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Veto Ceremony Results

August 15, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Dani’s mastermind plan of getting out of her of 4 major competitors by nominating two random people then hoping one of them wins the veto (instead of just nominating two of the four) may finally be complete today at the veto ceremony is currently taking place.   On one hand, she played the way she was supposed to two weeks ago and here she stands in the same exact situation, except with one fewer vote on her side.  Perhaps her theory is that she can appease the Big Brother gods by doing a sneaky backdoor strategy, and things will go in her favor.  My suggestion would just be to not let her ally make such absolutely ridiculous moves like volunteering to go home.

While I wait, I’ll talk a little about last night in the BB house…

ollie williams big brotherNo No Ollie, they did more than that!  Well, not much more, but they did do stuff.   For example, if you watched the feeds, you may have noticed something falling in Adam’s pants.  No, he isn’t stashing nuts away for the winter like a squirrel, it was really his balls dropping!  That’s right, it sounds like for the first time all season, Adam may actually have committed to something, even if that something is simply keeping Shelly in the house.  It’s a start, right?  right?  Come on, give the guy some credit!  This is a big step for him, and if he actually keeps his word and risks THE WRATH OF RACHEL, he may actually earn a little respect by the viewers.

Something else happened.. fail pranks #425 and #426 this season.   First, Porsche spiked the protein shake with benefiber, and was promptly scolded by production about it.  I’d guess because Jeff’s been farting up a storm enough as is, they couldn’t take it any more?  That has to be it, right?  Personally I like the idea of putting benefiber in protein shakes, talk about healthy body and good poops!   Too much info?  Sorry.

Another fail prank was tried on Adam when Dani and Kalia opened up a condom, put some lotion on it and threw it on his bed to act like Rachel and Brendon violated his sleeping space.  Adam didn’t notice it and went to bed.. but honestly he probably did notice and either didn’t care, or didn’t want to play games, because he’s fun like that.

Anyway, enough rambling, I’ll post the re-nomination results when the feeds turn back on, so check twitter or facebook and I’ll let you know when this thread is updated.

11:26 AM – Feeds are back, Adam used his veto and the new nomination is:


And Rachel is already breaking down.  Dammit she needs therapy.

11:51 AM – Dani and Kalia talking about strategy now and saying Rachel basically sucks at the game without Brendon, and they are thinking of targeting Jeffry next week if they have the chance.

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