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Wednesday Night Feed Updates Plus Veto Episode Talk

Good evening, everyone!


When I listen to these people re-tell the competitions, I sometimes wonder if they’re exaggerating just how bad things were. Haleigh talked about how embarrassed she was about her screaming over Rock’s potential win (only to have her lose). Rock obviously talked about how she handed Tyler the comp and how she hinted at staying safe because of it.  I was pretty surprised to see that’s exactly what did happen, and if anything, they undersold it when talking about it.

Rockstar had not one, but two major blunders during the veto competition which will haunt her forever. Her blunder with picking the wrong answer was obvious, but giving Tyler the answer was brutal. Absolutely brutal. Like, you basically just need to pack up and go home after that. There is no coming back from it. In ten years from now, Rockstar’s veto performance will be in top 10 lists of biggest reality show blunders of all time (possibly right near Kaitlyn’s failure to put together a puzzle made for a 3 year old).

Sure, it’s likely that Rock wouldn’t have survived another 2-3 weeks in the house and this just gives her a longer vacation, but you never know. This also could have been the last week she sat on the block and ended up coasting to the final 2 like a Victoria. She may have even won if she had enough bitter jury members at whoever sat next to her. I sure as shit didn’t think Josh would win last season, so anything is really possible.


On the bright side, nobody will remember how Rockstar did bad math during her tiebreaker with Angela.  That’s probably because even had she multiplied properly, Angela still would have won. This, however, was literally the difference between staying and going this week. Ouch

Also, the talk made me forget my ridiculous suggestion earlier today that Brett should actually work with RS and vote to keep her. Granted the entire plan hinged on level 6 never actually finding out that Brett voted that way so it’s not like he was flipping sides, but when RS told Haleigh about Brett’s joking suggestion about that possibility, I knew she was just not to be trusted on issues like that. Level 6 would certainly find out because Rock is just bad at this game.


  • 7:00 pm – Some hanging around the bedroom while Rock packs. Some in the kitchen. Slow night again
  • Note – tomorrow will be an endurance competition and it’s going to be the slip and slide one. Feel free to speculate who you think will win. Before you pick the smallest or most athletic, keep in mind that Jason won last year.
  • 7:40 pm – Haleigh, RS, and Sam are up in the HoH room
    • They are talking about Angela and how she wore the deer hat into the GBMs.
    • They think she is going to rub it in Rock’s face about losing the veto
    • The girls are joking about stuff and say “4 score and 7 years ago” completely random. That is ironic because that’s what level 6 uses to have a private meeting
    • JC wants to put Metamucil in a drink to mess with the houseguests
  • 8:30 pm – Awesome, Fessy and Haleigh are arguing. Kill me
    • Meanwhile, the house is wearing their rainbow suits to show solidarity with KC
  • In the HoH room, RS and Haleigh are stressing about them wearing the rainbow outfits (as they should)
    • Haleigh asks “what is the number 6”?   RS has no clue. Haleigh says they wrote 6 in KC and Angela’s hats.
    • Haleigh has surprised me with her awareness. She knows everything that is going on but she just can’t put any pieces together
  • 9:20 pm – Haleigh doing some stalking
    • JC and Fessy start wrestling and production yells at them to SHUT IT DOWN

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Tonight is just some more SSDD as for possible HOH winner who cares if one of TGTCSS wins they will find a way to screw it up if L6 wins Scottie and Fess go OTB with Hay as the backdoor.

  2. ElaineB

    I like the OTEV comp, and to have RS at the top of the ‘biggest blunders’ list for it….awesome! Fessy had some good scolding for ‘Rock’…..what a crew! When Tyler said, “Keep my girls safe”….awwww, be still my heart!

    • danmtruth

      Hay was so happy when RS went up their first Than devastated when she saw the WRONG answer

      • Sassy

        Ty didn’t win that comp, RS lost it!

      • danmtruth

        Sassy that will haunt her to her dying day Not only did she get the wrong answer She also told TY the correct answer the question before Than again when she saw he had a different color card she ask to make sure SHE had the right answer Add to that HALI’S FAIL to find the answer that gave TY time to go back down and find the correct answer Total TEAM HIVE fail

  3. LO1004

    Slip and slide is my favorite comp. People falling is possibly the funniest thing, and the sound effects CBS adds just gives it that little extra something. So excited. I think Fessy and Brett will have a disadvantage on this one based on their size. I say this because Mark was a hot mess in this comp last year. I’m hoping KC takes this one, but I’m not holding my breath, so that leaves Angela and Tyler as front runners for me. Fingers crossed.

  4. Tinkerbell

    Congratulations, Purple People Eater. You are officially the most unfortunate looking cry baby in BB history.


  5. Colby

    I am kinda surprised it is the slip and slide. I thought that one was usually done with less people.
    I do love that one and usually get a lot of laughs from it.
    I’m really glad it is not a crap shot one.

  6. Avatar

    I had been watching some videos that were posted on You Tube earlier in the week, like the one after the veto meeting where Tyler pulled Angela off of the block, where RS and Sam where smoking cigarettes in the back yard. I understand RS is upset. However I am finding her behavior this week in the house, and the way she is acting terrible. She is behaving like a horrid, disgusting person. She is absolutely ugly inside and out.

    When the show was on TV tonight, no joke I muted the TV and had to look away whenever there was a closeup of her face, or when she was talking directly to the camera. That’s how tired of seeing her I am. I Really Really hope she goes tomorrow night. She can rationalize her behavior to her family and her kids – I hope she made them proud. I am happy she will go down in BB history as the player who made one of the dumbest mistakes ever in a comp – LoL

  7. Helen

    Sam up to HOH shower for some privacy…guess who followed her to “hang out” in HOH room?

    • Helen

      I just can’t with this creepy stalking behavior!!! Please. Get her out!!!

      • Tinkerbell

        Haggy bitch!! That drives me nuts. She “loves” girls, as much as she likes men, so she especially enjoys shower time. Before Bayleigh left for jury, RS was hinting to her about having “private time.” She’s a whack job.

      • Helen

        While I am never in favor of production getting involved in stuff like this ,I think I would love for them to step in and tell RS she is going too far….it’s just too weird anymore

  8. dfdsgs

    So this is my first time with the feeds but is it normal for just a couple of houseguest to cook for everyone? It seems that Brett, Angela, Kaycee, and Sam have done the majority of the cooking this season.

    • Colby

      Yes. There are usually a few who do most of the cooking.

    • danmtruth

      Thats what makes RS Fess & Hali bitching about privilege princes stuff kind of ridiculous They even make special food for Fess with his no pork When Bay was their with her selective vegetarian diet They always tried to make things for them also That is what surprised Sam about Angela her cleaning cooking in the kitchen

    • Ann

      I sure ass would be cooking my own food after seeing the hygiene habits of some of those disgusting people like Keebler handling food for others after scratching himself & not washing his nasty hands & Rock picking at her feet & not washing her gross hands.

      • ElaineB

        I agree Ann. Licking their fingers and putting them back in a container of food, that is shared with others. JC has grossed me out several times. Ugh!

  9. LynnD

    I seriously do not think Sam is a welder at all. She talks about so many different jobs. Then tonight talking about how she looks when she gets off work and how many showers it takes. I’m starting to wonder if she’s actually a serial killer who moonlights as a mortician.

  10. Helen

    I have decided not to watch any feeds tonight that show the two harpies ganging up on Sam…if Sam can’t see what they are doing then idk what to say…Other than they deserve each other…..

  11. Sassy

    First I have to say, Ty looked sexy during the Veto!!

    I think this comp is anyone’s game and it is going to be a very close between several of them. The only ones I don’t expect to be in the running are Sam and Brett. I wish they would let us watch it on the feeds.

  12. Sassy

    I’m all for pranks but putting Metamucil in drinks and giving to hg without their knowledge is taking it to far. It could cause side effects and make them ill. If he does that, he should be ejected.

  13. Wizard

    Angela may do well in this comp, but Sam may do well too, if she decides to play. I hope Kaycee does well though because I’d like to see her win HoH.

    When I read the blurb about Jason winning last season, I had to actually think back to who Jason was because I only remember him as Whistle Nut!

  14. danmtruth

    This year we have some evenly match people

  15. Shivani33

    Way too much Crockstar. Have mercy on the household and the viewers. GET OUT!!!!!! How Sam has maintained politeness with her stalker is beyond me. She can’t even take a shower without that glum-faced harpy yapping at her. The Crock just told Sam awhile ago that she’d always considered Sam to be on “their” (her) side. Sam replied ” without my consent.” But did Dumb Dora take a hint? Hell to the no.

  16. Sassy

    Hay and MF having a lovers quarrel. He’s done playing the game and wants out. Hay is unsympathetic while demanding he tell her what’s going on. MF is feeling down and she badgers him about talking to JC, because that is the ONLY thing she TOLD him to do.

  17. Sassy

    JC in the rainbow suit and tutu is funny.

  18. Sassy

    Sam is called to the DR but she says she doesn’t have any pants to wear, Hay says, I have some you can wear, some big black ones… I would have liked to hear Sam’s response, but instead FISH!

    • ladycobra

      Not enough that RS had to go and lead Sam to that dark place with the “without my permission” talk now Hal had to go and put the nail in the coffin with the “big black ones” comment. Sam is not going to be in a good mood after DR.

      Has RS even had a conversation more than 2 minutes long with Sam that did not always come back to the vote and the game? I loved it today when RS told Sam every1 was asleep and it was just her and Sam. First Sam said F### followed by the part of staying silent. RS never did get the hint or either did not give a crap. Sam was not very nice to her during that time.

  19. Avatar

    Haleigh asks Rockstar what “6” means… because of Angela/Kaycee having it on their hats. Rockstar says “that doesn’t mean anything “… -ILuvMySteelers

    hidden in plain sight

  20. Sassy

    Hay was a child model for Dillard’s catelogues and Scottie was almost Oscar Meyer Weiner kid, but they didn’t want his siblings and when his mom tried to negotiate for all of them to be in the commercial, Scottie lost his spot… Thanks Mom!

  21. Sassy

    RHS is “slightly” worried about the votes. Scottie is gonna take care of Brett’s vote and RS is gonna take care of JC. Back to being comfortable again.

  22. Sassy

    RS is leaving her group with last wishes just in case things don’t go her way. She wants them to put up Ty and Angela, with Angela as the target. She wants to be the last Angela in the house. They think Sam is solid and Brett and JC are the only possible swing votes.

  23. Yael Sara

    How does Hayleigh have any more nail to bite on?

  24. Seattle Kari

    the look on that bitches face when she didn’t get taken down was absolutely hilarious. She needs to fucking go tomorrow. I’m sorry about my language but I can’t stand her anymore.

  25. kneeless

    RS just sucks the life our of everyone! I hope she’s better at parenting than playing .BB. And then there’s Haho, whose nails will she bite next.

    • Sassy

      I think RS is the same way outside the house. I can’t imagine that she is any more positive in real life, she started this way. She made assumptions about people immediately, she thought that was the only way to fit in. She NEVER tried to be friends with the people she thought would reject her.

  26. Avatar

    I can’t figure it out. What is on the kitchen cabinets?

    • danmtruth

      A speaker so the HOH can talk to the people in the kitchen Bay barked out food orders and others have ask for people to come up for 1:1
      One of the funnier things was when HaHo saw Sam getting milk at night and she called down to invite her to drink it in the HOH Sam was like NO

  27. Helen

    Sam in HOH BA still self tanning asks if they are just sitting watching the group in the kitchen on the monitor. Yes. Brett, Tyler, Kaycee,Angela and JC at KT bar area –

    Remember when Sam was HOH and never turned on monitor in room….I think Sam views it as invading others privacy and really no ones business or concern where others are and with who…this may really turn her off that they just sit there and snoop on people for hours

  28. Helen

    These idiots need to get a good nights sleep…little do they know what’s in store for them tomorrow night!! Slip n slide. Wheeeee!
    Can’t remember which one it was last night. Brett and Angela talking. One of them is a skier…

  29. Sassy

    Hay isnt worried about RS leaving, she’s worried that she is now the biggest target! I think the hacker has kept Hay from getting a horrible taste of HOHitis. It has humbled her some.

  30. Helen

    Faysal pretty much bullying and threatening JC for him to tell him who JC is voting for….

    • Sassy

      They must have stopped talking about that as soon as I switched cameras.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If you’re talking about in the kitchen, it was kind of funny. MF (following HaHo’s orders) demanded JC to tell him whether he was with him or against him. JC wasn’t having it and pushed back. Tickled me how MF backed down a bit and changed his tone. I was praying that JC wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

  31. Sassy

    RS and Hay in the HOH watching Brett, JC, and MF in the kitchen. They are speculating that MF is talking game with them and it’s not going well. They are stressing because it looks like they are arguing. I switch to the guys convo, they are talking about scars and getting knocked out. They should really join the convos, they are going crazy watching and trying to read lips.

    • Helen

      Before Brett broke it up this was the convo between Faysal and JC..
      JC wont tell Faysal how he will vote. Faysal says you have to tell me. JC getting heated says don’t tell me I have to do that. JC says I am sleepy and you’re giving me new info.Faysal says if we are working together you have to tell me and says JC was paranoidlast week. JC says you want me to trust Scottie who is telling 3 people 3 different things

    • NKogNeeTow

      All BlockStar and that sorry ass excuse of a HOH do, is watch the monitor and circle the room like 2 sharks. I’ll be glad when they are out of that room, with NO privacy.

      Another thing was when all of L6 was in the kitchen making and eating candy, The Sour Patch Kids were in the HOH bed watching, griping and sniping about them having fun.

      • Sassy

        when HaHo finally came downstairs, most of them left the kitchen. She’s made it so they don’t care to talk to her either.

  32. Sassy

    Watching MF brush his teeth, he uses a whole tube of toothpaste! He puts it on, brushed a few times, more tooth paste, a few more stroke, more toothpaste…

    MF and Brett talking while they do some teeth maintenance. They were talking about JC for a bit, then JC comes out of the toilet. I don’t think they knew he was in there… Nothing bad was said, just that he won’t commit and they aren’t sure where his loyalties lay.

  33. Helen

    Sam has been in DR a really really long time!!!

  34. kneeless

    Sam seems a little too happy. Is a crash & burn coming?

  35. Sassy

    Ty and Sam talking in HN room. She is awful giddy! She tells him she only wants him and is only loyal to him. He explains why he’s been hanging out with Angela, because he wants the rest of the house to think she’s his closest alli and that way it keeps Sam safe. She promises she has not made any other F2/F3 with anyone but him. She solidifies her vote to keep KC. She says she is willing to throw away her game for him. I’m not sure if this is her attempt to flirt or what. She’s going to go nuts when she finds out he really does have other alliances…

    • NKogNeeTow

      What pissed me off about that conversation was she asked him directly “How do you want me to vote. Tell me what to do”. All Tyler had to do was tell her and leave it at that. Instead, he hemmed and hawed and asked her what she wanted to do. She asked him again. At this point I was so mad at Tyler I was yelling at the TV. Certain things I don’t have the patience for, and what he did was one of them. I just wanted her to say “Okay, I’m voting to keep RockStar”. That would have served his stupid ass right. All of them have spent most of the time worrying her to death about what she was going to do. Then when she ask somebody, they give her the stall treatment. If she changes her mind tomorrow and votes out KC, I’ll be sorry to see her go but I won’t be mad at Sam for it.

      • Sassy

        It won’t matter what she votes. At best it will be 4-2 for KC to stay. The whole conversation was weird and uncomfortable. I think he is slightly scared of and possibly worried for her.

      • LO1004

        They were concerned about telling Sam which way they were voting because Sam had been spending so much time w the Hive that they were concerned she was going to run back and tell them who was voting where. I understand his hesitation, but at the same time, he could’ve avoided this by keeping her locked to his side.

  36. Helen

    I swear I just heard Sam tell Tyler she is voting for KayCee to stay…..

  37. Sassy

    Level 6/5/4 went to bed. Scottie is asleep in HOH room. Hay and RS stalking the cameras. Watching Sam, JC, and MF excited they are talking and hoping for feedback quickly. They REALLY believe this is a possibility.

  38. Sassy

    JC looks tiny next to MF. They are talking about the kind of guy JC likes and dates. Earlier he called Ty one of his ex’s name.

    • Sassy

      Now he talks about pooping and the weird setup of the bathroom.

      JC wants Sam to have a convo with MF, I think he wants to get away before game talk starts again. She’s not going for it. She doesn’t have anything to say to him.

      MF wants to stay with JC for a few days when they get out of the house, so they can go to the bars together. JC is hesitant to say yes. MF says he will probably have a bunch of people that want to hang out with him.

      MF tried to convince JC that Sam hates Angela and KC by default. Scottie will vote out KC because Angela and KC are going after him, Brett has distanced himself from Angela and KC. He doesn’t want anything to do with them.

      JC tells him these people are smarter than you think. He doesn’t think Ty will go for MF but Brett might. JC pitches Scottie will be going after MF, Brett, and Ty. He’s all about himself.

      Im done obsessing over the feed for the night. I’m off to bed… Good night Junkies!!

  39. Helen

    Faysal lying to JC saying how bad Angela threw Sam under the bus….
    Imo. JC still runs his mouth too much to Faysal!!
    Good lord please give us an Angela HOH so Faysal can go OTB

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s why I was hoping JC would just get up and walk away. He has a tendency, the longer he talks the more he tells. Sometimes when you can’t reason with someone, you just need to walk away. MF was practically browbeating him into voting for RS.

  40. Helen

    Now JC throwing Sam tub to Faysal….these two together!! Think I’m about done for the night….

  41. Ann

    I hope that purple haired Seahag goes tomorrow. I can’t with her anymore, I just cant.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know which one is more desperate, BlockStar of Hay. Blocky is desperate because in spite of all the trash she talks to and about people, she wants to stay. Hay is desperate, not because she’s afraid she’ll lose a friend if Blocky goes, she doesn’t give a damn about Blocky. She only cares about not looking stupid on TV (too late), and she doesn’t want someone from her side going home on her HOH. She talks to MF like he’s her lapdog, yet she is a little nicer to Brett and Mr.Peabody. SHE picks and chooses who and when she wants to be nice to someone. She is a self-centered, vile, despicable, disgusting creature. The more I see and hear her, the more I dislike her. She and Blocky are cut from the same cloth. I’m looking forward to the day that I don’t have to see either of them anymore.

  43. Ann

    Rocky knows when to try to pop off because she sure as hell didn’t come at Bay like that when Bay told her to shut up. She shut up just like she was told & let that bitch talk down to her. KayCee should have told her if she got lucky & stayed another week her ass toe picking ass would be right back otb again.

    • Sassy

      I’m glad they showed that argument, since we had fish! RS cursed during that convo too, and the aggressiveness with which she started the convo was unnecessary and probably would have gotten her popped in the mouth from me.

      • Ann

        Exactly why I couldn’t go on that show because I would’ve whipped her ass when she tried to get froggy like she did. My patience is paper thin when it comes to a fake ass wannabe boss ass bitch like Rocky. The minute she swung that neck & said watch your mouth, it would’ve been all over with.

  44. Ann

    I’m still waiting on this so called boss ass bitch dress like Cookie Lyons.

    • danmtruth

      her fashion spirt guide If thats what you call what she wears The funny thing is Last week when she was packing She had so many dress and outfits Yet I have only seen her in the same moo moos every day

  45. LO1004

    We get to watch the HOH comp on the live feeds tonight! 🙂

  46. Helen

    JC told Faysal last night that Tyler told him that Faysal and Haleigh were in a showmance…
    Faysal did something shady early this morning….went into storage room..came back out and went back into storage room a second time then off camera in blue bedroom….I hope it’s not what I think he did

  47. amareels

    Woke up last night and started watching our housepets. Hay took KC’s ball cap that Angela and her were stylizing earlier in the day. There is a “6” on the inside of their caps. Hay and RS were thinking that is was and alliance or 6-0 vote or veto #6. They were so right on, but then decided that it was to ridiculous and that they were probably just going into some dark thoughts. I was so scared that they had figured it out! But wait….this is The Hive.

  48. Ann

    Who in the hell wants to see Fessy trying to teach Scottie how to kiss? I would’ve gagged if I had to see that mouth on a glass.

  49. Helen

    Yesterday RS pulled Sam into HOH and told her Brett was nervous that Sam was going to vote out RS.
    Sam told her Brett should do what he wants to
    RS got nervous and Sam said…I know what’s going on,I’m not dumb.
    RS said this is supposed to be a relaxing week
    Sam said..well next week will be. Then told RS to Stop and walked out of HOH

  50. Avatar

    Watched last night show and RS performance in the VETO Comp sums up the Hive / Floutte alliance. Dysfunctional, Stupid and cannot keep their mouth shut.

    You have Bayliegh tell Rachel at the time a L6 Member she has the power App? (STUPID)
    You have Rockstar confirm the answer in a vital VETO comp to Tyler? (Stupid is not a strong enough word), to add salt to the open wound she brings up the wrong answer and the HIVE Celebration goes from elation to depression in 2.5 seconds.
    You have Scottie turn on Swaggy C and help get him out the door.
    You have Kaitlyn turn on her alliance and backdoor Swaggy C
    You have Hayliegh tell everyone she was the Hacker and now she is high on the L6 Radar.

    I am just gob smacked how incredibly stupid the HIVE members are. Fayal summed it up best when he said “How did I get stuck with these people” He should jump ship and join L6 cause the HIVE Ship is taking on water and sinking like a stone. This so called showmance with Hayliegh is more of a NOmance. Hayliegh is only interested in his looks not him as a person has no long term future. She is clearly smitten by Brett and my guess as soon as Faysal is out and if Hay and Brett are still in the House together they will get together.

    JC is crazy. I am shocked production doesn’t stop his Metamucil cocktail. By the way it is NOT a laxative it is just a fiber substance to how regulate and normalize your bowels. Ex-Lax is a laxative. Another Rhode Scholar player.

    Sam is has totally lost her mind.

    If Level 6 win the HOH, bye bye Hay or Faysal. My guess is Brett will push hard to rid themselves of Faysal and the rest of L6 will want Hay out. This might be the person that breaks up the L6 alliance. Cause once again a BB Male is thinking with the wrong head.

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