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What A Profitable Date!


How do you think Christmas, Paul, and Alex are feeling today?

If you’re fairly new to the Big Brother world, let me give you a quick recap.  Last summer during BB19, Cody and Jessica met and hooked up. It was the standard ‘showmance’ that happens every season, but this one had to go through a bit more than the normal one because of the Paul crew. Throughout most of the season, whenever a person was the ‘target’ for the week, Paul’s crew basically made their life hell. The target was shunned and shit on to prevent that person from being able to flip any votes and stay in the house. Whether you like it or not, it’s a fairly effective strategy that brought Paul’s crew to the end of the game.

While the strategy itself is effective, it is very hard to do while keeping it 100% game. Personal shots inevitably happen and the odds of that happening increase when a bitter person returns to the house as Cody did. There was a lot of resentment from the first eviction and really no love loss between Cody and Paul.


Things got really bad the afternoon Cody and Jessica ended up in the hammock on one side of the backyard while Paul, Josh, Alex, and Christmas harrassed them from the other side.  They tried to break the couple up by bringing up something Cody said during the first week (he promised to evict Jessica if needed). In addition, they also called Cody’s military service into question as well as mocked the couple for “throwing away their game for each other”. One of the lines most often used by the group was “wow, what an expensive date!!  You’re throwing away $500k for that person you just met?”

Well, fast forward past the humiliating betrayal Alex suffered when she trusted Paul but he gave her the boot.  Go past the humiliation of Christmas trusting Josh and Paul only to see Josh evict her. And go past Josh upsetting Paul and winning the season. You had last night where the group had to sit at home and watch Cody and Jessica win a combined $1 million dollars as they won The Amazing Race 30. This was days after they announced their engagement and now plan on starting a family.

I guess that date wasn’t too expensive after all?

Congrats to Jessica and Cody for the win. I am not at all surprised they won because both of them are complete beasts and the only thing that was going to stop them would be themselves. Now if we can get them back on Big Brother in a season with Christmas and Paul, that would be great!



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  1. LO1004

    I was not a Jess and Cody fan on BB19, but I am so excited for their win on The AR!! They were fun to watch and much more likable this time around. Congrats to them and I wish I was a fly on the wall to see their housemates faces when they won 1 Mill!

  2. hogwild

    I would like to think Paul is still banging his head against the wall over seeing the guy who took the win away from him win AFP and Amazing Race.

  3. WhereisPablo

    I don’t believe Paul follows or much cares what Jody does at this point. Cody wasn’t the only vote for Josh. What I am wondering is this: if , CBS could rig BB for Paul as so many speculated, could they assist Jody? Or does that theory only work one way?

    • hogwild

      I don’t know about rigging anything all I can say is Paul seemed bitter after losing both B.B. 18 and 19 and seems like someone who would get honked off over Cody and Jessica doing something he couldn’t. We will never know for sure we are all just speculating but that’s my take on it.

    • Mel

      There’s a difference in rigging it for someone to win vs being given many advantages to increase the chances you’ll stay in the house longer. Paul was given those advantages but that doesn’t mean it was rigged. Each show also has their own staff so it isn’t necessarily the same people working on each one. In theory, I suppose that could be done to assist people on TAR but I’ve never heard of it happening. It’s common knowledge on BB.

      • WhereisPablo

        Oh I agree and used the word”rigged” merely because I saw it used so much regarding Paul every time he advanced in the game. Clearly it was not done since he lost. I was just wondering if it crossed anyone’s mind in reference to Jody on TAR since they obviously were cast because of their BB appearance? We will never know who, if anyone were given advantages while racing.

    • jimbo

      Paul cares big time…very obviously.

  4. Mel

    Great summary of events Steve!

  5. Shivani33

    Hopeless romantic here! I love a good love story. With all of the sorrow in our world, it’s made me very happy to see two people meet and make it into something splendid for the both of them. Cody has changed so much, finding a partner who has helped to open him up to valuing himself. He seemed like a pained, bittersweet and conservative guy til Cupid smacked him. Jessica is lively by nature but need a rock. Cody is her rock, but I think that her love of life has turned him into a rough diamond. FFS, what’s not to love ♡♡♡♡♡

    • Seattle Kari

      Exactly! Watching them together on The Amazing Race I saw completely different side of both of them but most especially Cody. I don’t know if you watch bit last night finale I thought it was really funny that the host said “hey he’s smiling!” Lol

      • WhereisPablo

        I agree. Cody was much easier to watch and like him or not (not) he is a competition beast. Jessica has not changed at all in my opinion. All 3 teams in the final were deserving. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.;-)

    • jimbo

      He’s still conservative…nothing wrong with that. If you don’t like conservative, go for Cult Leader Paul.

  6. Shivani33

    I’m not sure whether to wait for a new thread or to just get back to the game at hand and comment about it here. However, Ross is starting to show some irritation with Marissa. It’s about time.

  7. Seattle Kari

    As so many of us talked about this whole last summer was absolutely the worst ever. I did not like the way Cody and Jessica presented themselves in any way shape or form, but the wave Paul and his cronies acted was equally horrific.

    That being said Jessica and Cody have obviously proven that they are the real deal. I watch the entire season of

    • Seattle Kari

      Hit send before I meant to dammit…

      They’ve obviously proven that they are the real deal. Watch the entire season of The Amazing Race and they did incredible together. They definitely deserve this win and I’m happy for them about the engagement. I hope it works out for them and I wish them only the best..

    • hogwild

      Totally agree to say Cody and Jessica made a bad first impression on B.B. would be a massive understatement but it was the actions of Paul and his minions that made them into the sympathetic characters of the season and in my opinion led to them getting cast on AR. On a side note saw you post before you meant to so I have to ask anyway we can get an edit button I have lost track of how many times I have found a mistake or typo after I click post especially when posting in my phone.

  8. jimbo

    Loved it. I defended Cody in the early weeks when everyone crapped on him, all because he had the AUDACITY to “try” to put Cult Leader Paul on the block (the smart move, as it turned out). He never kissed ass or gave in, and left the house pretty popular, winning America’s Favorite Player. With Paul and Crew bringing dooshiness to a new level, it is REALLY awesome to see yet another arrow slung into Cult Leader Paul.

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