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Victor’s 9 Lives Continue Tonight



Good afternoon, everyone! It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, and it’s down to Corey and Victor decided by James.  Plain and simple. Everyone else in the house is irrelevant tonight as one person will decide the fate between a super strong competitor who was the crush of the girl he has fallen for, or the dopey guy who lucked into one HoH, and has made a not-so-secret agreement they’ll hook each other up with $10k should the two boremances make the final 4.

I know, it’s really a tough decision for James.

While Victor made a pretty compelling push to Natalie and Michelle last night (with James in the room also there but not contributing), I believe he hurt himself each time Natalie talked up Victor and made it sound like she wanted to keep him. In an ironic way, the better he did with the girls, the worse he did with James. Even though I am pretty convinced James doesn’t want Victor around because of Natalie competition, I do agree with him that going with Nicole and Corey is the better option. It’s just common sense this late in the season. You don’t need a competitive beast to do the dirty work any more because there is not much dirty work to be done.


There are conspiracy theories out there that James and Nicole had a secret alliance heading into the game, and of course the talk of hooking each other up with $10k in the final 4, but the reality is, for James and Natalie, getting out Victor is the right move.  It’s the right move for anyone not named Victor or Paul to be honest. I like the guy and actually hope he beasts his way through the rest of the season, but looking at it from each players’ perspectives, he’s not good for any of their games.

Tonight, I see Victor being eliminated and then obviously competing in the jury buyback competition.  It will be an endurance competition, and I’m going to assume it’s the type where everyone but Nat (and Michelle?) play against each other (including jury).  The last jury member standing gets back in the house, and the last person standing wins HoH (and it can be the same person).

I don’t anticipate much drama in the house this afternoon, and I still have some unpacking to do, so I am not sure I’ll have any live thread going.  I do know tonight’s live episode should be pretty intense, and I am anxiously awaiting that!


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    GO VICTOR!!! I hope he wins his way back from jury (should he get evicted) and wins that HOH!!

  2. AIO_7

    Thanks, Steve: Yeah, BBAD was pretty good last night with a lot of game talk. I really thought that Vic. and Paul had pulled off the Double Dupe Deception……but, alas, Lames.

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    I don’t care what anyone’s argument is, love him or hate him, if Victor leaves tonight and competes his way back in AGAIN, he deserves to win it all. No one has had a harder time or more of an uphill battle than him! I think that’s what will happen, and I also think he will go all the way and be HOH. He will be more determined than ever! I’m pulling for him!

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      I agree with you!

    • Jannie

      I think Vic or TGF has the best chance to get back in tonight if it’s an endurance comp. Does anyone remember if Gidget did well with endurance?
      If TGF gets back in, Lames will be wishing he had gotten rid of Corey, because those two will hook right back up. And where will that leave Tickole? With her allegiance to Lames, and Corey’s to TGF, things could get interesting.
      Last night Gnat said she wants to get a new boob job(bigger) when she gets out of the house. Well, golly gee, let’s just hand her the check right now!

      • Avatar

        Yes, Bridgette did do well with endurance! Remember, her and Da gave it to James…id love to see her come back in. How can we not pull for Vic! If he drops, I’ll pull for Her!

      • Jannie

        That’s right…and Day was right up there with her,too. The comp where they held their arms up for hours.
        Should be good tonight!

    • Avatar

      this guys social game is terrible…nobody who gets evicted twice from the house deserves to win anything.

  4. Avatar

    I would be very happy if Victor beats the other jurors and then wins it all.

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    The problem I have with big brother is that the spirit of the game (an all out fight for $500K) is almost non-existent. Take James for instance, how is cow towing and stepping and fetching after Natalie, or defending your BB court gesture crown from last year (jokes, pranks) supposed to make me believe that are hungry and are trying to get paid that chunk of money?

    These showmances… when you are swapping tongues, rubbing and snuggling and keeping to yourself for 15, 20+ hours a day, as a fan I struggle to see the angst, the plotting, the execution of plan, the I’ll do whatever it takes to get my hands on that cash. It seems that the showmances are more afraid to get evicted because they won’t have their snuggle partner, as opposed to losing out on the grand prize.

    The EGO-MANIACS that graduated Summa Cum Laude from I’m very entitled University… such as Jozea the Messiah (should have been the 1st out if not for poor Glen), or returning players such as Frank the Tank and Mama Da, and little brother King Paulie. What mattered to them was being ‘know it alls’ who were right in the moment (roll with me I got this, I know how this game works trust me, better get on board or get shipped out). They were some of the loudest voices and biggest personalities in the room, and in real life those who speak and bark the loudest usually don’t come out on top.

    Did any of you see that passion and hunger, and correct game play that resembled a person whose sole purpose was to get their hands on that money, I didn’t? And besides the brilliant game play of Derrick from last year, this season’s big brother super bowl is 3-3 tie late in the 4th quarter = BORING!

    • Avatar

      Well put Quincy. Jozea was the first one “voted out” by the group as he should have been. Glenn was eliminated because it appeared Corey hit the button first. Still haven’t seen a good view of that comp. but I’m sure it’s out there. Most of these players are looking past the $500K and for greater riches when they become celebrities. They should really talk to the others who have left the show with nothing and still have nothing. Maybe they would get a group more “passionate and hungry” as you so correctly stated.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I know I’m one of the few Vanessa fans, but she had that hunger! Her and Derrick are two of my top favs and they both had it. They both came in with a goal and never once lost sight of it! I miss the real players too!

      • Jannie

        I was also a Vanessa fan(hot and cold), although I am glad that she did not win it all. I really liked Steve from the start.
        Rachel and Amanda also had that drive to play the game. Wasn’t a fan of either, but respected that they played from start to finish.
        The girls this season all suck.

      • Avatar

        I was most definitely NOT a fan of Vanessa’s personality, however I was a big fan of her gameplay. That girl was all business and always knew exactly what she was doing. I liked Steve and was happy for his win, but he had nothing on Vanessa as a BB player and he knew it (which was why he was smart enough to get rid of her).

    • Avatar

      @Quincy, yes…I totally agree. I miss that hunger and consistent game play. The summer camp/ summer romance nonsense is played out. I cancelled BBAD from my recordings weeks ago because this season is a let down.

      Interestingly enough, the producers did a good job with the returners and some other twists such as care package. But the cast is tough to root for. I watch because I am a fan of the show but we haven’t had the type of passionate hungry players you described in your post in a while. We’ve had a few strong houseguests (Derrick, Vanessa) sprinkled sparsely here and there…but unfortunately they’ve been outweighed by an overwhelming amount of non-players in the past few seasons. Disappointed.

  6. Helen

    Amazing what happens when that old green eyed monster grabs you by the cajones and gives them a squeeze! Unfortunately for James as this is not only going to lose him the game but also the girl. You know that Gnat is going to blame their downfall on James because she told him she wanted Vic to stay,never going to admit that SHE is the one that put him there to begin with. She never wanted the kind of relationship with James anyway that he wants so perfect out for her eh?

  7. kneeless

    Does anyone else think tonight’s HOH & jury back comp will be the one where they stand on a small platform & have to catch balls to fill up a tube? And like Steve said the winner of the jurors gets back in & the overall winner is HOH & could be the returning juror. I can’t wait to see James, he’s been so adamant that no jurors are returning. Of course, Michelle will be running around all night saying, “I told you so,” in between bites, of course!

  8. caRyn

    Natalie flip flops more than Michelle. Michelle is catching on quicker and not buying what people are selling. James won’t keep Victor in the game. I do hope that this screws up the game for James. I want to see Natalie blame James. If James is going to act like a rug, Natalie will continue to treat him like one. James and Paul may be OTB next. If James doesn’t win HOH the probability that he does go OTB looks good. I would love to see James and Natalie go OTB. Just for the waves it will cause them as a couple – not so much for the BB game, although that would be a bonus. I want Nicole to sell her soul to Corey. I do not want James and Nicole to make it to F2 because they do not deserve the money. I just want them to be dragged along because they are content with it and viewers will like them less. If we wanted to watch a showmance show we have plenty to chose from. This isn’t BB brother and it almost borders juvenile and pathetic. Now it is almost embarrassing telling people I watch the show. Like Victor and Paul or not, those two are the only two that can have more than just a shallow conversation. Can the other hg rise up and have intellectual conversation – maybe, but the fact that they lower their standards and talk receptively about the same thing is a waste of brain cells.

    • Avatar

      Right on Caryn!!!

    • Alda

      Totally agree with everything you’ve said here.Caryn.They have acted like a show from Nickelodeon.I couldn’t stand being around these people for very long.Paul is hilarious and Victor is a very intelligent guy.

    • caRyn

      I meant to say repeatedly not receptively, but you know what I mean. The reason I would like for the viewers to think less of Nicole and James is because I do not want them to return to this game again. James needs to go on Survivor and pull pranks. See how far that gets him. Nickelodeon – agree. Natalie would do well with Disney – back before she started cussing so frequently.

  9. Painter1

    Just got back from vacation and caught up on BB episodes and LOVE LOVE LOVED when Paul confronted Nichole on why he was on the block. No celebrating there? and Bambi all the while CLUELESS as to what was happening right in front of him. To me he is a TOOL and if not for Nichole he would have been out already and trying to fighure out ” was i on this show?” while watching on tv.LOL that part was sooooo funny.

    • caRyn

      It did take Corey a loooooong time to catch on that they were “literally” (hg word) fighting. Nicole kept telling Corey they were fighting and Paul was giving Corey ‘the look’. I can’t stand when Corey tells Nicole to take it back. Are they three years old?!

  10. CLangley

    If Vic brats his way back in the house a 2nd time, they better just end the season tonight and wrote his check lol. That man deserves to take it all if he comes back a 2nd time!!!

  11. CLangley

    Battles** not brats!!!! Stupid autocorrect lol

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