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Big Brother 25 – Finale Night Updates!

November 9, 2023 | 335 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone. We made it! 100 days. It’s been a long and weird season as this was the first time a ‘normal’ season carried over into Halloween and even November. I know BBOTT did, and as great of a season as that was, it isn’t a normal one.

Anyway, there isn’t a ton to talk about before updates so I want to spend some time thanking these people.

Mel – You are amazing and have been my right hand for so many seasons now. I love your morning recaps and do such a great job breaking down every little aspect of each day. I receive tons of compliments about you and I agree with them all.

Jennifer – I want to thank you for really coming through for me this season, especially early when I needed you the most as I had that business trip at the start of the season. I love having you on the team and again I’m sorry for comparing you to Bowie Jane. I don’t think I’ll ever live that down.

Hillary – New to the team, but stepped in like a pro and it has felt like you’ve been here forever. Like Jenn, your updates are always fantastic and the two of you really helped keep my sanity this season.

I am already looking forward to the next season and hope you 3 all come back because it has really been an honor to work with three fine individuals such as yourselves. Thank you again.

Okay, now on to the show —

We’re down to the final 3 and soon to be final 2 and then soon after just the final 1. Jag managed to survive being evicted, won a ton of competitions, and ended up dominating the second half of the season. Matt managed to play the game with a disability which is inspiring to many and also managed to get through the season still very well-liked by not only the players but many in the BB community as well. And Bowie, well she managed to get through the season without being nominated, but I guess that’s easy to do when people forgot she existed for much of the year.

I kid Bowie, no matter what you think of her, it really is a very difficult thing to stay under the radar for so long and both she AND Matt accomplished that and made it to the end with just one nomination between the two (and it was basically because someone HAD to be nominated). Meme was on the same path as Bowie but suddenly became a target and out the door the next day after being a pawn most of the week. That just shows you how quickly this game can turn on a player but Bowie managed to avoid any of that. So, well done to her as well. She won’t win, but she did play.

And that brings me back to the two people who could win – Matt or Jag. One of them will, that’s almost a guarantee at this point. The biggest question will be who wins the final round of the HoH competition between them and what they decide to do from that point. They can either damage their friendship and take Bowie and win, or they can remain loyal but flip a coin and hope they have a better jury argument. Because right now, I actually think Matt has an advantage despite the more comp wins by Jag.

Okay, this took longer than I thought so I’m going to wrap up my rambling and begin my update portion….

  • Here we go!
  • First we’ll get to see Matt win Round 1
  • Oh man, I forgot to also thank everyone. This site wouldn’t function without you guys. I know you hear it from Youtubers and all that stuff, but it’s true.
  • And Matt won round 1 because of rock paper scissors. Why not.
  • Jury segment time with Will
  • First they prop up Bowie Jane a bit for the pity part of the jury segment
  • Now it’s time to shit talk the two favorites
  • They point out how Cameron and Jag were the same (comp beasts with zero social game) so why is Jag still there. They made a good point that Jag just saved himself. Cameron won HoH which got blood on his hands
  • Now it’s time to talk about how great Matt is
  • Cirie gives Matt the disability credit as he couldn’t hear whispers in a game full of them
  • Jag struggled in the comp but Bowie struggled more
  • Jag won by 30 minutes though.
  • Time for the final HoH!
  • Oh no it sounds like it’s more of the luck competition again where they guess what they say
  • Okay, nevermind, it is a memory comp to remember the false statement.
    • Round 1 – Tied
    • Round 2 – Tied 2-2
    • Round 3 – Tied 3-3
    • Round 4 – Tied 4-4 … looks like we’re heading for a tiebreaker
    • Round 5 – Tied 5-5
    • Round 6 – Final Round! —— Tied 5-5 (crazy they both got it wrong)
    • Tiebreaker and winner of the final round: Jag wins the final HoH!
  • Jag evicts Bowie and takes Matt to the final 2!
  • Time for the jury questions
  • They ask Matt his biggest move and Matt basically says they were a team lol
  • Cory asks if Jag carried Matt. Jag says he paved the path. Jag says there was a leader and it was him. Ouch
  • Felicia asks if Matt would have really evicted Jag and Matt says he was lying. Everything the jury didn’t want to hear so far.
  • America says Jag was cowardly by owning up to evictions in goodbye messages but not in person. Jag gives a random generic answer
  • Cam gives Matt another ‘Matt, when did you lie’ and Matt gives another generic answer without any clear examples. He is completely unprepared for this. Jennifer called it
  • Blue “Jag, you were voted out, remember that?” ouch…. but she asks what makes him deserve the win more than Matt
  • Jag goes on saying he came up with a BB master plan for himself that he never apparently mentioned to anyone (even us) lol
  • Jag EASILY won those questions if you can call it that. Matt’s answers were horrific. Hope his final speech is better than those answers
  • Speeches –
    • Matt says he lived in the HN room to be part of conversations and he focused on his social game. He says he downplayed his comp threat because he was a target early.
    • Jag goes more aggressive and says they’re all sitting there because he willed it. He is bragging about all the people he sent home. So he’s really going all-in on the social vs comp and says all their blood is on his hand.
  • Cameron voted for Jag
  • Cory likely voted Jag
  • Blue who knows. Jag maybe
  • America voted Jag it sounds like
  • Cirie voted Matt
  • Felicia voted Matt
  • Bowie voted Jag
  • Note – These are my guesses based on what the jury said when they voted
  • So based on those, Jag should win 5-2. But we’ll find out in 25 or so minutes for sure.
  • Time for the rest of the house. Cirie Jared reveal, etc.
  • Really good segment. Pretty funny moments about the reveal. Felicia realized why she couldn’t crack the pair. And Cory was like ‘I voted out Jared and thought I could work with Cirie’ lol
  • Here we go.. actual votes.
    • Blue – Jag
    • Cory – Jag
    • Felicia – Matt
    • Cirie – Matt
    • Bowie – Jag
    • Cameron – Jag
    • America – Jag
  • I’d like to brag about my predictions but they really made them easy this year lol
  • Cameron wins AFP!

Big Brother – Reindeer Games. Legendary BB players return. 6 episodes.

December 11th – 8pm.

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