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As you are probably well aware by now, running a blog takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment. We spend hours sitting in front of the computer sorting through the crazy feeds do you don’t have to. Now, for Big Brother lovers, it’s more of a hobby than a job, but the reality is that it still takes a lot of time.

I have been trying to cut back my hours this year because everyone likes to enjoy their summers, so I have taken on help for the morning shift (Amy), and plan to groom someone for later in the season when I go on vacation. I may be away, but the action in the Big Brother house doesn’t stop! While I know Amy and others would do it for free because they love the show so much, because it is so much of a time investment, I would like to compensate them a little.

Most of the donations will go to a pool to help pay the writers this season (some will go to server costs, and maybe the occasional coffee for me), so whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated.  If you can’t give nothing at all, that is more than fine!  Just give back by commenting on the blog, or telling your friends about what a great place this is to talk about your favorite show.

Thank you!