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Was It Unfair For CBS To Edit Paulie The Way They Did?



Inquisitr – Paulie Calafiore’s family has his back. The tight-knit New Jersey clan is firing back at CBS over how the second Calafiore to sign on to Big Brother is being portrayed. In a series of tweets, Paulie’s parents Paula and Linda Calafiore say they are not happy with CBS for showing one-sided comments during their son’s stint in the Big Brother jury house.

I’m going to be honest, when I first read the title of the article, I rolled my eyes. I have watched the feeds all season, and have been able to notice the ups and downs of Paulie’s game. The harmless flirting, the ego, the fights with Zakiyah, and the major meltdown toward the end. There is no doubt that he looked awful with Zakiyah, and would probably say he is embarrassed about his final 2 weeks in the game. His bullshit tearful moment with Corey where he said he would use the veto on Corey to save his ‘bro’ rather than himself, then go and steal the veto away from Corey during the competition didn’t help his character much. Not using the veto on the girl everyone knows he is hooking up with to save her does not look good on his ‘girl resume’.

Needless to say, Paulie’s family doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room with their argument, but when I saw this tweet:


It made me think a little bit about the issue they’re mad at. It’s not the fact that Paulie was basically an asshole this season, it is why CBS decided to edit in the personal attack by Bridgette. She even admitted her opinion about him was not game related, she just disliked him as a person at this point. While it made good TV, and that’s what CBS is concerned about, does his family have a point?

Back during season 15, it will always be remembered as Aaryn with the racist statements that sparked national attention to the show. So much that they now show a disclaimer before the feeds begin and have since that season. Few remember that GinaMarie was nearly as bad as Aaryn (and also painful to listen to even when she wasn’t being racist or crazy over Nick), and fewer remember the comments Spencer made. That is because CBS chose to edit Aaryn’s more into the episodes because it drove the story, and that was only when they were pressured to by fans and the media. CBS has had a long history of whitewashing comments made by houseguests, and it is semi-understandable, considering executive producer Allison Grodner was quoted years ago stating ““We really don’t want to put hateful things out there in our edits.”

I get it, Big Brother is a reality game show that isn’t there just to spread hate. It is why stupid quotes from Jeff about Dumbledore being ‘allowed to be around kids’ in the Harry Potter series were never aired, nor was the goat story from Corey, Bronte’s racist comments about James, or a bunch of other lousy comments from people. People say dumb things all the time, especially when they’re filmed 24/7 for 3 months, so every season you’re going to get quotes from people who will offend groups. They can air many things said by many people into these shows, but it’s not exactly their goal for families to gather around and watch hateful stuff 3 times a week.

However, just like the Aaryn situation, it was pretty hard to sweep Paulie under the rug, simply because anger fueled his final few weeks in the house. Him being part of a showmance with Zakiyah, yet not using the veto on her is part of the story. Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie telling people about Paulie being a misogynist is what helped fuel his sudden blindside nomination/eviction. Plain and simple, Paulie’s doucheyness was hard to hide, and even his parents acknowledged that when his mother shared this story (which is a good read) that slams Natalie for suddenly being offended about things when it suits her game.  While the article hits Natalie pretty hard, it does state:

To be clear, the comments that Paulie, Paul, Victor, Corey and Frank have made this season about the bodies of their female houseguests have been inappropriate and often obscene. Each of the men this season have helped to cultivate and participate in an environment that reeked of misogyny.

To that extent, his family is aware that Paulie hasn’t been an angel, and I don’t think they’re arguing against that. It does have to sting, however, to see Paulie get a pretty poor edit this season, especially when he was the guy to confront Frank about him slapping butts when the girls felt uncomfortable. I mean to put it bluntly, the show consciously decided to air Bridgette’s comments about Paulie during the same season they showed how forgiving and kind she was to Frank. As that comment above pointed out, right up there with Paulie, Frank was certainly no angel when it came to misogyny.

I am neither bashing nor defending Paulie or Frank in this article. Both players had good qualities, and both players also seemingly forgot they were in front of cameras and not in a locker room. My question is merely whether or not Paulie’s family has an argument here considering what true fans know how much is left on the cutting room floor in the editing department. Were Bridgette’s random comments necessary for the episode? Or do you think it was a hit piece on Paulie for ratings?



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    I think Paulie’s family was lucky with the edit they got.

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      Are you kidding me, Pauline was far worse then the edits. He was a bully , egotistical, arrogant and an all around a-hole. They could have aired how he bragged about “boneing” zik, or how he refused to bake pies, or how he laughed behind ziks back when she was in the other room crying. Let’s face it, the guy is a spoiled baby and his parents probably has covered up for him his whole life. Can you spell [email protected]*k with a capitol D!

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        I agree….he was a punk!

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        Well Paulie did mention how their dad basically shielded Cody from all negative social media after he got out of the house. Combined with past statements from both Cody and Paulie, I get the sense that their parents are “helicopter parents” constantly shielding their grown children from the consequences of their actions.

        When you raise children that way you get exactly what we saw in Paulie, spoiled entitled brats.

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        Rememeber Evel? Ya the guy named dick. He still killed it but the edits were what he was XD

    • AIO_7

      “I think Paulie’s family was lucky with the edit they got.”

      So true, the CBS edit’s didn’t even mention Aunt Grandma.

      • Jenny M

        I searched on his name and did find a reference to an Aunt Caren who has cancer, apparently. I hope she’s okay and I hope she smacks him hard for using her like that!

    • Jannie

      I think Paulie’s parents need to just stay out of it completely. He is a grown adult…sounds like maybe they are too involved and like the limelight. A family full of big egos, it seems.
      Yes, most of the the guys in the house acted badly, but
      Paulie’s “I was bred for this game” attitude was so obnoxious.
      I will say, however, that I did think that Gidget’s comments in the jury house were completely stupid. Get over it, it’s a game. And your beloved Frank could be a real jerk at times, too.
      I agree, stevebeans, some players got away with bad behavior, but CBS did include it if it was in the context of the game, or affected a major decision by a player.
      Califiore family, just sit down, shut up, and stay out of it…you are only making it worse.

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      Teresa Frahm Terry

      I think Natile started the whole process! She pushed every button her small brain could come up with! All because she was crushing on Paulie, and he recognized she was a user from the begining! Look how she’s treating creepy James. That’s also why she has to constantly try to build herself up with hg’s, saying “I’m a good person, my morals…..blah blah! Maybe cbs can even it out by editing Natlie’s faults for all to see!

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        What is wrong with you? Natalie was never into Paulie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paulie and the majority of the men in the BB house this summer have been ( committing Sexual Harassment:) If the girls had brains they would of pressed charges against at least Paul, Paulie, Vic, and Frank. As far as Jozie, he is just a nut job. 🙂
        As far as Paulies parents trying fight his battles….they really are not doing him any favors. Sorry, my humble opinion…………

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    I agree with ann2! Frank’s butt slap was not meant to be mean or hateful. I don’t think Frank even compares to the way Paulie acted and treated people. They are lucky cbs just showed that little clip. Paulie was consistent with his behavior. He constantly talked down to Z. You can only hide and pretend so much when you are filmed 24/7. Paulie showed his true colors. My guess is that in the real world, he is worse, just because he knew he was being filmed. IMO he is verbally and mentally abusive to women. That’s just his personality. The cameras showed that. I hope Z runs. Fast. I hope Paulie can get some help.

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      Yeah i agree Frank is not a jerk and I like him and Paulie is such a jerk and he has being one for the last 3 weeks and Z bought that Paulie is just acting like a guy I’m a guy too and hey if I have a gf I help in that game and I don’t think Frank butt slap is taken has hateful or hurtful I think it’s a compliment but if you have a gf you only do that if she and you are tight and know each other more I had a gf and in high school she kept doing the butt slap on me then I have done it to her so we were tight and she knew I wasn’t mean or a jerk but Paulie,man he can just be the worse he doesn’t try to be a nice guy or act like he cares about his showmance and that’s just a douching thing to do to your showmance or your future outside the house gf but Z better not date him outside the house and she is not going to do that at all but I don’t know about CBS they do edit things time and time to show things that need to be seen and that’s why I come on this site to find out more on Big Brother so CBS does edit things but Paulie was and is a jerk outside and inside the house

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    They actually went easy on him with the edits, they could hacer aired him pulling the” My Aunt Is Dieing ” Card and I need the money to help pay her hospital bills. Or how he bragged about boneing Zika all over the house, and how he told production he wasn’t going to bake pies. The guy is arrogant, disrespectful to woman, and a bully. Good riddance and I’m glad he’s in a house with nothing but women who need to teach him humility.

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    I agree with you Ann2.

  5. JayP

    I thought it made for good TV. I remember people complaining about the good editing Paulie was getting and this was BB’s way of saying stfu. Besides it’s not like this is the first personal attack ever aired. If it wasn’t their son they’d be fine with it.

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    Paulie and his family are in a tough spot since he behaved so poorly in so many ways. However, giving him unconditional love can teach him to be humble and grateful. Dad, Mom, Sis and even Cody can all work together to make him a gentleman eventually. Some boys just take longer to grow up.

    The show actually did him some favors since the feed watchers all think he was portrayed way too nicely compared to his actual behavior. His folks may not want to keep that can open.

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    Sounds like they are upset because someone doesn’t like their kid, maybe someone should tell them she isn’t the only one.

    Glad they are proud he used sex as a game play, bet if that was their daughter they would be bitching about that.

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    Let me first say I don’t watch the live feeds so my knowledge of the show only comes from what CBS puts on air, some BBAD and what I am grateful to see on this website. After the first few weeks it looked as though Paulie was playing the game as instructed by Cody and Derrick so he looked like the early favorite. Then all of a sudden I started reading that there was another side to Paulie. That other side all of sudden began to show on CBS and he went from the favorite to “how soon is he going home”. I choose to think that if they had shown “that” Paulie all along, he would have been no one’s favorite and gone long ago. They needed Paulie in there early on to help get rid of a few players and make the road to the final two easier for Paul and Victor. As soon as that was done Paulie was expendable. They way to convince America of this was to show on CBS what others on this site have known for a while, deep down he has issues and isn’t the wholesome guy we all thought he might be.

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      I agree 100% with this!

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      “. I choose to think that if they had shown “that” Paulie all along, he would have been no one’s favorite and gone long ago. ”

      I have a secret for you antsal. The HGs don’t watch the show. The HGs decide who gets nominated and evicted. How CBS edits the show doesn’t change who goes and when.

      • Avatar

        Another secret, I never said the HG’s watch the show. But technically, the first 5 evicted HG’s have probably watched it. We don’t get to see all that goes on in the house, including what production tells the HGs. My comment , as 25 others understood, eluded to the fact that Paulie was a favorite on CBS and this message board and website saw him differently with the additional information from live feeds, etc. The house guests and production put up with him long enough and began to show the bad side of Paulie on CBS. Magically, ”that other side all of sudden began to show on CBS and he went from the favorite to “how soon is he going home”. If he would have went home in the first few weeks there would have been a lot of confusion to the “mostly CBS watchers”, including me.

      • Avatar


        you said if the TV show had been edited differently that the game play would have gone differently. that Paulie would have been evicted sooner.

        That’s what you said.

      • Avatar

        I said “I choose to think that if they had shown “that” Paulie all along, he would have been no one’s favorite” (meaning most fans would not have liked that type of person) “and gone long ago” (by the choice of the HGs). Obviously, the players in the house have no idea how he is portrayed on CBS. I never said, “would have been evicted sooner” because of the edits.

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    As a feed watcher & in my opinion it appeared they had to eventually reveal some truth about his actions . Additionally, since Vic revealed in a discussion on the feeds that the DR tried to convince him not to put Paulie up, they had to back track on the golden edit that CBS’s golden boy had been getting prior for it to make sense to the viewers as to why Paulie would even been considered to be on the block…. Again, JMO….

  10. Ingodog

    Brigette only said what most of us were thinking. When Z came out of that house, that poor girl’s head was screwed, all because of Paulie.

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      Z seemed to be find at jury. Bridget is a hypocrite. Bridge was find with all the crap Frank said as she hung all over him. I call Bs on her outrage over Paulie but not Frank. Both men suck.

      • Avatar

        Agreed..Bridget was used completely by Frank!! Paulie just needs to grow up! Corey needs some help and boy Nicole where’s your head at??? Meech boy oh boy a real head case!!!! Vic I didn’t like at first but would have say he has been the best and most loyal player of the bunch…Best wishes for James & Nat out of the house…

      • Jannie

        Z is responsible for Z’s behavior. No one forced her to hook up with a jerk. Remember, after she was evicted (because he didn’t use the Veto on her), she still told Julie that she wanted a relationship outside of the house.
        I would bet they are getting down in the jury house as we speak.
        No sympathy here for any of those morons.

      • Jannie

        “Good girl” Gidget knew that Frank had a girlfriend. And yet she was like a lovesick idiot hanging all over him.
        She shouldn’t be judging others behavior in the house…

    • Avatar

      Which is why I was SO GLAD, as someone else commented on here, that Da’Vonne gave Z a reality check before Paulie arrived in the Jury House.
      Incidentally, I watched Da’Vonne in her first season and have really liked her this season. I respected her desire to play her game differently this season, even though she just couldn’t help herself, I think, as an outspoken person. (As I grow older and become more outspoken, I find that this can be hard sometimes to keep in check.) Off topic, I know. 🙂

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      Zakiyah is crazy, period. Paulie treated her exactly as he should have.

  11. Avatar

    My problem with the Paulie edit has nothing to do with the way he was shown. He acted like a fool and they showed that. I do have a problem with the good girl edit they gave and continue to give Natalie.
    Also, Frank not only slapped Da and Z’s butt, he called them sluts and whores. Where was Bridget’s feminist outraged at that?

  12. Avatar

    Bye bye Paulie – so glad you are gone and all this is a non-issue. You can’t “fake it” 24/7 while being filmed. True colors, true colors and yes, his parents need to sit him down and have a talk with him about the way he treats women and all others in general.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think his parents have a problem with the way he treats women. That’s how they raised him and why they’re defending him. A true friend needs to sit him down and talk to him. Maybe reading all these posts will give him some insight. Then again, maybe he’s fine with what he’s doing and disagrees with all of us. Sad and disgusting.

      • caRyn

        That could be the truth, Leslie. If so, it is sad.

      • Avatar

        Let’s see video proof of Paulie “treating women” improperly. I think he treated them like friends at times and as competitors at times. Not liking his tone or not agreeing with his opinion does not qualify.

        Everything I’ve seen is that he treated the women fairly, calling them out on their behavior, rather than treat them differently than he would a man he opposes in the game. Natalie did flirt heavily with most of the men. Natalie did dress with her boobs prominently featured every single night. Hard not to notice. Zakiyah did cling and get crazy any minute Paulie wasn’t fawning over her as she fawned over him.

        Paulie had the courage to call them both out.

        His being bratty or whiny at times is not the same as being biased. Let’s see the proof.

      • Avatar

        Wittier, are you Paulie’s mommy or daddy? Or maybe you are Cody, or the sister….

  13. Avatar

    Brigitte and Paulie were very close team mates after Frank was evited. For her to make such a strong turn in her relationship with Paulie, BB would need to show the reason behind the change. So no, BB did not do anything unfair in regards to Paulie. I can hardly look at that sumbag and any girl that has any relationship with him is either hard up, chasing fame or mentally off.

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    While Paulie’s flaws have been well documented, and rightly so, I think it is also worth considering the role the other houseguest had to play in all this. Before I stopped following the season closely as I did in the begining, I remember a bulk of the comments focused on the behavours of Zakiya, Michelle, Bridgette and Frank. I think an environment of negativity/ hatefulness can only bring out the worst in your character. I personally worked in the most toxic job last year for 8 months, where almost everyone I worked with were annoying, abusive. I have never been more unhappy in my life and it affected how I reacted personal relationships outside work.
    I don’t know what it’s like to live with someone like Zakiya who Paulie undoubtedly found annoying 24/7. And who is by no means a saint. I’ll cut Paulie some slack.

    • Jenny M

      Kola, if you find “almost everyone” annoying and abusive, the problem is probably YOU.
      Just a thought. And since I don’t know you or the circumstances, I realize that there are exceptions and it’s quite possible you are a perfectly nice person who just worked with a whole bunch of a-holes.

      I agree that a toxic work environment can take a toll and I hope you have found a better place to work and that things are better for you now.

      • Avatar

        Yeah saying its probably me is a reasonable conclusion since you don’t know me and you don’t have enough context. I was a co-op student under contract, and it turns out that my employer had a reputation/history for being abusive . Long story and that’s besides the point.
        All I was trying to say is, I can see how the big brother house can be a breeding ground for one’s bad character. We’ve seen it even many of the other house guest, Frank, Bridgette and Michelle etc. I’d wager that these people are probably nice in person, and dealing with characters for 24/7 its a different kind of challenge. Unpopular opinion.

      • Jenny M

        Point taken, and no hard feelings, I hope.
        And yes, I agree COMPLETELY, that a negative environment brings out the worst in most of us.

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    I wish his parents would stay out of it. Paulie and Bridgette are probably having a great time in the jury house, all forgiven and forgotten, while everyone out here is fighting. His actions weren’t good. No arguments to be made. Paulie seems like a guy who can bounce back from this and hopefully learn from his mistakes but not if his parents enable him and promote the narrative of he got a bad edit. His edit was BEYOND fair.

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    This has been a season of bullies. What Paulie did was crap, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be ridiculed on television. Also, don’t pretend that the girls are innocent. Natalie is a pathetic and finds being flirty as an excuse for going after all the guys in the house. Paulie did treat Zakiyah badly, but she wasn’t much better. She did get annoyed by stupid crap and didn’t even try to play the game. Michelle was and is a complete and total bitch. I love how everyone freaked out about the overreaction that happened between Da’Vonne and Frank, and now the crap between Zakiyah and Paule, but no one is talking about the bullying of Bridgette. Da’Vonne was a snotty bitch that didn’t know how to just say stop (We all saw the look on Frank’s face when he realized that he was hurting her, yet Da wanted to be a dick and pretend forgive him). Zakiyah simply stalked Paulie around the house. And yet no one wants to talk about the abuse of Bridgette by everyone. Paulie used her after Frank left. James doesn’t care. Da’Vonne, Jozea, Victor, and Paul are all just everyday douchbags. Corey and Nicole just want to fit in, and Michelle and Zakiyah are simply monsters. Seriosuly, if you don’t know how she was treated, look up the Reddit that has recorded everything. CBS protected Michelle and Zakiyah from being seen as the bitches they are, but threw Paulie and Frank under the bus for petty reasons.

    • Avatar

      Your comment is awaiting moderation

      Why do I have a feeling that the moderators are going to censor my comment? You can’t handle the truth!

    • Avatar

      LOL, the comments here are particularly interesting. I remember when Victor was the number 1 villain, and then it was Frank, then Zakiya and Michelle for how they treated Bridgette. I think there is either a recency bias with the Paulie situation or he’s such a douche that relatively everyone in the house is an angel.

  17. Avatar

    Paulie’s family is attempting to do damage control for the TV only viewers (who are probably the majority of the show’s fans) who have no idea what has happened in “real time” this summer. We know that Paulie is an entitled millennial, mysogonist, and ego maniac, but the audience they are reaching out to don’t. Add that to the fact that he is being compared by millions of people to his older brother, who seems like a good guy, and it just makes him look that much worse in comparison. I don’t like Paulie, I haven’t since day one, but I can’t condemn his family for trying to protect him. Anyone’s family would. I’m sad for them that he embarrassed them enough that they felt this was necessary. In 2 months though, who’s really going to care? I’m sure Aaryn had it rough for a bit after she left the house, but that’s because she made national headlines. Her life is probably perfectly normal now that she’s faded back into obscurity, and the same will happen for Paulie.

  18. Avatar

    A funny thing about this whole situation is that the week he was leaving, my wife had a horrified look about the way Paulie was acting, and I looked at her and said, “He is getting a really good edit.” She couldn’t believe that he could be worse. The fact is, he was worse. I think he is one of the more loathsome people that have been on BB. In my opinion, if Cody hadn’t been on the show before, he would have been a villain from very early in the season. It’s time for a dose of reality for this kid, he’s a little too old for the locker room BS. Telling his boys about boning Z, and being mentally abusive whenever she was upset.

    I think showing the Brigitte comments from the jury house was pretty standard, and to consider them out of bounds because they weren’t game related is pretty weak. It is similar to his parent’s comments that the other boys were saying bad things too! Great argument, your son is a DB, but so are these other guys.

    I think he could have saved himself by demonstrating even a touch of humility, and maybe he will still get that opportunity. Unfortunately, I think the best anyone will get is an “I’m sorry you don’t like what I said.” The post references Frank, who made some big mistakes this time around, but I think you saw some actual contrition when he spoke to D’avonne afterwards. He thought he was playing around, however misguided, it wasn’t malicious.

    Finally, I understand his parents’ instincts to defend their son, but you can’t do it by blaming others. They have blamed CBS, other houseguests, Evel Dick, and who knows who else. It’s fine to say they don’t think it’s a good representation, he’s a good kid, and the like, but it’s also alright to be disappointed and say that too. I think the father wants to hang out in the locker room with his boys and snap towels talking about all the ass they’re getting. He certainly learned that this behavior is acceptable somewhere. Hopefully that’s not how his father treats his mother. I would like to see how Cody would have acted had there ever been any stress on him in his season.

    • Jenny M

      When I saw Paulie berating Zakiyah in the Paris room… where he just kept pushing and punishing her and talking to her like a child and wouldn’t let up when she started to cry… gave me flashbacks to my own childhood and watching my father do that to my mom. Paulie is an abuser with some serious issues. Zakiyah has obvious self-esteem issues. I am sad for her that she let Paulie treat her like that, and I hope she is able to see that she deserves better. Glad that Day is there to help her see it.

  19. Mell

    CBS did what it could to make Paulie look great for as long as they could. He did alot of sleazy stuff that didn’t even get touched on. I’m not convinced they would have shown the bad things they did air end except they were going to need to explain why the women in the jury were so mad and perhaps while the people left in the house were so over him.. One of the last shows he was on made him look like the hero and victim. Paulies parents should quit while they’re ahead….way ahead!

    • Mell

      The unfairness is actually to people who vote for America’s Favorite player and other things. CBS can edit and air whatever they want to make a 1 hour entertainment show but there is still 25k at stake for someone. I say, do away with it or let all 16 houseguests vote for the “favorite” and then maybe they would be more likely to give the big money to who played the game the best.

  20. Avatar

    I think a bigger issue this article should bring out is that it is not necessary for grown adults (including many on this web site) to be name calling. It is okay to have an opinion about someone’s personality, but name calling is really immature. To make fun of someone’s stature, image, etc. is just not necessary.

    I agree that Bridgette was totally outcast for 2/3’s of the time she was on the show and that was high school behavior by all involved.

    • Avatar

      Calling someone an a##hole is an opinion about their personality. I understand why they do it. You should to. Also, many commenters on this site have talked about the Middle School and High Scholl mentality of the house guests. I have not agreed with everything posted but I do not berate anyone for having an opinion.

  21. Shivani33

    When I read the Inquisitr article a few days ago, I read the comment section as well. The comments were overwhelmingly not in favor of the Califiore’s statements. There were, at the most, 2 comments out of approximately 70 which were receptive to the angry grumbling of Paulie’s parents. Cody’s input regarding Paulie’s behavior was much more guarded and even-toned. Essentially, he said that Paulie is the one who will need to deal with Paulie and with any backlash. I feel that the parents are drawing even more negative attention to their son. That in itself is disadvantageous to his reputation, and to their own. Sometimes silence really is the answer.

  22. Avatar

    Their son really was being a sexist piece of Sh*t!! I watched the live feeds, I saw him for real. That was NOT editing!! He was a major league JERK. SO don’t go crying bad editing!

  23. Avatar

    Paulie signed up to be on a tv show. CBS can edit it however they want, it’s in their contract. If he hadn’t been such an a..hole, he would have gotten a better edit. I’ve been watching BBAD all season and have seen him do some pretty crappy things. Brig was just telling the truth as she saw it. If you can’t pay the price, don’t play the game. I thought it was really interesting how P V and C were talking last night about how this house has been so nasty and divide this season compared to last season. Won’t it be hysterical when Meech goes to the jury house this week and TGF has to deal with 4 women who hate him!

  24. Avatar

    PS. Karma’s a bitch.

  25. Avatar

    Now I fully understand Paulie’s problems. His parents!

  26. caRyn

    If you don’t discipline your child, the world will. Paulie signed up for this. He is 27 going on 28 in November.

  27. Avatar

    There is a lot of things CBS Big Brother should’ve shown. They should’ve shown Paul starting the FT comments and the majority of the disrespectful comments and remarks that unfortunately all the men followed especially Paulie to show he was down with Paul/men alliance. They should’ve shown Natalie filrting for weeks with Paulie. Telling James Paulie doesn’t like Zakiyah, saying Zakiyah is messing up her game cause what? She wants to flirt with Paulie, nope more. quoting Natalie looking at Paulie and talking to Bridgette, a day before she accuse of him of harassing her ” That’s my Future Husband” . CBS doesn’t show the whole story. If it wasn’t for me and others watching the live feeds. We would not know. Natalie intentions when telling Zakiyah about was to break Paulie and her up to make a way for her when they vote Zakiyah out. Which Natalie got James to do. With her false allegations. Which blow up and Natalie face of her and Paulie being together cause she saw how distraught she made him. No chance for them. Now stuck faking she cares for James. Pissed of how Paulie talked about Zakiyah after she left because his emotions and other HGs got on him. But if the Natalie/Bridgette/Michelle are gonna blame Paulie just for personal not for game Blame all the guys . Instead of using their fake Fennimism. Especially after all the digusting things Natalie said about Zakiyah after she left because of her Jealous! #FAKE!!!

  28. Avatar

    I think Paulie was a total jerk and what CBS showed was probably just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t get live feeds but I’ve read enough on here to gather that he was obnoxious. His family needs to let him deal with it.

  29. Avatar

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Cody the one who was hanging all over married Cristine in ha season? Seems to me their parents did a pretty poor job of raising them with any sort of morals.

    • Jenny M

      Both of the Calafiore boys have the kind of look that preteen and teen girls swoon over. I bet in Jr. High and High school they had plenty of girls to choose from and that’s where their arrogance comes from. If they learned they can get what they want just by being “cute”, that isn’t necessarily the fault of their parents. Mom and Dad may have their faults but these ‘boys” are grown-ass men and need to take responsibility for their own actions.

  30. Avatar

    Sorry, his season. I should proof read before I post

  31. Avatar

    In a nutshell ‘Plain Jane’ Bridgette has had a deep resentment towards Jocks since High School, and she just brought it into the house, waiting for any assertive male speak to set her off.

    Good luck to the man who marries her

  32. Avatar

    Paulie and Cody are grown men. Paulie was far worse than anything leveled at him in the jury house. Though it is a game, the houseguests can have opinions about the others that they are forced to live with for three months. Momma C is probably very embarrassed by her son’s actions, and her comments are to divert away from that. Might be time for him to cut apron strings and be a man. And if there is worry that the family C name will be tarnished, then quit going on reality shows.

  33. Avatar

    Instead of Paulie’s Family having his back, they “NEED” to see to it that he gets some Professional Help! All of the HG left in the House that witnessed his behavior have repeatedly said that Paulie has Issues! Paulie even said that he Lied on his application to come on Big Brother, that he had “NEVER” sought the help of a Mental Therapist, be cause of his recent break up with his Girlfriend, & his Claustrophobia.

    Imvho Paulie never should have been cast as a House Guest on Big Brother. The Individuals who are responsible for Casting of the show need to do a better job of rooting out people who should be cast…That means also talking to Parents, & Physicians/Therapist.

    • Shivani33

      Therapists and physicians are (legally) prevented from disclosure about their patients. Parents can and do lie about their children. Even more clearly, Paulie is an adult and is legally responsible for himself. Proving whether or not an applicant has lied and then signed an untruthful contract can be tough to do. Big Brother production may or may not have considered pulling Paulie from the game when he began talking about therapy and untruthful disclosure as an applicant. He might have then simply told production that he was lying to get sympathy as a nominee and NOT lying on his application. It really is complicated and casting players cannot be easy…or infallible.

  34. Avatar

    I find it to be quite confusing why Paulie’s parents ONLY had and issue with that comment that Bridget made. Where was the outrage when Paulie was being a total jerk to most of the women in the house, when he was bragging about his sexual conquests, stating he needed the money for his aunt/grandmother dying with cancer. His unsportsmanlike attitude when things didn’t go according to his plans, and most importantly he Lied to get on the show. Where was the outrage from his parents about all the horrible things he said and did to others. I think their anger is misplaced. Instead of accusing CBS of giving him a bad edit, they should be more concerned with their son’s mental health status.

  35. Avatar

    Great job summarizing a huge subject, Steve. I agree that with the CBS shows, BBAD and live feeds, all their stuff is out there already. CBS editing really doesn’t matter, in my opinion. Paulie really did turn my stomach the way he treated Z. It was hateful, controlling and contemptuous, but she tried to overlook it and held on to him even tighter. That made me so sad for her.

  36. Avatar

    Awww Paulina’s family to the rescue again. They need to stay out of it. That is why he acts like a deserving spoiled brat. The things he says are very demeaning towards women. I am sure if we saw all of what he said and did there might be more shock. I just have one thing to say to Paulina’s parents. Keep him close don’t let him go because if you do he will end up in prison as someone’s bitch.

  37. Avatar

    I think Paulie looks like “zap Branigan” from Futurama

  38. Avatar


    Each house guest play their own game. Just because you don’t agree with the way Paulie played his game, doesn’t give you the right to bash him. He was on track to win BB18, but a player I don’t agree with stood up on national TV and told some truths and a lot more lies about Paulie. Some of the rude and disrespectful comments about Paulie above make you NO better than what you’re blaming him for. The ill-behaved manner in which most of the post are spoken are revolting! It’s a game, just because one person plays it differently than you feel it should be played doesn’t give anyone the right to be repulsive in their comments. All I can say to most of you… Pull up your thug pants and put on your big boy/girl panties and think about how you would feel if you were to read the comments once you were home. The world we live in can’t stand the truth being spoken.

    I’m not afraid to be a supporter of Paulie… (bring on more of your asinine comments)

  39. JadedMage

    Excellent Commentary Steve! I would like to point out, that when you fill a house with a bunch of people under the age of 25, this is the kind of stupid crap you get! I would have to say that Paulie, although cute, is an absolute douchebag. I am from Jersey so I know very well what a jersey guy douchebag looks and acts like. I believe that this show has degraded immensely over the years specifically because CBS thinks that its dermo is 20 to 30 year olds which can not be any further from the truth. 20 to 30 year olds are out having a good time in the summer months, they are not home watching TV. When you put 16, 20 somethings into a house all vying for 500 Grand, you are going to get plain out and out jerks BECAUSE they have not had enough life and dealing with people to know how to really manipulate and work people to do what you want them to do. Some of the BEST players in this game have all been over 30. As far as Paulie is concerned, even a heartless prick sometimes is nice so even if they did leave some of his tamer moments on the cutting room floor, what wasn’t cut, was enough for me to know…once a douchebag always a douchebag…IMHO

    • caRyn

      I said above that Paulie is 27 and soon to be 28 – in November. How he played the game is on him – it was HIS game to play. There are just some things he said that shouldn’t have been said – boning Zakiyah. ALL of the hg have said things, of course they are human, but what about….he is old enough to know better and some things should be kept private – as much as they can be when you are on a 24 hour feed.

      • JadedMage

        True about the hgs but it doesnt make him (paulie) any less of a douche. I’ve thought Michelle was an ass whole season too and as a matter of fact, I could not stand Paul at first, he is one of those people that talk AT you. But Paul is actually growing on me as is Victor.

        However some of the very mean spirited things that have come out of Paulie this year, just reinforce my opinion and that he absolutely does not deserve that 500 grand.

        And that just goes back to what I said about their ages. CBS really needs to reconsider their dermos, I would love to see a season with all 30 and 40 year olds…BB NEEDS another Evil Dick!

      • caRyn

        I would love to see a senior edition of BB. Less endurance comps. More of the golf, bowling, bing bag toss, etc. I would be interested on how a house full of seniors only would play the game.

      • JadedMage

        LMAO you think 30 and 40 year olds are seniors? bahaha that’s just too funny. I would have to say, I think there would be a lot less boy crushing and douchebaggery behavior going on, that’s for sure. These 20 something children would be crushed by someone that actually has life experience going on.

      • caRyn

        No, I mean actual seniors. Those that collect social security checks.

  40. Avatar

    Nat flirted with just about every guy in the house all summer and found the one who would take chances and make things happen on her behalf….while she continued to flirt with others. Paulie mentioned that she flirted with him and everyone else…that’s not sexist. That’s observation.

    Zakiyah spent the summer pining over Paulie, obsessed with him…then twice a day saying to Da or any other girl in the room “I ain’t here for no man”….2 mins later “where’s Paulie? I better go flirt with him” (SHE SAID THAT). Then crawiling into whatever bed or bumper car he was in and offering sex. Then when Paulie wasn’t as clingy as she was she freaked and he said he didn’t want to be clung to. That’s not sexist. That’s a man observing what really happened and not falling for the nonstop drama of a nutty clinger stalker.

    • Avatar

      Not that there is any excuse, Zakiay has to have major self esteem issues. If that was my daughter, I would be heart broken to see her continually allowing Paulie to use her. It was very apparent that was what was going on and she just kept going back for more. No self respect. Sad, sad, sad.

    • Avatar

      WTF were you watching. The first of all Paulie was going after Zakiyah since the feeds were which was what week 2! And the beginning of their ship on BB When Nicole was HOH and The were in first Alliance “The Fatal Five” Paulie was all over Z follow her to the HOH room to hug and talk to her. And the Z did say to DA’ she’s just chilling with Paulie and nothing serious for the game. But as the weeks went by they both were all over each, spending time and having talks late at night. It was all Z it was Paulie too. They started getting closer and both caught feelings he said that the last week in the house. Paulie made a plan for them to have a fake break up for the house. By the next he couldn’t follow that plan cause he couldn’t stay away from her. So please if you don’t watch the feeds and don’t know day by day facts. Please don’t rewrite their history on the show and keep quiet. They both were problematic in this game cause they caught feelings. Not one half. Remember if don’t know please don’t speak on it. A lot of causal watchers are speaking. But no facts to back it up! Please Stop!

  41. Avatar

    All you have to do is watch the after show w/Jeff and Cody from last week…
    It’s apparent Cody is backing him like the parents …

  42. jimbo

    The Paulie hating (like the Caleb being a stalker) were way over the top. Paulie has a big ego, and acts his young age. But, Z and Paulie were adults, who fooled around on national TV by their choice. They knew what they were doing, weren’t forced, and, mind you, both are single and in their 20s. So, please spare me the violins for Z. Also, Paulie did not save Z with the veto, true, but he THOUGHT he was the MAN in the house at that point and thought he was running the show — he thought there was no need to save her because he thought, wrongly, she was safe. SO, he made a “game move” in not using the veto, which would draw attention to their so-called, but not really, showmance. It blew up, but that wasn’t Paulies fault — people get tricked all the time on BB and Paulie thought Z was safe. Natalie went and blew up Paulie to Z right before eviction, when Nat was shown giggling under the bed with Paulie and Nat and Paulie both freely admitted they flirted with EVERYONE. Again, Z is a big girl, doesn’t need protected, and Paulie and Nat are allowed to flirt if they so choose. Also, Z was DEFINITELY chasing Paulie around, crying and complaining about wanting to get a kiss from Paulie, and jealous of Nicole when Paulie flirted with her! Why in the heck wouldn’t Paulie, in a BB game move, not want Z to get into a showmance with him and put a target on his back?! Paulie said — and it is his right to do this game move — that he didn’t want any showmance and knew that it was bad for his game, thus he clearly stated in DR how he wanted to distance himself from the clingy and obsessed Z. The CBS edit showed these three jury house girls doing the EXACT thing that they complained that Paulie did when inside the house — BULLY! They complained he was a bully, then they turned around and all 3 bullied him. Over a stupid game. Ever play RISK? You all turn on each other by the end, and the same here.

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