I need to ask, but why is there a general dislike for Scott from the fans?  He is the first 2x HN of the season, and polls are currently tight between him and Neeley for America’s Eviction Vote. So, what am I missing?  Yes, he’s a bit creepy, and it’s embarrassingly sad how he seems to care more about Alex winning than himself, but on an entertainment level, I am surprised it’s even close. While Neeley certainly isn’t as mean as the rest of her group, she’s just kind of there.

A quick poll to see what you guys are thinking for tonight:


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Also, if you didn’t see, yesterday we added a new thing to the site.  Caryn has been helping with some updates, but she’s obviously far more detailed in her posts than I am in mine. Instead of merging the two, she came up with the idea of having a running thread that features more conversations and more detail.  I’ll still be providing my dumb opinion here, but you can always go there if you are behind and want some more detailed updates.   Here is the link, and I will also link it at the bottom of each thread I make.


  • 9:20am – Scott has been outside for awhile now just talking to himself and the cam. He knows that tonight’s vote is going to come down to America, and is well aware that he’s been picked twice for HN.
    • He keeps saying how he wants to make it further in the game so he can keep showing Alex how loyal he is. Dude’s going to get a broken heart when he leaves.
  • 10:15am – Many in the house are up. Jason is telling Neeley how Scott was campaigning to him.
    • Jason tells Neeley how Scott was pushing that weird comp beast angle on people.  He has been telling people that Neeley wants to be known as some huge comp threat and is pegging people off who are more competitive. It was a stretch to begin with, and I’m not sure if Scott just pulled that one out of his butt.
    • scott-neeley
    • The LNJ is back to guarding the couch. That thing is secure
    • Jason is re-telling the rest of the group how he went outside this morning and was trapped by Scott into a campaign
    • Neeley is getting herself more and more fired up because she wanted in on Scott telling Alex and Morgan “If you keep me in the game, I’ll give Danielle hell”
    • She keeps calling Scott ‘ignant’
  • 10:45am – Up for 45 minutes, and Neeley screaming at Scott.  He keeps repeating that he hasn’t said a bad thing about her
    • neeley-raging
    • While Neeley was yelling at Scott in the kitchen, Jason was in the backyard repeating what Scott told him this morning. I guess he apparently threw Whitney under the bus?
  • 11:00am – Whitney is retelling the conversation to Alex.  Alex says she hasn’t heard Scott throw her name out there, and be careful about her source (Jason)
  • 11:10am – Whitney tells Alex how Scott is running around telling everyone that he and Alex can’t do this and that. He’s making it sound like he has a f2 deal with Alex
  • 11:50am – Neeley has calmed down a little. I am going to take an hour or two break
  • 4:20pm – Back from a break.  Scott is with his girls while the LNJ are in the Tokyo room
    • Morgan is talking about how she’ll react when Kryssie beats her up for not voting her way. Exaggerating a bit lol
  • 4:45pm – The plastics have been practicing any potential HoH competition, while last time I heard the LNJ, they were talking about 2 girls 1 cup.
  • 6:00pm – Everyone sitting around waiting for tonight, so I’m going to shut this. I don’t think there will be any drama. I will start a new thread for the live eviction
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