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It’s A Win, Win, Win Situation For Derrick – PoV Episode Recap


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In a night full of cheaters, confessions, and people being star struck, one thing became clear – Derrick runs this Big Brother house. I don’t think there is even a close second right now.  He is playing chess and the rest of the house is playing checkers (or sleeping based on this group).

Before we get into Derrick, Frankie had to steal the show by announcing he indeed had a secret.  His reason for lying to everyone, and backstabbing his closest friend (practically boyfriend)… paranoia. Having 10 billion internet followers and being related to someone only the girls in the house knew was just eating him up inside. Every day he had to worry about his big secret leaking, so he had to do what anyone would do.. make poor move after poor move pushing himself nearly out the door.

I will say this, however, his Ariana Grande story definitely changed some attitude toward him. Caleb followed Frankie around like a puppy all night, and Victoria was on cloud 9. You see, on top of everything else Caleb thinks he’s the best at, he also thinks he’s going to get a music deal when he leaves the house. It came as no surprise he became Frankie’s best friend when he found out about the possible music industry connections.  Victoria?  Well, she’s just a massive Ariana Grande fan.

Enough about Ariana Grande. The other big news of the week was Derrick and his masterful handling of the Victoria crisis. Zach being Zach decided to pull Victoria into the beehive room and randomly confess most of the house secrets he knows. One of those secrets involved Derrick being in an alliance without her.  I know they haven’t revealed it much on the CBS episodes, but Derrick and Victoria have been somewhat close throughout the season, so Victoria took the news pretty hard. She felt like she was cheated on by Derrick and had a bit of a meltdown that eventually got back to him…  by Zach. To do some preventative damage control, Zach lied and said Nicole told Victoria all this stuff. Derrick wasn’t buying it and pulled the house into the HoH room for a meeting.

This is where Derrick’s game really shines. Not only did he get Zach to admit he lied, but he got Zach/Victoria to fight, and for Victoria to blame herself. Very impressive. At this point, Big Brother 16 is Derrick’s to lose.

The veto competition was the yearly OTEV challenge where a random animal gives them clues about former houseguests and they have to run, find the name and return it.  Every round loses one kneeling spot until there is only one. The players for the competition were (like always) the HoH and two nominees.  Those drawn to play were Caleb, Nicole and Derrick. After having quite a meltdown in the diary room about Frankie’s actions, Zach appeared to be a defeated man heading into the challenge. However, after all the rounds, he was the last man standing and won the power of veto.

With Zach guaranteed to save himself, Christine had to nominate another person. That person was going to be Victoria, until -again- Derrick stepped in to change that. He, Caleb and Cody decided to plant seeds in Christine’s head that Nicole was talking about backdooring her, and it worked pretty easily. After only a few minutes, Christine was on board to put up Nicole and ruin her friendship. She believed it so much that she even included a ‘remove the knife from my back’ statement as she put up Nicole.

Eviction night is Thursday and the house will either be down a huge fan favorite, or .. well, another fan favorite.  Both Donny and Nicole are good people, yet one of them will be heading to jury tomorrow night.

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  1. Comments (1799)

    They need a reunion show after these people get to see how they were portrayed on the show Also what will be the HG reaction to Derrick being a cop ? Maybe to keep the BoB bring back 2 jury members to come back in and they are safe the first week

  2. Comments (492)

    Gilbert Gottfried was OTEV this year. I think Frankie was the only one who knew Gilbert’s voice. If OTEV’s eyes were closed just a little more , like Gilbert’s , it would have been funnier. But overall, I am still watching.

  3. Comments (182)

    No doubt Derrick is smooth the best I have ever seen, he is the Landlord and the others are just tenants in that house. He directs the eviction but smells like a rose to the evicted.

    • Comments (426)

      Yep. Unfortunately, they are all going to be kicking them self’s after they watch the tapes.

      • Comments (1437)

        Damn that Derrick is good! Did you see his reaction after Frankie’s big reveal? Pretending to be hurt that someone wasn’t being their “honest self in the house.”
        He really does deserve to win it all.
        Would love to see him play in an All Star game with Evil Dick, Dan and Dr. Will.

      • Comments (78)

        I would not expect Dr Will to return to BB since is a practicing physician.

      • Comments (1443)

        He’s said he would not return again

      • Comments (1437)

        I know, just wishful thinking!

      • Comments (692)

        I wish someone would send a plane over the HOH house with a banner addressing the cop in the house. That would be funny!!

      • Comments (152)

        They would eat him for lunch! it would be great to see Derrick in a house with stronger players. He has controlled this game since day one. No one has even challenged him!

  4. Comments (492)

    Even Derrick’s body language in the kitchen , he was standing in head or center of the table. And during the argument on the show tonight he took control and they followed.

    • Comments (182)

      I think he is trained well by his police department, he could one day be a hostage negotiator, and deserves so far to win it.

      • Comments (1443)

        People just don’t come in house and turn into expert .liars and dishonest people. Not telling the truth is a learned and practiced behavior. Do u not see how Nichole and Donnie have such a hard time? It’s because they are not used to telling lies and deceiving people. Derrick is used to telling lies and deceiving ppl and it’s not just from his job. He’s a liar and deceiver in real life as is Frankie and a few others

      • Comments (469)

        Trudy – you are absolutely correct – thank you – I posted this fact earlier and recieved some negative comments – regardless you are 100% right on target – this is who they really are through and through – and this year we have seen a whole new breed of liar than previous seasons – not just the trickster or the misleader – this season we have before us people who attack a persons heart – character – and sensitivities – they are willing to reach inside a person and rip their very soul out of their chest – and relish in it – enjoy it and are even proud of it – you mentioned Donny and Nicole – we see the polar opposite in these people – Nicole has spent the last two days asking over and over – what happened??? – she is in total disbelief that people like this exist – she has stated who are these people – yes they are both gullible – naive – trusting – “backward” – country bumpkins – well Trudy give me a country bumpkin every time – God Bless them – they will leave this house of horrors with their integrity and honor intact – the others won’t – and the sad truth is they won’t give a damn.

      • Comments (1288)

        Prejudice – preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

        And again with the “soul ripping”? *facepalm* AJ,NTSA

        The Game/House is totally alien from the real world. The motivations are quite different between the two. Both Frankie and Derrick are in occupations that require them to deceive people. This does not mean they act in such an unethical manner in their real lives. Was Donny ripping Cody’s soul out when he was making fun of Cody to Nicole about Cody’s whining and baby talk? I don’t think so.

        Considering his age and time in the PD I would think Derrick would have all sorts of red flags in his background check if he was such a dastardly villain. Frankie has been thoroughly probed online since the beginning of the season. If there was anything in his background to suggest he had such a heart of darkness it would be all over Perez Hilton, TMZ or like websites. That is about as close as you can get to proving a negative. But can you prove the positive?

        Can you point to any shred of evidence that says Derrick or Frankie are “people who attack a persons heart – character – and sensitivities – they are willing to reach inside a person and rip their very soul out of their chest – and relish in it – enjoy it and are even proud of it” outside of their game strategy?

      • Comments (469)

        Dan we agree then we disagree – I will not repeat myself from a week or two ago – but you read my prior post and then as you have now have recited lay jibberish (truly sorry)in an effort to decredit a sound and objective opinion – Dan I could go into a long dissertation in explanation and the causal reasons for my above statement but it is clear your mind is made up and any data would be met with the same negative mind set. Having said that I respect your right to your opinion and will continue to read your posts as many of them are quite good and insightful – hope you feel the same way.

      • Comments (1288)

        I will take that as a “no”. I did not think you could.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – one more thing – it would be a good idea to go back to your previous post which contains your attempt at verbal calisthenics with the use of the word cache – see if you’d like to correct that.

      • Comments (1288)

        Whoopsies, I left a “t” off the word and my spell check didna catch it. Is that all you’ve got? Why not claim your hair is a bird and therefore my argument is invalid?

        How about you saying that my comments are “lay gibberish”? You do not know me from spit. You do not know the areas or level of my education. You do not know my occupation. How do you know it is a “lay” opinion? Another fine example of the faulty assumptions you are fond of.

        You have NEVER provided supporting evidence for any of you assertions about Andy’s, Frankie’s or Derrick’s “outside the game” personalities. Let us review:

        …but Andy and Frankie are able to take it to a whole new level – out in the ionisphere – and as you watched/watch them you begin to understand why – it is not an act or game play it is simply and actually who they are. Of the 2 – Frankie has one upped Andy – he is proving to be a cold – heartless – and spineless lecher willing to decieve-hurt-crush even destroy anyone who find themselves between him and his greedily ambitious goals. He has no concern for those he leaves in his wake – to him it is simply – shame on them for getting in my way…

        …decide for yourselves if [my] assessment of Frankie isn’t dead on target – folks this is a young man lacking any scrupples – there has been a great deal of debate about Caleb and his mental fitness – well give this some thought – Caleb at least is out in the open with his “craziness” – hell he tells everyone over and over – what Frankie does is by far the most dangerous – on the external he smiles – and strokes – and speaks of love and caring and unity – while internally there dwells a dark – devious – selfishness that controls and drives him…

        …as clearly explained some find it necessary to occasionaly be decietful to help them achieve a goal or hide a truth and is most often followed by shame and regret – sadly there is a small percentage of the population who lack the moral compass to experience this shame and regret – it is smothered by their self absorbed ambitions and viewed as an asset in their quest of reaching there desired goals – ME – thus “it is not an act or game play it is simply and actually who they are”…

        …the creepist and most dangerous thing going on in the house is not overt – or easily seen or felt – it is malicious and dark and hidden – and it can (and will if given the chance) destroy the very core of anyone who finds themselves in it’s sights or sees it and tries to stop it – it’s is fueled by greed – entitlement and self love…The signs are all there it is just a matter of connecting the dots….

        Nope, not a shred of evidence among all that condemnation. However I can admit when I am wrong and you have provided one piece of failed evidence:

        …– I too “researched” Frankie Grande through google knowing full well it is a poor research tool but it is all I have for now – I wanted to see if the “real life Frankie” mirrored the “BB Frankie” and with the limited info I found – yes – in spades (oops-you may label me racist for that one) – oddly enough the site you posted – 10 things——- was one bullet that bolstered my belief- this was by Frankie- about Frankie-and for Frankie…

        So Frankie talking about himself on a YouTube channel made with the purpose of promoting his career is somehow wrong? He is far from the first to do that and it in no way supports your views. And then right back to your unsupported accusations:

        …The Frankie that you observed on the video in 2012 – is the same Frankie who walked through the door in 2014 – he did not leave one Frankie at the door – there is but one – and you are seeing him as we speak. If you are unable to see this don’t feel alone – because the one “prop” I will give him – he has honed and crafted his deceitful persona to an art form…

        Not one iota of reasonable evidence, just attack after attack after attack. Clearly we disagree and I will point out prejudice when it rears its ugly head.

      • Comments (843)

        Frankie THINKS he is a huge, well known mega star. Truth is 99% of America has NO idea who he is. I’m betting Justin Beiber has no idea who he is or cares! His sister is well known by “bubble gummers,” those 15 and under—-hence Victoria’s knowledge of her!

      • Comments (1288)

        Yes, Frankie thought his D-list celeb status would carry more cache than it has. But that does not justify the calumny john ruth heaps upon him with absolutely no reasoning or justification. That smells of prejudice and bigotry.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – I made every attempt to be respectful and it was obviously an exercise in futility – so here we go – first of all your reply – “I’ll take that as a no I did not think you could ” shows your more than obvious maturity level – as many of your posts this year have so glaringly pointed out – if you had an ounce of sense you could have deciphered the fact that I said quite the opposite – I defered you to the post of a week or so ago that you are very aware of since you also attempted to snipe that one – what I said to you in a very mature manner and tone is – I will not waste my time trying to justify myself a second time to someone who doesn’t have the mental capacity or the maturity to understand it the first time – the secondly (and most important) – this is the third time you have accused me of bigotry and racism – a very serious and libelous accusation – to a person like yourself who enjoys hidding in the shadows of a computer page knowing there can be no retribution – as a gentleman I will ask you nicely to make that the last time you go down that path – and finally in your mentally deprived capacity you don’t have the first clue that in your 3 posts above – you are acting out the very thing you are falsely accusing me of and in doing so self proving YOU ARE what you accuse me of – and if you have in mind calling foul on my reply – look back – I have never said a harsh word or a slanderous accusitory remark to you up till now – you opened this can of worms son.

      • Comments (1288)

        So now you direct you delusions towards me … whatever. Are these coming from a Ouija board? Do you read tea leaves or is it a crystal ball?

        Prejudice – preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

        You have supplied no reason and have claimed no personal experience, what is an anonymous poster online to think?

        This conversation reaches far more people than you and I. So do not worry about my closed mind, put your money where your mouth is and let the rest of the board decide. Proof or kindly STFU about how the players are outside the game.

      • Comments (152)

        I agree. you can say you are pretending all you want to win a game, but a really honest person can’t just lie to your face! It would eat them up inside. Poor Nicole and Donny for thinking they could play an honest game and win. The liars and manipulaters will kick you out because they think you are like them. Ironic I would say

      • Comments (6)

        Can you site any proof to your statements. I personally know several law enforcement officers who are great at getting people to tell their secrets. Darrick is only using his training to his advantage.

      • Comments (332)

        Excuse me, he is not using tactics, he is lying. And this is not police work, it is on a personal game level. I hope he gets caught in a web and cant get out. Donnie and Nicole are very aware that Derrick is the manipulator.

      • Comments (469)

        Hear Hear – very well put.

      • Comments (426)

        I agree he is well trained. But I also think you have to have it in your character to be able to do it well. I don’t think he is doing his ‘brothers in blue’ any favors in the perception of cops.
        I have always backed the blue, but also always been told they aren’t to be trusted. I always thought while there are always a few bad eggs, the majority were truly caring and out there protecting the innocent. Seeing the cold-hearted manipulation and mind control he is able to pull off has made me realize that they don’t really care, and guilty or innocent, they will do whatever it takes to get ahead. No wonder everyone is advised to ‘lawyer up’ and not talk to them if you find yourself in a situation.
        And as far as his wife being bothered by Victoria…..Derrick is trying to play Dan’s game and I am sure they probably discussed before he went into the house that he would need his Danielle (Victoria). He has even verbally compared himself to Dan in the game. So while some of it may have bothered her a little, I’m sure the $500K will excuse it. Plus I think Victoria’s behavior towards him has been much more inappropriate than his towards her, even tough he has allowed it. I think that is total game play.

      • Comments (426)


      • Comments (1092)

        Just because he is a cop, doesn’t mean that it makes him a liar.

        He has a trained mind to figure things out. He must have come into the house with an alliance plan; weed out the weeklings; reinforce the lets stock together and we win it thing.

        With Frankies fame twist, he is not happy, knows it gives Frankie an advantage with the women, so he will get him out. It is ligical thinking. If there is a problem, fix it,in order to continue with the task of running a smooth ship.

        It doesn’t make him a lisr, just a person that knows how to plan things out and has leadership qualities,

    • Comments (178)

      The mere fact that Derrick, who has no authority this week since he’s not the Head of Household, took it upon himself to call the entire household together for that “conference” would show anyone with a brain which, with the exception of Frankie, is in short supply in the Big Brother house, that Derrick is completely running the entire house. I really hope someone comes into power and backdoors Derrick. I don’t want to see him win. Of course, there is always the chance that someone who flew completely under the radar, i.e., Victoria or Cody, might end up winning if the heavyweights take each other out.

      • Comments (843)

        Donny knew from week 2 who was running the house. He said it himself. He also said the only time he said anything, he was put on the block. That’s why he has kept his mouth shut. Smart move because even now, Nicole is using the things he told her, trying to help her, to throw him under the bus.

      • Comments (487)

        And even when Christine is telling the truth, Derrick and Cody call her a liar.

      • Comments (487)

        I meant Nicole…

  5. Comments (692)

    maybe Caleb should consider having some celebratory intercourse with Frankie to further himself in the music industry. he is more likely to be able to nail Frankie than he ever would have had a chance with amber.

  6. Comments (339)

    Obvious that Derrick has controlled the house bloodlessly since day one. No one mentions the penguin was the hilarious comedian Gilbert Gottfried! Damn, he’s a thousand times more interesting (and famous) than Ariana “annoying” Grande!

  7. Comments (9)

    I’m just interested to see when/if Derrick will get caught.

  8. Comments (469)

    I have caught up on BBAD and just finished watching tonights episode – as I was watching something caught my attention – something I suspected but wasn’t sure of – so I went back and rewatched the BOB conp. – almost frame by frame and low and behold there it was – Zach was throwing the comp. from his side – if you view it carefully you can see Zach maneuvering his chain to throw the balance off – even one time yelling at Donny and blaming him – watch Donny’s reaction – then he took Donny’s chain and tried to fly solo – Frankie surged ahead – then the last two balls Donny was rock solid and Zach “messed up” just enough to cause the loss – then we go back in the house and all hell breaks loose between Zach and Frankie – but whatch it closely watch the interaction and the body language – it was canned – it was a sham – they knew Frankie’s big “confession” was about to happen and this was the opening act – they continued this in private – WHY – because they were fully aware they were on camera – folks not only were they fooling the house – they were fooling the public – remember several weeks ago Zach promised Frankie he would be happy with the 50k – and would do anything and everything to make sure Frankie would win the 500k – well that has not changed one iota – the real clincher to this whole ruse is Zach in tears tells the camera – I don’t have a chance this guy is playing for charity – for little kids – and repeats it – then laments why am I even here – good selling job for your BFF bro – I can only assume Frankie wrote that for him

    • Comments (492)

      Even if I do believe you …. Zach did say he would be happy with 50 g’s.
      Those tears last night did get me. So which way is it?

      Anyway for me, good for him at 23 to be on BB and going out there and trying to make money, I am still rooting and betting for him. BB production can only rig it so much. Thanks – from mom

  9. Comments (2)

    john Ruth take your tin foil hat off . Zach is not that good of an actor.

    • Comments (469)

      Space Cowboy – you look but you don’t see – they speak but you don’t hear – i’ll remove my tinfoil hat if you promise to quit cold turkey whatever it is you are spaced out on cowboy

  10. Comments (88)

    Is Frankie and Zach relationship over cuz that would suck. I liked them. Honestly asa game standpoint Derrick is playing a hell of a game. But as a chop he makes me sick. Between the last survivor winner and Derrick cops are getting a bad name

  11. Comments (379)

    Has anyone else read on jokers updates that Cody and Nicole were making out with Christine in the same room?

    • Comments (1443)

      Cody pulled Nichole down on his lap and had his arms around her. All the guys were talking about how Cody acted with Christine and he denied it. Said he never acted with Christine like with Nichole. They were all laughing and giving examples of things he’d done with Christine. Cody did not like it. Christine was in room for some of it. Cody kept saying he’d never been inappropriate with Nichole. The guys were just laughing when he said that

      • Comments (469)

        Trudy – good synopsis – and while this was going on Christine was having a laugh fit – Trudy I think you meant to say Cody said he had never been iappropriate with Christine not Nicole – although it is true that Nicole never did – can’t say the same for Christine – By the way Nicole did you catch BBAD last night – Nicole and Donny playing Jenko (or something like that) in the LR – and both of them were speaking of Christines behavior with Cody – seems like there is even more to it than what is shown – not as far as “doing the deed” but apparently close – Nicole mentioned lots of dirty talk – well that is my National Enquirer moment for the day.

  12. Comments (379)

    Sorry Cody and Nocole were making out and Christine was in the same room.

  13. Comments (1288)

    While Donny was talking to Nicole he confirmed he expects some sort of return, most likely after the 4th jury eviction. He is clearly tired and worn from exposure to the “kids”. He is aware he is going to be the target next week as well if he does not win HoH. The HoH is most likely some sort of memory quiz about information that was fed to the house late last night, Donny was not pleased – that is not a strong suit for him.

    I am wondering if he is considering a Rambo kamikaze move to buy himself a week out of the house to rest and rejuvenate. None of the getting woken up in the middle of the night. No slop or freezing cold bed. No comps to physically injure himself. If he really thinks his situation is so desperate and a return looms he might consider something drastic.

    During lockdown when they are together in a limited space he could bring the conversation around to how Derrick and Cody have never been on the block. Then he could reminisce about the close calls for Zach and Frankie – then congratulate Derrick on keeping his minions in line. Then during the vote speeches he could tell everyone he was targeting Derrick and Cody and any vote for him to stay was a vote to attack them – “If you keep me here I will humbly accept this mission”.

    “Oh please Brer Fox, don’t throw me in that there briar patch”

  14. Comments (644)

    I want Derrick out!!!

  15. Comments (412)

    This happened a couple of days ago:
    Donny says no one wants to cuddle with me because I’m ugly. Nicole says Donny you have a girl friend you can’t cuddle. Christine says yeah! Donny says I don’t want to cuddle, I am saving up for cuddling.

    The fact that Christine agreed with Nicole shows me she knows her and Cody’s cuddling is not right.

    • Comments (469)

      on tues. BBad when Zach and Caleb in the HOH are ragging on Cody about he and Christine cuddling and spooning and rubbing – Christine is having a laughing fit – doesn’t seem a bit concerned – and did you notice when Christine came out of the diary room a day or two ago she said one question they asked her – what would she do with the 500k if she won – she said she told them she would go on a trip and take her parents – sounds like Tim is not on the itinerary

    • Comments (822)

      On BBAD last night Cody had Nicole on his lap & the HG’s in the room were talking about Cody’s cuddling. Cody said he could only have Nicole & Victoria on his lap because if he held Christine like that it would be inappropriate because she’s married!

  16. Comments (1799)

    Not sure how well Derrick would do with other smart players It would be a much different kind of game All the players going in will know each other’s strength No secrets Could make for some great viewing As good as Derrick has been I think he would be overmatch Not even sure how long Derrick would have lasted last year

  17. Comments (332)

    I have not seen anything but friendship with Cody and Christine, cuddling and hair twisting and hugging is not humping and grinding and kissing! She was in the hammock with Derrick too. Now Derrick gets just as close with Victoria and for some reason is loyal to her. I think Christine’s husband will just be glad to see her when she gets out. And all of these folks will need some time to get reconditioned after being in the house for so long.

  18. Comments (332)

    Five more people have to leave this house, so don’t count Derrick’s money before it is in the bank!

  19. Comments (332)

    I just laugh that Caleb thinks it is him running the show and it is Derrick. That is who might be upset over it all. And I fell asleep and missed the Zombie attack on after dark last night. Hopefully I can catch it on recap Friday.

  20. Comments (400)

    I really liked Derrick at the beginning of the season, but the predictability is overly boring now. I kind of wished that they would have kept his under-cover cop a secret from us too and let us think that he is just a park ranger or whatever it is that he tells them his job is. It would be interesting to see the feeds and opinions of him if we too thought he had a different job in the real world that didn’t come with advanced training techniques that everyone is so worried about him having.

    • Comments (400)

      Then let him have his “big reveal” after he either wins or is evicted like Frankie’s big reveal.

    • Comments (383)

      What DO they think he does for a living?

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – nothing he said he took a leave of absence from his job as a GROUNDS KEEPER – could only get 5 weeks LOA so he will lose his job and 200 sick days and other benefits – Derrick mentioned that the way he has represented his town and school system he will surely get his job back – this is one time I really hope Derrick is right.

      • Comments (383)

        oh sorry, should have been more clear — I was wondering what they think DERRICK does for a living if they don’t know he’s a cop. Donnie is awesome and I really hope they were able to find a temp to fill in for him until he comes home. I bet he’s a very good worker and you just know everyone loves him.

  21. Comments (1799)

    Just wondering how different things would have been . If Caleb was not the voice of reason to keep Zach a few weeks back. If Zach was gone it could had acted as a sign to the others . That it’s time to start making moves .The detanators might have started to turn on each other
    They have billed this as a group of supper fans. Yet have you seen any good game playing by many of the house guest? After week 2 no latter than week 4 should you have not been in some sort of alliance ? How hard is it to see the amount of time certain people spend together . Did Frankie not spend 80% of his time in the HoH room regardless of who the HoH was ? Certain players went in with a game plan While others just were clueless

  22. Comments (412)

    I hope Nicole goes to jury instead of Donny.
    I love Nicole but she’ll have her chance to come back & she’ll get to see Hayden!

    • Comments (10)

      The Nicole + Hayden thing isnt going anywhere. Hayden said as much-believe him. I wish Nicole would tap into her I.Q. + kick some bootie without being a butt.

      • Comments (644)

        In his interview after being evicted Hayden said that he and Nicole live too far apart and that she is ready to get married and have kids and he is not. So that pretty much sums it up. He said he liked her, but I think that’s not enough.

  23. Comments (10)

    Cody seems like a nice kid-zero chance of winning though…unless he + Zach are final 2

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