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What A Night. BBOTT Is The Best Season Nobody Is Watching



I’ve said something similar near the beginning of the season, but now that we’re midway through, I stand by my statements. Let me be clear, when I say ‘nobody’ is watching, I mean the masses. The millions who tune in to CBS episodes every week but chose not to get the live feeds for this show. To be fair, it’s hard to blame them when the last thing they watched was the mess that was BB18. I’m sure many didn’t want to pay to join live feeds only to watch a bunch of showmances laying around sleeping all fall like they did in the summer.

I am still holding out hope that CBS will slide BBOTT in one of their weekly slots when one of their shows gets canceled. I’m pretty sure this show is far more entertaining than Kevin Can Wait or MacGyver.

This isn’t going to be a promotional piece to get you to join the feeds. Most people either have by now or they won’t. That said, if you want to, here is the link for them. This post is to talk about the craziness that unfolded last night in the BB house (or should I say throughout the day).


Tuesday into Wednesday, Scott was doing a LOT of cam talk. He was begging and pleading that America do what they can to keep him in the house. As part of his very long ramble, he started mentioning that he’ll terrorize Danielle if that’s what people want. This is around the time when Neeley woke up and walked in on him speaking, so she ended up hearing that last part. As the house woke up and took their spots (the plastics huddled together somewhere, while the LNJ was guarding the couch for the day), Neeley relayed the message to the group. This is when Jason revealed that Scott has been campaigning to him by saying things like Neeley wants to be the best competitor in the house, and is trying to evict the strongest players.  Kind of a bad argument considering two of the stronger physical players in the house are on his side (Alex and Morgan), but whatever.

This resulted in Neeley getting fired up and completely pissed at Scott.  She went inside to tell the plastics that Scott has been campaigning and ended up running into the Virgin King himself. Fireworks went off when she started screaming at him for threatening to bully Dani, and she went on for about 5-10 minutes ranting how bad of a person Scott is.  Scott’s reply was basically that he’s never said anything bad about Neeley and he is not sure why she is freaking out on him.

Neeley is calling Scott 'ignant'
Neeley is calling Scott ‘ignant’

Things settled down after that point through the rest of the day, and both sides went back to do their daily routines. That is until it was eviction time and Neeley had more words to say about Scott. During her campaign speech, so let it all out there revealing everything she has heard (both true and false). Scott had his day 1 alliance everyone knew about, he threatened to bully Dani, and the icing on her cake was that Scott apparently clapped when he heard Kryssie got injured during PoV. The last one surprised Scott as it was clearly false, so he had a puzzled look on his face when she said that. Scott was doing a lot of pumping himself up and other weird shit while waiting for the PoV competition, but in a clear case of misunderstanding, Kryssie heard Scott clapping to himself after she came in the house. She assumed it was because she mentioned how she hurt herself on the wall, and needed band-aids for her massive wounds.



Now, anyone who watched Scott during this comp knew he was pretty much a lunatic who was losing his mind. He spent some time praying, some time doing a weird crossbreed of yoga and karate, and then acted like a nutjob when he returned from the competition because he was pumped he thought he won. Was Kryssie lying?  No. She likely did hear Scott, but he wasn’t clapping over her injury. However, instead of asking him about it, she let it stew and told her group about it, and they let it stew. This resulted in Scott hearing about it for the first time last night, and not even given a chance to defend himself at a time when most of the feeders were watching.

After Neeley was evicted by America’s Vote, Scott was pumped once again and couldn’t hold it in. He let off this crazy clap and later explained to Jason that he was excited Neeley was going home and also relieved that he wasn’t going to leave without defending himself. Was it shitty to clap for an eviction the way he did? Yes. Looking back, it was also shitty to basically call Scott a horrible person and reveal misinformation during the eviction.

Well, shortly after Neeley left, the house blew up again. Jason was doing a lot of lecturing to Scott about clapping and threatening to bully Dani. Those two went back and forth for awhile before Shelby went into the kitchen and mentioned how nasty Jason has been to her throughout the season (to call him a hypocrite, basically). Alex joined and defended Scott by saying he has been treated like shit all season by that side of the house, so it’s a little ridiculous to play victim now.  Later on in the evening, Shelby calling him out finally sunk in and Jason actually realized he was wrong for calling Scott out while he has been extremely nasty himself. He said he’s going to change that and not be so mean moving forward (we’ll see.  If so, good on him for learning something).

The second person to scream at Scott that day
The second person to scream at Scott that day

Going back to the kitchen incident. Jason was still debating back and forth with Scott about the issue when Dani storms out of the bedroom and absolutely unleashes on Scott. She mentions how she was bullied growing up, got beat up and needed an MRI to see if she had brain damage one of the times. I forgot exactly what else she said, but this was all around 8:50pm. She continued until the feeds were cut to prepare for the HoH competition (Booooo!)


The HoH competition started, and there was a shitton of technical difficulties to where we could hear production through most of it. We’d hear them talking in the background before speaking into the house, and it was pretty fun to watch since it was clearly some crew that was in over their heads. The competition was a round by round trivia comp which resulted in Dani and Whitney being the last ones standing. When Whitney put the incorrect answer, you can hear some groaning by the production team before being told to shut the f*ck up by someone else. The only problem is that the house also heard it, so Jason spent the better part of the night after that thinking not only is America after them, but production is as well.

I will say, it’s certainly not a good look for production. This is going to create massive doubt every time someone on the plastics’ side of the house wins anything (CP, America’s Nom, etc). Even though Jason’s crew has been completely miserable for most of the season which resulted in the tide turning to favor the other side of the house, Jason still doesn’t see that. He thinks he’s being edited in a way that makes him look bad, and people like Shelby look good. I personally don’t think production is going to interfere with anything, but I also don’t like being wrong. Regardless of which side you’re on, that leak will probably taint the minds of the LNJ and their fans, and rightfully so. If I heard that, I would begin to question anything that went the way of the girls in the house and wonder if I was not only playing against the other side of the house, but also against production.

Again, I don’t think they interfere, but I am just saying Jason’s doubt from here forth will be a valid doubt.

Live updates coming up soon. There was just so much to talk about from last night that I didn’t want to put all of that before the feed updates.


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  1. Renee

    I wish I could have stayed awake to hear that from production. I definitely was not a happy camper when I woke up and saw who won HOH.

  2. Renee

    How many care packages are left and what are they?

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      There are four more ACPs:

      – Week 4 (this week): Eliminate Three Eviction Votes– The winner can prevent three houseguests of their choice from voting in this week’s eviction.

      – Week 5: Co-HoH– The winner automatically becomes Co-HoH, earning immunity and the right to choose one of the two nominees.

      – Week 6: Double Eviction Veto– During this week’s double eviction, the HouseGuests will not compete in a veto competition; instead, the winner of this care package will earn the veto.

      – Week 7: The Final Four Challenge– The winner earns the opportunity to automatically advance to the final four provided they complete a special challenge.

    • Avatar
      Glenda (129 comments)


  3. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Great recap as always Steve! This past week has been so exciting– my heart was pounding last night during both the live eviction vote (it all came down to America’s vote) and during the HOH comp (one Plastic vs one of the Nerd Herd). They couldn’t have even written a more suspenseful evening of TV! Add in all the blowups earlier in the day and after the live eviction, and we have what’s shaping up to be one of the best seasons of Big Brother in the past decade friends!

  4. Mell
    Mell (4888 comments)

    Great rundown of yesterday Steve! It’s the first thing I’ve read that represented how both sides of the house probably thought and felt about yesterday and the events leading up to it. No matter who we root for, what happened is what happened.

  5. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Guys, I think we gotta go with Shelby for this week’s ACP. The polls have Shelby in a pretty commanding lead, but second place is Jason. If we split the vote with the other Plastics, Jason could end up with the care package this week (which would spell disaster for the Plastics).

    • Shivani33

      I think so too. Signs were the same late into last night. Shelby has by far most of the projection poll votes. There’s continues to be nearly universal comment opinions about getting rid of Krustie as America’s nom, despite the fact that Danielle will try to save her by removing her from the block. Krustie is being seen as deadweight, even moreso since she prematurely ejaculated herself from the PoV comp.

      One thing to consider is that right now, Shelby is still here in the game. Holding off on giving her the Care package includes the presumption that she’ll still be in the game at all to receive another one later. I want to give her a shot in the arm now! Her mind is a pretty good instrument, and she knows who she would sacrifice from her side if it comes to that…Whitney.

    • caRyn

      I agree. Shelby for Care Package.

  6. Avatar
    jacks765 (78 comments)

    I just really feel like America has TOO much power. You have to hand it to the plastics, they have adapted their strategies to fit the twist of season. if the season had been like others and America didn’t get a nom, I wonder how different the season would have gone and if you’d see different sides to these people. Knowing America is not only sending them gifts, but voting them out, I think has had such a huge impact on the game, the actually comps don’t even really matter except to guarantee personal safety. I definitely think it would be harder to play this season than any other because your allies could go home during your hoh week after week. Numbers are always important in this game and really America is controlling that not the hgs.

  7. Shivani33

    Danielle received satin sheets and Frank Ocean music. She’s back to fantasizing that Shane will return to the house.

  8. Mell
    Mell (4888 comments)

    Random moments I noticed from yesterday:

    Best moments-
    * immediately after the eviction while everyone’s minds were blown, I thought it was hilarious and typical that Justin was ironing a shirt. (what the hell was he wearing last night byw? I needed sunglasses)
    *BS were cold hearted and ruthless as they sat snacking and munching loudly as LNC’s world was crumbling after Neely’s eviction. If you want to fake caring, a healthy appetite probably isn’t the way to go. (this is a compliment by the way- I’m not slamming them and thought it was impressive)
    * Jason appeared to start connecting the dots last night regrading his mouth. (Krissi is still in denial) Let’s face it, he’s never going to be the sweetest guy in the room but I really hope this is a wake up call. I’m inclined to believe he gets it but he’s almost out of cigarettes so it remains to be seen if he will do anything to change.
    * I’m not a fan of praying for things like games and lottery wins but to each is own. However, I did notice when Justin said that he prayed he said it was for what was supposed to happen would happen rather than a particular thing to happen. I liked that about him.
    *The discussion about how poor BB budget is was funny when they were referring to ramen noodles being in the HOH basket.
    * Jason and Scott realizing that BBOTT is the same as if BB6 and BB8 had a baby was funny.

    Worst moments-
    * I was afraid Justin’s vote may be doubted in his alliance and I saw hints of that last night.
    * Scott had barely taken any time to be happy that he wasn’t evicted before he started asking people “how can I save Alex this week?”
    * I was just as shocked as the hg’s to hear the comments from behind the wall. It was clear as day and both sides heard. People that work for the show have favorites just like we do but if they have that little self control, someone in charge needs to tape their mouths shut or assign them the task of sweeping the parking lot where they can’t be heard. You can’t take a house full of people who are paranoid already and plant that seed. Alex, Whitney, Jason and Danielle were all called out last night to “not talk about production” and “don’t use production as strategy.” I call bullsh1t on that one because if that’s the way CBS wants it, production shouldn’t be heard talking about production either.

    * Scott made himself look bad the way he clapped when Neeley left but he was annoyed and had a reason to be mad.
    * The entire clapping incident during the veto comp was a misunderstanding. (Krissi’s assumption became fact-shocker)
    *Jason wasn’t comparing Scott to a sexual or physical abuser. Whether you agree with Jason or not regarding Scott, he was saying that verbally terrorizing someone can be a form of abuse and that you dont have to touch someone for it to cross a line that isn’t game.
    * Intent vs action was another issue they seemed to have and both sides were right. BS and Scott were asking what had he actually done at that point to terrorize Danielle. He did some smack-talking in the kitchen and that was it. They were right. However, Jason wasn’t calling him out for what he HAD done. He was discussing what Scott was overheard saying he PLANNED to do. Scott did plan to do that and said it several times so Jason was also right. We’ll never know if Scott would have crossed the line or not because obviously that’s not a good plan at this point.

    I was fine with Morgan saying the Scott hadn’t bullied anyone because he hasn’t. She lost me when she said (and included herself) that they were the ones that had been bullied. I don’t recall anyone in that house ever being anything but polite or at worst simply avoiding most of BS. (especially Morgan and Whitney) Neither side of the house has been bullied. I also don’t think Shelby has been. She gives as good as she gets and at times Shelby has started it. Although I don’t like some of the things players say, talking trash about someone behind their back (even if it’s disgusting) isn’t bullying. It’s a bad attitude and a gutter vocabulary. Smarting off to people, being an asshole and letting them know you don’t care for them isn’t bullying. That’s mostly what Shelby and Jason do to each other.
    * I like the girls alliance and I said above their cut throat mentality last night was amazing to see. I like ruthless players. When Morgan one that veto, Alex was trying to sway her to use it on Scott and jeopardize Morgan’s game. As a person I wouldn’t want her as a sister but as a player she gained some points from me. I do find it annoying BS strongest game move lately is running to the storage room immediately after any house event and begging America. (Alex is doing it the most) It’s becoming a bad habit.
    * I wish Alex would stop saying the other side isn’t playing the game. She and Krissi are very different people yet both share this very annoying habit. Just because BS is begging doesn’t mean they aren’t playing. Just because LNC sits around bitter and insulting people doesn’t mean they aren’t playing. I’ve heard both sides strategize a lot and both sides have had plans work and fail.

  9. Renee

    I think one of my biggest issues with Danielle is that it seems she only uses the single mother issue when she thinks it will gain her sympathy or points. We all have heard her long drawn out stories about herself, but I don’t hear her talking about her child. I’ve never even heard the name of the child, just “my son”. As a single mom (or a typical mom) I don’t think there is anyone who personally knows me that doesn’t hear my kids name all the time. Were there any pictures of her child in her HOH basket?

    • Shivani33

      Renee – Danielle had a locket with her son’s picture when she came into the house . She had to turn it over to production early on in the game, and she was hurting over it. It showed. There are indications that the baby-daddy doesn’t want the little guy’s identity to be publicized. I feel that Danielle misses her son a lot. She might be immature and foolish sometimes (and also egotistical, leaving herself open to lots of criticism,) but I think that she wants, loves and misses her little boy deeply. I feel her carrying him within herself. I think that she’s trying to toe the line by functioning within the limits of the father’s (legal) choices about what she can and cannot say and/or show about their child.

    • Mell
      Mell (4888 comments)

      Renee she isn’t allowed to say her son’s name since her ex wouldn’t sign the disclosure. I don’t know if it’s because he’s an NFL player or just a very private person. Either way it wasn’t her choice.

      • Renee

        Thank you both for clarifying this situation. I definitely can understand if there is a legal/co-parenting issue that prevents her from this.

  10. Avatar
    Pielady 1 (35 comments)

    I voted Shelby to get this weeks care package. I know she will do the right thing with it. I like Krissay, Justin, and Morgan for Have Nots. I don’t think Krissay or Justin could get in her head like they could Whittneys. Lets vote Jason for eviction. He needs to go home and stop stirring the pot and blaming everyone else. If not Jason then Krissay,. What do you think?

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  12. caRyn

    Neeley’s eviction speech – I’m sorry Scott. But you no longer deserves to be in the house. Over the past 24 hours he has thrown each and everyone single one of you UTB in the hopes of trying to save his own skin and playing the game to the very last minute. He came into this house and on day one made an alliance with four people who have all but left the game. Also I think the Coup de grace to Scott no longer needing to be in the house are the antics of late of trying terrorize people to gain more TV time. It started last week with his cheesy trying to get Shane out of the house. Apart of his alliance, mind you. Then it went on to terrorizing Danielle and then even telling, I overheard it, telling you if you let him stay he is going to terrorize her even more. And I think the coup de grace why he needs to go is because he overheard that Kryssie hurt her hand during the Veto comp and applauded. Applauded. He applauded in someone else’s misery. And why would you do that if you want to be in this house? Why would you want someone in this house. I don’t care how you feel about each other. No one should applaud someone else’s misery. That is disgusting. And for those reasons, Scott no longer deserve to be here. He only wants his weekly stipend. He only wants TV time. He is not here to compete. He is not loyal. And he does not deserve your votes to stay.

  13. Avatar

    So If Danielle puts up:
    NOM: Scott
    NOM: Alex

    and America puts up:
    AMNOM: Kryssie/ Jason (Please put up Jason)

    Kryssie/ Jason

    And america gives the care package to Shelby,
    ans the noms stay the same… That means that Kryssie/Jason go home

    EVEN if we have three plastics on the block, as long as one of them gets the care package we GUARANTEE that someone from LNJ doesnt get a vote.

    So who are we putting up as our NOM? I vote Jason. Im tired of him. Whining through the entire season and being rude for no reason is not a reason to win this game. The plastics + Justin are playing a good game.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      I’m trying to push everyone in the direction of nominating Jason too @andge. Not only is he insufferable, but I think it’s the better game move for the Plastics. He is still eligible to receive a care package (Krustie is not) and I think Jason has a MUCH better chance of winning the game at the end based on the whole America vote thing.

  14. Guy Forget
    Guy Forget (6 comments)

    let’s put up Krusty.

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