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Will Thursday Pick Up The Action Again?



I obviously have nobody to cover overnight reports right now, but you’re in luck because last night nothing relevant happened! Maybe that means I’m in luck because that means less flashing back and more talk about the game in general.

Before I begin, I think I’m going to try something different for the overnight report. I may create an overnight post before bed, and have a few users who are watching the feeds be able to access it. All they’d need to do is edit post, add a timestamp and comment on what is going on. This helps relieve the burden of running their own thread and watching the feeds exclusively by themselves. The only problem is, there isn’t much technology for wordpress to do such a thing, so I’d have to get creative.  I see people who submit stuff like that in the comment section all the time. If they want to help test this by being able to submit it to a main overnight page, reach out to me.  I have had people suggest two specific people, but I won’t put them on the spot (hint, hint)

On to the game…. Victor took a day off from not really campaigning to really not campaigning. Apparently his thought process is there isn’t a whole lot he can say about Corey that people don’t already know, so he didn’t bother saying anything. Today, he plans to get back to not really campaigning by casually mentioning they should keep him – Awesome. People love to give conspiracy theories about Big Brother fixing the game for certain fan favorites, so it’s a good thing all of this is happening to Victor and not Frank. The guy has been given chance after chance, and he’ll be given one more yet again this week as he walks out the house only to find out there is a jury buyback. I am betting on the traditional endurance comp where the last person out of the 5 jury re-enter, and that person also has the chance to win HoH.


James has all the power in the house this week as Paul is voting for Corey and Nicole is voting for Victor. As co-HoH, neither Natalie nor Michelle will vote, so that leaves the tiebreaker James.  He has already talked about bringing the boremance to the final 4 (boremance = the two super boring showmances of james/nat, and corey/nic), so there is about a 99.5% chance he’ll vote Victor out tomorrow night. That is unless Victor can convince James that having a showmance in the house is bad, though Da’Vonne already tried that… forgetting James considers himself to be in one. Victor can also try the angle that he is a super strong competitor who can possibly win out the remaining comps, but then he’d have to convince James how that would benefit him more than say Paul.

Needless to say, barring some super Michelle/Paulie game blowout situation that I don’t think Victor is prone to doing, he is gone from the house.  Does Victor even have something like that?  Well, they can play dirty and tell James the reality that Nat really doesn’t like him and is only showmancing it up with him because every other guy turned her down. They can make up lies about Nicole and Corey mocking James’ showmance and saying it isn’t real while they are. They can even make up lies about Michelle saying she is secretly working with Nicole and Corey and plan to going after James/Nat.

Seeing as all of that (except probably the part about Natalie not really being into James) is a lie, I can’t see Victor stooping to that level to remain in the house. It sounds like he’s going to just accept defeat and hope there is a twist (and there is).

There you have it, that’s my overnight/game talk.  If you want to help contribute to an experimental overnight thread moving forward, hit me up

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  1. Avatar

    Yes Steve you should do that post option!

  2. Jannie

    C’mon stevebeans…you can’t see Vic “stooping to that level?” Lies and deceit, sometimes, are the best part of BB.
    Do these people forget that this is a game for $500k and that none of them will give a rats patooty about each other when it’s over?
    Now I don’t like it when a player lies just to stir the pot, but when your neck is on the line for big bucks?
    Go for it Vic!! Let the lying begin!

    • AIO_7

      What I was thinking was….Since Paul has been hanging around Snacole and Borey a lot lately (perhaps pretending that he an Vic. weren’t “friendship” any more) that he might indicate that he will vote to keep Borey. Maybe that could work to dupe James and perhaps James would cast Vic. a sympathy vote.

  3. Avatar

    Nicole is as darling as apple pie. But she does not have anyone to fight with anymore. When Paulie and Zakiyah were evicted so was all the house drama and interesting feeds. I want Paulie or Zakiyah to comeback. I think Zakiyah and Cory would be a better showmance. TEAM Zakiyah!!! LOVE HER!!!!!

    • AIO_7

      Yeah, it’s always so much fun watching Z. picking at her eye lashes then rolling her eye liner goop that comes off between her fingers.

      • Avatar

        Lmao…It’s such a treat watching her run around behind Paulie like a puppy. I really miss watching her beast all those comps like Rachel R., not to mention watching lick all over Paulie like a female dog cleaning her pups.

      • Avatar

        @AIO 7, Gnat’s neck must be feeling a whole lot better because she’s been swinging the living daylights out of her neck, whipping the hell out of that ponytail. The girl is down right annoying.

      • AIO_7

        I’m with you Ann, Gnat and I are no longer “friendship”.

      • Avatar

        She’s super pretty 🙂

      • AIO_7

        Original Ann,you should upload an avatar pic. so that we can distinguish you from the Fake Ann.

      • Avatar

        Can you tell how to do it please? I’ve been wanting to put a picture by my name but
        I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

      • AIO_7

        Ann; point your mouse over your name up in the right hand corner. A menu will drop down, click “my profile”, then click “change profile photo”….you can upload a pic. straight from your computer.

      • Shivani33

        At least Z.’s ass has a job right now, keeping Paulie busy in the jury house. Even Mama Day and her Bible can’t fix rhis. Nicole just told Corey that she’s willing to move to Texas for him. Such sacrifice. How can she even think of leaving Ubly and her beautiful Mennonite Country View bulk food store over in nearby Snover? The romance novel continues. Will Nicole change her mind when she studies his social media remarks? What happens if she finds out that there’s so much that she doesn’t know yet? Wait until she sees Corey’s ex-girlfriend…and discovers the true source of their breakup. And whatever will she do about his family controlling the purse strings of his “fortune”, never mind when he lets her know that he swings both ways and was really more in love with Paulie? Will she settle for being a beard with babies?

      • Joanne Donoho

        Aha! The real Ann is in orange letters…if you see black lettered, unregistered Ann, that’s the troll.

      • Avatar

        I was about to ask if Ann was sick or something. Then I noticed the black letters lol

  4. Avatar

    My take on Vic not campaigning is FRIENDSHIP ! It’s easy to slam the door on someone everyone hates, so kudos to him for not doing OTB Paulie style!!
    I think the idea to off Corey will come overnight or tomorrow . James needs to be convinced that time to break up the only other showmance in the house is NOW!
    Thumbs down to everyone else in the house for not seeing the 4th powerful duo in the house is the vets-Nic and James. The house should have booted the vets starting day 1.

  5. Avatar

    I know I might have asked this before & I apologize if I have but is the buyback tomorrow after eviction or at a later date?

  6. Shivani33

    Today is the day that James plans to tell Victor that he’s going to evict him, as he has been told by the women that it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. It is also today that Victor has said that he’ll campaign, mainly to influence James to keep him. Who knows what Victor has got to say that would have any effect, since James has his mind set not only to evict Victor but also about who he wants out next? The majority want to unload Paul next, of course. I do think that Victor and Paul have been weighing what to say and are aware that Natalie is the key person who could change what James thinks. I just don’t see that Victor has the ammunition to usurp the sub-alliance of James and Nicole. If they had intended to blow that up, there was a really good opening for it when production busted James and Nicole for bribing.

    James and Nicole have been trying to keep things clownish, light and slapstick, forcing Corey to shower off flour, coffee grounds, baby powder and ice water chasers. He was in that shower forever, with James and Nicole too dense to know about California’s historic drought. What hope is left, except for the returning juror and for Paul to keep winning comps? Other than that, who wants to watch Borey and Tickhole screw their merry way to the final countdown? Or watch Natalie chew with her mouth open while keeping James at arm’s length for America? Or four more weeks of Michelle eating chips into her microphone while discussing her menstrual cycle? Hell to the no!

  7. Avatar

    Zakiyah was definitely the most attractive lady in the house by far. Cory is a bit of a doofus. Watching him is like duh…..blink, blink…crickets. Meech keeps saying she’s fat and I agree, but she’s like skinny fat she simply needs to tone and stop whining about her body. So insecure! Nicole’s going to win I just know it. She’s still playing way too lazy though…

    • AIO_7

      Zak. has a nice ass, that is it. Come to think of it, her farts are probably more interesting, and smarter, than she is

    • Avatar

      The only thing I’ve seen you compliment Zakiyah on is the way she looks. Is there any other reason that you are so “Team Zakiyah”? That seems pretty sad to me that you Stan for someone just because of her looks. I agree with you that she is a very pretty girl (and I think most of the other posters would agree as well). However, is there anything else that she brings to the table? It sounds like you have the same feelings about her that Paulie has (and actually that most of us have): she’s a pretty face with no substance behind it.

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo in a house full of terrible players I don’t need a reason to like one over the other. I like Zakiyah just because. I mentioned how pretty she is because it’s true. As far as her substance I’m honestly not thinking that deep into it. #TeamZakiyah

      • Joanne Donoho

        There are two Ann’s here – Friendship Ann (orange letters) and troll Ann (black letters).
        Troll Ann needs to get a life.

  8. Avatar

    I am sad to see Victor go. He has worked hard in this game. I agree with his attitude toward women…. but then the women are not real women, just want-to bees. Michele, Nic, and Nat. are lazy and I think that’s what Victor is seeing. I believe he would respect a woman in the bb house who would stand up to him, not one that’s does nothing expect eat, sleep, get on everyone nerves. I am so sick of the whinning.

  9. Helen

    I too will be sad to see Victor go….It has been refreshing to see someone actually play the game. Unfortunately I think CBS has already written that check and it comes down to either Paulie or Corey. Guess Thursday night will answer a lot of my final questions. I was firmly convinced for a long time the check was going to Paulie but my inner voice is telling me it could be Corey. Is there a little collusion between CBS and Corey’s app “fan Connexion “?

    • Avatar

      Nooooo…not Corey, anyone but Corey, he’s played a lazy ass game all summer. He just kind of “a huhs” his way through every convo, then stares and blinks. He’s added nothing to the game except as a vote. At least the other HGs have been interesting even if they’re annoying.

  10. caRyn

    On BBAD Natalie is being an “I told you so” when she is talking with James and Michelle regarding Paul. Paul needed to go after Paulie. Before Paulie left and they were working together Natalie didn’t single out Paul as the hg that needed to go next. Now she is telling these two that she foreshadowed this situation.

  11. Avatar

    Thank you guys so much for knowing the difference between me & the troll who calls herself Ann too. To be honest with you I think I know who’s doing that but I promised all of you that I wouldn’t acknowledge anymore of her comments. She changed her name on the page just to annoy me & get under my skin. Notice IT mostly only has something to say after I comment. Im going to try to put a picture by my name so you guys know when it’s truly me & not the troll.

    • Shivani33

      Not to worry! It is easy to distinguish the difference from the color of the name(s) and the difference in the comments. Still, it’s a creepy little thing for “someone” to pull. Guess downvoting lots of comments isn’t satisfying enough, but at least those reactions the size of novelettes haven’t reappeared when someone expresses a different opinion about the subject at hand.

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