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Zach – Should He Stay Or Should He Go?


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It’s day 1 of doing an overnight recap right after my cat wakes me up for breakfast. So far so good, but then again I’m only two sentences in. Let’s see if this makes sense by the end of the post. Also, thanks for everyone who has donated toward my summer goal so far.  I appreciate it and love you all!

Last night in the Big Brother house, there appeared to be a lot of back and forth on keeping Zach.  Unfortunately for Zach, it was pretty heavy in one direction (and not the direction he’d like). Most of the ‘Detonators’ have basically washed their hands of him and are ready to move on.  It doesn’t help Zach that those same people have formed their own sub-alliance (while adding Nicole), so the ‘Detonators’ are just a shell of an alliance at this point.   The ‘Bomb Squad’ was like one of those Russian dolls where every so often it would open and a smaller doll came out.  Instead of the ‘Bomb Squad’ sticking together throughout the game, every time something went wrong, a smaller alliance from within was formed. Surprisingly, Frankie is not part of the new alliance, nor is Zach, so ‘Zankie’ may not make it as far as I initially thought.

The new alliance consists of Derrick, Hayden, Cody and Nicole and they originally called themselves the ‘Quad Squad’ but changed it to ‘The Rationale’ (I give up with these alliance names. I should just make my own for them). They have a new set of plans, and that isn’t to just evict every female in the house and then fight it out in a death match MMA style (slightly exaggerated). The group actually talked about keeping players like Victoria for the typical reality show logic – they’re easy knockoffs if and when the time is right.  Why kick someone out who can hardly win a competition and make things harder for you at the end?  Oh right, they probably watched the pathetic BB15 final 3 of GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer.

I’m not sure if any of my rambling made sense, but today we have the power of veto meeting.  Christine is not expected to use it and Zach/Frankie will likely be pushing hard all week to keep Zach in the house. The harder they push, the further away from everyone they’ll get and Zach may find himself chatting with Julie this Thursday night instead of walking away a winner like the guy he tried (and failed) to emulate – Evil Dick.

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  1. Comments (25)

    I think Zach will stay, partly because no one wants to end up sitting beside Jocasta during an eviction.

  2. Comments (843)

    I’m wondering what the people of Hopkinsville, Ky think about Caleb saying he and his brothers “own” the town.

  3. Comments (68)

    I really hope Christine uses the veto on Jocasta and Nicole puts up Frankie.

    Having both Zach and Frankie on the block would be great because they would both have to campaign against each other.

  4. Comments (469)

    SB – the new alliance you speak the rationale is already gone bust from what i’ve read here – is this not true – there has been diff of opinion between Cody and Derrick on who to stay with —– also with the picture and title to this post I initially thought it was whether Frankie ought to stay or go and my reaction was a resounding GO – he is disgusting-filthy-vile and (I repeat disgusting).

  5. Comments (412)

    Christine sucks on so many different levels. This is the only opportunity she has to shift the power in the house and she’s just going to screw that chance up. I really hope she leaves this double eviction. But she probably won’t. I really can’t stand Christine. I hope her husband leaves her because of her touchy feely cuddle sessions with Cody. She’s gross.

    • Comments (343)

      Getting Frankie or Zach out DOES shift the power somewhat in a different direction than Derrick’s Army that has been controlling everything.

  6. Comments (401)

    Conversation last night between Derrick and Cody would indicate not a sure thing, at all, that they’ll evict Zach. They don’t trust Nicole and Hayden.

  7. Comments (644)

    I like Zankie because they are funny and entertaining. But I don’t want them to win. Preferably Frankie should leave first and then Zach, but since Christine is not using the veto, it’s alright if Zach leaves first. I wonder if they’ll let Frankie know that they are evicting Zach, or if it will be a complete surprise to him.

    • Comments (469)

      Lilly – my first wish would be Nicole convinces Christine to use veto (using Donny backdoor as the excuse) – then put Frankie up and vote him out – my second choice would be – if veto not used vote zach out leaving Frankie totally in the dark to suprise the heck out of him – it would be priceless when it happens – and then sit back and watch Frankie in full blown panic mode. That would be must see TV. one last wish vote Frankie out in the second of the DE.

  8. Comments (21)

    To be honest, i never really cared about looks in the casting of BB, i mean it doesn’t matter if you’re a model or the hunchback of Notre-Dame, as long as you were smart and fun to watch I couldn’t care less about looks.

    However, what i find incredibly unattractive is when girls like Victoria and Christine who aren’t good looking at all think that they are the hottest girls in the house. I find it disgusting when guys do it too but i haven’t seen that this season. For that reason alone, i would love to see Victoria and Christine leave in the double eviction.

  9. Comments (18)

    Steve beans
    why is Ambers pic still in color ? just curious

    • Comments (692)

      I commented on that on an earlier blog as did someone else but she still showing up in color when all the other people who have been evicted are in black and white.

  10. Comments (152)

    Zach should stay for entertainment purposes alone. Christine needs to go for all purposes! She is just a pawn! I want the strong players to make it to the end….Derrick, Frankie, Donny, and Nicole. They atleast have some game sense and are trying to play. The others are just riding along. Victoria…ugh! Hayden, not really playing but he has a good grasp on what’s going on. Caleb, well he THINKS he knows but cowboy needs to go!
    Jacosta…well I have nothing to say about her! Donny won’t make it because NO ONE could be him in the finals. Frankie…well he has certainly played the game. You may not like his game play, but he is like a puppet master around there.

    • Comments (16)

      I agree. It’s kind of like Rachael R. People either hated her or loved her but NO ONE could deny that she played a good game. The major difference between her and Frankie is that he has a strong physical game and social game. (where Rachael was just physically strong)

  11. Comments (42)

    between Zack and frankie I think Zach will go..also Julie said there is double eviction this week..but I dont have more details on that..

  12. Comments (492)

    I agree with Frank about the ” looks” thing. Any thought to having big brother having more older people play? I know people like to look at hot young kids… But old people are fun too. And old people will play a smart game and not go along with The House. I want Zack to stay…. He is a nice kid deep down.

    • Comments (644)

      Hi mom! Nice name! I’m in my 40s and definitely think they should cast more older people. I think they don’t because they are afraid they might lose the young demographics.

      • Comments (492)

        I know, but wouldn’t it be a hoot! I am in my 50’s and when my girlfriends get together, look out! We let it rip and it would make for great tv.

  13. Comments (332)

    Well Jacosta can leave and it wont hurt Nicole she won’t be on jury. But it is sad if that is not who Nicole wants to go that Christine who is supposed to be working with Nicole won’t do as she is supposed to for the HOH. It will hurt Christine in the long run.

    • Comments (64)

      Nicole needs to know where Christine’s loyalty lie now that Nicole is HOH and Christine is POV. Seriously, if we’re friends/allies, we should be in sync. This week would my indicator on how I deal with Nicole from this point on, if I were Nicole.

  14. Comments (332)

    Christine could shock everyone and take Zach off and that will surely cause an uproar.

  15. Comments (843)

    HG are always saying, “We can get them out later. It isn’t time for a big move yet. I don’t want to get blood on my hands.” Show some incentive and go for it! I was wanting Nicole to put up Zack/Derrick against Caleb/Frankie. THAT would have been an exciting week.

  16. Comments (224)

    I see Zach as more of a Mike Boogie than an Evel Dick type of player. He falls just short of both though since it’s obvious that he’s trying to do that. Evel was more explosive and took more actions (banging pots and pans) whereas Boogie was all talk. Zach’s “villain-ness” is mostly in his speeches.

    • Comments (152)

      but you gotta love those speeches! I just can’t wait for him to stand up and open his mouth…you never know what you’re going to get!

  17. Comments (162)

    I want Zach to go and everyone turn on Frankie for awhile and let him see how it feels.

  18. Comments (343)

    At least you are comparing Zach to Evel Dick (who’s name said it ALL) and not DR. Will. Will was awesome in his gameplay and didn’t grate, go off on people, and treat people like dirt ala Evil Dick. Zach isn’t nowhere near the jerk of Evil Dick, but he ain’t nothing like Will in his gameplay even though his jokey attitude is somewhat similar.

  19. Comments (1)

    I think that Zach should go home and after him then Frankie.

  20. Bigbrother junkie
    Comments (2)

    The other side of the house think sleeping. They need to wake up b4 they are gone including Christine.

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