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Was Corey Helped By Production During The PoV?



Short answer: Unlikely

Long answer: Look, I know people want to believe production manipulates many aspects of the game, and i’m sure in some cases they certainly try to encourage certain things to happen (like they’ll hint around to people in the DR asking why they’re not campaigning against soandso, etc). This is a reality show, and they need entertainment to get viewers. Survivor does stuff like that, The Amazing Race, all the way down to cooking shows on Food Network.  So, why couldn’t they have helped Corey? It’s simple – Lack of motive.

Any time these shows step in and cheat, they risk the chance of it getting out which completely ruins whatever integrity the show has. So, what reason would they have to help Corey win PoV?  Let’s look at the options…

  1. They want James to stay (and Natalie to go) – Telling James the solution would be the only chance to prevent this from happening
  2. They want Natalie to stay – She had the veto, so why help Corey?
  3. They want Corey safe – This is the only remote chance, but it’s a slight one because everyone knew he was safe. There were no whispers of him being the replacement nom, or even going home if he was.

So, to people who think this was a big setup to give Corey the PoV, give me a motive and I’ll consider it.  What I do know is that production has had plenty of chances to save far more interesting and entertaining people than Corey (Frank, Da’Vonne, Paulie), but let them go. So, why would they risk it to save Corey?

Alternate Theory:

After each houseguest lost, they clearly had to change shirts and put on some dirt makeup before entering the HOH room.  While waiting between comps, houseguests were put in different parts of the house alone.  Perhaps Corey was waiting in the bathroom, and Nicole went in there to put on makeup and quickly whispered the solution to the problem.

Something like that makes far more sense than production getting involved.  Nicole has 300x the motive that production does for Corey to win PoV, so if anyone ‘cheated’, it would be her or Victor (Paul had yet to go, and James/Nat wouldn’t help Corey)


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  1. Avatar
    Alisa (25 comments)

    I see on twitter that people are saying that Nicole said production helped her, I didn’t hear anything like that.

  2. AIO_7

    On the CBS show last night Production did a “great” job trying to make Lames look sympathetic for the AFP voters. GNat ain’t no peach, but Lames deserves all the dissing he gets, and more

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    Robert Hopkins (1 comments)

    Corey definitely had help. If youbcan rewatch, you will notice that when Corey enters the room he doesn’t even look at the manhole cover,but goes straight for the correct pipe to unscrew it.

    • Avatar

      I finally watched last nights episode & whoever doesn’t think Corey was helped in that POV comp is blind, crazy & a special kind of stupid. That was too obvious. He walked straight to the pipes without even looking at the manhole cover first. That was rigged. I’m pissed

      • Avatar

        Guys, I want to apologize if I offended anyone with my comment. I didn’t mean to call any of you blind, crazy or stupid, I was talking about production for doing that. It was too obvious to me that Corey had help. Nicole even said herself that she was surprised & has said on more than one occasion Corey is not the brightest buld in the box. Corey is dumb as a box of rocks. Just sayin!!!

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        Ann, as far as I know, we are allowed to speak our minds and express our opinions. You only said what a lot of people are thinking. No need to apologize.
        Hang in there. Don’t get too frustrated. I don’t want to lose you on here. I enjoy your comments.very much.

    • Avatar
      Johnny (1 comments)

      Remember that Nicole said on live feeds “I didn’t even know we’re the key was until they told me” this was during the comp and she couldn’t make it past the next room…
      Either way that is cheating. I’m done with this show and Survivor for that matter.. cause I’m sure they do the same crap…
      Pissed I have wasted so much of my life watching this crap!!!!

    • Yael Sara
      Yael Sara (284 comments)

      Definitely in argument that he did not receive help.
      The competition itself is based on macgyver. Knowing that, walking into the room my eye would have been drawn to precisely the same thing. Those poles were colored differently than the rest of the set that it was an immediate go to. Corey may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is still a “guys, guy” I feel and would be that dude you knock on his door to borrow a tool, hang a picture or fix your toilet.

      Also if he was given the “how to” – why would he have not even gone to the wire and chain in the lockers and rather fidget with his fingers.

      Paul has never been camping a day in his life, Corey said he grew up camping since he was very young with his family. As someone also who has been camping for 34 years since I was two having that intuitive skill set does not surprise me and would be shocked otherwise.

      Natalie a whiny, conniving, manipulative, stereotypical chick who is degrading to us other women… Now that is something I can get behind.

      • Avatar
        daniel frushour (6 comments)

        Just stop. I have it recorded and it is not only possible – it’s certain. He could not have known a pipe was even necessary because he didn’t look at the center of the room and he wouldn’t have know how to get out. So for clarification, once again: he walked into the room, never looked anywhere but the corner, immediately grabbed the pipe when he wouldn’t have even known he needed one, then ran straight to the center of the room and inserted the pipe into the locks on the floor. There can be no question he knew WHAT he was looking for and WHERE it was.

  4. Avatar
    Morgan (86 comments)

    I think the main reason people are believing this is because of the comp when Glenn went home, and also the week Nat was HoH and they (production) allegedly told her they wanted Nicorey safe. If it were one instance, I think you could argue it’s a coincidence. But after so many times, people are starting to believe it’s rigged. I think the Nicole theory is a good one. I have no doubt she’d try to help him.

  5. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    Wouldn’t you think that IF CBS does manipulate the HG by giving them clues or whatever, CBS could get in big trouble for doing anything like that? Do the same rules apply to reality shows that apply to game shows? Game shows are regulated. Are reality shows regulated?
    I have had thoughts that the HGs may have crossed paths going to the comp. That would explain Corey doing the challenge so easily. That shouldn’t have been allowed either, tho.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      Yes..any reality show that gives out prizes or money is regulated by the same laws as game shows…..

    • Jannie

      I know there are much tighter rules on game shows, that’s why they (BB, Survivors, etc) cannot be referred to as a game show. Remember the movie “Quiz Show?” Big time regulations on game shows.
      The rules, as we all know now, seem to be much more loosely goosey for reality shows. I’m sure this has always been the case, but no one is doing a very good job at hiding it anymore.

      • Helen
        Helen (5158 comments)

        Game show laws and how it applies to Big BrotherSpoilers (self.BigBrother)
        submitted 1 year ago by robanders8YA BETTER NOT

        We see a lot of comments about production manipulation (especially regarding the coup d’état, Pandora’s Box, the secret power in BBCan3, etc.) I think some people misunderstand these things.
        Reality shows that give out a prize have to abide by game show laws, which are pretty strict and are set in place so that every person participating has a fair shot to win the prize. These laws were set in place after the quiz show scandals of the 50s (of which the film Quiz Show is based).
        On each one of these shows there are lawyers who review and advise the legality of every game element. Almost all of the time, the elements and timing of the game are decided before the contestants even start to play the game. Game-changing powers that are determined by public vote are written into the format of that season with a specific week before houseguests even step into the house. Even very minor things are randomized including the order in which houseguests stand during competitions to ensure fairness.
        Production manipulation most likely occurs in two ways (1) by getting contestants to infer things and thereby influencing their decisions, and (2) by editing houseguests to appear favorable to the public so they have a higher probably to receive a power if voted on later in the game. They also probably have the option to change or remove an element at their discretion if it’s affecting the outcome of the show negatively or not working out (making America MVP in Season 15, dropping the Takeovers). These choices are checked by the lawyers for the show to make sure that they are not affecting the ‘fairness’ of the game.
        A good example of this was in Season 8 when Jen was penalized for breaking rules and was told she could not compete in the next week’s competitions. This was seen as unfair to Jameka who was against her on the block and could compete in those challenges, giving houseguests a reason to keep Jen. The punishment was then reversed and changed to a penalty vote for Jen.
        All of this being said, lots of bullshit happens that’s not fair (Hamster relationship questions) but a lot of things we complain about, like the events of BBCAN 3, are laid out before the game takes its course.

    • Avatar
      daniel frushour (6 comments)

      No. They are free to do whatever they like. There are no legal or ethical guidelines for shows maximizing the entertainment value of the content.

  6. Jannie

    Ok, I’ll bite on the theory that Nicole snuck in and gave Corey the solution to the problem. That is blatant cheating. They should broadcast it on the show tonight, explain that she broke the rules, and send her butt home.
    If CBS would allow any chance of two players “running into each other” during a comp, that was no accident.

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Jannie, glad YOU are still here. I totally agree that IF Nicole was able to give him ANY hints then they should both be kicked out of the house. IF it happened, it is totally unfair to any other player, it doesn’t matter who you like or don’t like.

      • Jannie

        Thanks franko, glad you are here, too.
        So I think it maybe just comes down to those of us “older folks” not liking being played for fools.
        BB used to be so much fun to watch! Now it seems like just a bunch of young pretty people being cast for looks and not brains or experience. Then CBS feels that they need to “lead” them through the game in order to get the best outcome for CBS and it’s ratings.
        Maybe a bit of that has been happening all along, but they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it was CBS production all along, every year, with the megaphone, shouting and airplane signs outside of the BB walls.

  7. Avatar

    I love your site, it is the best big brother site out there, but COME ON, EVERYONE knows production steps in to get the people to vote out who they want, example Evil Dick said he wouldn’t talk to production until 5 minutes befor eviction so they couldn’t tell him what to do, also Dan gace advice to the next houseguests, PLAY YOUR GAME AND NOT PROCUCTIONS. Natalie said she didn’t want to put up Victor but the choice was made for her by mom and dad, meaning production.

  8. Shivani33

    The rumor stratosphere of Big Brother is buzzing with opinions that the next HoH comp is going to be the slip and slide one. I remember that James couldn’t play in it as the former HoH and that Becky won it. Nicole played it before in her Season and didn’t do very well, but having previous experience might help her. James and Corey have strong legs – crucial for this comp. If this turns out to be the comp and not just a rumor that is off-base, I don’t know how Paul would do. His undertone has been that he doesn’t really want this HoH, despite Victor telling him that it’s essential for Paul to win it.

    As for James, he “promised” Natalie again last night that he would make sure Nicole is evicted asap and that he won’t side with Nicorey. But he told Nicorey that he’s over it with Natalie and is all in with them going forward. He told them a tale about a threesome he had and then went off to give Natalie a big massage which devoted scrupulous attention to her butt. He doesn’t know her butt very well at all, BUTT he isn’t done trying.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      I think Paul wants Nic or Corey to win HOH. I think that the plan is to put up James and Paul as pawn…win POV and take Paul off the block and put up Vic blindsiding him AGAIN!!!!

  9. Avatar
    Kathy (2 comments)

    Just not right . . . Cory’s POV win – It just looked way too “sketchy” – immediately to the pipes? Things that make you go, “Umm”

  10. Avatar

    I do believe that production interferes with the diary sessions to create drama. I don’t think Corey was helped by production in the competition simply because he didn’t do very well in the 2nd room. Even when he completed it he didn’t do it the way it was meant to be done (chain and wire). I think all the house guests were given hints through there ear pieces and it just looked weird because of editing. Things were definitely cut out or the competition would have been longer than the episode.

    • Avatar
      daniel frushour (6 comments)

      Nope – there were no edits. He walked into that room and went straight to the corner and unscrewed the pipe. No break in camera angles, etc. He knew to get a pipe out and what corner it was in. Didn’t even scan the room. I just looked at it a few times for just that reason; to look for edits once he entered. There were none.

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  12. Shivani33

    If houseguests cheat, I wish that they would be removed from the game. This would be very inconvenient for the organization of the game itself, needing an intact jury and to be able to keep the game going with a viable number of competitors. If someone who cheated is replaced with a jury member, the jury numbers shrink. I suppose that BB doesn’t want to pay extra people to be merely alternate jury members, who could step in to fill the gap and maintain the correct population. Alternates would have to be completely informed about the entirety of the events during the game. However , having alternate jury members on hand would be more fair than allowing cheaters to keep playing, in my opinion.

    I felt that Nicole and James ought to have been ousted for their bribe scheme rather than just being forced to issue on-air retractions. They are both returning vets and could not claim to be ignorant of game rules. Maybe there was a more valid excuse for Vanessa offering a bribe as a first time player, even though I don’t think so. Everyone is informed of the rules beforehand.

  13. caRyn

    Watching BBAD and the hg playing cards. Victor is so serious and Paul said – We are playing for Starburst. Lmao.

  14. Avatar

    It just looks super shady when Corey goes directly for the pipes in the Veto challenge. He had to receive help from somebody. But if big brother did not help out Corey and It turns out Nicole did, they should both be disqualified.

  15. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Nicole said herself that she didn’t know the key chain floated “until they told her” and she mentioned a 2nd thing that I can’t remember now and said she didn’t know that either “until they told her.” Natalie said herself a couple weeks ago to Nicole that “production wants us to work with you and Corey.” She repeated it and then changed it to “mom and dad.”
    The contract the houseguests sign says basically that any and all rules can change at any time. That, combined with the fact that CBS “helps” rather than throws contest and “suggests” rather than orders are one of the ways they legally get around the laws that govern game shows. Technically, it isn’t a game show. It’s a reality show with prizes.
    You don’t think they actually guess what comp is always coming? They are told lots of stuff. CBS has their favorites they think are good for ratings. They always keep them there as long as they can. They most definitely bend the rules. The question is whose rules? It’s the rules they have signed contracts saying they can bend. We dont like it because we are trying to impose what we think the rules should be. Most feed watchers hate shomances but if CBS feels like “America” likes them, they will continue along with help, hints and everything we think is unfair. Knowing more than the show airs on tv is informative and sometimes a curse. I don’t know if Corey got help or not but they’ve done far worse than that over the years.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    This season,more than any other, has really made me question the integrity of this show.
    James and Nicole should have been booted after the bribe conversation. Instead Nicole laughingly makes a joke about not really giving James a present. Ha! No the retraction should have been….James if you help me get to final 2 and I win I’m sorry but I will be unable to give you a cut of the money like We promised each other…..same goes for James.
    I mean come on….the conversation was held,we all saw it and it got swept under the rug …..
    Does CBS think we all have the intelligence of a rock?

  17. Avatar

    Idk if someone cheated or not, but I had read comments about it last night before I watched the episode. When I watched it today, I knew to watch Corey, and he didn’t look or go anywhere else, first thing,me went over to unscrew that bar! Like ummm, how did he know to do that? That’s what I wanna know! I did hear Nicole say she didn’t know about the key until they told her too. Weird.

  18. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Kinda funny when you think about it…tonight Nicole will be voting out the only person she could potentially win against in final 2!!! Natalie…….

  19. Avatar
    Tracy (3 comments)

    Steve–u must have fallen and bumped ur head in fla. It was fixed fixed fixed!!!

  20. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Ok. My question of the day is………which one will the HOH be thrown to? Nicole or Corey? I am leaning towards Nicole…….

  21. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    Well then CBS is dum because nobody wants Nicole James or Corey to win. lol
    I think casting and preproduction fall in love with their own ideas about who America will love and how the game will play out.
    I think they love their own idea of it so much they miss the beauty and reality as the show progresses .
    Maybe trying to justify their own jobs.
    Makes me think of the Game Master in Hunger Games. Changing the rules during the game, giving winner’s edit to their fave, shaping the narrative etc…

  22. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    James just said that he was throwing tonight’s Hoh.He’s not a threat to them?this week.He’ll try for it next week.Hmmm.Pretty confident.

  23. Avatar

    no thursday updates

  24. Avatar
    Christie (5 comments)

    Production or Nicole definitely helped Corey. Why? Because they can and want to. I’ve personally talked to a previous houseguest who told me how production gets involved and tells you things to even say or do in the house. I was very upset hearing this. However I try to remind myself over and over that ‘reality shows’ aren’t reality and just entertainment and once you let that sink in it helps not get so mad.

  25. Clangley
    Clangley (192 comments)

    I play a lot of exit room games and when Natalie went in the room the 1st thing I noticed was also the pipes. They caught my eye bc they weren’t connected on both ends. I immediately thought they had to be part of what was needed or had to be connected to something else. Perhaps he thought the same thing.

  26. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    They better show Meech going into jury.

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  28. Avatar
    Victoria (21 comments)

    If tonight’s comp is the sliding comp (not sure of the exact name) and not fixed, then this is the comp Paul has been waiting for. He played ice hockey, so this is a perfect comp for him.
    Neither James or Nicole did well on this comp during their seasons.
    I get the sense that Paul might not be motivated (stupid), but he owes Vic to win this comp.

    Anyone who is good on ice should be able to win; if Paul does not win HOH tonight, then maybe he deserves what is coming.

    I am team Vic all the way. I cannot stand the game play of Nicole, James, or Corey.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      It is oilish covered ice with no skate or blade ….that comp is more balance center of gravity thing …and knowing how to fall when you know your going down …you down hard earlier ..no chance

  29. Avatar
    yasmeen (9 comments)

    YES!!!!! i agree!!!! he breezed through that POV!! Why do they want him to win?! he is an idiot!!! #notfair

  30. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    I missed the first 20 mins of the live show tonight. Did anything exciting happen??
    I am surprised to see Da was happy about Nicole winning HOH.
    As most expected, Paulie and Z are back together and Da seemed pretty pissed about it.

  31. Avatar

    People if you don’t like the way this show is done then simply … Don’t watch it!!
    Who in their right mind cares I mean really
    who cares it’s just a show if you like it watch it
    if u don’t then don’t watch it

  32. Avatar
    daniel frushour (6 comments)

    Here is my reply to the writer’s assertion of no motive. It could be as simple as they think Corey is good for ratings. Perhaps they want to see he and Nicole make it to the end. Modern detectives know that motive was always a red herring; never a reliable indicator of guilt. They would say forget motive – what does the evidence say? And in this instance the evidence is clear: someone tipped Corey off as to the corner location, to unscrew that pipe (first), and what to do next. If you cannot see that from viewing the episode, you’re just not looking or you don’t want to believe it. Or, you have a motive to say it ain’t so.

  33. Avatar
    pcfred (1 comments)

    Hate to mess up BB for you guys but, IT’S FIXED!!! All the contestants went into the room and looked around, then AFTER looking at the manhole cover started looking for the tool to unlock it. BUT Cory walked into the room and looked left then right and went right for the tool without even looking at the manhole cover! Needless to say he had to have already known what to look for and what to do.

  34. Avatar

    pcfred, FIXED? no way. you need to trust folks, this was an honest competition. Corey is smarter than he looks.

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