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Good afternoon, everyone! Can you believe that today is the last day of August?? What the hell, summer? Why do you go by so fast?  On the bright side, if you’re relatively new to this site, or Big Brother, our doors will be open for the fall!  I haven’t heard much about the fall season, and I assume we won’t hear a whole lot anyway. They’ll eventually tell us more information like the start date, and hopefully cast previews, but I’m not expecting twists, or format to really be revealed until the show starts.

As far as the title goes, that means nothing. It’s just the title of a song.  I actually like September and pretty much every month that isn’t Jan/Feb and Dec/March depending on how the weather treats us.

Enough about boring stuff, let’s get to slightly less boring stuff, the feeds this week…


James, Natalie, and Michelle are still in the dark, but part of me wonders if it’s because of what Paul theorized yesterday – they want to be. Well, James & Natalie at least. As the great Jules from Pulp Fiction once said “If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions”. I think James really doesn’t want to know the truth, because he is scared that Nicole may reveal Michelle is indeed screwed, which will force him to tell Natalie who will force him to ruin his game defending Michelle.

As far as why Michelle doesn’t just find out? She’s stubborn as shit, and a pretty bad game player. She was talking last night how she doesn’t like Nicole’s game, and how she refuses to go to the HoH room because Nicole didn’t go up there a whole lot while she was HoH. Michelle apparently thinks Nicole should track her down, beg to talk game with her, and then spill the entire truth about what is happening.  That doesn’t work that way, and the “superfan” should know this. I’d almost be disappointed in the situation if I wasn’t already disappointed with most of the cast this season for how they played.  I’ll analyze the entire season in an different post at a later date, but for now, let’s see if Michelle is going to try to save her season…

Feed Updates:

  • 2:30pm – Michelle is sitting in the bathroom hoping to get called to the DR so she can go back to bed. Great
  • 3:15pm – Nicole and Corey are in the bedroom talking about how she wants a special emoji.  He should totally send her a snake
  • 3:45pm – Victor studying, James packing for some reason. Michelle sleeping (shocker). The rest in the kitchen chatting
    • Nicole is basically feeding Corey because he doesn’t want to eat slop any more, so he’s being stubborn
  • 4:00pm – Natalie and James in the HN room talking about how they can’t wait to get out.  Most of the cast has checked out of this season.
    • Nat speculates that Nicole and Corey are keeping their enemies close.  Ok, whatever you need to tell yourself.
  • 6:50pm – I”m back from dinner, and watching BB on CBS
    • Here is a preview of the house in roughly 24 hours from now
    • And yes, with 23~ hours to go before the episode, Michelle has done about 0 campaigning this week, despite her saying she’s not just going to roll over.
  • 7:30pm – Nicole and Corey are up in the HoH room trying to figure out what to do with the care package.
    • It sounds like they’re leaning toward just gifting it to Victor to vote out Michelle (which he was doing anyway)
    • Personally, I think that is the smartest move on their part. It is extreme good karma because Victor was forced to give up a vacation or $5k in order to secure Paulie’s exit over Corey.
  • 8:20pm – They’re still thinking about what to do with this.  Seriously, this has been the biggest decision of the week
  • 8:45pm – Victor, Paul and Nicole are telling stories about Michelle’s game how she admitted she played the whole game with jealousy
    • Paul tells the story how Michelle created a fake boyfriend through facebook because all her friends had boyfriends.
    • She then apparently used that fake facebook account to get her real boyfriend jealous when she finally got one.  #crazymeech
  • 9:00pm – Corey finally makes the deal official.  He offers Victor the $5k to vote out Michelle tomorrow
    • Victor is thrilled. Paul is happy because it guarantees their alliance will actually stick together for a week. Well, doesn’t guarantee,  but it damn well shows they’re serious
    • corey-nicole-paul
    • Corey did tell him that a lot of it is because Victor passed up the $5k to get Paulie out. Good move on Corey’s part
  • 9:20pm – Paul gets a ‘Paul, there absolutely no jumping in the pool’ from the HoH room. They all crack up. Then the real message about talking about the DR came up
    • Paul is like.. bro, there is no way those buttons are near each other (DR and pool)
  • 9:40pm – Natalie and James are telling Michelle – again – to go out and talk to them.
    • Michelle mentions how she doesn’t want to kiss butt and she’ll be disgusted by herself blah blah.
    • James tells her she can’t expect them to come tell her. She needs to go find out and talk to them.
    • Michelle asks them to tell her if she’s going home.  They note how Paul has been packing a lot
    • Michelle asks if it’s strange how he said he’s close with Nicole, but they didn’t tell him anything.  James brushes it off with some excuse
    • They ask what’s the worst that can happen.  “Embarrass myself” Michelle says.  Please.
    • Michelle said she’s going to blow Nicole’s game out of the water if she leaves. Again, please.  How?
    • She says from day 1 she wanted Nicole out. James asks why she didn’t nominate her then?  Michelle says because they wouldn’t have voted her out
  • 10:00pm – Michelle decides it’s easier to campaign under her sheets
    • audrey-michelle
    • Anyway, James is sleeping, Michelle is under her covers and the friendship group is in the kitchen talking. Stepping away from feeds for a bit.

Check back for updates


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  1. Mello_One

    One Word…Boring! I hate when we get to this part of the Season when practically all the Drama, & Entertainment has gone out of the Game 🙁

  2. Avatar
    Kristine Mannone (207 comments)

    I’m hating that I can’t enjoy bb until early in the morning(living in Virginia) because of preseason football

  3. Avatar
    BBShowmance (11 comments)

    James is packing because he believes tomorrow is going to be a double eviction. And he considered himself a threat and that they will get him out. *insert eye roll emoji*

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      we should be so lucky

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      James acts like he deserves to win just because he is James, and golly shucks he won AFP last season. He and Natalie are just bobbing along on a big BB floatie.

      • Avatar
        BBShowmance (11 comments)

        He thinks his pranks are going to pay off again this season and he will win AFP. I think the CBS viewers like James, and will probably vote for him without realizing how annoying the pranks are this season.

  4. Avatar

    CBS should have a spinoff show of what’s going on in the jury house instead of BBAD. It would be a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than BBAD because that is some boring mess.

  5. Avatar

    Big Meech said they better be ready because she isn’t gonna just roll over, she is gonna fight and campaign. Ummm, when she plan on starting? Tomorrow is eviction! I swear, these people surely can’t be this clueless!

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Well and the houseguests better come into the bedroom for her to campaign, cause that is where she is most of the time. Oh and she needs to be sure not to roll over, so we don’t hear pesky production telling her to not obstruct her microphone. lol. And she needs to quit calling herself a “super fan”. Just because you are familiar with BB games, doesn’t make you any more than just a fan. Notice how her super fan status has helped her win so many comps. LOL.

  6. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I think Nat will be more pissed when Meech leaves tomorrow than Meech herself.I think James has a feeling it’s happening.But,doesn’t want to hear Meech crying like a baby.It will be very interesting to see who wins this next HOH.If Paul or Victor win will they put up James and Nat?If Corey wins will he do the same,or one from each side?

  7. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    I think Corey bribing James to drop first in the next HOH would be his best move ….IF he makes the bribe before eviction ….James might accept , but after Meech is gone would he take it ,??? …that would show me a bit more of who james is ….

  8. Mello_One

    Loved the Veto Set! Christmas, & REAL Reindeer’s!

  9. Mello_One

    How Ironic, both remaining Vets have more feelings for their Showmance than their better half’s have for them. Corey told Victor than both he & Nicole had just gotten out of long term relationships, and Nic was not a long term thing.

    Nat Nat is definitely not going long term with James, and is distancing herself from him. And Sadly James is questioning, & picking up on Natalie’s actions…via a convo with Meech. Nat Nat overheard this Convo with Meech, & James today!

  10. Avatar
    Mary (5 comments)

    Mello what was the convo did Meech over have .? And who ever wrote about Borey calling Nicole ‘bro and dude ‘ is exactly right he think of her as ‘ one of the guys I say she goes and the P &V and Borey go to the final three , and hopefully Victor wins

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  12. Avatar
    Becca (1 comments)

    My God if I have to listen to Michelle say she is a ‘super fan’ one more time I’m gonna shoot myself. She literally watched like 8 seasons I’ve been watching since I was 4 when big brother first started! So annoying. She doesn’t even know how awesome the comps use to be like the discusting shot comp.

  13. Shivani33

    I saw the defeatism come over James last night, and change in his face was very strong. It took him a long time to come out of denial about the real alliance of Victor, Corey and Nicole and their preference to keep Paul. When he confirmed for himself that Corey and Victor were studying together late last night -out in the open for anyone to see – James must have decided to keep Michelle and Natalie in the dark about his own conclusions. Not only has he been misguiding them all week, but now he doesn’t want to face the consequences for it by telling them and having them freak out at him. Natalie became more distant with him as soon as he “lost” the HOH comp to Nicole, and since then he’s spent the week misguiding himself and Michelle/Natalie. He has said not to worry, Paul is the target, Nicole would tell him if it was any different, no need to do anything, all is well. He frets about Natalie and hasn’t realized how he brought her increasing distance from him on himself, not only personally, but through his tactical game blunders.

  14. Avatar

    Watching BBAD Corey just gave V the bribe ! Stupid in his game should of used it for the HOh !

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      I would never want him as HoH and I’m definitely not mad at Vic getting the money. He deserves it. Yea, it would’ve been nice if it was used for something more interesting/game changing, but still. A good player is getting the money.

    • Alda
      Alda (1952 comments)

      Production was pressuring him to use it now.

      • Avatar
        Susan B (27 comments)

        Boo! Production should stay out of it.

      • Avatar
        Susan (221 comments)

        You know why production pressured him to use it. They really screwed up since the voting was based on having to use the bribe before the next HOH, but on the card that Corey read it said he had until the end of the next HOH. They got wind from sites like this that we (the public) were really upset that they could change the rules after they had closed voting and now they are trying to save face. They won’t have to explain anything as long as he uses it prior to the HOH.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Susan, I think you are completely right on that one.

    • caRyn

      So many people wanted Victor to receive that care package, so in a way, he did.

  15. Shivani33

    Corey reclined in the HOH bed tonight solo and gave a long, crowing speech to the cameras. Hell’s bells, he’s proud of himself for doing Jack Bo Didley all summer. Now all he wants is a Final 3 with Nicole, himself and Victor and thinks that it’s within reach. Maybe so.

    Especially after giving Victor 5k…for Victor to do what Victor was already going to do: keep Paul. I wonder what Corey thinks Victor will do if Nicorey try to evict Paul again? Huh? Corey is fond of Victor, but acts a lot like he just tipped a doorman, somewhat too affectionately.

    However, Victor doesn’t owe Corey a damn thing, as far as I’m concerned. The bribe is technically for one action only, to vote out Michelle. Corey and Nicole have both already voted out Victor once or twice, when the Puerto Rican Sensation had only one friend in the game – Paul.

    • pkcable
      pkcable (131 comments)

      IF you are going to keep one of them Vic is the better option over Paul and probably more doable. Paul is the better player. HOWEVER, final 2wise I would not want to be against Vic, EVEN if I were Paul. 😉 How do you top, being evicted twice, winning your way back twice. All the comp wins, big moves. I would NOT want to face Vic final 2. This might actually get interesting after Big Meech goes! MAYBE!

  16. Avatar

    I didn’t even bother last night’s episode of BB until now (I dvr’d it).
    Cory is not on planet earth, the boy is waaaaayyy out there somewhere. Put the boy on a reindeer & send his clueless ass off to the North Pole to be a mutant elf.
    Nicole, daggers in my friiken ears. I can’t take the whining, Coreeeey uuugghhh!
    Meech the superfan. Does she realize her ass is on the block? Instead of laying up on her ass crying about not knowing what’s going on in the house, she should get her superfan ass up out of that bed & hang out with everybody else. She might figure out she’s the target.
    James is so love struck that he can’t see that little Miss Nat is using him to get her to the end.
    I’m hoping Vic & Paul get to f2 to battle it out.

    One thing that gets on my nerves is how these morons run around wasting food throwing it at each other calling it a prank. Production shouldn’t cut back on the amount of groceries they get & see how many so called pranks they play with their food.

  17. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    I’m enjoying this season of BB – a LOT! Seriously anything could happen after Thursday. Merch SHOULD go, it’s her time to go. And I’m glad Corey dumped the 5K ACP on Vic before the next HOH comp, that will make EVERYONE play and eliminates distraction. Vic/Paul are not necessarily the “strongest” at comps. Everybody left has wins to their credit.
    After Meech leaves on Thursday , there will be FOUR couples in the house: Nicorey, Jatalie, Vic/Paul and the super couple no one will see coming–Nic and James . Can’t believe no one frets about a final 2 vets in the BB house.
    * grabs the popcorn *
    This is just starting to get GOOD!

  18. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    It will be interesting to see who is left standing after next week. According to the CBS schedule the 8 is the last ThursdAy I believe then it will be a fast forward switching to Tuesday and wednesday. A lot of plans by houseguests are banking on DE. Could get interesting…….

  19. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    How did giving Vic the money solidify anything? (I’m glad Vic got it) Not that this will happen but Vic taking a bribe to vote out Michelle doesn’t mean Corey has to or than Nicole can’t break the tie and kick out Paul.
    I hate seeing James Natalie and Michelle throw away their games. It’s easy for viewers to know whats going on when housegress don’t sometimes. I don’t think that’s the case in this situation.
    *Natalie blew up her game when she let production get in her head about working with Nicole/Corey. She was on the right track before that and she said she never trusted Nicole. She was paranoid about a DE but let James convince her they wouldn’t have one. She didn’t feel the need to “fix” things with Nicole/Corey after they found out she wanted to keep Vic last week.
    *Michelle did the same about the DE last week. She didn’t even try to change Natalies mind about noms. (Paul and Vic were the dumbest nom’s for Michelle personally) She has slept all week despite her gut feelings that she’s in trouble.
    *James isn’t the sharpest but was in a good place last week. He didn’t realize he may need some damage control after spilling that Natalie wanted to keep Vic. He gave Nicole the hoh as if that had never happened. I think his “giving up” this week has nothing to do with game. It’s because he’s realizing Natalie doesn’t feel the way he does. His advice for Michelle, Natalie and himself this week is worse than usual.
    None of these things were out if their control. The writing was on the wall as the say. That makes it harder to witness imo.

    • Avatar
      DingDong (92 comments)

      James knows he’s MUCH better off convincing Nat and Meech to stay quiet keeping the house from full blown drama and possibly pointing a spotlight on him.
      Let’s all take a moment to remember the 4 vets promising to keep their vet alliance quiet. Whether Nic or James remembers that right now, if they both survive the next eviction and lose 1 or both of their respective partners, they could regroup for a final 2 deal. Maybe!

  20. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Nicole made an interesting comment to Corey early this am when he was leaving the hoh………dont “accidentally” vote Paul out?? Where did that come from? She told James at the beginning of week she was taking another swing at Paul. If she is playing on Vic and Paul this week and Michelle stays she is out of the game!

    • Avatar

      Nicole told James that she was taking a swing at Paul just to keep him off scent of the real plan to get Meech out plus Nicole didn’t want to get any blood on her hands. If James found out the true plan he would go tell Nat who would then turn & tell Meech. We all know what Meech did the last time she was on the block & thought she was leaving. She called Nicole a snake & tried to blow up people’s games. That’s why Nicole lied to James.

      By the way, Nicoleis a snake.I

    • ann2
      ann2 (450 comments)

      It may just have been that she thinks he might make a stupid mistake and say the wrong name.

      • Avatar

        That’s exactly what James would do is say something stupid. Lol

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        After watching her painfully trying to explain game strategies to Corey, I don’t blame her for being worried he would make a stupid mistake. Lol

  21. Shivani33

    Michelle and James were snug in their beds last night as Paul’s enthusiastic voice reverberated through the house. Michelle was furious that people were having fun!!! “He’s back to his old self,” she muttered. BBAD has been pretty uneventful, but this scene really struck me funny. Even James has been telling her to get moving and talk to Nicole, but Michelle said she won’t. She said that she’s going to blow up Nicole’s entire game. James replied, ” when you’re walking out the door?”

    Michelle is like a character from the old prisoner-of-war comedy, “Hogan’s Heroes.” She can’t imagine staying or going. She has packed Paul’s pants in her luggage. The others have joked about distracting her long enough to go through her bags, hoping to find many of their missing items. They should force her to take the huge communal jar of peanut butter, since she covered the jar and its contents with her own saliva while feasting in bed.

    • Avatar

      That would piss me off thinking Meech had taken something of mine. I wouldn’t have a problem dumping her bags out to see if she had something of mine. Didn’t James already go in her bag & find his hoodie that had been missing? They should wait until she’s called to the DR & then go look in her bags since no one wants to ask her face to face. If they find their stuff then they need to confront her. The girl is off.

      • Shivani33

        There are little towers of piled-up possessions all over the house, alongside half-eaten bags of old chips, dicarded dirty dishes and crumpled up socks. Not to defend Michelle, since even Natalie watched her pack Paul’s pants and asked her about it. Michelle answered that yeah, Paul loaned her the pants once and she’s keeping them.

  22. caRyn

    I applaud Victor and Paul for never giving up on the BB game – for constantly quizzing one another, mending relationships with other hg and supporting each other.

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