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Wednesday Night Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Well, looks like they are desperate for stuff to fill the episode tomorrow night as this is the first time in a while that they have pushed the veto meeting reveal to eviction night. You’d think the extremely slow week in the house would have caused this show to be like 20 minutes long, but the veto competition did take up a lot of time and that’s okay with me because it was great.

Whenever you hear the houseguests re-tell competitions, you only get a feel of what they’re talking about until you can actually see them play out. Watching Brett tear apart the house to cover his veto was absolutely hilarious. I didn’t realize that Fessy was about 3″ away from finding Brett’s veto before he had a chance to bury it.  I’m also glad I found out how coffee beans ended up in the stove, but still an odd choice. Why is Angela so bad at veto competitions? Or competitions in general? This was the girl who bragged in her CBS bio about being a freak athlete and loving to compete. The only comp she one was the trivia comp. While that’s impressive, you’d think someone of Angela’s freak athlete nature would come in more than near dead last in every comp she didn’t win. Even Scottie finishes 2nd or 3rd in the comps he doesn’t win.

I guess that just proves that these comps are more than physical or even mental. They’re sometimes just trick carnival-style games that some people just seem to be good at. Tyler’s obviously one of those people and Scottie is another. Fortunately for Tyler, his biggest competition rival will be walking out the door tomorrow night.


Alright, time for some updates!

  • 4:45 pm – Kaycee pulls Angela into the storage room
    • She is upset because she was talking about how they came out with JC
    • She apparently came out only a year and a half ago
  • 5:45 pm – Up in the HoH room, Haleigh says she feels confident with Angela lol
  • 7:25 pm – Angela, Tyler, and JC are just studying in the bedroom. Fessy and Haleigh are in the HoH room but I refuse to check on them
  • 8:15 pm – Angela and Tyler talk about a bunch of different things
    • Tyler says JC thinks he’s so smart. Angela asks if he’s been saying she is in love with Brett.  Unlike Fessy, they can see right through JC’s attempt to make people jealous
    • I’m going to step away for a bit. I’ll leave you with a picture of Angela falling in love with Tyler

Check back for updates


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  1. Apopkedave

    So, why didn’t Faysal put up Haleigh like Sam told him to do? LOL

  2. Jay H

    I don’t know if it’s just because it’s still fresh and happening, but Fess’ HOH feels like one of the most painful HOH’s this season. He is so oblivious, and lazy, shortsighted, and stupid it’s painful to watch. The fact that he thinks everything he’s doing is so epic, just adds to the frustration.

    • danmtruth

      It goes back to the alliance Swaggy put together They played the whole game as if they were the only multiple player alliance As if the others were just two people Winston & Bret and Angela & KC They then spent the rest of the year blaming each other for strange votes Never being able to figure there was another large alliance
      Fessy is easily distracted and thinks what a great game player he is He can lord it over Hay who kept on telling him how she was a smarter player than he was Now he will brag how he got HIS target out While she lost her best friend on her HOH This blinds him to think how smart he is

      • ElaineB

        If I were Swaggy I would quit bragging about the ‘great’ (lol) alliance he put together.

      • Sassy

        Swaggy talks daily on Twitter about how things would be different if he was still in the house… That’s why he’s out of the house. He couldn’t last 3 weeks but thinks he would have killed this game.

      • danmtruth

        Sassy the game is so much simpler when you know what everyone is saying and thinking Don’t forget All the comps he would win because well he is so good ,,,,,, not

    • Malia

      Lazy is right! I already knew that he barely helped clean but watching him throw stuff around and make a mess just for the sake of making a mess pissed me off

  3. Painter1

    A bit of Rockstar came out of Sam in tonights episode, those ungrateful Spoiled BITCHES. LOLOLOLOLOL

    • Sassy

      I think a little if Sam’s true self came out!

    • Jenny

      For once I kind of agree with her. Throwing stuff around is part of the game, but Scottie and Fessie throwing food and other stuff everywhere is just not cool.
      On the other hand, someone should have explained to Sam that searching for the folders means people HAVE to quickly go through things looking for it, so clothes, beds, contents of cabinets, are all going to be thrown everywhere during the comp. Actually I think someone did… she just didn’t understand it.

      • danmtruth

        No it was just to make a mess When Fess walked in he knocked a jar off the counter just to do it On his way out another time he spread the sugar on the floor not even looking Scottie was just trying to make a mess to hide his folder Just a waste The bedroom I can see to look for things the food is just wasteful as same said

      • Malia

        I hate that the leave the fridge open every season. That is a lot of waste!

    • caRyn

      Sam was Sam and she did not look good in the episode.

  4. Sassy

    Haha feel comfortable with Angela because she’s been up her ass all week and she really believes that people fall for her crap. Im not in any way impressed with Angela, she had a brief time where she was growing on me, but as of late, I see her as driftwood again. Maybe I have a lil of Sam in me and I’m jealous of her relationship with Ty….

  5. Avatar

    I loved watching Sams face after they veto comp but love even more the HGs reaction to Zing bots zing to Sam. They all took cover lol. Surprised he was still in one piece during the comp.

  6. danmtruth

    It was strange that production did not edit to give them selves time to show the veto ceremony It will be odd that on Thursday we will get the veto ceremony than the eviction soon after

    • Malia

      I question whether they would have time to do a double eviction with trying to do this veto and eviction. That would be way face paced! So maybe next week?

      • danmtruth

        Julie would hint or even say it just to drum up viewer anticipation watching as we know whats coming but the HG don’t

      • Holla Derrick

        I still think Tylers app plays in to no double this week. 8 weeks to use it is long enough, would they really throw in an extra eviction? If he wanted to use it during a double, it would likely make it too obvious going to DR in the few minutes after comps/before noms

  7. LynnD

    I just now jumped back on the feeds. Did L-4 ever get their meet up? I know they were struggling because JC has been up everybody’s ass so they haven’t been able to sneak off just the four of them. So I’m just curious if while I was gone they were ever able to have their quick little meeting? Does anybody know? I see Brett and Angela talking now but it seems that JC keeps popping in and out. Inquiring-minds-want-to-know

  8. LO1004

    Fess or Hay need to be killed off next for my sanity. I simply cannot handle CBS wasting precious minutes on episodes covering their fights. It’s bad enough I have to stumble across these dummies on the live feeds. Give the time to JC or Brett in the DR. Let’s go.

  9. Ann

    I tried to make myself like JC but I just can’t. He’s a fast talker & as slick as that oil that that fool Scottie poured all over the floor. I don’t like being around people like him. He’s as slick as a used car salesman. I don’t like when someone talks at me & tells me what I should do all the time or what I’m going to do. JC is in your face as soon as you win HOH fast talking & will not shut up even after being told no game talk. I can’t stand him.

  10. danmtruth

    Just turned the feeds on Why is Scottie under the table ?

  11. Sassy

    Production plays music over the loud speaker and instead of realizing they made a mistake and turn it off, they go to fish! I’m done for the night. Looking forward to tomorrow night, with hopes that a L6/5/4 gets HOH.

  12. Seattle Kari

    Fessy’s expressions to the camera when Sam was trying to get him to Pinky Promise about putting Haley on the Block. That was really funny..

  13. Seattle Kari

    secondary note. Maybe I’m just an old stick-in-the-mud but I think production should say that throwing food all over the floor during this last competition should be out of limits. I think about all the people that can’t even afford to buy a glass of milk and that waste just really pisses me off. There’s zero reason for it…

    Has anybody ever put their “card” in the toilet tank? LOL

  14. danmtruth

    Toilet is off limits As are some other things
    After watching a few of the HG slip and fall I’m sure they are rethinking this comp On how to make it a bit safer The food spilling has gotten out of hand Dumping the milk and oil was just dangerous

    • Malia

      Remember when James was tossing eggs over his shoulder…? That was ridiculous. If I were in the house, before comps, if I had anything I didn’t want broken or destroyed it would be in the hOH room.

    • mm22

      Oil on the floor just makes me cringe-i would hate for
      them to make the kitchen off limits – I’m adding Fessy –
      You are both asses!

    • Jenny

      Yeah they’re lucky nobody had a broken wrist from falling. And good point about wasting food when there are people who can’t afford it. I just hate things being wasted or destroyed deliberately. They really should add a serious punishment for that behavior.

  15. Helen

    If for some reason this is a reset week is Faysal automatically HOH again ?

  16. Helen

    Tomorrow/Today’s HOH: Ball roll.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  17. Jenny

    Last night’s BBAD sounded like they were talking about a new comp they had just done. But the hide & go seek was the veto comp, right? Was I just tired and confused? I know they were talking about former comps too. I thought maybe I was seeing a BBAD rerun but none of the evicted HG’s were in it.
    Or… maybe I dreamed the whole thing.

  18. Avatar

    I get the “ZING-BOT” is a BB Icon but I think it has run its course. I don’t find the Zings to be funny or witty. The voice is very annoying and hard to understand. I think its time for something or someone new. Earlier I had suggested Jeff Ross at least he is current and funny.

    I found the reactions to the Zing-Bot calling Sam “F’N Crazy” funnier than the actual ZING. It amused me to see all the House Guests run for cover and hide and JC trying to calm Sam down. I could see Sam was very hurt by the Zing and I am surprised she didn’t give the Zing-Bot a “Curb Stomp”.

    The Zing-Bot zing on Angela was not funny but rather stating the obvious. She has come across as cold hearted. and having a lack of anything resembling a personality. Maybe that was a wake up to show a little more emotion in stead this over professional persona. Right now she is every Human Resources Manager dream contestant.

    After last nights episode I am sure Faysal told Haliegh that Scottie and Sam suggested he put her up. Scottie just lost his one vote. I see a 6-0 vote to evict Scottie (NOT SO) Hottie.

    I am not sold that Sam can last another week in the house. She will ask to leave and if she hears she will not go to Jury House if she self evicts she will beg the House Guests to put her on the block and vote her out. Which would not be good for L6 as they need to send Haliegh or Faysal to Jury next week to basically walk to the finish line.

    I see Tyler winning BB20 and Angela in the final two.

    Tyler can beat anyone with the exception of Haliegh in the final 2. I am sure L6 knows that and understand she has to go.

  19. Seattle Kari

    a silly little thing I noticed on last night’s show. at the beginning of the show when whomever it is that does the voice overs was talking about the contestants, he mentioned rockstar having pink hair…

    Apparently someone’s colorblind?

    Did anybody else notice that?

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