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How To Win A Girls Heart In Big Brother


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Caleb has tried everything he possibly could to win over Amber this season on Big Brother 16. He has sweet talked her, defended her, went on the block to save her, and even ate a pickle!  None of that has worked yet, so it’s time to turn it up a few more notches. How? By putting HER on the block! We all know the best relationships are built on threatening to take away someones chance at half a million dollars, so Caleb will clearly have it in the bag this afternoon.  He should make room in his bed because Amber is guaranteed to sleep with him tonight and every night until the end of time (sorry, having a Caleb dream).

Here is the situation if you were away for the weekend and just catching up.  Hayden won the Power of Veto, and is going to use it on Victoria this afternoon. The detonators have decided it’s time to make a semi-big move, so they have been tossing around the idea of putting Caleb or Amber up on the block.  To be fair, they really don’t have many other options, so the big move was kind of forced on them. That’s part of the reason they have been speculating about BoB being put to rest soon because take a look at the options for the replacement nominee….

Cody – Detonator
Zach – Detonator
Derrick – Detonator
Donny – (team america)

The rest of the people are either on the block, or immune for various reasons (pov, bob win, hoh).  It was either put Donny up – again – and risk losing a team america member (no clue what happens if they lose one), or put one of the two up.

Initially they feared Caleb losing his mind if Amber was the nominee, but after some talking to by Zach and Frankie, they put it in his head that it’s HIS idea, and he’s loving it! Caleb is thrilled that Amber will finally get to see who was really protecting her in the house. True romance never dies.

I am fearful the meeting is going to happen during the brief window I’m going to be at school talking to an adviser, but even if I am, that shouldn’t take long. I will be back and covering the afternoon with as much detail as I can.  Stick around for another post as soon as things go down.

It’s Monday, but here is to hoping this veto meeting makes this day fly by!  Hang in there

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  1. Comments (13)

    I hope they get amber out the house and then keep Caleb to help them get the rest out of the house then get him out right before Christine

  2. Comments (1446)

    I was so disgusted watching the Amber plan go down last night on BBAD. Shame on all of the other guys for egging on both Caleb and Zach to humiliate the poor girl. I am especially disgusted with Derrick – he not only has both a WIFE and a DAUGHTER(how would he feel if it were one of them?), but he is also a police officer who should have some sense of honor, right?? The way they were all laughing about telling her off and shaming her…Wow.
    And I will be interested to see how the girls react. Will any of them come to her defense?? Seems like Victoria and Christine are jealous of Amber, but can they stand to see her treated like that??
    I don’t care what Amber did or did not do to lead Caleb on – this guy is a sick, delusional a–hole and everyone in the house knows it. He talks about Amber like she is his property or a disobedient, ungrateful dog. Derrick, Cody and Zach are really stooping low to win the money.
    I am sure that Amber has not gone to production because a.)she thinks she can handle it b.)she doesn’t want to rock the boat c.)She really doesn’t know(the extent) of the bizarre things that Caleb says.
    Last year it was racism, but sexism and obsessive and delusional behavior this year is OK w/everyone, including CBS??

    • Comments (274)

      It’s sickening! That gross pig is so full of himself that this morning he was telling Cody how he could go onto ANY mlb team right now and be good, nfl too, he hasn’t played soccer but from what he’s seen he would be drafted no problem! Then he walks into Amber’s room throws a pillow at her head, hard enough to wake her. He is a control FREAK. She isn’t going to like him so now comes the abuse. In all forms.

      • Comments (198)

        The abuse has started they need to get him out. All it will do is get worse. Been there seen that!!!

      • Comments (610)

        I sure hope BB has their big Security guys on immediate stand by for Caleb. He seems to be melting down & will probably go “beast mode” (for all the wrong reasons) after Amber is evicted.

      • Comments (76)

        Shame on BB production & CBS for allowing this ,Derricks wife should be proud of the father of her daughter, Cody has no balls so he’s worthless .
        I swear Donny is the only saving grace to this disgusting season

      • Comments (79)

        What the fuck is wrong with all you whiners? This season is fine. Derrick hasn’t done anything wrong, you’re all just mad that he’s in control and it’s slowing down the game. Cody hasn’t done anything wrong, he just made a bitch move last week. Christine, and Frankie are pretty snakey but why are people judging their characters based on how they play the game? I’ve been enjoying this season, I guess it’s your guys’ problem if you haven’t been. There is nobody “disgusting” in this house except for Caleb and maybe Zach (Victoria’s pretty annoying too). Either you guys think you’re perfect little angels or you hold other people to high standards than you hold yourselves. Either way, stop being so critical, you come across as cunts

      • Comments (274)

        LOL hypocrite much? 

        “but why are people judging their characters based on how they play the game?” Uh you do know that this is big brother and that is a part of the show/game…right?

        You name call and tell “us” that “we’re”holding others to a higher standard all the while you contradict yourself doing just that, holding “us” to your own standard. Not to mention in one breath you say how dare “we” say something about one of them and your next sentence says; “nobody’s”disgusting” in this house except Caleb and maybe Zach(Victoria’s pretty annoying too)”

        Must be so easy hiding behind your phone/computer and say such brave things. Lol

      • Comments (843)

        Last night Caleb hit Amber in the face with a pillow while she was sleeping. No, that doesn’t sound like much until you think about it in the context of a paranoid, delusional, psychotic obsessive stalker. That’s called escalation and it’s dangerous.

      • Comments (644)

        Caleb is completely nuts. I don’t know why BB didn’t call him into the DR to tell him what he did with the pillow was unacceptable behavior. The other guys, except Donny, are starting to look really bad by what they are doing to Amber. How sad.

      • Comments (274)

        Ugh my wording really didn’t come out the way it should’ve. The pig I’m talking about is Caleb.

      • Comments (79)

        You call me a hypocrite but then fail to give examples of my hypocrisy. Yea, no shit big brother is a game but people are talking about how much they “hate” Derrick and Cody and Frankie as if they’re actually immoral people. That’s why I talked about holding people to standards, which you obviously didn’t understand (shocker!). You hold these HG’s to a god like standard as if they aren’t allowed to do anything wrong meanwhile forgetting that you probably aren’t perfect (obviously I’m not perfect either, dipshit. That was my point). And when the hell did I say “how dare you say something about them”. Now you’re just making shit up. And yea, I believe that certain house guests have displayed disgusting behaviour, that’s why I’m not rushing to their defense but other house guests are acting like normal people and getting shit for it. Rant over

    • Comments (610)

      I want to give Derrick the benefit of doubt because he’s been an undercover officer, which requires acting skill & believeability. He may be going along with the others so his “cover” isn’t blown. Now with his life experiences as an officer, I truly wonder if he is seeing Caleb as a simmering abuser that’s about to erupt…

      • Comments (76)

        Derrick undercover Cop 🙂 this is not the mean streets of Providence R.I.who cares .He’s a great poster boy

    • Comments (19)

      Is Derrick really a police officer? I have to question that, he claims to be an undercover officer? What undercover officer would expose himself on Big Brother? A pretty stupid one I would have to say.

      • Comments (1276)

        I am pretty sure he used to be an undercover officer, and is now an Officer.

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah he is now a sergeant.
        Still her point is valid. He should be concerned. All police know domestic violence situations are the most dangerous. Caleb is by all accounts dangerous. He is not stable. Something is way off that he is so self absorbed and arrogant, not “hey I’m so confident and a dick” but “hey I could do something really messed up if I don’t get my head checked soon”. He feels the world really revolves around him. He makes even my dad nervous.He said he would be walking around that clown like he was near I.E.D’S. So honestly Derrick could be just as uneasy as Amber is and with him trying to hide his true identity, can’t say or do too much without blowing his own game. In a way I think he feels it’s best for Amber and her safety to get her out now to keep her away from Caleb via jury. They are unsure when DE is happening so I think they are trying to make sure they don’t go together. I know have talked about it in small convos, I’d have to go digging to find it.

        As I sit here thinking about it, I have to wonder if they want her out first because if he goes first & is able to stalk her via the feeds, it would fuel his obsessions. He could get worse & be waiting for her to get out. I already know that he will track her down either way. He WILL be going to her house, thinking the whole family wants to meet this “guy”. The family is probably planning their wedding in his head.

        No matter the order if evictions, he is going to be on the news for the first big brother contestant arrested for stalking another contestant.
        #BBRO or #BBOFP

      • Comments (3)

        OK 2 things. First after 2 deployments in Afghanistan. No jokes about IEDS. Second being a son of a peace officer. You leave that at the job. Yes Caleb has problems. Winner of BB16 is the guy who separates life from a GAME.

      • Comments (400)

        He won’t be able to be any more. I realize how exciting it must be for the cast member’s families to see their loved ones have fans, but they should realize that not everyone would have good intentions and they should keep some of their private lives just that – private. Derrick’s wife has posted pictures on Twitter of envelopes she is mailing out with shirts she is selling. They show their return address. If he was ever an under cover cop, I’m sure there are people out there that are not fans of his unfortunately. She should think of her families safety before thinking of fame of fortune of a few t-shirts for sale.

      • Comments (274)

        Well in this day and age anything is up for grabs. You used to have to keep your number unlisted as a cop but now that’s nearly impossible. He isn’t an undercover officer anymore, he himself has told of his past so it doesn’t matter. He wouldn’t have been able to join the show if he were still undercover, not to mention even talk about it.

      • Comments (79)

        He’s a former undercover cop. He used to do it when he was younger so he could actually fit in with the college kids. Obviously he can’t do it now that he’s 30 because he doesn’t look like a college kid anymore. Now he’s just a regular cop

      • Comments (644)

        Derrick was an undercover officer, now he is a police sergeant.

    • Comments (143)

      Derrick is a CHICAGO police officer, that tells you ALOT. There view is as long as I go home I will shoot whoever.

      • Comments (79)

        Wow, what a moronic generalization. First of all, you can’t judge a person’s character based on a police department the work in, in a fucking massive city. There are lots of different parts to Chicago. Secondly, you’re wrong anyway. He’s from New Jersey

  3. Comments (412)

    Caleb truly is delusional.

  4. Comments (1799)

    9 votes this week one detonator should be going up any chance to flip the house Get Caleb to vote with Donny Victoia Hopefuly convince Hayden he is not part of the detonator plans After all he was an after thought to them Get Nichole to open her eyes they can have 5 votes dump a poor player in Jocasta and shack up the Detonerters Sounds great but these mental midgets won’t be able to see it like that Insted Hayden will happily go along with his new found friends ( the in crowed) Nichole will keep getting played by the weekest detonator Christine and everyone else Caleb will be led around by his ego leaving Donny to vote with the house just not to cause waves Why not cause waves you all are on deaths door lining up to go out

  5. Comments (83)

    I’m surprised no one has ratted out the detonators yet. Surprising.

  6. Comments (843)

    Wait until Amber is voted out and Caleb realizes she won’t be in his planned “love nest” jury house. Hope Zach continues with his actions and makes Caleb’s life miserable.

  7. Comments (316)

    I hope Caleb gets put up and they leave Amber alone! Then they can boot out this jerky guy!

    • Comments (1276)

      Me too, I think they are all too scared, even Zack who claims he loves pissing everyone off, to go after Caleb. Who will be the easiest one to get out with the votes, and since this week works to backdoor him. But they are going to widdle away at the girls, you know, since they have all been such power houses this year.

      • Comments (412)

        Zach isn’t scared of Caleb. Zach was told Amber is targeting him by that rat Christine, who is the WORST! Caleb has been easily manipulated so far in the game and other players have literally been able to put ideas in his head and convince him[Caleb] that they were his[Caleb’s] ideas to begin with. I’m also excited to see Caleb’s reaction when he finds out the detonators have been lying to him about Victoria coming off the block.

        Caleb is so certain that every houseguest wants Victoria out of the house and thinks Hayden is saving Jocasta and that Amber is going to be a pawn. And he thinks that with these events taking place that his queen[Amber?] is going to realize that she’s only a contestant on the show Big Brother because of this beast mode knight and shining armor (I’m literally gagging), ending in Amber rushing to him and confessing the uncontrollable attraction she has for him.
        What’s truly sad is, Caleb really believes this is how it will pan out. Sad, sad, delusional man.

      • Comments (274)

        Nailed it!

  8. Comments (83)

    I think Caleb is a very emotional guy and really does have a good heart from having a very
    Emotional and troubling childhood with family issues from what
    I gathered from him on BBAD. I think he fears rejection from people especially women.
    I think we should give the guy a break.

    • Comments (198)

      NO WAY!! He needs to be held accountable!! Or this will continue.This is somewhat of a controlled environment. What would happen if is was NOT!! I do know it could be A LOT worse. He needs to go NOW!! HE WAS NOT JOKING AROUND HE MET IT AND BIG BROTHER BETTER DO SOMETHING!!!!

    • Comments (198)

      Annette I hope you and every other women never have to go through this kind of abuse. Sorry for the rant but I have have been through it. It starts slow you don’t even know at first next thing you know it is full bore and you wonder how the hell did it get to this. It has been 15 years and I am still working through it. Even with counseling. Sorry will not go off on this again it is just a sore subject.

      • Comments (36)

        Connie Sue you are spot on. I’m sorry you went through that, I went through it too and you are exactly right about how it starts with small things and builds and builds until it’s really hard to get away from. It sounds like you did and good for you! I did too. I don’t care for Amber but I’m so glad she didn’t hook up with this jerk and she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he is treating her. There are no excuses for this pathetic POS that Caleb is. I don’t care what is childhood was.

      • Comments (198)

        I am sorry you did as well but we both know what can happen. I would hate to see someone so young go through this. I was in my late 30’s. I don’t ever want to see anyone go through this let alone someone young. To me the mental abuse was worse that is what I am working through.

    • Comments (843)

      Just because someone had an emotional and troubling childhood and has “issues” does NOT give them the right to abuse anyone! Psychologically, emotionally, or physically. He needs to be pulled from the game immediately. That pillow in the face wasn’t meant in fun or as a joke, it was a punishment dealt out by Caleb to show her who is the boss. I’ve gone through the emotional and verbal abuse and see the signs of an abuser in Caleb.

    • Comments (26)

      I’m gonna say no.

  9. Comments (274)

    I have a real question about his throwing of that pillow, she was asleep!! can’t he be in trouble for it? It woke her up and she was looking around trying to figure out what had just happened. Why wouldn’t they stop him? Didn’t they do it with what’s her name and the toothbrush in the toilet? I mean it’s noooo secret why he’s acting the way he is and why he did it. Why won’t they do something about HIM now? Just like last year but hey it’s OKAY it is only a girl, one girl, no problem…ugh I am ticked off! He shouldn’t get to stay over her just for his psycho ways caused her to be a target to begin with. Usually I wouldn’t be this way about this but that’s a fact! He is truly the all around reason why she is leaving! She wasn’t on their radar until HE made her a target with his nutzo fantasy world.
    Now with this little, but significant pillow in the face move, he should have to leave. IMHO

    • Comments (843)

      I agree, Jill.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think the toothbrush issue was a health concern and could have caused the person who’s tooth brush it was to get sick.
      So my question is, for the record, I don’t like Caleb and find his ways disturbing, but my question is was Amber hurt by the pillow? Yes, it was a form of torment, maybe even a bit of a bully move, but was it done in a way to hurt her? Or, was she threatened with “it will happen again next time you are asleep if you don’t do my bidding” type of thing? Or just a stupid, annoying, jerk move done by a Stupid annoying Jerk?
      If not, I’m pretty sure that is why they didn’t intervine, just my opinion. I’m not saying it was ok, again total Jerk move, but I think they get involved when their is a physical threat. Everything he’s doing, in my eyes, while totally stalker like, hasn’t caused any physical harm to her or anyone else, which is why I think they aren’t doing anything about it.

      • Comments (1276)

        Another footnote, I really dont’ think anything he’s doing is OK, I just think he’s teetering on the edge of what they can do anything about. If the house had half a brain they would get him out NOW, before it gets worse.

      • Comments (274)

        I see what you’re saying, but it wasn’t threatening because she wasn’t actually awake to be offered the chance to be threatened. If someone comes into your house at night when you’re not watching, does it make it less wrong? You locked your doors and windows and put an alarm up but you were still robbed. Was it less threatening?
        He is behaving like a little kid who can’t have his way but he is a grown man who is now physically verbalizing his frustration. No different than punching holes in the walls or breaking dishes. This may seem insignificant but really it is a huge problem.

        I am agreeing with mouse when she said
        “Just because someone had an emotional and troubling childhood and has “issues” does NOT give them the right to abuse anyone! Psychologically, emotionally, or physically. He needs to be pulled from the game immediately. That pillow in the face wasn’t meant in fun or as a joke, it was a punishment dealt out by Caleb to show her who is the boss. I’ve gone through the emotional and verbal abuse and see the signs of an abuser in Caleb.”

        People who’ve never been abused or never seen another live through it aren’t sensitive to these tall tell signs. That’s why to me it is just as bad as the toothbrush in the toilet, they are both an act of losing control mentally so now they’re attacking physically…passively aggressively.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’d say one big difference is the whole breaking and entering required to break into someones locked home and being on Big Brother, where you have given up your privacy, that you have in a locked home.
        Again, I don’t think it’s ok that he did it, but at the same time, if she wasn’t hurt, it was just a Jerk move, not physically threatening.
        I personally have been in abusive situations, and the law can’t do anything until your personal space/property or your person has been injured in our jeapordy, so I don’t think we can expect CBS to do more than the law can do. Yes, he’s being a jerk and taking his dillusions to a whole new level, that being said, he hasn’t done anything to warrent being removed from the house.
        While his actions are making her and the house guests uncomfortable, people could make the same argument about others in the past, his stalker behavior is different, but I don’t think even Amber would say that she feels physicall threatened by Caleb. Again, I don’t like the guy, but he hasn’t hurt anyone.

      • Comments (1)

        He has been pacing the floors in past nights and talking to himself, his obsession is starting to bubble up and he is starting to slowly lose control. The pillow thing was the first physical sign of this. It built up in him SO much that he just HAD to do something, which resulted with a pillow to her head while she was sleeping and it was totally dark. If something doesn’t change this will continue to escalate because he won’t control himself. No, a pillow to the head doesn’t cause that much damage…but it’s not just a pillow to the head with him. Next it will be a pillow to her head every hour, and if they were outside of the house I am sure it would be much much worse. It isn’t the actual what he did that bothers people, it is the emotion and obsession behind WHY he did it that truly has people concerned!

      • Comments (1276)

        I totally understand that there are reasons for concern. He is showing disturbing signs of obsession. What I’m trying to say is as of now, he does not done anything that has put her or anyone else in physical jepordy, which is why, IMO, CBS/BB hasn’t stepped in. I am sure they are keeping a close eye on it, but they can’t really pull him from the game or punish him for what he “could” do, the laws outside the house doesn’t protect anyone from that.
        I think if he were to start doing it more often, or they see more signs, they probably will say something to him. But my guess is right now they are hoping that nothing else happens to make it worse before she leaves this week. Again, I am not defending what he’s doing, it’s totally shitty, I’m just saying that right now, he hasn’t done anything harmful enough to result in CBS getting involved. Again, just my opinion.

      • Comments (843)

        What happens in cases like this is they start out with small things—stroking the knife in the HOH room while giving the mean stare to Amber, planning the ‘date’ (which went didn’t turn out well), ignoring her….everything that he gets away with causes him to do a little more each time. He wanted to use Icy Hot on her then paint her face with nail polish. He will keep pushing the boundaries because he is not called on it. If he or Amber don’t leave the house, it’s going to be bad. Those of us who have gone through it know the signs and know the ending. Not good.

      • Comments (274)

        Exactly,you are absolutely correct! The more he gets to do the more he will push it. They NEED to do something about this now. If nothing else to draw attention to abuse. It is extremely difficult to leave these situations and this character is showing exactly why women feel powerless.

        We say no but that means it’s still our fault and we’re asking for all we get….WHY?!?
        CBS step up and show our young women that his behavior is unacceptable!

      • Comments (843)

        I went on Facebook CBS Big Brother and sent them a message. If enough of us do this, maybe they will do something.

  10. Comments (469)

    SB – in your update above you said you have no idea what will happen to TA if Donny was put up and voted out – it was addressed by Julie in her closing remarks about possible scenarios “or will TA lose one of their members” – SB – nothing will happen they will continue with two.

    • Comments (2824)

      They should discontinue Team America altogether. Just a boring distraction so CBS can sap more money from the saps.

      • Comments (274)

        As I agree that it’s a distraction and unnecessary, I only want it around for Donny’s sake, if they think that he can’t be gone in order for them to make more cash, all the better! I don’t see Donny making too far as they lines have been drawn and the house is tightly controlled. Derrick or Frankie are walking with the half mil & the other is 2nd. So let Donny make as much as possible and then make it to jury. I’d like for him to make as much as possible. He has much needed eye surgery and wants to marry his girlfriend. I’m his fan so yep, if it helps him I am all for it!

  11. Comments (198)

    I am sorry I can not read this anymore I am getting sick. According to jokers Caleb is bragging about it and BB is do nothing!! Maybe they think is is acceptable well it is not. How would Julie feel it it was her.

  12. Comments (528)

    Caleb is a FREAK and, after watching the little memorial on BBAD, Jocasta is a pretty crappy preacher.

    That is all.

  13. Comments (332)

    Sounds like a lot of Amber lovers. She has dug her own nomination. She won’t drink the all guys koolaide and keeps loving in Cody. Caleb is a stalker put a pillow throw is not an attack of fists, hands or personal injury.

    • Comments (198)

      It does not have to be fits. They start slow and work their way up to more physical violence and mental abuse ask anyone who as been through it or a counselor.

    • Comments (528)

      I actually couldn’t care less about Amber…she can stay or go, I don’t care. But Caleb is a creepy mofo either way and if you don’t see that there’s something wrong with you, especially as a woman. His behaviour is beyond inappropriate and so an “innocent” pillow throw in that kind of context is indeed a threatening gesture.

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah,no this has nothing to do with her game. I only said that he put an unnecessary target on her back because if his stalker obsessed ways. She really hasn’t been playing the game to well but this goes beyond the game.

    • Comments (843)

      Karen, you are naïve and delusional if you believe that.

      • Comments (332)

        Well, Zach tried to make up to Nicole for his mean remarks and started cuddling and it confused both Hayden and Nicole, so Caleb is not the only one. And Amber stood in the kitchen and used Cody to her advantage by trying the freeze out game, “I am just not talking to anyone and playing my own game if you all cant keep me safe in the alliance” So don’t tell me she has not used that date or other means to advance her game with Caleb too.

  14. Comments (137)

    I would have to say that if we continue to allow men to objectify women these types of things will be acceptable by other women. We have to stand up and say this is NOT okay. Caleb has shown signs of being a stalker, Amber has said straight forward she is not interested in him. Caleb has been told and needs to respect Amber. Now play the game, stop the pillow throwing and childish behaviors CALEB!

  15. Comments (27)

    It is a sign of how little there is to talk about that everyone is building up Caleb as a stalker. When he leaves the show and finds out how this all played to the public, the last thing he will want is to have anything to do with her. The situation is: he has no close connection with any of the other guys, is used to being very physically active in his job and personal life, and his focus to pass the time has unfortunately become like a school age boy’s crush. What is all this about BB should get rid of him? If they didn’t get rid of Evil Dick or those participants last season… And I will say it again, Amber is not innocent in this. If she didn’t want his interest, she wouldn’t be saying and doing alot of things that she does. “Would you eat a pickle, if I would go on a date with you?” Touching his clothes as she walks by, giving him a kiss on the cheek, not just a hug, after a challenge? PLEASE.

    • Comments (2)

      This isn’t in any way her fault. So she should monitor her behavior around him? Her life in this game has been so plagued by Caleb & it’s been shown to her that he has a lot of power in that house. She can’t just tell him to go eff himself without game repercussions. And even though we as viewers know & see more than she does, it’s her reality that he has so much pull. He’s dark & scary & dangerous because he is saying, & now acting on, these disgusting things out loud. Can you imagine what he’s not saying? It’s not in any way like Evel Dick because Evel’s intentions were to just get everyone to hate him. Caleb’s intentions are to make her love him & if not THEN he will unleash his wrath. All of this has been promoted & validated by their fellow house guests in particular Derrick the cop & Frankie who claims he loves & respects his mother & sister so much. Derrick of all people should know the signs of dangerous escalating obsessive behavior. But instead is perfectly content on feeding his psychosis for 5 grand. It’s disgusting. I’m glad she’s getting out of there because she is in danger inside & out of that house when it comes to Caleb.

    • Comments (3)

      In a way I agree with you. First let me be clear that Caleb is certainly a misogynist, clueless, and approaching mentally abusive with his newest tactic. BUT Amber does give mixed signals at times and I think a lot of it is her trying not to piss anyone off in the game. I believe if this were a different situation, she wouldn’t be laughing the situation off and complaining behind his back. She would be more direct and say flat out “leave me alone, I’m not interested!” That brings up another point. A lot of her serious complaining IS behind his back, as to not cause waves with him.
      Now this doesn’t excuse Caleb from anything, and I think he’s pursuing her this hard because back home he can get any girl he wants (like he says). He doesn’t want to understand her rejection because his beastmode cowboy ego wont allow it. I would definitely be interested in seeing her make her feelings CRYSTAL clear if they were to make it to the jury house.

      • Comments (528)

        The same excuse you’re giving Calen can be said of Amber. She’s not seeing what we’re seeing. She’s not seeing the sheer amount of time he’s taking talking about her to everyone else, obsessively, constantly and creepily. She’s clearly not feeling as threatened by it as we are because she’s simply just seeing a guy who’s being annoyingly persistent, but still a guy she currently lives with and feels like she’s in a safe environment with. She’s keeping it friendly but she’s not treating him any differently then she’s treating any of the other guys and they’re not stalking her and claiming her as their own. That’s CALEB’S messed up mind doing that.

        She shouldn’t have to change who she is because some man can’t get a clue. It’s HIS responsibility to get a grip while she should be able to live her life in that house in peace.

      • Comments (1276)

        Very True Sadie. Caleb is just off his rocker, but neither one of them can see what we are. I think the other houseguests should probably be getting involved more than CBS/BB.
        While he’s gross, and being a total stalker, he hasn’t harmed anyone at this time. So I can see it being hard for the show to get involved, but I do think the cast could be doing more, like trying to get him to see she’s just not into him. And getting her to see that he’s way too attached, and they should keep her close, just to keep the uncomfortable things from happening.

      • Comments (2)

        His entire delusional motives for putting her up is to slap her back into her place. Which to him is for her to be eternally grateful for all he’s done for her. My issues are aimed a lot towards everyone else who’s placating his beliefs that HE & HE ALONE is why she’s been safe thus far. She absolutely needs to let him know where he can put ALL of his delusions regarding her game, what’s he’s done for her AND her feelings about him. No holds barred. Especially when she’s put up on the block. But I’m not sure she will do that because she will still have no idea that her BBHouse fate has already been decided. I’m sadly not sure she’s quite mature enough as a woman to really stand her ground & slap him into his rightful place.

    • Comments (400)

      I can agree with one part of this Rose, there is so little to talk about this season. But I am having a hard time believing that Caleb’s size and mannerisms come solely from working out considering we never see him doing it. It is only my opinion, but I wouldn’t doubt that there has been past steriod use. I hope that I am wrong, but how else do you explain when you never see him working out and he is a have not because of being one of the laziest in the house?

    • Comments (198)

      I sure the hell hope you not raised like thst!!

  16. Comments (76)

    I’m really amazed at women on here defending Calebs actions or saying he is really a good person deep down .( how deep down). WOW!!!
    that absolutely blows my mind , .wtf. If you justify Caleb’s actions.I’m curious as a guy if you would give a pass to a dude who treated you like Caleb is treating Amber..Just my opinion …I guess some women must dig twisted, self absorbed ,controlling , bat crazy guys .Good Luck
    Sure it will be a relationship to remember

    • Comments (274)

      THANK YOU!!!!

      And LOVE the “how deep down?” remark rofl

    • Comments (1276)

      I can’t stand when people say that. “Down Deep” he’s such a great guy, whatever, why would anyone have to saw “down Deep” about anyone who was a great guy. He might not be as bad as he appears, but, in this case, he’s not great, by any means.

  17. Comments (43)

    Just like BB did an interview with Donny’s love ones, hopefully they are thinking they should be looking at Caleb’s past relationships. To see if they should be more worried about a situation getting out of hand. Of course they do not want their name dragged through the mud if this goes terribly wrong.

    • Comments (274)

      Oh yeah this would go way further than they’re willing to deal with. It is pretty messed up.
      Almost fishy though? Last year they have all that drama and now they just have a dull crew until…wait…what’s this…something else that was missed last year and will surely cause more ratings and something else Julie can bring over to her other show that just happens to be on the same network…
      I’m not saying it isn’t really happening, just that they did their research and know exactly WHO Caleb was/is. They are also NOT stopping it but allowing it to progress.

  18. Comments (332)

    I am confused with the America’s team. Because apparently BB means for it to be an alliance that moves these three to the end. Always before it was to pull pranks in the house. So if any blood is spread over Caleb and Amber it is America’s fault because America’s team is doing their job trying to get $$ And truthfully, Victoria is pulling all the stings right now if she gets herself off the block two weeks in a row by different men!

    • Comments (274)

      True, the argument aspect is adding to the issues surrounding Caleb and Amber. It has been fueling his power trip. Again, funny that CBS would have this be the mission knowing full well that Caleb is a loose cannon.

  19. Comments (332)

    And on a side note, it was awesome seeing Donny’s face when Caleb said “Amber has not talked to me in four days” and Donny says “Oh man, I haven’t noticed that” Classic Donny, like Caleb just showed how vulnerable he truly is and Donny is all confused and dumbfounded where all those other guys would have hugged and cuddled and sympathized with him. Just shows a generational difference in a MAN! Get a clue Caleb quick wake up from this trance!

  20. Comments (83)

    I’m sure they do background checks on the people they put in the house.
    I’m sure they probably talk to friends , family, past employment, ex bf/gf to see
    How much of a liability that person will be and how dangerous. No? I think Caleb
    Is really full of himself and has a very big ego, but I don’t
    Think he’s a woman abuser or stalker because I’m sure if he
    Was that bad, he would of been arrested long time ago. I just
    Think he’s very old fashioned and from a different culture.

    Everyone has their own opinion on what abuse is and what
    Is right or wrong. Just different strokes for different folks. Some people may
    Find Caleb abusive and some women would love that kind of
    Attention and protection offered by a man. Let Amber speak for herself.
    If she scare, go to production an deal with it. Case closed.

  21. Comments (143)

    Amber in many ways has led on caleb. She told him she’d go on a date with him if he ate a pickle. She may not like Caleb, but she is giving him mix signals. Further all the time she goes out the way to spend with him and not telling him the truth about not liking him isn’t helping. People can be blinded by love and think they are seeing things that aren’t there, and many women enjoy playing hard to get and pretending they don’t like a guy when they do. Amber is giving Caleb signals that indicate she is interested because she gives just enough to Caleb so he doesn’t walk away. And yes I’ve seen her jump up and hug him and stuff like that.

  22. Comments (110)

    It isn’t just what he did with the pillow. He bragged about it to the whole house. Then said he was going to put banana in her food because he knows she hates it. He’s trying to punish her/teach her a lesson and he is escalating. What he is doing is not ok and the show should say something. They should have said something long ago really.Amber has done nothing wrong and I feel badly for her. Is this the BB experience she deserves? What also really bothers me is the other guys not saying anything and instead doing the opposite and encouraging him. That’s not cool. They should stand up and be men and say this is not right, game or no game. Derrick is a cop and should know that these things escalate and its not pretty. I sure hope this is not how he handles it in his rl. The fact that no one, men or women, in that house can say whats right makes me sad.

  23. Comments (4)

    Weird twist. Amber can’t stand Caleb, yet Caleb is the only one in the house that would probably, for real, truly die for her. No one else would care if she was gone. Yet she hates him. Typical chick…she can find plenty of jerks that would let her drown instead of save her. Girls like Amber usually pick the ones who let you drown (then complain about men being jerks). Sayanora, Amber.

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