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Wild Wednesday Feed Updates! 8/24

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First off, today was the first day I put the actual date in the title in a few weeks. Holy shit. It’s really August 24th. Why does summer go by so damn fast?? I must not have put much thought into it because the trip was giving me anxiety, so that occupied my mind. Now that it’s over and I actually look at the date… man. Bummer.   Sorry for the reminder about the end of summer, but it literally just hit me.   Luckily there will be a fall version of Big Brother, I just hope it doesn’t suck, or people don’t come read my stuff because they can’t watch it on CBS.

On another note, I’m still looking for writers! I am looking for people who can do feed recaps, or player rankings, or strategy analysis, or anything fun that can contribute. If you have any ideas on stuff you want to write, contact me, send me a small sample of your piece and we’ll go from there. Of course I’m still looking for an overnighter, but honestly as the season winds down, so does the need for someone to actively monitor what happens after hours.  I just want more than article after article of feed updates, and I’ve been too busy with the updates this year to do the other fun stuff.

With that, updates!

  • 1:00pm – Paul literally had a one-on-one with the camera for hours this morning. I woke up and wrote my first post, and he was talking to the camera. Took a nap (still tired from getting sick during vaca), woke up and he was in the same spot STILL talking to the camera.  This went on for another hour or so. Man can that guy talk.
    • Meanwhile, Michelle is finally up and slowly getting ready for the day, while ‘Boremance A’ is snuggling in bed. ‘Boremance B’ can’t do much snuggling because Nat is HoH and James is HN, but I’m sure they’ll make up for it with some stupid argument later on today.
    • (Oh, I’d also like it if someone could recap the CBS episodes. Maybe in a funny way)
  • 2:00pm – Not much going on. Corey, Paul and Nicole are chatting casually in the kitchen
  • 2:45pm – Nicole got yelled at a few times for talking about her DR sessions.  They were very vague DR comments, but they had to directly point her out to make her stop
  • 3:00pm – Paul comes in and talks to Corey about how Paulie was openly admitting how many times he and Z had sex in the house. No protection. They mention how she openly said she wanted kids
    • Update – I added a comment counter for everyone so you can get a better idea between the nicknames (or trolls)
  • 3:30pm – Paul is taking a shower and James is having a fake interview with him.
    • Paul, you're foaming at the mouth, bro. May want to look into that

      Paul, you’re foaming at the mouth, bro. May want to look into that

  • 4:08pm – Victor approaches Natalie in the bathroom and asks if it’s still a ‘go’ tomorrow (for a vote). She said she’s not voting, and they don’t vote together (they do), but if he and James says it’s a go then it’s a go.
    • Victor jokes how she doesn’t make him feel confident
    • Natalie brings up his all-guys alliance and they’re playing their own games.
    • Victor points out how Natalie said she’d make James keep Victor if he was nominated. She is backing off those comments
  • 4:20pm – Nicole, Victor, James, and Corey are all sitting around pointing out how boring they are
    • Corey said he would quit his subscription if he had one. Production jumps in “You’re the reason we can’t have nice things”  ouch
    • Meanwhile, James leaves and joins Natalie in the bathroom.  She asks ‘If I wanted to keep Vic, would you vote for him?’.
    • He says he doesn’t know, it depends on her argument. She says ‘Ok’ and stops talking
    • He asks if there is something she should know. Does she want to keep him. Nat says she’s having her doubts about Corey
    • Nat says it’s better for James’ game to keep the boremance, but she thinks Corey and Nicole would put her up without a doubt
    • They sit in silence for awhile as James thinks.
    • Natalie tells him she farted, so sorry if it smells bad
    • The two start acting awkward… told you earlier that they’d eventually have a fight today
    • James asks if Natalie wants Paul to stay, she says no (they’ve had arguments). James points out how Victor is tied to him closely
  • 4:45pm – The two talk for awhile, and it sounds like there is no chance at all Victor is going to stay tomorrow. James is set on this boremance alliance
    • Now they’re speculating on a jury buyback and are picking Julie’s words apart. I guess she said something like ‘You will not be coming back into the house’ after they checked the tickets, and usually she’s a bit coy
  • 5:30pm – Corey and Nicole are dancing in the kitchen while James is roaming around and Paul is sleeping.
  • I was busy doing some stuff, time to skip live
  • 6:30pm – James and Nicole are trying to figure out if they fed the fish
    • Meanwhile, Paul is talking to Nicole about how he’s been feeling lately.
    • He says he is feeling chest pressure and heart palpitations. Sounds like my week leading up to any flight I have to take.
    • Anyway, he talks about how he knows Victor is going home. It is going to be boremance A & B, him and Michelle.  Nobody is touching Michelle (I disagree), and he doesn’t think they (boremance Jatalie) are going to waste a week on Paul (they will).
  • Note – Someone asked why I didn’t grey out Paulie’s face yet. It’s because I was on vacation and too lazy, and found out there will be a buyback, so I’m just waiting until after this week to catch up on face colors
    • Victor joins the conversation, so it breaks up Paul’s attempt at working himself in with boremance Corole
    • I may take a break to eat and catch up on both the nom and PoV episodes.  Be back shortly
  • 8:30pm – Back from the episodes.  On the feeds, Victor is giving it one last push to the HoH crew, let’s listen in…
    • james
    • Natalie mentions how she wants to call Corey out on his comment about her ‘blowing her way to the top’ or something like that
    • James is worried that Paul may be acting like he’s on the outs with Victor right now and on NiCorey’s side, should Victor stay and Paul win HoH, he’ll turn right around and nominate someone like James or Nicole then backdoor Natalie or some thing
    • Victor points out that if he goes home and Paul is with Corey, that side 100% gets the care package this week. Should Victor stay, there is a chance he could get it and it would benefit that group (Nat/James/Michelle)
    • Natalie says she feels Paul was going to use Victor’s competitive game while his (Paul) social game will bring him to the top
    • They talk about how Paul is having anxiety and heart palpitations now
    • Victor said he’s going to go after him if he stays (not sure if he’s being honest)
  • 9:15pm – Browser crashed, but back.  Victor still working the group.
    • To be brutally honest, I don’t think James will keep Victor simply out of jealousy. Natalie and Vic have been getting close as friends, and I doubt that makes him feel comfortable because how much Nat obsessed over Victor early in the season.
    • Despite the girls appearing clearly on board with keeping Victor, deep down I think James would rather remove the Victor threat and just take his chances with Corey and Nicole
  • 9:30pm – Conversation ends
    • Natalie and Michelle are recapping the conversation and Natalie says she kind of wants Vic to stay now that they told him everything.
    • Michelle is just thinking about the care package and worrying about what it is
    • Victor and Paul have a brief conversation in the bathroom and just like I expected, Victor’s campaign was all an act (and I think James knows it)
    • victor-paul
    • Victor explains how the girls want to keep him, and James is still slightly on the fence but he’s working him.  They talk about how good it’s going
    • As they split up, they agree not to talk to each other again until after the eviction. They need to sell their ‘break-up’, especially to James.

I am going to be heading to bed. As it stands right now, I said a few times, I don’t think James is convinced, and even if he was, I still think he’s jealous of Victor. I can’t see a situation where James thinks it’s good to keep Victor over Corey despite how convinced the girls are. He’s in the DR now, but I expect to hear he has convinced Natalie once again to vote out Victor by the time I wake up.

Recap in the morning



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