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adam floating back to the vets

Adam Is A Vet Again!

adam floating back to the vetsSo in the least surprising development in the house since Rachel won the PoV, Adam is trying to float back to the vets.  Right now he’s sitting in the padded room bashing the newbies, trying to explain why he suddenly left them in the cold when things go bad, and saying things like “I want to see someone win this game who deserves it” .. I assume he’s not talking about himself?


Granted, one of his arguments is that he’s pissed that he was going to be put on the block next to Rachel as the ‘pawn’ had Pandora’s Box not happened.  That alone was the worst possible strategy that has come out of any mouth this season, including the Lawon situation, and saved only by a twist that inevitability screwed the newbies anyway.

This is almost embarrassing to listen to the things he is saying now.  I mean “I want to fight and earn my way instead of saying thank you, thank you, thank you”  Adam, that’s what you’re freakin doing!   You just said “Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for being straight with me”  Are you kidding me?  You have to be at this point.  If I were sitting in that house, I would seriously wonder if Adam was “America’s Player” and his challenge was to bash himself in an indirect way and see how long he can get away with that style.

That has to be a super secret twist that Julie Chen is going to reveal to us soon, right?   It has to be.  I’m going to just sit here and wait for Julie to tell me this because I won’t believe Adam is that awful of a player and nobody has called him on it yet… except Daniele when she spoke to Julie.


Anyway, if you want to watch Adam’s groveling, do a flashback to 1:41 BBT and hold your barf bag nearby.

2:24 BBT – Adam left the room and Rachel and Jordan are not laughing their ass off how pathetic he is.   Instead, Rachel is wondering if Adam will keep her.  Wait, what?   Am I hearing this right?


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  1. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    Beans, your commentary is usually dead on, but you’re 180 degrees wrong here.

    Adam is playing the floater strategy to a tee. He’s managed to seamlessly float back and forth for two months becuase he has never made any big promises he couldn’t keep, and he has never won anything (except for POV when he was on the block), meaning he has never had to pulicly choose sides. As you note, Jordan and Rachel are not even annoyed that he shamelessly slithered back to them because they NEED him to take out the people they consider bigger threats.

    Moreover, since he’s up next to Shelly, he doesn’t have to do anything to alienate Porsche and Kalia, and indeed, cannot even be faulted for lobbying to get Shelly out now.

    As a result, he is basically a lock to get to the final 4 (the round of 5 will be all about vengence, once again), and he has the best odds in the house of making it to the final 3.

    Like Alabama’s offense under Bear Bryant, it ain’t much fun to watch, but it gets results.

    • stevebeans

      Yup, he is definitely playing the floater. If this is his strategy, than he’s playing a brilliant game so far. If he really believes the stuff he’s telling Jordan and Rachel to get on their good side, I’m baffled. I haven’t heard any DR sessions with him saying that’s his strat, but honestly I wouldn’t trust the DR people to reveal my main strat either.

      I’ll probably make a post analyzing his strategy more when I can figure it out lol

  2. Avatar
    Ron (6 comments)

    Adam is a floater and everyone knows that, but come on Shelly has to go go go go

    • Avatar
      KEG (26 comments)

      you are right right right! I cannot stand Shelly, I know it’s a game but what she did to jeff and jordan was horrible, it showed a lot of who she really is. She was saying she wanted to show her daughter what a good person is, I hope her daughter isn’t watching that’s for sure

      • Avatar
        Faust (216 comments)

        I guess this is my point. They know that, but they also (1) know that he can be a usefull ally when you’re on top and (2) hate other people more. It’s brilliant.

      • Avatar
        1bigfan (3 comments)

        i hope shelly goes out fast.cant stand her anymore.how many times can she get caught in a lie and still survive.she has not won anything,talk about not deserving to be there.ps jordan i love you

  3. Avatar
    Dee (1 comments)

    I don’t see being a floater as a great strategy – it’s weak and lazy. But I will say this – if it was Adam in the final 2 next to Porsche or Kalia I’d vote for Adam over them any day. And Shelly has GOT TO go. Biggest hypocrite EVER!

  4. Avatar

    shelly is the biggest b in the game or any season ever played jeff and jordan did everything for her she desreves to leave and wonder what her daughter thinks of her now. jordan is the nicest person to shelly and shelly totally back stabbed her.

  5. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    CBS why not just bring JEff back.? you have no respect for any rules as it is and you clearly love him.

    Shelly has all my respect and so does Kalia – they dared not do what Jeff tells them to do, how dare they want to win the GAME? and redneck Jordan has already won the money last year…..I dont care if she is america’s sweetheart. she is a lousy player unless you think pleasuring Jeff as a good game move…..then she is good.

  6. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    Jordan and jeff where using shelly and adam just as much as vica versa..
    its a game.

  7. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    It is a game, and Jeff and Jordan have been playing it. But, J/J have done nothing to deserve the comments that Shelly has made since Jeff got sent to Jury. That’s what I have a problem with. Shelly turned on them, fine, I don’t like it, but it’s a game move, right or wrong. But, the way she has been trashing them and talking about them since, is horrible. It’s one thing to play a game, it’s another to say the crap she’s been saying.
    Watching her talk to Jeff, she couldn’t keep her own lies in order. She told on herself multiple times. If you choose to play the game with lies, which is fine, at least be good at lying. And be upfront, you are here for the game, you want to win the game. Not, i don’t care if I win, I just want to play… BS, no one would go there if they didn’t want to win.
    Sorry, I just don’t like how nasty some of the players are playing, and I really don’t like the nasty personal attachs people keep making, on BB and on posts. I just needed to call it how I saw it.

  8. Avatar
    bblover (14 comments)

    Does anyone else find it weird that on afterdark it opened up with shelly talking about how fans may or may not like her and how she told her husband to handle it. as she sat there cozy with jordan…is cbs coaching the situation since the issue of her death threats? seems fishy to me

  9. Avatar
    bblover (14 comments)

    I think adam is still in awe of the game I dont think he is giving it his all but at the same time I dont think he feels worthy of being there…I also think that Porsche has gained weight and the only person more irritating than her is Kalia! The two of them together…its no wonder all they do is sleep…BORING!! Notice how many times Kalia says “like” like somebody hit the mute button!

  10. Avatar
    Ron (6 comments)

    Shelly only made up with Jordan because “Rached and Jordan” have control now, before that she totally stayed away from Jordan, Shelly thought she didn’t need Jordan anymore, she thought Jordan was finished. Shelly latched on to the newbies quick but they are so dumb they think she on their side, Shelly is totally a user. Shelly you are a good example for her daughter…..Nah

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  12. Avatar
    Barbie (1 comments)

    Bottom line…..You can hate Shelly and her ethics in this game, but she has manipulated every vote since week 1 when she voted against the newbies. Then when she manipulated Lawon going up! She has behind the scenes run things! I think she has the morals of an alley cat, bt she has been playing this game HARD. Jordan has done NOTHING!!!! Nothing! She rode Jeff to the end (double entendre intended) just like last season! She is the ultimate floater. Rachel is disgusting….again…done nothing. The only people that were playing are GONE! I think Shelly deserves to win at this point! Whether I like it or not1

  13. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    ^ agree Barbie….but you have to give credit to Kalia for playing a game – not always pretty, but she is a fighter too……

    My final 2: Kalia and Shelly.

    there you go

  14. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    Call me crazy, but I’m thinking everyone left in the house has some sort of game, or they wouldn’t still be there.

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