





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  1. danmtruth

    Day needs to stay calm today and till thur All kind of crap will be thrown

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      Its not such a bad week to be evicted, I almost think whoever gets kicked out will have a better shot of going further in the game with a good chance to win the battle back. The person who stays will most likely go home next week unless they are able to back door Frank.

    • Avatar
      Connie (2 comments)

      Day keeps being a little bitch and complaining about the things she says Frank is doing to her that never appear on camera and the whining that it upsets her because her daughter will see it. Does she not think her daughter seeing her lie every time she opens her mouth is a bad thing? Or better yet she uses the word ‘ass’ in every other sentence.!!!’

      • Avatar

        Not to mention that bull-shit she just pulled at the veto ceremony. Da is truly showing her true colors. I think this crap she’s doing is bullying. I guess that’s a nice message to send your kid. NOT
        Im sick of Da.

      • Avatar

        I was just thinking the same thing!! 🙂

      • Avatar

        Day is just a drama queen do not like her never will. She like to cry wolf way to many times.

      • Avatar
        Niecy (3 comments)

        Seems to me that everyone in the house tell lies. Nicole lies non-stop and whines about it even if she thinks someone may be on to her. That doesn’t bother you though? Your bias is showing. Team Da’Vonne!!!

    • Colby

      That is not going to be easy for Da to do. I don’t think ‘calm’ is one of her virtues…………:)

    • Avatar

      Da flipped her braids at Tiff & the braids hit her. Tiff then tried to do the same thing flipping her hair back at Da but her hair didnt hit Da. Da told Tiff “your hair aint long enough bitch.” Now what kind of high school bull-shit is that? Da is really pissing me off. She started all that mess. She just couldn’t help herself & had to act a fool.

      • Avatar
        Julia (487 comments)

        Did you see this on the live feed or are you going by what crybaby Tiff is saying?

      • Avatar
        Linda (43 comments)

        I can’t believe what she did and didn’t get in trouble for it. She’s such a hypocrite cries about Frank and then she goes around bullying by hitting people in the head with her hair. I’m over it put her and pull up on the Block double eviction

  2. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    I want Day gone.

    • Colby

      We’ve missed you Franko. You have been fairly silent this year. Glad to know you are still around.

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        Thank you! I am still around. It’s been a rough couple of years. Have been in hospital 5 times since last July.

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        I really haven’t had much to say this year about this cast. I’m sorry they brought Da back at all, I didn’t like her last season, I was beginning to like her a little bit this season but she’s turned into the same person that she was last year.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        screw that, Franko, we just want to know how you’re doing! 🙂

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

      Franko!!! Where have you been?

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        I’ve just been pretty quiet this year. I think I’ve posted one other comment. Just haven’t had much to say. It’s nice to be missed though. Thank you!

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        I’m SO happy to see you back again. We’re strangers, but I care about you. And I am SO HAPPY to know you are still with us!!! <3

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      Hey Franko! Long time to see. How are you? Doing better this year?

    • Kneeless
      Kneeless (1749 comments)

      Hey Franko, I too like the rest am happy to see you back. Sorry you’re still not well. I remember from 2, maybe 3 yrs ago that you had been in & our of the hospital a lot. Glad you’re feeling well enough to share your 2¢ worth!

  3. Avatar
    BrettW (267 comments)

    Ha ha ha! DaVonne meltdown in effect! This is gonna be great!

  4. CLangley

    Yep da needs to chill the crap out. The plan is still getting Tiffany out but if Da keeps up the bad girls club act they’ll boot her this week instead of Tiff.

  5. Avatar

    Day needs to go than frank than Nicole james can stay for awhile longer

  6. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (191 comments)

    The Da of this season has turned into the Da of last season. It was only a matter of time.

  7. Shivani33

    Last week Frank said that the next two people he wanted to be eliminated were Tiff and Day. Since then a big cluster of players turned against him when Paulie got onto the power seat for the week. Ironically though, right now it looks like Frank’s old wish is coming to fruition. It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens to the alliances if Bridgette or Frank win the next HoH. Since Da’Vonne is nearly alone in the game now, will she try to team up with Frank? Stranger things have happened. Then again, there are several days ahead before the elimination. As determined as the majority are to vote out Tiffany, will the house flip again?

    • Clairebear
      Clairebear (82 comments)

      I will be shocked if Day is able to truly align with anyone after this. I think she’s burned all the bridges and rocked too many boats.

      • Avatar
        Niecy (3 comments)

        I feel the same about Tiffany but of course her lies and deception is acceptable behavior.

  8. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I have never remembered a season and I’ve watched them all when the houseguests attention spans last under a minute! They change their minds and alliances like underwear!

  9. nkogneetow
    nkogneetow (8572 comments)

    The way I see it…
    Frank, Gidget, Nicole, and Gorey will vote out Da
    Sunburn, Zzzz, James and Nat will vote out V2
    Which leaves Paulie the Godfather to chose between the lesser of 2 evils.

  10. Avatar
    Jackie (14 comments)

    I don’t see Paul as America’s Favoirte either.

    • Avatar
      Harry Johnson (13 comments)

      He is annoying! Speaking about yourself in the third person is just annoying! …”Your boy” has to go

    • Avatar

      Jackie, if Paul gets AFP then im getting the $50,000 for second place winner & im not even in the BB House. Lol..That guy is so annoying that I can’t stand watching the feeds when he’s on. I hate when people say “your boy” especially when it’s someone I dont like.

    • Avatar
      Kelly (4 comments)

      I don’t see anyone as Americas favorite player. They are all pretty much annoying. There needs to be a double elimination soon so we can really get into some game play.

    • Bbbonbon62
      Bbbonbon62 (291 comments)

      When Paul constantly talks about how he
      will win HOH this week and put up Frank and the Cabbage Patch and what he will say in his nom speech I laugh uncontrollably cuz he hasn’t been too impressive in comps. He thinks way too highly of himself. He’s just a little worm with a huge mouth. And I so wanted to like him. Sunburn is just as weasily and a mean girl she needs to self evict, lolol.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        and a huge beard and a really flipping huge tattoo!

      • Avatar

        I think the beard is fake, as fake as Paul is. it leads me to believe that when he shaved the sides of his head, he saved that hair and used for a beard.

    • Mello_One

      Paul is the Rat of this Season, giving Info to Frank & Paulie Sides….James already told Da’Vonne about Paul working both sides, but he “should” have told Paulie!!! Because idk if anyone would believe Day if she spilled the beans on Paul.

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  12. Jannie

    Bye, Day!
    Boy, she is a dirty player. Always complaining about other’s behavior, but she is the biggest pot stirer…
    It’s become clear that the house was in disarray because of the crap she was spreading around…trying to cover her butt with everyone came back to bite her.
    Once the others got together and compared notes, they figured her out,
    Hope she goes this week, and puffed up Paulie, fake Z , and mean girl Michelle aren’t far behind. ?

  13. Avatar
    Amanda C. (3 comments)

    I was Team Da’Vonne, but dang girl! I hope she gets voted out instead of Tiffany. I would love to see everyone’s faces Thursday if she stays. And I can’t wait to see who comes back into the house Friday.

    • Avatar
      Niecy (3 comments)

      You were never team Da’vonne. Nice try though. If you prefer Tiffany over Da after Da advocated for Tiff’s survival last week, then I simply must call you out.

      • Mello_One

        I am totally #Team Da’Vonne… The HG I can not stand, and who planted the most Bull Crap on Day, is none other than Nicole. Nicole is on Jokers right now saying that “she knew she could not trust Day from day 3!” Nicole is talking to Zakiyah telling her to not trust Day, just so Z votes Day out

        Nic started talk sh*t about Day, even though Day has Never thrown Nicole under the Bus, or Betrayed her! Nicole started planting seeds of doubt about Day weeks ago, she even caught her NO-mance, Corey off guard about her mistrust of Day…Because everybody was so Tight back then.

        If Nicole Planted the seeds of Doubt, Tiffany watered the Seeds! I hope the Vote Flips once again by Thursdays vote…Because BB will be a Snooze Fest when Day goes.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        I find it comical that all those people hating on Da for her gameplay. When people like Nicole and Tiffany are the main culprits of backstabbers. People are disliking Da for very personal reasons.

  14. Avatar
    Karen (198 comments)

    Please Please get rid of Paul…he’s to annoying for words?

  15. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    I am so with you Steve regarding Paul. I first couldn’t watch him on feeds because he uses “f**k” as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and conjunction. Now he has added “friendship” which has become annoying in and of itself. Every time I see him on a cam, by himself or with others, he is just yammering on about something Paul-related, or as Amy says stating why he is “pissed”. He is a snitch, as well.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      P.S. Steve and Amy, thank you for listening to Paul so I don’t have to. lol

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      Paulie has been throwing F-bombs like that, too! Any time he talks strategy it’s all effing this and effing that…. his mom must be so proud.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2449 comments)

        Can’t listen to Paulie because of his potty mouth, but also his gigantic ego! He acts like others need to bow down in his presence. Take a chill pill, Cody’s brother and quit acting like you have it all locked up. He would be one I would take out sooner rather than later.

  16. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    Since we are close to a houseguest re-entering the house, I have a BB historical question. Which player has been the most successful at re-entry into the game from jury? It seems like most are booted fairly quickly.

  17. Avatar

    Guys, am I late finally finding out that Nat had a sibling on BB in a past season & I could be wrong but I think Michelle also has sibling that was on a past season.

  18. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Dang, I guess its “lets bash Da day”! lol however, da is not the only one lying to folks! I think are disliking her for personal reasons. Tiff is lying, adding info that was never mentioned. Like, putting Corey on the block was her idea and not Da’s! I hope Tiff is gone this week!

    • Clairebear
      Clairebear (82 comments)

      I could be wrong, but I this get Day had told her that would be the way to get them…but I may be imagining.

      Day is dirtier and messier with her lies. She throws out lies without thinking about who talks to who, and gives out too much info, so that it always comes back to her. The others aren’t quite as lazy with their stories.

      • Mello_One

        If someone would check Nicole, they would find that she is just as dirty, big of a liar, and is a street fighter…Yep the innocent little blonde girl is on the same level as Da’Vonne, its just that NO ONE is going around telling people in the House that they don’t Trust Nicole, and that she is Evil, like she did to Day.

        Nicole threw Day under the Bus in week 2, when their Alliance was still tight & together! I don’t care for Nic, or her No-Mance. Nicole’s Game play is a redo of her Season of BB16, i.e., showmance, bad game play, and in the end the Males in the House will screw her over, and throwing her alliance members under the bus… You’d think she would have learned.

    • Clairebear
      Clairebear (82 comments)

      And Day’s volume does help her either. When she gets cornered, she goes straight to kicking and screaming and intimidation.

      As annoyed as I am with Tiffany, she just turns pitiful, not volitale.

    • ChiKelz

      Hello Everyone! This is my first post on here this season and I hope this post finds you all well and “cool”! It’s hot as hell in southern GA! Cyn I agree with you! I think there are a lot of lies and truths being stretched where Day is concerned. Is she shady? Possibly, but who isn’t in this game. For some reason people on here and in the house seem to be on a warpath to magnify everything Day has done or hasn’t done. I personally have been really disappointed in Nicole. I liked her before, but now I’m totally disgusted with how she is playing and lying. I’m not sure if that is who she has become or if Corey has a negative effect on her.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        I concur. Da is not the villain of the house and at this point they’ve all lied, well with the exception of Natalie. Nicole is def sneaky, disloyaled and lies to everyone she talks game to. But I don’t see everyone yelling for her to go. I don’t get what’s with the personal vendetta against, Da? It’s a bit irritating!

      • ChiKelz

        Cyn, I have my suspicions as to what the “personal vendetta” against Da is, but that would have to be a private conversation. LOL

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        @ChiKelz I too think I know what that personal vendetta is! I would like to think otherwise but it’s blatantly obvious. lol smh

    • Avatar
      Seda Wilson (1 comments)

      That’s what I said too. Tiff has to leave this week. She’s blowing up Da game bc Da told Frank about what she said. She did say that she wanted him gone. That’s why Da told Frank bc at that time they were working together. They all have lied no lie is great then the next. Tiff is adding things to the things that Da have told her. But that’s the game. I might not like Da game. Think about all the lies Tiff is spreading. Only some things are true but they aren’t as serious as she’s leading. Remember she wanted Corey up. She told Da after. She was gunning for Frank bc that argument they had. That’s why people kept their distance. Da was the only one talking to her. Frank was talking mad crap about her and Tiff did the same with Frank. To other people too besides Da. The boys knew and Spy Girls knew. Da never said Corey n Nicole were coming after her that came from Frank. And Frank told her that after she told Frank not to trust anyone in his alliance. Not even Corey n Nicole. But only one person being targeted which is Da. To draw attention away from Tiff. It is smart but just wait until they watch the show playback. Da messed up from telling Frank what she said. Yes. But she also told the three girls bc Bridgett told him too. Actually before Da. Bc that was the whole point of her leaving last week. Bc she lies but I guess everyone forgot. She was talking mad crap to the spy girls and it was getting back to Frank. That’s how they earned his trust. So when she didn’t leave Frank was pissed. Frank and Tiff want to blow up Da game to keep her. Which is cool but it’s alot of lying going on and it’s not just coming from her. This is Big Brother.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Exactly!! Everyone is like, “Da is this, Da that” give the girl break. She’s one of many in the house lying. especially that Nocole, she looks innocent and using that to her advantage. I guess Da looks like the trouble starter to most…?Wonder why?

    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      I dont watch feeds. So I am going based on After Dark and blogs.

      I like Da’Vonne.

      I find Bridgette and Nicole to be whiny and mousey jellyfish. Both protected by a man.

      Z is a toy for Paulie. Protected by a man.

      Michelle, I am still wondering about.

      Nat is adorable, but again…another woman protected by a man (showmance antics).

      Da’Vonne is what she is. I like that. She is scrappy and sassy.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        Michelle would make a good door stop. I keep forgetting she’s there. Same with Z, only she’s a prettier door stop.

      • Mello_One

        Agreed! But you can go onto Jokersupdate, and read minute to minute updates throughout the day. They give you every update in detail throughout the day!

  19. Avatar
    Meagan Kimbro (1 comments)

    Frank did call Da’ a “Slut” jokingly in response to her calling him a douche when they we’re all hanging out in the bathroom. I saw it on BBAD a week or so ago, however, Da’ laughed it off and immediately went crying to Z and Nicole. I don’t think Frank is intentionally lying about it, I think he genuinely forgot because it was so subtle, and humorous.

  20. Avatar
    Rob (768 comments)

    The more I see of Da and her antics, the more I dislike her. She has a real pissy attitude too. I hope production gives her a penalty vote for the hair assault on Tiffany!

    One thing I find kind of funny is that when I first heard Tiffany’s voice I didn’t like her because she reminded me so much of her sister, but as time has gone on, I’ve actually come to like her. I think she’s in over her head being in the house, but I hope she makes it a bit further.

    • Colby

      I doubt that they will give her a penalty vote, but if they do she better tell somebody. Because if she tries to hide it and the house decides to split the vote to let Paulie decide, that will bite her in the butt.
      It might actually be kind of funny, except V2 really needs to go first.

  21. Avatar
    Harry Johnson (13 comments)

    So Day whipping the braids, is that agressively passive agressive? I got to believe even her own child would ask why she did that.

  22. Avatar
    Kadian (1 comments)

    Okay, I think most of you huys are being overly dramatic about the DA thing and her flipping her hair at Tiff. She didn’t throw a drink at her or hit low blows about her family like other people did in perious games. You guys need to relax. Tiff is as inmature as DA for flipping back so calm down it wasn’t that serious.

  23. Colby

    OK. Seriously?
    They are making a cake and food and stuff for a birthday party for Z’s stuffed giraffe? And they made a huge deal about Z’s birthday the other day. Yet I don’t think anyone except Frank even acknowledged Bridget’s birthday day before yesterday.
    I don’t care whether they like her game wise or whatever, they are all in the house together. That is just so………..cold?…. rude?…. I don’t even know what the right word is. (I am rarely speechless, lol)
    Please tell me that it is really for her, not the giraffe, and they are just saying that to try to surprise her.

    • JD
      JD (328 comments)

      It’s Jr. High mean girl mentality in the house. Everyone follows the bully so they don’t get bullied. This week the house is divided because people in their pack mentality are now standing up against thus weeks bully which is Day. None of them have a single thought in their head. It’s a mixture of them. 1 point comparing Tiff to sister but yet nobody is batting and eye that Paulies’s brother almost won. They are all a collection of one nonfunctioning brain.

  24. JD
    JD (328 comments)

    I think it doesn’t matter that they are turning on Day. Tiff is still going to be the one voted out. She’ll have a chance to get back in. Slim but a chance. If Day goes in a week or two she won’t have a chance. As with house the votes with emotion I have to say Tiff is less annoying than Day. I’d cry to if I felt isolated and used and people were mean to me. She doesn’t have tough skin like her sister. Van used tears to get sympathy and manipulate. I think Tiff has real tears and can’t handle the stress. I am ready for Day to go but I don’t want her coming back.

  25. Amberchelly

    2:42 Cam1 James says he’s done and backing off! He realizes she’s using him for safety!

  26. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    In my opinion, Frank, Paulie, Da’Vonne, Paul and Tiff are the only ones playing with real grit…playing too hard some might say but it is much more interesting than watching a house full of summer break zombies.

    Everyone else hides behind a group and is afraid to maneuver and take a risk.

    I included Paul because he’s had to increase his social game to minimize the target he once had.

    Michelle may be on that list too, but her team has been safe for so long, its difficult to tell. But she seems she might have some fight in her.

    Everyone else is on vacation.

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  28. Avatar
    franko (1 comments)

    Day was really growing on me – time to flush her out

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