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Michelle is staring into your soul

Waiting On Veto So Here Is A Recap Of The Week

Michelle is staring into your soul
Michelle is staring into your soul

Quick note – In Big Brother land, the ‘Week’ begins the second someone is evicted. So, if you see anyone here reference a week, it is likely from Thur night until whatever day of the post.


With the messiah off looking to get resurrected, re-enter the house, and re-name that day Easter Part 2, there is still a game going on, and that game is which newbie is next on the chopping block. Big Brother ended Thursday night on a Walking Dead style cliffhanger, so if you’re looking for spoilers, you’re in the right place. Team James was cruising toward their second straight HoH comp win (if you remember, they won the comp that sent Glenn home), but James started throwing the comp and slowing down when he noticed his team was ahead. The plan was to get Victor out all along, and they couldn’t do that if the team had safety. The only problem is that his team noticed his sudden slowdown and even Bronte began begging him not to throw the comp.

In the end, Paulie went from doghouse to penthouse when his team won the competition and they chose him to be the HoH for the week. Of course we all know he’s just a puppet HoH and the real power is in the hands of the vets, but Paulie can feel happy knowing he is at least safe for the week and enjoy his little bit of power.

The plan for getting Victor out was going to be a backdoor plan, so Paulie went and nominated Paul and Bronte as the first 2 nominees. If you’re new to the strategy, it is to decrease the odds Vic can play in the power of veto and win safety. The vets actually informed the ‘spy girls’ of that, and they got on board with the plan, so Bronte hasn’t been running around like a crazy person. There was only one more step in the way, and that is the Road Kill competition. To keep the plan smooth, anyone but Vic had to win – but Murphy’s Law kicked in and you can guess who won that competition.


Winning RK doesn’t guarantee safety, but it does put the house in a tricky situation. Victor’s nominee is not only playing for their own safety, but unknowingly playing for his as well. The reason being, should Victor’s nominee win, Victor and only Victor will be the one to choose the replacement nominee (and he’s obviously not going to choose himself). Seeing as Victor is (so far) unaware of the backdoor plan, he didn’t realize he should put up a strong player. Vic was going to go with James (out of spite, not strategy), but then changed it up at the last minute and realized nominating James would basically expose himself as the Road Kill winner. Unbeknownst to him, the whole house knows he won the competition because he ran and told Paulie right after he won it. Still in the dark, Victor nominated Tiffany as the 3rd nom, and she now has to throw the competition. Or, win and use the power of veto on someone else on the block (her suggestion, not mine).

To summarize… Operation remove Victor was going smoothly until he won Road Kill. Victor living in Victorland doesn’t realize the entire house not only wants him out, but found out about his victory. Instead of going with someone strong who can possibly win the veto competition and keep him safe for the week, he chose a seemingly random person in Tiffany. Little does he also know, he almost stumbled into a smart decision by nominating James out of spite, but that would have backfired on him anyway because James wasn’t scared to throw the competition.
(I say smart because under normal circumstances, James is a fiery and experienced competitor who would have a good chance to win the veto if he tried.. but Victor doesn’t realize that anyway)

There you have it. Victor has stumbled into winning the RK, stumbled into nominating someone who could ‘accidentally’ win (because she is now paranoid and thinks they’re after her), and may stumble on his name being drawn for one of the 2 slots to play in the veto competition today.

Also, if you’re wondering, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Paul were picked for have-not because they had the fewest berries in the competition. I’m not sure why those who fell (Natalie) were not selected.

Veto competition is today, and we will have a much better idea on the rest of the week when we see who is wearing the golden veto around their neck when the feeds return sometime later in the day.


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  1. danmtruth

    Primping Pimp Paulie confuses me He is the ninth player in an 8 person alliance. The sec Van2.0 Tif crys and confronts him about StickyBun SlickVic nominating her as road kill .He panics and tells her every thing Would not the smart thing be to say nothing?

    So as of now the Clueless Amish Armenian who had to be told what a backdoor was Is the only one who will be surprised when Van 2.0 is place as the third nominee Because as soon as Primping Pimp Paulie told her Van 2.0 went down . and told Bontachities Half Baked Bridget, And Natural Nat Does anyone in this hpuse not tell everyone there plans.

    What makes this even more crazy is after Van2.0 leaves the room. Primping pimp Paulie tells Zaki how in her season Van would cry and get people to admit things they did not want to say . In his next breath he says he does not think Tif is playing the same game as that. WTF!!! Thats exactly what she just did to you

    • Jenny M

      on BBAD they talked about dropping Tiffanessa and making Paulie the 8th member. She deserves to get booted after all the drama queen crap. It’s only going to get worse.

  2. Shivani33

    Victor’s big plan is to be on a soap opera after BB? All-right then.

  3. Jannie

    Are there still people in the house who don’t know that Tiff is Van’s sister? Cuz it is sooooo obvious. I know she told Primping pimp Paulie, but if the others can’t see it…wow. Her voice, face, style…it’s so Vanessa. And now the waterworks. If she keeps that up, she’s gotta go.

  4. Alda

    The newbies are clueless.On BBAD they are more concerned with who is sleeping in what bed and if they are going to get cookies.I would want to get voted out if I had to spend the whole summer with these morons.

  5. Jenny M

    Anybody else think it’s funny when they all talk about who is sleeping with whom? I know they all share beds but last night Nicole said she’d sleep with any girl, or James, she doesn’t care. The juvenile in me snickers when they say stuff like that.
    Speaking of juvenile, Corey apparently told everyone a story about how one of his drunk friends poured lighter fluid on a LIVE GOAT and tried to set it on fire, and it was “f***ing hilarious!” because the poor animal was terrified. I thought he was just a typical frat boy but after that story I can’t believe they still have him on the show.

    • Jannie

      That’s it – I want him gone. That’s just horrible. No excuse for animal abuse no matter what your age.
      So I did order the feeds yesterday and my first view was of Nicole in the kitchen squeezing a big old zit on Stickybun Vic’s face…yuck, yuck, yuck. I may be regretting my decision…maybe I don’t want to be watching these freaks. ?

      • Shivani33

        I think Corey is a baseball coach who I wouldn’t allow anywhere near any youngsters in my family, and the goat story is just one good example of how come. Boy oh boy, I hope this guy leaves asap. He tries to be clever, and so far – it seems to be working, ingratiating himself with Nicole and setting himself up with the 8pack group. Somebody better wake up and smell the sour milk in the coffee.

    • Jenny M

      I had tried to post a couple of links to the details about Corey’s awful story but they apparently weren’t allowed, which I totally get. It isn’t hard to find if you want more details or proof. The sites I read said the other HG’s were appalled by the story and when they questioned why he thought it was funny and why he didn’t intervene he kind of backed off being a PART of it and tried to play it off as well, my friend was drunk… and when my friends are drunk they do stupid things. There is not enough alcohol in the world that would make me sit by and watch someone try to hurt an animal, let alone laugh about it!

  6. Colby

    Da and Zak were having a conversation this afternoon about when their alliance members need to go, saying some even before jury. And they said the two of them deserve to be there more than the others because the others have jobs (careers in nursing, finance, etc). Excuse me, but I wasn’t aware that getting an education and starting a career made you less deserving of things. I cannot stand ‘entitled’ attitudes! Now I will be glad to see the two of them go.

    • Elaine

      That has bothered me too. There are often the parents, like Day, that feel entitled to the money because of her child. I suggest any young people out there, get a career, provide for you and yours, and don’t rely on reality tv to be your cash cow. I have heard so many times, something to the effect of “I deserve the money”….really??!! I gave Day a chance, but I don’t like her anymore than I did last season.

    • Jenny M

      That is very disappointing to hear. I really liked the 2 of them because they are smart, and I’ve complained for years about the lack of diversity on this show. I assumed these 2 women had careers outside of BB. Day is entitled to child support from her child’s father. I don’t know her story otherwise. Hope it’s not as bad as this makes her sound.

      • Colby

        Da is a poker dealer, and I think Zak is a daycare worker.

      • Elaine

        In season after season, the contestants that come in as parents have come across as more deserving of the money because of child/children. It becomes irritating to those of us who don’t have children, but are just as deserving to go on BB and play for the top prize.

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