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Week In Review: Greed Hurts The Newbies – Plus Predictions

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This week went from the Newbies cruising to the Vets back in power faster than you can say “The producers want a veteran to win” or “Porsche proves why the newbies are newbies”.   I’d honestly lean toward the latter simply because in the end, Porsche didn’t have to open Pandora’s Box, but she did.   Sure, the veto competition should have been called This Was Designed For Rachel To Win, but again, without opening that door, Jordan would still be on the block and the newbies still in control.   If you want to read my thoughts on this decision, I went over it more in this post.


Once Pandora’s Box was opened, the biggest stories of the week were that there were no real stories of the week.  I scrambled and tried to talk about Adam’s floating, or Shelly still trying to stay in the house, and shit, I even wrote a story about Rachel not being pregnant.  If the week were any longer, you may have seen stories about Porsche not wearing sweat pants, Kalia being awake, or Adam talking to himself.  Crap, I already covered the last one.

To summarize, it was a pretty long week in the Big Brother house, and a pretty surprising season overall.   In a season that had strong personalities like Dick, Daniele, Jeff and Rachel all in one house combined with potentially entertaining newbies like Dominic, Lawon and Keith (Keith because he was so pathetic around any female in the house), our final 6 consists of some of the most boring personalities ever.

That brings me to my final thought before predictions.  When you factor in how strong the vets were physically, combined with the ‘pair twist’ that gave them a very significant early advantage with just how weak the 8 newbies were… it makes me wonder if production hoped the vets would completely make up the final 6.  I mean a final 6 of Dick, Daniele, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon was probably their wet dream, and in order to try and make it happen, they gave them a nice advantage and made them compete against arguably the worst set of 8 players the house has seen in a long time.  They may as well just labeled them “speed bumps” instead of newbies.

It didn’t work that way, and here I sit blogging about non pregnancies, and talk of their dogs all day.


This is going to be a pretty easy prediction week for me.   Shelly made a push towards the end of the week, but in the end, there is no way she’s in the house after tonight.

Can not vote:  Porsche, Adam, Shelly


Jordan: Shelly
Rachel: Shelly
Kalia: Shelly

Shelly leaves the house in just the 3rd unanimous decision all season (granted it’s only 3 votes, so probably shouldn’t count).

Head of Household

The four able to play the HoH are Adam, Jordan, Kalia, and Rachel.  My guess is that it’ll either be a running competition (like the ball pit) or a trivia type.   If running competition, I think Rachel wins it.  If trivia, I think each person has a pretty equal shot at winning with Kalia being the favorite due to her history.  Adam is also a sleeper in trivia, and he may be really focused based on how close it is to the end of the game.


Can Adam finally pull out an HoH tonight?

So I’m thinking tonight’s HoH will either be Adam or Rachel depending on the competition.

Make sure to follow my facebook or twitter to get instant updates, and read my live tweets during the show.

Also, remember to check your DVR to see if the show is properly recording tonight.


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