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The Veto Competition That Never Was


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We’re almost mercifully done the week that doesn’t count, so hang in there! The twist that should have been introduced about 3 weeks ago was revealed last Thursday night as a golden button in the former havenot room. If and when the house pressed the button, this week never happens.  That’s all fine and good, except when four of the five remaining houseguests are so tightly bonded, one of the nominated players encourages the veto holder to not use the power of veto.

Frankie just barely edged out Derrick in the facial recognition competition, and I have to say, this was a tough one. I tried to play at home, but I did horrible. I suppose it would be a little easier if I stared at the memory wall 2 hours a day for 70+ days, but playing from home it was brutal.  For reference, the above picture is a mashup of Paola’s hair/hat (I literally forgot about her during the competition), Amber’s mouth, and Zach’s eyes.  Despite the fact that the veto competition will end up meaning absolutely nothing, this week did nothing but hurt Frankie (or help him depending on how far he makes it).

Throughout the episode, between doing some ninja moves on the button and chasing an imaginary rat, they speculated on what the twist will be.  I believe it was Derrick who said it was likely going to be something good for someone and bad for someone else.  On a normal season, he’d be right.  This would have been great for Victoria and bad for the rest of the house.. but this season?  Meh.  Izzy – the dog that visited the house on Tuesday – has a better chance at winning the HoH over Victoria this week.  The only thing that will happen is one of the four guys will win, nominate Victoria against someone else and literally repeat the week.

I think the only chance Victoria has at winning HoH will be if the competition is 100% luck based.  However, I strongly believe tomorrow night will be the wall endurance challenge, and there is no way Victoria will hold out longer than Caleb. No way. Not happening. Girls typically have an advantage on the wall, but I just don’t see it. Victoria has absolutely no fight in her.   That said, if – and this is a big if – the competition hurts heavier people first, Victoria can possibly pull something off.  Some endurance wall competitions are at an angle, and holding 200+ pounds is a lot more work than Victoria’s whatever weight.

One thing will be fun, and that will be to watch Frankie’s reaction when he realizes he made himself a huge target by winning 2 competitions this week, and he wasn’t even able to get a single person out.

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  1. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, hope all is going well for you. Just want to let you know you have a LOT of great followers pulling for you and your family!!

    To all the people who post on this blog and have expressed there is concern for me I would like to say thank you very very much, it has been very rough for a while now and your thoughts and prayers mean alot to me. I feel as if I have made some really good friends. you have amazed me and blessed me the way you have embraced me!

  2. Comments (248)

    Franko, Hope you are feeling better.

    • Comments (692)

      Thank you. I’m REALLLLLY not feeling much better at all. I have a few minutes when I think I do and then the coughing starts all over again.
      I need sleep. Tonight I am heavily medicated and hoping to get some rest.
      Again, thanks for your comment.

      • Comments (248)

        Good night.

      • Comments (383)

        yay heavily medicated! 😉
        all joking aside I know we’re all sending happy thoughts and best wishes your way! (same to you, stevebeans!)

      • Comments (1137)

        Frankie I’m so sorry you feel so bad. I hope the doctors find a diagnose for you soon. Rest and feel better

      • Comments (692)

        I’ve had enough meds that I should be out cold but I’m wide awake. The coughing is a little better, tho. I’m hoping sleep comes soon!!

      • Comments (492)

        Dear Franko,
        I wrote on the other post, but I am off to work. Rest up and take a day for yourself. Be blessed.
        You might be older than me who knows, but you are like one of my boys.
        Yes, keep drinking good water.

        And thanks steven b. For having this post. Hope you and your family is doing well too.


      • Comments (692)

        Omg, mom!!! I’m in doctors office. My bp is 212/110. They’re freaking out here. Just had chest xray and they’re gonna draw blood.
        Will update later.
        Just thot I’d give you an update. Guess I’ve waited too long before I got my stubborn butt to a regular doctor.

      • Comments (383)

        Franko you had BETTER be okay!!!! Glad you are getting checked out. Hope they get you back to feeling good soon!!!

        also I love that you are updating your BB buddies while you’re at the doctor’s office. 🙂

      • Comments (152)

        Franko, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. I also hope you got some rest last night! Thoughts and prayers coming your way! Have a great day! Looking forward to tonight’s live “NON” eviction!


      • Comments (843)

        Hope you had a restful night, franko. Can they give you an inhaler for the coughing? Prayers for a speedy recovery.

      • Comments (95)

        Franko, I haven’t been on here for almost a week, and I had no idea you were sick! I hope you feel better soon!! Sending lots of get well vibes to you and SB!!

  3. Comments (692)

    Tomorrow when they are told this week is all null I thought it was going to be a fast paced night like a double eviction night. Now I’m confused. I thought they would be playing a week’s worth in one night.
    Someone please explain if you know more.
    Thank you!!

    • Comments (248)

      I thought so too, But I now think they are doing the whole week over in a week.

      • Comments (248)

        I could be wrong though.

      • Comments (692)

        Well, Stevebeans mentioned the wall challenge, that’s a LONG comp. No way it could all be done in one show. Tonight they promised to be visiting the jury tomorrow, also. No way to fit all that in one show.

      • Comments (843)

        I thought they would use the wall comp when there were 3 or 4 left. My understanding is, it’s supposed to be over in that one night. The wall comp takes a long time. Really don’t care for any of them, but I would love for Frankie to go out tonight or next week to huge boos.

      • Comments (1443)

        Think it’s just like normal week. They will reset and tell HG right before vote for eviction that everything since Christine is like it never happened. Then they will have hoh again. Frankie can play and Derrick can’t. Then Sunday I guess they have pov on TV. Then eviction Wednesday? And new hoh. I hope they don’t tell them they will not have show this Thursday just let them think there will be and get ready for it and it never happens.

    • Comments (1092)

      Hey Franko, hope you are doing well.

      I think they will be doing the fake eviction vote first.

      Then reveal the twist.

      Have the revised hoh comp, nomination, vrto comp and eviction.

      They will probably do the next hoh Thursday, and air it on Sunday.

    • Comments (426)

      That is what I thought too. Didn’t Julie say it would be played all in one night? Either way, the comp could still be the wall. Just starting at the end of the show, or after (like some others have).

      • Comments (1443)

        No she never said it would be in one night. I got impression things would go on as before. No eviction until next week. Could be wrong but that’s what I understood. There was going to be a whole week with only 3 in house until finale and that was too much time. From what I remember the final three not in house that long alone so they needed to eat up some time. Can you imagine watching the final three for one week? Last year final three watching for few days was bad enough

    • Comments (1137)

      That’s what I thought too so I really didn’t think it would be the wall because of that.

      • Comments (1443)

        They r expecting the wall and expecting memory of who was hoh, pov etc in which week. I say they should not do either. We all know with wall only ones with chance are Frankie and Caleb. Frankie probably wins. Smaller and better balance cause of dance. Memory they are studying for- don’t give them something they expect. Prob Frankie or Derrick win that one. I’m ready for big twist!!

    • Comments (20)

      Hmmm so if the POTUS speech is at the same time as tonight’s show, will CBS move the episode to another time slot?

    • Comments (3)

      I’m pretty sure they are gonna do a whole weeks worth of BB in one night.

    • Comments (722)

      I doubt production even knows how tonight will go..

  4. Comments (1446)

    If it’s an endurance comp, it will come down to Mango and Caleb.

    I agree that the button twist will be coming as Victoria is heading for the door – it’s not happening until 36 minutes past the hour.

  5. Comments (1799)

    First indulge me a bit ,,,,, One of the other posters ask about BB Australia 2014 I watch it on you tube subscribe to jajoufitness there it haves the first night and the day one show If you are interested

    On to the show. Funny how NOW Cody understands the big chances he miss in not getting Frankie out when he had a chance .Cardinal rule of BB get strong people out when you have a chance!
    Sounds like it will be a very busy night

  6. Comments (332)

    I wish the week would rewind and Nicole and Christine are back but it’s to late we are stuck with these jerks! Hayden and Donnie are far greater. But there is power in number and no one challenged these guys.

  7. Comments (1137)

    BB I thought this was a reality show about 16 people thrown together in a house to plot and plan against each other to win 500,000 dollars. Why then do I catch myself laughing more at that absurd notion everyday? I admit I was rotflmao at the show, but that’s not why I watch BB. I watch for big games moves not Cody screaming like a little girl ( although funny) and non game people ( Victoria ) saying the stupidest things. Seriously how can you even start to take her serious? He’s the Robin to my Batman? I realize that y’all must have thought ( at least I hope) that this season was going to be better than it is, but your interfering too much ( use Q cards much?) I honestly I don’t know what to say anymore except I hope production is reading these blogs and realize we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

    • Comments (1799)

      Sandra ftsm why can’t Victoria be as delusional as the boy? It has to be BB in the DR asking leading question to get a wack out answer like that. Caleb taking credit for being the founding father of the bomb squad. Not only that but also the brains behind every big move?
      By sure simple math probability Victoria should win a comp soon. Yet her bad play keeps getting in the way of logic. The strange thing is no mater who mins HoH. If it’s not Victoria she is going back up on the block Seeing that all will be in the veto comp no need not to nom Frankie

      • Comments (1137)

        Maybe I lead you astray by what I said. I feel that BB is scripting for all the house guests. I think in past seasons it either wasn’t as obvious or HGs were just alittle smarter and didn’t need as much coaching. What Victoria said on tonight’s show in the DR didn’t jibe with me as real as she comes across on BBAD. I don’t feel Victoria is as capable as the rest of the final five are. I think BB has become the man behind the curtain or the guy pulling the strings. I was just really trying to say ( and obviously not well) that this supposed to be a reality game show and it’s not coming off to me as one this year as much as previous seasons. I used Victoria as an example. What I would like to see is BB going back to more to original format because I think it’s ruining the game. That’s all.

      • Comments (1137)

        I think if everyone was on the same playing field she might have just as much chance but to weigh probabilities you have to take all the factors. Victoria is not a physical threat, she’s proved that. She’s had as much chance as anyone to win mental comps but hasn’t so I don’t feel just by the laws of probabilities that she’s due to win.

      • Comments (843)

        I agree. Production is interfering way too much.

      • Comments (1443)

        You think maybe in casting they picked ppl this year that they knew were not very smart and easily influenced in DR. Something this year is completely different than other years. Not one big move. Do they want to win the money?? My gosh it’s down to final 5 and whoever wins hoh tonight will be an absolute idiot if they don’t put up two males. If one wins pov the remaing male goes up. That is the only sensible plan. Frankie should have done it this week. That would assure them final 3 because Vic will not win anything. If whoever wins hoh does not do that I will for sure know final 3 determined by production At this point I don’t care who wins. None of them deserve it. I think over iq low. Derrick and Frankie only ones with any brains but they have both messed up by not making big moves when they could have. Never seen anything like it. Wouldn’t this reset have been so much better had Frankie put up Cody and Derrick/Caleb telling them Cody his target? Then one wins pov and other male goes up ?? What great week this would have been with everyone scrambling and campaigning and then right before vote we get reset?? And everyone is now after everyone else?? We need to be producing that show!!

      • Comments (1137)

        Two hands clapping Trudy. But if Frankie hadn’t pushed that button then that’s what would’ve had to happen tonight because Victoria would’ve went home. Here’s to looking for bombs going off after tonight’s show but I think the only way that will happen is if Cody wins HOH. He’ll put Frankie up for sure and if he’s smart put Caleb up there with him. I think things between in the alliance have fractured now with Derrick, Cody and Vic on one side and Frankie and Caleb on the other. I really think Caleb is enamored of Frankie’s sister and possible star hook- up for Caleb means more to him than Derrick and Cody. He’s so convinced he can beat anyone at the end that he doesn’t care if it’s Frankie and him F2.

      • Comments (1443)

        I haven’t quite figured him out. I think he will put Frankie up but Caleb changes with the time. He’s very loyal and he might think being loyal to two is more loyal than being loyal to one. Then again he’s very enamored of the Ariana lifestyle and what it might do for him ON THE OTHER HAND(lol). He has said nothing in game was personal and all moves were for game and even if he got sent home he would know it was game move and still love them all. So maybe that let’s him put Frankie up. I think he will.

      • Comments (628)

        I said this about mid-season. I think after the disgusting trash of HG’s from last year, production wanted to play it safe this season and go a little more on the conservative side. But this is just ridiculous. Big difference between conservative and downright boring.

      • Comments (1443)

        Maybe it’s hard to get ppl with halfway decent intelligence. With economy like it is how many people can afford to leave job for three months? If you work at Starbucks, Home Depot, internet blogger u tube. You can always get a job like that again without problems. Nichole had just graduated from nursing school and not taken her boards yet so she did not leave job. Donny quit job. Zach I think had just graduated and didn’t have job. Don’t know what Derrick did. He might have had time builtp to take. Cody has job but whatever it is he can’t be making too much cause he’s still living at home. Don’t remember about other HG. But I would say most ppl with good jobs can’t afford to take off for 3 months. Not trying to sound like I’m cutting on those with lower paying jobs. Just trying to come up with reason for poor performance this season

    • Comments (1446)

      So I’m watching BBAD and reading Jokers.

      Victoria and Derrick have put their little plan into action…the one where they pretend to be fighting and she trashes him to the other HG’s and says she is no longer speaking to him and will not vote for him.

      Now I’m watching them laying together in the HOH room hugging and exchanging “I love yous.”

      Cody and Caleb are in the kitchen when she comes down from the HOH.

      WTF?? Can’t anyone put the pieces together?

    • Comments (57)

      couldnt have said it any better. lol. also cbs, nice job with the reset……a month late. wow production is as dull in the brain as 14 of 16 house guests this year. exception derick/donny. even though i liked zach. not a great stradigy dude. and not a fan of derrick. but the fact is this game has been a cake walk for him. predic t the predicctable.

    • Comments (1443)

      They act like jr high kids. Not entertaining to me. I can certainly see why not bad looking HG have no significant others in their lives. Three married. Donny had girlfriend. Someone said Joey had someone. But no one else. No one for Cody, Caleb or Frankie. Could it be their extreme immaturity??

  8. Comments (11)

    I was so disgusted when mango said I have all the power now.ewwww can’t wait to see his face all he won was for mabey, they can get him out.

  9. Comments (57)

    watching bbad. mango talking about his sister again. blablabla. just go away mango. hoping the reset gets mango booted then hopefully bood when he walks out. just imagine the suprise on his delusional face! mango,” you are booing me?” yes you mango.

    • Comments (1137)

      I’ve said it before just fast forward right on through him. Otherwise they should put gag warning alerts across the bottom of the screen. I just can’t anymore with him.

  10. Comments (1137)

    I just wanted to say one more thing. SteveB how about the season that never was?

    • Comments (95)

      OMG..there have been ALOT of negative things said about her lately! Supposedly she was acting like a total diva at the Stand Up 2 Cancer concert thing last week and then during a photo shoot she just straight up walked off the set. They were talking about it on E! news last night, and Giuliana Rancic said that she was doing some awards show and felt someone nudging at her ribs and it was Ariana Grande trying to get her to move because she didn’t want to be interviewed on her right side, only her left because that’s her better side. So, yeah, big headed-ness must REALLY run in that family.

  11. Comments (57)

    hey stevebeans. i read your comment about is it to late to make last years superbowl jokes. because of the lack of fight in this seasons bb mirrioring the broncos in the superbowl fight. heck no not to late. omaha ha ha 43-8 superbowl 48. #12

  12. Comments (328)

    I cannot wait for tonight’s show!! C’mon fellas get that pink fohawk outta there! Okay Miss Victoria, let’s see your warrior princess/Batman skills actually play tonight! Derrick, it’s time to get your hands dirty, And I promise a little antibacterial soap will help wash away the blood. Cody, quit being all talk and show us whatcha got for a change!!! Caleb, big brother already told ya, PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON! Quit auditioning in front of the cameras and play the dadburn game!

    ( what did I say )

    • Comments (57)

      dear mango, booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • Comments (1799)

        He’s says he will take it like a broadway play Funny how he can justify every thing Christine got booed for trashing people in the DR Like he haven’t He has not said anything he regrets If they show any bad clips he will just say it was game play and bad edit by production

      • Comments (1137)

        Hey danmtruth did my answer make sense to you last? I apologize I was out of it yesterday I could barely read your question and wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

      • Comments (328)

        Yeah, blame bad editing since he edits all his youtube videos, he is such the master expert… Please…

    • Comments (152)

      LOVE IT…I am chanting with you! If he doesn’t go soon….he will be in the F2 based on comps alone!

      Victoria…batman! That made me laugh last night. She “Carried” him to the final 2. Either he has really convinced her of that (which is possible because it’ Derrick) or she actually believes it. Either way, it’s hilarious.

      • Comments (328)

        Please no final 2 for the pink fohawk! I laughed so hard last night when Miss Victoria said that, and ya know the camera guy was probably doing the same thing. Behind the scenes probably said just go with it, it only adds to her goofyness!
        Hehehehehe! But ya got a give Victoria some props for trying and being naive in this game has somehow gotten her farther than some of the stronger competitors. Yes, she has definitely floated but love her enthusiasm on her prous game play. But then again, she might be Batman and fool us all!


      • Comments (152)

        I agree ShoeLover, I don’t want Frankie even in the F4! They have to see what a competitor he is and their fate is in his hands if he stays and keeps winning. They MUST pull a big move this week before he does…becasue he WILL!

    • Comments (1443)

      But for a chance for that to happen Caleb, Cody or Vic have to beat him in hoh. And if that miracle happens then someone has to beat him in pov

  13. Comments (843)

    I think we are doomed on the Frankie deal. Derrick can’t play, Victoria REALLY can’t play, and I don’t think Caleb or Cody will go after Frankie. Our only hope is Frankie goes out in the final 3, but he is good at the comps.

    • Comments (57)

      literally reset.erase last week and repeat. wow?!*?! only hope is mango goes home now so bb fans can cheer for one week!!!!!!!! but as i said, litterally reset. erase last week and repeat. y is cbs tourchuring us. just get this season over with. fire everyone in casting. get someone with a mind for something actually new. and make sure there is no way there can be a unamious vote every week.(exept one this year) its simple actually. when production sees that this thing is going to go the excact way every week, mix it up change things. triple evictions. double bybacks. anything! there is no rules for them so use your creativity and make sure there is a game!

      • Comments (1443)

        I think that production should have NO competition that has memory in it that asks about what week someone won hoh. Pov have nots etc. they are all expecting that and studying for it. They need to throw them a twist(lol) in that expectation. I don’t know what kind of competition but also no puzzles. Heck maybe one of those competitions that’s simply luck although I hate those. Maybe one of those like who said what but bot something they said in house. One of those where you kind of have to know a little about HG to answer. Any suggestions? Let’s not do same thing every year cause HG ready for that. Don’t remember them doing that much studying in the past about each week. And didn’t they already do something this year about what day things happened on? Cody won?

      • Comments (1137)

        Yeah that comp was the one where Nichole came back. The boxing one I think. I agree do the one where they would say something like did Donny say Amber was the cutest girl in the house or Nichole.

      • Comments (1443)

        Yes. Haven’t they done something like that in past? You kind of have to have some insight into other house guests to answer correctly

    • Comments (1443)

      They will both put him up but will they be able to beat him in hoh? In this game u have to get them out when you get the chance and they let two great opportunities go by. Screwed themselvrs

  14. Comments (20)

    POTUS address is on at 9PM EST so what happens to the episode broadcasting at the same time?

  15. Comments (57)

    there needs to be a most disliked houseguest vote by america now. the winner losses all their $ for jury or whatever they earned. it would be a close one but mango may just win. now that would be expect the unexpected. from team america to americas most disliked player. lol

  16. Comments (69)

    Up until this year – I never watched live feeds or BBAD – it was difficult to dedicate three hours a week to the hourly show – where most reality shows are just an hour a week – and you know maybe that was the way to go – reason is in my humble opinion – last night on the hourly show – what dialogue we saw of Derrick and Frankie made them seem almost human with genuine thoughts towards the others and making game plans with thoughts – its the behind the scene things that changed my mind on them – anyway the reason I bring this up – it very likely could sway people to vote for Americas Favorite if you happen to just watch the hourly show – it did for me in the past without realizing what was going on in the background. Man this wordy. Just saying

    • Comments (1137)

      I watched BB from day one and BBAD after dark too.. I’ve really wondered if I didn’t watch BBAD and read the blogs if I would feel differently about some of the houseguest. If their are other people that don’t have the feeds or watch BBAD I’d like to hear what they think. It’d be interesting.

      • Comments (69)

        I would be interested too Sandra

      • Comments (1443)

        I got bbad for first time last year cause I did not have show time. In the first few years bb was on I used to get on chat rooms about it. I remember so many liked Eddie with one leg. I hated him. I can’t even remember who I liked that year. But I noticed on FB yesterday where cbs put all those links that I ignore that there were ppl who really liked Frankie. Could not believe it. But the majority of ppl were replying and telling them how bad he really was from feeds and bbad. Those that only watched show had not even heard about the rape incident. They don’t know how he’s come on to the other men etc. I now get confused with what I’ve seen on TV show and what I see on bbad. But what they say in DR on TV is so not what is going on in house and it makes me so mad. Frankie acting like he might put up two men which we know he never contemplated forgot what Derrick said that also was not reality. So there are more franki fans out there that don’t watch bbad or get feeds or read forums. But it still did not seem as if he had that many fans. Would like to see some polls that were general ones not on feedsters sites but would have no idea if there are any of those. Cbs should have polls

      • Comments (1137)

        That’s interesting. I’ve actually thought about just watching the show just to get my first impressions at least from there. I don’t know if you read what I wrote earlier or not but I think all the DRs are being scripted now it’s just too fake. Used to DRs meant something not anymore.

      • Comments (1443)

        I agree. What they are saying in DR is not even going on in house. Last night especially bad!! I almost threw up watching DR sessions last night.

    • Comments (78)

      Found this by accident earlier today – looks like Donny is still leading the popular vote by 47%, Frankie and Caleb tied at 2%, Victoria and Cody tied at 1% and Derrick at 21% (at the time I posted this, it could change by the time you click on the link)

  17. Comments (843)

    This may mean nothing, but in TV Guide the Thursday BB always say ‘another HG is evicted’. This week doesn’t say that.

  18. Comments (135)

    I just want to see Frankie’s face when he learns that this week was all for nothing.

    • Comments (453)

      He will stomp his feet, pout and demand to go to DR to protest why they didn’t forewarn him about this part when they do about the comps so he has an edge up over the others.

  19. Comments (25)

    I can hardly watch BB anymore with Frankie posing for the cameras. He’s always hugging the guys (bet guys put up with it for the show only). Frankie thinks that BB is his show or whatever. He needs to go home so the house can start playing. At times, in his little shorts/sneakers he acts like a toddler.

  20. Comments (692)

    Good morning to all!! Don’t really have a lot to say this morning. Still feel like crap. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. I did get some rest, not enough but got some. Going in and work for a few hours soon.

    Now ON TOPIC……….I suppose that we are not going to see a weeks worth of show in one night tonight as I think many of us have thought for the last week. if by chance, Frankie does not win the next HOH and ends up on the block it will be interesting to see if CBS loads the audience with his family members.

    • Comments (1137)

      Sorry I forgot to say Goodmorning to everyone. Hope everyone is well.

    • Comments (1276)

      Hey Franko, Willie and so on… 😉
      I was happy to get on today and see your updates, but sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I also wanted to say sorry I haven’t been on too much the last few days, I’ve had a ton of stuff going on at home, and been working a ton, but I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t thinking about you.
      Feel better. And get some rest. Talk to you soon.

      • Comments (722)

        Hey Christina!
        Figured you were busy and we’d hear from you tonight..
        I’m almost not excited as tonight could be bad.. what do you think?

      • Comments (1276)

        I think it will the same thing all over again. Frankie will win, and put up Cody and Vic.
        The only thing that might spice it up is if he realizes that his excuse for putting them up last time was that he loves everyone, and can’t protect everyone he loves. Or if either of them care enought about winning to bring that point up. Which would corner him into putting up Derrick and Caleb. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see it happening, but who knows.
        The other option would be someone on the block winning Veto. But again, he’ll probably just win Veto as well.
        Too bad we couldn’t get Jeff and Jordan back in the game. Now that could have put a wrence in Frakie’s game. lol On a side note, did you see Jordan hug Frankie? She tried her harest to touch him as little as possible! hahaha And Jeff calling them out for being gross pigs… priceless!

  21. Comments (152)

    Honeestly, I am looking forward to tonights show. The timing has to be just right and the facial expressions will be priceless. One week in the BB house where you are THANKFUL you didn’t win anything. All the targets was placed on one person…FRANKIE! :)Who I hope gets booed if and when he leaves the house! I can’t believe I am actually saying this but…. I would rather see Vic in the F4 instead of Frankie. Then, they get her out…and Final 3! At that point, I really don’t care who wins. I would love to see Derrick win because he has really played better than the other 2. But they got there and it would be a flip who would win between Cody and Caleb. I really don’t know which one would win! Any thoughts?

    • Comments (1137)

      I would like to see Frankie first, then Caleb and Cody with F2 being Derrick and Victoria. Although Derrick might send her to jury because she would be a vote.

    • Comments (57)

      if it was cody and caleb, caleb would likely win. jacasta and donny like caleb. where they go nichole and hayden go. thats 4 votes. all you need is 5. just about any of them besides derrick would be a cointoss on who they would vote for. and it only takes one at that point. plus with zach in the jury this long, could easily see him vote beastmode over cody. for the simple fact that beast mode at least has a personallity. cody is not the genious and personallity he thinks he is. so between caleb and cody its 70% favor caleb i think.

    • Comments (25)

      If jury is honest with themselves, Derrick would be the clear BB winner. He’s played the game (yes it’s a game people) very well and made no enemies along the way. It’s the fault of the Hgs’ gameplay if they didn’t notice how Derrick was playing .

      • Comments (1137)

        I totally agree with you Synda. I’ve been saying the same thing for two weeks. It is a game and whether we like who is there now one of them is going to win and if I had a vote after watching Derricks gameplay out of all of them I’d pick Derrick. I think his game surpassed everyone else’s. Juries are usually pretty stand-up people for the most part and usually vote not only on comps but social as well and given that I think he deserves it if sitting in F2.

      • Comments (1443)

        They might not believe he did anything. There were big moves he could have made and didn’t. If he’s up there with Frankie it’s a toss up. Remember that if Caleb in jury he prob votes for Frankie. Vic and Cody for Derrick. So depends on ppl in jury now. Most liked Derrick more but Frankie won so much and they all think Frankie and Derrick were running things. Franki because of sister prob loses votes. Derrick prob wins cause family man. Not fair to vote that way but if they think they are both pretty even Derrick prob gets sympathy vote (needs money more). Usually they have voted with who they think played best game no matter what person did to them. But they mostly don’t know what was said or done to them til it’s all over

  22. Comments (98)

    Shout out to Franko hope you start to feel better soon. I agree SB the twist would have nice 3 wks ago maybe Donny & Nicole would have been safe.

  23. Comments (1137)

    I’ve been surfing the internet and it seems like the whole Victoria, Derrick fake fight is working and Victoria is selling it like a pro. I’m so proud of her. I really thought she wouldn’t be able to keep it up but it seems like she’s doing a bang up job. So to Victoria I take my hat off to you. I just wish she would’ve put this much work into keeping her own self safe instead of making sure Derrick makes it to final 2. I really think he’ ll win now. I was beginning to get a little worried that Frankie was going to get rid of him but now not so much. I don’t think Frankie is a 100 percent sold yet but if Victoria keeps selling this story as well as she is I think he just might be.

    • Comments (1443)

      Even before this Caleb and franki thought that they would beat Derrick in final two. I just don’t have any idea now how jury would vote.

      • Comments (1137)

        I really think Donny being a true BB fan would vote for Derrick because if Derrick manages to get to F3 and never sit on the block you gotta give it up to him. I also think his final speech will blow whoever is up with him away. I think a lot people respect Donny in the jury house and I think they’ll follow suit. At least I think Hayden, Nichole, Jacosta and I think Zach will too. Most definitely Victoria would if she’s there. That puts him at 6.

      • Comments (1443)

        Hayden Nichole jacosta and Donny knew Derrick was running the house so he prob wins. Might even be unanimous no matter who is next to him.

      • Comments (31)

        I agree Sandra. Derrick has played the best game ever. He does not act out of emotions and he just strategizes week after week. He has influenced so many decisions and they do not have a clue it is him. He totally deserves to win Big Brother this season. Frankie is disgusting. I think he thinks he is paying for UTUBE or something. He is so over the top and really annoying.

      • Comments (31)

        I meant playing for UTUBE not paying.

      • Comments (1443)

        I can’t see Cody beating anyone unless final two were Cody and Vic and that’s not going to happen

  24. Comments (1799)

    Caleb keeps up with this we will let the comp decide mantra. Believing he truly is this beast ode player . Yet Frankie has more wins and many of those wins came with people throwing comps

    Still even after the rewind will any of the boy’s. Yes they are boys not men . Will they make any smart moves Like I don’t know GET RID OF FRANKIE !!! If no one is evicted tonight they will need 3 to 4 weeks to get to the final 2 So the bigger question is when does the amazing race start? That way the one show can lead into the other

    • Comments (843)

      There are only 5 more shows of BB. Thank goodness. The final is Sept. 25. Survivor is the same night. One HG goes this week, one next week, then the 3 person play off.

    • Comments (1137)

      The information button direct tv says eviction tonight and then Sunday it said new HOH moves into their room and nominates two people. Which to me sounds like comp will be endurance ( maybe the wall?) not ending until BBAD.

      • Comments (1443)

        Wow that sure sounds like there is one week in one night. My guide says new hoh is selected tonight. Says reset of all week and another hoh selected. I think that’s it tonight. OMG!!! We all sound like HG wondering about the button!!

  25. Comments (78)

    I may have missed this, but if someone could help I would appreciate it…. What reason did Frankie give to the HG for them to push the button? What was their motivation/temptation behind pushing it? I thought I remembered reading somewhere that it was Frankie’s decision, or that Frankie was the one that told them to push it.

    • Comments (383)

      He pretty much jumped up and down like a little kid yelling PUSH THE BUTTON!!!! YOU HAVE TO PUSH THE BUTTON!!!!
      His reasoning was it’s Big Brother and America will hate them if nobody pushes it. Derek tried to get them to hold off and think about it, then like 30 seconds later they all pushed it together. It was REALLY fast from the time they saw they could push it to the time they did.

    • Comments (843)

      Caleb wanted to push it but Frankie cannot have anyone else in control so he ‘demanded’ they leave it alone (since it wasn’t HIS idea, it couldn’t be done.) Derrick didn’t want to push it, Victoria always follows whatever Derrick says, and Cody and Caleb always mind very well, regardless of their macho talk. Of course, after Frankie won HOH, he felt like HE could make the decision.

    • Comments (1137)

      Because he’s Frankie ” of course I’m gonna push the button” wanted too. But he didn’t want anyone else to do it.

  26. Comments (1446)

    Call me crazy, but, just like last year, the pitchforks are starting to come out.

    Mango WAS HOH when the button was revealed – and let’s not forget that Derrick was the one protesting loudest not to touch it. Seriously, wouldn’t YOU start screaming if Caleb wanted to push it after only a minute??

    I am not a fan of ANY of the rest of them in the house, but after seeing last night’s freakshow Veto comp, there is NO way that Victoria deserves to be dragged to the end.
    17 1/2 minutes it took her – that is THREE TIMES what it took Mango. And then she bragged about her photography experience and how she notices the details. HA! If she were in the final two w/Derrick she would tell the jury to just give him the money – yeah…good television.

    She is a nice, naive girl who does NOT deserve to even be in the house, much less be in the final two. The only comp she won was handed to her by greedy Caleb.

    Caleb – doesn’t have a clue what’s really going on, but he is loyal and is able to win comps. And he doesn’t have anyone one person dragging him along.

    Cody – good social game. Lucked out to be part of the Bomb Squad, and is liked by Derrick.

    I have said before that they are all becoming revolting. But I am now starting to see people going after Ariana here. Would you want to be judged by the actions of a sibling??

    Is Mango annoying?? Oh, heck yeah! But he HAS PLAYED THE GAME!!

    Maybe it’s me, but I want the one to win who has put the work in…not the most likable. And I want to see a “title fight” in the final two.

    I want either Caleb and Cody or Derrick and Mango in the final two.
    That is the only way it would be an interesting finale night.


  27. Comments (83)

    Why is Frankie being called mango?

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