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Veto Ceremony Results; Monday Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother house, and seeing as Paulie won the veto, he will be taking himself down. The likely replacement will be Da’Vonne, and I don’t think she’s buying that she’s merely a pawn. Paul tried explaining to her the reason she was likely to go up today, and he is an awful liar. Whenever Day countered with a valid point, Paul just rambled on about some nonsense, so she knew the real situation in the house. The person she thought was an ally is likely going to put her on the block, and there was nothing she could say to prevent it.

On the ironic side of things, it was nice that Paul gave Da’Vonne the same courtesy he didn’t give to Frank prior to this meeting. He freaked out when Frank was trying to save himself, but didn’t call the entire group in to break up conversations Day was having.   Just a dumb observation.

Don’t forget about the care package this week. I was going to push this and tell people to vote for Da’Vonne, but the voting ends on Friday, so I guess it will be for next week. Kind of defeats the purpose to allow us to vote all week when we don’t even know who the HoH is going to be, let alone the noms. I would like to see Da’ get the package this week for the simple fact she is one of the few people remaining who won’t sit around and allow the showmances to dominate the season. I like Bridgette, she is a sweet girl, but for game purposes, I am hoping Da’Vonne can pull this off. It’s going to be a long summer watching Big Bachelor rather than Big Brother.


  • 11:45am – Feeds back, Da’Vonne is officially nominated.
    • Da’ has a brief conversation with Z about the situation before Z heads back to bed.
    • Paul is upstairs bitching about the house being angry to Nicole, but that got boring
    • Meanwhile, Sunburn (Michelle) and her future showmance Victor are outside getting some more sun
    • We’re back to the HoH room with Nicole, Paul, Corey and James.  They are trying to reassure Paul that Bridgette is not coming for him.
    • James chimes in with “Nothing is certain. This is the Big Brother house where you can bounce checks”.  Please get a new line, James.
  • 12:00pm – People leave the HoH room. Da’Vonne joins
    • Paul is having a pity party for himself. How difficult it was for him to nominate her
    • Day is asking why he is so scared of Natalie and Nicole.
    • Paul says he only put people up on the block he trusts  (Paulie and Da’).  Still doesn’t answer her question.
    • Paul is basically asking Da’… “Here is a shit sandwich. Would you like mayo on it?”
    • She keeps calling him out on his bullshit.  Paul messed up big time by asking everyone and their mother to be the first nominee, yet for some reason only focused on Da’Vonne for the second.
    • Paul – “Now I feel like you’re upset with me” lol. C’mon, Paul.
    • (note – Shortly after I wrote “C’mon, Paul”, Da’Vonne actually said that to him a few times. I think she’s my spirit animal)
    • I’m going to say this. If Da’Vonne doesn’t read the writing on the wall, she shouldn’t stay in the house. Paul is such a horrible liar, and his reason for nominating her is stupid. She may not be able to do anything to save herself at this point, but if she is surprised on Thursday night, she deserves to be evicted.
    • day-listening
    • I really can’t wait for the DR session on this. Da’Vonne is going to freak
  • 12:15pm – Nicole, Paulie and Corey are outside talking about how they need to get Da’ out.
    • Paulie mentions how Da’ has tried to put wedges between him and people like Corey.

Random note – In two weeks, we are heading to Disney for a week.  In that time, I will be having occasional guest writers during the day so they can get work in before that week. I want to make sure the site is still up and running despite my vacation. Also, if you enjoyed my summer of blogging so far, and want to help with some spending money down there, feel free to donate here!  Anything is appreciated, and nothing is fine as well!

  • 12:25pm – Back to updates….
    • Nicole goes to make Corey some slop because he is too lazy to make it himself (seriously. She said he won’t eat if she doesn’t make it for him). Paulie and Corey talk about how they’re cruising through the game.
    • James comes out to give Paulie a warning that Michelle poked her head into the HN room and mentioned how Corey/Paulie/Nicole are always together and whispering. He wanted to give them a warning that people may find that suspicious.  Very nice of James to look out for the future final 3 like that
    • Oh, and James said he’s having another dumb argument with Natalie.
    • I guess Natalie thought James was mad about something and decided to sleep in the bed alone last night.
    • I am almost tempted to just blog about the showmance drama this summer as a sign of protest how annoying it is, but I wouldn’t want to have y0u guys suffer
  • 12:45pm – The group changes a little. Victor and Paul have joined.
    • Paulie plans to tell Da’ that he heard she wanted him out, so he got her out first. If she respects the game, she’ll understand that.
    • Victor then has a memorial for a dead fly that Da’Vonne killed
    • fly
  • 1:00pm – Da’Vonne and James alone in the storage room…
    • She asks him what they talked about. James lies and says that Paul just said Da’Vonne is freaking out over nothing
    • He tells her she’s good so far.  James mentions maybe not 100%
    • This leads Da’ to ask why it wouldn’t be 100% if everyone wants her (Bridgette) gone.  James stumbles on his words
  • 1:15pm – Nicole and Paul are in the HoH room talking.
    • Of course, they’re talking about Da’, but as well as Michelle.  I guess Nicole caught Michelle in a lie when she (Michelle) said Da’ never mentioned Nicole
    • Paul is talking about how shady Da’ has been this week. How she pretended to be best friends with Paul before noms and before veto, but doesn’t talk to him otherwise.
    • Feeds went down, back 10 minutes later and nothing going on in the house now.
  • 2:20pm – Took a headache break. Most are outside. Da’Vonne is hanging out with Paul in silence for now
    • Great, they’re talking about the showmances in the house
    • Now they’re talking about Bronte and her stupid secret of hiding being good at math
    • I am so sick of Paul referring to people vaguely.  Who the hell is homegirl?  Who is homeboy?
    • Here is a summary of Paul talking… I think homegirl is really smarter than she lets on. Blah blah blah homeboy left the house and homeboy came back so homegirl doesn’t know what to do
    • “Paulspeak” is assholespeak. Hate it
    • Now he’s talking to her about screwing over his friends for money. He is literally screwing over the friend he is talking to this week
  • 3:10pm – Paulie and Corey talking about amazing they are. The biggest Paulie fan is definitely Paulie
    • paulie-corey2
  • 4:45pm – The house is starting to get ready to eat dinner. Just showing a few people in the kitchen
    • Camera changes to Da’ talking to Paul and he is once again telling her everything is ok
    • They talk a little about Bridgette, and how Da’ is going to just sit back and read the bible waiting for the week to pass
    • Paul leaves, she begins to read the bible. Slow night, folks
  • 6:00pm – Paul is outside talking about how crazy Victor has become since returning
    • Bridgette goes to leave the house, opens the door, walks away and comes back.  Paul is mystified as to how the door opened because all he did was see Bridgette walk toward it
    • paul-curious
    • Bridgette denies opening it, and I don’t know if she’s legitimately crazy or is lying.
    • Corey comes over to investigate the situation. He looks puzzled
  • 6:30pm – Day is in bed doing some cam talking. She is saying she is acting a bit stubborn but it’s difficult
    • She knows she has to talk to Paulie, but she really doesn’t want to
  • 6:45pm – Natalie has a new prank to do on James.  She is going to put baby powder in his hair then put hair spray so it sticks
    • Meanwhile, the boys play tug of war
    • tug-of-war
    • Corey’s shoe ripped. Victor and Paulie won
  • 7:30pm – Paul is taking a one way trip to nap town. Nobody else is doing anything, so it’s a good time to clear up my DVR
  • 9:15pm – Back from TV break.  Da’ and Victor are in the hot tub chatting about general stuff
    • Bridgette was out there as well.  The trio chatted for a bit, then Da’ left.
    • Victor and Bridgette start talking about how Michelle was jealous of her, and they start talking about how Natalie said Victor needs to treat women better
    • Victor is still upset because Natalie called him out on TV. To Victor’s credit, he did indeed call it off with Natalie when he wasn’t interested in her. Unlike Paulie and James who openly talk about cutting Z/Nat from the game at a moment’s notice (though I think James is all talk with that)
  • 10:00pm – Victor moved his way to the Toyko room where he was challenged by Nicole to eat an entire bag of cookies.
    • Michelle’s voice is starting to grate on my nerves. She is wondering why she never gets called to the DR, it’s probably because they can’t listen to her, either
  • 10:30pm – Slow night, packing it in early

Overnight in the morning.



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