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Wild Afternoon In The Big Brother House!


In my live feed update thread, I said there was a lot of potential for drama but the house was acting oddly happy and calm. I guess the house heard me because things got fired up today!

I’m going to try my best to recap it without sounding like I’m taking any sides. Why?  Trust me, I don’t give a shit if I sound like I have a favorite in this house (I don’t), and it isn’t a requirement of a blogger to remain unbiased.  The reason I am going to avoid taking sides is that both sides were terrible today.

It began with a jab by Jessica to Josh where she was trying to make fun of his intelligence.  Josh joked that the reason there is a drought in California is due to Matt’s showers.  Jessica jumped in and asked him to spell drought, which he did.  Naturally, this pissed off Josh who went outside to vent, but he did it to the person who is benefiting from any drama not involving him – Paul. After venting for a bit, Paul half joked that Josh should ask her how to spell eviction.  Josh loved it and ran inside to do so.  To Paul’s credit, it was a decent jab back and Jessica just told him to shut the fuck up before Josh went back outside to celebrate his minor victory and move on.  End of story.


Right?  Not in this house!  After working himself up once again outside, Josh decided to go back in for round 2.

Jessica immediately tries to shut Josh down and says she isn’t in the mood for this today and to just get out of her face. Josh doesn’t listen so Cody gets angry and threatens him outside the house.  Well, first he said that Josh only acts that way because he’s protected by production, but try that shit outside. Josh continues to ask why they’re making it personal and it’s “just a game”, so Cody and Jessica keep going at him. Cody calls him fat and tells him he waddles around the house. Josh repeats his other phrase which was “when you get out and watch this, you’ll feel stupid” to which Cody and Jess agree they won’t because they don’t give a shit. Josh says that he never says bad things about the two (hmm) but Cody replied that he completely destroys Josh in the DR.

Analysis – Round 2 was worthless, but Cody and Jess took a lot of shots below the belt.  I’m sure the judges will be deducting points for that.

Josh leaves and comes back in again for round 3.

Josh comes back in and opens with a combo of his two lines “This is just a game” and “watch when you see these tapes you’ll feel stupid” and Jessica took a quick jab back and said once again that she won’t.  He said that he’s living the dream as HoH and she’s going home on Thursday (this was his third goto phrase) which Jessica shut down by saying she is looking forward to it because she doesn’t want to be in the house with him any longer and loves her life outside.  At this point, Cody has been tamed so he is basically out of it, but Jessica continues by saying Josh lucked into the HoH competition and she really doesn’t care what happens this week. She wishes today was Thursday so she can leave already. Josh says Cody ruined her game and her reply was that the only reason people keep him in the house is because he’s a moron who does whatever they say (minus the moron part, she’s right).  Jessica takes a low blow at correcting Josh saying he has to “obtain a conversation with people” which was obviously an error due to English not being his first language. Whatever. It’s getting dirty.

Josh continues with his lines but then drops in how Cody’s face is so ugly and then Jessica had a meltdown of her own by smashing the wooden spoon against the counter then her cup to mock Josh’s bashing of pots and pans. Josh repeats over and over that after Thursday, Jessica will get no more airtime before finally sitting down to calm himself.  After a few minutes he heads up in the HoH room to cry.  For the record, he claims he was crying over what Cody said about him in the DR.  He said he knew people must have been trashing him on TV because of the way his mother wrote her letter.  Paul takes this opportunity to run upstairs and tell Josh he was 100% right, he wasn’t insulting (he was), and Jessica and Cody are the only ones who looked bad (they all did). He also decided to take the opportunity to shit on Mark who was not in the room by saying Mark didn’t even break up the fight (??).  More people enter the room to see how Josh is doing, and when Mark comes up to check on him, Josh kicks him out  (exactly what Paul wanted).

The HoH room sat around for awhile pumping Josh back up before heading into the apple room to talk to each other. This is when Paul decided once again to bring Mark into the conversation and start blaming him for not breaking up the fight that everyone else was standing around watching. Mark was taken back by it and the two go back and forth for awhile with Paul hammering home that Mark should have done something because Cody called Josh fat.

Josh pops his head in the room and says he’s not holding back for the next 2 days.  Paul says ‘go for it’.  Josh leaves and gets the pots and pans to harrass Cody and Jessice who are now outside.

Cody charges at Josh saying he’s going to rip the pans out of his hands and the feeds cut.  When they returned, everything was calmed down and Jess/Cody were alone in the bedroom… yet Paul was still lecturing Mark for not stopping a fight from across the house.

So there you have it. In this fight, nobody was right.  Jessica started it, Josh took a fair shot back, but then kept going back for more. This is 50 days of frustration built up by everyone and I’m not sure how Cody is going to stay in the house after Thursday without punching Josh.   What do you think about the fight?


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  1. Jenny

    I think the whole thing is stupid and they’re all idiots. 🙂

    • Ann

      @Gerardo, you better speak it. If I could G, I would hug you so tight right now & shake your hand. You read that scum sucking gutter skank for the scum sucking gutter skank that she is.

    • hogwild

      Bulleyes Jenny I have just about had with this season I hope going foreward CBS and Big Brother put a little more thought into the people they select to play.

    • Avatar

      Can you say that one more time, because you are so right. About the only person I like right now is Kevin. People will take sides, but there is no way to defend any of these players, and to do so just goes to show how blind the people making these comments are!

      • LindsayB

        Hey Chris!! I see you!! I’m not blind, I just have a different perspective than you. It’s ok for people to see things differently, it’s what makes the world go ’round.

      • Avatar

        I think you may has misinterpreted what I said. What I mean is, blindly defending one player against another as being 100% right and 100% in the wrong. I haven’t read any comments stating that, and was certainly not referring to you. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Gotcha. They are all wrong. Except for Paul. Cuz I have an endless supply of kool aide. Finally just got an IV set up to be more efficient.
        The more chaos he creates, the more I love him. It’s definitely not blindness, I just like his tactics, even the dirtiest ones. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but when he’s doing things that gets everyone’s undies in a bundle I enjoy it. It’s not that I don’t see it, I just don’t see it as a problem. He’s an asshole.

      • Avatar

        Maybe like 99.9% lol. The asshole comment can be the other .1%. I don’t like Paul, but he is playing the game brilliantly. Well, I think it’s a combination of that, and the players this season. I don’t like how he can manipulate Josh to act like an idiot, and I don’t like how Josh allows himself to be manipulated. Seriously though, if you like the drama, and you don’t mind listening to the British accents, you would probably love the UK version. They curse, and curse, and argue, and drink, then argue some more, then drink, and drink, the quit, and argue, then get kicked out of the house, then argue and drink some more. After about 6 or 7 new players are introduced into the house, there will be a winner. They have no competitions, so they have nothing else to do. It’s wicked lol.

      • AIO_7

        Chris…BB U.K. sounds awesome. I might have to catch up with it someday.

      • Avatar

        Here’s a link to a video on youtube from one of the arguments this season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8X-lhX8kI8 Enjoy!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Chris, I’m hating you so much right now. I was just reading the comments and came to yours and clicked on the link. Now I can’t even watch BBAD for watching these Youtube clips and listening to these banchees screaming and fighting. Funny as hell. I had no idea that English people could be so damn loud…lol.

      • Avatar

        Hahahaha, I’m glad you like it!

      • AIO_7

        Thanks for the link, Chris, I book marked it.

      • Avatar

        You’re more than welcome. I hope you like, and find it as entertaining as I do. 🙂

  2. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Jessica, #ByeGirl. You are a hot ass mess. You do nothing but start up a whole bunch of bullsh*t that you can’t finish, and then go run and play victim when you get your ass handed to you. Your stans may be blinded by your ever so marginally attractive face, but I am not. I see you for exactly who you are. I have seen trash like you my entire life. And I was never impressed before, and I am not impressed now.

    You are not a victim. You are a spoiled rotten, entitled, narcissitic, long-faced bitch who has clearly skated by on your above average looks all your life. Unfortunately for you, for the first time in your life, you’ve found yourself in a predicament that your looks can’t get you out of.

    Josh has been trying to be nice to your bald-headed, elf-looking ass all week long. But of course you, being the vile gutter snipe that you are, started in with him today. You better be glad that was Josh in that house and not Gerardo. I would have destroyed your little slutbag raggedy ass feelings today. I would have read you from the top of those shoestring looking ass extensions on your head all the way down to them hammertime feet of yours. I would have read you your entire life story. “You are a walking mattress with the personality of an egg carton and an IQ to match. The End.”

    You have NO ONE to blame for your impending eviction this week except yourself. Not even your dead-eyed boyfriend. Here’s a tip (and not the kind you get from your johns): Go buy yourself a personality. Go buy yourself a brain. Go buy yourself some self-respect. Go buy yourself some self-awareness. Go buy yourself some birth control. Or better yet, don’t buy anything. Just bye.

  3. Avatar

    I love this kind of drama. Below the belt shots, personal call-outs, etc is the norm of the house; heck its the norm of some of us on this blog when we describe some of the contestants in the house. What I love about it specifically is Paul playing the game by calling out Mark. Jessica (half of my team Cody) has been marked for a while so her leaving is of no surprise and even welcome (yes even by me). Cody can’t just bed hop all week once she’s gone and now has to really start competing with the social game.

    Paul is not my horse in this race, but I respect the fact that the game never really stops for him, and that’s how it should be for the other contestants in the house.

    Mark has got to take this shot from Paul and fire back by socializing with others, and even being a rebel rouser himself if need be to get votes to get out targets in this house. Its like you take a personal shot at them to make them feel bad, or be on the outs with the majority, and then they come whimpering back asking you to forgive them and don’t be mad at them. Once you do them that favor (by falsely forgiving them) lol, they like little sheep will go anywhere you tell them (even on the block without much fuss).

    As the Cody regime gets cut in half on Thursday, I’m hoping he, along with some others who have floated by, or have been shot at and sorta crawled back for forgiveness (Mark, Elena), will rise up, defend themselves, make deals, side deals, secret deals, out others, and actually compete for the $500 Gee-ha-tees! In essence, take a damn page or two from Paul’s book and start competing.

  4. Avatar

    I don’t like Jess either but come on-Josh is a giant baby that starts crap, gets in people’s faces, takes Paul’s word as the bible, and runs around banging pots and pans as his only defense. Why did he go back in for round two? Round three? Grow up! Jess is clearly not a friendly force in the house but why does he continuously go back for more? Furthermore, its annoying as hell that house guests are acting like Josh is some angel and did nothing wrong to deserve backlash. And Paul yelling at Mark is ridiculous. I know, I know, all you Paul lovers will say he sure can play the game-blah. He starts crap too but all his followers are too busy idolizing him to realize it. It can be painful to watch his manipulation. I’m rooting for Kevin or Jason and pray Josh and Paul go home after Jessica. We need a major move to be made-houseguests coming tp a realization of Paul’s tricks, teaming up, and backdooring his ass!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I actually agree with you about Josh AZman. But I feel that Josh always gets called out for his immaturity and his unwillingness to let things go. Jessica, on the other hand, gets to START the drama, then when the person she started up with goes in on her, she plays the victim. And no one calls her on her BS.

      So I want to make sure she gets called on her BS today. JESSICA started that argument today, just like she’s started virtually every single argument that she’s been in that house. Yes, others may take it a little far, but I’m not going to weep for her if she insists on writing checks her ass can’t cash.

      • Avatar

        I agree-she needs to go!

      • Shivani33

        Today before the fighting began, Cody swatted Jessica in the face to kill a bug that landed on her! She didn’t like THIS version of his protectiveness at all. She is pissed about how she sees her own life has been going and how it’s going to keep going, and she’ll never admit it. Josh is a convenient mosquito for her to swat while she can get away with it. Like you, Gerardo, “I see the train a’comin’, a’comin’ down the track….”

        I wish that Jessica would go attend college and get a degree, like Josh. He was slated to be on BB17 and didn’t do it so that he could graduate and walk with his class. Another thing is that I don’t see Josh as being fat. Jessica’s hair loss bothers my delicate stomach more than any of Josh’es attributes. But I wish that Josh would learn to pick his battles and realize when it’s better to let it go.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        Josh is immature for sure, Jessica knows this and exploits it. Paul capitalizes on it. Cody could care less… The rest of the house is thanking all three of them for keeping the heat off the rest of the house….

      • Shivani33

        Josh was slated to be on BB18, not 17. Sorry!

      • Shivani33

        No! Checking again, it really was BB17 that Josh is rumored to have cancelled out of doing. The story is that Jace was put in 17’s cast because Josh wanted to finish school and that Jace was pretty surprised to get a sudden call-back. Remember Jace? Long hair, happy-go-lucky surfer /space cadet who was evicted very, very fast.

    • Avatar

      Agreed, except for rooting for Jason. I find him to be a waste of time and space in the house. And is the man capable of a complete sentence without dropping numerous f-bombs. Hope he doesn’t talk this way in front of his child

  5. Avatar

    Oh and I forgot to say #STFURaven

  6. Alda

    Poor Raven’s arm and wrist are hurt from getting caught in the crossfire! PARAMEDICS! PARAMEDICS!

  7. danmtruth

    AZman i’m with you First i don’t buy into Josh Olive branch reach out Just to much trash talk than say but I love you makes it all ok How many times did he talk nice to Mark Says how all is good than starts to insult him It seems like his apologizes are for the camera bring on the thumbs down but nothing Josh shows me any true remorse for his actions

  8. AIO_7

    Scooter can’t take her eyes off of near naked Uncle Papa fresh out of the shower.


  9. AIO_7

    Lonely days and lonely nights in the Rose room.


  10. danmtruth

    poor scooter just cant help herself The yard boss rules

  11. AIO_7

    Raven is looking right hot tonight…Matt wears the same shirt.


    • LindsayB

      Why are all these girls so damn trashy??!!!??!!!

      And Matt. Let’s just talk about that for a minute. When I first saw him I thought holy shit I want that hot ass man. Now? Even typing that made me gag. He’s such a pathetic excuse for a man. Josh is manlier than Matt. He’s tainted by the zombie and that’s taken every ounce of attractiveness he had and thrown in out the window.

  12. danmtruth

    healthiest looking dead girl i know of

  13. danmtruth

    do we have new people doing the feeds ? no camera on Jess & Cody what a relief

  14. danmtruth

    whats with the battle of the chulo head bands Even Kool papa going with the style

  15. danmtruth

    anyone who watches Orphan Black Is Alex with her bad roots starting to look like Helena

  16. Avatar

    Haha, Paul has been your horse all season, and a good pick it is. My team cody is busting up all over the place, so I’m loyal to the end, but I may have to get another horse (Kevin, Jason) real soon. My team was never gonna make it to the end, for your sake I hope yours does, but the odds are beginning to slowly stack up against him, but with a some tweaking in his (Paul) game here and there he should be able to handle it.

    I said weeks ago that he along with Jody may not make final two, will be interesting moving forward. In the meantime enjoy that cool refreshing Paul-aide!

    • Mello_One

      Hey Ritchie,
      Mark my words, if Paul takes Kevin F2 he will come in Second again. Because everybody Loves Kevin in the BB House…. That’s why I believe Paul is either gonna take Elena, Or Josh as F2, he will come in First Place over Both of them.

      • Sassy

        If the others don’t start splitting up and playing the game, he will beat them all, now I have to gargle because my mouth tastes like vomit…

  17. Avatar

    Production has screwed up this game so badly. Paul’s safety for 3 weeks and the 8 “friendship bracelets” made him dominant in the game. Cody was equally set up with having to nominate 5 different people because his one big move got wasted. So he became enemy number one. Paul now is the same Paul that almost got evicted in his first BB house because of his behavior, but there were stronger personalities that weren’t going to take it. So he learned to survive and change his tactics. His behavior, insecurities, and mouth have preyed on the emotions of less strong players, i hate the way he is using Josh…he never let’s up. Josh is so eager to please and be “in” that he has been manipulated and used in an abusive way. I lay this “Lord of the Flies” season, the personal destruction at the feet of production and their favoritism of Paul as well as Paul’s megalomania with having so much power. Can’t watch the negativity anymore, so just check in online if i get curious. Too bad.

  18. danmtruth

    Jason just sits in the hot tub the last few days watching and listening to all Taking a page from Kevin

  19. danmtruth

    Dam back to C & J soft core show on two feeds

  20. Avatar
    Helen (4875 comments)

    I am very disappointed in the final contestants chosen for the Tuesday Smackdown!
    Jessica was billed as the number 1 contender in today’s cage fight and wasn’t able to live up to the highly anticipated hype that has surrounded her preceding today’s match up.
    Elana and Raven failed to show up to today’s event.
    Latest reviews by critics give today’s showing at 25% per the tomatometer.
    Gold is still held by Dominque…..

  21. Avatar
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Memo circulating the Department of Speculation…

    Earlier today Jessica said to Cody….Now alls we need is a Zombie Apocolypse.. At the time it seemed a strange comment

    During season 16 one of the HOH competitions was Zombie Apocolypse….since this week has been “spooky themed” what are the chances of this Thursday’s HOH being something similar? And the bigger question is why would the balding biotch have that information?

  22. danmtruth

    Helen I have learned my lesson to never doubt the Department of Speculation If I can put in an application and say it might be something to do with the noise they heard

    • Avatar
      Helen (4875 comments)

      LoL. Oh Dan. Always doubt!! Theories and wild speculation are plentiful here at the Department!!
      As head of the department I am pleased to offer you the position of Deputy Director…..

  23. danmtruth

    not this thur but the next will be a double eviction night ,,,,,, book it

  24. danmtruth

    The only good fight this afternoon was Mark & Paul

  25. Seattle Kari

    Watching after dark Tuesday night, and couple of things I wanted to bring up.

    Personally Cody blowing his nose in the shower was absolutely disgusting. WTF.

    I see that Mark pulled himself down and I’m really glad. Looks like Raven went up in his place. Speaking of Raven I’m not seeing her on any of the feeds. Has anyone else tonight?

  26. Avatar

    Everyone just follows Paul. Cody and me will win! America loves me!

  27. Avatar

    To be completely honest, fights like this are why I love to watch Big Brother. It is a social experiment unlike any other. In a hot box of such varied personalities and life views fireworks are going to happen no matter how inane they may seem to us. I do love this show. Like I said earlier in feed chat, I would much rather a house like this, than a house where they all sleep all day.

  28. Avatar
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Cody told Jessica yesterday if he wins HOH Thursday after she leaves the two going on the block are Raven and Christmas…..
    If he is being honest it would be a very interesting week…for a lot of people!! Paul especially!! That would put him in a very precarious position……..who does he campaign for or against?

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      If that happens, Paul shouldn’t campaign for either. Smart play is to let them both duke it out. He’ll wind up on the block if one of them is pulled off. He should play temptation and throw it, play for veto, win it and then pull himself off… Or this could be the #ravenstfu backdoor we all want and need…

    • Sassy

      I think Cody would be best to throw the HoH and try to win the temptation competition and HoH next week. He can’t get anymore hated than he already is. If he does get HoH, I think he should go for the jugular and put up Paul and Alex. Raven and Christmas are not going to beat him in competitions unless it is another lucky chance.

  29. danmtruth

    I do enjoy when they confront each other as Paul and Cody did Paul likes to talk of his schooling and how he has a good mix of street smarts & book smarts He is good with linguistic cues .Such as when he talks to Josh he is saying things like dude, dog, homie, a bit of Spanish lotz of street talk . With Raven he will try a slight southern accent Will even throw in a few yawl’s The same with Jason He is very subtle in the way he uses these This helps him seem like everyone’s friend
    Tue you can see he is very concern about future jury votes He feels Mark will soon be sent their So in front of most of the house he question Mark for defending Jess & Cody Looks good to the others Than quickly gets Mark alone to try to back track a bit but still in the guise of giving him helpful advise To say how it looks bad to defend the bully’s How they made Josh cry. Then he tried to tie himself with Mark by saying this hit home because he saw his sister bullied Just like Mark was Again trying to make that bond
    To Marks credit he was not buying in to it Thus started the argument Paul trying to say Cody & Jess took it to a personal level While Josh kept it as game Mark pointed out the flaws in Paul’s reasoning Admitting to the mistakes he made in dealing with Josh in the past But also saying it to Josh and trying to move on and improve there relationship This whole conversation would have been very helpful for the whole hose to hear To help put this using there word Bulling to rest

  30. Avatar
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Word on twitter is that yesterday afternoons lockdown was due to one of Jessicas delusional fans attempting to use bullhorn to shout out “evict Raven”..

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