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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Overnight Discussion


Wednesdays show had a couple good moments for me. I’m glad the toothbrush clip was shown with Kevin. I saw it online somewhere a few days ago and it cracked up. I’m a little surprised they aired the condom clip AND more than once. (I wasn’t lying when I said they don’t have a problem letting viewers know that stuff depending on who it’s about. Nicole-no but Raven-yes) I was glad to see Raven and Matt’s immediate reaction to not having the veto used. I had been curious about that and wanted to know if she started crying first or went right into screaming.  I also wanted to know if Jason had actually told Raven that he would take her off the block or not. It’s not like it matters, I was simply curious and yes, he did.

There’s only a few things I’m anxious to find out tonight because we already know Matt’s leaving. As usual, I want to see what Julie’s wearing, if she calls Matt out for being furniture, who gets a good edit in the post veto or other fighting and who wins hoh. They may show the jury house but no one will be surprised by who enters so it probably won’t be that exciting.

Here’s a few things from last night:

  • Alex mentioned weight gain and Raven said she had lost wright. Alex asked her how she had lost weight and Raven said it was because of her disease. Later, Raven told the others that she can’t gain weight, she only loses weight because she has a disease and she pointed out that Alex had gained weight, at least 10 lbs. She said it’s the reason Alex did badly in the HOH comp because she had the extra weight to carry. (she’s making it sound like Alex is 7 months pregnant) Matt said that she would be easier to beat than Jason because of it. (Raven looks to have gained more weight than anyone in the house. If you look at photos of when she first entered the house, it’s very noticeable. I’m NOT insulting Ravens weight, she doesn’t look at a pound overweight- I’m making fun of her truth-telling abilities so let’s be clear about that)
  • Matt told Raven he doesn’t think Alex will waste an hoh on Kevin if she wins even if she wants him gone. (she’ll take out whoever Paul wants out) Matt talked more game last night than he has all season. He called Xmas and Josh good soldiers who will throw themselves under the bus for Raven and he knows Alex is obsessed with jury votes. It ticked Matt off when Alex said she would die if she went to jury before Kevin and said it in front of Matt. He said he will tell the jury the truth of what’s been going on but said he wouldn’t fill them in on their “inner workings.” (I have no idea what those are and I’m sure he doesn’t either)
  • There was more rehashing of the plan to throw the hoh to Xmas if possible or maybe to Josh. Paul told Alex to throw it so they can get out Raven or Kevin without getting the blame, Raven’s supposed to throw it so Xmas can take out Alex or Jason (they prefer Jason) and Kevin’s been told to throw to Paul so he can take out Alex. Ya still with me? Doesn’t matter, it will change by evening. Kevin told Paul he doesn’t want to throw it because he has a family that he would like to see too and he doesn’t want to be a have not again. Paul told Xmas to work on Kevin some more.
  • Raven ran around yelling “Matthew” for one last night and Paul said she sounded like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. (I think production will be thrilled when she’s evicted so they don’t have to listen to her screaming into her mic) Josh/Payl/Xmas continue to make fun of her when she leaves the room. Xmas said she needed a muzzle and also said she would love to “rip her head off, put it down the garbage disposal and laugh while she was doing it.”
  • Josh told Xmas about a chat he had with Jason when Jason said “as long as they don’t put me up with Alex or Paul, I don’t care.” Josh already knows Paul is playing all sides. (Jason needs a muzzle too because he blows his own game up all the time)
  • Alex and Jason talked about the fight we didn’t see. I don’t know if this is accurate because Alex likes to embellish. She mentioned how Kevin told her America was going to hate her for being petty and Jason said that he told Kevin those were harsh words and he knew they were going to hurt Alex. Jason said he told him that he would have to live with what he did and he also knew Kevin didn’t want to go out with a unanimous vote. Alex said NO and they aren’t giving him any and he needs to go out looking like an a**hole. She said Kevin has spread “propaganda” about people in the house once he realized he couldn’t win and that he’s a coward, she also hopes he sh*ts his bed. (She’s hoping for that since she couldn’t get Josh to do it??) She’s still planning to tell Kevin that America is going to hate him so “go hide.” Later, with the group, Alex said he’s hiding in the corner and Raven said he’s “pulling a Dom.” There’s more but it’s the same.
  • When Jason spoke with Kevin, he let Kevin know that he should apologize to Alex. These people are nuts!! (I found out about the writing- Kevin had written Mission Hill in the dust on a table and Alex wrote sucks beside it- only mentioning because we know I’m obsessed with the rules. Haha)
  • Alex doesn’t think anyone was excited to see Mark when he went out. Paul thinks he’s a popular character because he did the pots & pans and threw the drink. (yes Paul, that’s what we look for in a player…not)
  • Xmas and Josh studied days. She’s depending on him because she said she was high half the season. Josh said he was fighting half the season.
  • Josh was smelling peanut butter and Paul shoved his face in it which turned into some play fighting and chasing each other around the house. Paul said he was concerned about going home if he was OTB in the next two weeks and Josh told him he would be the pawn so Paul didn’t have to.

The last shomance is being split up tonight so at least there’s that. It has to be small victories this year my friends. If Xmas & Josh and Alex & Jason hadn’t done and said many of the things that they have, I realized that I would really like these duos. They have comical moments, make great teammates, are loyal to each and arn’t in shomances. It’s too bad they’re all such buttholes because we could have really enjoyed them.

Did anyone catch Raven talking the other night and saying how her information was leaked either shortly before she was in sequester or while there? This may be the first statement she’s made all season that’s the truth. When this has happened in the past, people are disqualified and sent home. It’s rumored that it happened to another person along with Raven (a guy) except he was disqualified. Megan mentioned seeing Ravens info right before they went into sequester. Feeds have been cut more than once when Paul mentioned meeting Raven before the show. I’ve made jokes about Raven saying she was friends with Paul and assumed he didn’t even remember her. I was wrong because he did remember her. I’m NOT saying they’re friends or that she’s a plant put there to help Paul win because truthfully she acts as if Paul is there to help her win, which is comical. I’m only saying he DID remember meeting her and their conversation and she should have been disqualified when her info was leaked since that’s happened to other people. I’m honest enough to admit that if I didn’t despise Raven, I probably wouldn’t care. haha  I’ll catch up with you all this evening and hope you have a wonderful day.

(Ann, you’re in my thoughts and prayers as well as everyone else who is dealing with so much from Hurricane Harvey)


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  1. ShoeLover

    Another great one, Mell!! I look forward to your thoughts on BBJ every morning!!


    I pray you and your family are safe. I am not sure what part of Texas you are in but pray every day for you. I have close friends and family that have lost every thing and others that haven’t but are out doing all they can for others! The hubby and I have been doing all we can from the DFW Metroplex. Every little bit helps folks!!

    Please please Pahhhhleeeeezzzzz!!! Kevin, I really hope you don’t throw this HOH!! And And And, is that what he has been doing every HOH??? Throwing all of them, ALL OF THE HOH COMPS????

    • Ann

      Thank you so much. I can’t put into words how much we need your prayers right now. I’m feeling a little sorry for myself right now & that’s so selfish considering there are so many others so much more worse off than I am.
      Thank God I can come here to get my mind off things.

      Did Kevin throw the VETO comp on purpose?

  2. danmtruth

    Mel always an enjoyable well put together article You do a great job hitting the highlights and give wonderful perspective
    We could hope the audience goes European on them Where they whistle instead of booing To obscure i’m sure plus some will think it is an encouragement to No-nut Whistle-Nut
    Paul, Josh and Jason were talking about schooling Josh mention he went to mostly privet schools Did go to a public high school Then went to a small privet college How proud are they to claim him as an alum ? Jason was not sure what type of education his kids could get where he lived The Garden Gnome spoke saying “you need to get out of a city like Iowa and move to a bigger place lice Texas ” Heard of Iowa City but he’s NOT from their The concern was that public schools are overcrowded The lack of basic reasoning skills amazing

  3. Avatar

    Long time reader…first time poster….BB19 has been just awful…as y’all have said. But, bbjunkies is giving me needed relief. Our home is flooded. We have been safe and have flood insurance and will survive. We were away when the bayou moved into our family room and are figuring out how to go home. (The river runs through it…..still). Again, we are safe. To help, please donate to the agency of your choosing….. and Thank You to all the BBJunkies for your thoroughly entertaining commentary.
    I’m team Kevin….feel real sadness for some of these house guests whose ignorance of the impact of their behaviors and words will hurt them, and their loved ones.

  4. Avatar

    I don’t care about weight however since Elana and Raven offered: Elana told anyone who would listen or pretend to listen, how she was getting “way too skinny”, there are a few celebs out there who are the epitome of “way too skinny”-won’t bring them up because what looks “too skinny, skinny, overweight” can be a very healthy person. Note to Raven: if anything you’ve waxed on about your disease “killing you”(ugh, can barely type this without my stomach turning) you would be dead. The classless, passive/aggressive nonchalant tone is painfully embarrassing. It is also a disservice to those whom struggle with stomach cancer, gastro diseases etc.
    Back to everyone’s fave subject, weight.
    1. Elana looks to have gained the most.
    2. Raven can absorb sugars or she’d look closer to Paul’s body.
    3. Christmas gets MVP for staying shredded even though she’s broke and pain meds slow metabolism down to almost zero!

  5. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “She said it’s the reason Alex did badly in the HOH comp because she had the extra weight to carry.”

    What?? Alex almost WON that HOH comp. In fact, she would have easily won it if she hadn’t decided to THROW it to Jason (who was struggling badly by that point and moments from dropping). Raven is completely batsh*t.


  6. HappyHippo

    Thanks Mell! Love the updates. Especially since I’m on the east coast and miss most shenanigans.. I also cannot stomach the live feeds anymore. I check but when they are repeating the same stuff non game related and just overall assholey then I quickly turn to something else. If there’s anything Kevin should know by this point….is DON’T throw the comp!! I am curious if Julie will address Matts utter disregard for the freaking rules. Oh how I wish we could just send him AND raven out at the same time!

  7. Helen

    There is a really good clip on twitter where Nicole franzel is telling Tiffany how wrong it is to kick someone when they are down…inside the house or out…and to use it as a strategy is even worse…..you can hear the garden gnome saying…”that’s called bullying….well worth the watch
    Tweet by nicolebro14

    • Avatar

      Hahaha!! That was too funny!!

    • Mel

      I saw that this morning Helen

      • Helen

        Lot of truth right there…how you treat people whether inside or outside that house shows your true character…
        If in life you believe something is wrong a television reality show is not going to change who you are.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Helen, interestingly that’s exactly a point that Paul made earlier this season when he was talking about someone else (I think Jessica). He was saying how ultimately everyone needs to remember they have a life and a brand outside the house and that how you play the game is a reflection of that. So, he continued, they all needed to be mindful of that and not make moves inside the house that would hurt their image, even if it furthered their game.

        I’m sure it was just a mind game Paul was playing to keep the other HGs in check, but it’s still something I think about from time to time and enjoy the irony in considering some of the tactics he’s used this season.

      • Avatar

        Not sure where it is posted but somewhere it said Aaryn acted racist on show but her life seems good now. Aaryn was a model and was looking for BB to boost her career. She seems happy in her social media posts but they are all about her life as a stay at home Mom. Her current status could have been a personal choice or maybe not!

  8. Avatar

    All alex does is talk about kevin. From sunup to sundown. I think she is jealous of kevin and cowpokes relationship. She wants to be the only one telling him what to do. How does jason even stand her?? And she sits like a damn man.

    • Avatar

      I know! And the fact that he picked her over him. I guess he knows he struggles in the mental department and thinks she rounds him out? But I’d much rather spend my time with Kevin than someone repeating the same thing over and over and so angry and hateful. But at the same time, he clearly has hate in his heart too, at least when it comes to raping women…

      • Avatar

        Maybe because she can win some competitions, he feels he can go farther with her?? Wish kevin would win some. He just looks so miserable. 🙁

    • Sassy

      Battered Mans Syndrome… That is why he stays with her.

      I think he will have the most regrets after this season is over. Sometimes I think he has a conscience and when he realizes how his words have effected his family, he will regret ever being on the show.

  9. Avatar

    Great post Mel!
    Kudos to you for soldiering on and watching all of this chaos ans reooeting back to us troops!
    I very much appreciate you and @stevebeans for all of your informative posts.

    So, I am one of “those” BB fans..haha! I have watched this show from its inception (yes I’m in my early 50’s), and have followed any and everything that has to do with this show. I don’t watch much t.v. at all.and this show is my once a year vice. I would get mad some seasons and think to myself “Hrummphh! I’m not watching the rest of THIS season” but would always be glued to the next episode.

    I started to feel that way about this season a few weeks ago and my husband just laughed and said “But you LOVE Big Brother!”. Then one night he happened to be flipping thru the channels when he realized that not only was my beloved BB show on, but that I was in another room and not watching it. Whaaaaat??

    I just can’t any more, although the CBS edited versions are easier to swallow. I can’t believe a fan like me feels that way. It’s not to prove a point to CBS or anything, but as everyone has unfortunately witnessed, most of these people are just too much for me to stomach. At first it was amusing, and fun to bash some of the local crazies like Raven and Matt and….the list keeps growing and I could type for days and days about the current houseguests and their “doesn’t play well with others” mentality.

    I think what finally did it for me was Matt. His sense of self-entitlement and that he thinks he is bigger than Big Brother by purposely breaking the have-not rules just boils my blood that and that STUPID orange shirt. I never thought an article of clothing could come so close to sending me over the edge!

    Of course I’ll be following the show to see who wins and this is the only blog I have ever truly enjoyed from the writers to the colorful group of commentors.
    It’s not that I am quitting the show per say, it’s just that with all the heartache happening in the world right now, and knowing that as bad as this last week was, you know the coming weeks will be even more horrendous, I have to limit my viewing to keep what’s left of my sanity in tact..HA!!

    • Avatar

      I feel like Matt knows he is forgettable so he came up with all of the gimmicks he could to make him memorable. Same shirt every day – check. Eating copious amounts of cereal – check. And even with those gimmicks, I see his name and still think who? He is the worst.

      • Avatar

        And that look he always has on his face. I dont even know how to explain it. Lol! I was so embarrassed for him when he was yelling at jason. He just sounded like such a whiny little brat. Im just ready for him to go. I cant look at that face much longer. Or his orange shirt. Or hear about how much cereal he is eating. Lol

      • Jenny

        It didn’t help that when he was yelling his voice kept getting higher and higher. Kinda hard to take him seriously.

        And for god’s sake put your tongue back in your mouth! Stop licking your damn beard! EW!

      • Sassy

        At least he found true love in the house! Their love is real and when they find out they can’t use it to the same extent that Brennon/Rachael and Jeff/Jordan do, they will be crushed. And when he finds out she did not make millions on her gofundme account, he will disappear and leave her to die alone.

    • HappyHippo

      Love it! Summed me up in a nutshell except I’m in my 30s. Even down to the husband going in to shock when he found out I was seriously over this cast!

  10. Avatar

    Mel I just love reading your blogs… Steve I love your hard work breaking down the daily chaos, I don’t have the feeds and lord knows I wouldn’t want to watch these people for house….but I will read about them!

    Honestly up to this point iv really liked Jason and Kevin but I didn’t like hearing that Jason decided to try to be “in” the group by making jokes about Kevin’s wife….we know he’s not serious he’s just being vulgar….I don’t think the episode with Jason’s wife was accurate I’m sure she’s actually pissed at his interaction with Alex…..and if I was a women and that was my husband I’d be pissed at the way Alex treats him….Kevin and Jason could have been a good team and you see that Jason recognizes what Alex is doing but he’s staying with her…..I can’t stand Alex at all! #RavenSTFU Matt don’t worry you can get pleasures again in a week when raven joins you…..I just hope you are still there and Cody doesn’t kick your ass up and down the Jury house…..I wish people would have recognized the mob mantility earlier, Mark Elana Jessica Cody and Kevin could have been a solid 5….especially if Kevin could have grabbed Jason somehow…..would have made for a better season…..poor Paul would have been stuck with such competitors as Josh Raven Matt Christmas….Lol!!

  11. danmtruth

    Shan64 being an older 1957 do the math I enjoy the show with my kids We laugh at the HG Cheer on when players we like do good Are amazed that people can’t see what is going on around them
    This year lack so much of that It is hard to watch people just keep digging lower
    Someone needs to do a where are they now show Just to see how peoples lives have changed over the years
    Jeff S is getting a spot on a show on CBS but how much his being on BB help him I’m sure it did not hurt It has been going on for years You can see big time stars now Back when they were first starting out be on shows like The Dating Game , Just to get on TV to be seen Thats all BB is for a lot of these people a way to get your name and face out their To see what there “Q” rating is Q rating is something advertisers use to see who they want selling there item

    • Avatar

      Haha..you are just one year older than my husband. You’re right about past BB players and would be interesting to see where are they now.

      My only saving grace is to hopefully read about, hear about or watch..anything that shows the current houseguests reaction how America REALLY feels about them and this season.
      It’s terrible to say but I hope Alex runs and hides in a hole somewhere and that Raven actually gets confronted for any of the thousands of lies she has told and I also hope Matt reads about or hears what we all think of him and his shirt, his nasty housekeeping habits, his dirty socks, the lip licking and how utterly RIDICULOUS he looked berating Jason non-stopmabout hiding in the storage room and calling him a pu*#y every other word on national television.
      It boggles my mind to no end that most of the houseguests do not seem to realize that not only can we see and hear everything they do and say, it’s being recorded as well.

      I would be ECSTATIC if CBS grew a pair and kicked Matt to the curb for blatantly breaking the rules and being such a smug ass about it. Pull his beloved “jury rug” right out from under him and send that little 33 year old frat-boy wanna be pervert back to his own little world.

    • kneeless

      Shan64 & danm, I am probably right between you two in age. I have watched from day 1 of BB and I agree 100% with what both of you have said. There have been other seasons I have not liked as well but always watched every episode, watched BBAD & some feeds. Some seasons I have even wished would continue because I would miss my BB. Thus season cannot end soon enough.

      In NO way do I condone Jason’s comment(s), I also no he wouldn’t actually carry out those actions. Matt & Raven are sorry excuses. Matt’s disregard for the show & anyone who has ever wanted to be on BB is inexcusable. CBS not reprimanding him is also inexcusable. There are so many things this season that are making BB less & less enjoyable. I can’t stand it when Raven, Matt or Alex get any airtime. All I hear is blah, blah, blah… I can’t recall a season, ever, that there isn’t someone left that I can really get behind. I do like & root for Kevin, but he doesn’t stand a chance amongst all the ithers. God love him for being able to spend a summer with those idiots. He & I are the same age & I would have lost it by now.

      I wish CBS would give us some response or some kind of satisfaction that they hear us. Matt doesn’t deserve his stipend. Every person jn the jury house would have loved to stay in the game as long as Matt has. As I have said before, end the season now & send the prize money to TX & Louisiana.

  12. Alda

    I could never be around Alex for more then a minute! She is all over the place,scratching,tapping,rubbing her nose,talking a mile a minute,shaking her legs.She would drive me insane!

  13. danmtruth

    Alex has the nervous jitters of a junkie needing a fix Only problem for the other HG That fix seems to be either hitting Jason or trash talking about someone
    Alex once told Jason they could always trust Paul Because his brand was FRIENDSHIP Whats her brand Blind Stupidity

  14. Tinkerbell

    Jason, Alex, Raven, Matt, Paul, Christmas, Josh. Vile, vicious. I have no words………

    Thank You, Mell. I hope you still have at least one pair of matching shoes left.

    Dear Ann, Always thinking of you and your family. The images of the devastation, and overwhelming struggles are heartbreaking. Very heavy heart here. I know it doesn’t take away the pain and suffering, but please know how many people care so deeply. Sending prayers and love to you across the many miles. (((Hugs))) xo

  15. Colby

    The picture sums up the whole story right now.
    Paul flanked by Xmas and Josh on one side of the table, with a clear separation from the other 4 huddled on the other side, all looking to Paul, and Kevin nowhere in sight.

  16. Avatar

    I’m really going to need a reunion show after this season. We’ve heard what Matt will tell the other jury members but I’d love to hear what they tell him and how/if his eyes open once he’s out of there. I think we are in a preempted zone tonight so I have to remember to schedule my DVR because I absolutely have to see what happens when he walks out the door. I hope there is dead silence and Julie’s questions are direct and pointy.

    • Tinkerbell

      Hilaryl, I keep dreaming of live feeds in the jury house……after the season is over. Keep all of those knuckleheads in the jury house for an additional week. Give them their phones. Let us watch as they access social media. Best show ever! Also, run back clips of things they don’t think were recorded. I wish, I wish.

      • Avatar

        Yesssss! I’m so curious about after the show. As much as I’ve seen Jessica posting and doing stuff, I’m almost thinking she might be better off having been eliminated early. She can capitalize on this while the show is still on and people are interested.

      • Mimi Ryan

        Well stated. I’d stay around to watch that LOL

  17. Avatar

    I really like this show but the lack of consistency in enforcing the rules is really starting to piss me off. I also thought the Paul/Kevin friendship thing was a lie but once I heard about her being leaked, it made me realize there was probably some truth to it. It should have been an immediate disqualification. According to Evel Dick’s twitter (not sure how credible that is but he doesn’t strike me as a liar) there is a video somewhere of Paul and Raven discussing a list of things they cannot talk about in the house so that their cover is not blown. If that’s true, it just pisses me off even more.

    And don’t even get me started on Matt. I am so freakin’ over him. I didn’t like him before but now this whole havenots thing have me really fired up. He called Jason a bitch baby but that is exactly what Matt is being. Why should he get to continue and get paid for breaking the rules? I saw a video last night of Kevin sneaking cookies into his pocket and the feeds cut and when they came back Jason was saying BB busted him and made him put them back. Why should be have to follow the rules if Matt doesn’t?!? I know they make decisions based on what will give the best ratings but it seems like kicking Matt’s house and then Raven possibly being evicted all in the same week would really get some good ratings!!!

    • Avatar

      *Paul/RAVEN friendship, not Kevin

    • Avatar

      I missed Kevin sneaking cookies. I just really *hope* that when Matt walks out the door they have a “surprise” waiting for him and escort his ass out the door, no money, no ticket home, nothing. That would make me so happy. I would think CBS would be eager to wash their hands of Raven and Matt so it confuses me that they aren’t enforcing the rules against them even if they don’t always enforce consistently. Especially if they did call Kevin out after Matt has so blatantly disregarded the rules.

      I don’t understand what the leak was and why it would lead to disqualification. Is it because the HGs aren’t supposed to have had any contact with each other? I did go to Raven’s Instagram yesterday and found the picture of her and Paul from I think March of this year. His arm is firmly around her waist but there’s no caption and nothing to indicate they are “friends” or anything more than her getting a picture at a show as a fan but they just as easily could be real friends. Either way, since I don’t understand the rule, I don’t understand why it would lead to disqualification (or not).

      • Avatar

        OK, I’ve changed my mind. Instead of immediately escorting Matt off the stage, I want them to interview him and not bring up Raven at all, nothing about his fight with Kevin, nothing about anything since he wasn’t even there all season. Focus entirely on him getting up every night and eating cereal. And THEN escort him off the stage.

      • Sassy

        I want them to escort him out without the interview. I don’t want him to have a chance to recite Raven’s scripted responses and dialogue. She has even had him practicing the accent *barf*.

      • caRyn

        Not only did Raven script out what Matt was to say and do at his exit, they also physically went through the motions of it all like a rehearsal.
        Are the hg upset that Matt is not following the Have-Not rules? I haven’t heard them say anything.

      • LindsayB

        He’s old news to them. I think they are too busy looking forward. Hell, they may be just like us and forget that he’s there half the time.

      • Avatar

        @hilaryl, to answer your question about the leak… the identity of the house guests are not allowed to be revealed/known until CBS does the cast reveal. If it is revealed early, it’s an automatic disqualification. It has happened in past seasons and seems to be a rule they actually enforce. There is even a rumor that there was a male set for this season but his identity was leaked too and he got disqualified. Raven got leaked (I’m not sure how) but according to her, when it happened CBS came to her and asked if she still wanted to do it and of course she said yes. Now I don’t believe anything she says so I don’t know if they came to her or not, but either way her identity was found out before the CBS release date and she was still allowed on the show.

  18. Avatar

    So, Josh told Paul that he would go OTB for him as a pawn so he didn’t have to worry about being sent home? After Josh said that he knows Paul is playing all sides of the house? Well, there you have it. If he actually goes through with this statement, Paul deserves to win. If these people are truly that dumb and have allowed themselves to be that brainwashed, it’s their own damn faults. Literally, they have no one to blame but themselves. I know a lot of people hate Paul, but it’s not his fault that that these people are too dumb/blind to see what’s going on/play for themselves.

    Raven & Alex have BOTH gotten on my last nerve, but I just can’t anymore with Raven’s lies and BS. I wish BB would make her wear a shock collar that’s hooked up to a lie detector so that every time she lies it’d shock the living shit out of her. That bitch would be shaking and tweaking all over the damn place. Oh, wait. Pacemaker.

    I’d pay GOOD money to see Kevin just go all Tony Soprano on some of these people. I just know he’s got it in him.

    And, Ann, I have been thinking of you nonstop. Whenever I see or hear anything about stupid Harvey, you & your family are the first thing that pops into my head. I hope you’re all doing OK. Sending LOTS of love and happy thoughts to you from VA. 🙂

    • Avatar

      @misty I am constantly surprised by the stupidity too but at this point I think they’ve established that they ARE that stupid and Paul DOES deserve to win.

      The shock collar needs to be a real thing. Someone else said that everyone should drink when Raven tells a lie but we’d all be dead from alcohol poisoning in no time at all so the shock collar is much safer (for us).

      I know it has to be killing Kevin not to really go off on these people – he definitely has it in him.

      Ditto @ann! My kids’ school has broken down a list of items needed by grade and each kid is supposed to bring in those items so they can put them all together and make bags for the people displaced. I hope you are dry, fed and with your loved ones but most of all safe. Most drop off facilities are full and redirecting people to bigger venues and the line to drop off and volunteer is endless.

      • Jenny

        It’s so great that everyone is helping. Please keep in mind that money is the absolute best thing to donate because it can be used for what is truly needed. I saw a story the other day showing piles of clothes and teddy bears that were donated after disasters, and they ended up going into a landfill because there was no need for them.

      • Avatar

        Jenny, I saw that too. They are posting lists of what they urgently need right now – I think it is more for evacuees in Dallas – and we are all buying only from that list. They have been updating the lists regularly too so that if they don’t need something anymore it gets taken off. It’s hard to give money right now because you don’t know if it’s getting to the people who need it.

      • Jenny

        That’s great, Hilary!

      • ShoeLover

        Yes there is a list generated for what is needed now for current incoming and continued incoming evacuees here in Dallas. The hubby and I spent all day working with Trusted World setting up the donation and drop off center. These are some of the important things needed at the moment..

        So if any of y’all in The DFW area can help…

        Items needed: moving boxes, diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, feminine hygiene products and nonperishable food including baby formula. The only clothing items that are needed at this time are packs of underwear and socks.

        And monetary donations are always accepted.

        Now!!!! Let’s all hope Kevin listens to himself and not Paul to win HOH!!!


      • Avatar

        @shoelover my daughter’s class has formula and wipes and my son’s class has toiletries. Other grades have the other items on your list! Not sure where it’s being dropped off but I know a lot of people have been going to Walnut Hill Rec Center (before it was full), Samuell Grand Rec Center and Trusted World from my group of friends.

      • ShoeLover

        Hello Hilaryl !!!

        This is where we were at all day… 15660 North Dallas Parkway ( its just north of Arapaho Road ) they are accepting donations from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

        And these are the other locations set up for Trusted World

        Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 2922 MLK Blvd.

        West Dallas Multipurpose Center, 2828 Fish Trap Road

        And always any WIC location in Dallas.

        Arts Mission in Oak Cliff is still accepting donations up until 3pm on Friday

        There is another place that is accepting donations up until 2pm on Saturday I THINK… I will find out when the hubby gets back with dinner. But I hope this helps with the kiddos wanting to help with the Hurricane Havey Evacuees.. that’s so sweet!!

  19. Tinkerbell

    Well, Miss Munch USA has been primping and priming for tonight. Wearing her black negligee, stringy fake red locks, 52 pounds of make-up….12 pounds of it non-waterproof mascara. It’s best when black streaks are streaming down her face. Enhances her tears, and proves exactly how sad she really is. For the past several days her Skanky Bearded Bed Partner has been given his marching orders, and many pop quizzes have taken place. At eviction – how to hold her hand, what he WILL say about her, hold the door wide open when he walks out, what to say to the people in jury, and on and on to infinity and beyond.

    Whenever I try to pick out what order I would like these losers to be booted, I just want a mass exodus. Cannot stomach any of their sorry butts. As much I want Matt to disappear tonight, I would love it if they would blindside and send his hooker home. I would laugh until tomorrow.

    Last night Munch said to production….I love my Mom, but don’t show a picture. Said that quite a bit. She was trying to make it sound as if it would make her too sad. However, it was pretty simple to fill in the blanks. No doubt in my mind she doesn’t want her scalawag doe-does to see what her Mom looks like and/or how she talks. Let the fun begin.

    • Tinkerbell

      The two bozos agree that BB is really liking “them.” They seriously believe they are the focal point of BB19. Matt says he doesn’t like that kind of attention….as he smiles like the cheshire cat. Hey, You and your ho are the center of attention alright, more than you know. Can’t nt wait!! Airheads!

      • Tinkerbell

        Yes, they have agreed…..they ARE going to be on Amazing Race. Spending alone time in the Rose room. Time for a quickie Her stomach is growling…….it does that when she is upset. Makes her disease act up. Let’s see if they have to call 911 after the live show.

      • caRyn

        And Matt believes Raven has a great shot at winning.

      • Sassy

        Ryn – He also believes that she is dying.

      • Avatar

        Sad thing is, I don’t know what the standards are for being on the TAR but wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. A lot of this group has expressed interest in being on that show.

    • Avatar

      “Well, Miss Munch USA has been primping and priming for tonight. Wearing her black negligee, stringy fake red locks, 52 pounds of make-up….12 pounds of it non-waterproof mascara.”


  20. Avatar

    (Not safe for your digestive tract)

    11:12 AM Raven to Matt in Bathroom- “There’s probably a montage of me cooking everyday, with some stupid music and me dancing around.”


    • Tinkerbell

      Such a “simple” moron she is. All of these people think they are going to be rock stars, and greatly sought after. Cannot wait for the rude awakening. Like hitting a concrete wall going 250 mph.

      Several nights ago Alex and Christmas were talking about their “star status”. Alex said she needs to get a good tax person. She is counting the millions she’s going to be making.

      • Sassy

        They are always talking about how much they are going to make after leaving the house and how many followers they will have on social media. They may not like their followers.

    • Avatar

      I assume comments like that by her are “artistic direction”. Like, hey producers, this is what you NEED to do! When in reality, what they need to do is a montage of everyone complaining about her food, declining the invitation to eat or throwing it out. haha!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “There’s probably a montage of me cooking everyday, with some stupid music and me dancing around.”

      Yeah girl sure, it’s probably going to be featured in one of those food safety “do’s and don’ts” videos. “How to Get E. coli With Little Miss Munchie”

  21. Mimi Ryan

    Kevin seriously Dude, win a fricken HoH ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason, dump that c*&^%$ Alex, she’s a nightmare and Jason, watch what you say, not everything needs to be an Alex comment. Josh, wake up and smell the Paul in the air. Mattress (shout out to #RSTFU), bye . . . . . Raven, dear Lord above, focus on the game and get some gaming skills, other than the whole showmance crap. Christmas, be nice please. Paul, dear Lord, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul . . . . . . Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm your game play will be studied. I don’t want to see a Vet WIN. NO, Kevin or Jason can win at this point.

    • HappyHippo

      Right?! Just briefly saw him talking to the camera and he was like I will not ask any of these people for a vote when on the block, look like a fool….. he hasn’t done anything to deserve this treatment…..so pissed!
      Does anybody have any idea what kind of comp is hoh tonight?

    • Tinkerbell

      It makes it even more difficult to see Kevin so alone when we see his big loving family. He is so very proud of them. His loves shines through so clearly. I can’t imagine how sad they must be.

  22. Tinkerbell

    Vile Prison Girl sure is proud of her saggy implants. They are so gross!! She is so disgusting. Cannot stand the sight or sound of her.

  23. Avatar

    GREAT POST MELL ,Loved reading it,as always.
    Would love to see Matt get sent home tonight,no jury.One can only dream.

  24. Tinkerbell

    Oh.My.Gosh !! How did I miss that Munch calls her boobs, “Tom and Jerry.” They play hide-n-seek, and all kinds of fun things. Please say it isn’t so………

    • Tinkerbell

      Linds, Thanks for that. His poor wife. Even before he made the rape statement, I thought how horrible it would be to be married to that sucker. To me, he’s ways over-the-top with everything he says, his laugh, and everything he does. He’s so out there, doesn’t control what he says, no filter, doesn’t care, and then laughs about everything. About half an hour ago he was in the kitchen with two people, don’t know who. Jason said…… “Yep, my friend Frank slipped in and took care of things for me. He knew I wanted Holly to be pregnant, so he slipped right in there. Now, that’s a friend.” He’s a freakin’ idiot….of the worst kind!!! I don’t care if I was pregnant with sextuplets, I would already be gone when he gets back to Iowa…….and get the best attorney in the land.

    • Avatar

      That makes me even more sad that his wife seems so normal and sweet! 🙁

      • Alda

        I have a gut feeling that Kevin and his wife are going to come out of this on top! It’s hurtful for Deborah and their family right now,but watch and see if they don’t get a lot of TV offers and interviews and do well financially when all is said and done.

    • Tinkerbell

      I don’t think there will be the planned trips between Iowa and Boston.

    • Sassy

      Jason and Alex are the most vile in the house. Their “jokes” are overly cruel and distasteful, but definitely within their character. Neither of them became this way while living in the house.

  25. kneeless

    I would love to see the reactions when the houseguests find out that this season has been regarded as one of the worst, if not, the worst season.

  26. caRyn

    Raven and Matt talking on BBAD. Raven said she will be all alone. Matt said no you won’t. You will have your friends (Paul and Christmas) and your pillow and my shirts.

  27. Tinkerbell

    One of my favorites. Short-n-sweet. Munch even speaks Arabic. Her illnesses, injuries, and talents are never ending


    • LindsayB

      It’s stuff like this they makes me not feel sorry for her being a product of her mother’s lying ways. The bitch knows she’s not speaking Arabic. She may have been raised in a house of lies but she’s an adult now and has made the choice to continue that life. I loved the look on Paul’s face. He sees her. I almost wish it’s the two of them at the finale just to see him blow her shit up.

      • caRyn

        I was just thinking about Raven’s family. I am not sure what it is called when a parent insist that their child has medical issues but the doctor can’t find anything. The parent continues to take the child to the doctor. Could this be the way Raven was raised and now she believes it and carries it forward? I don’t know. I just have never heard one person say so much about their ‘bad’ health.

      • Avatar

        Now, now. Give her the benefit of the doubt. There’s been a huge influx of Arabic speaking people who have migrated to Devalls Bluff Arkansas in the past 20 years. Census reports indicate that there’s almost 1 person who lives in the area who speaks Arabic.

      • LindsayB

        Yes Wayne. You’re right. There was that one person but Raven’s mom ate him before he could teach her anything.

      • Avatar

        Maybe that’s how she’s learned “Arabic”. Reverse osmosis by way of her mother regurgitating the person into raven’s mouth.

        Damn, I kinda made myself queasy with that one. But……. worth it. Lol

      • LindsayB

        I was kinda hoping you’d go there.

      • Avatar

        Leave the door open wide enough, even an idiot like me will waltz right thru. Lol!

  28. Tinkerbell

    Paul’s face cracks me up. I think I even fell in love with him for a minute. Ahaha

  29. hogwild

    Just an hour and a half till we get to see Gomez and Morticia AKA Matt and Raven have their post veto meltdown grab your popcorn.

  30. Avatar

    To my Family of BB Junkies, “Video Brother” is Showing tonight’s Episode Online Eastern Time within the next hour. Due to NFL Pre-Emptions…

  31. Mimi Ryan

    Shout Out to Kevin & his Fabulous Family!!!!! – Kevin, you are a Rock Star!!!! You are the Man, the Boss. I for one would love to see you win BB19. I wish your family the absolutely best!!!! Boston is proud of you Chief.

  32. LindsayB

    Holy shit! What in the hell is Julie Chen wearing? Her sleeves are cat carcasses.

  33. HappyHippo

    Alright….turning on the live show….only because I’m drinking vodka and wanting to see Matt get a shoe up his ass(somehow) and Kevin win HOH….a girl can dream.

  34. g8trgirl

    @addy08 what is Julie wearing??? No like.

  35. HappyHippo

    I’m already yelling STFU Raven and it was just the previews LOL

  36. LindsayB

    So far it’s just playing the fight that we already saw on feeds the other day. Raven’s and Matt’s screeched are so painful.

  37. HappyHippo

    Matt is quite frankly embarrassing….what a joke.

  38. HappyHippo

    I really wish they could boo him on his way out….

  39. Avatar

    O.M.G. Matt screeches sound like a mix between a parrot and a catfight. They get higher and higher. Jeez.

  40. LindsayB

    Ugh. I had forgotten about Matt’s tough talk. Bruh and homie every other word.
    Right now Matt looks crazier than Raven.

  41. g8trgirl

    They’re not going to mention his penalties?????

  42. Avatar

    OMFG!!!! Seriously, why the FUCK is Josh crying right now? Because HE just bitched out Kevin for NO fucking reason? He reminds of a 4 yr old right now that is throwing one of those fake ass tantrums and is fake crying with no tears. You guys know what I’m talking about! After watching him attack Kevin and then storm out into the yard going boo hoo hoo and Christmas following saying “come on, come sit with me in the corner, it’s OK!”, I could feel my face getting hot! Ugh!!

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