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Veto Ceremony Results; Monday Updates



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother house, and seeing as Paulie won the veto, he will be taking himself down. The likely replacement will be Da’Vonne, and I don’t think she’s buying that she’s merely a pawn. Paul tried explaining to her the reason she was likely to go up today, and he is an awful liar. Whenever Day countered with a valid point, Paul just rambled on about some nonsense, so she knew the real situation in the house. The person she thought was an ally is likely going to put her on the block, and there was nothing she could say to prevent it.

On the ironic side of things, it was nice that Paul gave Da’Vonne the same courtesy he didn’t give to Frank prior to this meeting. He freaked out when Frank was trying to save himself, but didn’t call the entire group in to break up conversations Day was having.   Just a dumb observation.

Don’t forget about the care package this week. I was going to push this and tell people to vote for Da’Vonne, but the voting ends on Friday, so I guess it will be for next week. Kind of defeats the purpose to allow us to vote all week when we don’t even know who the HoH is going to be, let alone the noms. I would like to see Da’ get the package this week for the simple fact she is one of the few people remaining who won’t sit around and allow the showmances to dominate the season. I like Bridgette, she is a sweet girl, but for game purposes, I am hoping Da’Vonne can pull this off. It’s going to be a long summer watching Big Bachelor rather than Big Brother.



  • 11:45am – Feeds back, Da’Vonne is officially nominated.
    • Da’ has a brief conversation with Z about the situation before Z heads back to bed.
    • Paul is upstairs bitching about the house being angry to Nicole, but that got boring
    • Meanwhile, Sunburn (Michelle) and her future showmance Victor are outside getting some more sun
    • We’re back to the HoH room with Nicole, Paul, Corey and James.  They are trying to reassure Paul that Bridgette is not coming for him.
    • James chimes in with “Nothing is certain. This is the Big Brother house where you can bounce checks”.  Please get a new line, James.
  • 12:00pm – People leave the HoH room. Da’Vonne joins
    • Paul is having a pity party for himself. How difficult it was for him to nominate her
    • Day is asking why he is so scared of Natalie and Nicole.
    • Paul says he only put people up on the block he trusts  (Paulie and Da’).  Still doesn’t answer her question.
    • Paul is basically asking Da’… “Here is a shit sandwich. Would you like mayo on it?”
    • She keeps calling him out on his bullshit.  Paul messed up big time by asking everyone and their mother to be the first nominee, yet for some reason only focused on Da’Vonne for the second.
    • Paul – “Now I feel like you’re upset with me” lol. C’mon, Paul.
    • (note – Shortly after I wrote “C’mon, Paul”, Da’Vonne actually said that to him a few times. I think she’s my spirit animal)
    • I’m going to say this. If Da’Vonne doesn’t read the writing on the wall, she shouldn’t stay in the house. Paul is such a horrible liar, and his reason for nominating her is stupid. She may not be able to do anything to save herself at this point, but if she is surprised on Thursday night, she deserves to be evicted.
    • day-listening
    • I really can’t wait for the DR session on this. Da’Vonne is going to freak
  • 12:15pm – Nicole, Paulie and Corey are outside talking about how they need to get Da’ out.
    • Paulie mentions how Da’ has tried to put wedges between him and people like Corey.

Random note – In two weeks, we are heading to Disney for a week.  In that time, I will be having occasional guest writers during the day so they can get work in before that week. I want to make sure the site is still up and running despite my vacation. Also, if you enjoyed my summer of blogging so far, and want to help with some spending money down there, feel free to donate here!  Anything is appreciated, and nothing is fine as well!

  • 12:25pm – Back to updates….
    • Nicole goes to make Corey some slop because he is too lazy to make it himself (seriously. She said he won’t eat if she doesn’t make it for him). Paulie and Corey talk about how they’re cruising through the game.
    • James comes out to give Paulie a warning that Michelle poked her head into the HN room and mentioned how Corey/Paulie/Nicole are always together and whispering. He wanted to give them a warning that people may find that suspicious.  Very nice of James to look out for the future final 3 like that
    • Oh, and James said he’s having another dumb argument with Natalie.
    • I guess Natalie thought James was mad about something and decided to sleep in the bed alone last night.
    • I am almost tempted to just blog about the showmance drama this summer as a sign of protest how annoying it is, but I wouldn’t want to have y0u guys suffer
  • 12:45pm – The group changes a little. Victor and Paul have joined.
    • Paulie plans to tell Da’ that he heard she wanted him out, so he got her out first. If she respects the game, she’ll understand that.
    • Victor then has a memorial for a dead fly that Da’Vonne killed
    • fly
  • 1:00pm – Da’Vonne and James alone in the storage room…
    • She asks him what they talked about. James lies and says that Paul just said Da’Vonne is freaking out over nothing
    • He tells her she’s good so far.  James mentions maybe not 100%
    • This leads Da’ to ask why it wouldn’t be 100% if everyone wants her (Bridgette) gone.  James stumbles on his words
  • 1:15pm – Nicole and Paul are in the HoH room talking.
    • Of course, they’re talking about Da’, but as well as Michelle.  I guess Nicole caught Michelle in a lie when she (Michelle) said Da’ never mentioned Nicole
    • Paul is talking about how shady Da’ has been this week. How she pretended to be best friends with Paul before noms and before veto, but doesn’t talk to him otherwise.
    • Feeds went down, back 10 minutes later and nothing going on in the house now.
  • 2:20pm – Took a headache break. Most are outside. Da’Vonne is hanging out with Paul in silence for now
    • Great, they’re talking about the showmances in the house
    • Now they’re talking about Bronte and her stupid secret of hiding being good at math
    • I am so sick of Paul referring to people vaguely.  Who the hell is homegirl?  Who is homeboy?
    • Here is a summary of Paul talking… I think homegirl is really smarter than she lets on. Blah blah blah homeboy left the house and homeboy came back so homegirl doesn’t know what to do
    • “Paulspeak” is assholespeak. Hate it
    • Now he’s talking to her about screwing over his friends for money. He is literally screwing over the friend he is talking to this week
  • 3:10pm – Paulie and Corey talking about amazing they are. The biggest Paulie fan is definitely Paulie
    • paulie-corey2
  • 4:45pm – The house is starting to get ready to eat dinner. Just showing a few people in the kitchen
    • Camera changes to Da’ talking to Paul and he is once again telling her everything is ok
    • They talk a little about Bridgette, and how Da’ is going to just sit back and read the bible waiting for the week to pass
    • Paul leaves, she begins to read the bible. Slow night, folks
  • 6:00pm – Paul is outside talking about how crazy Victor has become since returning
    • Bridgette goes to leave the house, opens the door, walks away and comes back.  Paul is mystified as to how the door opened because all he did was see Bridgette walk toward it
    • paul-curious
    • Bridgette denies opening it, and I don’t know if she’s legitimately crazy or is lying.
    • Corey comes over to investigate the situation. He looks puzzled
  • 6:30pm – Day is in bed doing some cam talking. She is saying she is acting a bit stubborn but it’s difficult
    • She knows she has to talk to Paulie, but she really doesn’t want to
  • 6:45pm – Natalie has a new prank to do on James.  She is going to put baby powder in his hair then put hair spray so it sticks
    • Meanwhile, the boys play tug of war
    • tug-of-war
    • Corey’s shoe ripped. Victor and Paulie won
  • 7:30pm – Paul is taking a one way trip to nap town. Nobody else is doing anything, so it’s a good time to clear up my DVR
  • 9:15pm – Back from TV break.  Da’ and Victor are in the hot tub chatting about general stuff
    • Bridgette was out there as well.  The trio chatted for a bit, then Da’ left.
    • Victor and Bridgette start talking about how Michelle was jealous of her, and they start talking about how Natalie said Victor needs to treat women better
    • Victor is still upset because Natalie called him out on TV. To Victor’s credit, he did indeed call it off with Natalie when he wasn’t interested in her. Unlike Paulie and James who openly talk about cutting Z/Nat from the game at a moment’s notice (though I think James is all talk with that)
  • 10:00pm – Victor moved his way to the Toyko room where he was challenged by Nicole to eat an entire bag of cookies.
    • Michelle’s voice is starting to grate on my nerves. She is wondering why she never gets called to the DR, it’s probably because they can’t listen to her, either
  • 10:30pm – Slow night, packing it in early

Overnight in the morning.


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  1. AIO_7

    I have mixed feelings on this eviction: I really wouldn’t mind seeing Bridge stay, but that strengthens Paulie’s hand. I wouldn’t mind seeing Da’ go, but she is about the only one left that might mount a charge against the Paulie side.
    Here is how I would settle it: If I were stuck in the house, who would I rather have around me. For me that would be Bridgette, plus she can cook.

  2. Avatar

    Day and eventually James have no one to blame but themselves for how this will play out. They were hellbent on getting Frank Brid out but those two were on island by themselves when they should have clearly saw Paulie had a GF in Z a Bestie in Paul and a Pair of Puppets in Nicole and Corey to give him control of the house. They all celebrated like they won something when they got Frank out in week 5 like he ever had a chance to win this game.

    • Avatar

      Frank did have a chance to win he overplayed his hand just like day. But ppl really like frank more he’s a great salesman and could have flipped the house in his favor. Day is big reason he is gone and it started with all her lies

      • Elaine

        It might be karma-inspired that if Day leaves Thursday, she is evicted the week after Frank.

      • AIO_7

        Audrey kicked her butt last year.

      • Avatar

        True, and Frank is a big reason Day will be gone too. He planted seeds of distrust between her and Nicole, and encouraged Paulie to work with Bridgette after his eviction. Its a shame they couldn’t work together. (Frank and Day)

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Kola: FINALLY! Someone else who remembers Frank doing that too. Da and Nic were close until he got into Nic’s ear and starting turning her against Da.

    • Avatar

      Frank was disrespectful to da, and began gunning to he he realized he hurt her feeling. They dragged Da name around. How could she be ok with keeping Frank. He was a loose cannon. Aiming at ehorvet he could.

      • Avatar

        disrespectful? u mean like how others slap each others ass in the house and call each other names jokingly…. she couldn’t take a joke from HIM, she had a problem with HIM. He didn’t realize she didn’t like him because she acted fake right up until the moment she blew up…. a level headed adult would have let frank know right away the 1st time if he offended her. She created the entire situation out of jealousy because she knew Frank was the strongest returning houseguest. She was the one who constantly tried painting him in a negative light. Was he obnoxious or annoying at times? Sure he was… but if ur gonna say hes more obnoxious than Paul your out of your mind… day just knew she could manipulate Paul, so he gets a pass. I for one cant wait til Day is out she made her own bed, she should have never been one of the retuning vets.

  3. AIO_7

    “Da’ has a brief conversation with Z about the situation before Z heads back to bed.”

    This indifference and sloth pretty much sums up Z. What a waste.

    “James chimes in with “Nothing is certain. This is the Big Brother house where you can bounce checks”. Please get a new line, James.”

    That, and someone should explain to James that you only get to bounce one (1) check.

    • Avatar

      Audrey was a basket case …. Day pissed off Clay .at the very worst time for her…but this year she didn’t try to read the clues ….on the wall … BB had to tell them to look ….that makes me sad ….count everything …read everything …..observe , and be care full with what you say and who you trust… also wanting Day to have the round trip ticket….Thursday should be interesting

      • Elaine

        Unless Day wins HOH, I don’t think there will be a different outcome for her if she comes back in the house. I am ready for the folks who are evicted to be gone for good.

      • Avatar

        My only reason for wanting Da to have that round trip ticket is simply because I kmow she will go gunning for The Godfather, ya boy & Victor & Nicole. I would hope Da would come in swinging & know that nobody is your friend.

  4. Elaine

    There is no one I am rooting for to win. So I want the folks to stay that will keep the game exciting. I like Bridge, but I do believe Day can keep the energy going in the game. If she can get support, target the showmances. At this time it seems James, and therefore Nat, Michelle are on board to keep Day. Paulie, Nic, Corey, Vic will vote to evict Day. Z I think is more on board with Day, but not sure where her loyalty will lie. If it is 4-4 Paul will break the tie. Paul said he wanted to get Bridge out, but not sure he will go against the others. Day has a chance but she has to get to work.

    • AIO_7

      If the voting breaks down like that, in a nail biter, you can bet that CBS will stuff it full of advertising in the middle of the eviction ceremony.

    • Elaine

      There is a potential for the voting to be close. Not that any of these big talking, floaters will do anything against the “house” so it might be a sweep to evict Day. LOL

    • Avatar

      Elaine I don’t think its a coincidence that Paulie was rolling around in the sheets with Z this morning for the first time all season. I think Paulie will stay on Z’s good side until Thursday. I also think its pretty safe to say after a season + that James has no spine or guts to go against the house. He will just hang on until he gets weeded out. I predict another 7th place finish for James this year, he is by far the most disappointing player on BB the last 2 years.

      • Shivani33

        Yes, Paulie kept busy tying Z.’s hands behind her back with the moaning hormones. She like-eeee! Keep the bunny dumb. And even if James wakes up, how clever is he? Probably clever enough to get evicted.

      • Avatar

        Ikr…I read that on Jokers, but Paulie told also told the guy this morning that after today Zakiyah CAN NOT SHARE THE BED WITH HIM! Now we all know that is gonna drive that Girl to the brink of being in a RAGE!

    • Avatar

      Nat will never flip against brid. Just the way she is. James won’t take the chance either cause he knows that would be the end of him. Day might have z and mich vote but if they find out house voting day out they will too. I hope house does not tell z or mich

      • Elaine

        Even with votes against Day of Nic, Corey, Paulie, and Vic (he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers), Paul would be the tie-breaker.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m rooting for her to stay too Elaine. I really do believe she is the only one with guts enough to go after The Godfather. Problem is, I don’t believe Sunburn will vote to keep her if the house doesn’t want her (you know everyone is scared of “the house”); James is scared that if he doesn’t vote for the house, they might retaliate by putting up his little snuggle bunny; Nat has promised Gidget she’ll vote to keep her (and James wouldn’t vote against Nat because he’s scared of making her mad); Zzz won’t vote for her because she’s afraid The Godfather would find out and then she wouldn’t have anyone to play Anaconda with; Even though Bunyon wants Gidget out, he thinks he has a Final Whatever with The Godfather and would be scared that they wouldn’t take him to the end (which they won’t) if he cast the final vote against them.

      This entire house is a jellyfish aquarium. I’m with you. I don’t know who the heck I want to win at this point. I only know who I DON’T want to win..lol

      • Elaine

        LOL good to know I have company. I don’t want any of them to win at this point! To evict Day has at least four votes. I really want Paul to have a tie situation. If Paul has to break the tie he is in a bind. He told everyone his HOH was to evict Bridge. He went along with his group and put up their re-nom choice of Day. He has spouted to Nic earlier about he is true to his word. His charge to the minions was if they want Day out, he did his part, now they do theirs. He will be “PISSED” if five votes at least don’t go to evict Day.

    • Avatar

      No way is Z going to go against Paulie. In fact, she’ll do exactly what he tells her to do. She can’t see past what Paulie wants. Whatever he tells Z to that is what will happen.

      • Elaine

        Oh I know that. Just felt like playing out a different scenario for giggles and to make it more interesting in my mind lol.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you. The thing I can’t get over is, the girls are more interested in a showmance. If they would have stayed with the plan to get the boys out first. They all would be sitting pretty good. They have let there interest in the boys more important than the game. Pauline needs to be knocked down a peg or too. I can’t believe how he is playing everyone and they just keep letting him do it.

  5. danmtruth

    So now we can get some action DA is not going to sit back and trust people. Some people will need to grow a spine and stand up . Vic is bro boy all the way Despite Paulie sending him home he will still vote Da out Thats what his boy Paul wants plus he still can try to wooo bridget. Corey What Paulie Want Paulie get . He might need to hold up Nichole Da will spin hard on Nichole about Paulie coming after he About Bridget coming after her In the end Nichole cry’s & wines to vote DA out with It What the HOUSE WANTS not me line Nat has just reconnected with Bridget Cant see her breaking that . James between his wet finger in the air says HOUSE rule DA out It help that Nat wants her out so James can say he voted how she wanted Michelle she still has her Jerry Springer hate fo Bridget soooooo Zzzz do we even bother

  6. Avatar

    I hope Day has the round trip ticket. That would be awesome. Late late late last night (or was it early this morning), Paul, Paulie and James were playing pool talking game and who they are going to target the next 3 weeks. Z walks out and haaaaaaaangs all over Paulie and then starts a conversation about relationships outside of the BB house. She goes in for a while and AS SOON as she leaves, Paulie and the guys start talking about how they have to end their showmances. Basically the other guys eliminating the other’s girl so that they don’t look like complete a*holes for nominating their own girl. I just started watching feeds but from what I’ve seen on the show, the girls don’t think this way. Most of them are in La La Land thinking that these relationships will last outside of the house (ahem, Ms. Z). I don’t know who is left to go after Paulie. Maybe Nicole. If she and James could get Nat and Corey on their side, they might have a chance at Paulie.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was thinking that if the guys do put up each other’s girls, when it comes time to vote, the guy in the showmance votes to keep his girl. That way he still looks like a good guy and he gets her vote in Jury. But I hate to think of anyone in a showmance winning this game :-/

  7. Avatar

    Well if they do vote Da’vonne out this week, I hope Bridgette or Michelle wins HOH and nominates Corey and Victor. These showmances are a frickin’ joke. Bridgette or Michelle can turn this into a women vs men for the next two or three week and with a double eviction coming up things could get really interesting. I am so sick and tired of the women always latching on to some guy once they get into the house.

  8. Pkcable

    I wanted to see Day vs Nicole!

  9. Shivani33

    Da’Vonne hasn’t uncovered the truth about who has masterminded her demise. She has continued confiding in Paulie, her personal wrecking ball, and has kept buying his sympathetic b.s. and the kid gloves which he’s used to handle her. The only person right now who might spill the beans to Da’Vonne is Michelle, who likes mean gossip. But what good will it do at this point?

    • Avatar

      Mich doesn’t know anything to tell. Nor does z

      • Shivani33

        Both Michelle and Zakiyah know the score! Paulie told Michelle before he even volunteered to be nominated that Da’Vonne would be the replacement nominee and continued to be his target. I watched this conversation. I also saw Z. tell Paulie that this was going to be hard for her, because she has a friendship with Da’Vonne. She has known that Da’Vonne was Paulie’s next eviction project since even before Frank was eliminated. Both women (and the entire rest of the house) could give Day an earful, but probably no one will. Paulie has told everyone. There is some regret about this but very little resistance, and it looks like Da’Vonne is over, majority vote if not unanimous, with only a magic ticket or twist as the chance to save her. Even if someone rallies to her side, it won’t be enough w/o a full-blown revolution. It surprises me that you think that Michelle and Zakiyah are unaware.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think mich nor z know that day is supposed. Paulie has said he didn’t want them to know. I have not seen anywhere that he or anyone has told them that’s why they were so shocked she went on block and they still think brid is going

      • CLangley

        Paulie told them last night day was the target. He said it in front of Z. When they were all laying on the hammock.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Meech and Zzz figured out last night that Nic was running back telling Bambi everything. I think Sunburn is slowly catching on.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nope Trudy, Paulie messed up the other night and mentioned it in front of Zzz. Then they had a conversation on the hammock last night. Zzz (who is suppose to be Da’s friend), just said “Ya’ll do whatever you want, just let me know”.

  10. Avatar

    I’m guessing her speech won’t be that great either. She may point out a couple of people during it. Maybe. Most people don’t have the guts to do it and just air everyone’s laundry out. You been carrying that bible all summer Da. Time to go Old Testament on that house!

    • Avatar

      Clangley I missed that. I only saw first 15 min of the show and have read All of jokers. Why then did mich and z act so surprised when she told she was going on block and why did they both offer to go up in her place? That doesn’t make sense. If they knew she as going they surely wouldn’t have offered to go up in her place

      • NKogNeeTow

        That was just an act Trudy. They knew. I watched them on BBAD last night. Zzz, Paulie, Meech, Nicole, Corey and Paul were all out on and around the hammock when Paulie said it. Meech did mention that she still wanted Gidget to go, but Paulie was adamant.

      • CLangley

        Yeah it was the last hr of the show when it happened.

      • Avatar

        You may want to go back and reread jokers. I read all about it there. You may have missed it somehow. They all know. Z and mich feel bad but of course will do what “the house says.”

  11. Elaine

    James used a whole box of saran wrap to play a prank on Nat. Hope she kicks him to the curb! Tired of James’ pranks…was unique last season, but now is so annoying. Ever since she won the care package, Nat is playing to America…working for that 25K…you go girl!

    • Colby

      This time he is just pranking her back for marinating and freezing his crocks.

    • Avatar

      Ya’ll thanks for letting me know that I dint get live feeds and new cable company does not have pop so no bbad this year and really miss it. Well z and mich surely put on a good show for day. I believed it!! Those of you who talk about Nicole– this is much worse than anything Nicole has done. Actually makes me kind of feel sorry for day. She is right when she says she has no one in game. So vote will be unanimous for her to go for sure

  12. Avatar

    Finally BB is being played right!!! Now is the time to get Day out!!! I can only hope nothing happens to change this!!

  13. Quwana

    OK I am so frustrated that I have to type this in all caps….IS ANY ONE PLAYING THE GAME FOR THEIR SELVES….I MEAN MY GOODNESS….YES DAY IS A LITTLE ABRASIVE BUT SHEESH AT LEAST SHE IS PLAYING…THEY JUST SITTING THERE LETTING THESE SHOWMANCES RIDE…WHEN HAVE IT EVER BEEN OK TO HAVE A PARTNER IN THE GAME AND NOT BE A TARGET….OMG VICTOR; MICHELLE; BRIDGETTE AND PAUL COME ON!!!!!! PLAY THE DAMN (excuse my french) GAME…CAN’T YOU SEE THE POWER IN THE HOUSE???? WHY OH WHY ARE YOU LETTING KING PAULIE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO OR EVEN “THE WHOLE HOUSE” THERE’S ONLY ONE CHECK AND IF YOU DO HAVE AN ALLIANCE LET IT BE FOR YOUR BENEFIT…YOU HAVE THE HOH AND YOU ALLOW A HAVE NOT TELL YOU HOW AND WHO TO PUT UP WHICH ISN’T IN YOUR BEST INTEREST LIKE REALLY???? SHEESH YOU HAVE ALL THESE COUPLES IN THE HOUSE AND YOU WANT TO TARGET SOMEONE WHO ISN’T A COUPLE AND ISN’T TARGETING YOU SHE TARGETING SOMEONE ELSE (mind you the bearded idiot isn’t in a showmance he is ALONE at the end of the day)…SMH SO UPSET WITH THIS SEASON…then we have James….Mr loyal himself couldn’t hold water if his life depended on it…ok yes Day was stupid for telling James about getting out the showmances but come on James get the strong couples out!!!!!! and if someone don’t knock King Paulie off his throne I am gonna throw up…this season is the worst and I am loving all the twist and turns but y’all need new members…I say there should be a twist where all players get evicted and a whole new household moves in….this is the worst smh I think after Day go imma get my life and watch something else cause I can’t take it…. *exhaling

    • Jannie

      Yes, yes, yes!!
      Day has been playing a little too hard, but at least she is playing! I am kind of laughing at her having to sweat it on the block…remember how mean her goodbye speech was to Van2.0?
      I really hope she has the round trip ticket, though. I would love to see her stir it up between The Godfather and Zzzz.
      Boy is Zzzz in for a rude awakening. Hope she finds out about her boyfriends plan to “clip” her and Bitchelle..
      Can’t wait to see his big pile of clothes burning in the BY. I get the feeling Zzzz won’t like getting played too well. I could see her being pretty vengeful. ?

    • JD

      That’s what I said. Once Day is gone it’s just Paulie and his kool-aid drinking zombies. They are all pretty much self evicting. Doing what the house wants in fear of being voted out? Come on! You’re going to be sheep lining up next in line for the slaughter anyway so quit saying it and make a gosh dang big move and go out in glory! At least people will have respect for you and maybe get AFP because you made a game changing move. No guts no glory!!! And Z you ARE the biggest floater of the season. You’ve never won anything, you never come up with any strategy. Day was carrying you until you clamped on to Paulie. What a fool, Day was/is more loyal to you than Paulie ever was or will be. You’re a coattail riding floater sat all summer never smiling and always picking at your eyes. It’s to bad. When you first walked in I thought you were the most beautiful of all the girls. Surprised to see you so insecure as to think Paulie is the one. OK rant over. I said all that as if she would actually read this. Haha

    • Avatar

      it is just a TV show

  14. Michele Ryan

    I want Da’ Gone!!!!!!!!!!!! Gidget is just floating around aimlessly. Da’ creates DRAMA, so I guess that’s great for ratings, but, she’s all attitude and no substance. “Z” is a floater too and Paulie fixated on her for His Game. Paul, big mouth and arrogant . . . . ugh. Let’s see what BBJ brings, since I’m an avid fan and follower here. Thank you Stevie, you are the best 😉 Cheers from California.

  15. Avatar


  16. jimbo

    Cant feel bad for Day. Her dancing and singing when people get evicted, and her stupid “poor winner” comments to them on the way out, make me glad it has turned on her. If Big Brother doesn’t want so many showmances, don’t put so many college-aged people in the house. Of course, they hook up — that’s all that age does! Not that older won’t, but not to THIS degree. I feel like Michelle has peer pressure to get a showmance going with Paul or Vic because everyone else is hooked up!

    • Elaine

      Conspicuously Day has been carrying her Bible everywhere since being nominated. Nic should no better about a showmance, even said she learned her lesson. I don’t think Zzzz has a clue how to play the game, so flirting and attaching herself to a man was one way to keep herself relevant. Paulie fell for it and now Zzzz is a ball and chain he will need to shake off.

      • Avatar

        She is a stage 5 clinger. It’s kinda painful to watch.

      • Avatar

        God might have more important stuff to deal with ….just say’in BB might not be on his radar.

      • Avatar

        @ Christine
        Exactly, especially since it is more than apparent that Paulie could careless about Zaki. It is so freaking Cringe Worthy when Zaki wraps herself around this Dude…When we all know how he really feels about her?!

        Last night tho Zaki was talking about her Family, it seems like she has 2 other half Sisters, her Dad was a rolling stone, and never raised her, or lived with her Mom. Its true, that Children are a product of their upbringing. Zaki never had a Male figure in her life to show her what a Loving Male/Female relationship is like…Smdh.

    • Jenny M

      I would just about bet that Michelle hooks up with Victor or Paul soon. Not sure if Victor thinks she is pretty enough for him, but Paul would probably like the attention.

    • Painter1

      I said it on an earlier post Days messages to evicted houseguests ranked right up there with The Messiah. She acted like it was all her doing, well bye bye Day.

  17. Avatar

    Ya, but paul makes muffins

  18. Avatar

    this is the link for the cancel 2 votes thing… I will vote after the Thursday show….

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Wonder if when these Showmancers go back and look at all the feeds and read all the blogs and comments, will they feel stupid, embarrassed or both?

    • Elaine

      I wonder that too but then answer with NO. I am of a generation in which folks didn’t take pics of themselves constantly and put them on social media sites for ALL to view and exploit. Now we have that kind of society, and for many young people, I don’t think there is embarrassment (for themselves or family), guilt, or feelings of “That was stupid, how could I have done that?” It is a voyeur society and unfortunately standards of morality and good judgment are fading.

      • Avatar

        Nicole has said several times he parents were going to be pissed. Esp her mother. Hayden situation last year was a lot different. It started much later and was just a lot of flirting most of time but was still a lot of game play and strategizing. If you remember Christine and Nicole were very close from the first and then she started hanging with Cody and guys told Christine list of lies about things Nicole had said(none true) and Christine threw nic utb many times after that

  20. danmtruth

    Well the frat house has started Paul just keeps saying bone and always talking about sex This is now back to jr high boys lockerroom. Paul, Corey , Paulie and Victor think it’s highly entertaining to cal Natalie FT ( fake tits ) now i dont have much room to talk having called her natural Nat It was in response to her originally calming she was natural . After hearing her talk about her being self conscience about her perceived flat chest She had the operation so be it No need for the body beautiful boys to pile on Having 3 daughters i understand how hard it can be to instill a positive self image
    Back to the game I still look to see if Paul will try to make a move to back stab Paulie knowing he cant beat him in the end Will Bridget be able to deflect targets on other people long enough to get in a better position Victor keeps lerking in the background but in the end i dont see him making enough moves to stay unless Paul drags him along
    If DA does have the roundtrip her coming back will finally get a clear two team mix We all know double eviction is coming soon

    • Avatar

      If people think having ft is wrong I don’t wanna be right

    • Jannie

      Danmtruth, I had the feeds for a couple of weeks and dumped them because I honestly couldn’t stand to watch them. No POPTV. Used to love BBAD. This year I don’t even miss it. These people and their damn showmances are really making me lose interest more and more.
      I try and read Jokers a couple of times and day. You are right, it is turning into a frat house. The outright sexual harassment of Nat(calling her “FT” right to her face) is outrageous. Think “good guy” James will defend his girl? It may cost him $500K! The way the Godfather is so damn arrogant…he said something today to Zzzzz about putting her beautiful brown lips on his perfectly formed ice pop. Seriously…I can’t make this crap up.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I saw on Jokers where he said that too Jannie. And don’t think she didn’t appreciate that little innuendo. She was probably flattered with her scatter brained self.

        I too am sick of all the showmances. They spend more time in bed than they do on their feet.

        James an Nat: Bedridden
        Nicole and Bambi: Bedridden
        The Godfather and Zzz: Bedridden
        Sunburn: Wants to be Bedridden

        Damn house is starting to look like a hospital ward. Everybody is Love Sick. The touchy feely stuff is starting to be to much. I’m like Orwell now….Every time you see a couple in bed, take a drink! We’d all be falling down, cockeyed, pissy drunk!

    • Avatar

      So crude and rude to make fun of nat because she has implants. So many have them now and it’s no difference than having a nose job. If that part of your body bothers you by all means fix it if you can. It helps so many with self esteem. It’s not as if she went overboard Dolly Parton size. She wasn’t trying to draw attention to herself but just make her body look better and more balanced in clothes. Calling her ft is crass and juvenile plus the fact they don’t have the gumption to say it to her face. I’m not into making fun of people’s body or looks when it’s something they can’t help or something they are self conscious about

  21. Avatar

    In this house leaving the door open is grounds for them to vote you out, although they’ll completely trash you to each other before they do it.

  22. Avatar

    The guys need to wake up. Keeping other guys around just make it harder to win

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Another thing that drives me crazy….Why can’t grown people pick up their damn clothes! Every year, the longer they stay in the house, the more the house looks like it threw up.

    • Colby

      I think part of it may be a storage problem. Maybe they need to design the place with more drawers, closets, and some dirty clothes hampers. Plus, while they are in there, they gain the clothes and shoes and stuff that they are given for comps, etc.
      Then again, some people are just slobs……

  24. Avatar

    I hope James gets what is coming too. Instead he thought by remaining loyal to that side that it would earn him some brownie points. He flipped on his girl, Da as soon as he could and now he realizing, she may have been right. I feel bad for Da because there is nothing she can do against Paulie and his regime. She is on the outs and once she is gone, James/Nat will be right behind her exiting BB.

    • Avatar


      • Avatar

        They’re completely blindsiding her out! It’s cowardly, why? Because Paulie feels threatened by her!! The HG’s have no spine, they may as well as pass Paulie his check now! Da, from day one has said she is playing for herself. I would too if is 500K and she has tried to be loyal and reveal info, yet Paulie still wants her out. I so hope she has the round trip ticket and can shake that house the f”k up!

  25. Avatar

    Why do we have such double standards? Paulie flirts with Z and has encouraged her as much as she has him. Why is she considered clingy? He talks one minute about getting her out then is cuddling the next hour. Nicole and Z are an embarrassment to the game, especially Nicole, because she’s a super fan and knows better. The men talk about the women so bad, yet with the exception of James, who needs to get gangster right about now, if he wants a chance, these guys gossip more than any season I have ever watched. Especially Paulie. Wow!!! Paul is hoping for some kind of show because he is alway on and acting, terribly at that. Day and Paulie are the only people playing the game. AND Day lied when Frank put her on the spot but she hasn’t gone around lying. She’s providing different senerios just like the men. The women as always are weak players, it’s hard to watch history constantly repeat itself. I wish Nicole and Z would cuddle by night and play the game by day. Then we’d have a show.

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