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Survivor Mega Thread
Big Brother may be over, but I know you still want to talk about some of your favorite shows on TV, so here is the official Survivor thread for season 43! This thread won't be updated, so if you want to join the discussion, scroll down to the comments below and share your thoughts on... Read More...
Steve Beans | 6 months ago | 0 comments

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6 months ago
See you next year!
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6 months ago
And Taylor won America’s Favorite as well
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6 months ago
Taylor ended up winning 8-1
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6 months ago
Taylor is the winner of Big Brother 24!
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6 months ago
Kyle – Taylor
Latest Big Brother 24 News
The Amazing Race Mega Thread
Big Brother may be over, but the winter programs have just begun and I know many here love The Amazing Race, so here is your place to discuss all things TAR season 34! And as a bonus, this is the season with Derek and Claire! I won't be updating this post, so check out the... Read More...
Steve Beans | 6 months ago | 75 comments
Jennifer’s Big Brother- After Thoughts
Denial. I know it isn’t the typical response to the ending of another BB season, but its always the feelingI experience after watching another summer finale. No matter how cringy, boring, strange, orpredictable the season may have been- when Julie finally says, “See you next summer,” its likeI’m losing a group of friends (and yes,... Read More...
BBbigfan | 6 months ago | 12 comments
Big Brother 24-Mel’s Finale Thoughts
Hello everyone! I just wanted to hop on and give my thoughts on the finale. I also wanted to say thank you for the nice comments, the donations, the work Steve put into the site and all of you for making the season more fun! No matter who you were rooting for, it was a... Read More...
Mel | 6 months ago | 35 comments
Big Brother 24 Live Finale Thread!
Good evening, everyone! We've made it. The end. It's been a long summer which I have recapped here, here, and here. But if you don't want to read 3 pages of me rambling, it basically says it was a good summer, good season, and you guys are always so amazing. Thank you once again for... Read More...
Steve Beans | 6 months ago | 98 comments
Steve’s Season Recap – Part 3
Part 1 | Part 2 Where were we? Oh yes, Kyle gone. Terrance gone. Time for the fun stuff, the home stretch! Terrance left in the first half of a double eviction, but it wasn't until the second half when things because intense. Turner won the HoH and had every intention of keeping his 3-man... Read More...
Steve Beans | 6 months ago | 17 comments
Big Brother 24- Turner’s Game Summary
During Turners first week, he bonded with Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma plus Joseph & Terrance to a lesser extent. Still, he was seen as a bit of an outcast. I'd forgotten on day 2, Brittnay tried to suggest Turner work with Michael and her and he turned her down. (Monte did this to Jasmine the first... Read More...
Mel | 6 months ago | 17 comments
Steve’s Season Recap – Part 2
Here is a link to part 1 Note - I will likely be talking about race in this post, but it won't be a lot and it won't be preachy. More just facts than opinions. This season started off hot although the horrific production staff wouldn't let us see a lot of it because they... Read More...
Steve Beans | 6 months ago | 24 comments
Steve’s Season Recap! Part 1
Good evening, everyone! In just about 25 or 26 hours, the Big Brother 24 season will come to an end and I will begin my winter hibernation until Celebrity Big Brother (if there is one). If not, I'll be back for Big Brother 25 (if there is one). Let's hope there is to both. Before... Read More...
Steve Beans | 6 months ago | 14 comments

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