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Wednesday, September 14th BB Feed Updates

September 14, 2022 | 59 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and time is quickly running out on either Taylor or Alyssa as one of them will be the next one heading to the jury house.

What was a given just 48 hours ago (Alyssa leaving) is not so much a given after the events of the last few days. Let’s see…

  • Monte and Taylor hooked up – Danger Danger! Bad news for the remaining 3. Never let a showmance get to the final 4.
  • The house is noticing that and they were upstairs again today alone. While I don’t think the house knows they actually kissed (and more?), they’re clearly catching on to the vibe between the two.
  • The Alyssa threat – This is a tough one because shitty production decided to cut the feeds for the first 5-10 minutes of Alyssa campaigning to Turner so this information will never be 100% accurate, but what we do know is this:
    • Turner told Monte that Alyssa threatened him with both friendship and a jury vote if he backstabs her (unconfirmed)
    • Alyssa never actually said that during the time on the feeds, so there is a good chance Turner was lying for various reasons to help save Alyssa.
    • It’s possible he could eventually tell Monte that he feels so guilty that he needs to cast her a pity vote and let Monte break the tie. It’s also possible he was just testing Monte to see how fast it got back to Taylor. And, it’s also possible Turner was telling the truth which was horribly stupid for Alyssa’s game if she actually did say that.

Hmmm, what else..

  • Oh yea, Alyssa told Brittany things like Monte knowing about her and Taylor going on the block before it happened.
  • In fact, Alyssa and Brittany had a LONG talk yesterday and it seems Brittany may be flipping to keep Alyssa unless production talks her out of it.

Why is this significant? Because Turner likes Alyssa. They are best friends in the house. And he also knows she’s incredibly easy to beat. He already hinted at keeping her to Monte early on so he wants to do it, and if he finds out that Brittany is flipping, there is a very good chance Turner calls an audible on his f3 plan and votes out Taylor.

I will say it’ll be Alanis Morissette level ironic if Brittany is the one to vote to keep Alyssa and Turner votes her out. Monte will indeed break the tie to keep Taylor and it’s going to make it a very awkward final week with Taylor knowing Turner or Britt voted to evict her when she felt safe with both.

As I said a few posts ago, I was rooting for Michael. I think someone who won that many comps should win the game – but he was obviously shit with strategy so that’s his own fault. I’ll also admit, Monte getting rid of Michael flipped the game from ‘everyone v Michael’ to ‘free for all’ and I’m all the fuck for it.

Michael was really in first place by side a wide margin that his exit completely opened the door for any of the 5 to win. Now, some have it harder than others (Britt and Alyssa), but those two in the f2 and the jury can really go either way.

My current rankings on who has the advantage:

  1. Monte
  2. Taylor
  3. Turner
  4. T – Alyssa/Brittany

This means the person at the top beats anyone below them with ease and if it ends up Alyssa and Brittany, it’s a coin flip.

Alright, let’s get to feed updates

Live Feed Updates for September 14, 2022

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