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Week 1 Opinions- Alpha Male-led Alliance Impacting the Game

Steve’s note –


Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce Mike to the team! Mel is still around and will be helping me live blog, as is Mrs. Beans, but Mike will be handling CBS episode recaps for us. He may not be able to recap every single episode, especially with weeks like this where I have been jumping in to live blog the first two episodes, but he’ll be doing something that I typically completely neglect on this site. For some reason, I never recap the actual episodes other than the live shows (spoiler alert – I’m lazy), so Mike will step in there. Wish him all a warm welcome and most importantly, be nice! As always, I don’t mind my writing being trashed (it does suck), but it’s my blog. Volunteer writers are giving up their time to contribute and I don’t want their grammar or small mistakes torn apart. Thanks!


Jackson wins camp director, launching himself into the most powerful position for week 1


Christie wins HOH and puts up Cliff and Kathryn. She is part of the 8 person alliance with Jack, Jackson, Analyse, Bella, Nick, Holly, and Tommy. Ovi wins the first Whacktivity Comp of the season, earning him the Nightmare Power. Unfortunately, he might not end up using it.


The ladies of the house banded together and then forged other alliances too quickly. It would have been a stronger game move to keep that alliance going for a couple of weeks before falling apart. This year looks like it’s going to be another one where muscle dictates the early game. Are Jackson and Jack strong competitors? Yes. Which one is more dangerous? Jack. Remember, he was talking with Tommy and Nick when Ovi overheard the three of them. Jack was lucky that Ovi did not hear him. Otherwise, Ovi could have used that knowledge against Jack when talking to Jack’s alliance members about that night. And, to Jack’s credit, he did not give himself away. The biggest game move so far is Jackson and Jack’s decision to team up. Unless power is flipped to the other side, these first few weeks could belong to the 8 person alliance led by J&J (Jackson and Jack) in the house.


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  1. Kari

    Welcome Mike! You did a great job, appreciate you jumping in to help. 🙂

    Kari, Seattle.

  2. g8trgirl

    Hi Mike,
    Have you been with us on this site and we would know you by a different name? Not that it matters…good job and welcome!
    Go Gators!

  3. Mello_One

    I am looking forward to what the Banishment of David will bring to the house when he returns, and who will be banished next. Welcome to the BBJ Family Mike!

  4. hogwild

    Welcome now I have to go down about a dozen red bulls so I get through another snooze day on the first week.

  5. caRyn

    Welcome and thank you.

  6. mustangsally

    Nice to meet you Mike! I don’t care if you’re a bad speller either

  7. Avatar

    Whacktivity, baby! Does Ovi still get to use his power?

  8. Colby

    Welcome Mike.

  9. Avatar

    Yeah, well. Why are these so-called “alpha males” going along with the plan to evict the hottest girl on the house in week 1? That makes no sense to me. She could easily be brought into their alliance and is no threat to them at all.

  10. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Hey strangers! Wow, do I have some catching up to do. I’ve missed you guys and welcome Mike!

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  12. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    Hi Mike, thanks for pitching in!

  13. Avatar

    Hi Mike, Im ready for Jack in the box to go.

  14. Alda

    Welcome Mike & thanks. Kaycee looks great!

  15. kneeless

    Think I am FINALLY caught up & ready! CAN’T stand the jackass boys! Jack rabbit (Jackson) & those carrots…
    Wanted to like Christie but not impressed. I am liking Cliff, Nicole, Jessica, Holly & Kami but that could all change!
    Good to see many of us “old timers” back as well as the newbies. Hoping this season picks up soon!

  16. Avatar

    So, how long do you think it will take for these idiots on the other side of the house to realize that a power alliance has formed and they aren’t in it? They seem completely clueless to me.

  17. hogwild

    Ok a dozen red bulls wasn’t enough,

  18. Mello_One

    Btw…Where in the heck is Ann, I’m missing her input on the game.

  19. danmtruth

    Nice to see so many familiar names coming out So reassuring So many fun smart minds
    After watching tonight’s show a few things were made clear 1) Ovi said he could not use it because it had to be used 24 hours after noms So unlike last season when it was to be used before either nom 2) it looks like Nichole had a bit of influence in moving away from Kimmi going up

  20. LO1004

    Omg how cute is Kaycee! I miss L6, not even gonna lie.

  21. HappyHippo

    Tommy has really started to grow on me. When he’s just chilling and talking game he sounds very sensible and not as loose lipped as some. Nicole I like more and more too. Jess seems reasonable too… will be interesting to see what “changes the game” tomorrow. Bring on a lil excitement cuz holy cow it’s been a long hoh and slow start!

    • danmtruth

      Must be that David is coming back They slid that throw away like e about her showmance going out So just makes me go hmm

    • LO1004

      Tommy has the most to lose, I don’t think we’ll hear anything suspect from him this season. I think Christie almost slipped and exposed their friendship before when they were talking about Grey’s Anatomy. Did anyone else catch that?

      • ElaineB

        I just hope that Tommy and a couple of others, get wise to what losers the “J” Bros are and move away from that gang of eight.

  22. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Did they show on last week’s shows how Bella is the reason Kimmie became a target to begin with? I watched them but can’t remember.

  23. kneeless

    Will be interesting to see who wins HOH. Sure hope it’s not the Jack bros.

    • Sassy

      Neither of them want to win it. They think they are safe with everyone. They want Kryin’ Kat to get it because they think they can manipulate her. I kind of hope she does get it. She wasn’t built for the block, she should be running the house *hysterically laughing** hohitis will be real!

  24. NKogNeeTow

    My favorite screenshot is the one at the top of Monday Feed Updates of Cliff sleeping. That’s how I feel trying to recap BBAD every night…lol

  25. Kari

    What about geraldo? Has anybody seen him?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Not hide nor hair. Last year he didn’t show up until the end because he was out of the country for family reasons I think he said. Not sure about this year. We can’t have an official #STFU without him. He created that award so he is the only one who should give it out…lol

  26. danmtruth

    As usual some suspect editing Also just how often Christie let it slip how she was working with the jacjass twins When she let it slip to Sam what they did not show was AquaDick made an alliance with SAMornick NICKorsam and they would add Tommy Tune along with Bella and Sis It gets so confusing all the side deals these people are making
    What I did not know was on Christie crying day She told Nichole about house the jackass twins but Mostly Jack wanted her to put Kimmi up So back to the earlier hive comment Not sure how people do not see all this

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  28. danmtruth

    Ok production for that disaster of a POV comp there were 54 items to be caught and only 5 were caught 2 Strawberry by AD and 1 onion and 2 Strawberries by Sam that was a total failure of a comp

  29. Good Dog

    Well, now’s as good a time as any to jump in the bbj lake with my first post. I’ve been enjoying all your comments for years. Thanks for the behind the scenes activities as I only watch the broadcast & read this site. In fact missed the first 2 episodes & was lost. Thanks for catching me up. You guys kill me with the houseguests nicknames. I’m neither hot or cold on anyone yet. That’s not good. Get blood on your hands houseguests!!!

  30. Good Dog

    Poor Ovi, it’s Big Brother man! Don’t trust anyone. I guess it’s just human nature to confide in others & that’s a good thing, I think. BTW David’s banished? I missed that. If anyone could spare a line or two to explain. Thanks.

    • danmtruth

      Welcome good dog the first night all the HG had to vote one person as camp director he had to chose 4 people to compete and loser was banished Jackson was voted and he put Jessica, David, kimmi, and cliff David loss he was told he was banished but not out of the game

  31. danmtruth

    Poor Cliff has done everything but tell Ovi everyone is voting you out He keeps dropping hints Ovi hears them acknowledge it than tryes to convince himself it’s not happening The poor guy is smart enough but just does not want to face reality

    • Alda

      Cliff said he was going to break the news to Ovi in the morning.I feel bad for poor Cliff to have to be the bearer of the bad news.I don’t think Ovi will take it well at all.Ovi did say he didn’t trust Christie after putting him up.

  32. danmtruth

    NICKorsam was talking with Cliff Every time he lies he starts talking fast
    G8 a day after it was formed people were cutting side deals and talking about how soon they were going to start taking shots at each other

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Getting ready…Lord, please let this be a fast 3 hours.

  34. NKogNeeTow



    Cryin Christie, AquaDick, Tommy Tune and Squeeky are discussing Ovi and CC is lamenting over him going home. They keep going back and forth about keeping him. AD says that he doesn’t want to see him go, all the while trying to push them towards it. They are going over pros and cons about him. TT says Ovi is smart in his own way. AD says Ovi is analytical. CC asks if he’s really smart and if so, what kind of comps is he going to win. She says he remembers details. AD says that from the side of the house standpoint that Jess/Kemi have made a side of the house. He says Bella does a great job of navigating. He says that Kemi and Jess don’t like him because he has an alliance with Ovi(?).

    CC is asking how can she pitch to the house to keep him when she doesn’t have a problem with the other side of the house. She says she doesn’t want to have to tell the house to figure it out yet she doesn’t want to fight for him.

    They start to talk about Kryin Kat. CC wonders if they keep Kat and she wins HOH, would she come back with a vengence and come after them. She says she fears Cliff, to be honest. She says that Ovi made it clear to her that he and Cliff are solid. She says her heart wants to keep Ovi but her mind doesn’t know. Squeeky says the hardest thing is to look back at “after the fact”. CC says once they make a decision, it’s done.

    Target Bedroom…

    Ovi is pleading his case again to Jackass Jackson. He is telling JJ that Kat is a floater and can’t win competitions and he can.


  35. Kari

    I take it there’s no reason for me to watch the episode via on demand? My daughter plays dungeons & dragons every other Tuesday in West Seattle so I was a nice mom and decided to come pick her up..

  36. danmtruth

    Ovi just had the pitch of the ages TT Ad Nichole and Christie in the HOH room He left and they are like wow he makes sence First Christie was doing the old we love you as a person but for everyone’s game it is best to vote Ovi out What makes her so week is why people will keep her He brought up how Fessy made a mistake by voting Scotty out Saying he will fight for them and Kat wont win anything What was even more hilarious was they are mad he is fighting so hard to stay That if it was there time and they were on the block they would just accept it and not make people feel so uncomfortable just accept it First they tell him they cant say what there vote would be Than say they will tell him before the show Now Bella and Kimmi joined the NEW plan is to get everyone together to make sure it is a unanimous vote so there can be peace in the house

  37. NKogNeeTow



    BJKemi, Bella, and Holly have joined the discussion about Kat and Ovi. BJK says KK is a little scattered. Bella asks if they want to spend another week in the house with her. She says Ovi never came up and tried to talk to her. She says either one can go and she doesn’t care. She asks if they should just gather everyone except Kat and Ovi and just discuss it. Christie says the reason she put them both up was because they didn’t have a connection with anyone. They start to talk about their goodbye messages. TT says he wishes he had been a little bit more sincere.

    *I just accidentally deleted 2 paragraphs DAMMIT!!!!!*


  38. NKogNeeTow



    AD is going down to try to get everyone up without making Kat and Ovi suspicious. Sam is now in the room. CC is telling Sam that they just missed Ovi in there making his pitch.

    Squeeky and BJK are in the lower bedroom. BJK is telling her that Kat said she overheard Jackass Jack trying to flip the vote. Squeeks says it’s going to be a weird night.


    CC is telling Sam that she told Ovi to stop campaigning so much. Sam comes in and the start to tell him about Ovi’s 40 minute pitch and was using everything under the sun.

    Target Bedroom…He suggest that if Cliff wants to go up and talk to them, it might help just a little bit. Cliff says he will tell them that he perfers to keep Ovi and Kat is unreliable and doesn’t want to be there. Ovi asks him if he has any read on Sam at all. Cliff says no, he and Sam have never talked game. Ovi says that JJ told him that he’ll pull for him. Ovi does a count of his votes again. Ovi tell Cliff that he’s told everyone that he’s their shield. Ovi says that he feels that if Cliff talks to them, they will listen to him. Cliff leaves and Ovi repeats out loud “I’ll fight, I’ll fight, I’ll fight, I’ll fight”.


    Cryin Christie is explaining what a daybed is. They look at the camera and see Cliff coming. CC says she’s getting into the shower. Cliff comes in and tells her that Ovi pulled him in. Jackass Jakson is telling them that Ovi pulled him aside and pulled the “we’re Tennessee boys” on him.


  39. danmtruth

    Now the g8 is getting together Just for everyone Jack was nice to Kimmi and told her to be careful as her sweater was caught and might tear
    Hearing how they are complaining that Ovi is pushing so hard

  40. danmtruth

    Again the circle lijic being annoyed that he is asking what the vote is Than gets everyone together to guarantee a unanimous vote than tell him before the vote So it’s against the rules to tell him now but 20 min before the live show is ok ?? Pick a lane

  41. danmtruth

    Ok BBJ family which camper said leave your heart and morals at the door This is Big Brother not real life If you vote with your heart you wont go far
    NK no fair you playing

  42. NKogNeeTow


    Target Bedroom…

    Ovi talking to Squeeky about a possible battle back. She tells him to just give it his all and that he still has a while to go to campaign. She tells him that she was upstairs talking with them about the votes. He asks what was said. She tries to be as honest as possible without hurting his feelings or telling him exactly what was said. He tells her he’s just upset. She says there is no harm in letting people know that he’s upset and that if anyone says anything about it, to tell them that he loves the game and wants to be there. She says she’ sorry. He says he just wanted to be there a little longer. She tells him she’ll give him some time and if he wants to talk any further, she’s there. He asks if Kemi and Bella are against him. She says yes, the last she heard. He is clearly upset. She says she doesn’t want to hover over him. He asks her if she thinks that if he can get TT on his side, that others might follow. Then he asks if he thinks Christie would break the tie in his favor. She said it depends on whether she wants to go with her heart or not. He tells her who he’s going to try to talk to next. They hug and say they love each other and she leaves.


    Everyone is watching the monitor They see PSModel and BJKemi coming. Cryin Christie says again that she’s getting into the shower. PSM and BJK enter the room and CC asks them how was their DR.


    Tommy Tune is teaching Kryin Kat a dance routine. AquaDick is on the sidelines cheering them on. Bella and Squeeky are sitting at the counter eating. AD is yelling out different dance steps for them to try. He gets up and joins them a bit. He’s having troublle keeping up. They yell upstairs to Cliff to come down and join the twerk circle.


  43. danmtruth

    Nichole is very upset that people are making fun that Ovi is crying and that people are celebrating As she says yes it’s a game but show some humanity and respect

  44. NKogNeeTow



    Bella and Squeeky talking. Squeeky is telling her that she gets that it’s a game but they are human beings and it she thinks it’s best that everyone just plays their own game. She is upset that Ovi is upset and no one cares. Bella says that’s another reason that she didn’t want to be upstairs. She says even though she hasn’t spoken to Ovi that much, she still feels for him. Cliff comes in and they tell him how they hate how everyone is celebrating Ovi going home. Cliff says it’s breaking his heart. Squeeky says she hates how he’s crying and everyone is talking about having a dane party. Cliff says they are bringing up very good points. He says he shares a bed with Ovi so there is a connection and he feels bad and it’s destroying him not to be able to tell him. Cliff says Ovi practiced his eviction speech on him and it was killing him to listen to it.

    Squeeky is pissed because she says that Kat doesn’t care about the game and Ovi worked his ass off to get there. Bella says she respects anyone who came into the house and she feels for their pain when they leave.


  45. NKogNeeTow

    That whole SR convo was depressing. Why the hell am I here? I should be on EHarmony, trying to drum up a Christmas date. : /

    • danmtruth

      This is the difference Bella is trying to defend Christie saying she is in a tough position I disagree Christie talks a good game about peace and harmony how hard this is for her how she loves him and a person but it’s a game thing If he was standing next to her at final 2 she would lose The thing is she is right there with the jokes dancing on his grave Making it about her that why is he still campaigning Because you people keep telling him a gas a chance No Christie you are not a good person not because of having to vote Ovi out But you do not need to humiliate him Telling him 20 or 30 min before the vote is just to clear your concise What about laughing at he is crying and fighting to the end
      Bella is talking g to him and being as honest as she can

    • HappyHippo

      How sad!!! It’s even hard to read!

      • danmtruth

        These people cannot admit they are just following with. What the jackass twins and Christie are laying out along with TT as the consigliere

  46. danmtruth

    The leave your morals and heart at the door was said by the human Colonbox Jackson

  47. NKogNeeTow


    Cliff is saying that there is a more humane way to handle this and that tomorrow is going to be horrible. He says to remind Ovi that no matter what, he is still a part of this family. Cliff says that Bella should tell the HOH group that just so they know, Ovi is depressed so just don’t amp it up around him. BJK asks if Kat knows for sure that she’s not going home. She says that everyone says that Kat has been in worse situations than Ovi but is handling it better than he is. Bella said she wishes she had gotten to know him better. BJK says she wishes she had been a bit more compassionate.

    HOH Bathroom…

    Nick and Sis are talking. She is upset and says she’s stressed out. He tells her she just got out of college and this is a big change.

    Target Bedroom…

    Cliff is talking to Ovi and says that Christie says she doesn’t vote but that she talked more to him than she has before. He said she still didn’t tell him if Ovi was going. He said everyone up there treated him like he was a ghost. Ovi asks him who was up there. Cliff names them. Squeeky comes into the room and asks them to come into the SR. Ovi goes in and Bella hugs him and says she’s sorry. He tells her that’s very sweet of her.


  48. NKogNeeTow



    Bella is telling Ovi that he shouldn’t listen to any promises people tell him. She says “expect the unexpected” is such a big part of this game. She said believe in that. She says that whatever people tell him, she doesn’t want him to take it to heart. Ovi tells her that she, Kemi and Nick are smart people and he can be a shield for them.

    She says she doesn’t think it’s fair that people are promising him and Kat things. She says she hates seeing him upset. She says he means a lot to them but especially to Cliff. She says people want to ignore him. She says those people will know what it feels like when they are OTB.

    She says that she’s sure his family and Tennesse are proud of him and that she knows he deserves to be there. She says everyone in the house knows it too. He says he knows he has some people in his corner. He says Kat’s an easy floater. He tells Bella that he would never put her up. He says that anyone up against Kat will go home. He says she’s not a good shield, but he is. He says that people will drag her along because she’s a floater. *Wait, what? If she’s a floater, doesn’t it make sense to keep her because they can use her ass a shield whenever they need a pawn?*

    Bella tells him there is an ongoing conversation in the house so not to give up yet. She tells him that all his over campaigning is offputting so just don’t do that. She says he has up until eviction tomorrow so just let people fester and think about it.


  49. danmtruth

    Ovi admitted with a laugh he might had burn some people out with his campaign

  50. NKogNeeTow



    Bella and Ovi finish their talk, hug and leave.


    BJK and PSM are sitting on the oddly placed sofa. Kemi gets a warning about her mic.


    Jackass Jackson and AquaDick are telling Sis and Holly that they are grateful for spending time with them and getting to know them. AD grabs Sis and pulls her next to him and has her laying in his arms. He tells her that she’s so strong and to stay strong.


    Ovi is now on the oddly placed sofa tenderly holding Orwell. *I swear, Orwell has seen more action in the house than most of them* Cliff is talking about his kids and movies. The talk turns to kids movies. PSM says her daughter didn’t get the movie “Inside Out”. Cliff says he never saw the movie “Up”. PSM says “Wreck It Ralph” was a good movie. Cliff says he doesn’t do well with sad movies. They make him cry. He says “Saving Private Ryan” made him cry. *Ok, they are naming too many movies now so I’m going to skip the Siskel and Ebert reviews*


    • Sassy

      When I was trying to catch up and speed reading the comments, I was reading PSM as PMS and my mind was in the gutter for BJK (still not sure what it means), I still giggle when I read both acronyms…

      • NKogNeeTow

        PSM = Plus Size Model = Jessica

        BJK = Baleigh Junior = Kemi

        AquaDick/AD = Jack (because he says dick things, makes dick moves and is a dick.

        Jackass Jackson/JJ = Jackson aka Michie

        Cryin Christie/CC = Christie

        Squeeky = Nicole

        Kryin Kat = Kat

        Tommy Tune/TT = Tommy

        SamorNick = Sam

        NickorSam = Nick

        Sis = Analyse

  51. danmtruth

    Was a little put off by how Kimmi was not to sympathetic towards Ovi plight as she left the SR before Ovi came in With just Skeekey and Bella she was like he should just accept the position he was in Does Kimmi realize how close she was to be in that spot

    • caRyn

      Kemi knows that if she was put OTB that Ovi was going to vote to evict her. Idk how Kemi knows that but Isabella said to Kemi – that’s true.
      I was wondering why Kemi was cold but that explained it.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Welp, at least they’re talking tonight. But it’s like a merry-go-round. It’s just the same conversations over and over and over…just in different rooms.

  53. Mrs. Frisby

    OMG evict someone already, better yet everyone self evict and get a group of interesting HG in there. I am starting to hate their faces, Aaaaaaaghhhhhh!!!!!!

  54. danmtruth

    It is a shame everyone wants to hide behind the house vote thing Than Ovi points out he has certain votes and all he needs is 3 more Like he is talking to TT who I feel would like to vote for him because what Ovi says makes sence to him Yet game wise he cant break away from what the house wants TT clears his throat when he gets nervous Ovi must realize he is dealing with spineless people as they keep hiding behind the house vote

    • caRyn

      And Ovi keeps listing to other hg the names of the hg that he can count on to keep him safe. Instead of just saying I have three people that will keep me safe.

  55. NKogNeeTow


    Target Bedroom…

    TT is telling Ovi that nothing is set in stone and that everything is up in the air. Then he turns around and says that everything is going to be unanimous. Ovi asks him how he thinks they will vote. TT tells him to just let it go for tonight. He still has until tomorrow night. He keeps trying to press TT. Ovi tells TT he doesn’t know whether he should follow the guys around to talk to them. TT tells him he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.*Didn’t Bella just have a conversation with him about this? This is why they’re going to get his ass outta there. Who wants to be worried to death about the same thing?* TT is still trying to convince him to back off and give people room. *Clearly Ovi either has a hearing problem or a comprehension problem. He IS draining*

    TT tells him that he will be there for him to talk to all night if he needs it.*He’ll feel sorry for those words around 3am when Ovi is still asking him the same questions over and over.* TT tells him to do what he wants but he doesn’t think he’ll get anywhere with anyone tonight. He says the house isn’t happy tonight, it’s a sad house tonight. He tells Ovi to sleep on it an get creative and come up with reasons to combat what Christie said about keeping Kat. TT tells him that house will probably vote together so he needs to come up with an arguement as to why it is better to keep him there. Cliff comes in and tells him that if it’s a matter of begging as opposed to fighting for his BB life, to stay proud of what he does and how he carried himself. Ovi says if they get Kat out, it’s a lot easier to get Kat and David out if there is a battle back, than it would be to fight him because he’s going to fight for his life.


    • caRyn

      Ovi only heard what he wanted to hear. He wasn’t taking good advice. And after he was advised not to do something, even though he agreed, he asked again in the same conversation if he should do it. No is no.

  56. Kari

    Have there been any updates as to Kevin’s health lately?

  57. Mrs. Frisby

    Ovi may want to bargain with his power to change votes but I would do that tomorrow, everyone seems worn thin from his campaign.

  58. NKogNeeTow


    Target Bedroom…

    Ovi is still at it. He asks if there was a house meeting do they think everyone would admit who they’re voting for. Cliff and TT tells him no because no one is going to admit anything out in the open. Ovi keeps saying that Kat doesn’t want to be there. *Let me just say this right here..I hate that sh*t. Don’t tell me about what someone else wants or knows. Tell me what you want or know. Don’t tell them why Kat doesn’t deserve to be there, tell them why you do*

    *Ok, so I’m actually tired of typing the same thing over and over about Ovi. He’s like a broken record. I can see fighting to stay in the house, but there are very few things I hate worse than being brow-beaten. And Ovi is brow-beating the shit out of everyone. He goes to people for advise. They advise him to back off and give people some breathing room. He then goes to someone else and they tell him the same thing. Hell, I’d get ridd of him just for his sheer annoyance factor. You’ve got to give people a reason to want to keep you. And if everytime they look up and see you coming an the first thing that pops into their head is “Oh shit”, then apparently your plan isn’t working.*

    Ovi tells TT and Cliff he is going to tell everyone goodnight then going to bed. Cliff tells him that they love him.


    Sam is telling another story I don’t care about. Kryin Kat, Nick, AD, and Cryin Christie are listening intently.

    Target Bedroom…

    TT and Cliff are talking and TT seems to be crying. Cliff says that he’s not convinced that Ovi leaving is best for his game. He says if there is a way that he can get Nicole, Jess and Jackson on his side, he might be able to stay because he feels that’s where the house is going. Cliff starts to count down who might vote to keep him and says he just doesn’t think that’s enough numbers to make it work. He says no matter how much he loves the guy, it’s just not worth it to ruin their game for him. Cliff says in the end it’s still just a game and only 1 person will win.


    Ovi is now working on Squeeky again. He jokes about how if he leaves, he’ll greet Julie and his girlfriend. He says but in the end he’s going to fight tooth and nail. Squeeky says she’s going to take a shower tonight so she’ll be ready for tomorrow. She asks him if he’s packed. He said he’ll do it in the morning. She asks him if he’s got his outfit picked out.


  59. danmtruth

    Cliff and TT both would rather he stay but king jackass wants him gone Again The problem is both of them dont believe in the BS they are trying to bury Ovi in Ovi biggest problem some of the people he trust the most Jack ass and Nick not only dont they have his back but the are working to keep everyone in line

  60. NKogNeeTow



    Ovi is talking to Jackass Jackson. He tells Ovi that people’s emotions are all over the place. Ovi tells him that whatever happens, happens. JJ tells him that he can’t tell what they’re thinking. He says he can’t read them. JJ says what scares him is Kat. He says that sh*ts gonna hit the fan and it’s been a long 2 weeks but regardless, he wants to see him there. He says they’re still going to tear it up in Vegas. JJ tells Ovi to go say bye to them because they’re shutting the lights off and he’ll be down there waiting for them. Ovi asks him how much does he trust them. *Note: JJ didn’t tell him to go say goodnight, he said go say GOODBYE. Ovi didn’t catch it*

    Ovi goes up to the HOH and says goodnight to Sis, who is in bed. he hugs her and Holly and tells then he loves them and doesn’t want them to worry and stress. He tells tem he’s not going to talk about it anymore tonight. Then says he’s going to try one last time tomorrow to get 7 votes. He tells them that no matter what he’ll be rooting for them and they are the best, then leaves.


    TT is on the sofa with Squeeky, giving him a hug. He asks her how she’s doing. She says fine and asks if she looks sad. Ovi comes in to use the toilet and they stop talking. PSM is taking a shower and says they have a long day tomorrow. Squeeky says her stomach is upset from the stress. They go through who is still up in the house and where they are. AquaDick comes in to wash his hands.


  61. NKogNeeTow



    PSM, Squeeky, TT, AD all in the bathroom. They start to leave out. Ovi and AD go to the kitchen. Ovi tells him he want to talk to him when Jackson comes out and they all head to the Target room. Ovi tells AD that he knows that if AD talks to him he’s a target. He says Kat is a floater. He then swears them to secrecy and tells them that he has the power and what it is. He tells them that he can be their shield. He guarantees them that if they keep him, he will use his power to help them if they need it. JJ says this is big. AD says it’s massive. Ovi says they are the only one who knows about the power. JJ says he needs a minute to process it. JJ and AD asks him to explain it to them again. They are flabergasted. Ovi tells them that if he goes, the power goes with him but if he’s there, he can protect them. They ask Ovi to give them his word this is real. They asks if TT or Cliff know about it. Ovi tells them no, he has only told the 2 of them. For once AD and JJ are practically speechless. They are trying hard to process but you can see the wheels churning.

  62. kneeless

    Oh I is telling the jacks that he has the power & what it is.

  63. NKogNeeTow


    Target Room…

    AD and JJ are STILL trying to process the news and keeps saying that they need a minute. Ovi says he’s going to get some mac and cheese to give them a minute to talk. He says he’ll be back in 15 minutes and leaves. AD says he hates this game. He asks JJ how do they convince the others to keep him. He says they all made the decisions and how can they change it now. He says WTF!. JJ leaves and AD looks at the camera and keeps saying “WHAT?”. TT comes back and tells AD that they need a minute with this and they cannot just make this decision. They are trying to think of a way to sway the rest. They are clearly frustrated. They start counting the numbers. AD is saying they have to tell some of the alliance. AD says the only way they can pull it off without getting blood on the is that they have to tells Christie and Sis. JJ just keeps saying “FUCK”. AD is still trying to come up with a cover story to keep Ovi without arousing suspicion. AD asks whether they want to wake the other and tells them. JJ says they both know that regardless, everyone is going to be coming after them next week. He says that if that power is real, Ovi has no choice, and they called his bluff. They keep going back and forth as to whether or not to believe Ovi. AD says it’s either him or us. JJ says is it though?


  64. Avatar

    It’s really early in the game, but after watching tonight’s episode, this cast kind of sucks. I wanted to really root for Christie, but those tears in every segment are going to get really old very fast.

    Someone called Jack “Aquadick” on an earlier forum. Much respect to that nickname. It fits.

    Right now they are the 2 that I want out of the house the most. I hope it happens that way.

  65. NKogNeeTow



    JJ and AD are still talking. They are clearly shaken and keep asking each other what to do. JJ asks how can they sell their alliance without telling them. He doesn’t think they should tell Bella or Sis. They go over who they think they can sway. AD says he has no idea how to convince them without looking like an ass. JJ just keeps repeating “what do we do, what do we do”. AD says this is a team thing but do they keep him and bring Ovi in. JJ says that Ovi said he would use the power on them. AD says then we have to tell the team? JJ says but what if he doesn’t use it on us? AD asks again if they have to tell the team. JJ says, we have to keep Ovi.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Goodnight sweet princes and princesssss and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  66. danmtruth

    My cable froze I came back and people are worried about someone Ovi is with Bella it sounds like something happened with Kammi she locked herself in a room

  67. danmtruth

    Bella tells Kat holly Sis Nick nichole Kimmi is going thru something non game related and tells people to back off and give her space
    Nick is scared saying what he knows as what he does this is not going to be taken care of in one night
    Canoe room Jack now Kat TT jackson Christie talking about she might self evict than say she wont Jack says we had our problems but I hope she is ok Than they talk about fart jokes
    It does not sound like telling the two jacks about his power has help They are in the canoe room with TT and Christie they are so conflicted Jackson wants to keep him and use his power they ate afraid he will come back in a battle back and use the power against them

  68. danmtruth

    Bottom line canoe room says stay with the plan to late to turn things around High risk high reward to take Ovis plan but the price is to high Now Bella and nick trying to figure out how to get Jack out Because they know he is coming after them soon Its 3 in the morning I need to get to bed But the Gladys Cravets in me wants to know what happens Kimmi locked in HOH room I think and listening to Bella and Nick’s game play which is acting like foreplay

    • NKogNeeTow

      “I need to get to bed But the Gladys Cravets in me wants to know what happens”…OMG I choked on my coffee laughing. I haven’t heard that name in years.

      For those of you who don’t get the reference or don’t remember, Gladys Kravitz was the original nosey neighbor on Bewitched. She was the funniest one on there.

  69. danmtruth

    Kimmi out went in bed with Nichole now wants to know what she miss Nichole telling them of the story of Ovis talk she says how Jack was made that Ovi told them he would protect there side over jess and Kimmi side The girls were shocked Jess cannot believe there are sides as Jack is trying to be nice to them Kimmi says it makes sense and starts naming off alliances he is in The girls do not trust Ovi Think they can get an all girl alliance going and pick off the boys

  70. Avatar

    Kat should keep that chin up. She’s not evicted yet.

  71. g8trgirl

    Every time y’all write g8 I think you’re talking about me. Lol

  72. danmtruth

    I miss my morning debrief by cliff in the morning
    Last night had a bit of every thing Tommy had his marching orders from Christie &AD Shut Ovi up Stop him from talking to people because he is making to much sence Get him to sleep So Tommy Tune did his best Told Ovi to just go to sleep think about coming up with a new plan and start fresh in the morning Well Ovi took part of the advice In true Ovi fashion he had a good idea Unfortunately he told the wrong people This still started a new what if ideas for the J*J twins to chew on
    At the same time Kimmi had some kind of breakdown So today we have some loose ends to tie up

    • NKogNeeTow

      Bring on the loose ends!

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        NK, you deserve a pair of gold earplugs for putting up with BBAD. I just finished last night’s and even worse than the screaming and random loudness, is Christie’s monotone drone without taking a breath when she is amped up about something.

    • Sassy

      I think he told the right people about his power. No one else has a chance of pulling off an upset except those 2, for whatever reason, people are still following them. I hope they flip it and tell their whole alliance about the power and Ovi has to use it this week and it’s NOT for them…

      • Helen

        I think he would have stood a better chance telling Tommy and Christie…Jack is disliked by too many people..on both sides….Tommy is liked by everyone and Christie still has a lot of pull with the girls…

  73. Nancy McNamara

    Welcome Mike! Thank you for your update.

  74. Helen

    Finally,it’s. Eviction Day!! Ovi will be evicted and David will more than likely rejoin the game.
    Kemi has already stated that would have been her “showmance”
    Will be interesting to see who the new HOH is going to be..

  75. danmtruth

    Help I need a road map Jackass twins talking about if they should share this with Bella and Nick Colonbox said no Those two are savages They would cut our throats they have no morals WTF pick a lane last night you said you need to leave your heart and morals at the door

  76. Helen

    From hamsterwatch….

    there’s more to it than that, ad says “first live eviction – or is it?”

  77. caRyn

    I haven’t seen the episode from last and I haven’t read this blog or these comments yet. I am 22 minutes in watching BBAD and my mouth is to the ground. Christie wants to have a house meeting minus Kathryn and Ovi to make sure the hg all vote unanimously so there isn’t tension in the BB house next week. No one in the room – Jack, Nicole & Tommy – seem to like the idea because they aren’t really saying much. I just can’t with Christie.

    • ElaineB

      OMG with Christie. She spent hours sobbing about how controlling Jack is, and now she is organizing a meeting to tell others how to vote. Her HOH job is done! The HGs can vote however they want. In the case of a tie, she can do whatever she wants. This chick’s HOH reign has been stressful…..on me. lol.

    • caRyn

      -Meant to say – I haven’t seen the episode from last night.
      Christie is turning on Jack and speaking about their game play to hg that are not in her alliance – Sam & Nicole.

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  79. Alda

    Stop it Helen.Are you trying to make this season exciting? LOL

  80. Alda

    I couldn’t be happier that this reign of HOH is over!! Hopefully she’ll be gone for good soon.

  81. Good Dog

    I thought it was cool SamorNick took Cliff off the block. This early in the game too. A man of his word? Usually it’s whatever Hoh wants, whatever Hoh wants. God! It’s more intriguing when it’s not a unanimous vote to evict & not everyone knows who’s voting what.

  82. Kari

    I decided to break down and watch last night’s episode via on demand via on demand. If the truth be told I just want to see Kaycee. I’m probably going to ignore the majority of it..

  83. Kari

    I wrote this on a previous post, but I didn’t realize at that time that we had flipped to a new thread. I just have some questions that are way off topic but I’m trying to get some suggestions

    My husband and I are trying to avoid the noise in the craziness of tomorrow. We’re probably going to hide out in a movie theater. 🙂

    We’re not really superhero people but I’m wondering about the new Spider-Man. Is it really worth all the hype? Is it good for people that are not really superhero people? LOL

    Any other movies that are currently in theaters that someone would recommend that are not overtly violent? I don’t even care if it’s a kids movie. 😉

  84. Good Dog

    I would like to see Ovi use his power at some point but being a dude Kat is kind of cute AND I think she has a little of Sam ( from last season ) in her & could be enjoyable watching her blow a gasket.

  85. Sassy

    Sounds like Christie and Tommy know about Ovi’s power. And he’s promised he will use it to shield them too. Does he think he can use it multiple times? And if he uses it to save them, the HOH can put him up. I hope he rethinks this, if they save him.

    • danmtruth

      He is throwing everything at the wall Hoping something sticks Its a losing proposition He has told just about everybody he is offering himself as a shield just for them The problem is What he tells people They tell everyone else who say he gave them the same promise Making him look even worse All his talking has done is dig a deeper hole He only told the Jackass twins about his power They are the ones who shared the info with Sys,Holly,TT, and Christie Now that made the twins look even better to the others

      • ElaineB

        Ovi will go…..hopefully David will return. Though I am not a huge fan of Ovi, I am still super pissed that a backdoor was used the first week, for no legitimate reason. I am ready for Christie to be schooled in upcoming days. And I will look forward to more airhead moments with…..Kat. *sigh*

  86. hogwild

    As we don’t have a new thread yet today has anything of even mild interst happened today?

    • Sassy

      Jess has been cutting the guys hair. Nick does not like his.

      Jack has told Christy, TT, Holly and Sis about Ovis power and they are still evicting him. They (more so Christy) want it to be unanimous so they can go into next week United, not sure how she thinks that helps her.

      There is NO loyalty in this house… usually there are a few people that stay true to each other for a few weeks, but not this group.

      • hogwild

        So Ovi is still gone something we have pretty much known for a couple days now the nystery of no new thread solved.

  87. Ava

    Why is this season so boring, I don’t even have a favorite,,,anyone???

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