Well, so much for no blackouts.

I’m only kidding, sort of. I expected there to be the occasional feed shut down.  At 12:50pm, the feeds cut to the screen above.  This is probably because production is telling them to go outside, and possibly giving them a few instructions and some Q&A for the competition. I don’t think production wants to be aired actually replying to people, so I guess they have to cut that part. Who knows?


It’s still pretty lame that they cut the feeds, but it’s likely only for a few minutes rather than a few hours like the summer episodes.  Let’s start with the updates..

Veto Updates:

  • 12:50pm – Feeds cut to prep for the veto comp that should be happening in 10 minutes
  • 1:00pm – Ok, Shane is reading directions.  I guess there is something going on in the house right now and the house has to find a clue that will help unlock the safe
    • shane-pov
    • Now they stand around waiting awkwardly for the house to tell them to start
  • 1:05pm – House is open and the people are in looking around!
    • The players are running around the house looking for a clue
    • pov-comp1
    • Good thing James isn’t playing, he’d be the guy to tear apart the house becuase he thinks that’s what we want to see
    • Whitney is staring at the fish bowl on the chess board, while CB is looking through the fridge (it has ‘VETO’ magnet on it)
    • whit-fish
    • Danielle is going to take a crack at the safe….Fail
    • It seems like there are 4 numbers around the house they have to find
    • Cornbread tries…. Fail
    • Danielle tries ….. Fail
    • Whitney fails
    • whit-attempt
    • Alex fails
    • Monte tries 9144, so it’s clear they’re going to go with those 4 numbers and re-order them
    • Whitney goes.. 1943  (maybe not)
    • Monte 1539… so I guess they’re not staying with those 4. Whatever. Back into the house Monte and Whitney go
    • Cornbread 3449 fail
    • Whitney 9143 fail
    • Cornbread fail, fail fail fail.  Everyone is doing 9
  • 1:15pm – Ok, this may take awhile, and the buzzing every incorrect answer is painful
    • It seems some of the numbers are 4492 (as people are guessing) but they may need the right order
    • thehousewatches
    • The rest of the house are watching from the sidelines
  • 1:30pm – The house is pretty much going by the numbers of random things. I don’t think it will be that easy.  Like, the goldfish probably represent something crazy
    • Jason wins with 2449.  Chatroom is going NUTS
    • jason-wins
    • 2 Chairs, 4 Magnets, 4 Flowers, 9 fish
    • I guess it was something simple

Check back for updates