We will miss you too, Dani

We will miss you too, Dani

So, I sucked with updates yesterday.  Had a stomach ache, went took a nap and woke up at like midnight. Awesome. I couldn’t sleep, so by 5am I was getting into twitter arguments about whether or not Jason should win BB should Shelby and Justin make the final 3 with him. Long story short, he probably will. His fans don’t respect a hard fought game like Shelby, or a pretty damn good social game by Justin. Should Jason win over someone like those two, it will be the icing on the cake of bullshit that was the ‘returning veteran’ twist in a season when America had power. The one huge flaw on a really good season (that and it not being on CBS for more to enjoy).

Don’t get me wrong, he should win over Kryssie, and probably Morgan. But I simply think Justin or Shelby played a better game. I also thought Paul played a better game than Nicole, but the veteran connection with Da’Vonne pushed her to the win as well. Oh shit, Da’Vonne will likely be campaigning for votes for Jason, so she may be the swing decision in both seasons played this year. Crazy.



  • 11:10am – House still sleeping. After weeks of getting away with sleeping in, nobody really cares about the rules any more.  Whatever. Only 2 more weeks or so.
  • 12:10pm – Beginning to feel like summer.  House pretty much still sleeping.
  • 4:15pm – Everyone is awake and getting ready. Remember, the eviction is early tonight, it will be after the recap which starts at 8pm est
  • 5:30pm – Midway through the recap episode… well, actually pretty close to the end.  Eviction soon.  Note – Regardless when HoH is played, I will be finally watching AHS tonight rather than tomorrow morning.  That said, I will 100% come back after and post the HoH results if they’re not up yet
  • 5:55pm – Eviction time!
    • shelby-eviction
  • Votes:
    • Kryssie – Danielle
    • Morgan – Danielle
    • Justin – Danielle
    • Danielle evicted regardless of America’s vote
  • 6:05pm – Shelby reading the HoH card
    • She says the winner tonight can also play in next week’s final HoH competition
    • No more America’s Nominee/Vote
    • After Care Package, America’s impact is over.
  • 7:00pm – Endurance comp.  First it’s 7 questions. The more they get wrong, the more they are punished or something like that. Weird
    • endurancecomp
    • Quiz part is over. Now they stand in front of their first post
    • So yea, they need to stand on the poles. They get smaller. I guess they move up depending on how many questions they got wrong. We’ll see
    • kryssie-hoh
  • 7:30pm – Justin got question 3 wrong, so he’s the first one to move up a pole to a smaller one.
    • hohcomp3
    • Jason got question 4 wrong, Justin got Q5 wrong.
  • 8:00pm – Jason out
    • jason-out
    • Justin down.
  • 8:11pm – Morgan is trying to cut a deal with Kryssie. Kryssie won’t do it
  • 8:15pm – Morgan wins HoH!
    • morgan-shelbyhoh
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