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Veto Competition Live Feed And Results



Well, so much for no blackouts.

I’m only kidding, sort of. I expected there to be the occasional feed shut down.  At 12:50pm, the feeds cut to the screen above.  This is probably because production is telling them to go outside, and possibly giving them a few instructions and some Q&A for the competition. I don’t think production wants to be aired actually replying to people, so I guess they have to cut that part. Who knows?

It’s still pretty lame that they cut the feeds, but it’s likely only for a few minutes rather than a few hours like the summer episodes.  Let’s start with the updates..


Veto Updates:

  • 12:50pm – Feeds cut to prep for the veto comp that should be happening in 10 minutes
  • 1:00pm – Ok, Shane is reading directions.  I guess there is something going on in the house right now and the house has to find a clue that will help unlock the safe
    • shane-pov
    • Now they stand around waiting awkwardly for the house to tell them to start
  • 1:05pm – House is open and the people are in looking around!
    • The players are running around the house looking for a clue
    • pov-comp1
    • Good thing James isn’t playing, he’d be the guy to tear apart the house becuase he thinks that’s what we want to see
    • Whitney is staring at the fish bowl on the chess board, while CB is looking through the fridge (it has ‘VETO’ magnet on it)
    • whit-fish
    • Danielle is going to take a crack at the safe….Fail
    • It seems like there are 4 numbers around the house they have to find
    • Cornbread tries…. Fail
    • Danielle tries ….. Fail
    • Whitney fails
    • whit-attempt
    • Alex fails
    • Monte tries 9144, so it’s clear they’re going to go with those 4 numbers and re-order them
    • Whitney goes.. 1943  (maybe not)
    • Monte 1539… so I guess they’re not staying with those 4. Whatever. Back into the house Monte and Whitney go
    • Cornbread 3449 fail
    • Whitney 9143 fail
    • Cornbread fail, fail fail fail.  Everyone is doing 9
  • 1:15pm – Ok, this may take awhile, and the buzzing every incorrect answer is painful
    • It seems some of the numbers are 4492 (as people are guessing) but they may need the right order
    • thehousewatches
    • The rest of the house are watching from the sidelines
  • 1:30pm – The house is pretty much going by the numbers of random things. I don’t think it will be that easy.  Like, the goldfish probably represent something crazy
    • Jason wins with 2449.  Chatroom is going NUTS
    • jason-wins
    • 2 Chairs, 4 Magnets, 4 Flowers, 9 fish
    • I guess it was something simple

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Good thing James isn’t playing this game. He’d be throwing eggs trying to be funny

  2. caRyn

    Jason and Danielle do not have a chance with the other hg working together.

  3. Avatar

    Come on Jason! It would be so fitting if he won, since they are all working against him. It might help if he spent more time inside rather than smoking all the time though he might have more of a clue

  4. caRyn

    This could take some time. After an hour, everyone will be given the same clue. After 3 hours, they will receive another clue. Monte may be on to something looking at the table.

    • caRyn

      Plate settings on the table… two are offset, and one is set on the upper table. There’s also a bowl of new fish on the chess table. There are new flowers in the hall area with the other flowers. The word “V-E-T-O” is spelled out in magnetic letters on the fridge.

  5. Avatar

    Ha friggin Ha Monte’s monsters! Now what!

  6. Avatar

    Friggin YAYYYYYY!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!

  7. Helen

    Priceless. Jason woot woot! Eldouchebag is crapping his pants

  8. Avatar

    Now to see what Monte will do now that there’s a kink in his plans! I’m way more excited about this than I should be, lol! Jason better step his game up now!

  9. caRyn

    Monte telling Jason – If you win HOH you can put me OTB. And Monte said that is why I put you OTB Jason. This isn’t about YOU Monte. Hush.

  10. caRyn

    Plastics do not like Danielle and Danielle may not have Shelby’s vote. Shelby doesn’t trust Danielle because Danielle waited a day to tell the hg she has a child. Shelby has also said that Danielle has to finish a sentence even when someone cuts her off.

  11. Avatar

    Omg, Monte is killing my nerves! Talking about oh it’s good I got first HOH so none of y’all will hold these norms against me, blah blah blah. Dude. Shut up.

  12. Avatar

    Listening to Monte trying to justify putting Jason up is freaking hilarious. He is so scared Jason is going to get him now!

    • caRyn

      Monte reminds me of Colby. He even says…At the end of the day. Monte also reminds me of Paulie because he is headstrong.
      Cornbread is headstrong too. If Cornbread is HOH it would image Monte’s HOH. Two Paulie’s in the house is not good regardless.
      Shane can be swayed by the guys. Kinda the same way Corey was when it was DE and Corey wanted the guys to tell him what to do. Morgan and Shelby said Shane is smarter than he lets on.
      Scott is not trusted by the late night group. Shelby and Morgan do not think he is a debt collector.
      I am glad Cornbread is OTB because that alliance needed the jolt. Maybe the alliance will pull away from Cornbread if they piece together why America really voted Cornbread OTB. Cornbread isn’t a target.
      Cornbread said a little after midnight that Shelby is bipolar.
      Plastics want to split Monte and Shane apart. They don’t know the pull that Cornbread has with Monte. They also do not trust Shane.
      Guy alliance think Shelby and Justin are wild cards.
      Shelby has no idea how the house feels about her. I have noticed that she does ask a lot of questions. Scott said this morning that Shelby is snaking around. Monte said that Shelby doesn’t fit in anywhere.

  13. Avatar

    Monte and Shane were talking about putting up Krissie because it’s the easy thing to do. What a bunch of crap play the damn game boys

  14. Mel

    Monte kind of slipped up and just told Danielle that Shane knew she may go OTB. That’s not the story they were going with. Monte can’t think on his feet at all!

  15. Mel

    Randon tisbits from before and after the veto comp today:
    *Shane wants Krissi put up and gave Monte just a touch of an “I told you so” moment.
    *CB offers up suggestions and Shane shoots him down. He has let them know that Danielle better not be going home and Krissi should have gone up in the first place. (Difference of opinion here- CB actually likes Krissi so obviously prefers Shelby go up)
    *Danielle told Monte she would rather go up against Shelby than Krissi.(this happened after the cb, Shane Monte convo)
    *Danielle told Monte she had all the numbers right in the comp but only wrong order. (This isn’t true)
    *Monte accidentally let’s Danielle know that Shane knew about her going OTB.
    *Monte tells Danielle she is safe because she is connected to Shane and then shortly after tells her she went up for that same reason. ( dude is dumber than a box of rocks)
    *Morgan is telling Monte that Shelby will vote with them if Krissi is the replacement. (Probably true)
    *Monte is alone and giving serious thought to putting up Justin as the replacement. He feels he really needs Jason and Justin gone.
    *CB’s latest theory is that America may put up their favorite players because they want to see them compete. Scott won’t tell CB but he did tell Alex that no way in hell is that true basically.
    * Justin was somewhat irritated that 4 people worked together during the comp and left Jason and Danielle on their own. He really is the Kumbaya and pass the joint kind of guy.
    * Shelby was hugging Jason in the kitchen after the comp and obviously happy he won in front of her group on the other side . Shelby really is on the outside of the girls thing because this morning she thought Morgan and Alex may want to keep Jason.
    * Shelby has suggested to the girls that keeping Justin around longer is a good idea too. They aren’t arguing with her but it’s obvious they aren’t feeling it.

  16. caRyn

    Monte is telling Alex that Shane has one side of the house and he has the other side so they are good.

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