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Get pumped!

Veto Monday Feed Updates! BBOTT

Get pumped!
Get pumped!

First, CBS is having a Black Friday or Thanksgiving or whatever sale where you get a free month of the feeds.  Join here and use the keyword BBOTTNOW


Now, time for the veto comp today. I’ve said it multiple times, but I’ll repeat. It’s essentially Shelby and Morgan vs Jason, Kryssie, and Justin. Sure, Shelby may have given Justin the care package which advanced him to the final 4, but to be fair, her only other option was the girl who (along with Jason) made a fake alliance just to give the girls false hope and kick them while down. And sure, Justin probably has a better chance in the final 3 with anyone not named Jason, but that’s his choice to remain loyal to his crew.  He can just join Paul and Cody as people who took the wrong people to the finals  (to be fair – Paul should have won. Cody was delusional if he thought he could beat Derrick).

Back to the comp – I’m not even going to try to predict what it can be, but I will say it will probably come down to Jason versus Shelby because that’s how it seems to have been recently (minus the endurance comp).

Let’s get to the updates:

  • 11:00am – Everyone sleeping. Yup, 10-10 is basically out the window now.
  • 11:50am – Site Update – You now have to register to post comments. Why? This allows me to moderate the comments better and ban users who don’t obey rules.  By allowing people to comment without registering, I would need to ban IP addresses, and that’s not an extremely effective way to handle it because it is easily bypassed.
  • 12:50pm – Veto comp is right around the corner!
  • 1:00pm – Morgan comes out of the room with the bag. Meaning one at a time comp. Awesome. Fun way to spend birthday
    • Justin, Shelby, Morgan, Kryssie, Jason is the order.  Kryssie is back in the storage room
    • Here is an image of the competition. It’s a maze where it looks like they have to remain on their knees
    • maze
    • They have to find three ears of corn through the maze
    • Justin Start Time: 1:23:30pm – Finish 1:25:24
    • Shelby start time: 1:35:02 – Finish 1:39:27
    • Morgan start time: 1:49:07 – Finish 2:00:07
    • Kryssie start time: 2:08:40 – Finish 2:10:45
    • Jason’s start time: 2:19:08 – Finish: 2:20:38
  • Times:
    • Jason: 1:30
    • Justin – 1:56
    • Kryssie – 2:05
    • Shelby – 4:25
    • Morgan – 11:00
  • Barring any weirdness in times, Jason will win PoV
    • 2:45pm – Time for birthday dinner.  Giving Jason credit. He won the veto twice this season when his ass was on the line.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Come on girls you can do this. Send the prepubescent hateful creep home.

  2. LindsayB

    Go Shelby! Go Morgan!!

  3. Avatar

    Happy birthday steve

  4. LindsayB

    I love that Krusti has to be in the storage room again.

    Happy birthday Steve!!

  5. Avatar

    That’s an easy maze.

  6. BBBonbon62

    Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

  7. BBBonbon62

    I still want Jason to win. What the heck is wrong with me???? He has been a complete shit, especially this week. I need to have my head examined. Alone on an island of 1. Smh…..

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Lol, it’s ok @bbbonbon62, we still love you. I’m actually finding myself rooting for…(gasp) JUSTIN now! Or maybe Morgan if she can survive next week against the odds. One thing for sure: this has been one hell of a crazy season!

      • BBBonbon62

        Thx Gerardo. The power keeps flipping back and forth. And as Steve mentioned Jason saved himself with the veto both times he was without a doubt going home. Now he needs to be humble and shut the *** up. I think Justin is a good guy who just didn’t understand the game and is way too trusting. That said he could probably beat anyone but Jason in the F3 and that’s only because of Jason’s following, take that away and the money is Justin’s.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Agreed. Personal feelings for Jason aside, if he makes it to the end then I don’t really see a strong argument against him winning at this point. The other HGs had multiple chances to get Jason out this season and each time they’ve either chosen to go after someone else or he’s saved himself from an almost certain eviction. He also pulled off (along with Danielle) one of the most masterful strategic moves this season and managed to get one of the biggest threats (Alex) out as a result.

        Personally, I just can’t bring myself to root for Jason because he’s such a nasty, mean-spirited individual. However, if he wins I would have to accept that he deserved it. He certainly got help from America along the way, but so has everyone else left in the house at this point. And when America couldn’t help him, he helped himself. Game well played.

      • NKogNeeTow

        There’s my little BBAD buddy! I thought we had lost you 🙂

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Nope, still here NK! 😉

  8. Avatar

    Hi all..from Colorado..I expected Shelby do better than that….Dang…

  9. LindsayB

    Well shitballs. Looks like Shelby and Morgan choked.

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  11. LindsayB

    The good thing about all this is that both Morgan and Shelby are smart, driven women who will be able to hold their heads high and be successful in life. Jason will always be a low life shitstain on humanity. Krusti will always be a disgusting pig living in a sty with her bf. Justin will learn that he was lied to by his besties the whole time.

  12. Avatar

    Could someone clue me in.. I don’t get the feeds and I depend on all of you for all info. Please tell me why Morgan took so long to compete compared to everyone else.

    By the way, I enjoy this site so keep up the good work everyone.
    And Happy Birthday, Steve!

  13. kneeless

    I’m not going to be a person who says, “I’m canceling my feeds because Jason won.” But I will say that after Shelby is gone I won’t be watching very much. I truly can not listen to Jason & Kryssie. Although, now that Jason’s ass is off the block he won’t be quite as vile & mean spirited. Too bad there isn’t some way they’d vote Kryssie out but that is just wishful thinking!

  14. NKogNeeTow

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE! Enjoy your birthday dinner!

  15. Rita

    If all goes well Shelby will be voted out this week.
    She played a decent game, too bad she was on the sinking ship side of the house.
    Morgan will be left to fend for herself and unless she gets voted out next week she will probably win the game. She didn’t do anything to deserve to win but she was on the Plastic side and for some unknown reason people have decided the Plastics were the best side to join.
    Not me. I think they all sucked as far a Big Brother goes but this is not Big Brother, this is BBOTT.

    Kryssie has made me more aware of my belching in front of friends but nobody likes a quitter.

    Justin was amusing at first but after that wore off he became a floater. Nobody likes a floater, except maybe Andy Herren.

    Morgan, well she just played her sisters game, which was not even a game (I still don’t know why anyone thought she was a good player). If she would have joined the other side and the sisters really played they game it would have been a no brainer. But that didn’t happen.

    Jason? He played a good game. Who else can be so “vile” as some people say, and yet he is still there? Honestly maybe he only looks good because the others suck so bad.

    I love being able to watch the comps in the entirety but I’m am over watching Millennials beg me for help to win a cash prize.
    Earn your money like the rest of us. Win comps, work with a real alliance and expect the unexpected. Otherwise, get of my TV.

    • Avatar

      Jason? Played a good game? Ha. Jason has gotten carried by America for half of the game and won a couple of comps. That isn’t good game whatsoever. The reason he is still there is because of his 60,000 Twitter followers, not his own merit.

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