Big Brother Junkies Support Form

Want to enjoy your Big Brother updates without ads? Become a BBJ supporter today! For $14.95, you get a completely ad-free experience in addition to other benefits (coming soon) until the end of the Big Brother 24 season.

I will note right away that supporters will not have access to any special content. Big Brother Junkies was founded as a free site and will remain a free site. I will continue adding supporters’ features, but they will all be cosmetic and fun (such as recognition around the site).

While I could be a scummy salesperson and make the supporter system sound like an elite group everyone wants to be part of, but it’s not. It helps support the site and you get rewarded by avoiding ads!

Note – if you prefer other methods, any donation of $15+ will also gain you ad-free status!

Stripe Payment

This is a one-time payment that will not be rebilled. Premium access will run through to October 1st, 2022.