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Wild Week In Review, With Predictions For Tonight

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I’ve been pretty busy this week with the girlfriend on vacation forcing me to do stuff (*grumble* just kidding), and it’s too bad because this has been a pretty interesting week so far.   I think tonight’s vote could set the tone for the rest of the season, and not just on who goes home, but how people vote.

Before I get to my predictions, let’s do a quick recap for those too busy to stare at the live feeds just waiting for stuff to happen (me).

I am really not sure what to think right now.  Kalia pretty much blew my mind at her choices last week,  so now I’m trying to figure out exactly what the hell people are actually thinking because everyone seems to have deals with everyone else.  You have Brendon and Rachel trying to cut side deals with Daniele while staying loyal to J/J, Shelly playing any side of the fence there possibly is, Kalia trying to work with Dani but also look after her self and Adam.. well, Adam is still floating like his best friend he met early in the house.. maybe this picture was a sign?

Adam Taking Gaming Tips From A Duck

ADAM: Hey duck, what’s up?
DUCK: Nothing, I’m just floating along, nice and safe and cool with my shades
ADAM: Wow, that looks like fun, I’m going to use that as my strategy this season!

So this is what confused me.  As far as I knew, Daniele had 4+ enemies in the house, and the way voting works is you put up 2, and there is a chance one gets removed, so the head of household needs to replace them on the spot.  With 4 people you need to get out, logic says you put up 2, and if one is removed, you put up a 3rd.

However, Dani being Dani decided to “play the game” and put up Shelly vs Adam, none of whom are part of the mentioned 4.  Her strategy was to hope someone won the power of veto and removed one of the two, so she could put Brendon on the block.   However, much like Lawon last week, having a pawn, and potential vote ready to leave instead of voting your way doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.    But that’s the way Danlia have played this season, both trying to get out of shadows than actually use strategy.  Daniele is constantly trying to be her own player instead of Dick’s shadow, and Kalia is trying to avoid being Daniele’s.

After finally realizing that hoping to win HoH for the rest of the season is a pretty awful strategy, Daniele finally decided to try to cut some deals.  First, she somehow managed to (I think) convinced Rachel that if and when Brendon is out of the house, she and Dani will have a secret alliance, which is actually not a terrible move.. especially if Je/Jo are one of the people to vote out Brendon.   Later in the night, and a few drinks later, Dani found herself outside talking to Je/Jo for a very long time about the game, and pretty much stopped short of getting on her knees and kissing the ground they walked on.  It was a pretty weird conversation, but for the second week in a row, the HOH spent way more time than needed to make sure the power couple wasn’t pissed at them.

And a non Daniele note, what is up with Shelly?  I can’t figure her out for the life of me.  Two episodes in a row, CBS has aired the clip of Shelly trying to cut a deal with Brendon and Rachel for the final 3, but Shelly is still going around the house bat shit crazy at Rachel for revealing that.   I am beginning to wonder if either she completely forgot, she convinced herself it didn’t happen, or she is just a massive liar.  Either way, I think it’s going to get a good laugh out of people when they’re all out of the house and watch some of these episodes.


I can’t quite get a grasp on the people in the house right now, so this one may be tricky, but I could also be spot on.  Jeff and Jordan told Rachel they were going away from Brendon because they’re suddenly scared of house opinion (see: they’re tired of them as allies), and even Rachel’s bff Porsche has told her she’s not voting her way either.   This is how I see things going tonight:

Can Not Vote: Brendon, Shelly, Daniele

(who they’re voting out)

Jeff: Brendon
Adam: Brendon
Rachel : Shelly
Porsche: Brendon
Jordan: Brendon
Kalia: Brendon

Brendon voted out, 5-1 and becomes the first member of jury

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