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Will Scott Survive The Eviction? BBOTT Wednesday



I need to ask, but why is there a general dislike for Scott from the fans?  He is the first 2x HN of the season, and polls are currently tight between him and Neeley for America’s Eviction Vote. So, what am I missing?  Yes, he’s a bit creepy, and it’s embarrassingly sad how he seems to care more about Alex winning than himself, but on an entertainment level, I am surprised it’s even close. While Neeley certainly isn’t as mean as the rest of her group, she’s just kind of there.

A quick poll to see what you guys are thinking for tonight:

Also, if you didn’t see, yesterday we added a new thing to the site.  Caryn has been helping with some updates, but she’s obviously far more detailed in her posts than I am in mine. Instead of merging the two, she came up with the idea of having a running thread that features more conversations and more detail.  I’ll still be providing my dumb opinion here, but you can always go there if you are behind and want some more detailed updates.   Here is the link, and I will also link it at the bottom of each thread I make.



  • 9:20am – Scott has been outside for awhile now just talking to himself and the cam. He knows that tonight’s vote is going to come down to America, and is well aware that he’s been picked twice for HN.
    • He keeps saying how he wants to make it further in the game so he can keep showing Alex how loyal he is. Dude’s going to get a broken heart when he leaves.
  • 10:15am – Many in the house are up. Jason is telling Neeley how Scott was campaigning to him.
    • Jason tells Neeley how Scott was pushing that weird comp beast angle on people.  He has been telling people that Neeley wants to be known as some huge comp threat and is pegging people off who are more competitive. It was a stretch to begin with, and I’m not sure if Scott just pulled that one out of his butt.
    • scott-neeley
    • The LNJ is back to guarding the couch. That thing is secure
    • Jason is re-telling the rest of the group how he went outside this morning and was trapped by Scott into a campaign
    • Neeley is getting herself more and more fired up because she wanted in on Scott telling Alex and Morgan “If you keep me in the game, I’ll give Danielle hell”
    • She keeps calling Scott ‘ignant’
  • 10:45am – Up for 45 minutes, and Neeley screaming at Scott.  He keeps repeating that he hasn’t said a bad thing about her
    • neeley-raging
    • While Neeley was yelling at Scott in the kitchen, Jason was in the backyard repeating what Scott told him this morning. I guess he apparently threw Whitney under the bus?
  • 11:00am – Whitney is retelling the conversation to Alex.  Alex says she hasn’t heard Scott throw her name out there, and be careful about her source (Jason)
  • 11:10am – Whitney tells Alex how Scott is running around telling everyone that he and Alex can’t do this and that. He’s making it sound like he has a f2 deal with Alex
  • 11:50am – Neeley has calmed down a little. I am going to take an hour or two break
  • 4:20pm – Back from a break.  Scott is with his girls while the LNJ are in the Tokyo room
    • Morgan is talking about how she’ll react when Kryssie beats her up for not voting her way. Exaggerating a bit lol
  • 4:45pm – The plastics have been practicing any potential HoH competition, while last time I heard the LNJ, they were talking about 2 girls 1 cup.
  • 6:00pm – Everyone sitting around waiting for tonight, so I’m going to shut this. I don’t think there will be any drama. I will start a new thread for the live eviction
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  1. AIO_7

    Nice quick update, Steve. That’s exactly the house right now. Everyone seems asleep and there are 2 cameras focused on Scott by himself in the backyard. He’s talking about Alex again….this may be getting obsessive.

  2. Avatar

    Thank goodness the rule of the stink queen is almost over !! Hopefully after tonight’s HOH we get to see someone parading around in the back yard with Kryssie’s head on a pike !
    Personally I don’t understand all of the Scott hate either, yes he’s weird, but who amongst us isn’t a bit strange ?

  3. AIO_7

    “Scott to the diary room”. Hmmmm; I wonder if Production is going to tell him to quit talking to the cameras.

  4. Avatar

    To me it is clear. One side of the house just sits in the same place, complains about the other side, complains about BB, complains about being OTB, complains about being HOH, complains about the POV, complains about the rules, complains about production, complains about not being able to sleep, complains about the other side complaining, complains about America’s choice and complains about celebrating. Or the side of the house that is using their time to strategize and actually play the game?

  5. Avatar

    I think being on BB and especially winning HOH has really helped Scott become a stronger person. Yes, he is going to leave broken hearted over ALex, but I think staying could not only be good for the game, but help him develop people skills and be a stronger person overall. He came in like a fish out of water, but is just starting to swim now. I’d hate to see him cut short now!
    On the other hand, the LNJ has only gotten worse in their rants and criticisms of others. THis game has brought out the worst in each of them and I will do a victory dance when Krusty is sent packing. She is deplorable!

  6. AIO_7

    The sisters are getting spiffed up in the bath room. So far I don’t have a problem with those two.

  7. Renee

    Last evening when BB told Alex, as safety servant, to go clean the bathroom, Danielle looks at Kryssie and said go fart in the bathroom quick. Kryssie runs into the bathroom and farts. Jason runs into the bathroom and spits into the tub, comes out and tells Justin to go spit in the tub. Justin looked at both of them with disgust. I did not see him participate in it. Yet, they complain and make up a rumor blaming Scott for pee left on the toilet without knowing who it was.

      • Renee

        No, I’m pretty sure they’re Democrats. Just kidding, please don’t throw a fit everyone, I couldn’t resist this one. Keep politics out. haha

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Don’t worry @renee lol, I ALMOST posted these hashtags this morning: #MakeBBGreatAgain #EvictTheNerdHerd. But I wasn’t sure if people would see the satire in it, so I just stuck with #EvictNeeley. Just jokes people!


      • Mell

        That should have said Ann, not And.

      • Mell

        Good grief! I may have to stop typing today. First I mean to type “Ann and mistakenly say “and.” I attempt to make a correction and I can’t manage to put it under the correct section of comments. I give up! You should just scroll past my comments without reading, assume I had something I was trying to say but couldn’t make it resemble the English language and move on. Ya dig?

    • Avatar

      Omg, I can’t even say what I want to say right now. I will say this though. That fat ass elephant has a lot of nerve doing some nasty shit like that. I’m willing to bet that a fart probably smells a hell of a lot better than her big dusty ass. It’s probably the aroma of those filthy circus tents that are supposed to be underwear that smells so bad & not the fart seeing as how she never seems to scrub her ass. 2 words for your funky ass Krustie (SOAP, WATER).
      Jason’s little chicken legged ass probably choked up a lung after going in the bathroom behind Shamoo. That behavior shows how they act at home. Production should have made Jason’s nasty ass clean that tub out himself. He just took it way too f**king far. Im done with his boney ass.That fool must not know that we can see them 24/7.

      • Avatar

        I’m sick of seeing Krusty in the same nasty clothes day after day! Has she ever don laundry or taken a shower??

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Can you imagine? These animals behave this way with the cameras ON! Can you even fathom what they must act like back in their caves when no one is watching?

      • Mell

        And, I’m not defending Jason so don’t kill me!! LOL. This is only for the sake of accuracy. Jason knew he crossed the line and cleaned the tub himself. As far as the earlier comment (not yours) with the pee on the toilet, the BS blamed Justin whIle LNC blame Scott. Again, don’t kill me. LNC are assholes and all my votes went to Neeley!! I promise! Lol

  8. Avatar

    In respect to some of the behaviors we have seen in Scott and his obsession with Alex, I have another theory to share. My child has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which is a mild form of Autism and Scott exhibits some of the same traits as my son….Social awkwardness, hyper-fixating on things or people, extremely intelligent and immature processing. He is fixated on Alex because she is nice to him but if you remember at the beginning he followed Danielle around for a bit and then Morgan but when Alex hugged him when he won HOH he mistook that for more than it really was. Scott is socially awkward if you just observe him hence the talking to himself and America. We all know Scott is intelligent in certain matters for him its Big Brother for younger kids it could be dinosaurs.

    I think because Scott is odd and different that is why America doesn’t like him. We as a society do not try to understand someone’s way of life or nuances but just decide to say we don’t like him/her because they are not like us or do weird things. All I can say is I am proud of Scott’s game, yes it was slow starting off but he is finding his way/game/footing.

    Go Scott!!!

    • Renee

      I agree with your assessment Angie. I know two young men that have Aspergers and Scott is very similar. They are very bright young men but socially awkward. Both are very intelligent with engineering classes but horrible with written tests. They can make the most advanced projects and tell me down to the last detail (I don’t have a clue what they are saying because it is way over my intelligence level) but if given a written test, they bomb it. Teachers have to give them oral exams to pass classes. I find them both fascinating and love talking with them. I see Scott with very similar traits.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Thanks for sharing Angie, I actually hadn’t considered that possibility. All I know is, I can’t help but root for Scott after that Veto performance the other day. Something about watching his little nerdy self cheer himself on and fight so hard to get that Veto just really got to me.

    • Avatar

      I think you are on target abut Scott, Angie. I taught special Ed for over 35 years and maybe that is why I have a soft spot in my heart for Scott. This has been good for him as a person and I want him to continue for that reason. This could be a life change for him.

    • Helen

      Your post had me in tears!! My granddaughter has developmental delays and has had to fight for everything most “typical” children and parents take for granted! She was about 2 to 3 months behind in sitting and walking…has been going to physical therapy since she was 4 months old….she will be 2 next month….now she is running and h**l on wheels but she had to fight every inch of her way there. She still has a speech delay but she can sign probably close to 100 words and says some words very clearly. She is super intelligent though and will light up a room with her smile and inner joy.
      Our society as a whole makes fun of and is so quick to judge what they don’t understand!
      So……please keep Scott and vote some of the negativity and hate out of BB! Old Nellie. You gots to go!!

  9. AIO_7

    Nellie just blew up at the Plastics. That hag is in a rare mood today. The Plastics are laughing it off.

      • AIO_7

        Nelliy’s wrath is mostly directed at Scott. That Scott had said something about her. Nellie apologized to Alex, but it was a phony self righteous apology.

        I don’t see how anyone ever liked Nelly; she straight up rubs me the wrong way.

      • Mell

        AIO7, I used to like her. There’s no point in denying it since my past comments would bust me anyway. I’d rather just admit it and move on to my next poor choice. Lol

      • Helen

        I too thought in the beginning that old Nellie may have been ok but then her pointy head started poking through…….I really want to continue liking Justin so I hope he can pull himself away from the cesspool of Jason dani and Krustie soon…he is at times lately lowering himself down to their standards……

    • Avatar

      If any of them were unsure about voting for her to stay this sure isn’t helping her.

  10. Avatar

    Just vote that ghettoNeeley out
    She came in acting like a lady and turned into a gangster Thug. Keep Scott and go after Krusty.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Neeley is such a fake ass hypocrite. She tried to accuse SCOTT of being a bully, and then makes this tired ass, transparent ass attempt at pandering to America by saying “that is not the CBS way! This is the week after Anti-bullying week!” Then she even goes as far as to say that she’s NEVER said a bad word about anyone in the house. Are you freaking KIDDING me right now??? Bitch you and your entire alliance do NOTHING but say despicable, horrible things about the Plastics all day everyday, and you want to pretend to be above name calling and bullying? Get the F outta here Neeley!!!

      And LOL at Justin right after the argument: “Oh lord! Where the sugar at?”

    • Avatar

      @Linda, just because Neeley’s old petrified ass got that gremlin synthetic ass wig at the dollar store don’t make her ghetto, it just makes her look like the sea donkey that she is. Lol

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Ann, I can’t! LOL! I’ve been waiting for you for the past couple days to come on here and read the hell out of Danielle’s ass, like only you can. I’m so over here and Krustie breaking the rules and throwing their tantrums. I wish we could evict like 5 people this week.

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, I haven’t forgot about Daniell’s ass, trust & believe. I just got fixated on getting that gargoyle, jeepers creepers, gremlin, bat, sea donkey called Neeley out of the house. I hate how IT went after Scott. That’s why I couldn’t go on a show like this because I would catch a case in behind these people.

      • Avatar

        @Mell, what did I say about that gargoyle? Did I or did I not tell you that something wasn’t right about Neeley? That bitch looks like she’s ready to swoop down on poor Scott in the picture above & attack with her wings spread. She looks like she should be hanging upside down in a tree..She had better hope Scott don’t snap on her ass & slap the shit out of her. Lol

  11. Shivani33

    Neeley hasn’t campaigned for herself really. Scott might be awkward about it, but he’s playing his heart out to stay. The polls show that Neeley will go.

    • Avatar

      She haven’t campaigned for herself because she thinks she’s safe. I am so looking forward to seeing her OLD ass walking out the doors of the BB House.

    • Avatar

      Her reply of “ditto” at the veto ceremony pretty much sums up her game play so far and is actually disrespectful to the game of big brother.

      • Avatar

        I thought the same thing, expos! She really trying hard to stay now isn’t she? Her veto speech was “ditto”. Today, she went off on Scott for campaigning and playing the game. Now, she is piled up under cover, hid in the HOH room with the LNC trashing people and complaining. Yeah that’s a real game player! I don’t see how people would not want to vote her out!

  12. Avatar

    I will be severely disappointed if any of the LNC ladies win this season.

  13. Mell

    Scott kept his cool when Neeley went at him. I’m not surprised. After all, he’s not one to be trifled with and he’s been in these BB streets for 14 years….

  14. Avatar

    I dislike Scott because of how he looks and acts. I don’t wanna know more about him or his boring ass life lol I just want his Austin Powers mask face off my screen. People like him should never be allowed to feel empowered because at the core they are pathetic and I hate watching an unjustified ego grow. The super fan should now anoint himself a super stalker… and for alex? She is the 2nd ugliest in the house behind Neely and her sagginess. Alex looks like a short fullback with them shoulders and puffy ass face lol Just sayin… Jason, Justin, Whitney for the win… the rest can go find a nice cliff for all I care.

  15. Avatar

    The LNJ are all hypocrites that’s why I think Shelby discribe them perfect in her Live DR by calling them hypocidiot. And the way Neely exploded doesn’t she know she’s on big brother that’s why I want her and Kryssie gone as soon as possible

    • Helen

      That is LNC mo……they did the same thing with cornbread and Monte!! Try to cause dissent with the girls against Scott! That seems to be their strategy ….but as Justin says. “I see you”

    • Avatar

      Can’t wait for tonight, y’all! Can’t wait to see Krustys face when Neeley goes out on her HOH!! I was glad to see Scott be the classy one when Neeley acted like an idiot this morning and was screaming at him for doing nothing more than campaigning and playing The Game! I think she was mad that he thought of it and did it before she did. Instead of trying to stay, she’s piled under a cover talking about people! The LNC are just not even believable! Ridiculous! Hopefully one of the BS or Scott win tonight. Chat room has been trying to decide who to send the next CP to. I think they’re leaning towards Shelby. The LNC have been so mean to her and Jason’s rant after the Neeley nom was awful. I’ll let y’all know. It makes more sense for all BS/Scott fans to vote together! I’m so excited for tonight!!!

      • Helen

        I am waiting to see who wins HOH. If Shelby seems in danger I would send it to her but would love it if she can hold off for either co HOH or even the last care package!!!

  16. Helen

    LNJ in HOH naming the different metal fish statues and Jason says one of the looks like it has down syndrome. (1:02pm) -BBHolly

    I am so mad I could spit!! Really BB production? You are seriously going to let this s**t continue?

  17. AIO_7

    WOO HOO ! Krispie Krustie is getting moved out of the HOH; and take those nasty green slippers with you.

  18. Avatar

    I LOVED Shelby’s DR. She was so funny and cute and gave a lot of good information. I agree with your thoughts about Scott, I feel like we are watching a butterfly get it’s wings. I really hope Neeley goes home and I really hope Justin votes her out too. It would be fun to watch them s**t their pants if Shelby won HOH and/or got the care package this week. Lets make some magic happen.

    • Avatar

      Pie lady, I totally agree! Shelby always has the best Drs! Love her so much and I can’t wait to see her tell them all she’s an attorney! I have fell in love with Scott this week. He came in and everyone thought he was a little nerd and didn’t think much else about him. Omgosh, did he come to play or what!!! He has more heart than anyone else in the house and I hope he goes to the end! Justin is not going to vote Neeley out. Even tho he wants her out and wants Scott to stay, he will vote Scott out. How dumb. I have no idea why he is picking the side who hasnt won anything and consists of a big puffy Krusty, an old woman and 2 big mouths who can’t back up their words. Why would he not go with the side who wins and is very athletic, strategic, and more knowledgeable? I really liked Justin at first but I’m liking him less everyday. He is playing like a whimp. He needs to man up and start playing or he will go soon and I won’t care. Anyway, can’t wait til tonight! I hope there’s a camera right on Krustys face when she reads the card!

      • Mell

        AmberB, I don’t think Justins necessarily picking that side. I just think that’s the way it fell in the beginning and by the time he realized how negative they were it was too late to be somebody else’s number one or two. At best, he would be used for a week or two for a vote with the other side and they’ve talked a lot about targeting him next. He stuck for now. He talks too much and sometimes doesn’t realize what he’s told but I think he’s playing. I think that’s why he started working Morgan & Whitney. He actually talks game with Whitney. I really like Justin so I’m also biased. Lol

  19. Mell

    Lots of irony and half-truths so far today:
    It’s early in the day and we’ve already seen quite a bit. Neeley’s a powder keg. (okay that one’s not new)

    Whitney got a touch suspicious she may be low on the totem pole with her own crew after her conversation with Jason. Alex reassured her she’s never heard Scott say he was coming for Whitney. (Jason was giving her the idea) Alex is telling the truth because Alex is the one who had said it to Scott. Alex thinks Whitney needs to be the first of their group to go and Scott was suggesting it be Morgan.

    Scott’s way of reassuring Whitney is to repeatedly spout how loyal he is to Alex. If you recall less than a week ago Scott had almost the same conversation about Alex to Whitney and I remember thinking “why are you saying that, it’s stupid?” Scott included some of the usual about how he needs more time in the house since he’s still trying to make everything up to Alex regarding week one. What is no one in the house on either side questions is the logic in this. Scott says because he voted out CB, he severely damaged Alex’s game. Alex wasn’t HOH, she wasn’t in the four guys alliance so how was that even about Alex. If Whitney was smart, she would want Scott to leave as she is LNC’s favorite out of the girls. If by some fluke Neeley stays, Whitney would also become Neeley’s favorite over Morgan. Whitney has also intentionally put herself in a position to avoid doing anything tonight regarding who gets evicted.

    Scott has been planting seeds this week that Neeley is trying to be a comp beast and that makes her a threat. I don’t recall Neeley ever sayung this but it wasn’t a bad move since Justin’s been on the fence anyway. Other than that, I think Scott was telling the truth saying he hadn’t said bad things about Neeley. The irony is the whole thing began today because she overheard him saying he wanted to torture Danielle. That’s absolutely true and he said it a lot more than the one time Neeley heard it.

    It’s also ironic that Scott may singlehandedly destroy Alex’s game while trying to be her knight in shining armor.

    Shelby’s my girl but she might want to lay off insulting Justin and her smart ass mouth while simultaneously trying to get him to flip tonight. Morgan just made a comment saying that if Justin doesn’t flip with them and America diesnt vote out Neeley she will blame Shelby. Justin got irritated because he said Shelby told him “don’t you have an HOH room you can hang out in?” when she wanted him to leave the room they were in.

    Krissi is saying that America has to vote out Scott and there is no reason why we wouldn’t. (rye roll)
    Frankly, even if Neeley wasn’t a good choice, it would be very hard to vote Scott out this week for his dance moves alone.

    Scott and BS are talking about all the chores the misfits never do around the house. Scott says if Jason makes a nomination speech, it will be about dishes. (possibly true) Shelby calls Jason a bitch and says that someone needed to.

  20. Avatar

    I sure hope that HOH room gets a good cleaning and some lovely new air fresheners.

  21. Avatar

    Guys, I cannot wait until the show tonight. If that gargoyle don’t get evicted tonight, I am going to flip the f**k out. I can’t wait to see what crazy ass wig she throws on tonight. Im all for somebody wearing a cute wig but at least try to look natural.
    I’m pulling for you Scott. Good Luck!!!

  22. caRyn

    Basically, Neeley self evicted with that rant. Anyone that wanted to vote out Scott switched to Neeley if they still had votes. Good timing, Neeley.

  23. Avatar

    Today on big brother. Will Scott survive ? Will Neely get evicted ? Will Kryssie cry and self evict ? Will Jason rip the girl to shred and say disrespectful comment ? Will Justin be blame for the forth vote if America votes Neely. All this and more and I can’t wait for the episode. This one looks to be a close one

  24. LindsayB

    It’s gonna get real tonight. The LNC is gonna cry and complain about one of their own getting the boot on “their” HOH. Nobody will know as much as they do how much that hurts right? Nobody will have had it as bad as them right? Wait a minute!! I just snapped back to reality and remembered that Cornbread and Monte got evicted on their alliance’s HOH. LNC will conveniently forget all about that.

  25. LindsayB


    LNC are sitting around doing nothing productive. They are bitching about random stuff and talking about when they plan on showering (except Krusti).

    BS+Scott are counting things and quizzing each other so they can be prepared for tonight’s HOH.

    Moral of the story: BS are playing the game while LNC suck at life….. you know, the usual.

  26. Helen

    Krustie said she was taking a shower last Saturday when she was going up to HOH to prepare for safety noms…..day 27!!!
    So she should be good for another month!

  27. Helen

    I am really hoping that Shelby Alex or Scott (if he stays) wins HOH tonight. Would love to see Danielle and Jason OTB with Krustie as americas nom. I would then give care package to Justin. I know that’s mean. But who would he choose to save?

    • LindsayB

      I’m gonna add Morgan to that list. I guess I should tell you all why I’m having a hard time hating on her. My soulmate, the love of my life, is named Morgan. Morgan Hildegard when she’s bad. She’s 80 lbs of pure Rottweiler love. Because of that, I have to be positive with Morgan. She’s not in my top 3 but I just can’t vote for anything against her right now.

  28. LindsayB

    I really hope the HOH comp is some kind of numbers thing. The fact that the BS take spend so much of their energy trying to play the game vs hate everything on the earth should mean something. They study all the time and I’d hate for that all to go to waste.

  29. caRyn

    I just remembered Neeley and Scott have to sleep in the same bedroom.

  30. Avatar

    I think Scott feels like he’s part of a group and has a few friends for the first time in his life. It’s doing him good and you can see his confidence and social skills grow more every day. I hope he hangs around for a while longer. This could really be the best experience he’s had so far in his life.

  31. Avatar

    Why does production let Danielle sleep all the time? For the last two days that’s all she has done. No one else is allowed to nap. Maybe it’s because when she’s awake all she does is complain. It is nice not hearing her talk all the time.

  32. Avatar

    Sad to say, but Jason does his makeup much better than Krustie.

  33. Avatar

    Omg, how much longer? It’s killing me.

  34. Avatar

    OMG Krusty Ass Stanky Skank Krispie changed her underwear

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