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What Will Paulie Tell Victor To Do This Week?



We finally got an endurance competition shown on the feeds. I can’t believe it! Thank you Big Brother for not screwing us again.

That was a pretty exciting competition. If you can ignore the endless whining by Natalie trying to win the HoH. Look, I understand pulling out all the stops to win, but that was getting pathetic. Natalie did a great job, but begging Victor to just give it to her, especially after she humiliated him on national TV was ballsy. There was no way he was going to simply hand that over to her, no matter how bad she tried to make him feel. Just not going to happen.

It was also a bit classy of him to jump down on top of her and give her the first hug for hanging in as long as she could. James may have been jealous by that, but it was a nice moment in the house.


Also, I want to thank everyone who has donated to my trip. I am humbled not only by the donations, but the amazing compliments I’ve received. Amy, Melinda and I work hard to keep you guys updated as much as possible, so it’s always amazing to hear people say how much they love our updates.  Even if one of the compliments is in reference to being a fan like Kathy Bates in ‘Misery’ 🙂  (seriously, that was probably my favorite comment I’ve received in awhile)


  • 9:10pm – Paul has already said Victor is putting up Michelle and Z, with Z being the target
    • Meanwhile, Vic is in the kitchen talking about the competition and saying “What do you think, I don’t love my mom just as much as you do??”.  This is in reference to Natalie constantly talking about how she needs to see a picture of her mother.
  • 9:20pm – The future nominees are talking in the shower about how blindsided they feel with the Da’ situation.  Michelle tells Z she thinks Z is safe this week (she’s not), but she’ll be going on the block (they both will)
    • Michelle begins crying. That didn’t take long.  Now we just need some puke and I’ll get what I missed while getting tacos.
  • 9:45pm – Paul approaches a crying Michelle in the bedroom. He is playing off as betrayed. She is saying she is as well. She doesn’t know why she wasn’t told, and feels so alone
    • He plays along with the ‘poor me’ approach to make her feel better
  • 10:05pm – He leaves and joins Nicole/Corey. He lets them know that the noms will likely be Michelle/Z
    • Nicole leaves to clear the air with Michelle
    • She tells Michelle that she had a talk with Da’ and explained that they couldn’t work together.  The reason she didn’t tell Michelle about it is because Michelle would have freaked
    • Michelle is crying over and over because she apparently made some comment about some shit that I forgot (it really is dumb). Now she thinks she’s going home because of it
    • Michelle  = “Paul and Z are holding it together”… well yea, Paul is lol. He was in on it
  • 10:20pm – Paulie is already working Victor on getting Z out.
    • He asks who he thinks should go, and while Bridgette and Victor both lean toward Michelle, Paulie brings up reasons why he thinks Z is more dangerous. She is more dangerous, to Paulie. He doesn’t want the showmance target on his back. Plus, she knows too much about him. True gentleman.
    • victor
  • 10:30pm – Michelle has joined Corey, James, and Natalie in a better mood. She is trying to fit in and not stress.  Now they’re talking about puke. Awesome.
  • 11:00pm – Paulie is talking to Z. He is saying they realized how Natalie’s game was when she was begging and begging for HoH, claiming she was going to fall, then stayed up another 20 or so minutes.


House is just waiting for HoH room, and I am tired.  Overnight in the morning!


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  1. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Boom! I love it! I think Victor has the balls to make a big move. Aim big! And not Natalie and Bridgette big, but actually big.

  2. JD

    Has anyone used their HOH other than Paulie?! Cheese n rice!!

  3. Avatar

    Welp. Let’s start another week of Paulie being HOH! Ugh. I hope we get to see something get shook up soon. Victor will mind Paulie like a little kid. I bet he will totally ignore what Day whispered to him. I just want to shake these people and ask them WTF is wrong with them!

  4. danmtruth

    Well the first part of the plan is set Vic is HoH. Now will he believe Da about him being a target for double eviction night? Does Vic still hold a grudge against Paulie for back dooring him him

    • Avatar
      Kola (32 comments)

      He didn’t work with Frank after Tiffany told him to, especially coming into a house where it seemed like he had no one to work with. I doubt he’s going to do anything significant with this HOH.

    • Mello_One

      @ danmtruth
      It will be telling if Victor runs back, and tells Paulie what Day said about the Double Eviction while walking out the door. Like I said before, Vic needs to get rid of one of those Boys b4 the DE, hopefully Paulie, or Corey.

      • Avatar
        Kristine (207 comments)

        Definitely or maybe backdoor James. Still put Michelle and z on the block as pawns. Someone wins pov pull one off and target either paulie, Corey, or James since Natalie was stupid to not include james in her deal for safety

      • NKogNeeTow

        So far….and you know how things change from hour to hour….the plan is to put up Meech/Zzz….and if 1 of them comes down, either Gidget or Nat as a replacement.

    • Avatar
      Kristine (207 comments)

      And if he wins the care package either this one (subtract 2 eviction votes) or the next one he’ll be set.( the upcoming care package is safety that week (in exchange you have to wear a silly costume) an even better thing would be the round trip

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Victor is just as dumb as the rest of them. Zakiyah should not be a target this week. Nicole needs to go on the block with Corey and if Corey wins POV put Paulie’s butt up and get rid of him. These dumb people are handing the win to him on a silver platter. Zakiyah is stupid for believing anything that Paulie says. No one is going to talk to me like that and i still give in to him. He fell right after her because he wanted to make sure that she didn’t win. Yes he fell on purpose and she is dumb to not listen to her intuition.

      • Avatar

        Just curious. Many talk about how Corey and Nicole doing nothing but then those same people want them to be put up and voted out? So what makes them any different than mich, nat, z? Doesn’t quite make sense

  5. Mello_One

    If Paul Wins BB18, according to his Mother…He is buying her a Bentley?!?! It looks like the Family can afford to buy a Bentley on their won, they live in a Mansion!

  6. Avatar
    I-Love-Frank (1 comments)

    Paul needs it the most. He’s still living with his parents, ffs. Not that I want him to win. But, since he’s one of two heads of the giant douche-monster (Vic being the other), he seems to have a solid alliance.

  7. Jannie

    The Godfather is pushing for Slick Vic to target Zzzzz.
    That guy is a real sleaze bag.
    Zzzzz is going to feel like a fool when she she realizes she threw away a chance at $500K to be played by a guy on national television.
    Final four will be Paulie, Paul, Nicole and Corey….what a boring and predictable season.

    • Mello_One

      I can hardly wait until Zakiyah gets out of the BB House, so that she can see how BADLY Paulie Dogged her Out on National TV! She will never live it down, all the sexual stuff, & the verbal abuse…Smdh?!

      I read someplace where Zakiyah’s Family doesn’t want her to date Paulie, (if it is real) I surely hope that her Family doesn’t.

      • Avatar
        Ressa (5 comments)

        Especially when she watches the live feeds, she really looks crazy! Trying to get him to kiss hee and he didn’t want to and then fakingbthe nightmare so she would have an excuse to kiss him… desperate and crazy!

      • Avatar
        Julia (487 comments)

        Da’vonne will be holding a intervention with Z when she gets to jury. Z needs some real talk about her behavior past few weeks and ask her why she allowed him to talk to her the way he did. Z needs to hear some real talk.

      • AIO_7

        Let’s just face it, Z. ain’t that bright.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Where did you read that? I wld not be surprised. He is a total dirtbag the way he treats Z. If you’re not feeling her, leave her alone.

    • NKogNeeTow

      There you are my Little Jannie! I miss you not having BBAD 🙁

      James is acting like HE secured Nat’s safety. Such a funny little man. I’m sick of him.Nat is feeling secure because Gidget likes her and has assured her she won’t come after her, so Nat thinks that Gidg won’t go after James, out of friendship to her. She also thinks that she is safe because Slick Vic promised her he won’t put her up if she dropped….She should remember that check James cashed a few weeks ago (bet Gidget and Frank remembers).

      Zzz told Sunburn that she hopes she proved herself that she can win Comps…(But you didn’t win. Holding on longer than some, but not holding on long enough does not qualify as winning. What you did was like almost being pregnant. You either are or you aren’t).

      The Godfather is telling Zzz that he has to talk to Vic to make sure he “pushes him a certain way”. But he’s not telling her that he’s pushing in her direction. He’s telling her that he didn’t care that she voted for Da but that Bunyon and Vic are pissed. He lies with SUCH a straight face. He is now telling her that Vic might put him up (he’s already given him his marching orders). He is telling her that Nat showed her true colors when she started begging Vic to drop. Zzz said something negative about Nat (who is suppose to be her friend). He says that as soon as he wins HOH, she’s going up there, then says “Sorry James”. He wants to put Nat/Meech up on DE. He is really bashing Meech and saying how unfaithful she was to the group. Zzz has fallen right back under the Paulie spell. Can’t wait for her to go home next week!

      Oh and Slick Vic DID go back and tell Paulie what Da whispered to him going out the door. Paulie just told Zzz and said that is why she had to go. He is gloating because she’s gone.

      Nicole The Rat has decided she’s going to talk to(confront) Meech about Da. She is coming on very strong. She is telling her that she couldn’t keep Da in the game because she said Da told her she’s coming after her and Bambi and also that she has info from other people in the house (meaning Meech and other unnamed people). This freaks Meech out and she actually starts to almost plead with The Rat (like she HAS to answer to her). By the end of the convo, The Rat has Meech on the defensive and The Rat talks as if she’s forgiving her. Meech bites. She is now glad that The Rat has come to her and cleared it up. She has now stopped crying and is skipping and bouncing around the house all happy and stuff.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        I had that same thought about James’ “bounced check” as Natalie was begging Vic to let her win, then asking him repeatedly if he would promise not to put her up. I think she will be safe this week since Paulie seems to really be gunning for Z (my goodness this man is making a fool out of her), but it goes back to the point that getting caught up in your lies in the BB house can definitely come back to bite you.

        I am still holding out hope that Vic is secretly just waiting for the optimal time to strike and get his revenge on Paulie when he least expects it. I’m probably just living in a fantasy world, but if Vic wants to win this game he’d better get to Paulie before Paulie gets to him.

      • Jannie

        I’m just so damn disgusted with the cast this season that it’s hard to stay interested.
        We all want someone to shake up the house…but it’s just not going to happen.
        Are these people all so stupid that they forget what Derrick pulled off just two years ago? And that he(Paulie) brags about learning the game from him? And no one does a thing? Nicole and James have been so disappointing this season. Their showmances are ridiculous to watch.
        I can hardly even stand to look at the Godfather. He’s like the Donald Trump of the house and the others are just his gullible, stupid, blind followers. Big ego, dissing women, narcissistic, thin skinned…yuck. Every week there are fewer HG’s who would be willing to take a shot at him. It’s probably too late already. Just hand him the check.
        And I hate the whole “round trip ticket” thing. There is no one that I would want to see return to the game now, they all suck.
        But thanks for keeping me updated, sweetie! And for letting me vent….

      • Avatar
        Shawn Watson (38 comments)

        James Nicole and Day were disappointing in their original seasons.

        Nicole’s biggest highlight of BB will forever be getting called a Fruitloop Dingus during Zach Rances nomination speech. Her whiny nasally voice is just too much.

        James will be the guy who could never get the girl no matter how funny he was. He’ll also be remembered for his gifted HOHs and the deals he broke his word on to win those HOHs.

        Mamma Day, one of the best at reading people but never could do anything with that gift. Her weakness in comps and big mouth cost her an early exit each season.

        They need to cast some older people. Enough of the wannabe actors/actresses and models. It seems every season they look to the prior season as a model of success and try to replicate it.

      • Avatar

        I thought the same thing about Z! She said she hoped she proved she could win comps and I thought yeah but you didn’t win!! Seriously, wtf?!? Lol…

      • Colby

        I was right there with you, until your view on the conversation between Nicole and Meech.
        I believe your disdain for Nicole has tainted your perception of that conversation a bit…………..or a lot! LOL

      • Avatar

        That’s not he same conversation that I heard. Nicole confronted her about what she had said. I have always thought that was best way to find out about things you had heard someone say. Don’t see how that makes you a rat. I have got to agree with Colby. Also it was day that first started throwing out Nicole’s name not the other way around and it was at the very beginning of the game-way before the frank deal. At the same time she was telling nic they were besties. Nic heard and had not really trusted her since then. Day then continued with the showmances etc and of course everyone told Nicole. Nicole warning frank few minutes before comp that he was going to go and all wanted him out was Nicole just giving him warning he was one of her favorite players and she genuinely likes him. Frank was already well aware it was day that started all that getting him out frank upset with Nicole cause he rally liked her so he threw her under the bus. Nicole did nothing wrong but day tripled her efforts to blacken Nicole’s name after that telling many lies about her to the girls they are gullible and paranoid and most believed day. Day told guys this also but they didn’t believe and saw through her or asked Nicole about it and believed day if you remember for short time guys were going after Nicole next because of days lies but then realized it was day just making problems and throwing Nicole utb. So Nicole off their radar now Nicole has told stuff she has heard from girls but that’s how you play the game and she’s told to her alliance. Nicole has been nice to all the girls but they have believed what day has told them and now gossip about her etc and it’s gotten back to Nicole. Why should she align herself with them Nicole playing much better game than last year. She’s in with the strong group this year and so far that’s helped her.

      • Avatar
        Karen (198 comments)

        Shawn, I so agree with you, enough of these pretty people with nothing upstairs. Bring us some smart older HGs that don’t think with their genatils. I’m sick of these guys thinking all the girls should had them their game and sick of the girls giving it to them! Can the producers do anything to shake up the game? Do they read these blogs?

    • Avatar
      Ressa (5 comments)

      She is going to feel so dumb when she watches the show! But the fact that she made it to jury is amazing, because she didn’t even play at all!
      Final 4 will be Corey, Paulie, Paul and Vic. I don’t think they will keep Nicole. On the after dark show when Paulie asked Corey if he was able to cut Nicole and he said he could cut her with no problem. They are gonna get rid of James & Nicole, all the vets will be out. I can’t wait till they get James!

      • Avatar

        I think I agree with you. Paulie wants all the girls out but think he’ll cut Nicole and bridge last. I believe Corey lots closer to Nicole than he lets Paulie know but who really knows. Cody really liked Nicole and told Paulie that. Don’t really know if most of guys want to take Vic that far. For another final 4 scenario some big moves are going to have to be made in next few weeks and I would say they will have to be made by Nicole, Corey or victor or James. I think that involves separating PP!!

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Paul and Paulie want to take Natalie to the final 3. They have already discussed that.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Paulie is royally pissed that Da told Vic to watch out for the boys on DE. He is APPALLED! (Even though he was instrumental in turning the house against her and spearheaded her blindside). The nerve of her! What gall!

    Bunyon is trying to sell Bambi and The Rat on getting Zzz out. The Rat “Whatever you guys want”.

    • Avatar

      I can’t believe Nicole! I mean come on, it’s not like she doesn’t know what BB is. This is her 2nd time in the house and she’s a fan. Doesn’t she know the boys always have that one girl with them the whole time then cut her when they get close to the end?!? I mean they did it to Christine in her season! You would think this girl has never heard of BB by the way she acts! She has been a huge let down in the season. Big disappointment. Everyone single one of the vets should have played way better. Unbelievable.

      • Avatar

        Amber. What would you have Nicole do?? It’s not as if she’s had any power. She got a big power out in her only hoh. What else has she had a chance to do??

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      I love how we have names for Nicole aka “The Rat” or as I call her ‘snake eyes’. What’s even more disappointing, she doesn’t even want to win the 500K, just make it to final 5. She should’ve be gone alrdy. All she does is yap about others secretly and lounge besides Borey all night.

  9. Jannie

    So in Slick’s HOH room he got a red robe and a red and blue jester’s hat.
    That will come in handy for him as he entertains the king (Paulie) all week.

  10. Shivani33

    Z. told Paulie, while putting down Natalie, “your girl is better.” As she referred to herself this way, Paulie looked confused, like he didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. It was the first time that Paulie made me laugh all Season. The two of them also seemed to think that Paul would be spending the night with Victor in the HOH room. How I’d love it if they spent the night plotting Paulie’s blindside and are just honoring him now as the biggest pig at a luau, before they truss him up for the roast. But the head “Exec” has spoken, and Michelle and Zakiyah, those two big threats, must go. Word. There will be weeping and puking all week.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Shi, even though I’m not a fan of Slick Vic’s, I started pulling for him to take out The Godfather. But after Paulie was telling Zzz last night, what Da told Vic about them trying to take him out on DE, I realized he is a bigger idiot than I thought. In the back of my mind, I’m HOPING that he is just humoring Paulie with the promise to put up Zzz/Meech. I keep hoping that he told Paulie that to build unbreakable trust…then on Nom Day, he turns the key and THE GODFATHER is up there! Granted, Paulie would just think that it’s part of a plan to backdoor someone else (he’s over confident that way). But then I want Slick to say to him what he told him he would say to Meech…”Rest In Peace”. Okay, so I have a vivid imagination…lol

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  12. Avatar
    Ressa (5 comments)

    This is the oddest season of big brother! The women are the worst players ever! Nicole said in the beginning that the men always pick the women off one by one and she said the women should run the house this year, Da and Tiff agreed… what happened to that plan? She got dickmatized by Corey and can barely play her own game! Her 2nd big brother showmance makes her look like the fruitloop dingus she is. Z is chasing a man who doesn’t even like her! She thought this was the Bachelor, Bridgette is so fake… pretending to be so innocent, but lets not forget she found out who put her best buddy on the block and then she fell asleep on his chest and failed to mention to her other bestie that she knew Frank put Bronte up. Day sealed her fate by not winning a darn thing! Then the one time when she is close, she gives it to James! Ha!!!! He didn’t even have her back! That is her fault 100%, if you can win… win! Then you don’t have to beg and rely on others to save you! Natalie came for love, Michelle is nuts! The men aren’t much better. I don’t even have a favorite this year, they could drop a complete stranger in the mix and I’d be rooting for them!

  13. Avatar
    Julia (487 comments)

    These people are not in this game to win the 500K because they are willing to just give it away to Paulie. Maybe production has already decided to make sure that Paulie wins as a consolation prize for Cody loses to Derrick. I’m willing to bet that Paulie has the r/t ticket back into the house if he gets BD. The want this punk to win.

  14. Avatar
    Julia (487 comments)

    These people are not in this game to win the 500K because they are willing to just give it away to Paulie. Maybe production has already decided to make sure that Paulie wins as a consolation prize for Cody losing to Derrick. I’m willing to bet that Paulie has the r/t ticket back into the house if he gets BD. They want this punk to win.

  15. Elaine
    Elaine (2412 comments)

    I can’t even vote for the care package because none of them deserve it! Bring back Glenn and I will give it to him. Vic is going to do what the masters of the house want, since he is still stinging from that backdoor hitting him on the ass on the way out….especially with DE coming up and Day getting in his ear. He will want to make himself useful. I am ready for Zzzz to join Day in jury. There is just no hope for her to move her train to a different track, and head to a different destination separate from Paulie. So go ahead HGs and put us out of one showmance misery. By the way Congrats (?) Vic!

    • Amberchelly

      I think we should have the care package go to Vic. So if he does place a re-nom he can control the vote not Paulie. There isn’t anything else I would want victor to get anyhow. The votes however could be a very useful resource.

  16. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    Why do James throw the comps? I hate that!!! All he minds is cuddling in Nat’s Bum island. Z is like someone stoned, really girl??? He”s NOT INTO YOU! Just as will if they give Paulie the HOH every week anyway, he’s the one who chooses?

  17. Avatar
    Kelly Kay Surwillo (1 comments)

    I use to like Paul but sent he listen to Paulie what’s friendship when you tell others he has they back and then he goes and does what Paulie tells hem I don’t understand Michelle when Frank was to be her favorite and then she does what she did to me just because of Bridget she could have played her own game that has changed the game as well it’s like nobody’s playing their own game and it’s for the money it’s like the plane police did they forget the playing for the money they playin to let Paulie to to win this season I feel like to stop watching it I’m getting sick of it.

  18. Avatar
    debbie lohr (1 comments)

    If I have to watch much more of Paulie…I’m gonna puke. How can these idiots NOT see what he is doing? He has everyone else doing his dirty work…he tells them what to do, and they follow along like puppies on a leash.

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