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Veto Competition Scenarios

I hope everyone is having a good and safe holiday weekend so far.  It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for the Power of Veto competition.   There is no word yet on when it will be, but they have been working on it since last night, so whatever the competition will be, it won’t be rolling a ball down a snake whenever it does happen.   Everyone in the house has been studying the memory wall real hard, to prepare for a potential morphing competition (where they merge faces and you have to guess which two).  I doubt that will be the veto, but it could likely be one of the two HoH competitions that will happen this week.


Note – I’ve had some complaints about my style of posts where some just want updates, so let me appease both types of readers for a moment…

Update on the house:Jordan is putting on lotion.

 Back to Veto talk…   Barring any special moves by Adam, the competition today is not important at all.  Here are the likely results:

  • Jordan, Rachel, or Adam win:  Nominations remain the same
  • Kalia wins:  She takes herself down, Adam goes up, Porsche goes home
  • Porsche wins: She takes herself down, Adam goes up, Kalia goes home

It’s pretty straight forward this week, and the only situation that can shake up the house is if Adam wins, and he changes the nominations.  The situation is so bad for the newbies that it would almost be better for them to throw the competition than to win.

Adam is pretty determined to go to the final 3 with Jordan and Rachel, as he said last night, so I look for another robot / gumball result for him.  He’ll try, but not hard, so he’ll lose.  Shit, even if he tries hard, he’ll still probably lose, so giving it even 99% effort will result in a loss for our buddy Adam.

In the unlikely event that Adam does win, he has already promised Jordan he won’t use it… so there goes that sitaution.

Kalia just going to choke herself?

Here is a little tip for the newbies, and by newbies I mean Kalia and Porsche…..


Play aggressive.  Take tips from Jeff.  Pull Rachel aside and tell her that she’s not getting their votes to win unless she helps them get to the final 4. Tell her that if she sits next to Jordan, neither of you are going to vote for her to win, neither will Dani.  It only takes 4 votes to win, so potentially losing 3 votes is pretty crucial.  Let it be known that there is a big difference between $50k and $500k, and if she wants that extra zero, she has to keep them both this week.

Will it work?  Maybe, maybe not, but it has a much better chance to work than just hoping Adam wins and takes one of you off.  That’s not happening.  If you don’t even try to save your asses over the next few days by pushing Rachel to vote for you, you deserve to be where you’ll end up, the jury.


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  1. Avatar
    Annie (3 comments)

    i would love to see Rachel win and keep the nominations the same and say on her speeach “this is what brendon would of wanted” haha. Adios Kalia. That would be the best case scenario for me.

    • Avatar
      bblover (14 comments)

      I completely agree. Rachel was a little much last year but she seems more laid back not as defensive with brendon gone. I would like to see her win this year

    • Avatar

      i want jordan or rachel to win and see kalia go home already!!! ugh finally get danis army out of there…really shows how dumb people can be to never be able to make thier own decisions..pathetic man.

  2. Avatar
    Allie (1 comments)

    Look at who’s left….Porsche, Kalia, Adam, Jordan and Rachel….Who’s played the best game, competed their hardest at all challenges and IMO deserves to win?? Rachel of course!!
    I too found her a little hard to deal with at first (when Brendon was in the house) but you know….there is absolutely nothing dumb about her…she is good at strategizing and just plain playing the game.

  3. Avatar

    That is a persuasive point. Actually if the three of them wouldn’t vote for her against Jordan then Jeff would also vote for Jordan. So game over man, game over!

    But the veto is over and done now and even if Rachel changed her mind Adam and Jordan control the votes. And arguably voting out either of them would cost Rachel her vote, so what choice does she have.

    Was better than trying to get Adam to flip. But mostly I don’t think short of winning veto there was much they could have done.

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